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									Kyle Bundy
Enterprise High School
World Civilization Grade 10 Curriculum Map
Month                    August/January                          September/February                          September/February
Unit             Standard 5.4                              Standard 5.2                                Standard 5.1

Essential         #1: What are terrorist networks            #1: What were the key elements             #1: What events led to the outbreak
                     and how do they work?                     associated with the cold war?               of a world war?
Questions         #2: How has terrorism impacted             #2: What countries were major              #2: What new technologies and
                        and changed the lives of people        contributors in the conflicts of the        advances were made during WWI?
                        around the world today?                cold war?                                  #3: What ended WWI and how is
                     #3: What are political leaders and      #3: What events lead to the collapse        this tied to the beginning of WWII?
                        institutions doing to combat           of the Soviet Union (USSR)?
                        future terrorist activities?
Assessments                   Standard 5 Pre test                    Standard 5 Pre test                          WWI Pre test
                                 Daily Quizzes                     Cold War Test (Online)                      Ticket out the Door
                                   Post test                               Post test                                 Post test
Skills/Activities          *Terrorism 3 tab foldable              *Cold war timeline foldable                *WWI List-Group-Label
                        *Sept. 11th Snowball Activity           *Cuban Missile Photo analysis                    *Photo Analysis
                      *Daily News Journal on Terrorist           *History of Us Video Guide                 *WWI Concept       Ladder
                                   Activities                    *Spy in the Sky Video Guide             *Dear Home Letters from WWI
                        *911 Memories and Thoughts                                                        *Last Voyage of the Lusitania
                    *A Clear and Present -Danger (Video                                                         *Last Day of WWI
                                     Guide)                                                            *WWI Inquiry Project
                                *911 Mysteries
Vocabulary          Terrorist networks, cells, and Urban   Cold War, Soviet Union, Cuban Missile       Alliance, trench warfare, Treaty of
                    Gorillas.                              Crisis, Sputnik, the Space Race, U2, Iron   Versailles, Lusitania, armistice, attrition,
                                                           Curtin, Star Wars, MX missile system.       No-Mans-Land, Triple Alliance, Triple
                                                                                                       Entente, hyper inflation.
Kyle Bundy
Enterprise High School
World Civilization Grade 10 Curriculum Map
Month                     October/March                                      November/April                        November/April
                 Standard 5.1                                       Standard 4                             Standard 3
Essential         #1: What events lead dictators and                #1: How did cultural changes and        #1: How did changing technologies
                     totalitarians to take control around the         non aggressive revolutions lead to       help develop and advance societies
Questions            world?                                           social changes in the early modern       and create empires?
                           #2: What key events and ideas             era?                                    #2: What helped to create the
                            helped WWII become a reality?
                                                                     #2: How did aggressive revolutions       Spanish and Portuguese empires
                           #3: Why did Adolf Hitler want to
                            create a war and what was his main        in helping to create modern              during the classical period?
                            goal and purpose in causing a war?        governmental systems?                   #3: What new political systems
                           #4: What was the final economical,       #3: What economical changes were         were created during the classical
                            political, and social outcomes of the     brought about because of                 period?
                            war?                                      economical revolutions?
Assessments                            WWII Pre test                               Pre test                               Pre test
                                        B-K-W-L-Q                          Student made prep test                       KWL chart
                                         Post test                                Post test                              Post test
Skills/Activities           *Terrible Things Sequence Chart                    *Cornell notes                       *Explorer bio-poem
                        *Picture Perfect War Timeline (5 Words          *Revolution Cootie Catcher            *Classical period bulletin board
                                         or Less)                         *Age of Discovery guide          *Spanish and Portuguese Venn diagram
                              *Connection Map Sociogram               *Revolution Power Point Report                 *Cartoon Analysis
                            *Upside Down Backwards Book
                             *Person to Person (Live or die)
                                                                                                                     *The Town guide
                              *Cause and Effect Responses
                            *Dear Home Letters from WWII
                                *The Butterfly Sociogram
                              *American Experience WWII
                                   *WWII Utah Stories
                                  *WWII Movie Report
Vocabulary             Blitzkrieg, Auschwitz, Holocaust, SS,        rebirth, renaissance, dynasty,         The silk road, cross-Saharan migration,
                       Ghetto, VJ Day, VE Day, Nazi, Axis           reformation, revolution, capitalism,   crusades, diffusion, the New World, the
                       Powers, Allied Powers, Appeasement,          socialism, imperialism.                Old World, monarchies, mercantilism.
                       Dictator, Totalitarian, European theater,
                       Pacific Theater, Jew, concentration camp,
                       death camp, the final solution.
Kyle Bundy
Enterprise High School
World Civilization Grade 10 Curriculum Map
Month                    December/May                                 December/May
Unit             Standard 2                                  Standard 1

Essential         #1: What influence did religion              #1: What factors lead these early
                     and philosophies have on the                people to create civilized societies?
Questions            classical civilizations?                   #2: What impact and role did
                       #2: What political systems and           geography play on the locations of
                        social organizations were                these early societies?
                        developed by the people of the          #3: What similar characteristics did
                        classical period?                        the early civilizations of
                       #3: What significance did the arts       Mesopotamia, Egypt, the Indus
                        and architecture have on the             Valley, and the Yellow River share?
                        classical world and our world
                        today as well?
Assessments                        Pre test                                Pre Test
                                Big Question                               Post Test
                                   Post test

Skills/Activities              Roman court Skit                      Babylonian Power Point
                    Community Council meeting on what                         DEPK
                     political system should be adopted.          Early Civilization Spin Wheel
                               Blow the roof off.                    Secrets of the Pyramids
                                    GRASP                     Create Your own society Mesopotamia
                      Classical World Research Project                    Video Guide
                       Ancient Worlds (Rome, Greece,
Vocabulary          Mythology, Confucianism, Buddhism,       Hunters and Gatherers, domestication,
                    Hinduism, Islam, Athenian                irrigation, diffusion, cuneiform,
                    democracy, city-state, caste system,     hieroglyphics, Hammurabi’s Code,
                    Greco-Roman art.                         Babylonians, Assyrians, Sumerians,
                                                             Mesopotamia, fertile crescent, pharaoh.
Rational: This class is a world civilization class for 10th grade students. After teaching world civ. for about four years I found that
my students had a very hard time getting excited about my class when I started my class with Standard 1 and went through the core
chronologically. So about six years ago I decided to try and teach the class backwards and start with the most current topic on the core
which is terrorism. This is a topic that students know something about and can deal with. This was the hook that I needed to engage
my students into the class. This has been a wonderful turnaround for my class and for my students. The other issues are that I have to
try and teach the entire history of the world in half a year. This is just not possible, that is why the last few units are so skimpy on
subject matter. This is also a work in progress that was thrown together in a few days. There are many different things that can and
will be added to this chart as time goes on. All units were started in a UBD format and then transferred over to this chart.

Kyle Bundy
Enterprise High School
Thursday, August 06, 2009

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