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									All About Automobile Detailing

Automotive detailing is a relatively new term used for an age-old concept of looking into specific intricate
details of a vehicle, including both its external appearance and the working of its engine. Auto dealerships
and detailing shops specialize in automotive detailing, as it happens to be one of the most important jobs for
the success of their business. The detailer has to look into the minutest flaws and malfunctioning of a vehicle
as he prepares it for a sale display or gets it ready for delivery to a customer. The exterior is what makes or
mars a sale, as the customer forms his first impression on the basis of appearance.

Automotive dealers try their best to engage good automotive detailers. As they themselves are well versed
with the intricate details, they also know what specific things a bad detailer may not notice. Failure to act on
them is very likely to affect the retail value of the vehicle. Fine points like door jamming, window sealing
and clean engines all reveal the pains taken by the detailer. This is even more true in the case of used cars
that are on offer for a second hand sale, and a potential customer will never pick up a second hand car that
has not been detailed well.

Used cars are bound to have stains on upholstery and carpets looking dirty. If not cleaned well, they might
bring down the resale price of the vehicle. There are plenty of products available in the market that can clean
to perfection and avoid this problem. Tobacco odors from a smoker's car can be removed completely with
the help of ionizers, which need to be placed in vehicles for sometime.

Automotive detailers also need to know what to use and what not to while they go about checking cars.
Mitts or other equipment that can scratch the car are to be avoided as they could damage the surface with
scratches or fade the paint color.

Salesmen for automotive detailing products need to be organized in their work. Customers dealing with
them can get to know their level of competence from the way in which they function. If they are methodical
and meticulous, the customer begins to feel comfortable, and will proceed with the purchase of a vehicle
from them. A messy unclean detailer would give a bad impression to the customer who might walk out to
another dealer.

Automotive detailers have to be cautious about their tools and equipment. They need soft bristled brushes
for vents, special brushes for wheels and tires and so on. Efficiency has increased ever since manufacturers
have started the color-coding process to differentiate between brushes for specific functions, which prevents
choice of the wrong brush. The same could be done for cleaning liquids so that the no part of the car is

A good automotive detailer would check a small thing like wiper blades as well and replace them at a lower
cost than an outside mechanic.

The big challenge for detailers is preparing new vehicles for customers. Shipped in from factories, they are
coated with dust and grime, some of which might have even penetrated the engine. Besides the cleaning
process, dealers are expected to complete another list of small jobs specified by the manufacturers, like
setting clocks and radios to local ranges, adding oils, and test driving to check proper functioning of all

Automotive detailing is a tough job suited for those with an eye for detail. Their work affects the success of
vehicle dealerships.

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