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					                         Wedding Gift Wording Suggestions
              Wedding Gift List                                                             Honeymoon
             We do not expect to receive a gift                                                       1
        but if you would like to mark the occasion,                             Please do not feel obliged to buy us anything
we have selected a few items with (SHOP) Ref: 0123456789                         we are just looking forward to seeing you.
                       With Thanks
                      Bride & Groom                                           For those who do wish to purchase something
                                                                            we would appreciate a donation for our honeymoon.
                                2                                               Vouchers may be purchased by contacting
             It is your presence not your presents                                    Kuoni on Tel: 01306 744181.
            that we would like on our special day.
          If however you would like to get us a gift,                                                   2
          we have a gift list registered with (SHOP)                          In a wedding invitation, you usually find some lists,
                       REF: 0123456789                                           For venues, menus, hotels, and also for a gift.
                          With Thanks                                         But this one is unusual, it comes in a different way,
                        Bride & Groom                                   As we're not asking for presents, but for something else today
                                                                     Now please don't think we're selfish, or that this comes from greed,
                                                                    But we've lived together for a while, so there's not that much we need
              Asking For Money                                           We would appreciate help though, to send us on our way,
                                                                       And allow us to have our honeymoon, in a land quite far away
                                                                      So now the point of all this rhyme, the thing that we would like,
                                                                      Isn't towels, toasters or microwaves, but pounds and pence alike
         What do you get for the Bride & Groom
                                                                         And now you know the reason, behind this cheeky accord,
         Whose house need things in every room?
                                                                      Please help to give us memories, of a dream honeymoon abroad.
    When Shopping for a present please don’t be rash
      As there is always the option to just give cash!
      So please don’t be offended by this our request
  The most important thing to us is that you are our guest.
                                                                      Our wedding list is plain to see, no pots or pans or mugs for tea.
                                  3                                                 We have plenty of linen, towels as well,
   Please find within this poem, information just for you,                          China, glassware and a decorative bell.
 With some rules & regulations that we both insist you do                  We haven't got a wedding list the reasons we'll explain
         The 1st one is vital, if you’re to be our guest,                    It's to save you all the hassle as shopping is a pain
       To eat, drink & be merry, or do you’re very best                   We thought we'd ask you all for something else instead
        The 2nd can be broken, we really do not mind,                        A small contribution towards A holiday in the Med
   But if you choose to follow it, thank you for being kind                So if you'd like to contribute towards our honeymoon
We’ve been together for a few years, and have a lovely home,          we offer you our heart felt thanks with love, the bride and groom
      There aren’t too many things we don’t already own
So if your thoughts were on a gift, your presence will suffice,                                          4
 But if you really feel the need, then money would be nice              We tried to make a wedding list of presents you might buy,
  The choice is really up to you, and we would like to say             but couldn’t think of what we’d like and here’s the reason why.
We hope you come, enjoy yourselves, and have a lovely day                   We’ve got all of our bedding, a microwave and pots.
                                                                           The toaster’s working perfectly, the kettle still gets hot.
                              2                                        But here’s some things we’d love to have, it’s just a list of three
 To celebrate our wedding you may wish to buy us presents                the first is sand, the next is sun, and thirdly there’s the sea.
  However this is not required, all we want is your presence                 Once we’ve been to Thailand and taken in the view
  If you insist, we must admit, some money would be great                       we can look back and say it’s all thanks to you!
   To help us do some home improvements at a later date                        Please don’t be offended at this type of request,
      More importantly, what we would really like to say,                    as our day is complete just having you as our guest.
 is come along, have some fun and celebrate our special day
                              4                                             We know it's not traditional, It's not the way it's done
     Several years together we've been lucky to share,                       But instead of a Wedding List, we'd like a bit of sun
     Our home has been made with thought and care.                       We've lived together quite a while, and all the bills are paid
         Most things that we need we've already got,               We've got our plates, our pots and pans, our plans have all been made,
             And in our home we can't fit a lot!                        We would appreciate your help though, to send us on our way
       If you're thinking of buying, a gift for us two,                  A contribution to our honeymoon, in a land quite far away
    There's a list at Debenhams, we've chosen to view.            But, most importantly, we request, you come to our Wedding as our guest
    Or, if you would rather and you don't think it funny,             To share with us our special day and have some fun along the way
        What we'd appreciate, quite simply is money.
      And once we've replaced the old with the new,
      We can look back and say it was thanks to you!
        Please don't be upset at this type of request,
     As our day is complete having you as our guest.

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