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    The World History Atlas Project
Locate, draw, and label the following features on your map.
Gather your resources using the Atlas section in your textbook, which is on pages A1-

You will need to label all of the countries found within the 5 maps given to you.
There are many different countries on these maps and it will take time so plan
accordingly. Be neat and spell correctly. Suggestion: Use pencil first and then go
over it with a black sharpie when ready.

Capital Cities: (Use a symbol to signify capital city on map)
Washington D.C.               Buenos Aires                  Rome
Mexico City                   Madrid                        Moscow
Ottawa                        Paris                         Kiev
Lima                          Berlin                        Warsaw
Santiago                      London                        Cairo
Cairo                         Tokyo                         Kabul
Tripoli                       Beijing                       Taipei
Cape Town                     Baghdad                       New Delhi

Bodies of Water:
All bodies of water need to be label, including the oceans and seas. Rivers, Gulfs, and
all other bodies of water do not need to be labeled.
Physical Features:

Rocky Mountains              Appalachian Mountains                Andes Mountains
Sahara Desert                Congo                                Gobi Desert
Ural Mountains               The Swiss Alps                       Himalaya Mountains
Arabian Peninsula            Gobi Desert                          Cantabrian Mnts.

Add the following finishing touches:
Color all water features blue & leave no     Include a compass rose & a key to explain
white space untouched; I leave the color     your symbols. Add decorative touches to
choice & shading style totally up to you     your map to make it stand out & to help
and your abilities, be they hidden or        you remember these locations!

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