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					Moroccan Tribal Rugs

There are a lot of things to consider when redecorating a home.
One of the more overlooked areas is the floor. Rugs are a great
way to add interesting textures and colors to the room. Most
people forget about the floor when decorating, even though it
can be one of the most interesting areas of the room.
For thousands of years, rugs have been one of the key ways to
decorate. Tribal rugs aren't just for decoration, but also
represent the culture of the region they're from. They can add
an    elegance    to   the    room    that  can't  be    denied.

One of the best cultures for tribal rugs is Morocco. Morocco has
one of the oldest cultures in the world. Situated in Northern
Africa, this country has been around for thousands of years.
The culture has grown there and become very entrenched in
tradition. One of their main traditions is their Morocco tribal
rugs. Their style reflects their surroundings, mimicking the heat
and colors of the desert. Most of the population of Morocco
consists of Arabs and Berbers ( the indegenous inhabitans of
morocco ) . The tribal rugs reflect their tradition and culture.

The ancient secrets of how Moroccan tribal rugs are made have
been passed down through many generations for the past
thousands of years. How they make the tribal rugs today is how
they made them from the beginning. This is one of the reasons
why Morocco tribal rugs are so special. They are an authentic
representation of an ancient culture and tradition. Each rug is
woven by hand by experts in the tradition using a loom and
natural                      wool                        fibers.

The creation of the tribal rugs isn't the only part that has to do
with tradition. How the rugs are used is also a part of the

Moroccan tribal rugs are often given as gifts, especially to
royalty or to people of a higher social class. They are also given
as a traditional wedding gift. There are more practical uses,
too. Almost every room in every home in Morocco will have a
tribal rug splayed across the floor. This is how they represent a
part       of     their      culture       in     the      home.

So what makes tribal rugs so special? Apart from the culture,
another thing that sets Morocco tribal rugs apart is the style.
Their rugs have a specific flavor to them. Most of the rugs are
of desert themed colors. They often have red, yellow, brown,
orange or white. There's also something special in the patterns
of the rugs. The patterns often depict geometric designs such
as diamonds and argyle. Stripes are a little less common, but
still a part of what makes the tribal rugs special. Some even
have a zig zag design. The vast majority of rugs made in
Morocco are of an elongated rectangle shape. They rarely stray
from               this              design              shape.

Although the majesty of Moroccan rugs is apparent in the
country they're made, they have since spread to many other
countries. These tribal rugs are now used even in American
homes. Rug stores often sell Moroccan rugs, although they are
sometimes only an imitation. The best bet is to buy them on
the Internet. There are specialty websites that specialize only in
tribal rugs. Some major sites that sell these tribal rugs are E- and The rugs can go for as low
as      $250     and     as      high    as      over      $1000.

If you choose to have this type of decoration, don't forget about
the culture that brought it into favor. Not only will a home look
much more stylish, it will also have a tribal Moroccan flavor that
is unmistakable. A home with such hand made tribal rugs will
feel warm and cozy with the brown, red, and yellow colored
geometric                                                 designs.

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