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					New or Used Car

The market is chock full of cars; dealerships across the world are offering a wide variety of cars to
consumers and manufacturers are always increasing the number of features and upgrades available in an
attempt to lure consumers out of the woodwork. If you are about to embark on a search for your next
vehicle, making the choice between a new and a used car will be your first major decision. Both new and
used categories offer an immense amount of products that have an array of features to choose from;
however, there are a few important distinctions between new and used cars that may be crucial enough to
sway your preference.

When you compare the differences between new and pre-owned vehicles, keep your own lifestyle and
preferences in mind. This car will be yours, and only you can decide what kind of vehicle will best suit your

Used Cars: The vast abundance of pre-owned vehicles can be somewhat difficult to navigate; however, with
the right decisions you can quickly narrow down your prospects. Many dealerships offer certified used cars,
which means that these vehicles have been thoroughly tested and are guaranteed to run for a certain amount
of time. Good dealerships will offer a warranty to cover certified pre-owned vehicles, which is definitely a
plus for anyone in the market for a used car.

Another benefit of choosing a used car is the price. When a new car drives off a lot it immediately loses
thousands of dollars in value. Even great, barely used cars can sometimes be found for a steal at a used car
lot; however, the interest rates for used cars can be double that for new cars, meaning you pay double in
interest if you finance your purchase. This can definitely be a downside to many consumers, especially those
who have to finance the majority of the cost of the car.

New Cars: Nothing beats the smell of a new car, and for many people the joy of having a new product that
no one else has owned is enough to induce them to purchase a new car instead of a used one. The
advantages of being the sole owner extend beyond that great new car smell. By knowing the history of the
car you can be sure that no accidents or mechanical trouble are lurking in the shadows of your car's past.
This peace of mind is invaluable, as it will allow you to travel with confidence. While new cars are
definitely more expensive than used cars, the value of a low interest rate and a full, sometimes extended,
warranty can often be enough to justify spending the extra cash. You get what you pay for, and sometimes
paying a little extra upfront will save thousands in mechanical costs down the road.

Your next car will be your constant companion for the next few years, so it is crucial that you love your
vehicle and that you are absolutely happy with your purchase. Before setting out to explore dealerships,
make sure that you understand exactly what you want and precisely what will fit your lifestyle. Once you
know what you are looking for, the dealership's sales representative will know what kinds of cars to show
you. This will make your car buying experience not only quick, but pleasant and exciting.
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