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   Because it is acknowledged, tastes differ. When someone arranges his dwelling, he can demonstrate his own color
   predilections. And nonetheless, whenever you invade into "color power", you must firstly discover its laws and orders
   in more detail. Each and every color has its personal character and order.

   Visual image of our house is composed of many elements. Furnishings was a dominant of interior for a lengthy time.
   But modern day designer design of furniture is fundamentally straightforward, functional, and has virtually no
   individuality. Under this kind of accentuated minimalism of setting, level of visual impressions wants some
   compensation... and receives it - in color. Tonal interior is in fashion. This implies that standard color parts of space -
   are walls, curtains and furniture upholstery coloring - are made the decision in one particular complete color spectrum.
   As for different details - abat-jours, pillows, table-cloths, vases, small utensils - they're able to submit to common color
   spectrum, and may also contrast with it, adding touches of warm tints inside a cold spectrum, or, conversely, cold - in
   warm coloring. Tonal interior looks simple - like a typical truth, with no this kind of pictorial disseminations.


   Dark-blue-blue spectrum is connected with coolness, crispness of sea breeze, so these tints are so great although
   arranging rooms with large windows or loggias, that are open to sky and nature. Bedroom, nursery and dining space
   could be decided in bluish-silvery tones. Deeper dark-blue is connected with reflections, serious evening
   conversations; it's going to be great inside a research or drawing-room. Dark-blue is chilly - it does not like fluffy,
   long-pile materials, linked with a sense of warmth. That is why dryish, small- texture surfaces do great for it.

   Red color generates exultant mood. This can be a color of celebrations. It impacts as a stimulant, so, within a nursery it
   could be used only as some supplements. It might experience tight in chamber, modest rooms, nevertheless it can
   drastically show its really worth in a massive sitting-room or main dining-room. Red color is also good in a hall of a
   spacious present day apartment, and - like an innovation - in a kitchen of vanguard layout in mixture with metal and
   plastic. Red color in interior might be of any tint - from brilliant cinnabar to dingy- flaming and cherry tones. Red
   walls, red curtains or red tiled floor can add some poignancy for your interior, but - like any other eccentricity - this
   kind of choice needs immaculacy. No unnecessary things, no casual kickshaws. All combinations of cherry, vinous,
   terracotta tints are very good with bright-red, but pink spots on scarlet and scarlet spots on pink are unpleasant and
   unsightly. And generally, you might just make a slight mistake in tints or illumination - and here're it truly is:
   anxiously-menacing "sketch in purple tones".

   Pink interior is no much less capricious, than red 1. In addition, it has obviously expressed character. You are able to
   arrange drawing-room, dining-room, bedroom, a daughter's area in pink spectrum - in that situation, when an
   proprietor herself prefers feminine style deliberately, design, full of refined tiny items, antique porcelain, hand-made
   details. Even so, "life in pink color" is quite capricious - it's totally devoid of distinct modern day High-Techs or
   substantial "Victorian style".

   Yellow color is for tonal interiors of ecologic and ethnic trend. Various tints of yellow combine with each other
   unconstrained, generating a warm spectrum, full of light. Wicker furniture and purely natural wood will experience
   secure in creamy-yellow setting. manga wallpapers. Yellow color is undemanding, and may be chosen for nearly any
   space while in the residence.

   Green color draws the richness of its tints from reside nature: delicacy with the initial grass, lush depth of July leaves,
   silverness of mosses, rusty-withered autumn forest... All tones and tints of green are wonderfully combined with each
   other, like they naturally adjoin in the nature itself. Green color can modify to various styles of interior with the exact
   same easiness. Pure delicate light-green and grassy tints are employed in present day furnishings coloring, like suites
   of transparent plastic furnishings. (Contemporary teenagers is going to be delighted with these chairs and tables,
   resembling massive lollipops). Furniture of straightforward wood, colored in dimly-green color, is a lot in fashion
   nowadays, it imitates the impact of antiquity with accomplishment. Clean-colored green flax of any tint and wall-
   papers with chintz pattern on goldish background can add this ensemble really properly.

   In contrast to "natural palette", compound and unusual colours are very delicate to the choice of their "companions".
   Lilac, violet and purple components and walls are elegant, but it really is very tough to chose decorative accessories to

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Colorful life-spun3

   them. In their languid and slightly mysterious atmosphere furnishings of smooth shapes could be positioned
   harmonically, this kind of furniture reminds us of modernist design, - then they also liked combinations of lilac with
   dirty-green, silvery and opalesque-chatoyant.

   Brown color is natural in the extremely beginning: this can be a color of earth and tree trunks. Brown color features a
   strong, agreeable and accommodating character. Brown color is associated with composure and solidity, that's why it's
   so good in respectable, slightly conservative atmosphere, amongst "Victorian" cosiness of studies, drawing-rooms and
   halls. Leather, velveteen, thick upholstery products and velours are particularly excellent in brown interiors. Leisurely
   individuals with stable daily life aims and tastes generally chose this kind of spectrum for their rooms. Right here we
   can usually see spots of gravel, melon-yellow or creamy colours, not significant touches of terracotta, bright ochre are
   possible - in pillows, photos, vases, walls decoration. The much more significant and classical a standard color is, the
   far more critical are nuances in decorations. Thus, if a tone of leather upholstery of furniture reminds of old bronze,
   then additions of greenish color may possibly remind of coppery platinum. Brown can be accentuated by light-lilac,
   purple, violet and even bluish.

   Principles of great form

   A selection of color spectrum of interior, naturally, is dependent upon private taste of owners, but it really is fairly
   great to know how to coordinate your predilections together with the function of rooms and contemplate also that
   every color has its own steady figurative-associative and emotional traits. Say, a nursery should not be gloomy, sullen
   or irritating. Thus, it shouldn't be arranged in graphite-grey or "acid" spectrum, even when mothers and fathers do like
   these colors. Plus a man's research will appear fairly strange, if arranged in light-pink colors. You shouldn't adhere to
   also a transient fashion on "color from the season" in a tonal interior, as an apartment decoration is counted for rather
   prolonged expression. Color spectrum of living-rooms shouldn't be as well exotic (say, orange or neon-green); exotics
   is like a spice: it really is great only as small, piquant additions.

   You'll be able to develop various variations inside of a single tonal spectrum, depending on distribution of tone
   deepness among simple components of interior. In easier words, a person from standard trio (walls, curtains or
   furnishings upholstery) should be colored in lighter color, and somebody - in darker. Thus, in nursery and bedroom,
   walls should be the lightest spot, furniture ought to be upholstered in deeper color, and curtains might be
   overshadowed in any way. And in drawing-room, on the contrary, walls could be colored in darker color, as the most
   critical activities of this area happen beneath evening illumination, which shades in deep, wealthy colours favorably. In
   general, tonal interiors are fairly captious to illumination. Color variations are chosen to match each day light and
   evening lights.

   Principle of motley

   As it is recognized, present day fashion is disposed relatively to pantophagy, than to stylish austerity. It prefers
   eclecticism and breaking from the principles even at those moments, in which it has just constructed them up. As a
   result, right after functioning out tonal interiors, designers started to provide us a mixture of pure, simple, childly
   vibrant colors. Kitchen panels and floor coverings, walls and furnishings for dining-rooms, drawing-rooms and,
   naturally, nurseries had been painted in dark-blue, yellow, red, green. In this basic multi-coloring, a term "suite of
   furniture" altered too: chairs from the same shape can have various coloring, sofa and table gladly use an opportunity
   to perform in rainbow, and rugs, pillows and photographs on the wall are just destined to look like illustrations within
   a book for young children of preschool age. We'd like freedom, spontaneity, when we don't really feel shy of a casual
   color spot or slippers that we forgot someplace accidentally.

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