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					Bussiness To Bussiness

              By Ramon Girbes Choque
                I n t r o d u c t i o n.
• Our company is based by the following aspect:
  The editor, with the approval of the author, will be able to agree
  with Flareo Books about a promotion. Flareo Books promotion
  adds a 1/8 to remaining 7/8 of turnover of book.

• Really, Flareo Books obtains benefits with the promotion that we
  offer to editors in our web-page
Company’s (group’s) offer:
- Information about where to buy your favorite books in the nearest place.
- The possibility to read a 1 / 8 part of any work and in addition biographies,
   summaries, points of view and opinions about the texts.
- The possibility to find easily all kind of books ( for instance collector comics
   and special editions).
- writers become popular without an editor,
- publishing the text the editor has an evidence of interest of readers and future
- And in addition we invite elderly people to integrate within new technologies.

   However our competitors don’t offer all this opportunities therefore we
   are going to get good results because all these offers are asks.
Segment of population we want to reach:
       • Elderly people: they are our main customers, therefore we invite them
         to integrate within new technologies.
       • Adults
       • Young people: we want to make literature and the purchase of books
         closer to this segment by using internet.
• The % of it will be gained by following actions:
       • Booklets
       • Samples
       • Presentations

•   A series of questionnaires are used to find potential purchasers among
    old people, adults and young people market.

•   Three proposed actions are tested on samples of target segments.

•   Results are evaluated by decision making analysis or STP, or PLC.

    As far as segment of population we want to reach concerned, a good
    promotion dedicated to elderly people will make the achievement of
    great benefits.
• We will be able to get the results, by the questionnaires used in
  our web page.
• We will obtain a fixed affiliation through a good relation with our
Flareo books content is:
- Flareo books offers a new method of getting information about
- Any competitor may offer such an easy information about how to
  find information and about the purchase of books.

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