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Chrome Spray Paint


									Chrome Spray Paint

These days chrome paint is greatly sought after by automobile owners. Chrome paint offers a very glossy
and high luster surface. Chrome spray paint produces results that greatly resemble a chrome plating job.
Besides, rendering a super glossy finish to any surface, chrome paint also provides a base coat on the surface
for any type of art work. Chrome painting can be done on virtually any surface from metal, wood to plastic.
It can also be used on flexible materials such as rubber as it can be stretched. The most widespread
applications of chrome paint can be seen in industry. Apart from painting the surface of the car, chrome
paint is also used to paint the auto parts and accessories. Chrome painting a surface protects it from
inclement weather and atmospheric changes. Let us know about the types of chrome paint and how to use
chrome paint.

Types of Chrome Spray Paint

MirraChrome, Ghost Chrome, MultiChrome are the types of chrome spray paint that are currently available
in the market. MirraChrome, as its name suggests is used to render a mirror like appearance to any surface.
MirraChrome offers a very high degree of shine, hence is ideal for automobiles. However, not everyone
finds the super glossy finish appealing. Many owners think that mirror finish makes your car look as though
it's wrapped in aluminum foil. So, if you wish, you may take your chances with MirraChrome. Besides car
surfaces, it can also be used on wood, plastic and foam. The best effect of MirraChrome can be achieved
when spray painted with HVLP guns.

Ghost Chrome is yet another popular type of chrome spray paint. It is transparent and can be used on any
colored surface. However, gray base color brings out the best in Ghost Chrome. As a result, it is highly
preferred by and wheels manufacturers. Other OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) may also prefer it
over other paints. MultiChrome is a chrome paint which is a combination of MirraChrome and Ghost
Chrome. MultiChrome is used to give a more dramatic effect to any surface. The reason is, this paint
consists of small crystal flakes which provide a prismatic appearance to the surface. Hence, you can view as
many shades as in a rainbow, on a single surface. The color change is brought by simply changing the
viewing angle. Hence, it is an ideal chrome spray paint for metal.

How to Use Chrome Spray Paint

Before applying chrome spray paint for plastic or any surface for that matter, it is a must that you clean the
surface thoroughly. The supershine effect can only be achieved if the underlying surface is clean. Next, you
will need to give a coat of primer on the surface. Primer helps the paint to stick to the surface in a better
way. The primer should be chosen according to the type of the surface, for instance, while chrome painting a
car, choose an automobile primer. Then apply a base coat of jet black color. Jet black color offers highest
degree of reflectivity. You may use a normal painting brush or you may use a spray gun. After the base coat
has dried completely, only then apply a chrome paint of your choice. HVLP guns are most suitable for spray
painting chrome paints. While , keep the gun 10'' away from the surface and keep it moving so that you do
not end up overworking a single area.

Thus, chrome spray paint is a sure shot way of uplifting the look of any surface. A chrome can enhance the
look and value of your car. So, go for this dazzling paint and give a new look to your car.

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