Who is Hugo Chavez by keralaguest


									 Mr. Scott World Studies Pd 1 & 3 WG Unit: Socialism & Caesar Chavez March 8, 2009

Do Now:

   1. Define Socialism from your list of words for the government unit; then define
      socialism in your own words.


   1. To introduce socialism
   2. To connect Socialism and Hugo Chavez
   3. To connect the reality of US oil dependency and the need for alternative fuel

Agenda: (90) minutes

   1.   Do Now (3) minutes
   2.   View (50) minutes & Discuss (10) minutes Video Frontline Who is Hugo Chavez
   3.   Brief lect. on oil dependency and International politics and US Policy (7) minutes
   4.   Begin extensions to the lesson (20) minutes


   1.   Who is Fidel Castro
   2.   What country did he lead?
   3.   When did he come to power?
   4.   How did he come to power?
   5.   What kind of government did he lead?
   6.   What kind of relationship did he and his country have with the US, why?

Extending the Lesson

   1. Locate Columbia on a Map. Describe its location, shape and size
   2. Define and describe a canal, list its purpose and function.
   3. Locate Panama on a Map. Describe its location, shape and size
   4. What advantages and disadvantages resulted from building the Panama Canal?
   5. When was the canal project began, when did it end and who built it?
   6. Describe the role the US played in the establishment of Panama?
   7. Who was the president of the US during the construction of the Panama Canal?
   8. When did the Panamanians gain control over the Canal?
   9. What nation and person failed in their attempt to build the canal?
   10. What major obstacle had to be overcome before the Panama Canal could be built?
   11. Where did the majority of the workers come from, how were they treated?
   12. Describe the impact of the Canal on the United States?

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