THE OUTPOST by dandanhuanghuang


									                     T HE O UTPOST
                             V ETERANS OF F OREIGN W ARS
                         L INN P OST 584 • A LBANY , O REGON
541-928-7925                   Web Address:                                         MAY 2010

                                 Message from our Commander . . .
     Post Officers
                                 Greetings to all Members,
    Steve Pecheos                       I’m having a good time visiting family and
                                 friends and keeping busy here in Arizona, but I’m
 SR VICE COMMANDER               looking forward to getting back to Oregon. Would
       Jim Jones                 you please turn off the rain before I get back?
 JR VICE COMMANDER                     Hope that most of you will have dinner with us
    Doug Anderson                on Friday, June 4 and then stay for our Joint
   Q U AR T E R M A S T E R      Installation of Officers. All new officers will officially
        Bob Gore                 take their chairs following the VFW Convention on
                                 June 24, 25, and 26. We are all looking forward to a
        CHAPLAIN                 good and prosperous new VFW Year.
 Les Schmidt, Protem                   Our sympathy to the families of Del Pitzer and
       AD J UT ANT               Flo Heinis. We will greatly miss both of them.
      Jim Duncan                      The ladies are doing well with the Saturday night dinners. We encourage you
                                 to continue supporting the Post by attending our Friday and Saturday night
  J U D G E AD V O C A T E
                                 dinners and Sunday morning breakfasts.
     Glenn Dr yden                    Because our distributors have raised their prices, we will have to raise the
   SERVICE OFFICER               prices of our beers. Sorry about that. But 25 cents is not a bad thing.
     Chris Chr ist y                  Don’t forget to join and financially support the ladies and their Relay for Life
                                 Walk in June. They are still trying to get up to $4,000 for this Walk, so we ask
  Auxiliar y Officers            that you do what you can. Two ways you can do so is to buy their raffle tickets
       PRESIDENT                 and get your cars washed!
      Linda Baker                     I understand that Dan and the House Committee have done a few more
  SR VICE PRESIDENT              interviews, so I’m expecting to see a few new faces when I return.
                                      A big welcome to our new members and our transfer-in members from
    Shir ley Bodoh
                                 Corvallis Post 640. We hope to see you fairly often.
  JR VICE PRESIDENT                   Thanks to all that helped with placing the Flags on the Veterans grave sites
    Donna Dawson                 and to Ed Rose for filling in for me at the Memorial Day Ceremonies. I expect that
       CHAPLAIN                  he did a good job. He’s a great guy, always willing to do what he can. And thanks
     W anda Irwin                to all of you who placed wreaths on behalf of our many groups and organizations.
      TREASURER                       Have you picked up your packet of Picnic tickets to sell yet? Check with the
                                 bartenders to do so. And if you can’t sell tickets, then please do buy some. Cash
      Linda Rose
                                 prizes are great when you win them and raffle prizes are also fun to get.
      SECRETARY                       Hope you are all doing well. I’m looking forward to my pitcher of cola and
    Debor ah Ir win              sitting around chatting with you.
    CONDUCTRESS                       Remember, we still have Oregon military Units in Iraq and Afghanistan, so
     Delma Davis                 continue to keep our deployed military personnel in your thoughts and prayers
         G U AR D                and also their families here at home.
  Ramona Crawf ord               Respectively,
    P AT R I O T I C I N S T     Steve Pecheos, Commander
    Caroline Berr y
       VFW Post 584                                             VFW Auxiliary                                VFW Post 584
       Friday Dinners                                        Saturday Dinners                          Sunday Breakfasts
    Ser ved 5:00 to 7:30 PM
                                                              Ser ved 5:00 to 7:30 PM                     Ser ved 9:00 am to Noon
   Canteen Opens at 11:00 A.M.
                                                             Canteen Opens at 11:00 A.M.                 Canteen Opens at 8:30 AM
               June 04
          Chicken & Dumplings                                     Karaoke with                              Bloody Mary Specials
           with all the Extras                                                                                   $2.50 each
                                                                  Gaylyn Shay                           Check out our Weekly Specials
            June 11
    Pork Chops with Dressing,                                 Starting @ 6:00 p.m.                     Posted just inside the front door!
 Potatoes & Gravy and Vegetable                                                                           Father’s Day Breakfast
                                                                          June 5
              June 18                                    Prime Rib Dinner with Soup or                     Chicken Fried Steak!
           Cross Rib Roast
      with Potatoes & Vegetable
                                                           Salad, Potatoes, Vegetable, Roll                 Ask your Waitress
                                                           & Dessert......................... $12.00
                                                                                                       2 x 2 Breakfast Special - Includes
              June 25                                      Welcome to the Nebergal Reunion             2 Pancakes (Blueberry or Plain),
         Chicken Fried Steak                               Bunch who have chosen to have               2 Eggs, 2 Strips Bacon and 2 Link
      with Potatoes & Vegetable                              dinner at our Post on June 5.             Sausages ............................. $4.00
                                                          We will cook enough extra Prime Rib
                                                            for our regular customers, too.            The Hungry Soldier (1/2 order
     All Dinners are $8.00 each!                                                                       Biscuits & Gravy with 2 Eggs, 2
                                                                    Come on down!
                                                                                                       Strips Bacon or 2 Links) ....... $4.00
  Dinners include: Soup or Salad,
  Chef’s Choice of Potatoes and                                       June 12                          The Homestead – Eggs, sausage,
     Vegetable, Roll, Dessert.                           Chicken Enchiladas ............... $6.00      mushrooms, onions, bell pepper,
                                                                                                       topped with Monterey Jack and
  Also Available Friday Evenings                                      June 19                          Cheddar Cheese, Potatoes & Toast
         as Full Dinners                                 Beef Stroganoff ..................... $6.00   or Biscuit ..................................$5.00

Chicken Salad Dinner ............. $8.00                             June 26                            W e have a wide var iety of
Chicken Strips (2) .................... $8.00            Hamburger with the Works and                   Omelets to choose from.
Butterfly Shrimp (6).................. $8.00               Macaroni Salad ................. $6.00       See the Sunday Menu at
                                                                                                               your table.
   O t h e r It em s Av a il ab l e o n                  Coffee or Tea ....................... $1.00
 F ri d a y & Sat u r d a y Ev en i n g s                                                              Potato Choices: Hash Browns or
Bowl of Soup ............................. $3.50                                                          Home Fries
Cup of Soup ............................... $2.50        Congratulations to all of our                 Toast Choices: White, Wheat,
Side of Potatoes ........................ $2.50            New Post and Auxiliary                      Sour Dough or Biscuit
Side Tossed Green Salad ......... $2.50
Coffee ......................................... $1.00
                                                         Officers who will be Installed                Country Gravy put on Potatoes . $.50
Tea ............................................ $1.00   on Friday, June 4. Come on                    Side Order of Country Gravy ... $1.00
Milk 8 oz .…$0.75                 16 oz …. $1.50            out to the Post and get                    Coffee or Tea ........................... $1.00
Soft drinks 8 oz…$0.75 16 oz …$1.00                                                                    Milk - 8 oz - $1.00 or 16 oz ..... $1.50
                                                           acquainted! Be ready to                     Juice - 8 oz - $1.00 or 16 oz ... $1.50
                                                           support their programs!                       (Cranberry, Grapefruit, Orange, Tomato)
                                                                                                       Soft drinks–8oz..$0.75 / 16oz .. $1.00
Quartermaster’s                                                                        From Your
Remarks                                                                             Canteen Manager

Greetings, Veterans and Auxiliary Members of Linn           Happy June everyone!
Post 584,
                                                            The canteen is going strong, and we are rearing to
It took longer than I had hoped but our Post is now         go for a new summer of fun and games. We’re
100% for the sixth year in a row! So all of you out         interviewing new staff to gear up for all the excite-
there who have paid your dues (thank you) and all           ment and we are planning some great upcoming
of you who recruited new members, you’re hard               events! We’ve got some groups coming in this
work paid off. Thank you, also! We had a good               month. Let’s show them how much fun we have
recruiting month and have added five new mem-               here at the post.
bers to our Post.                                               One example of this is the Post Picnic that is
     Thomas Biernat is a Vietnam veteran, US Navy;          coming up in August. Tickets are now on sale.
Ronald McDonald is also a Vietnam veteran, US               Please remember to ask your friendly bartender or
Marines; Jim Munger, US Army served in South-               talk to the quartermaster or me! The Picnic is on
west Asia; and Roger Shafer Jr. US Army served in           August 7th, so book it up on your calendars now!
Iraq.                                                       We’re going to have raffles, games and prizes and
     Also, VFW Post 640 in Corvallis has had to             some mouth watering BBQ!
close and is in the process of merging with our                 On a business note, beer prices are going up.
Post. So we want to welcome several recent                  Not by much folks! It’s just that all of our distributors
transfers from there: Robert Ringo, Richard Mckee,          have raised their prices, so we have to raise ours
Edward Machida, Grant Lindsay, and Robert                   as well. Prices are going up 25 cents a beer (glass,
Snyder have joined us. A big welcome to all of you          bottle, can) after the first of June. See, that didn’t
and we hope to see at the Post from time to time.           hurt too much, did it?
     We have several activities in the works                    You may have heard that one of the kitchen
including a Luau in July and the annual Post Picnic         freezers pooped out on us. Again, we are asking for
in August. We are going to need members to help             your help to purchase a new or a good used one.
sell tickets to pay for the costs of putting on a           Thanks, in advance.
Picnic. Any bartender can check out as many                     Have a great month, God Bless America, and
tickets as you would like, and they can be sold             pray for our troops.
anywhere. There are cash prizes as well as the
                                                            Dan Jackson
prizes that will be on display in the Post along with
the VFW and AmVet Auxiliary raffles.
     Another event that I believe is a first is that
Portland wrestling is coming to Post 584! It is                                           In Memoriam
scheduled for August 15th. This will be an outdoor
venue and will take a lot of planning to make it
work. Let me know if you would like to help. We                      Ardel M. “Del” Pitzer
would like to have some kind of outdoor bleacher
                                                                   14 January 1916 – 20 May 2010
seating so if you know of where we could borrow
some give me a call.                                                    Pear l Har bor Survivor
     We need to submit a plan to OLCC for a fenced                   Life Member VFW Post 584
area next to the smoke palace so we can drink
outside in the back yard. We will need to submit a                Florence E. “Flo” Heinis
drawing to them with the size and type of fence, if                02 March 1027 – 24 May 2010
you would like to have input or help with that                   Long t ime member of the Auxiliary
contact anyone on the House Committee.
Bob Gore, Quartermaster                                              Franklin W. Layman
Home: 503-394-3791 – Cell: 541-974-6936                             No other informat ion received
E-mail –

From Chaplain                                                                       From
   Les Schmidt                                                               Auxiliary President
                                                                                Linda Baker
The Battle of the Flag                                 Hi to all,
                                                            A very big thank you to all of you that brought
A protest raged on a courthouse lawn,                  your cars out to the Post for our first car wash! The
‘Round a makeshift stage they charged on,              weather was perfect and we washed 18 cars and
Fifteen hundred or more they say,                      took in $207.00. Thank you Linda Rose, Sandy
Had come to burn a Flag that day.                      Gore, Tom & Donna Dawson, my husband Glenn
A young boy held up the folded Flag                    and myself. We will be looking forward to seeing
Cursed it, and called it a dirty old rag,              you all at the next car wash on the 12th of June
An Old Man pushed through the angry crowd,             from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
With a rusty shotgun shouldered proud.                      We would like all of you to welcome Jayne
His uniform jacket was old and tight,                  Brown into the Auxiliary, giving us a total of 169
He had polished each button shiny and bright,          members for the year which is up 21 from last year.
He crossed that stage with a soldier’s grace,               The Ladies Auxiliary has been doing fantastic
Until he and the boy stood face to face.               with the dinners on Saturday nights and the bar is
“Freedom of Speech,” the Old Man said,                 doing great also all due to Gaylyn Shay and her
“Is worth dying for – good men are dead,               Karaoke that she brings every Saturday to the Post.
So you can stand on this courthouse lawn,              Come on out for dinner and stay to participate in
And talk us down from dusk to dawn,                    the singing – a lot of fun.
                                                            Bunco was such fun! We had a great turn out
But before any Flag gets burned today,
This Old Man is going to have his say!                 with our husbands joining in on the fun and the
 My father died on a foreign shore,                    Wine Tasting was great. I hope Liz had great sales
In a war they said would end all wars,                 with her Wines as everyone seemed to enjoy it. We
But Tommy and I wasn’t even full grown,                will let everyone know when we will be having
                                                       another Bunco evening or afternoon.
Before we fought in a war of our own.
 And Tommy died on Iwo Jima’s beach,                        We had eight ladies attending the May meeting
In the shadow of a hill he couldn’t quite reach,       with Shirley Bodoh winning the 50/50 of $6.00 and
                                                       giving it back for the Cancer Fund. Debbie Irwin
Where five good men raised this Flag so high,
                                                       took home the door prize. Come on out to the
That the whole damn world could see it fly!
                                                       meetings and maybe you can take home the
“I got this bum leg that I still drag,                 money or the door prize on the 16th of June at 7:00
Fighting for this same old Flag,                       p.m. Come early so you can enjoy the Meatloaf
Now there’s but one shot in this old gun,              dinner we will be serving before the meeting and
So now it’s time to decide which one.                  anyone else who doesn't want to cook that evening
 Which one of you will follow our lead,                and would like to partake in a $5.00 meal. You are
To stand and die for what you believe?                 welcome to join us.
For as sure as there is a rising sun,                       We will be collecting items for our Garage Sale
You’ll burn in Hell ‘fore this Flag burns, son.”       that we will have in August so if you have some-
Now this riot never came to pass,                      thing that is in good shape or in good working order
The crowd got quiet, and that can of gas,              that you don’t want anymore, please bring it to the
Got set aside as they walked away,                     Post and drop it off - we’ll be glad to take it.
To talk about what they had heard this day,                 We hope you plan to attend our Annual Picnic
And the boy who had called it a “dirty old rag,”       the first Saturday of August. The VFW Auxiliary has
Handed the Old Soldier the folded Flag.                asked the Post men’s permission to sell 50/50
So the battle of the Flag this day was won,            tickets on our Saturday night dinners with the
By a tired Old Soldier with a rusty gun,               monies going to help buy prizes for the picnic.
Who for one last time, had to show to some -                The Post is very bad need of a freezer as the
This Flag may fade, but these colors don’t run!        one for the kitchen has passed on to greener
                                                       pastures. They are having to juggle their foods to
Written by Gary Huddleston                             make room to put more food in the freezer in the
Auxiliary room, if anyone knows of someone that                       Our Relay for Life team members are doing well,
has a freezer that is in good working condition and              but we still need several “walkers” to join us. There is
wants to give it away please let us know, I'm sure               a sign-up sheet in the Canteen. If you can walk for at
the Post would like to take it off your hands.                   least one-half hour, that will be great!
    Some of us will be attending the VFW
Convention on June 24 through 26. Jennifer and
Alice will be in the kitchen cooking Burgers for your
                                                                     Call VFW Post 584
Saturday night enjoyment. Hope you will be there!                   at 541-928-7925
    Until next month please keep your prayers                      to report a members’
going out to the young men and women serving in                   illness, hospitalization
Iraq and Afghanistan and their families here at                           or death.             Thinking of You!
home and while you are saying those prayers say
one for our sister Linda Barker who is need of all
our prayers.                                                     Giles tells us that his wife, Barbara Engstrom, is
    PS: Don’t forget to ask me about the Relay for               faithfully doing her therapy and they are ready for a
Life Walk! Yes, we do still need you!                            summer trip!
                                                                 Correction: Carole Meuler did NOT have open
Hospital                                                         heart surgery as reported last month, but she does
                                                                 have a new Pacemaker. She’s back at work and
Chairman Notes                                                   seems to be doing well. We’re all glad to have you
By Shirley Bodoh                                                 back, Carole!
Happy June to Every One!                                                Our prayers go out for all
     Thanks to your cards and calls and prayers                          members whether ill or
following my knee surgery. I’m getting along OK –
mostly!                                                                    at home doing well!
     Our next trip to White City will be for the Fourth of
July Party they have at the hospital. Hope that some
of you can join us as we plan to have a game booth               Come on down for Bunco!
there.                                                               We had a real good crowd of 15 attend our
     If you can’t join us, perhaps you can bake or buy           second Bunco event and we had a lot of fun and
some cookies. One of those items that just do not sit            some great snack foods!
around on the shelf.                                                 Our Bunco Queen was Alice Todd with the
     And we never get too many underwear items.                  most Bunco wins; Glenn Dryden won the most
Always needed. Good clean used men’s clothing is                 games and Roy Poppleton lost the most games.
always welcome. Check your closets and donate what                   The wine tasting was a great success.
you do not wear anymore.                                             We will do this again soon. Watch for flyers at
     Thank you all for your continued help. You know             the Post or give Cynthia H or Linda B a call.
our hospitalized Veterans appreciate all that you do
for them even though they cannot say so personally!
Of course, if you would like to join us for the July 4th         Camping Club
festivities, they will thank you personally!                     By Larry Engom

Cancer Aid and Research                                               We will not have a Campout in June, but we will
With Linda Rose                                                  have a Planning Meeting at the VFW Post on Sun-
                                                                 day, June 27 at 2:00 p.m. for our South Umpqua
    Jeannie McKibben won our Mother’s Day Basket.                trip on July 2, 3 & 4. Dry camp spots have already
Thank you Jeannie, and everyone else, for pur-                   been reserved.
chasing tickets!                                                      Can you answer this Question: How many
    We’ll have a Father’s Day Raffle in June and a               corners inside a ball?
Car Wash on June 12th. And we’ll have lots of stuff
during the Picnic in August. Our Car Washes will
continue each month through September. Watch for
our Avon fund-raisers starting in June.

From the House Committee
We have been informed by the OLCC that we need
to have a fenced in area by our Smoking Palace
that is dedicated as a smoking and drinking area.
Right now, it is not legal to sit at a picnic table
outside the Smoking Palace to enjoy a drink. In fact               Don’t just Count your Years!
we cannot sit outside in our back yard with a drink                 Make your Years Count!
until we acquire a one day permit like we get for our
Post Picnic.                                                      June 01                    Juanita DeFrees
    We are told that we must submit a plan                        June 03                     Richard Adamo
designating a fenced in area outside the Smoking                  June 03                       Gene Duncan
Palace that will be a dedicated smoking and                       June 05                       Linda Duncan
drinking area that children cannot enter. We need                 June 05                     Allen Hornaday
to submit the specific area plan and the kind of                  June 06                         Bea Herbert
fence that we will have. We would like to have you                June 07                Joseph Grant (oops)
members who do sit outside to smoke and have a                    June 09                          Gene Miller
drink help us come up with this plan. We need to do               June 13                      William Haight
this as soon as possible to keep within the law.                  June 15                          Gayle Hess
Once our plan is approved by the OLCC, we can go                  June 17                     Judy Bellanger
ahead with the construction.                                      June 17                   Donna Eshleman
    Contact Bob Gore or Roy Poppleton with your                   June 17                     William Pittman
ideas.                                                            June 18                   Jeffrey Lockwood
                                                                  June 19                      Kevin Granger
                                                                  June 19                      Zachary Wood
The VFW Color Guard Needs You!                                    June 21                     Richard Cairns
                                                                  June 21                    Rick Dominguez
Our Color Guard needs more members and we are                     June 21                  Donald Henderson
asking each of you to consider joining us as we                   June 21                    Shirley Vineyard
conduct funeral services for our deceased mem-                    June 22                      Billy Lancaster
bers and/or any veteran in the community whose                    June 23                           Alice Latta
family requests our services. We also retire old                  June 25                         Robert Kline
worn out flags and dedicate new ones. As soon as                  June 25                           Ray Smith
we get enough people we will be able to have our                  June 26                       Clarette Kiser
own Rifle Squad with seven rifles. Contact Roy                    June 27                            Joe Cook
Poppleton at 541-974-2172 if interested.                          June 28                      Melvin Chaput
                                                                  June 29                   Danny Kihlstroius
                                                                  June 29                     James Mitchell
Note for Veterans who worked with                                 June 29                          Jeffrey Roy
Asbestos                                                          June 29                          Doug Willis
     Good morning. My name is Ben Grayson and I’m                 June 30                       Mathew Cook
the Veteran Liaison for the Mesothelioma Center                   June 30                     Michael Grimes
(; an organization devoted to assisting              If your birthday isn’t listed here it may
veterans through their application processes for VA
                                                                   because you have not written it in the
benefits, and helping them obtain the maximum
benefits for which they are entitled.                                Birthday Book by the front door.
     Countless veterans are currently suffering from
life-threatening illnesses that are a result of exposure       of occupations, ships, and shipyards that could have
to asbestos, a material that was commonly used in              put our veterans at risk for developing asbestos-
hundreds of military applications, products, and ships         related diseases. We have a veterans-specific section
primarily because of its resistance to fire.                   on our website in order to help inform them about the
Unfortunately, asbestos-related diseases are not               dangers of asbestos exposure.
always recognized by the VA.                                       I’m available by E-mail at
     The Mesothelioma Center provides a complete list          Ben Grayson, Veteran Liaison, Mesothelioma Center.
                                                               (407) 965-5755.
                                                           Sunday, June 27 – 1:00 p.m. - Cooties Meeting
Coming Events        May 2010                              followed by visit to Timber View Care Center. All
        Please Save!                                       Cootie members invited to join in the visit! All VFW
                                                           members invited to become a Cootie! Contact Linda
Every Monday @ 6:00 p.m. – Eight-Ball Pool                 Rose, Sandy or Bob Gore for more information.
Tournament - Entry Fee $5.00. Come on down and
                                                           CA&R Car Wash. July 17, August 14, September
join us! Lady Pool Players welcome!
                                                           18 & possibly October.
Every Monday Evening – VFW Auxiliary Dinner will
                                                           Sunday, July 4 – Independence Day Holiday!
be available from 5 to 7 p.m. (Or as long as we
have hungry people and the food holds out!) See            Events at other nearby places
menu at **
                                                           June 17–19 – 11th Annual Oregon Divisional
Every Tuesday @ 5:30 p.m. – The Cribbage group
                                                           Chainsaw Sculpting Championships, Reedsport.
meets for fun and games.
                                                           Info: 503-717-1914 or
Wednesday, June 02 – 6:00 p.m. – AmVet Post
                                                           June 24, 25, 26 – VFW Convention.
and Auxiliary meetings.
                                                           June 26–27 – Summer Kite Festival – Lincoln City.
Thursday, June 03 – KWVA Luncheon Meeting –
                                                           Info: 1-800-452-2151 or
1:00 p.m.
                                                           June 26-27 – Dairy Parade & Rodeo – Tillamook.
Thursday, June 03 – VCA Meeting – 6:00 p.m.
                                                           Info: 503-842-7525 or
Everyone invited to attend.
                                                           July 23, 24, 25 - Jefferson Mint Festival – Jefferson.
Friday, June 4 – 7:30 p.m. – Joint Installation of
Officers. Have dinner and stay for the program!            See your Park & Recreation Activity Booklet on
                                                           various classes, Monday concerts, Rivers Rivers,
Saturday – June 05, 12, 19, 26 - 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. –
Albany’s Saturday Farmers Market – Downtown @
4th & Ellsworth.                                           Saturday, August 7 – Annual Post Picnic! Mark the
                                                           date on your calendar now! Tickets are currently on
Tuesday, June 08 –DAV & Auxiliary Lunch at 11:30
with Meeting to follow about 12:15.
                                                           August 20, 21, 22 – Willamette Country Music
Saturday, June 12 – 1:00 p.m. – OVMA Meeting.
                                                           Festival in Brownsville. For more information go to
Saturday, June 12 – CA & R Carwash – 10:00 a.m.  
to 5:00 p.m.
Sunday, June 13 – Noon – Officers Meeting. VFW,                    Birthday Dinner Coupon
Am Vets, KWVA & DAV officers invited to attend               Paid up VFW Post 584 & Aux Members Only
and share their plans.                                     Bring this coupon to the Post on any Saturday
Monday, June 14 – House Committee Meeting –                evening in your birth month and receive a free dinner
3:00 p.m. **Note new time!**                               (up to $6.00). You must fill out this card; show you’re
                                                           paid up membership card and driver’s license or other
Monday, June 14 – Flag Day. Don’t forget to fly            ID showing your birth date in order to receive this
your American Flag!                                        discount.
Wednesday, June 16 – VFW Post & Auxiliary Meet-            Name
ings – 7:00 p.m. The VFW Auxiliary will serve
Meatloaf for $5.00 each from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.             Address

Monday, June 21 - Deadline for news articles for The       City/State/Zip
OutPost!                                                   Phone
Friday, June 25 – Prepare newsletter for mailing –         Birthdate
11:00 a.m.

       June                                                                  Fly the Flag
                                                                                                           Linn VFW
       2010                                                               * halfstaff ‘til Noon
                                                                         ** halfstaff ‘til sunset
                                                                                                           Post 584
Sunday            Monday             Tuesday              Wednesday          Thursday               Friday           Saturday
                                     1                    2                  3                      4 – Dinner       5 – Dinner
    Friends, you and me. You                                                                        5:30 – 7:30      5:30 – 7:30
                                       Many people
 brought another friend and then
                                     will walk in and                                                  If a turtle   The older we
there were three. We started our
                                      out of your life,                            KWVA             doesn’t have a   get, the fewer
 group, our circle of friends. And
                                        but only true          AmVets             1:00 pm             shell, is he    things seem
    like that circle, there is no
                                         friends will          6:00 pm                               homeless or     worth waiting
   beginning, there is no end.
                                     leave footprints                                                   naked?         in line for.
                                       in your heart!                           VCA 6 pm
6 – Breakfast     7                  8                    9                  10                     11 – Dinner      12 – Dinner
9:00 – Noon                                               You know you                              5:30 – 7:30      5:30 – 7:30
                       How is it                                               If you don’t                           American Cold
                                                          are getting old
                      possible to                                             have a sense                            War Veterans
 D-Day 1944                                                    when
                      have a civil                                            of humor, you                          (Sep ’45 - Dec ‘91)
                         war?        DAV Meeting                              probably don’t
                                                          either dries up
                                     Lunch 11:30                                 have any
                                                             or leaks.                                               OVMA Meeting
                                     Meeting 12:15                             sense at all.
                                                                                                                         1:00 pm
                       6:00 PM
13 – Breakfast    14                 15                   16                 17                     18 – Dinner      19 – Dinner
9:00 – Noon                            How come it                                                  5:30 – 7:30      5:30 – 7:30
                      **                                                      A good time to
                                      takes so little
                   F l ag D a y                                                 keep your                             It’s not hard
                                     time for a child                                                There are no
                     Hous e                                                   mouth shut is                              to meet
  Officers                           who is afraid of                                                new sins; the
                  Comm itt ee                                                 when you’re in                           expenses,
     Mtg                                the dark to                                                  old ones just
                   3:00 pm                                                     deep water.                               they are
    Noon                                 become a                                                      get more
                                      teenager who                                                     publicity.
                       6:00 PM        wants to stay       VFW 7:00pm
                                       out all night?
20 – Breakfast    21                 22                   23                 24                     25 – Dinner      26 – Dinner
9:00 – Noon            1 Day of                                                                     5:30 – 7:30      5:30 – 7:30
                                      No one ever           Some days         If you’re living
  Father’s                           says “It’s only      you’re the dog;      on the edge,           Prepare
                    Deadline for     a game” when           some days            make sure          Newsletter for
   Day            “Outpost” News      their team is         you’re the        you’re wearing          Mailing
                                        winning.             hydrant.         your seat belt.        11:00 AM

                       6:00 PM
27 – Breakfast    28                 29                   30
                                                                                  Monday Night Pool Dinners - $5.00 each
9:00 – Noon
                    Would a fly      Never take life        If a parsley
                   without wings       seriously.         farmer is sued,    June 7: Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwich
                    be called a       Nobody gets             can they          with Macaroni Salad
                       walk?           out alive.           garnish his      June 14: Polish Dog with Cole Slaw
                                                               wages?        June 21: Chef Salad with Croutons and
                                                                                Dressing of your Choice
  Co ot i es
                       6:00 PM                                               June 28: French Dip Sandwich
  1:00 p.m.
On Father’s Day, roses are left at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington, DC in tribute to those
who have served and sacrificed. Red for those killed in action in Vietnam; Yellow for those who remain
missing; and White for those who have died during the War on Terror. More than 28 years after its dedication,
the Memorial Wall remains one of the most visited in the Nation’s capital with millions of visitors annually.

                  Linn VFW Post 584                             J UNE 2010                          Non-Profit Org.
                                                                                                   U.S. Postage Paid
                  1469 Timber St SE                                                                Albany, OR 97321
                                             In God we Trust               Support our Troops
                  Albany, OR 97322-7059                                                             Permit No. 98

Re tur n Ser v ic e R eq u e s te d

THE OUTPOST is a monthly pub-                                  The Flag Speaks
lication of Linn Post 584, District
14 of the Department of Oregon,       Born during the nation’s infancy, I have grown with it, my stars increasing
Veterans of Foreign Wars. Linn        in number the domain over which I wave, expanding until the sun on my
VFW Post 584 is located at 1469       flying folds never sets.
Timber St SE, Albany, OR 97322,
                                      Filled with significance are my colors of red, white and blue, into which
Phone 541-928-7925. The infor-
                                      have been woven the strength and courage of American manhood, the
mation contained herein is of in-
                                      love and loyalty of American womanhood.
terest to members of VFW Post
584 and it’s Auxiliary, to indi-      Stirring are the stories of my stars and stripes:
viduals who have served in the
Armed Forces of the United States         I represent the Declaration of Independence.
and to their widows and children.         I stand for the Constitution of the United States.
VFW Post 584 is a non-profit              I reflect the wealth and grandeur of this great Land of Opportunity.
veteran’s organization that is            I signify the Law of the Land.
supported by its membership.              I tell the achievements and progress of the American people in art
Comments and/or suggestions               and science, culture and literature, invention and commerce, trade
regarding THE OUTPOST should be           and industry.
directed to Post Commander,               I stand for peace and good will among the nations of the world.
Steve Pecheos, or Post Quarter-           I believe in tolerance.
master, Bob Gore. News articles           I am the badge of the Nation’s greatness, and the emblem of it’s
of interest to our members can be         Destiny.
placed in the OUTPOST mailbox at          Threaten me and millions will spring to my defense.
the Post or given to Jackie                                 I am the American Flag!


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