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									Work Anywhere
Jonathan Brasnett
Head of Mobility
We understand the challenges affecting organisations …

      Challenge                              Issue                                                Impact

                            ●   High search and selection costs
           Attract and                                                        ● Recruitment  time, resources & training costs
           retain talent    ●   Workplace flexibility is highly valued by         are unnecessarily high

                            ● Increasingly want to decrease                   ●   Overall sentiment towards organisations is
                              carbon footprints                                   affected by „green‟ initiatives
           Planning for
           sustainability   ● Seeking to provide the means for                ●   Governments are introducing legislation to
                              employees to balance their work-life mix            enforce flexible working

                                                                              ● Delayed     response times, potentially leading
                            ●   Increasing need to communicate locally and        to lost customers and revenue
                                globally regardless of location
           productivity                                                       ● Time   is wasted accessing data and
                            ●   Limited remote access to corporate data           gathering input for critical decisions

                            ●   Inefficient communications negatively         ●   Inconsistent customer service
           Improve              impact customer relationships
           customer                                                           ●   Customer relationships are damaged when
           satisfaction     ●   Employees ability to communicate                  employees travel or are unable to respond
                                varies with their location                        or communicate promptly

                                                                              ●   Expansion and growth is hindered as
                            ●   Increasing property and travel costs              operating costs increase
           Enhance cost
           management       ●   Inefficient use of available communications
                                                                              ●   High communications spend, unable to
                                                                                  save without affecting customer service

                            ●   Business continuity threatened by             ● Disruptions  result in lost time and
           Improve              unforeseen events and interruptions             productivity
           resilience                                                         ● Blurred network boundaries increase the
                            ●   Increasing mobility extends corporate
           and security                                                         number of intrusion opportunities
                                network access into homes and mobiles
 Flexible working requires the complexities of access, applications
 and location to be matched with its benefits and drivers

          Multiple devices                                   Adopt Flexible working
 Decrease carbon Footprint
                                                                            GPRS                Office
    Global              3G            Collaboration?   Information?
                                                                                         Improve Agility
      Device security                                                                    Network security
Enable work continuity        Applications?
         Ethernet                                                     Voicemail?     Decrease travel costs
Reduce property estate
                                                                               LAN            Campus
                             PSTN                                                  Increase staff retention
 Attract talent                                               Wi-Fi
                                                                              New work styles
 Improve work-life balance               Remote Sites                      Encourage collaboration
Our top-down approach to Flexible Working

                                                  People, process, property,
                                                  business needs & culture
      Business needs & and benefits driven

                                             Applications that directly support
                                                      Flexible Working

                                                    that directly support

                                                                                  Technology & IT Driven
                                                      Flexible Working

           Work Anywhere end-to-end Managed Services

                                            BT Work Anywhere                BT Flexible Working
                                            Quick Start Service             Services

                                            BT Unified Comms                Remote Access –
                                            & Collaboration
                                                                            BT MobileXpress


                                            BT Managed
                                                                            BT Conferencing
                                            Mobility Expenses

                                            Vendor & Network Independent Flexible
                                                    Working Infrastructure

     The benefits of Flexible Working

                                                                  • Conferencing facilities remove the need for journeys, saving
        • Absenteeism is significantly reduced when                people significant commuting and travel time
  employees work flexibly. Typically more than 50%

                                                                             • Flexible employees are more than 20% more
     • Increased retention of talented staff                                   productive than their office-based counterparts
           especially post-maternity leave

                                                                                  • Property estate cost savings through
 • A positive CSR approach influences                                               optimising your property portfolio.
customer buying & partnering decisions                 Flexible                     Typical 30% reduction in office space

      • CO2 emissions can be reduced
                                                       Working                     • High employee retention rate reduces
    significantly. Homeworker footprint                Benefits                     HR recruitment costs
                half office based worker
                                                                                 • Travel cost and time savings. More than
    • Less journeys drives a lower fuel use                                        20% of the workforce has a daily
                                (and costs)                                        commute of more than an hour

              • Employees always accessible, on the                   • Employees able to access customer
               road, at home or at customer premises                    information from any location
We have deployed Work Anywhere solutions across BT…

  The BT Workstyle project
  BT has 73,000 flexible workers in the UK alone – 69 per cent of our total UK workforce – from senior
  managers to contact centre employees
  Additionally, 14,000+ employees work entirely from home and have proven to be 20 per cent more
  productive than their office-based colleagues

                                                    What we did

         Leadership from the top                           Clear policies & careful measurement
         • Board-driven initiative with clear milestones   • Policies and practices were clearly defined
         • End-to-end approach with support from HR, IT      and communicated
           and CxO representatives                         • BT diligently collected the data necessary to
                                                             monitor and prove the business case

         Cultural transformation                           Appropriate equipment and workspace
         • From rewarding attendance to rewarding          • BT employees have access not just to
           contribution to the business and                  corporate applications but also a complete
           to customers                                      package of hardware and equipment to
                                                             create home offices
     …achieving many benefits

                                                                     • BT Conferencing removed need for 1.5M return journeys,
                • Absenteeism reduced by 63% among                    saving BT people equivalent of 1,800yrs of commuting time
                                     flexible employees

     • Retained 1,000 UK employees over                                          • Flexible employees 20% more productive
                                                                                  than their office-based counterparts
                          the last two years

       • 58% of our customers say our                                               • Property estate cost savings of €750M
     positive CSR approach influences
    their buying & partnering decisions
                                                            Work                      per year over the last 6 yrs
                                                          Anywhere                  • Travel cost savings for BT of €39M/yr
      • CO2 emissions reduced by 58%                        in BT
                between 1996 and 2006                                              • BT post maternity leave retention rate
                                                                                     is 96% vs. UK average of 47%, saving
      • Reduced consumption of 12 million                                            €7.4M/yr
                         litres of fuel a year

                • Employees always accessible, even                    • Employees now able to access
                  when located at customer premises                      customer records from any location

*BT Workstyle project
     Work Anywhere solutions successfully deployed …
                                                “The fact that our sales people are now able to    “We have stable and cost-effective services
“We wanted to work with a market leader.        access the corporate network quickly and           requiring low set-up and administration effort
We wanted to work with a company with           easily, whether at home or abroad, means           that delivers both cost saving and value to the
experience in delivering successful solutions   they are more effective. The BT Remote             business – which is a neat trick.
and we wanted to work with an organisation      Access portfolio gives us a good foundation on     The service requires minimal attention from
who would be able to understand our needs       which to build our future communications           my team and it is growing in popularity – it‟s
and the complexity of Siemens”                  strategy.”                                         becoming a widely talked about success and
                                                                                                   I like it.”
Ian Thomas                                      Danny Walker                                      Phil Gee – Global
Service Manager                                 IT Infrastructure Manager                         Service manager for voice

                                                "The new solution has allowed us to reduce        “Our principal business driver was to ensure
“We chose BT because they could offer a
                                                internal facilities management resources from     that in the event of a major BCP event, such as
wide range of services but we also
                                                two full time people to just a part of one        a pandemic or disaster, the FT would be able
appreciate the way they see convergence
                                                person‟s load. The technology environment         to continue operating, without the need for
and they want to address mobility and
                                                now supports people‟s roles whereas, before,      employees to travel to any specific location.
other services such as conferencing and
                                                our people struggled to work within the           We also recognise the increasing demand for
other tools with a global approach”
                                                constraints of the environment.”                  home working and flexible access to the
                                                                                                  corporate network.”
Jean-François Le-Roux                           Roger Chappé de Léonval
Networks and                                    IT Manager                                        Edd Scrine - Head of IT
Infrastructure Manager                                                                            Operational Strategy

                                                "My number one priority was security,
                                                secondly that the solution was stable and
                                                reliable and lastly the user interface - it
                                                needed to be simple and intuitive, just a
                                                couple of clicks and the users connected -
                                                BT MobileXpress met these requirements.”

                                                Stéphane Dupuy
Westminster City Council
Flexible Working set to save Westminster City Council £3 million in under 2 years

 Business Issue                                                   Solution

 • Property cost reduction targets                                • BT Flexible Working Services
 • Individual and team productivity improvements                  • BT Workstyle Managed Services
 • Becoming an even more employer – Ability to attract and
    retain experienced and valuable employees
                                                                  • Implemented in collaboration between BT and Westminster‟s
                                                                     Communications, HR, Property, Finance, IT and employee

                                                                  “Employees are increasingly demanding a work
 • £3m saving in the first 18 months of project                   life balance that suits them and their lifestyle. I
 • Less than 25% of employees working at City Hall will have a    believe that that the FLoW programme is going to
    permanent desk.
                                                                  enable our people to achieve that balance,
 • Targeting a 70% desk ratio – 70 desks per 100 peopleP
                                                                  encourage the best of them to stay with us and
 • 4,000 sq ft of space freed up on one floor at City Hall -Now   attract high quality staff going forward. That‟s the
                                                                  added value we can look forward to, on top of
 • A further three floors were freed in the second phase
                                                                  property cost savings.”
 • Programme provided 2,000 employees at City Hall with
    refurbished accommodation - Paid for through property                                                                Graham Ellis
    savings                                                                                        Director of Organisational Change
 BT Field Force Automation Solutions

The Benefits
• Increases productivity
• Delivers service cost reductions
• Increases customer responsiveness                                    Web Access
• Improves employee morale
• Enables sustainability and CSR                                                                 Multi Channel

                                                                                                       Contact Centre


                & Parts

                            Mobile Fleet
                            & Inventory    GPRS
                                           /GPS   GPRS/3G/


                                                                                    • Centralised task scheduling of
                                                                                    • Efficiency Gains of up to 30%
Mobile staff optimisation delivers a more
sustainable business
BT Field Force Automation solution helps Northumbrian Water drive
cultural change, improve productivity, and enhance customer service

     Business issue                                             Solution

    Northumbrian Water‟s rate of business improvement           BT Field Force Automation (FFA) technology and
  was beginning to fall behind some of its competitors        consultancy

    The company understood that efficient work allocation       BT recognised as one of the pioneers of FFA, having
  and scheduling is a key driver towards lower costs          used the technology extensively itself since 1994

    A step change was required and FFA was the key

                                                               “It was clear from the outset that FFA was not an
   Engineer‟s job status and vehicle location now visible      end in itself but an enabler for cultural and business
                                                               change within Northumbrian Water. It is already
    Productivity increased by 10 per cent, from optimal job
                                                               apparent that the combination of technology,
 allocation and a reduction in ineffective time
                                                               process rationalisation, and the greater visibility of
   Driven mileage 20 per cent lower, reducing the              jobs and the fleet are having a remarkable impact
 company‟s carbon footprint
                                                               on our efficiency and effectiveness. BT is assisting
    Productivity benefit from reduced paperwork and            us greatly in this transition.”
 information sharing                                                                                       Brian Olley
   Full-scale roll out to 850 mobile operatives and 760                           Work Management Programme Manager
 vehicles                                                                                          Northumbrian Water

• Work Anywhere enables organisations to develop
  and deliver a flexible working strategy, allowing
  employees to work flexibly, securely and to more
  effectively interact and collaborate with each other,
  their customers and partners, irrespective of location

• Work Anywhere helps:
     ▬   Improve employee attraction and retention
     ▬   Develop a sustainable business and ensure legislative
         and Corporate Social Responsibility compliance
     ▬   Increase productivity
     ▬   Improve customer satisfaction
     ▬   Enhance cost management
     ▬   Improve resilience and security

• BT Global Services has the proven skills and
  capabilities to help enterprises create a more flexible,
  agile, and productive organisation

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