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Dance has been at the core of Suzanna’s existence for a lifetime. Training
with Egypt's most renowned dance artists, she has studied Middle Eastern
dance locally and internationally over the past
twelve years, building on an extensive
background in jazz, West African,
contemporary, and ballet, and 12 years
in the theatre. She discovered her
passion for belly dance while preparing
for a lead role in a play, “Shivaree,” in
which the character was a belly dancer.

Today she is a vibrant, in-demand performer
and producer with premiere venues and
events throughout the Northwest, frequently
collaborating with other high caliber dance
artists and musicians. As founder and
producer of World Dance Showcase and
other community events, Suzanna brings
together all genres in celebration of dance
and the language of music and movement.

She is also an instructor of exceptional
dedication and knowledge, inspiring the
dance in many others through workshops,
classes, and customized private coaching.
      Events ~ Selected Anthology
DATE                         VENUE/DESCRIPTION
                             Habesha Ethiopian Restaurant & Lounge — Produce/perform monthly event w/live
Jan. 08 - Present
                             musicians and/or innovative formats with other dance artists
2/21/09                      Seattle Art Museum’s “Passion Party,” a fundraiser at the historic King Cat Theatre
5/9/09                       Café Solstice — Produce/perform monthly live Arabic music and belly dance event
3/18/09 & 10/24/08           Bellevue Arts Museum — Cultural and educational presentations
2/21/09                      Featured performer for “Leyl Al Arab,” a monthly event at Enat Ethiopian Restaurant
12/11/08                     Pyramid Communications Holiday Party at Habesha w/musicians of House of Tarab
10/18/08                     House of Tarab CD Release Party at Columbia City Theatre
                             World Dance Showcase — Founded and produced monthly event showcasing a
                             diversity of dance artists and accompanying musicians
                             Afro-Arabic Night at Habesha — Produced and performed world music and dance
                             event including more than 10 guest musicians and dancers
                             Inter*im Community Development Association’s Gala Fundraiser at Bell Harbor w/
                             musicians of House of Tarab
7/12/08                      Iraqi Refugee Women’s Fundraiser by CodePink, w/House of Tarab
                             House of Tarab Concert at Olympic Hall, presented by Seattle Folklore Society and
                             SSCC — 2 solo performances in collaboration with dance artist Delilah
2/10/08                      The Mainstage — Organized guest dance show and performed as feature w/MB Orchestra
April 09, 08, 07, and July   World Rhythm Festival at Seattle Center — Organized and danced solo and group
06                           performances w/George Sadak and members of MB Orchestra (07 & 08) and Nasha (06)
June 08 & 06                 Fremont Solstice Parade — Guest performer of Delilah’s belly dance section

Aug. 07 & 05*                Arab Festival at Seattle Center, *w/percussionist Jane Hall

May 07, July & Dec. 06       NE-WA tour of workshops & shows at Breadline Café and Methow Valley Brewing Co.
March & Aug. 07              “Dance for Peace & Social Harmony,” by NW SHARE at Westlake Park and Alkai Beach

2/24/07                      “Belly Dance Extravaganza,” by Middle East Arts Int’l at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center

                             “Arts Gumbo,” by SEED at Rainier Valley Cultural Center — Choreographed duet and
                             performed w/MB Orchestra
                             Mediterranean Fantasy Festival, produced by Babylonian Ensemble — Organized and
July 07, 06, 05, and 04
                             performed solo and student group pieces w/George Sadak (doumbec)
NYE 05,                      “I Heart Shiva” Bollywood & Bhangra at the Baltic Room — Organized and performed
Nov. 05 & 04                 dance shows, solo and in collaboration with other dance artists for special events
                             Indian Arts & Heritage Society’s tribute to actor Amitabh Bachchan at Shorecrest
                             Performing Arts Center — 3 solo dance performances w/Bollywood musicians and singers
5/31/05                      Folklife Festival, “Arab Café“ stage
4/16/05                      “Culture Shock” at Western WA University, w/Hands of Fatima
                             DJ Amir from NYC Concert at Chop Suey, produced by Culture Theory — Organized and
                             performed in Middle Eastern, African, and Brazilian dance production
3/17/05                      Bagley Elementary School — Organized and performed cultural historical presentation
                             “Bollywood Tsunami Relief Benefit” at UW Kane Hall — Organized and performed 3
                             group fusion belly dance numbers
Weekly/Monthly/              Shalimar ◦ Habesha ◦ Costa’s Opa ◦ Kasbah ◦ Sabrina’s ◦ Simba’s ◦ The Northside Grill
Intermittent 2008-Present    Spiro’s ◦ Zaina
                             Costa’s Opa ◦ Zaina ◦ Mamounia ◦ Caspian ◦ Kolbeh (w/MB Orchestra or Naseem)
Intermittent 2004-2007
                 Workshops & Classes
DATE                VENUE                         DESCRIPTION
                                                  Individualized coaching — belly dance, sensual movement,
2004 - Present      Location by arrangement
                                                  and performance development
                    Ravenna-Eckstein Community
Sept. 07-                                         Weekly classes and workshops in technique, Egyptian
                    Center—Seattle Parks &
Dec. 08                                           styling, finger cymbals, and veil
                                                  “Walk Like an Egyptian” workshop, culminating in a merge
April 08 & 07,      World Rhythm Festival
                                                  with musicians of MB Orchestra and George Sadak’s tabla
July 06             at Seattle Center
                                                  workshop for a live music and dance practicum
                    Arab Festival 2007
Aug. 07 & 05                                      Dance & Drum Workshop with George Sadak
                    at Seattle Center
                    NE-WA tour of
May 07 & July 06                                  Northeastern WA tour of workshops & shows
                    workshops & shows
Aug. 04 -           Momentum Pilates &
                                                  Weekly beginning and intermediate belly dance class
Dec. 06             Movement Studio

“From you, I get what I need and want in my dance practice. In short, I really enjoy what you do and
how you teach. I think you offer the whole package — details, the big picture, and a lot of information
about what this dance has going on musically, culturally, and historically.”
—Mary Beth / Genevieve, Professional Dancer

"I have seen Suzanna perform in many venues, adapting herself to the space and always
capturing the audience. Although she is an electric performer, her excellent
character comes through in her teaching. Suzanna has taught my daughter
Sofie for the last few years. I appreciate Suzanna's attention to authenticity
and detail; she has nurtured Sofie beyond the studio to seek out perform-
ance opportunities and competitions and empowered her with confidence."
—Maria, Pilates Coach, Ice Skating Champion, Painter, Mother

“Wonderful show! …Her movements – it comes from
her soul, we can see that. Beautiful, aesthetically
gorgeous to watch, and we really enjoyed it!”
—Helene, International Opera Singer

“Hey Suzanna, I was at your performance at Habesha this evening. It’s
the first time I've seen belly dancing in person, and I thought you were
amazing! The combination of your dancing and the music was mes-
merizing. I had no idea that watching a belly dancer would be so soothing
and therapeutic.”
—Kirk, Audience Patron

“...Illuminating the stage with her fabulous artistic belly dance, she got
the whole crowd moving in a matter of minutes. There was no looking
back after that. The festival was an amazing success. Thanks Suzanna,
we are eagerly looking forward to have you again in our next festival.”
—Anurag, Northwest SHARE event coordinator
                    Training Background
                                              Middle Eastern
INSTRUCTOR                             DESCRIPTION OF STUDY
Leila                                  Advanced master workshop at Visionary Dance Studio—2009
Mahmoud Reda, Prof. Hassan Khalil,
                                   2008 Nile Group Festival workshops in Modern and Classic Egyptian
Aida Nour, Leila, Tito Seif, Lubna
                                   Oriental, Folkloric, and Ghawazee
Emam, Ahmed El Seuassy, Freiz
Yousry Sharif                          Workshops in Egyptian Oriental and Saidi/Cane—2008
Tito Seif                              Workshops in Egyptian Orientale, Cane, Drum Solo, and Shaabi—2008
Elisa Gamal                            Coaching in performance development and musical interpretation—2008
                                       Private and small group instruction in performance development and
                                       2007 International Belly Dance Convention (Las Vegas) with
Tito Seif, Aida Nour, Lubna Emam
                                       contemporary Egyptian international choreographers
Mahmoud Reda, Farida Fahmy,
                                       2006 Nile Group Festival workshops in Modern and Classic Egyptian,
Tito Seif, Liza Laziza, Leila, and
                                       Pharonics, and Rhythms (Egypt)
Magdy El Leisy
Hadia of Montreal                      9 workshops since 2005 (Canada & US) in Orientale, Saidi, and Gypsy Roma
Morocco                                6 workshops in Orientale, Moroccan Guedra, and Khaligi—2004-05
                                       Weekly technique classes and workshops in performance training,
                                       choreography, floorwork, veil, and zill rhythms—2002-04
Amir Thaleb of Argentina               4 workshops (Canada) in Saidi, technique, jazz-oriental, and pop—2004
Additional workshops: Jillina (Classic Oum Kalthoum choreography—2006), Suhaila Format (2006), Nath Keo
of Canada (3 workshops and private instruction—2004-08), Tamalyn Dallal (2004), Astryd Farrah (3 work-
shops—2003), Paulette Reese-Denis (American Tribal—1994), Katrina (Class instruction—1996), Zarouhi
Otchy (Private training and class instruction—1993-95)

                                African, Jazz, Ballet, Modern, Hip Hop
INSTRUCTOR                               DESCRIPTION OF STUDY
Westlake Dance Center                    Weekly Hip Hop—August to December 2008

Youssouf Koumbassa                       6 Guinean dance workshops throughout the Northwest since 1999
                                         Private instruction with various instructors in Dakar—Feb/March 1997,
{Dance studies in Senegal}
                                         June/July 2000, and Sept. 2001
Ruby Burns, Bruce Smith                  West African dance classes and workshops in Portland, OR—1995-1999
                                         10 years cumulative training with private instructors in Seattle, Alaska,
                                         Portland, and at Portland State University (PSU)
                                         16 years cumulative training with Marco Poshar and other private
                                         instructors, and at PSU
Modern                                   7 years cumulative training with private instructors, and at PSU

         * Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts from Portland State University - 1996 *
                     Invited into Dance-BFA program at Cornish Institute of the Arts in 1987
                           Invited to join Alaska Contemporary Dance Company in 1986

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