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             ‘Did you know the Aboriginal inhabitants
             of the Wagga Wagga region were the Wiradjuri
             people and the term ‘ Wagga’ is thought to mean
             crow, and saying Wagga twice is the plural,
             thus Wagga Wagga is the ‘ Place of Many Crows’.
             The City has adopted the image of the crow as
             its icon. Crows are amongst the most intelligent
             of birds, are adaptable and resilient and a truely
             iconic bird of the Australian bush.’

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Welcome.                                          3    Work.                                                  19

                                                       Employment                                             20
                                                  5    Working in Wagga Wagga                                 22

Education                                          7
   Charles Sturt University                        7                                                          29
   EH Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation    7   Population                                             30
   TAFE NSW Riverina Institute                     7   Gross Regional Product                                 31
   Riverina Conservatorium of Music                7   Bomen Business Park                                    32
   Rex’s Australian Airline Pilot Academy          7   Transport Infrastructure                               34
   UNSW’s Wagga Wagga Campus Rural                        Road                                                34
   Clinical School                                 7      Rail                                                34
Health Care                                        8      Air                                                 34
   Hospitals                                       8   Master Planning                                        35
   Calvary Day Procedure Centre                    9   Economic Drivers                                       36
   Riverina Cancer Care Centre                     9      The Agricultural Sector
                                                          & Downstream Value-adding                           36
   Regional Imaging Riverina                       9
                                                          Riverina Oil
   Nursing Homes                                   9
                                                          & Bio Energy                                        36
   Other Services                                  9
                                                          Cargill Beef Australia                              36
   General Practice Surgeries                      9
                                                          Heinz Australia                                     36
   Ronald McDonald House                           9
                                                          Wagga Wagga Farmers Markets                         36
   Lilier Lodge                                    9
                                                          Wineries                                            36
   Medical Recruitment                             9
                                                          CSU Cheese Factory                                  36
Sport                                             11
                                                          Agricultural, Food & Beverage
Migration                                         12      Education & Research                                36
   Kunming                                        12   Retail Sector                                          38
   Nordlingen                                     12   Partnerships                                           39
   Leavenworth                                    12
                                                       Council.                                               41
                                                       Council’s Role in Wagga Wagga’s Economy                41
   Home Loan Repayments                           13
   Rents                                          13
   Seniors Living                                 13

Tourism                                           15
Arts & Culture                                    16
   Australian Army Band Kapooka                   16                       Did you know?
Community Services                                17                                         autobiography,
                                                                 According to Dame Edna’s ay Beazley
   Library Service                                17                 she was born Edna M agga Wagga.’
                                                                     in ‘the rural city of W
    Autumn in the Riverina

    i heart wagga wagga
Welcome to Wagga Wagga
By 2026, Wagga Wagga in southern NSW will have
cemented its place as the leading regional city in
Australia for sustainable business and balanced living.

Wagga Wagga is one of Australia’s largest inland cities
and is currently growing at an annual rate higher than
the state average. This strong growth rate underpins           All major sports are played in the city and facilities
its economy and lifestyle.                                     include an indoor heated swimming complex,
                                                               well-maintained cricket, football and hockey grounds,
The city is the capital of the Riverina with strengths         a number of indoor stadiums and netball complex.
in defence, manufacturing, agriculture and education.          Wagga Wagga has some wonderful museums, while
                                                               its art and cultural activities attract people from
Wagga Wagga has secure water, electricity and                  throughout Australia and the world.
natural gas supplies, affordable and easily accessible
land, extensive infrastructure and excellent road,             Assisting and guiding the city’s development
rail and air links to the major metropolitan markets           is the 26-member team employed by the Wagga
of Sydney and Melbourne.                                       Wagga City Council’s Commercial and Economic
                                                               Directorate. The Directorate takes a fully integrated
It has first-class educational facilities, including           approach, working closely with other Council
two university campuses, three TAFE campuses,                  departments in generating positive outcomes
eight secondary high schools, a music conservatorium           for new and existing businesses.
and a new state-of-the-art pilot training academy.
These facilities offer training for a variety of professions   If you are a new business wishing to relocate,
and trades.                                                    or an existing business wishing to expand,
                                                               our mission is to assist you! Please don’t
                                                               hesitate to contact us on 1300 292 442.

                                                               The city welcomes you and invites you to
                                                               become part of Wagga Wagga’s exciting future.

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    the lifestyle options for my kids
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The city of Wagga Wagga is known for many things,
the Garden City of the South, the City of Good
Sports and the Place of Many Crows.

A total of 63,000 people called Wagga Wagga                 The city’s modern airport is used by major airlines
home in 2009.                                               to operate 146 weekly services to Sydney and
                                                            Melbourne, while national bus operators provide
The vast majority (90 percent) reside in the urban area     services to regional cities and metropolitan areas.
with the balance living on farms and in the surrounding
villages of Collingullie, Currawarna, Galore, Uranquinty,   Covering 4866 square kilometres, the city’s Local
Mangoplah, Humula, Tarcutta, Ladysmith and Oura.            Government Area extends east to the foothills of
                                                            the Snowy Mountains and west to the Riverina plains.
Wagga Wagga is ideally located in southern NSW
on the Murrumbidgee River, part of the Murray-Darling       The original inhabitants were the Wiradjuri Aboriginal
Catchment Area. It is also located on trade routes          people, with European settlement dating from the
that link Sydney and Melbourne, as well as Sydney           early 1830s.
and Adelaide.
                                                            Wagga Wagga offers residents a range
The city is located:                                        of community services, and competitively priced
                                                            land and housing in a variety of charming country
 •   a short distance west of the Hume Highway              locations as well as in the heart of Wagga Wagga.
     (the major national highway);                          There are excellent community services, national
                                                            retail outlets, well-respected educational institutions
 •   on the main southern railway line that connects
                                                            (including Charles Sturt University) and efficient
     Sydney and Melbourne;
                                                            transport links.
 •   at the intersection of the Sturt Highway and the
     Olympic Highway (linking central and southern
     NSW with Adelaide and Melbourne); and
 •   a comfortable 2.5-hour drive from the national
     capital of Canberra.

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                          the excitement of
                          starting to study again

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The city of Wagga Wagga could also be called
the Education Capital of southern NSW.

Wagga Wagga trains doctors, dentists, veterinarians,       TAFE NSW Riverina Institute
school teachers, pharmacists, winemakers, accountants,
                                                           A total of 10,000 students are enrolled in Wagga
musicians, scientists, agricultural specialists, pilots,
                                                           Wagga TAFE courses with the city home to three
hospitality workers and a whole host of tradespeople.
                                                           of the Riverina Institute’s campuses. As well as a
The city boasts:                                           wide range of trade courses offered by the Riverina
                                                           Institute, specialist training courses are provided
 •   The Wagga Wagga campus of Charles                     by the Primary Industries Centre (North Wagga
     Sturt University;                                     Wagga), the National Aerospace Centre of Excellence
                                                           (Forest Hill RAAF Base) and the Tourism and Technology
 •   Three campuses of the TAFE NSW                        Centre (City Campus). This is in addition to a wide range
     Riverina Institute;                                   of trade courses offered by the City Campus.
 •   Eight secondary schools (private and public);
 •   Twenty-four primary schools (private and public);     Riverina Conservatorium of Music

 •   Twenty-five early childhood and preschool             The Conservatorium, the region’s Centre of Musical
     facilities;                                           Excellence, fosters the strong cultural and musical
                                                           interests of pupils from infants to those well into
 •   Two specialist education facilities for children      their 80s. A total of 1100 students are currently
     with learning and intellectual disabilities;          enrolled. Students can study as individuals, in shared
 •   The Riverina Music Conservatorium;                    classes or in groups, and can choose from a variety
                                                           of instruments. The Conservatorium supports a number
 •   Wagga Wagga campus of the University                  of ensembles and choirs and also provides links to the
     of NSW’s Rural Clinical School; and the University    cultural arts of the region.
     of Notre Dame’s clinical school attached
     to Calvary Healthcare Riverina’.
                                                           Rex’s Australian Airline Pilot Academy
 •   Regional Express (Rex) Australian Airline
     Pilot Academy.                                        The academy, which opened in 2010, will train
                                                           more than 200 pilots annually for both Australian
 •   Defence force training facilities at Kapooka (Army)   and international airlines. Its state-of-the-art facility
     and Forest Hill (RAAF, Army and Navy).                will include modern classrooms, flight simulators,
                                                           new training aircraft, motel-style accommodation,
Charles Sturt University                                   as well as social and recreational facilities.

In 2008, Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga
recorded a total student enrolment of 12,000.              UNSW’s Wagga Wagga Campus Rural
More than 100 courses were provided including              Clinical School
degrees in arts, commerce, education, health,
science, dentistry, veterinary science and agriculture.    Located within the grounds of the Wagga Wagga Base
The university is also well known throughout Australia     Hospital, the School accepts full-time medical students
and overseas for the production of its award-winning       in Years 4, 5 and 6 and short-term students in Year
wines and cheeses.                                         6. The aim of the School is to give students clinical
                                                           exposure leading up to their graduation.

EH Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation
An alliance between Industry and Investment NSW
and Charles Sturt University, the EH Graham Centre
undertakes world-class collaborative research                               Did you know?
and education that addresses the global challenges                                    tcheldor from Wagga
                                                                In 2009, Meghan Baawarded second place in
of climate change, water scarcity, food security,
biosecurity, pest management and environmental                 Christian College wasechnology School Student
and human health. Since beginning operation in                 the National Electrothomemade solar cell.
2005, strong global links have been established with
a number of countries, including China, India, Pakistan,
                                                                   Awards for her
Cambodia, Vietnam, East Timor, the Philippines, Japan,
Mexico, Guatemala, Canada and the United States.
                                                                                                       live in wagga wagga
    being 10 minutes
    from my patients

    Health Care
    Wagga Wagga’s healthcare sector services
    a catchment of some 250,000 people.

    There are 88 medical specialists, and another                Medical specialties generally available are listed below.
    52 general practitioners. The ability to access the
    vast majority of medical specialties in Wagga Wagga          Medical Specialty
    alleviates the need for residents to travel to city-based
                                                                  •   Anaesthetics
    hospitals for all but a few of their medical requirements.
                                                                  •   Cardiology
    Most medical facilities are conveniently located              •   Dermatology
    within two blocks of each other and less than five            •   Gastroenterology
    minutes from the city’s Central Business District.
                                                                  •   Ear, nose and throat
    Hospitals                                                     •   Medical oncology
                                                                  •   Obstetrics and gynecology
    There are two acute hospitals, Wagga Wagga Base
    Hospital, a 220-bed facility, and Calvary Health Care         •   Endocrinology
    Riverina, a privately operated 104-bed facility.              •   Medicine
                                                                  •   Orthopaedics
    Wagga Wagga Base Hospital has an Emergency
    Department which is open 24 hours a day.                      •   Ophthalmology
                                                                  •   Neurology
    Calvary Health Care Riverina is one of the largest            •   Paediatrics
    private hospitals in NSW. It contains 5 theatres,
    a nine-bed Intensive Care Unit and a 10-bed High              •   Rheumatology
    Dependency Unit staffed by specialist nurses                  •   Pathology
    and doctors. It also runs one of the few private              •   Radiology
    obstetric facilities in regional NSW.
                                                                  •   Surgery

     live in wagga wagga
Calvary Day Procedure Centre                               General Practice Surgeries
This modern facility provides a comprehensive range        Wagga Wagga has 45 GPs working out of 14 surgeries.
of medical and surgical services, including paediatric     With a low GP-to- patient ratio, the waiting time to see
procedures. The Centre provides services to a large        a doctor is short. The city also has a seven-day-a-week
number of people living in the Riverina and South          after-hours GP service, with doctors manning a surgery
West Slopes.                                               during the early evening, as well as an on-call service at
                                                           other times of the night and early morning.

Riverina Cancer Care Centre
                                                           Ronald McDonald House
Located within the grounds of Calvary Hospital,
this purpose-built centre offers radiotherapy              Located within a stroll of the Wagga Wagga Base
and chemotherapy treatment to residents living             Hospital, this facility incorporates the 93.1 StarFM
within central and southern NSW. It was built through      Kids Kottage and provides accommodation for
a regional campaign which raised a staggering              families whose children are receiving treatment at the
$4.5m for the building. These same communities             Wagga Wagga Base Hospital. It was constructed from
throughout the Riverina and South West Slopes also         funds raised through a major appeal led by Wagga
contributed $500,000 towards the construction of Lilier    Waggabased radio station, StarFM. The House contains
Lodge, a motel-style facility that provides low-cost       four bedrooms as well as a modern kitchen, dining
accommodation for cancer patients and their carers.        and lounge rooms and a playroom for children.

Regional Imaging Riverina                                  Lilier Lodge
Also located in a purpose-built building                   This 20-bedroom facility, together with large lounge
attached to Calvary Hospital, the facility provides        room and kitchen/dining room, provides low-cost
a comprehensive diagnostic imaging service including       accommodation for cancer patients and their families
16 multislice CT, ultrasound, MRI and Nuclear Medicine,    who are receiving treatment in Wagga Wagga. It was
a cardiac catheter laboratory and 24-hour on-call          also built thanks to a major fundraising campaign
radiologist support.                                       conducted throughout southern NSW, which raised
                                                           $500,000. Financial support was also received from
Regional Imaging Riverina is part of the Regional          the Cancer Patients Assistance Society (now CanAssist)
Imaging Limited Group and a member of the I-MED            and The Cancer Council that jointly operate the facility.
Network, Australia’s largest private diagnostic
imaging group.
                                                           Medical Recruitment

Nursing Homes                                              Calvary Health Care Riverina operates a medical
                                                           specialist recruitment program aimed at recruiting
Several nursing homes are located in the city, including   enthusiastic medical professionals. Opportunities
the Wendy Hucker Nursing Home located at The Haven         exist for visiting medical officers and staff specialists
(60 beds), The Forrest Centre (50 beds), Loreto Home       in either private practice or through the University
of Compassion (66 beds) and Caloola Court (45 beds).       of NSW’s Rural Clinical School.
Each facility has its own dementia unit with a combined
total of 71 beds. Hostel accommodation for seniors
is available at The Haven (67 beds), Caloola Court
(67 beds) and the RSL LifeCare Remembrance Village
(37 beds).

Other Services                                                               Did you know?
Regional Imaging Cardiovascular Centre, a fully                                              man Shenouda,
                                                                  Wagga Wagga’s own Dr Aylenrock Country
accredited day surgery unit, provides comprehensive
                                                                   general practitioner at Gawarded The Royal
diagnostic and interventional vascular and cardiac
                                                                Practice, Wagga Wagga,ofwaseneral Practitioners
                                                                  Australian College GPractitioner
services; Riverina Cardiology provides state-of-the-art

                                                                           2009 General ard.
cardiac investigation; the Wagga Endoscopy Centre
provides endoscopy services; and an Acute Stroke Unit
supports people suffering from strokes.                                        of the Year Aw

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       making new friends
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The city of Wagga Wagga is known far and wide as the
City of Good Sports and over many years has produced
some of the country’s leading sporting professionals.

They include cricketers Mark Taylor, Michael Slater           Next door is the indoor Bolton Park Sports
and Geoff Lawson; rugby league footballers Peter,             Stadium with its basketball and volleyball courts
Steve and Chris Mortimer, Greg Brentall and Peter             and large gymnasium.
Sterling; rugby union international Ken McMullen,
Australian Rules footballers Cameron Mooney,                  The Australian Clay Target Association has its national
Wayne Carey and Paul Kelly; Olympian and                      headquarters in the city and its international-standard
Commonwealth Games triathlon gold medalist                    facilities attract competitors from the four corners
Brad Kahlefeldt; 2004 Athens Olympic Games                    of the world.
400 x 400m relay silver medalist Patrick Dwyer;
two-time Olympic hockey representative Melanie Twitt;         Wagga Wagga also boasts a highly credentialed
and international golfer Steve Elkington.                     horse racing facility, the Murrumbidgee Turf Club,
                                                              which runs regular TAB meetings. The highlight
This success, to a large extent, can be attributed to the     of the horse racing calendar is the Wagga Wagga
city’s superior sporting and equestrian facilities as well    Gold Cup Racing Carnival, which is held in the first
as its many dedicated coaches and administrators.             week of May every year and attracts 17,000 people
                                                              from all over the country.
Wagga Wagga has 20 well-maintained sporting fields,
as well as a host of other sporting facilities, including
netball and tennis courts and lawn bowling greens.

One jewel in the sporting crown is the Oasis Swimming
and Recreation Centre. Built in the early 2000s for
$17m, it provides year-round water activities for
swimmers of all ages and abilities and hosts state
and national events.

                                                                           Did you know?
                                                                                            Sturt and his party
                                                                In 1829, explorer Charles area, and in fact rowed
                                                              traversed the Wagga Wagga of the Murrumbidgee
                                                               and sailed down the length the Murray, then down
                                                              River from NarranderaThey also rowed, sailing when
                                                                                 e sea.
                                                             the Murray to th against the current, a round
                                                                  possible, back up 3600 kms!
                                                                               trip over

                                                                                                       live in wagga wagga
                                                                                                the warmth of
                                                                                                country hospitality

       Wagga Wagga is a multicultural city
       and proud of its links with many countries.

     In the 2010 Australia Day Honours, Wagga Wagga           Kunming
     resident Erwin Richter was recognised for his support
                                                              Since becoming a Sister City in 1988, Kunming
     and assistance to refugees and immigrants over
                                                              has hosted several exchange events and festivals
     a 60-year period. “We have to show compassion
                                                              attended by a number of Wagga Wagga civic
     to those in need,” he said. There are many individuals
                                                              dignitaries and community representatives.
     and organisations helping people resettle in the
                                                              Wagga Wagga’s gift to Kunming was a children’s
     Wagga Wagga community.
                                                              playground while Kunming reciprocated with
     In June 2006, the city was home to 4,080 people          a Chinese Pavilion (located in the Botanic Gardens).
     who were born overseas.
     Approximately one-third were born in North-West
     Europe with the next highest category born in New        A Sister City affiliation was established
     Zealand and other parts of Oceania.                      in 1967 and many visits have been organised
                                                              between the two cities on an official basis.
     More recently, a number of refugees from North Africa    Wagga Wagga musicians and singers have also
     and the Sub-Sahara have settled in the city as part      travelled to Nordlingen to perform in special
     of the Federal Government’s immigration program.         festivals. Nordlingen is a medieval walled city
                                                              and its history dates back more than 1000 years.
     Wagga Wagga has sister city links with Germany
     (Nordlingen, Bavaria), China (Kunming, Yunnan
     Province) and the United States (Leavenworth, Kansas).   Leavenworth
                                                              A popular destination for Miss Wagga Wagga
                                                              and Community Princess representatives,
                                                              Leavenworth and Wagga Wagga became sister
                                                              cities in 1962. Many official visits have been conducted
                                                              between the two cities since that time while informal
                                                              visits by representatives of the two communities
                                                              are becoming increasingly popular.

     live in wagga wagga
Wagga Wagga offers housing for young
and old, families and singles, in urban,
suburban and rural settings.

Wagga Wagga is an affordable city in which to buy       Home Loan Repayments
and rent houses and units with an increasing number
                                                        The average monthly home loan repayment in
of people achieving the Great Australian Dream here.
                                                        2006 was $1306, less than the state average ($1709).
Wagga Wagga was ranked 12th within NSW cities
to take up the Commonwealth Government’s First
Home Owner’s Grant, with 400 families taking
advantage of the grant. This scheme, together           People renting houses in Wagga Wagga in the June
with the relatively low-cost of housing, has been       quarter of 2009, on average, paid $269 per week
instrumental in the increasing number of people         which was above the median rental for regional NSW.
buying their own homes (a 6.8 percent increase          Rents have increased in recent years, which is partly
between 2001 and 2006).                                 correlated to the strong population growth amongst
                                                        other factors.

                                                        Seniors Living
In the March quarter of 2009, the median price
of houses sold in Wagga Wagga was $260,000              When the youngest of Australia’s surviving
(a decrease of 1.9 percent on 2008), which is similar   “baby boomers” reaches 65 years of age, the nation’s
to Albury the nearest city of comparable size.          population aged 65 and over is projected to reach
Median prices reported by surrounding localities are    5.4 million. In Wagga Wagga, that could equate
lower in general than in Wagga Wagga, but virtually     to more than 20,000 people. The city is conscious
the same median prices are recorded in Albury. March    of the need for planning to meet the demands
quarter 2009 median prices in Sydney and Melbourne      of its senior residents. A large retirement village
were $447,000 and $375,000 respectively.                is located in the northern suburb of Estella
                                                        (Settlers Village), a second is located in Glenfield
At the same time, the average price of a unit           (Riverina Gums), while work on a third large village
or townhouse was $180,000. Over the five-year           (The Grange) is well underway. In addition to these
period 2004 to 2009, house prices increased by          large lifestyle villages, there are several smaller
3.7 percent per annum on average, and unit and          facilities for seniors living including the high-quality
townhouses by 5.4 percent per annum on average.         and centrally located Watermark.

                                                                          Did you know
                                                                                         Race was organised
                                                               The infamous TenthMilenual Wagga Wagga race
                                                                                    e an
                                                             for the 3rd day ofovember 1868. Notable Wagga
                                                             meeting on 20 N es Gormly, twice mayor
                                                               Wagga identity Jam a State member, was one
                                                               of Wagga Wagga and jockeys and came fourth
                                                                  of the marathon punishing race.
                                                                            in this

                                                                                                   live in wagga wagga
                           afternoon wine & cheese
14   live in wagga wagga   tastings at CSU
Gourmet food, wine and events
- these are just three things that attract people
to Wagga Wagga from all corners of the country.

Add the regular passing out parades at both the               The city also hosts southern NSW’s major sporting
city’s Army Base (Kapooka) and the Air Force Base             event - the autumn horse racing carnival. The highlight
(Forest Hill) and it’s no wonder visitor numbers are          of the carnival is the running of the Wagga Wagga Gold
continuing to climb.                                          Cup on the first Friday of May.

Almost half of all visitors who spend a night in the          Wagga Wagga is located close to some of the best
Riverina Tourism Region spend that night in Wagga             snow skiing areas in Australia, large lakes for boating
Wagga. Accommodation takings in 2008 were                     and fishing enthusiasts, and only two hours drive away
estimated to be $24.5m, a huge increase of 17.5               from the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area - the food bowl
percent compared with the previous 12 months.                 of Australia. The city boasts several notable restaurants
                                                              and has an active theatre and arts community that
Popular with visitors are two of the city’s major festivals   regularly produces its own shows and musicals,
- the Food and Wine Festival held in March and the Jazz       as well as supporting visiting theatre productions.
and Blues Festival held in September.

The yearly graduation ceremonies at Charles Sturt
University also attract large numbers of people
as do major sporting events, theatre productions
and art exhibitions.

                                                                              Did you know?
                                                                                               of agga Wagga’s
                                                                     Bushrangers were paertWaggWWagga police
                                                                    life in the 1800s. Th ylis waas bailed up by
                                                                    magistrate Henry Ba 3. Captain Moonlite
                                                                   Mad Dog Morgan in d in the district on 15
                                                                     and his  band arrive
                                                                                              he up 39 people
                                                                       November, 1879 andgeryldStation.
                                                                               at Wantabad

                                                                                                       live in wagga wagga
       Arts & Culture
       Wagga Wagga loves the arts and its cultural assets.

       As a regional city, Wagga Wagga has an extraordinary        As well as the Riverina Conservatorium of Music’s
       range of museums, galleries, theatres and cinemas           choir, the Cantilena Singers, there are two special
       complemented by a variety of annual festivals.              choirs in Wagga. They are the Australian Rugby Choir
                                                                   (one of only two in Australia) and Murrumbidgee
       The major venue for local and touring productions           Magic, an all women barber shop harmony group.
       is the 500-seat Wagga Wagga Civic Theatre, nestled
       in the city’s scenic Civic Precinct overlooking Wollundry
       Lagoon. It has hosted some of the country’s best-loved      Australian Army Band Kapooka
       musicals and plays while many leading Australian and
                                                                   Wagga Wagga is home to the Australian Army
       international artists have appeared on its stage.
                                                                   Band Kapooka, which performs regularly in the
                                                                   city and throughout the Riverina region. In 2009,
       Located nearby is the 250-seat Riverina Playhouse,
                                                                   the band was awarded the city’s highest honour
       the venue for up and coming actors attending
                                                                   - the Freedom of the City - for services to the
       Charles Sturt University. The city has one huge
                                                                   community over many years.
       outdoor venue, the Wagga Wagga Music Bowl
       (capable of accommodating 10,000-plus people),
                                                                   Australian Army Band Kapooka was deployed
       as well as a couple of smaller outdoor facilities
                                                                   twice to East Timor where they performed to the
       - the Amphitheatre and Memorial Gardens stage.
                                                                   United Nations Troops and the local East Timorese
                                                                   community. In July 2004, the Band was deployed
       Residents and visitors can also attend a number
                                                                   to the Solomon Islands.
       of free events including Carols by Candlelight
       and Twilight by the Lagoon concerts.

       A major privately owned cinema complex boasts six
       cinemas and screens the latest movies as well as being                                 Did you know?
                                                                                                               works were exhibited
                                                                               The Archibald Prize Finalistsy in 2010. In 2009 the
       the venue for touring film festivals.

       The city has two museum sites - the Historic Council                 at the Wagga Wagga allery galler nted 41 exhibitions across
       Chambers and the Botanic Gardens site - which                        Wagga Wagga Art G s, including 12 touring exhibitions,
       houses the Sporting Hall of Fame. The Civic Precinct
                                                                               six exhibition space allery Initiatives and 19 exhibitions
                                                                            11 Wagga Wagga Art Gists and community groups. Over
       also includes the Wagga Wagga Art Gallery and the

                                                                              by Riverina based art visited the Gallery in 2009.
       National Art Glass Collection.

                                                                                    42,000 people
     live in wagga wagga
Community Services
Wagga Wagga is a dynamic, friendly city
that welcomes and encourages participation
by its residents, new and old, in the
affairs of the city.
There are many hundreds of groups                         Library Service
and organisations that cater for Wagga Wagga’s
                                                          Wagga Wagga is the headquarters of the modern
diverse and multicultural population.
                                                          Riverina Regional Library, the largest regional
They range from family daycare services for children,     library service in NSW. It provides library services
animal welfare groups, bird and wildlife fanciers, wood   to the constituents of nine local government areas,
workers, men’s shed, book clubs and service clubs.        including the Shires of Coolamon, Cootamundra,
                                                          Greater Hume, Gundagai, Junee, Lockhart, Temora,
Almost all interests are catered for in the city.         Tumut and the City of Wagga Wagga. Open six days
A 52-page book of clubs and service providers             a week, the Wagga Wagga City Library has access
is available on the Wagga Wagga City Council’s            to more than 100,000 books, magazines, CDs, DVDs
website www.wagga.nsw.gov.au and events are               and online information.
advertised in the monthly What’s On In Wagga
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                                                                                                     live in wagga wagga
     the freedom & fexibility
     of a regional city
     work in wagga wagga
Wagga Wagga provides the opportunity for challenging
and satisfying careers, and being a regional area
frustrations like commuting time, traff ic congestion
and concrete jungles are non-existent!

In 2010 the city’s labour force totaled 32,608              Wagga Wagga is the region’s retail centre for higher
persons with the majority of those people employed          order products and services and the key industry
in retail, health care, defence, manufacturing, education   and administration centre for the region. As the
and accommodation and food services. The economy            region’s major centre, it has a significant property
is well diversified and as such enjoys a relatively         and business sector as well as a diverse range of
stable employment level. Unemployment in March,             community and cultural services and infrastructure.
2010 was 4.2 percent, which was below the NSW
State average of 5.9%.

Compared with state averages, the city has
a relatively high proportion of tradespeople,
labourers, clerical workers and service workers.
Knowledge, skills and training are supported
by the educational institutions, including Charles
Sturt University, NSW Riverina Institute of TAFE
and Wagga Wagga Agricultural Institute.

                                                                                                   work in wagga wagga
           helping the city grow

       The Wagga Wagga workforce is characterised
       by loyalty, a dedication to the job and a great
       range of knowledge and skills.

       The city’s workforce is centred on the retail,              As part of the city’s plan, new road networks,
       commercial and industrial precincts. The major              such as the Olympic Highway which rings the
       retail focus is located in the Central Business District.   western edge of the city, have been built to provide
       With the steady and sustained expansion of the city,        speedy access for commuters around the urban
       retail hubs have been established in several suburbs,       area to places of employment. Extensive car parking
       particularly to the city’s south.                           areas (including all-day parking areas) have also
                                                                   been established in the CBD. Traffic calming
       Light industry and service centres are located              measures are in operation along the city’s main street,
       along major road networks in both the eastern               Baylis Street, which allows vehicular access whilst
       and western areas while the Bomen Business Park,            encouraging traffic to use the well-defined parallel
       designed to cater for larger industries, has been           streets on either side .
       established to the north.

                                                                                   Did you know?
                                                                                                 Kapo a is named
                                                                          The soldier’s club at onson,okAustralia’s f irst
                                                                      after John Hurst Ednner in World War II,
                                                                         Victoria Cross wi                    a.
                                                                              who was born in Wagga Wagg

     work in wagga wagga
The f igure below illustrates the
diversity of Wagga Wagga’s Employment.

                                                                               Retail Trade
                                 1 .5%
                                  1 .5%


                                                                               Health Care & Social Assistance

                                           13 .

                                                                               Public Administration & Safety

                                                                               Education & Training
       3. 8
              %                                                                Manufacturing
                                                                               Accommodation & Food Services
 3 . 8%
                                                       12 . 4                  Construction
                                                                               Transport, Postal & Warehousing
4.4%                                                                           Other Services
                                                                               Agricultural, Forestry & Fishing
                                                                               Wholesale Trade
                                                                               Professional, Scientific & Technical Services
                                                    11                         Administration & Supports Services
           %                                           .9   %
    5. 2                                                                       Financial & Insurance Services
                                                                               Informations Media & Telecommunications
                                                                               Rental, Hiring & Real Estate Services

                                                                               Electricity, Gas, Water & Waster Services
                                           10 .

                                                                               Arts & Recreation Services


Source: ABC (2007)

                                                                 It is notable that employment in the Public
                                                                 Administration and Safety sector includes the
                                                                 two defence force bases. The Army Recruit Training
                                                                 Centre (ARTC), located at Kapooka just south of
                                                                 Wagga Wagga, is the “Home of the Soldier”. Its focus
                                                                 is on recruit training and produces the highest quality
                                                                 soldiers (male and female) for the Australian Army.
                                                                 The course is deliberately challenging and incorporates
                                                                 physical training, weapon handling and shooting,
                                                                 first aid, drill and field craft.

                                                                 The RAAF Base at Forest Hill has been an integral
                                                                 part of the Wagga Wagga community for 70 years.
                                                                 It offers technical and non-technical initial employment
                                                                 and post-graduate training that is fundamental to the
                                                                 delivery of military air and space power in support of
                                                                 national objectives.

                                                                                                            work in wagga wagga
       Working in Wagga Wagga
                           living and working in Wagga Wagga.

                                     Steve Jackson
                                     Import / Export Manager
                                     Precision Parts, Wagga Wagga

                                     Steve Jackson has lived in Wagga Wagga for 26 years
                                     after moving from Newcastle. ‘Since moving to Wagga
                                     Wagga I have found the general pace of life is much
                                     more relaxed. When I travel back to Newcastle, I find
                                     the city is busy and seemingly overcrowded. I love
                                     the open space, parks and gardens which are great
                                     for families. The sporting opportunities are really
                                     exceptional’ says Steve.

                                      ‘I started at Precision Parts Australia Pty Ltd
                                     (a family business) in 1988 as a Fitter/Machinist
                                     and my position grew with the company. Over the
                                     years I have become a Section Supervisor, Foreman,
                                     Production Manager, Operations Manager, Product
                                     Manager and International Procurement Manager.’

                                     Precision Parts is the market leader in automotive
                                     harmonic balancers and engine pulleys to the
                                     Australian aftermarket with sales over $14 million,
                                     and 65 staff. Steve maintains the company’s stock
                                     levels for Precision Part’s Wagga Wagga based
                                     factory and its overseas warehouses. He travels
                                     overseas to maintain international supplier
                                     relationships and to review their factory processes
                                     so as to maintain quality procedures. ‘I also review
                                     possible future suppliers and assess their suitability
                                     to Precision Part’s needs’ says Steve.

                                     ‘I have to do a reasonable amount of travel, and I find
                                     Wagga Wagga’s location and services make this easy
                                     for both travelling to the metropolitan areas as well
                                     as overseas.’

                                     ‘I have always enjoyed working at Precision Parts.
                                     As well as my day-to-day tasks, I have input into
                                     Product Development which is a great challenge.
                                     I also like that our business is a major contributor
                                     to jobs in Wagga Wagga and the economy.’

                                     Steve has raised his family in Wagga Wagga. ‘I feel
                                     the schools relate closely to the neighborhoods and
                                     generate a really personal relationship with the kids
                                     and their families.’

                                     Steve sees his retirement in Wagga Wagga as living
                                     on a small rural property so as to enjoy the country,
                                     but still take advantage of the what city has to offer.
                                     ‘I think that Wagga Wagga is large enough for my
                                     children to build their own future here, if they want to.’

     work in wagga wagga
Jessie Wythes
Casual Teacher & Wagga Showgirl 2010

Jessie Wythes has lived in Wagga Wagga for
three years, and studied for her teacher’s degree
at Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga.

Currently Jessie is building up her professional

‘Being a casual teacher I am thrown into a different
teaching environment every day. I find it incredibly
rewarding to rise to the challenge every day,
diversifying my teaching strategies and developing
skills and teaching resources. At any one time you
might have 30 different students in your class, each
with very different personalities, interests and things
that motivate them. It is challenging yet thoroughly
enjoyable catering to their individual and group needs
to ensure that the children are getting the most out
of their school day.’

Jessie’s day includes classroom teaching, sports
coordination, leading excursions, developing
resources, writing units of work aimed at specific
students, dealing with students needs and making
sure they are happy and healthy.

‘As I grow as a teacher and build up some experience
I aim to develop resources that relate specifically
to the context of the rural child. I want to be able
to create units of work that enable teachers to
teach rural and urban children about where food
comes from in a hands on, practical way that relates
specifically to the interests of the child.’

Jessie sees Wagga Wagga as an ideal place for her to
live in the future both from lifestyle and professional
perspectives. ‘I have my roots in the country and can
gain experience in rural schools and rural industries,
whilst Sydney is close and readily accessible, which will
allow me to be associated with organisations that are
driving the sort of change in schools that interest me.’

‘Wagga is great place to live. It has a strong sporting
community and lots to do outdoors, particularly with
our beautiful river. There is a great social atmosphere
in Wagga, there is always something to do on the
weekend, and there are lots of young people here.‘

‘Wagga Wagga has lovely cafes and restaurants
and a thriving shopping community. The cost of
living is so much less than the city, yet it is smack
in the middle of Melbourne and Sydney which are
both readily accessible; you can be in the city
within an hour by plane. It is also really close to
the snowfields, so you can have a decent day trip
to the snow with very little hassle.’

                                          work in wagga wagga

                           Slade Stanley
                           Builder, Wagga Wagga

                           Slade Stanley has lived in Wagga Wagga
                           for 16 years and is a self-employed builder.
                           Slade completed his Carpentry Apprenticeship
                           over four years and his Building Supervision
                           over three years in Wagga Wagga.

                           “I mostly build new homes and do the occasional
                           renovation. I enjoy seeing the end result - a new
                           home for my client!’ says Slade.

                           ‘I find that Wagga Wagga is a big enough city to
                           fulfil all my business needs, but not too busy that
                           you are caught up in the hustle and bustle of a large
                           city. I especially like the fact that there is no traffic.
                           In Wagga Wagga I am central to some other large
                           cities like Canberra, Albury Wodonga and Griffith.
                           And what I most enjoy is it allows me to pursue my
                           passion of Jet Sprinting!’

                           Slade is the current Australian and World Champion
                           in the International Group A Jet Sprinting Class!

                           ‘I would like to eventually start a larger building
                           company in Wagga Wagga as I believe it has the
                           economy to support my career aspirations.’

     work in wagga wagga
Kenneth Meyer
Teacher in Electrotechnology,
Riverina Institute of TAFE, Wagga Wagga

Ken moved to Wagga Wagga from Richmond,
NSW in 1991. ‘When I first moved to Richmond
it took a 45 minute drive to get to work in Granville.
The day we left Richmond (19 years ago) that same
drive took 1 hour and 20 minutes. I now walk to
work in 30 minutes. Wagga offers most of the
services of the city with all the advantage of a
country town’ says Ken.

‘I grew up in Tumut and have always loved
the region’ says Ken.

Ken has a degree in VET teaching, an Advanced
Diploma in Electrical Engineering and 5 years
industry experience. For the last three years Ken
has worked with the Riverina Institute of TAFE
as a Vocational Education and Training (VET) Teacher
in Electrotechnology. He has seen major growth in
this area, with a $10 million investment in the TAFE’s
new electrotechnology facility, a further $10 million
planned investment for the fitting and machining
trades in 2011, and the introduction of the only
dedicated Diploma in Electronic Communications
for Air Services Australia.

‘What gives me great satisfaction is being able
to encourage the young tradespeople into further
study to improve their skills, and then to see them
gain employment in the region using their skills.’

Ken provides courses at the Certificate IV level
in industrial electrical instrumentation, PLCs and
industrial automation, and a Certificate V Diploma
of Electrical Engineering.

                                          work in wagga wagga
       Noreen Cubis
       Quality Manager, Riverina Division of General
                                                                “I find the real challenge of my work is in
       Practice & Primary Health Ltd
                                                                achieving best practice in our organisation
                                                                – through implementing and evaluating corporate
                                                                and clinical standards” says Noreen. “We really need
       Noreen Cubis has lived in Wagga Wagga for 18 years.      to maximize the level of team work and collaboration
       She is the Quality Manager for the Riverina Division     with fellow workers and other Divisions’ nationally
       of General Practice & Primary Health Ltd incorporating   to achieve this.”
       Barrier Division (Broken Hill and district).
                                                                Some of the key responsibilities which Noreen has
       The Riverina Division of General Practice and Primary    in overseeing the Division’s quality program includes:
       Health Ltd (RDGH&PH) was established in 1993 and is
                                                                 •   Leading the organization in the ACHS
       a not-for-profit organisation committed to improving
                                                                     accreditation program to achieve excellence
       health outcomes for individuals and the community.
                                                                     and Division accreditation
       The Division’s Head Office is situated in Wagga           •   Coordinating a national benchmarking project
       Wagga. The Division expanded its boundaries
       with the incorporation of the former Barrier Division     •   Implementing clinical governance into the
       of General Practice in July 2008 and so has an office         organisation
       in Broken Hill.
                                                                 •   Coordinating risk management program
       The Division’s boundaries now encompass the               •   Overseeing the clinical management of a General
       communities of Wagga Wagga, Adelong, Ardlethan,               Practice After Hours Services and other clinics.
       Ariah Park, Barmedman, Batlow, Coolamon,
       Cootamundra, Ganmain, Gundagai, Henty, Junee,            “I find my job satisfying in a professional sense,
       Lockhart, Stockinbingal, Talbingo, Tarcutta, Temora,     and Wagga Wagga offers all the opportunities
       The Rock, Tumbarumba, Tumut, West Wyalong,               and privileges of a city without the madness of
       Ungarie, Broken Hill, Tibooburra, White Cliffs,          a metropolitan location” says Noreen. “I live less
       Wilcannia, Ivanhoe and Menindee.                         than 10 minutes from work, and I value being able
                                                                to easily and quickly access most services that you
       Noreen is a registered nurse by profession, and has      find in a metropolitan centre.”
       been in her current position for 5 years. Noreen has
       a Certificate in Quality Management, and this coupled     “I particularly enjoy pursuing my interests in craft
       with her experience in quality management, and           and music activities in Wagga, and I love my friendly
       knowledge and experience with the Australian Council     and supportive neighbours!”
       Health Care Standards (ACHS) and other accreditation
                                                                “I am looking forward to retiring here. Wagga is a
       agencies, provide her with the necessary knowledge,
                                                                great city without the hassle of a city!” says Noreen.
       skills and abilities to perform her current role.

     work in wagga wagga
Emily Wheeler
Reporter, WIN TV, Wagga Wagga
                                                         Zandra McKenzie
                                                         Director of Clinical Services,
                                                         Calvary, Wagga Wagga

Emily Wheeler worked at a regional newspaper
in Dubbo for two and a half years to complete            Zandra is the Director of Clinical Services at Calvary
a cadetship before moving to Wagga Wagga                 Hospital in Wagga Wagga, which is a 104 bed private
in 2008. She is now a reporter with WIN Television.      hospital. Zandra is a registered nurse with 40 years
                                                         experience. She was born and raised on a farm outside
‘I love regional news, and there’s always something      Wagga Wagga. Zandra moved back to Wagga Wagga
interesting to cover in Wagga. I get out of the office   from Canberra 26 years ago.
every day, meet people, see places I wouldn’t normally
see and have a finger on the community’s pulse!’         ‘I find Wagga has plenty of educational and cultural
                                                         opportunities which meet the needs of my family.’
The Riverina region covered by Emily is large and
includes the rural towns around Wagga Wagga              ‘Wagga has been a place where I have been able
such as Tumbarumba, Tumut, Gundagai, Narrandera          to develop my career with the hospital as well
and Temora. ‘There are so many other towns to visit      as bring up my family in a country environment.
just an hour away. In my job, I have the opportunity     There is less pressure here, but the city is large
to cover a whole variety of stories across the region,   enough to provide professional opportunities.
whereas if I was in a metropolitan market, I would       I find my job is challenging every day! Personnel
most likely be covering one particular thing all the     management, recruitment, clinical governance
time. I find people in regional areas forthcoming        and more keep me very busy.’
and easy to get along with.’

‘Wagga is such a social city, with plenty of like-
minded, successful people to meet. I also enjoy sport
and there’s a multitude of sporting opportunities.

                                                                                                  work in wagga wagga
        cycling to work

     invest in wagga wagga
Wagga Wagga is the largest and fastest growing inland
city in NSW. As the regional capital of the Riverina
and Murrumbidgee River region, it is the key industry
and administrative centre for southern NSW.

Wagga Wagga has consistently attracted major                  •   Access to all key infrastructure including
investment because it offers comparative advantages               electricity, gas, water and broadband
to businesses in its strategic geographic location,               (at metropolitan speeds)
industrial infrastructure and workforce.
                                                              •   Construction costs comparable
Like many regional areas, it offers a lifestyle                   with metropolitan centres
that combines the best of the city and the country.           •   Proximity to feedstock suppliers
When asked why they have chosen to invest in Wagga            •   Significant industry that is already
Wagga, business people will refer to fundamental                  located in Wagga Wagga
comparative advantages that the City offers.
                                                              •   A substantial regional market with a fast
“I think the greatest asset we have in Wagga Wagga                growing population
is our workforce. We have an attrition rate of 2% a year.”    •   Lifestyle - the best of country and city
Daryl Day - Managing Director, Precision Parts
                                                              •   Happy Families!
‘It takes 31 days for one of our containers to be shipped
                                                             Wagga Wagga’s economy continues to show
from our Wagga Wagga factory to our facility in Chino
                                                             strong growth, represented by an annual increase
(Los Angeles) in California’.
                                                             in the Gross Regional Product of 2.0% in 2008-09
Sam Turnbull - Founder and CEO, Flipscreen Australia
                                                             despite the impact of the Global Financial Crisis.
‘There are few, if any, major centres that have              The diversification of the regional economy
a dedicated industrial estate [Bomen Business Park]          is a fundamental reason for this resilience.
only 12 kilometres from the CBD, and with potential
                                                             A number of Australian and international companies
for major long term expansion.’
                                                             have established facilities and distribution outlets
Wayne Richardson - Managing Director and CEO,
                                                             in the city, including Cargill Beef Australia, Heinz
Renewed Metal Technologies
                                                             Australia, Riverina Oil and Bio Energy, Renewed Metal
In brief, Wagga Wagga offers business :                      Technologies, Regional Express (Rex), Southern
                                                             Oil Refinery and Austrak.
 •   A large, loyal and skilled workforce supported
     by university and technical education institutions      Wagga Wagga City Council’s Commercial and Economic
                                                             Development Directorate is responsible for assisting
 •   Strategic location midway between the two               businesses wishing to establish in the city. It can be
     major metropolitan markets in Australia                 contacted by phoning the Council on 1300 292 442.
 •   High quality, low cost, fully-serviced
     industrial land

                                                                                                     invest in wagga wagga
                                                                                                                    family time

       In 2009, the total population of Wagga Wagga
       was estimated at 63,000.

       In the five-year period up to 2009, the population                 25 years of age and a further 28 percent are aged
       grew at 1.7% per annum, which outstripped the                      between 25 and 44 years of age.
       NSW average of 1.2% per annum. The population
       is expected to increase by over 13,000 by 2026.                    Like most Australian towns and cities, the average age
                                                                          of its residents is increasing, and by 2026 is expected
       The population is also younger than the state average.             to rise to 41.7 years.
       Thirty-three (33) percent of the residents are under


                                                          Wagga Wagga Historic Population
                                      70,000              Wagga Wagga Projected Population

                     Population No.






                                               2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2016 2021 2026

     invest in wagga wagga
Gross Regional Product
Wagga Wagga’s Gross Regional Product (GRP)
increased to $3.4 billion in 2008-09.

The Gross Regional Product maintained its growth                                 The table below details the GRP of each of the sectors
trend even in the face of the Global Financial crisis,                           within the Wagga Wagga economy.
expanding by 2% in 2008/09.

 Sector                                                                               Contribution ($M)        Annual Growth (%)

 Public Administration & Safety                                                                     $322.7                       2.6%

 Manufacturing                                                                                      $283.3                      -4.0%

 Financial & Insurance Services                                                                     $252.1                       1.8%

 Health Care & Social Assistance                                                                    $251.1                       3.9%

 Education & Training                                                                               $200.4                      -0.8%

 Retail Trade                                                                                       $185.9                      -4.5%

 Construction                                                                                       $180.6                      -2.1%

 Transport, Postal & Warehousing                                                                    $178.2                       4.7%

 Wholesale Trade                                                                                    $133.0                       3.5%

 Professional, Scientific & Technical Services                                                      $124.7                      -1.4%

 Accommodation & Food Services                                                                      $104.3                       0.8%

 Information Media & Telecomunications                                                               $99.0                      13.8%

 Administrative & Support Services                                                                   $95.7                      -1.4%

 Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing                                                                     $90.1                      10.2%

 Rental, Hiring & Real Estate Services                                                               $89.1                      -3.5%

 Other Services                                                                                      $75.3                       3.0%

 Electricity, Gas, Water & Waste Services                                                            $71.8                       8.2%

 Arts & Recreation Services                                                                          $19.6                       1.5%

 Mining                                                                                              $16.9                      19.3%

 Gross Regional Project (GRP)                                                                     $3,382.6                       2.0%

 Total Industry Value Add (GVA)                                                                   $2,773.7                       1.2%

 Ownership of Dwellings & General Government Tax/Subsidies                                          $608.9                       9.0%

Note: GRP (Gross Regional Product) includes ownership of dwellings,
general government taxes and subsidies and GVA. GVA (Gross Value Add)
is the sum of industry value add for the 19 sectors as defined by the ABS 2006
ANZSIC codes. the GRP model has been adjusted so companies to historical
or previously reported data may not be comparable.

Source: AECgroup

                                                                                                                         invest in wagga wagga
     room for expansion

        Bomen Business Park
        Wagga Wagga’s industrial development
        centrepiece is the Bomen Business Park.

        More than 50 businesses (local, national               Master Plan
        and multinational) employing 1,350 people
                                                               An exciting new Master Plan for the area has
        have established their factories and distribution
                                                               been prepared to develop the Park from its
        outlets in the Park including Cargill Beef Australia
                                                               current size of 150 hectares to a bustling business
        (a major export abattoir), Southern Oil Refinery,
                                                               hub of 1500 hectares.
        Austrak, Riverina Oil and Bio Energy, Renewed
        Metal Technologies and Heinz Australia.
                                                               Over the next five years it is estimated 700 additional
                                                               jobs will be generated by businesses relocating to the
        The Park is ideally located on the main southern
                                                               area, which will boost the Riverina economy by $264m.
        railway line. Add the availability of affordable,
        easy to develop land, and the Park becomes an
        attractive proposition for companies looking at
        servicing the major metropolitan markets and ports.

        Many millions of dollars worth of infrastructure
        have been spent to cater for industries wishing
        to relocate to the Park.

      invest in wagga wagga
Vision                                                         Bomen Road/Rail Hub
The vision for the Park by 2030 is that it will be:            Efficient transport links hold the key to the
                                                               viability of the Bomen Business Park.
 •    The intermodal transport terminal of choice
      for industries and transport businesses across           The Master Plan includes the construction of a
      south-eastern Australia;                                 rail/road intermodal hub for the speedy transition
                                                               of freight from road to rail (a more environmentally
 •    A well-planned Park that takes advantage
                                                               friendly freight system).
      of its location, its accessibility and infrastructure;
 •    An internationally renowned exemplar of                  At present, the majority of exports from Wagga
      ecologically sustainable development through             Wagga leave Australia through the Port of Melbourne.
      deployment of the principles of industrial ecology;      The Wagga Wagga hub will be able to redirect these
                                                               exports to the facilities of Port Botany Bay in Sydney,
 •    One of the most resource and energy-efficient            improving NSW’s balance of trade.
      places of businesses in Australia;
                                                               The intermodal hub involves:
 •    Serviced by support businesses providing services
      that foster economic development and sustained            •   the construction of a high-speed rail siding
      business and jobs growth;                                     for trains up to two kilometres long;
 •    Supplied with infrastructure for transport,               •   construction of a bridge over the main
      energy, communications and resource                           southern railway line (the line dissects the Park);
      materials sharing that is economically
      and environmentally effective.                            •   relocating key roads to service the siding.

The objectives of the Plan are to capitalise on,
and market:

 •    Its location (central to inland south-eastern
      Australia on the Sydney-Melbourne railway);
 •    Its infrastructure (easy access to rail and road
      networks, energy, water, communications
      and waste management);
 •    Its land (1500 hectares of level to gently
      undulating land located away from the
      Murrumbidgee flood plain).

                                                                                                        invest in wagga wagga
     the bigger picture

       Transport Infrastructure
       Two thirds of Australia’s population resides
       within 5 hours by road of Wagga Wagga city!

       Wagga Wagga has an integrated transport network           which opened in 2010, will train more than 200 pilots
       that provides excellent direct links with the major       annually for both Australian and international
       centres of Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Canberra.      airlines. State-of-the art facilities include modern
                                                                 classrooms, flight simulators, new training aircraft,
                                                                 motel-style accommodation as well as social and
       Road                                                      recreational facilities.
       Situated at the intersection of the Olympic and Sturt
       Highways (and a short distance away from the country’s    Rail
       major Hume Highway), Wagga Wagga is home to
       major transport and freight companies which service       Situated on the main southern railway line
       the Victorian, South Australian and NSW markets.          (linking Sydney and Melbourne), the city is serviced
       The transport, machinery & equipment manufacturing        by daily freight and passenger trains. Rail capacity
       sector is a significant employer in the Wagga Wagga       has recently been expanded to accommodate the
       region, due to the high level of agriculture, transport   increasing demand for export companies to access
       and defence activity, which this sector supports.         the Port of Melbourne. The Sydney - Melbourne line
                                                                 carries 70% of the national freight task.

       Wagga Wagga has a major airport complete with                                         Did you know?
       a large modern terminal that is serviced by QantasLink
       and Regional Express (Rex). Both companies operate
                                                                                                         goods were transported
                                                                                 Until the 1860s most time, riverboats allowed goods
       a combined total of 146 return flights a week to                                          a short
                                                                          by bullock wagon. For ore easily to export markets, but the
       Sydney and Melbourne (less than an hour away).
                                                                           to be transp orted m                                 tended
       In the year ended June 2010, 208,460 passengers                                              en NSW government ex
                                                                           riverboat era ended whrththe agga Wagga in 1878 and across
                                                                            the railway line to NoWaggWWagga itself in 1881.
       used these services. The airport is home to the
       Forest Hill RAAF Base and the Australian Airline
       Pilot Academy, run by Rex Airlines. The academy,                               the river to a

     invest in wagga wagga
Master Planning
Wagga Wagga City Council is aware of the need
to carefully plan for the future growth of the city.

Council has adopted a variety of strategic and master    Those master plans have included:
plans to guide the future direction of the city and to
assist new and established industries and businesses      •   Bomen Business Park;
meet their objectives.
                                                          •   Wagga Wagga Airport;
                                                          •   Riverside Precinct;
                                                          •   Vision 2030;
                                                          •   Retail Growth Strategy.

                                                                                             invest in wagga wagga
       Economic Drivers
       Wagga Wagga’s economy is diversif ied and comparatively
       resilient in the face of disruptions in any individual sector.

       Historically, agriculture has been the main base          Riverina Oil and Bio Energy
       industry in Wagga Wagga, and its impact is strongly
                                                                 The largest value adding agricultural
       felt today in its value-adding industries which rely
                                                                 investment in Australia is now in Wagga Wagga.
       on agricultural feedstocks as well as the City’s large
       service sector.
                                                                 Riverina Oils & Bio Energy Pty Ltd (ROBE)
                                                                 in September 2009 established a 500 tonnes
       The Agricultural Sector and Downstream                    per day oilseed crushing and edible oil refining
       Value-adding                                              (170,000 tonnes/year) plant at the Bomen Business
                                                                 Park, Wagga Wagga.
       Wagga Wagga is the bustling hub for the region’s
       dynamic agricultural industry. Sheep, cattle (beef        In Stage One, this project plans to produce 105,000
       and dairy) and grain farming are the major activities.    tonnes per annum of vegetable protein meal used
                                                                 in poultry, dairy and in animal feed industry plus
       Agriculture’s key contribution to the Wagga Wagga
                                                                 65,000 tonnes per annum of refined vegetable oil
       economy is in the many and varied industries which
                                                                 for the food manufacturing and food service / retail
       are located in the city either to value-add to the
                                                                 industry. The oilseeds used in the plant are Canola,
       agricultural production or to service the sector’s
                                                                 Safflower, Cottonseed, Soybean and Sunflower.
       substantial requirements for goods and services.
       The service industries to agriculture include machinery   The second stage of the project expands the capacity
       sales and service outlets, rural supply retailers,        by 100% to produce up to 75 million litres / annum
       transport companies, grain merchants, wool brokers        of biodiesel at the same site in Bomen. This second
       and agricultural finance specialists. People working      stage is proposed for development when market
       in the industry are supported by agricultural             demand for biodiesel dictates.
       education programs through CSU and TAFE.
                                                                 In terms of investment, the Stage One project costs
       There are a number of businesses located in Wagga         is A$63 million.
       Wagga which value-add to agricultural commodities
       produced both within the region and from further
       afield. These include:

     invest in wagga wagga
Cargill Beef Australia                                    Charles Sturt University Cheese Factory
Cargill Beef Australia processes 1,250 head per           All the cheeses are handmade at the Charles Sturt
day and employes 650 people at its Wagga Wagga            University Cheese Factory. Fresh milk is sourced
plant. Cargill supplies grain-fed and grass-fed beef      from Riverina dairies. The Cheese Factory has won
to both the domestic and international market.            numerous awards. It is located on the grounds of
The Wagga Wagga location provides access to               Charles Sturt University’s Wagga Wagga Campus.
excellent cattle genetics and ample grain supplies        Sales from the boutique factory began through
for grain-fed cattle. The proximity of Sydney and         the Cellar Door in 1999 and have expanded rapidly
Melbourne is important to cost effectively servicing      since then to include sales to specialty outlets
Cargill’s domestic customers, and accessing shipping      and supermarkets.
ports for export products.

                                                          Agricultural, Food and Beverage Education
Heinz Australia                                           and Research
In 1996, Heinz Australia bought the Southern Country      Training and education to support skills and knowledge
Foods business with operations in Wagga Wagga             in the agricultural industry and value-adding
producing canned meat products. The Heinz plant           processing sector represent a further economic
today employs over 100 people in Wagga Wagga              ‘spin-off’ from Wagga Wagga’s location in a rich
and exports its meat products around the world.           and diverse agricultural region. Charles Sturt University
                                                          offers degree and post-graduate courses through its
                                                          School of Agriculture and Wine Science in wine making,
Wagga Wagga Livestock Marketing Centre                    food science (including cheese making), agricultural
Wagga Wagga is home to one of the country’s largest       science and horticulture.
livestock selling centres, the Wagga Wagga Livestock
                                                          The EH Graham Centre is based at Charles Sturt
Marketing Centre.
                                                          University and aims to be the Australian Centre
Located within the Bomen Business Park, the Centre        of Excellence in Mixed Farming Systems Research
operates the largest sheep market in Australia            and to undertake world-class collaborative research
and the second largest cattle market in NSW.              and graduate training with key partners.

A unique pre-weight undercover ring-selling               The Wagga Wagga Agricultural Institute is NSW
method, pioneered in Wagga Wagga, is employed             Industry and Investment’s centre for Excellence
for cattle sales. Sheep are sold by the conventional      for Southern Farming Systems and Viticulture.
pen-selling method.                                       The Centre is dedicated to improving the profitability
                                                          and sustainability of agriculture in NSW through
In 2009, the Centre sold 1.8m sheep and 107,000           industry-driven research, extension and regulatory
head of cattle.                                           services. It focuses on cropping and pasture systems
                                                          in southern NSW and the State’s expanding viticulture
                                                          industry. It employs 195 people.
Wagga Wagga Farmers Market
                                                          Riverina TAFE offers a range of courses customised
The Wagga Wagga Farmers Markets are held on the
                                                          to the regional agricultural sector.
second Saturday of each month at the Civic Centre.
They feature over 30 stalls selling fresh, gourmet
and organic products and they are set around the
picturesque Wollundry Lagoon at the Civic Centre.
These markets provide an important market outlet
for certain farmers and niche food processors and in
some cases act as an incubator for start-up businesses.

Wineries                                                                   Did you know?
There are a number of boutique wineries                                                lam price was set
                                                                 An Australian record stockbMarketing Centre
in Wagga Wagga which grow their own grapes
                                                              at the Wagga Wagga Live en 80 dorset first cross
                                                              on 24 February, 2011e wh 53 per head.
as well as purchasing grapes from vineyards
in the surrounding regions either extending west
into the grape growing country around Griffith                        lambs mad $2
or east into the more recently established
cool-climate vineyards around Tumbarumba.

Charles Sturt University Winery has been rated
as a 41/2 star winery in the 2008 and 2009 James
Halliday Wine Companions, and since its inception
in 1977 has been awarded 25 trophies, 93 gold, 177
silver and 436 bronze medals in National Wine Shows!
                                                                                                 invest in wagga wagga
     late night shopping

       Retail Sector
       As the capital of the rich Riverina,
       Wagga Wagga is the Riverina’s shopping hub.

       Retail trade is the largest employer in the Wagga      The city’s tree-lined Central Business District
       Wagga Region, representing 13.7% of total people       features four blocks of shops as well as two
       employed. The retail industry was estimated            major shopping complexes - the Sturt Mall
       to contribute $185.9 million in 2008-09 to GRP,        and the Marketplace. The large Homebase Centre
       6.6% of total GRP.                                     contains a number of well known national franchises
                                                              including electrical, bedding, furniture and office
       The retail sector includes most large national         supply outlets.
       chains, and a vibrant range of independent retailers
       that provide an authentic Wagga retail experience.     The original historic CBD, Fitzmaurice Street,
       Cafes, fashion, homewares and furnishings all cater    has undergone a revival in recent years
       to the higher-order retail needs of the wider          and contains boutique retail outlets, professional
       catchment and add to Wagga Wagga’s appeal              offices, coffee shops and dining establishments.
       as a regional city with metropolitan services.
                                                              In addition to the central areas, the city has six
       All major retail outlets such as Myer, Woolworths,     suburban shopping complexes while several other
       Coles, BIG W, Kmart, Bunnings Warehouse                bulky goods outlets are in the planning stages.
       and Harvey Norman are represented.

     invest in wagga wagga
The City of Wagga Wagga knows its growth
is dependent on an economically vibrant region
with strong state and federal government connections.
Wagga Wagga takes seriously its role as the region’s       •   Evocities project where the other major
capital and is conscious of developing a collective            NSW inland cities of Albury, Armidale,
regional approach to attracting investment to                  Bathurst, Dubbo, Orange and Tamworth
southern NSW.                                                  target metropolitan markets to promote
                                                               the advantages of living, working and investing
The city encourages and fosters partnerships both              in inland NSW. (Evo is short for “energy,
at a government and private industry level, and details        vision and opportunity”).
of many of these partnerships have been provided
in other sections of this document. Wagga Wagga City       •   The EH Graham Centre for Agricultural
Council has important partnerships with:                       Innovation which undertakes world-class
                                                               collaborative research and education
 •   Charles Sturt University                                  in climate change, water scarcity, food security,
                                                               bio-security and skills shortages.
 •   TAFE NSW - Riverina Institute
                                                          In addition to the Council partnerships,
 •   Wagga Wagga Medical Specialists Recruitment          other important public partnerships include:
     and Retention Committee
                                                           •   Charles Sturt University with industry including:
 •   Riverina Eastern Regional Organisation
                                                               National Wine and Grape Industry Centre;
     of Councils (REROC), a voluntary association
                                                               Nursing clinical agreements with the Wagga
     of 13 general purpose councils and two water
                                                               Wagga Base Hospital as well as other public
     county councils located in the eastern Riverina
                                                               and private hospitals in NSW; Veterinary
     region of NSW.
                                                               clinical agreements with a number of regional
 •   Regional Development Australia Committee,                 veterinary clinics to take students on placement;
     an incorporated body supported primarily                  and business arrangements for dentists from
     by the Industry and Investment NSW and the                southern NSW to practice from CSU’s new Dental
     Federal Department of Infrastructure, Transport,          and Oral Health Clinic.
     Regional Development and Local Government.
                                                           •   Wagga Wagga Base Hospital and the University
                                                               of NSW to train doctors for rural areas.

                                                                                                   invest in wagga wagga
                           walks along the river
                           & around the lagoon

     i heart wagga wagga
Council’s Role
in Wagga Wagga’s Economy.

Wagga Wagga City Council’s Commercial
and Economic Development Directorate is passionate
about the City and takes great pride in the work
of championing the city and the Riverina region.

The Directorate takes a fully integrated approach           Council Businesses
to economic development, combining the resources
                                                            Two of the major businesses operated under this
of three key operations:
                                                            division are the Wagga Wagga Airport, a major part
 •   Economic Development;                                  of the region’s infrastructure, and the Wagga Wagga
                                                            Livestock Marketing Centre, a key player in the region’s
 •   Council Business and Property Management; and          rural economy.
 •   Tourism.
                                                            Both these enterprises have been described above.
This integrated approach is designed to provide             Council also manages an extensive portfolio of leased
assistance to people wishing to expand or establish         and licensed properties.
new businesses in the city. The team has close links with
other Council directorates in particular the Community,
Environment and Planning Directorate, which provides
efficient and positive outcomes for new businesses          The Council operates the Visitor Information Centre
moving to the city.                                         and promotes Wagga Wagga to the tourism market.
                                                            The aim is to attract people to visit the city attend
                                                            events, and encourage people to relocate to the city.
Economic Development
This is the lead agency in the city for attracting          The Riverina region has a strong tourism market
and retaining business development. Team members            with over 2 million visitors each year, and Wagga
are focused on seeing businesses thrive. They work          Wagga is the most popular destination within the
in four critical areas:                                     region with over 370,000 domestic and international
                                                            visitors in 2008-09. In 2008-09, $513 million was
 •   Business retention and expansion;                      spent by visitors (day and overnight) to the Riverina
                                                            region, and this supported over 3,600 tourism-related
 •   Business investment and attraction;                    businesses. In Wagga Wagga these businesses include
 •   New business start ups; and                            commercial accommodation, restaurants, pubs and
                                                            clubs, retail and cultural experiences such as gardens,
 •   Small business development.                            galleries and museums.
Underpinning these areas is a commitment
to communication and research to ensure high
standards are achieved not only for Wagga Wagga
but also for the region.
                                                                            Did you know?
                                                                                      s 41% of all visitors
                                                                 Wagga Wagga accountViforing friends and relatives
                                                             to the Riverina regionthe sit ost common reasons for
                                                                                are m
                                                            and holid ay/leisure agga region. On average, overnight
                                                             visiting the Wagga W 11 per night in the region.
                                                                   visitors spent $3

                                                                                                       i heart wagga wagga
Wagga Wagga
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