Why Chennai is gravitating towards the used car market

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					Why Chennai is gravitating towards the used car market

The changing dynamics and structure of the used car market in the city is forcing its citizens to rethink their
opinion about owning and purchasing second hand cars in Chennai. While the city earlier used to avoid this
domain of the auto market owing to its shady participants and/or lack of a professional aspect in the
dealings, the introduction of new players to the scene has revamped the entire process of buying and selling
used cars in Chennai and the city is standing up and taking notice. These new players are primarily
dealerships owned by corporate houses and medium sized businesses that allow customers and clients to buy
second hand cars in Chennai minus all the hassles. This is done by owing the burden of verification of the
vehicle themselves. The customer can thus relax when buying the vehicle.

A decade back the used cars market in Chennai was in a mess. The primary sellers were either individuals or
shady businessmen who acted as middle-men for transport companies or other individuals. The individual
selling the car was often an acquaintance and as such bargaining about the price or heckling about the
condition of the vehicle would be considered derogatory. Also no after sales service could be obtained. On
the other hand buying used cars in Chennai from businessmen or from classifieds in newspapers meant
tracking down and doing business with a completely unreliable source. There was no way to confirm the
history of the vehicle and check if it was illegal or not. Also non-permanent addresses meant that the seller
couldn't be tracked down after the deal.

Fortunately, corporate firms realized that there was a significant demand for used cars in Chennai and decide
to enter the field.

With the influx of these firms, customers looking for second hand cars in Chennai now have much more
freedom and ease. A plethora of models and brands are available to choose from. Used cars are certified to
be in mint condition and can be test driven to verify their performance. Also the customer can avail several
easy finance options such as monthly installments and loans. Several add-ons are available with the vehicle
such as cheap insurance schemes and vehicle accessories. The customer can also be sure that the vehicles
are not stolen or smuggled or involved in any criminal activities in the past. These dealerships do a thorough
background check of previous owners and their vehicles unlike businessmen who dealt with used cars in
Chennai previously. Thus that trip to the RTO office for used car registration confirmation and other
formalities can be done away with, making these dealerships the easiest and most preferable option for used
car customers in Chennai.

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