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Advancing Premier Regional Community Healthcare                              SUMMER 2011

                                                  2011 Denim ‘N Diamonds Honorary Chairs
                                                          Ken and Pat Kennedy

Denim ‘N
A Lifetime of Service
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Making Miracles Happen
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Blueprint For Our Future
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Board Profile, Andrea Cook
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Message from the Foundation Chair

                                                                    As you are reading this issue of Advancement,
                                                                    the Denim ‘N Diamonds committee is putting
                                                                    the finishing touches on the 22nd annual
                                                                    Denim ‘N Diamonds Campaign. This year’s
                                                                    honorary chairs are Pat and Ken Kennedy. I’m
                                                                    sure you will enjoy the wonderful article about
                                                                    the accomplishments and contributions of this
                                                                    outstanding Wyoming family.

                                                                    This year’s Denim ‘N Diamonds Campaign
                                        Message from                will raise funds to remodel the Cheyenne

                                    Tom Stuckey
                                                                    Regional Medical Center’s surgical suites and
                                                                    to purchase new operating room equipment.
                                                                    The Cheyenne Regional’s Foundation selected
                                      Foundation Chair              the surgery department with the awareness
                                                                    of its positive impact on the well-being of our
                                                                    residents – young and old. We look forward to
                                                                    supporting the surgery department’s effort to
                                                                    provide responsive, quality care.

                                                                    The Foundation continues its search for an
                                                                    Interim Director, while we do a national search
                                                                    for the permanent Director. Several qualified
                                                                    local candidates have been interviewed by the
                                                                    search committee and a decision regarding the
                                                                    position of Interim Director is forthcoming.

                                    2011 Board Officers:

                                     Tom Stuckey      John Balser       Carol Merrell           Carmalee Rose
                                        Chair          Vice Chair         Treasurer                Secretary
                                      Advancement                Volume 14, Number 2         |     Summer 2011

Table of Contents
 2    WAYS TO GIVE                                           12 BLUEPRINT FOR OUR FUTURE
      Choose how your gift will be spent                             Phase One of the hospital construction project

 3    A LIFETIME OF SERVICE                                  14 CONTRIBUTIONS - 1ST QUARTER
      2011 Denim ‘N Diamonds Honorary Chairs,                        Donations received January 1 - March 31, 2011
      Ken and Pat Kennedy
                                                             17 BOARD PROFILE
 8    PREVENTIVE HEALTH STRATEGIES                                   Andrea Cook
      How to get started on—and stick with—a wellness
      plan that works for you

      The story of Jennifer & Alex Runyon, Cheyenne
      Regional Medical Center patients

 PUBLISHER                                 CHEYENNE REGIONAL                        Emeritus Members
 Cheyenne Regional Medical Center          MEDICAL CENTER                           James Harper, MD
 Foundation                                FOUNDATION BOARD OF                      Arline Cohen Harris
                                           DIRECTORS                                Brent Weigner, Ph.D
 CONTRIBUTING WRITER                       Tom Stuckey Chair
 Kathy Baker                               John Balser Vice Chair                   Ex Officio
 Alice Burron                              Carol Merrell Treasurer                  Teri Stevens
 CORRESPONDENCE                            Carmalee Rose Secretary
 Kat Nicholson                             Mark Anderson
                                           Andrea Cook
 DATA MANAGEMENT                           Robert J. Davis, MD
 Cheryl Wold                               Harvey Deselms
                                           William R. Dubois
 PHOTOGRAPHER                              Jacqueline Ferrall
 Matt Idler                                Gus Fleischli
                                           David Foreman
                                           John Gross
                                           Trisha Kimzey
                                           Thomas Long
                                           John Lucas, MD
                                           Janet Marschner
 If you have an address                    Sue Miller
                                                                                    CHEYENNE REGIONAL MEDICAL
 correction, or are receiving              Jim Mueller
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 calling (307) 633-7667.                   Dale Steenbergen
                                                                                    (307) 633-7667
                                           Sandra Surbrugg, MD
Ways to Give

               Ways to Give
               The Foundation receives gifts, both large
               and small, on a daily basis from individuals,
               foundations and corporations. These gifts
               establish new funds or are added to our existing
               funds; oftentimes these gifts are given in honor
               of someone or in memory of a loved one.

               Unrestricted funds:                  Named funds:                    Field of Interest
               • Area of Greatest Need              • Gerald R. & Jessie F.         Funds:
               • Immediate Impact Fund                Chambers Endowment for        • Cancer Services
               When we talk to donors about           cancer and cardiac-related    • Cardiac Services
               their area of interest, we have        services                      • Davis Hospice Center
               been pleased to find that the        • Cally Mistead Endowment for     – Program fund
               focus is often broad – what’s          oncology-related services       – Capital needs fund
               best for the hospital, what will     • Murray Family Diabetes        • Diagnostic Radiology &
               make a patient’s stay more             Fund for diabetes education     Imaging Services
               comfortable or what will help          and treatment                 • Neonatal & Pediatric Services
               staff do their jobs better/easier.   • Bill & Marti Nichols Family
                                                                                    Understanding that donors
               That’s why the Foundation              Fund for area of greatest
                                                                                    may have an area of special
               created a fund to address the          need
                                                                                    interest, the Foundation
               greatest need at the time, now       • Tom Powers Family Fund—
                                                                                    offers field of interest funds.
               and in the future.                     distributions advised by
                                                                                    Donors may choose a general
                                                      family members
               Unrestricted funds give the                                          area of healthcare, and the
                                                    The Foundation administers      Foundation’s responsibility is
               Board of Directors the greatest
                                                    individually named funds        to review the needs in that area
               flexibility in addressing the
                                                    created by donors to            and make grants accordingly.
               needs at Cheyenne Regional
                                                    provide ongoing support for
               Medical Center (CRMC). It
                                                    unrestricted purposes as well
               allows us to move quickly to
                                                    as a number of programs and
               invest our charitable dollars in
                                                    departments at CRMC. Grants
               order to have the most impact,
                                                    are made in each fund’s name
               because a little money at the
                                                    following the wishes of the      If you would like
               right time can make all the
                                                    donors.                          to support CRMC, a
                                                    You can create a named fund      favorite department,
                                                    and leave a wonderful legacy     or program, please call
                                                    supporting the hospital for      the Foundation office
                                                    years to come.                   at 307-633-7667.

                                                                                                                   A Lifetime of Service
             A Lifetime of Service
                        2011 Denim ‘N Diamonds Honorary Chairs
                                 Ken and Pat Kennedy

  Ken and Pat Kennedy exemplify servant

  This year’s Denim ‘N Diamonds honorary
  chairs have been making a difference in
  Cheyenne and throughout the great state
  of Wyoming their entire lives. In fact, you’d
  be hard-pressed to find a couple that’s been
  more active in their communities.

  “That’s what life’s all about—getting
  involved,” said Pat. “The people you meet
  and come to know and the satisfaction
  you get from participating make life
                    worthwhile. I much prefer
                    giving in an altruistic way,
                    for the benevolence and
                    the joy of being able to
                    help others, even if in a
                    small way.”

                    Native and Doer
                    Pat’s roots in Cheyenne                    “Cheyenne Dance Club was a formal affair.
Pat in her pretty                                              I remember as a child helping my dad with
                    go way back. Five generations
  dress, 1941
                    of her family are Cheyenne                 his cuff links and oohing and aahing over my
  natives. Her father, Tom Powers, along with his              mom’s long dresses,” said Pat.
  brother, Jim, owned Powers Brick and Tile and
                                                               After Pat graduated from Cheyenne High
  Powers Builder’s Supply.
                                                                                     School, she attended the
  He and his company helped
                                                                                     University of Wyoming,
  construct many Cheyenne
                                                                                     where her knack for social
  homes and buildings over
                                                                                     leadership made her
  the years. In the beginning,
                                                                                     President of her sorority,
  Pat’s mother, Ruth, kept
                                                                                     Delta Delta Delta. In 1959
  books for the businesses.
                                                                                     she earned a bachelor’s
  Tom and Ruth were
                                                                                     degree with a major in
  active in the Cheyenne
                                                                                     Secretarial Science. Later,
  community and especially                Pat (left) with brother Tommy,             as an alumnae member,
  enjoyed the city’s dance             little sister Carol, and parents Ruth       she was president of the
  clubs.                                       and Tom Powers, 1953
                                                                                   Cheyenne Alumnae Chapter

A Lifetime of Service

                                                                                                        A Lifetime of Service continued

                                and worked for ten years on the                                        Amy and her husband, Mike, chose
                                district and national levels.                                          to return to her hometown, and she is
                                                                                                       now a physician on the faculty at the
                                 Pat and her first husband, Frank
                                                                                                       Cheyenne Family Practice Residency.
                                 Trelease, married in 1959. While
                                                                                                       They are the parents of one son.
                                 Frank attended graduate school at
                                 CSU, Pat worked as a secretary. In                                  The Powers family is legendary in
                                 1966 the couple moved back home,                                    Cheyenne Frontier Days history. They
                                 to Cheyenne, where Pat immediately                                  were inducted into the Frontier Days
                                 rolled up her sleeves and got involved       In high school, Pat    Hall of Fame in 1990, and Pat is a 40-
                                                                              served as business
                                 in a number of community groups.               manager of the
                                                                                                     year member of Wheels, the women’s
                                 She sang in the Cheyenne Symphony            Lariat newspaper.      group that helps to organize the
                                 and Choral Society’s chorus for many                                horse-drawn carriage section of the
                                 years. She was active in Chapter Z, P.E.O.                parades. Pat’s brother, Tom, served as Frontier
                                 (Philanthropic Educational Organization),                 Days general
                                 serving as President twice. Ironically, she also          chairman
                                 joined the Newcomers’ Club.                               in 1982 and
                                                                                           1983. Her
                                                                “At that time
                                                                                           sister, Carol
                                                                I was the only
                                                                Cheyenne native
                                                                                           was Miss
                                                                to be president of
                                                                                           Frontier in
                                                                the Newcomers’
                                                                                           1970. She
                                                                Club,” laughed                                    Pat with her first husband, Frank
                                                                                           lives in
                                                                Pat. “It was a                                 Trelease, and their three daughters (left
                                                                                           Cheyenne and          to right) Amy, Gail and Anne, 1978
                                                                lot of fun. The
                                                                                           has been very
                                                                Club had a huge
                                                                                           involved in community
                                                                                           activities as well.
                                                                with several
                                                                interest groups            In later years Pat
                                                                to help people             served a four-year
                                                                get acquainted.            term on the Board
                        At the 1987 Centennial Style Show, Pat  One of the                 of Directors of the
                        was honored to model a dress worn by    highlights was             Wyoming Alumni
                        Jane Sullivan when she was First Lady.  when I invited             Association as a
                                                                and introduced             representative from
                                 Governor Hathaway as our guest speaker. Of                Platte County. She
                                 course, he endeared himself to all. In those              also really enjoyed
                                 days we wore hats and gloves to the luncheon              several years’ work as
                                 meetings! Many of my friends are those I met              the only non-engineer
                                 while in Newcomers’.”                                     on the Wyoming
                                                                                           Engineering Society’s          Pat and her brother, Tommy,
                                 In addition to her volunteer work, Pat’s most                                            dressed for Frontier Days in
                                                                                           selection committee                        1943
                                 vital role was as stay-at-home mom to three
                                                                                           to choose the
                                 daughters: Gail, Anne and Amy. Gail now lives
                                                                                           annual Outstanding
                                 in Ogden, Utah, with her husband, Warren, and
                                                                                           Engineering Student. “Meeting those top
                                 two children. Anne is in Little Rock, Arkansas,
                                                                                           students was always an inspiration,” said Pat.
                                 with her husband, Robert, and four children.

                                                                                                                              A Lifetime of Service
    A Lifetime of Service continued

        Ken—Farmer,                                                                        11-year stint. He was a
        Engineer, Leader                                                                   field engineer in charge
        J. Kenneth Kennedy                                                                 of the construction of
        grew up on a wheat                                                                 I-25 through Platte
        farm east of Chugwater.                                                            County. “It was quite
        “My folks homesteaded                                                              a change from the
        there. I grew up during                                                            2-lane, winding road it
        the Great Depression                                                               replaced.”
        and drought,” Ken                                                                   After his time as
        recalled, “which was                                                                highway engineer,
        a financial disaster                                                                Ken ran Kennedy
        for the agricultural                                                                Engineering, a
        community.”                                                                         consulting engineering
         Yet Ken and his four          Ken at 3, on the family farm near Chugwater with     and land surveying
                                                his dog, Mickey, and horse June             practice with offices
         sisters—all older than
         he—earned degrees from the University of                                           in Wheatland and
         Wyoming.                                                  Torrington. The firm specialized in irrigation
                                                                   engineering, and at one
         “My family always believed education was                  time he was the engineer
         important,” said Ken, who would later serve               for three large irrigation
         a number of years on the Wheatland School                 districts. He served as
                          Board and the Wyoming State              Chairman of the Four States
                          School Board Association,                Irrigation Council, which
                          along with serving as a                  honored him with their
                          charter member of the                    Headgate Award for his
                          Wyoming Community College                contribution to irrigation.
                          Commission and also on the               He was also appointed by
                          Education Commission of                  Governor Ed Herschler
                          the States. Ken was awarded              as a charter member                  Next time you’re zipping
                          the School Bell Award                    of the Wyoming Water               down I-25 in Platte County,
                          by the Wyoming School                                                      remember that you have Ken
Before heading off to the                                          Development Commission.             and his work for the state
University of Wyoming,    Board Association for his
                                                                                                    highway department to thank.
  Ken graduated from      contributions to education.              Along with the consulting
Chugwater High School.                                             practice, Ken served as the City Engineer
                          Ken earned his bachelor’s                in several towns and also as the County
         degree in Civil Engineering from the University           Engineer for Platte County, a role he held for
         of Wyoming. “After college, I went back to                a remarkable 45 years. “I just went to my last
         the farm,” he said, “until                                                     commission meeting a few
         the Wyoming Highway                                                            months ago,” said Ken.
         Department began
         constructing a farm-to-                                                        He was honored by the
         market road by our farm                                                        Wyoming Engineering
         and were in need of a                                                          Society as Engineer of
         project engineer.”                                                             the Year and by Sigma
                                                                                        Tau, UW’s Engineering
         As an engineer, Ken                                                            Honorary, as Wyoming
         worked for the state                                                           Eminent Engineer of the
         highway department for an         Ken (center) was honored as Wyoming          Year.
                                                 Engineer of the Year in 2006.
A Lifetime of Service

                                                                                                     A Lifetime of Service continued

                                                                                                              also managed to find time to
                                                                                                              fly fish and hunt ducks, geese
                                                                                                              and pheasants. His claim to
                                                                                                              fame is bagging two geese with
                                                                                                              the one shotgun shell he had
                                                                                                              with him that morning. “It’s the
                                                                                                              only talent I know I have,” he

                                                                                                              17 Years and Counting
                                                                                                       In 1949, Ken married Margaret
                        When Ken was named a UW Distinguished                                          Fuller. The couple had three
                           Alumnus in 2009, weather for the                                            children and 43 happy years
                        Homecoming Parade made waving from                                             together. Margaret died in
                            a convertible out of the question.
                                                                                                        1992. Daughter Shonna and
                                                                     Ken with the two geese he shot
                              In addition to engineering              with a single shotgun shell,      her husband, Dr. Bob Bartlett,
                              and education, farming has                    November 1978               and four children live in
                              continued to play a central                                               Spokane, Washington; John,
                              role in Ken’s life. While he was an engineer, he         a retired schoolteacher, lives in Rock Springs;
                              also operated the family farm until a few years          and Dan, a civil engineer who also runs the
                              ago. Kennedy Farms, now run by his sons, has             Kennedy Farm, his wife, Dixie, and their twin
                              been very involved with conservation practices           daughters live in Wheatland.
                              that enhance the habitat for birds and other              Ken and Pat’s first husband, Frank, were both
                              wildlife. Kennedy Farms has been recognized               active members in the Wyoming Engineering
                              by the Platte County Conservation District as             Society and had been close friends for many
                              Conservationist of the Year and as Landowner              years. After Frank and Margaret died within
                              of the Year by the Wyoming Game and Fish                  two years of each other, Ken and Pat, whose
                              Department. The farm was even featured in an              children were all long grown by this time, found
                              article in Pheasants Forever magazine.                    themselves unexpectedly alone. They were glad
                              For all of these                                                             to find companionship again
                              accomplishments and more,                                                    and have now been married
                              Ken was named a UW                                                           for nearly 18 years.
                              Distinguished Alumnus in                                                          Today Ken and Pat
                              2009. “Ken is a Wyoming                                                           divide their time between
                              gentleman of great ability,”                                                      Wheatland and Lake Havasu
                              said the late State Senator                                                       City, Arizona, where Ken
                              Thomas F. Stroock and                                                             puts the warm winters to
                              former president and CEO                                                          good use by golfing and
                              of Alpha Development                                                              Pat sings with a women’s
                              Corporation. “He has been                                                         barbershop Chorus. She is
                              a contributing citizen and                                                        currently serving her second
                              a leader in every group                                                           term as president of the
                              with which he has been                                                            Lake Havasu City P.E.O.
                              associated.”                                                                      group and participates in the
                                                                 Ken with his first wife, Margaret, and
                              When he wasn’t working or        their children (left to right) Dan, John and
                                                                                                                sorority alumnae chapter
                              serving his community, Ken                       Shonna, 1961                     there.

                                                                                                                        A Lifetime of Service
    A Lifetime of Service continued

        “We enjoy our many                                                             family, together with
        friends, old and new, and                                                      Foundation staff, decides
        the activities and have                                                        how the funds should be
        become accustomed to the                                                       allocated each year.
        Arizona landscape,” said
                                                                                       As for Denim ‘N Diamonds,
        Pat, “but we love getting
                                                                                       the event has long held
        back to Wyoming and our
                                                                                       a special place in the
        friends there in the spring.”
                                                                                       Kennedys’ hearts. “The
        Denim ‘N                                                                       first Denim ‘N Diamonds I
        Diamonds—A Night to                                                            ever attended was the rainy
                                                                                       one—at the Hitching Post,”
                                                                                       remembered Pat. “Ken and
        Cheyenne Regional
                                                                                       I first attended together in
        Medical Center has long
                                                                                       1993, when it was out at the
        been an important part of
                                                                                       Exhibition Hall.”
        Pat’s life. She and many
        of her family members                                                     Pat’s parents, Tom and
        were born there, and the                                                  Ruth Powers, also served
                                             Pat and Ken were married in 1993.
        hospital has provided                                                     as Denim ‘N Diamonds
        essential care over the                                                   honorary chairs, in 1995,
                          years to many people she loves.       which makes the honor doubly dear to Pat.
                          A few years back, Pat and
                          Ken stepped up as founding
                          members of the Davis Hospice

                          Pat’s parents were also strong
                          hospital supporters. They
                          started an endowment through
                          CRMC Foundation a number
Inaugural season ticket   of years ago. Initially the
 holders, Pat and Ken     endowment was created to
enjoyed many a Rockies    help provide care to dialysis
    game together.
                          patients, but these days her

                                                                       Pat and Ken spend their winters in Arizona and
                                                                       summers in Cheyenne. Here they’re enjoying an
                                                                                 evening at Little America.

                                                                    “Being named honorary chairs is an awesome
                                                                    surprise,” she said. “The Foundation does a
                                                                    tremendous job of supporting the hospital.
                                                                    We look forward to being there for the gala
                                                                    and spending a memorable evening with
                                                                    many friends.”

    Pat and Ken dressed for Denim ‘N Diamonds 1994, with Pat’s
    sister, Carol Waeckerlin (far right) and Carol’s husband, Ron
Preventive Health Strategies

                                       Preventive Health Strategies    by Alice Burron, CRMC Wellness Coordinator

                                  In last few decades the amount of scientific                        • List the reasons why past attempts at
                                  information available on the importance of                            maintaining a healthy lifestyle have
                                  regular physical activity and good nutrition has                      failed. Then, strategize ways to counter each of
                                  grown dramatically. This information has helped                       the reasons past attempts have failed.
                                  researchers better understand how a healthy diet                    • Gather your support group. Find someone
                                  and regular exercise affect disease processes and                     to go on the journey with you—even if it’s just
                                  what benefits are available to those who have a                       for a while. The accountability and support
                                  healthy lifestyle. This information has led to a                      will help to keep you on track. If you can’t find
                                  widespread campaign that almost everyone has                          someone to join you, ask someone to be your
                                  heard: eat well, exercise and maintain a healthy                      cheerleader instead, giving you regular positive
                                  weight to feel better and live longer.                                feedback and encouragement along the way.
                                                           If the benefits of a healthy               • Find activities and foods you enjoy.
                                                           lifestyle are so great and well              Experiment and be open-minded. What may
                                                           known, why isn’t everyone                    not sound enjoyable may become your favorite
                                                           eating right and exercising                  activity or food. Start slowly by introducing a
                                                           regularly? Most people have                  new activity and new foods gradually so you
                                                           given some thought about                     don’t become overwhelmed and discouraged.
                                                           how they might start to live a             • Set daily goals. Start with small daily goals
                                                           healthier lifestyle, but it often            to increase your physical activity and introduce
                                                           ends there. Thinking about                   nutritional strategies into your day. Write
                                                           living a healthy lifestyle is not            down the things you enjoy, and keep a running
                                                           enough—and although initial                  list in case you forget. On those days you get
                                                           action is essential to begin,                discouraged or bored, read the list and try a
                                                           sustained healthful behaviors                trusted approach instead.
                                                           are needed for the most                    • Set weekly goals. Fill in a weekly calendar
                                                           benefit.                                     with activities and foods you plan to incorporate
                                                                                                        into your schedule. After each week, ask
                                  All the information about good health and quality
                                                                                                        yourself if those goals were realistic or too easy,
                                  of life is of no value unless it can motivate and
                                                                                                        and modify them for the next week.
                                  inspire people to change, and lasting change
                                  involves action, backed with motivation.                            • Reward yourself. If you successfully make
                                  Motivation must come from within a person—the                         small steps to improve your lifestyle, consider
                                  bottom-line reason they want to change. For                           purchasing something new for your healthy
                                  example, desiring to have the energy to perform                       lifestyle adventure, such as a new pair of
                                  at your best (work, family, and activities) can be a                  exercise shoes, a cookbook or a massage. How
                                  good positive motivator.                                              often depends on you, but make it often enough
                                                                                                        to keep you encouraged, but not too often so you
                                  Even if you have a great underlying motivator, it                     don’t feel you’ve earned the reward.
                                  can often get lost in the day-to-day struggles and
                                                                                                      For those who of you who are already striving
                                  challenges. If you, or someone you know, would
                                                                                                      to follow a healthy lifestyle, congratulations!
                                  like to move past thinking about making lifestyle
                                                                                                      You are a role model for many on how to stay
                                  changes and start taking action, here are some
                                                                                                      motivated and maintain healthy habits. Share
                                  strategies that can help you begin, and then keep
                                                                                                      your success by encouraging others and revealing
                                  you motivated, on your wellness journey.
                                                                                                      your successful strategies.
                               This article is advice only and does not represent medical opinion and/or diagnosis. We do not assume any liability for the information
                                            contained in this article. Please consult with your physician prior to starting new diet and/or exercise program.
                                                                                                               Making Miracles Happen

 Miracles Happen
Five-year-old Alex Runyan is a happy, active             Runyan was also “awed,” she says, by Dr.
little boy. To look at him, you would never              William J. Wyatt, the plastic surgeon who
know the many challenges he’s                                        visited her within a few hours
faced.                                                               of Alex’s birth. “It was a holiday
                                                                     weekend, but Dr. Wyatt came
Alex was born six weeks
                                                                     by anyway. His visit was very
premature. He was delivered
                                                                     reassuring. It made such a positive
early by C-section at Cheyenne
Regional Medical Center because
his mother, Jennifer Runyan, had a                                      Baby’s Survival First Concern
medical condition that threatened                                       When Alex was born, Runyan’s first
her health and that of her unborn                                       concern was for her baby’s survival.
                                                                        Alex weighed 3 pounds, 12 ounces.
When the medical team delivered        Alex before his first surgery.   Alex’s medical team was prepared
Alex, they discovered that his                                          to send him to a Level III Neonatal
upper lip was not fully formed.                                         Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in
The condition is known as cleft lip.                                     Denver if he had complications.
Having a premature baby with a birth defect                                    Level III NICUs provide
could have been overwhelming: “I can’t say                                        care for the sickest
enough about the way I was treated after                                              babies. There are no
Alex’s birth,” Runyan says.                                                            Level III NICUs in
“The nurses were amazing.
They offered me all kinds                                                                Within a few hours
of support and                                                                           it was determined
encouragement.                                                                          that Alex could
They kept my                                                                             stay at Cheyenne
spirits up.”                                                                              Regional.
                                                                                          continued on the
                                                                                          following page

                                                                                        Alex enjoys a ride
                                                                                        on his uncle’s
                                                                                        tractor last fall.

Making Miracles Happen

                                                                                        Making Miracles Happen continued

                         That’s when Runyan                                                                 Alex Undergoes
                         started to worry about                                                             Several Surgeries
                         his lip.                                                                           Over the next four years,
                         “You can usually see                                                               Alex would undergo
                         a baby’s cleft lip on                                                              several surgeries at
                         an ultrasound before                                                               Cheyenne Regional and
                         birth,” says Runyan.                                                               Yellowstone Surgery
                         “But Alex’s face was                                                               Center to repair his cleft
                         hidden so we didn’t                                                                lip, a soft palate and to
                         have any preparation                                                               have tubes placed in his
                         ahead of time.”                                                                    ears to help them drain.
                                                                                                            Yellowstone Surgery
                         “It was a big surprise                                                             Center is a service of
                         when Dr. Wyatt                                                                     Cheyenne Regional.
                         walked in at 10 o’clock
                                                     Alex is all smiles a few days after his first surgery.
                         that night,” she says.                                                             Alex had his last surgery
                         “He spent the next two hours answering our                                         at Cheyenne Regional in
                         questions and describing the treatment for cleft           2010. “It was the longest six hours of my life,”
                         lip. He made us feel so much better.”                      Runyan says.

                         Dr. Wyatt is double board certified in plastic           Alex had a speech impediment caused by a
                         and general surgery. He also has a certification         congenital soft palate weakness. Consultation
                         of added qualification in hand/microsurgery              with Dr. Wyatt, a maxillofacial surgeon and
                         and wound care. Dr. Wyatt specializes in plastic,        speech therapists at Alex’s preschool, STRIDE
                         reconstructive, hand and cosmetic surgery. He is         Learning Center, determined that he would
                         Cheyenne’s only plastic and hand surgeon.                need the surgery to correct his speech.

                         “I can’t say enough good things about Dr.                “I dreaded Alex having to go through another
                         Wyatt. From the very start he was there for us,”         surgery,” says Runyan. “Now I know that it was
                         says Runyan.                                             the best thing we could have done for him.”

                                                                                  “It’s important to educate families about
                         Cleft Outreach                                           clefts and to get a treatment plan in place as
                                                                                  soon as possible for the benefit of the child’s
                                              Dr. William J. Wyatt is a
                                              Cheyenne-based plastic              health and development,” says Dr. Wyatt.
                                              surgeon who consults with the       “Most clefts can be repaired by specialized plastic
                                              Wyoming state dental health         surgery techniques that improve the child’s ability to
                                              clinic, which offers support,       eat, speak, hear and breathe,” says Dr.Wyatt. “The
                                              advice and surgical care to         techniques are also designed to restore a normal
                                              families with children who have     appearance to the face.”
                            Dr. Wyatt         clefts.                             During his 12 years of practice in Cheyenne, Dr. Wyatt
                                             Cleft lip and cleft palate are       has treated more than 50 children with a cleft lip or
                         among the most common birth defects affecting            cleft palate. The children have come from cities and
                         children in North America, according to Dr. Wyatt.       towns throughout Wyoming.
                         Cleft lip is an incomplete formation of the upper lip.   Dr. Wyatt performed all of the surgeries at Cheyenne
                         Cleft palate is an incomplete formation of the roof of   Regional Medical Center.
                         the mouth. They can vary in severity and can occur
                         individually or together.                                “What happens in Wyoming should be treated and
                                                                                  cared for in Wyoming,” he says.
                                                                                                              Making Miracles Happen
Making Miracles Happen continued

Throughout the surgery, nurses kept
Runyan informed about Alex’s condition.        Cheyenne Regional’s
Dr. Wyatt and the anesthesiologist,            Operating Room:
Dr. Ronald                                     Prepared at a Moment’s Notice
LeBeaumont,                                    Last year more than 5,200 patients—including 337
also told her                                  children—had surgery at Cheyenne Regional Medical
what to expect                                 Center. These surgeries were performed by teams of highly
ahead of time.                                 trained surgeons, nurses, technicians and other specialists
                                               who rely on state-of-the-art technology to ensure the best
Since the surgery,
                                               outcomes for patients.
Alex has made
tremendous                                     To ensure that Cheyenne Regional’s surgery department
gains in his                                   continues its high standards, this year’s Denim ‘N
speech. “People                                Diamonds Campaign will raise funds to remodel the
who haven’t seen                               hospital’s surgical suites and to purchase new operating
him in a while            Mom and son on       room (OR) equipment.
are amazed at how        vacation last year.
                                               Cheyenne Regional’s OR performs a full range of surgical
much better he’s doing,” says Runyan.
                                               disciplines, including:
Runyan is also pleased with the surgeries      • open heart                    • ophthalmology
performed at Cheyenne Regional to              • thoracic/lungs                • plastic surgery
reconstruct Alex’s lip.                        • total joint replacement       • hand/microsurgery
“Dr. Wyatt is so meticulous. Most people       • joint arthroscopy             • obstetrics and gynecology
who see Alex now have no idea that Alex        • neurology/spine and neck      • general surgery
had a cleft lip,” says Runyan.                 • vascular                      • laparoscopic and bariatric
                                               • ear, nose and throat            procedures
“In my eyes, Dr. Wyatt is a miracle            • wound care                    • trauma (emergency)
worker. We are blessed to have him here.”
                                               “We also have to consider equipment that can be used
Runyan is also happy with the treatment        on a variety of people,” says Tana Carpenter, Director of
she and Alex have received from                Perioperative Serivces. “A surgical patient may be a small
Cheyenne Regional’s surgery department         child or a six-foot-plus adult.”
and women and children’s services: “You
                                               To help meet these needs, this year’s Denim ‘N Diamonds
don’t have to go out of town for great
                                               will fund a variety of needs, including new surgical tables,
care. We have it available right here in
                                               light sets, protective wall coverings and uninterrupted
                                               power systems that provide backup electricity to the OR
                                               surgical spotlights in case of a power failure.

                                               “Surgery can be intense. Having new OR lights, tables
                                               and the other equipment and additions will provide the
                                               extra measure of safety and quality that our community
                                               has come to expect from our surgeons and the hospital’s
                                               surgical teams,” says Carpenter.

                                               Another reason for providing the surgical suite
                                               improvements is the demand. Cheyenne Regional’s OR
                                               performs more than 5,000 surgeries each year.
     Alex playing in a leaf pile last fall.

Blueprint for Our Future

                                                 Blueprint for
                                                  Our Future
                                            Phase One of the Hospital Construction Project

                                             Artist’s rendering of one possible design for the hospital’s new main entrance,
                                                    as viewed from the intersection of House Avenue and 23rd Street

                           What’s happening with the Cheyenne Regional                 and two years before most of the new spaces
                           Medical Center expansion? The answer is lots—               are ready for use.
                           even though little may be visible to the eye right
                                                                                       In the meantime, here’s some information
                                                                                       from CRMC Senior Vice President and Chief
                           “Blueprint for Our Future” is the name of the               Information Officer David Squires about what
                           construction project. It was formally set in                we as a community have to look forward to in
                           motion ten months ago, when the CRMC Board                  our new and improved hospital.
                           of Trustees opted to expand the hospital in its
                                                                                       New Emergency Department: The current
                           current location. Over the winter, the necessary
                                                                                       E.R. has fewer than 20 patient rooms. After
                           adjacent property parcels were purchased,
                                                                                       the expansion, the E.R. will have 35 rooms,
                           planning and cost estimating work was done,
                                                                                       reducing wait times and enhancing patient
                           and neighborhood meetings were begun.
                           As this issue of Advancement goes to press,
                                                                                       New Intensive Care Unit (ICU): CRMC’s
                           additional preparation is underway. More
                                                                                       ICU frequently fills to capacity, and when that
                           detailed construction designs, timelines, and
                                                                                       happens, any additional critically ill patients
                           budgets are being crafted, and the required
                                                                                       must be diverted to hospitals in Casper,
                           Planned Unit Development documentation is
                                                                                       Laramie, Greeley or Fort Collins. The new and
                           being submitted to the City. It will be a number
                                                                                       expanded ICU will have 20 beds compared
                           of months before actual construction starts,
                                                                                                               Blueprint for Our Future
                                                                CRMC Senior Vice
                                                                President and
                                                                Chief Information
                                                                Officer David
                                                                answers your
Artist’s rendering of one possible design for the new patient   most common
tower and ER entrance, as viewed from the intersection of       questions.
                  Warren and 23rd Street
                                                                                             David Squires
                                                                Q. How long will
    to the current 15, allowing for more people to              the construction take?
    receive essential care close to home.                       A. “We hope to start on the new parking
    New Women’s and Children’s Services                         structure in September,” said Squires,
    Department: A brand new birthing center,                    “and complete it in March 2012. We plan
    well-baby nursery and wing of women’s and                   to begin construction on the cancer center
    children’s patient rooms are highlights of the              and patient care tower in March 2012. The
    construction project. A second surgical suite               cancer center will take a year to complete
    for C-sections will also be added. The spacious             and the tower will take 18 months.”
    new department will be nearly twice the size of
    the current women’s and children’s unit.                    Q. How is the expansion being paid
    Cancer Center: Anyone whose life has been                   A. The Phase One bricks-and-mortar costs
    touched by cancer knows how draining it can                 are projected to be $59 million. The money
    be for patients and their families to drive all             will be raised via County revenue bonds.
    over town for the various types of care they                “We know that we have a limited amount of
    need. The new Cancer Center will house all                  money to spend, so we may not be able to
    cancer services under one roof, including                   do everything in the project’s first phase,”
    infusion therapy, radiation therapy, counseling             said Squires.
    and nutrition, and doctors’ offices.

    Other Improvements: A main entrance                         Q. I would like to make a donation in
    renovation is planned, including a new patient              support of the project. How do I do
    admitting area, gift shop, meditation room, and             this?
    waiting areas. Other plans for the first-floor              A. The CRMC Foundation is considering
    renovation include medical imaging. Future                  helping fund construction of the Cancer
    phases of Blueprint for Our Future are planned              Center. (Look for more about this in the
    to include the renovation of pediatrics and the             next issue of Advancement.) To talk to
    progressive care unit (PCU), among other areas.             someone about making a gift, please call
                                                                the Foundation at 307-633-7667.
    “Cheyenne is growing, and our hospital
    needs to grow too,” said Squires. “We want to
    continue to provide the residents of Laramie
    County and the region with the facilities and
    the patient experience that go along with
    exceptional patient care.”


                                                                           1st quarter: January 1 - March 31, 2011

                Area of Greatest Need                 Eugene W. Hanson                    Ms. Jacqueline P. Boice
                                                       Mr. & Mrs. Jon Kirkbride           Judge & Mrs. Clarence Brimmer, Jr
                Ms. Hope Anaya
                                                      Marjorie G. Harris                  Dr. John B. Burns
                                                       Mrs. Vonna B. Martin               Dr. & Mrs. Harmon H. Davis
                Mr. & Mrs. Oliver V. Berry
                                                      William D. Harris, Jr               Mr. & Mrs. Kevin J. Duggins
                Mr. & Mrs. John J. Boehner
                                                       Mrs. Josephine S. Lynch            Mrs. Elizabeth J. Escobedo
                Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Castaneda
                                                       Mr. & Mrs. G. John Veta            Dr. & Mrs. William P. Gibbens
                Ms. Brenda K. Cromley
                                                      Bud Heaton                          Mrs. Roberta Hanlon
                Ms. Christine Cruz
                                                       Mrs. Kathryn R. Heaton             Mrs. Mary C. Helzer
                Ms. Nohemi Fernandez
                                                      Jean Hunton                         Dr. & Mrs. Dan C. Hinkle
                Dr. David Feuer & Dr. Nancy Mace
                                                       Mr. David E. Foreman               Dr. Donald G. Iverson &
                Mrs. Barbara J. Hester                                                     Dr. Jane Iverson
                                                      Garo Kevin Keller
                Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Hogerty                                                 Dr. & Mrs. Robert R. Kanard
                                                       Mr. & Mrs. Lew Roney
                Dr. & Mrs. Joe Horam                                                      Dr. & Mrs. Earl B. Kincheloe
                                                      Ann F. King
                Ms. Kitty A. Horn                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Pete J. Kithas
                                                       Mr. David E. Foreman
                Mr. Ryan Lindsey                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Ken Knoblock
                                                      Eileen M. Lappe
                Ms. Cyndi J. Lockhart                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Leff
                                                       Mr. David E. Foreman
                Mr. & Mrs. Gregory P. Malatesta                                           Mrs. Marilyn Loomis & Family
                                                      Patrick C. Mattimoe
                Mr. & Mrs. Michael McGrady                                                Mrs. Josephine S. Lynch
                                                       Mr. & Mrs. Donal Mattimoe
                Ms. Vicki Mitchell                                                        Dr. & Mrs. Richard G. McCleer
                                                      Charles Meyer
                Ms. Kat L. Nicholson                                                      Mrs. Alice T. Northcutt
                                                       Dr. & Mrs. Harmon H. Davis
                Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Pleasant                                                 Mrs. Warren J. Oakes
                                                       Mr. & Mrs. Keith Rodekohr
                Ms. Carol A. Rieser                                                       Mrs. Ruby O. Preston
                                                       Mr. & Mrs. William A. Swainson
                Ms. Elizabeth W. Seder                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Elbert W. Spencer
                                                       Mrs. Stoddard White
                Mr. Orval L. Stone                                                        Mrs. Joan B. Stout
                                                      Leta Moore
                Ms. Sherri L. Ward                                                        Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Tafoya
                                                       Dr. & Mrs. John E. Winter
                Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth L. Wold                                                Dr. & Mrs. Thomas V. Toft
                                                      Meredith Weston
                Mr. Steward Zuber                                                         Unicover Corporation
                                                       Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Shriner
                                                                                          Dr. & Mrs. Eric J. Wedell
                                                                                          Dr. & Mrs. John E. Winter
                In Memory Of
                                                      In Honor Of
                Elizabeth L. Allegretti
                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Anthony G.
                 Mrs. Josephine S. Lynch              Andrikopoulos                       In Honor Of
                Carmel A. Barrett                      Mr. & Mrs. Ronald E. Mauritz       Dr. Donald B. Hunton and
                 Anonymous                            Mrs. Jacqueline Ferrall             Jean Hunton
                Veva A. Brolyer                        Dr. & Mrs. J. Sloan Hales           Mr. Douglas B. Reeves
                 Dr. Rex L. Dolan                      Anonymous
                 First Presbyterian Church of Burns   Dr. Robert L. McGuire
                 Ms. Janice Hansen                     Dr. & Mrs. William P. Gibbens      Davis Hospice Center
                 Mr. & Mrs. George W. Jacobsen
                 Mr. & Mrs. Jon A. Moore                                                  BELFOR USA GROUP, INC.
                 Ms. Bertha Sandberg                                                      Ms. Joanne Harnit
                                                      Cancer Services                     Hospice Staff
                 Mr. & Mrs. Terry Sandberg
                 Mrs. Neva K. Talbert                 First United Methodist Church       Mr. Leland E. Messman
                Jean Brown                            Frontier Council No. 727 U.C.T.A.   Mr. Nat Steinhoff
                 Ms. Stacy J. Canada                  Ms. Kathleen M. Sweat
                Sharon Brown                                                              In Memory Of
                 Ms. Stacy J. Canada                  In Memory Of
                                                                                          Antonia F. Andrade
                Mary A. Gerard                        Jean Hunton                          Mr. & Mrs. Mitchel R. Humphrey
                 Mr. A. Kent Best                      Mr. & Mrs. Fred T. Baggs
Contributions continued                                                   1st quarter: January 1 - March 31, 2011

Larry L. Armstrong                   Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Balling           Wesley Garrard
 Mr. & Mrs. Milton H. Poteet, Jr     Mr. & Mrs. Gary E. Bott                 Brig. Gen. and Mrs. Vernon E.
Berniece Barga                       Mr. & Mrs. Chuck H. Brown III            Baldeswiler
 Mr. & Mrs. Eugene H. Bryan          Ms. Marian Campbell                     Mr. & Mrs. Paul R. Stenback
 Chian Single Sams                   Mr. & Mrs. Mark E. Child               Robert M. Gay III
 Mrs. Beryl B. Cline                 Mr. & Mrs. Richard DeMayo & Family      Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Laschober
 Ms. Joanne Harnit                   Dr. Rex L. Dolan                        Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Walker
 Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Heimsoth      Ms. Lindy Ellis & Doyle                Margie E. Haberkorn
 Mr. & Mrs. Christopher R. Held      Mrs. Mildred J. Evans                   Mrs. Mabel C. Wilson
 Mr. & Mrs. Ivan A. Kerwood          Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Federer              Phyllis A. Johnson
 Mrs. Karen L. Lesco                 Mr. & Mrs. Owen Goertz                  Central High School Students
 Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Loyd          Mr. & Mrs. James D. Hloucal             Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Larsen
 Mr. & Mrs. William F. Millspaugh    Ms. Ethel M. Horst                      Mr. & Mrs. William W. Weaver
 Mr. & Mrs. George T. Muirhead       Mr. & Mrs. Jim W. House                Christopher G. Kaberline
 Mr. & Mrs. Dayton E. Norrgard       Mr. & Mrs. George W. Jacobsen           Ms. Jeanie M. Grogan
 Ms. Eileen Pearson & Family         Mr. & Mrs. Gary R. Jacobson            Donna F. Kailey
 Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth W. Peterson      Mr. & Mrs. William L. Johnson           Ms. Cheryl A. Bakken
 Mr. & Mrs. Joel J. Sherman          Mr. James Johnston                      Mr. & Mrs. Lester J. Hampton
 Mr. & Mrs. Peter S. Wiejek          Mr. & Mrs. Harry Kembel                George A. Kaminski
 Mr. & Mrs. George A. Zunker         Mr. & Mrs. W. Mcanelly                  Ms. Eileen S. Hunter
David Barker                         Ms. L. Darlene McClure                  Ms. Joan Nardi
 Cheyenne Airport Golf Club          Mrs. Shirley M. McConnaughey &          Mr. & Mrs. William Obermeier
 Mr. & Mrs. Tom Harlan                Family                                 Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Swisher
 Ms. Karen Kithas                    Mrs. Hazel L. Meyer                    Ann F. King
 Mr. & Mrs. Pete J. Kithas           Mr. & Mrs. William Obermeier            Ms. Leigh West
 Ms. Donna M. Wells                  Mr. & Mrs. Walter H. Patch             Ruby A. Labarge
Carmel A. Barrett                    Ms. Katherine D. Patrick                Ms. Trudy L. Capone
 Judge James E. Barrett              Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Perreault          Ms. Carla Warne-Marino,
 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Brown            Ms. Muriel Petsch                        Charlie & Annie
 Ms. Sally A. Garner                 Mr. & Mrs. William Rabou               Daniel J. Lex
 Ms. Leigh West                      Ms. Joan L. Reidel                      Dr. & Mrs. Jean A. Halpern
Wayne Bonham                         Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Schulte              Mr. F. John Pembroke
 Mr. & Mrs. B.J. McDaniels           Mr. & Mrs. Paul C. Schwieger           Mary M. McGlee
 Ms. Leigh West                      Dr. & Mrs. John C. Shaffer              Mr. & Mrs. Gary R. Kelley
Veva A. Brolyer                      Mr. & Mrs. Gene Sitzman                Patricia A. Messman
 Mr. & Mrs. Jon Kirkbride            Mr. & Mrs. Edwin K. Smith               Mr. Leland E. Messman
Chester A. Camm                      Mr. John Wall and Mrs. Carin           Charles Meyer
 Mr. Chris Camm                       DeMayo-Wall                            Judge James E. Barrett
Naomi F. Clary                      Scott Epler                              Mr. & Mrs. John C. Clay
 Mr. D. Rex Yocum                    Mrs. Carolyn S. Ward                    Mr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Davis
Marilyn G. Cockreham                 Wells Fargo Foundation                  Mr. & Mrs. Don Haught
 Judge James E. Barrett              Mr. & Mrs. Steven M. Wilkins            Mr. & Mrs. Dwight Haught
 Ms. Ella M. Julian                  Mr. John R. Williams                    Dr. & Mrs. Earl B. Kincheloe, Jr
 Mr. George E. Marrs                 Mr. & Mrs. F.E. Wolski                  Southeast District Dental Society
 Mr. & Mrs Robert D. Martin          WyHy Federal Credit Union              Lucille Miller
                                      Employees & Board of Directors         Laramie County 4-H Livestock Sale
 Ms. Jill Stubbs
                                    Edward R. Fowler                         Mr. & Mrs. Michael G. Maki
 Ms. Faye E. Winger
                                     Brig. Gen. and Mrs. Vernon E.           Ms. Cheryl A. Miller
Earnest Connell                       Baldeswiler
 Mrs. Diane M. Trierweiler                                                   Mr. & Mrs. William Rabou
                                     Mr. & Mrs. Joe Bookout                 Terry M. Miller
James R. Donaldson                   Ms. Judith F. Caravantes
 Teton West Lumbering, Inc.                                                  Mrs. Marjorie E. McCann
                                     Mr. Bernard J. Dailey                  Frederick J. Mueller
Arden G. Epler                       Hospice Staff
 Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Federer                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Jon Kirkbride
                                     Mr. & Mrs. Jim Hunnicutt
Scott G. Epler                       Mr. & Mrs. Wayne E. Mitchell
 Mr. & Mrs. Tim Anderson

                Contributions continued                                                1st quarter: January 1 - March 31, 2011

                Susie Pace                          Mr. & Mrs. William E. McCoy            Hospice
                 Mr. & Mrs. Elton Tophoj            Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Semler
                Norma Price                         Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Simkins
                 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Ivey            Mrs. Suzanne E. Smith
                                                                                           In Memory Of
                Edward E. Schneider                 Mr. Lester D. True
                 Mr. & Mrs. David Hall             Dwight I. Trumbull                      Carmel A. Barrett
                 Mrs. Mary K. Montgomery            Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Cunningham        Anonymous
                 Ms. R.G. Montgomery                Hospice Staff                           Mr. & Mrs. Herman Noe
                Ron Schupp                          Ms. Janet Strain                        Mr. & Mrs. Lorin Scoville
                 Brig. Gen. and Mrs. Vernon E.     Darrell Walker                          Mary L. Bechtholdt
                  Baldeswiler                       Ms. Susan G. Chalfen &                  Mr. Dick G. Bechtholdt
                Lindon R. Spencer                    Mr. Dan W. Silvers                    Edward R. Fowler
                 Qwest Telecom Pioneers/ Snowy      Mr. & Mrs. Ray Hanson                   Mrs. Ruth I. Storey
                  Range Club                        Ms. Bonnie Krause                      Gerilynn, Theres & Aunt Ann
                Tibble C. Stogsdill                 Laramie Boomerang                       Anonymous
                 Cheyenne Church of Christ          Ms. Susan M. Laroque                   William D. Harris, Jr
                 Cheyenne Public Employee           Mr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Marek              Mr. David E. Foreman
                  Association                       Ms. Grace McAloon                      Clarence Hortenstine
                 Mr. & Mrs. Donald Edgar            Mr. Timothy McAloon                     Anonymous
                 Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Erpeldin      Mr. & Mrs. Todd R. McAloon,            Elwood M. Mathison
                 Ms. Valerie Erpelding               Crystal, Michael, & Laura              Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Vogel
                 Mr. & Mrs. Myron Flessner          Mr. & Mrs. L. Michael McCraken         Joseph McNamara
                 Mr. & Mrs. B.E. Gissendanner       Mrs. Marvel H. McCraken                 Mrs. Irene McNamara
                 Mr. & Mrs. William B. Guffey       Mr. & Mrs. J. Doug Reeves, Jr          Charles Meyer
                 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Healey           Western Vista Credit Union              Mr. & Mrs. William J. Thomson, II
                 Ms. Karen Heng                     Wyoming Tribune-Eagle                  Franklin G. Peterson
                 Ms. Joan Loghry                   Deborah S. Wright                        Mrs. Helen Demos
                 Mr. & Mrs. Steve Marshall          Airport Women’s Golf Association       Dwight I. Trumbull
                 Ms. Sheila D. Miller               Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth J. Berg              Mr. & Mrs. William D. Magness
                 Mr. & Mrs. John C. Prescott        Mr. Jeffrey P. Bledsoe                 Freddie H. Tyrrell
                 Mr. Douglas G. Riley               Ms. Margaret E. Brown                   Mr. & Mrs. Ronald E. Mauritz
                Linda L. Taylor                     Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey C. Carlton          William Tyrrell
                 Mr. & Mrs. Donald H. Bath          Echostar Security Team                  Mr. & Mrs. Ronald E. Mauritz
                 Mr. & Mrs. David D. Pardue         Echostar Traffic Team
                Edythe M. Telander                  Mrs. Elizabeth J. Escobedo
                 Mr. & Mrs. Ted R. Bina             Golden Girls                           In Honor Of
                 Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Blackwell        Mr. & Mrs. Alfred S. Halas
                                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Eugene H. Bryan
                 Mr. & Mrs. Douglas S. Brett        Mr. & Mrs. Kent Heiniger
                                                                                            Mr. & Mrs. Rick Boomgaarden
                 Mrs. Elizabeth J. Escobedo         Mr. & Mrs. Daniel G. Jackle
                                                                                           Mrs. Jacqueline Ferrall
                 Ms. Carol A. Holland               Mr. & Mrs. Samuel H. Kent
                 Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Laycock      Mr. & Mrs. Robert Powischill
                                                                                           Dr. David G. Silver and
                 Mr. & Mrs. Clarence W. Mellot      Mrs. Mabel C. Wilson                   Dr. Martha H. Silver
                 Mr. & Mrs. Michael G. Schilling    Ms. Gladys Wood                         Anonymous
                 Mr. & Mrs. Russell Telander       Robert G. Young
                 Mr. & Mrs. John A. Winkler         Pastor Don J. Mathis
                June L. Trowbridge                  Mr. & Mrs. Merle M. Vowers             More Generous
                 Ms. JoAnn M. Huck
                Wanda L. True
                 Mrs. Kaye A. Barrett              In Honor Of                             Anonymous
                 Mr. & Mrs. John F. Cushing                                                Banner Health
                                                   Ms. Mary B. Guthrie
                 Ms. Susan Durham                                                          Chaplain Pat Bradley
                                                   Ms. Leigh West
                 Mr. & Mrs. Philip M. Hayes                                                Mr. & Mrs. Larry D. Catalano
                 Mrs. Ben Henan                                                            Frontier Refining & Marketing, Inc.
                 Mr. & Mrs. James E. Loyd          Gift In Kind                            Injury Prevention Resources
                 Ms. Donella Marrs                                                         Kohl’s
                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Maki
                                                                                                                    Contributions & Board Profile
Contributions continued                                                   1st quarter: January 1 - March 31, 2011

Memorial Hospital of Sheridan         Town of Pine Bluffs                   In Honor Of
  County                              Ms. Samantha R. Twiford
Mr. Brian Mentel                                                            Dr. Donald B. Hunton and
                                      Wal-Mart Discount Store               Jean Hunton
Mountain West Farm Bureau Mutual      Mr. & Mrs. Jerald G. Wessels
 Insurance Company                                                           Mr. Douglas B. Reeves
                                      Mr. & Mrs. Bruce L. Wilson            Dr. David G. Silver and
Ms. Yolanda Moyte                     Wyoming Department of                 Dr. Martha H. Silver
Nice Car                               Transportation                        Anonymous
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Rooney                 Ms. Jacelyn A. Yonkees
Shoshone Tribe
Sweetwater County Fire District #1
Taco John’s International             In Memory Of
                                      Clarence Hortenstine
Teton County
Town of Mills

   Board Profile

   Andrea Cook
    Cheyenne Regional Medical                                            doctors and quality care,
    Center Foundation Board                                              Cheyenne Regional provides
    Member Andrea Cook is                                                a sense of being home, a place
    a true native, having been                                           where people really make a
    born at Laramie County                                               difference.”
    Memorial (now CRMC).
                                                                          During her tenure on the board,
    She is married to John Cook
                                                                          Andrea has seen the Davis
    and Cheyenne has always
                                                                          Hospice Center become a reality
    been their home, a really
                                                                          and the establishment of the
    great place to have raised
                                                                          Endowment Committee, who
    their three daughters,
                                                                          review and fund grant requests
    Jayna, Alisa and Brenda
                                                                          by various departments in the
    (deceased). John is a                        Andrea Cook
                                                                          hospital. The upcoming capital
    happily retired concrete
                                                           campaign and expansion plans promise to be
    contractor and custom homebuilder.
                                                           an exciting time in the life of the hospital and
    In addition to her family, Andrea has made             community.
    community service a priority in her life, serving
                                                           Andrea is serving her 3rd term on the
    on numerous civic, church and PEO boards.
                                                           Foundation board. She currently serves on
    She is currently House Receptionist for the
                                                           the Endowment, Denim ‘N Diamonds and the
    Wyoming State Legislature and a bailiff for the
                                                           Historic Curation committees. “This board,
    Laramie County District court. Her pastimes
    include collecting antiques, genealogy,                which I’m honored and proud to be a part
    gardening, reading a good book and, of course,         of, is a diverse and dedicated group of
    time with their seven grandchildren.                   community leaders,” says Cook. “I also want
                                                           to recognize the hard-working Foundation
    When asked why she serves on the Cheyenne              staff. We couldn’t do what we do without
    Regional Foundation Board, she replied, “The           them.”
    hospital has been a very important and an
    integral part of our lives. Beyond the excellent
                                                  U.S. POSTAGE
                       CHANGE SERVICE REQUESTED      PAID
                                                  CHEYENNE, WY
                                                  PERMIT NO. 312

214 East 23rd Street
Cheyenne, WY 82001

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