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									Talking Technology and
                                                      Tom Parker
                                                UTFS Chair, BART

        State-of-the-State Update on U.S. Fare Collection
                                      December 8, 2005

    Public Transportation: Getting Down to Business           1
• Guiding Principles of UTFS development effort

• Provide current status on the four UTFS work packages

• IP Policy

• Current standard activities

• Review of Schedule

• Review of Next Steps

               Public Transportation: Getting Down to Business   2
                 Guiding Principles

 Promote economies of scale for agencies and enable more
  competitive procurements

 Provide a platform to support agency independence and vendor

 Strive for an open architecture environment for hardware and
  software utilizing commercially available products

 Foster development for a multi-modal and multi-application

 Provide information for informed decisions and development of
  partnership strategies

               Public Transportation: Getting Down to Business    3
              Mission Statement

• To develop a series of documents that provides
  industry guidance for the creation of an open
  architecture environment that promotes greater
  access and convenience to the public transportation
  network and enables integration of independent
  payment systems.

            Public Transportation: Getting Down to Business   4

                               UTFS Task Force Leadership
                                    Tom Parker, BART
                               Members: Committee Chairs
                          APTA Program Mgrs, APTA RMC Reps

    Fare Media        Financial Management             Operations         Special Industry
    Committee               Committee                  Committee             Liaisons
Chair: Henry Rosen,    Chair: Chung-Chung           Chair: Carol Wise,    Greg Garback,
      PATH                  Tam, CTA                        COTA             WMAMA
  Vice Chair: Joe     Vice Char: Rick Barrett      Vice Chair: Marybeth    Bob Bernard,
     Simonetti           Quattran Assoc            Cobleigh-Beal, CTA        PANYNJ

 The idea was to develop an architecture to allow interoperability
  not only at the regional level, but also at the device level

 Agencies and vendors met in New York in November 2004 to
  agree on a mutually acceptable architecture

 The goals and objectives of the meeting were to develop a
  standard architecture applicable to any system design

 The two groups agreed on a mutually acceptable solution

                Public Transportation: Getting Down to Business       6

      WP4                                XML

WP3                     Local

      ISO 14443

Work Package 1
      ( Smartcard )

 • Card File Structure

 • Data Format

 • Data Elements

 • Made card ISO 14443 compliant

 • Incorporated ISO 7816 into ISO 14443

 • Agreed upon on a APDU

Public Transportation: Getting Down to Business   8
                Work Package 3
       ( System Security Framework )

• Not a standard, only a guideline

• AFC System Security Framework
   • Point-to-point (inclusive of Card and device security)
   • End-to-End
   • System-to-System

                Public Transportation: Getting Down to Business   9
              Work Package 4
           (Clearinghouse Interface)

• Back Office Messages
• Back Office Messaging Formats
• Card data elements and structure management guidelines
• Data structure
• Technical Implementation Specification
• Flexible message object set compatible with RIS/WP1 card data
• Flexible message object set with capability to be expanded to
  accommodate alternative card data formats
• WP 4+ requirements addressed by implementation of flexible
  message object set

               Public Transportation: Getting Down to Business   10
Current Standards Activities
• Develop Smartcard specifications for
• Develop Clearinghouse Interface
  specifications for interoperability
• Issue Guidelines
   • Magnetic Stripe cards
   • Procurements
   • Security                                                 $
            Public Transportation: Getting Down to Business       11
                            IP Policy

        • An intellectual policy could never be established because the
          vendors were unsure about the design that supported royalty-
          free IP
        • 70+ agencies and vendors were invited for a meeting in New
          York where an architecture for this policy was agreed upon. The
          basis of this agreement was a royalty-free intellectual policy.

        • UTFS Task Force voted to implement IP on June 3rd
          • Signed Acknowledgement Letter was due October 17, 2005 for
             continued or new development involvement in UTFS
              • Rail CEO’s Steering Committee ratify IP policy
              • 30 day period for organizations to submit Letter of
We are here  • IP Policy training

                      Public Transportation: Getting Down to Business     12
                       Short Term Schedule

                                                    Type of             Status/Estimated
               Deliverable                          Document            Completion Date

Initiate Security Standard Development             Standard                 Completed

Initiate Magnetic Stripe Development               Standard                 Completed
Initiate Conformance Testing Procedure             Procedure                Completed
Operations Business Model Architecture             Guideline                December 2005
Release Smartcard and Clearinghouse                Standard                 January 2006
Issue Complete Standard                            Standard             March 2006
Initiate Limited Use Specification                 Standard             September 2006
Fare Collection System Interface Spec              Standard             Spring 2006

                          Public Transportation: Getting Down to Business                  13
                       Long Term Schedule

                                                  Type of              Status/Estimated
              Deliverable                         Document             Completion Date

Fare Collection System Business
                                                   Guideline           Complete
Trends in Electronic Fare Media                    Research            Complete
IP Policy, Bylaws Update and Scope                 Bylaws              Complete
Security Guideline                                 Guideline           Under review
Magnetic Fare Media Guideline                      Guideline           Needs a re-ballot
Farecard Procurement Procedures                    Guideline           Needs a re-ballot
Integration with TCIP                              Agreement           TBD

                         Public Transportation: Getting Down to Business              14
                     Next Steps

• The guidelines and standards are on-going:
   • IP training needs to be done
   • A method needs to be developed to test, maintain and verify
     the standards
   • Availability of control process for certification
   • Outreach to inform agencies about the guidelines and
   • Initiate magnetic stripe standard development
• Writing a security standard consistent with interoperability needs
  • Complexity of security approaches
  • Technical support from Transportation Council of Smart
     Card Alliance
• Complete remaining items from schedule

                Public Transportation: Getting Down to Business   15
     Contact Information
• Tom Parker
  (510) 287-4919

• Martin Schroeder
  (202) 496-4885

           Public Transportation: Getting Down to Business   16

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