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									Enterprise Rent A Car

Enterprise is a great choice if you are a college student who needs a car rental to get home for the holidays
or to drive home after school is over. Enterprise is the only major rental company to allow people that are
twenty-one years of age to rent a car. The other major companies have a minimum age requirement of
twenty-five, so choosing Enterprise can be a great idea for those who don't meet the requirements of other
rental companies. Enterprise offers a number of options, from small compact sedans to sport utility vehicles.

Enterprise was founded with a simple mission. First, they actually started a whole new area of the rental car
market instead of renting cars to folks on vacation like Alamo or on business trips. Enterprise rent a car
specializes in renting to people who need a temporary replacement car or a vehicle for a special occasion.
This is called long term rentals or replacement rentals.

Enterprise constructs their branches near you that suit your needs. Enterprise has a branch within 15 miles of
90 percent of the U.S. population. Enterprise's entire business is based on customer service and hiring
employees that are dedicated to delivering a great customer experience. You can find more about this on
www.enterprise-rent-car.net .It offers many discounts and an easy rental procedure. You can also find
excellent discounts by searching online.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car has been a phenomenal success in the field of rental companies and has provided
inspiration to many budding enterprises. The business was started by Jack Taylor as an auto leasing business
in 1957. The name was changed by him to Enterprise- Rent- A - Car after the USS Enterprise, which was
the air craft carrier which he had served while he had been a Naval Aviator.

The specialization of Enterprise Rent-A-Car is in the insurance replacement market, it has not been strong in
the airport market though. The television campaign for Enterprise Rent-A-Car with a car wrapped up in
paper and with the slogan 'We'll pick you up' has made the enterprise famous for their offer to pick up the
customers and bringing them to the rental office.

The enterprise has other business units too like car sales; this includes the reselling of enterprise used cars, a
credit union partnership program that involves the partnership of credit unions with the enterprise to offer
used car sales and also get the loans for members sent by them to the enterprise. The enterprise also deals in
commercial truck rentals thereby facilitating companies the expansion of their fleets as per their needs.

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