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									OsCommerce Experts Start Offering OsCommerce Mobile
Ecommerce Development
    Prominent name in the web development world OsCommerce Experts recently announced a
       new addition to its OsCommerce services and that is OsCommerce mobile ecommerce

Just a couple of weeks ago OsCommerce Experts, a well known name in the web development
fraternity started offering OsCommerce mobile ecommerce development in an attempt to
uniquely use the platform and give clients some thing more to relish. We came to know about it
from its website which now has a brand new page for mobile ecommerce development with
the “New” text flashing on its right. Link to this new page can be found on the top of the page
just above the banner.

Visit the page and the banner for OsCommerce mobile ecommerce development is sure to catch
one’s attention. In these times of tough competition companies cannot afford to concentrate
less on the very promising mobile market. If facts about mobile internet usage and the number
of people using it to make purchases are to be believed then mobile will soon emerge to
dominate even desktop internet usage. OsCommerce Experts have rightly pointed out some
facts about mobile ecommerce development to emphasize the need for companies to have a
mobile friendly website.

Among the services offered by the company we can see the mention of Mobile CRM
Development, mCommerce Theme Design and Development, Mobile Shopping Cart Design,
Development and Integration, Mobile e-booking Sites, Mobile Commerce Application
Development and mCommerce Website Development. Inclusion of so many different mobile
development services suggest that the company has thought about it in greater depths before
compiling all that it can offer to its clients to help them enhance their mobile performance.

Apart from all the generic benefits of hiring an OsCommerce mobile ecommerce development
company OsCommerce Experts promises to offer something more to its clients. As quoted from
the website it promises “to deliver ecommerce mobile website development services that will
help its clients share a greater chunk of mobile internet users.” Considering company’s previous
work records, it can be said that OsCommerce Experts will be able to do justice even with this
new era of service offerings.

If you want to know more about mobile ecommerce development then visit:

Contact US:
URL: http://www.oscommerceexperts.com
Ph: +91 79 26561837 | +91-79-40074331
Add: 11th Floor, Samudra Annexe,
Off C.G.Road, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad-380009 Gujarat, INDIA.
E-mail: info@oscommerceexperts.com

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