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					                        Chap Connections
                         Connecting Westlake Parents, Community and Students
                                                                                September 2010

A Letter from the Principal

September, 2010

Dear Chaps’ Families,

Another school year has begun for Westlake High School, and once again, we have earned an
Exemplary ranking from TEA. We have about 2, 560 students this year, and I believe that
this is the largest number we have ever had. We have welcomed about 175 new students to
our Westlake community.

We are continuing to focus on rigor, relevance, and relationships, as we believe that these are
the foundations to academic success here and in the world of college and work. In addition,
our staff is engaging in a year-long study of the instruction/assessment process in our
classes. While we know that assessments are often summative and a test of what a student
has learned, we want to also explore how different forms of assessment inform student
learning and teaching.

The fall semester can be stressful for students, particularly when the first grades of the
semester are posted. One of the reasons for ranking only the top 10% of our students is to
relieve some of the pressure on our students and to help them focus on learning as much or
more than they focus on the grades they receive. As a staff, we value those moments when
growth occurs in the classroom and we have stretched our students to think independently
and critically. While there is certainly a place for memorization of facts and building that
foundation of knowledge and skills, critical thinking is equally important.      I encourage
everyone to expect and be patient with the fact that learning is a process and that it is okay
not to succeed right away.

We also want our students to develop a strong sense of confidence by becoming self-advocates
in dealing with teachers and staff. My staff and I value opportunities to work with our
students and to assist them through this process. We want our students to be prepared to
express themselves to their future university professors and/or employers by articulating
their concerns and needs. I encourage you to support us in this goal.
Our website has a master calendar with information on upcoming activities
( I hope to see you at a Westlake event in the future!


Linda Rawlings

Principal, Westlake High School
               From the Westlake PTO Presidents…..

                                                                               August 16, 2010
Dear Westlake Parents and Staff,

We want your involvement and need your help – please join the Westlake High School
PTO! Thanks to all of you who are Lifetime Members or have already signed up for a 1
year membership!

          100% of your membership dues stay at Westlake High School and directly
           benefits students and teachers
          During the 2009-2010 school year Westlake High School PTO gave almost
           $59,000 to our classrooms, community, campus and student organizations.
          We were also able to give $7,000 in student scholarships.

PTO on-line Membership Payment and Mail in Membership and Volunteer Information
Forms can be found at our PTO website Options include:

             $25 Family membership for the 2010-2011 school year
             $125 Lifetime family membership
             $2 Annual Teacher Membership

Please give another GRAND thank you to Susan Demel for creating and distributing
Student Planners! Margaret Baldree, Judy French, Sheri Miller and Wanda Reetz are
working hard this summer to create our Directory! Chip Graves and Vaughn Brock have
been busy running and organizing Concessions! So much has already been done this
summer! Thanks to all of our hard working Committee Chairs! We appreciate you!

A BIG thank you to all the wonderful ladies who came out to help stuff 2500 packets for
packet pick up. The counselors said it was the best turn out ever and made their day so
much better!! We can’t thank you enough!

      Betsy Kirksey       Kathy Schwartz     Sharon McCollum     Polly Crowell
      Joan King           Annette Paape      Jeri Brock          Lisa Janssen
      Christie Bybee      Ginny Jones        Sheri Miller        Jan Dwyer
      Margaret Baldree    Ellen Maynard      Ann Finley          Mary Ellen Golden
      Ann Finley

*If you are interested and willing to bring your time, talents or skills to PTO please e-mail
us We would love to hear from you!

GO CHAPS! Grace and Joe Mansour Co-PTO Presidents
                         Homecoming 2010 MUMS!
                Westlake Homecoming is October 29 - WHS vs. Akins
    Mums are for everyone: Dates, Friends, Siblings, Daughters, Sons, Parents, Teachers and Spouses!
       This is a huge fundraiser for the WHS PTO and buying a mum benefits all students at WHS!
Mums will be available for pick up starting October 25th in the Mum Room (341). Sorry, but we cannot deliver.
                               Order by October 1st and receive a discount!

Person placing mum order: ___________________________________________________________

Cell #____________________Home #____________________ Email_________________________

                                                                                                   Discount if
             MUM                                    Recipient (For)                     Type       ordered by      COST
                                                                                                     Oct. 1
  ___ Traditional Mum $40          Name to be put on mum ribbon:                      mum is          -$10
                                                                                      for:        (Traditional,
  ___ Double Mum $75               _____________________________________                            Double)       $_______
  ___ Mini Mum $30                 Grade ________                                                      Or
  ___ Armband $15                  Trinkets are available for decorating                              -$5
                                   Traditional, Double and Mini mums. Circle          Family       (Armband,
  ___ Wrist Corsage   (no name)    school groups/activities:                                         Wrist,
  $20                              Band Baseball Basketball Cheer Choir Color         Other:         Mini)
                                   Guard Dance Football Golf Lacrosse NHS
                                   Orchestra Soccer Softball Swimming Tennis
                                   Theater Track VBall XCountry

  ___ Traditional Mum $40          Name to be put on mum ribbon:                      mum is          -$10
                                                                                      for:        (Traditional,
  ___ Double Mum $75               _____________________________________                            Double)       $_______
  ___ Mini Mum $30                 Grade ________                                                      Or
  ___ Armband $15                  Trinkets are available for decorating                              -$5
                                   Traditional, Double and Mini mums. Circle          Family       (Armband,
  ___ Wrist Corsage   (no name)    school groups/activities:                                         Wrist,
  $20                              Band Baseball Basketball Cheer Choir Color         Other:         Mini)
                                   Guard Dance Football Golf Lacrosse NHS
                                   Orchestra Soccer Softball Swimming Tennis
                                   Theater Track VBall XCountry

If ordering more than 2 mums, please attach another form.                                         TOTAL $ ________
Additional forms are available on the WHS website or in the Mum room (???)

Please make checks payable to: Westlake PTO
Drop off form and payment                            OR        Mail to:     WHS Mums
in Mum Room (341) or in WHS Mailroom                                        4100 Westbank Drive, Austin TX 78746

                            Questions? Call Betsy Kirksey (413-5193) or come see us in the Mum Room!

                  Thank you for supporting the Westlake PTO!
                           A ll A bout Mum s!
                                 Who are mums for?
                          Buy a traditional mum for a date, a friend, a mom, grandmother or aunt. A traditional
Traditional mums          mum is up to 32” long, with a big white flower, and lots of ribbons and trinkets. The girls
                          wear them pinned to their shoulder or to a belt loop.
                          Same as the above, just more of it! Two flowers, more trinkets, more ribbon - we live in
Double mums
                          Texas so bigger is better!
                          Also referred to as Little Sis mums, often bought for younger sisters in middle and
                          elementary school, can also be given to friends, moms, g’moms, and aunts. These are
Mini mums
                          smaller versions of the traditional mum— smaller flower, shorter ribbons, but just as big
                          on spirit!
                          For moms, sisters, aunts, anyone who wants to celebrate but doesn't want a full-blown
Armbands                  Senior girls buy these for their football players, girls also buy these for their dates and
                          boyfriends, or anyone can buy one for a male friend, teacher, and relative

                                           Mum Basics
Who buys mums?      Anyone can buy a mum; boys will buy a mum for a girlfriend and for a homecoming dance
                    date; friends can buy each other mums, parents buy them for daughters (armbands for
When do you order a You can order a mum anytime up until three days prior to the homecoming game (Oct. 29,
mum?                2010). If you order your mum prior to Oct. 1, you can get a discount!
How do you order a Use this form, pick one up at room 341, or download one from the WHS website, fill it out
mum?                and bring the form and your check/cash to room 341 during school hours or mail it to
                    WHS-Mums, 4100 Westbank Dr. Austin, TX 78746.
Where and when do Room 341; Pick the mum up the week of the homecoming game, and no later than the
you pick up the     Thursday before the game. That gives you time to present your mum to the wearer before
mum?                or on Friday morning! Also, if there happens to be a problem, it gives us time to fix it!

Why do the mums           Mums are personalized to reflect the wearer; their name is put on one of the ribbons and
look a little different   other ribbons and trinkets (jewelry!) are added that are personal to that person’s activities
from each other?          and grade level.
When do you wear          Everyone wears their mum to school on the day of the homecoming game. Some wear
the mum?                  them to the game, some do not.

                                           Mum Money
Why should you            The mum moms are a committee of the WHS PTO, and all of the profits from our mum
order a mum from          sales go straight back into the PTO and WHS. Our prices are much better than other sellers
the “mum moms”?           and cheaper than you can make on your own!

                                 Mum Opportunities
Can you be a “mum         We welcome all volunteers in the mum room! You don’t need any special skills, and there’s
mom”?                     always work to be done and conversation to be had. Come by the mum room 341, or call
                          Betsy Kirksey at 413-5193.

                 Attention WHS Students
          ~~~ Organization is essential to success in high school ~~~~

Purchase your Westlake High School Student Planner and be prepared for a
                      successful year in 2010-2011.
                    The WHS Planner is a 7” x 9” spiral bound calendar booklet.
              It’s an all-in-one tool for keeping up with all the information you need.

                                   Pre-printed information includes:

                     School Administrative directory               Bell schedule
                     Campus maps                                   August to August calendar
                     School holidays                               TAKs Testing dates
                     Fall Activity Schedule                        Web sites and more!

     The week-at-a-glance format has room for students to note assignments, test dates
 and personal appointments. Available school related events are pre-printed here as well. In
       addition, a month at a glance is also included for scheduling long term plans!!

      Parents, keep up with your students’ schedules with your own WHS Student Planner!

 You can pick up your planner in the front office of the high school or the councilor's office in the NGC.

                 Planner's are $12.00 and checks should be made payable to WHS PTO.

         Westlake High School Lacrosse
The Girls and Boys High School Lacrosse teams will hold a Rally Night for parents and
players interested in participating in the 2010-2011 lacrosse season on Sept. 22nd, 2010
from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at the WHS Performing Arts Center. On line registration and
information on lacrosse for players of all ages can be found at
Rally Night is an opportunity to learn more about the upcoming season, meet the coaches
and buy lacrosse spirit wear.

Westlake High School Girls Lacrosse will be directed again this year by UT Women's
Lacrosse coach Brandie Leach. Leach, a competitor at the international level in Women's
Lacrosse, is returning for her second year as Director of Westlake High School Women’s
Lacrosse. She led the Lady Chaps in a 10-4 season last spring. The team missed a final bid
to compete in the State Lacrosse Tournament in a hard-fought District play-off battle
against Cedar Park that ended after three overtimes. Under Leach's leadership, the
University of Texas Lady Longhorns Lacrosse team has competed in the National Club
Lacrosse Championship Tournament in both of the past two years. As leader of both the
UT and Westlake lacrosse programs, Leach finds opportunities to engage her collegiate
level players as coaches and assistant coaches for the middle school and high school
teams. This fall Leach is welcoming two 2010 Westlake graduates to her Lady Longhorn's
team, and hopes this important connection between the UT and Westlake teams can
continue and grow in the future.

With a Junior Varsity and Varsity team, the program is open to both experienced and
inexperienced players. Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports in the nation.
Westlake competes with Austin area public and private high schools through the Central
District Texas High School Girls Lacrosse League. Fall practices for the high school girls
team begin in October learn more at the Rally Night, and don't forget to visit our website,

The Westlake High School Boys Lacrosse program is returning a strong nucleus of players
from the team that made it to the state regional playoffs this past season. Head Coach Evan
Whelchel returns for his second season at the helm of the program. Coach Whelchel
employs an up-tempo and high intensity game plan that demonstrates why lacrosse is
called "the fastest sport on two feet". The Westlake High School Boys Lacrosse program
also competes in-district with teams here from the Central Texas area and then augments
that with games with teams from the Houston and Dallas areas.

The growing popularity of this sport is recognized by Whelchel and his coaching staff and
players at all levels of experience are welcome and encouraged to participate. Registration
information may be found at the website listed below.

The Westlake High School Girls and Boys Lacrosse Clubs will host a joint car wash
fundraiser on Saturday, October 16th from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Valley View Elementary
School. The Westlake High School Girls and Boys Lacrosse Clubs are both a part of the
Westlake Lacrosse Association, which also includes opportunities for young students to
play. Learn more about Westlake lacrosse at

Westlake’s athletic programs have achieved national recognition in
recent years, not only for Westlake graduates who have become highly
regarded professional athletes like Drew Brees or Houston Street, but
also through colleges across the nation recognizing our youth.
          Westlake has become synonymous with excellence,
                      and it didn’t just happen.
The success we enjoy became possible through your commitment to
excellence and expectation to be the best.

The Chap Club provides support needed to maintain our commitment to
excellence in athletics. By supporting the Chap Club, you support ALL
Westlake athletics by providing items recommended by the coaches that
cannot be funded through our school budget. These additional
expenditures are essential to a successful program. Ask a neighbor,
friend or coach how important your membership will be for athletics and
for all students enjoying the Westlake experience.

                Get in the game - join Chap Club today.
             Go to for more information.

                        GO CHAPS!
   Safe Homes Brings Olympic Gold Medalist
         Aaron Peirsol to Westlake High
AUSTIN, Texas — August 13, 2010 — Safe Homes, a local non-profit organization dedicated to
keeping alcohol and drugs out of teens’ hands at home, announces its annual Fall Program.
This year’s key note presenter will be 7-time Olympic Medalist Aaron Peirsol.

The event is free to the public and will be held Tuesday Oct. 12th, 7 p.m. at the Westlake High
School Performing Arts Center (PAC). Attending students receive a FREE TARDY PASS and
community service hours.

Aaron has been recognized as the best backstroke swimmer in U.S. History. His
accomplishments are unmatched: 5 Olympic Gold Medals, 7 Olympic Medals (total), numerous
World Championships and World Records. Aaron is also a well known philanthropists and
public speaker.

After competing at his first Olympics at age 16, Aaron then set his first world record at age 17
and hasn’t looked back since. His charm and personality shine through in his own playful way
making him a darling of the media. Aaron’s laid back attitude out of the pool doesn’t hold true
in the pool where he become the dominant and most influential backstroke swimmer of all time.
Aaron will bring a message of positive teen choices, perseverance, commitment and giving back.

Organized to raise awareness and educate families about personal responsibility, teen choices
and underage alcohol and drug use, Safe Homes is kicking off its 14th year and 26th program at
Westlake High.
                                                              About Safe Homes
Teen alcohol and drug abuse is a growing epidemic in
America. 58% of high school seniors report being drunk in     Safe Homes is a non-profit
the past 6 months. Safe Homes programs stress the             organization funded by local
importance of making good choices and the good news that      underwriters and parents of the
talking with your teens early and openly about the dangers    Eanes School District taking a
of drugs and alcohol reduces the likelihood of                zero-tolerance   approach     to
experimentation by 50%.                                       keeping alcohol and drugs out
                                                              of the hands of children in our
“Open communication is the number one way to keeping          own homes.
your teenager happy and healthy”, said Kent Redding, Safe
Home Chairperson. “Talking to your teen will open doors       Safe Homes was founded in
for both of you and strengthen your relationship. We feel     1997 after a deadly car accident
Aaron is the right guy at the right time to deliver a message involving Austin teens and
this is crucial to parents and our young people today”.       alcohol. Eleven years later, the
                                                              program has been adopted by
In addition to the Fall Program, Safe Homes in partnership    numerous Texas school districts
with Shayna Feldman, Eanes project director for grants to     and communities.      For more
reduce alcohol abuse in the district will again sponsor the   information about the Safe
Westlake Film Festival in the spring. Safe Homes enjoys       Homes mission or to become a
strong support by Westlake High School Principal Linda        Safe Home sponsor contact
Rawlings and the organization works throughout the year       Kent Redding (306-1001) or Toni
encouraging parents not to serve or allow minors to           Hudson (305-3934)
consume alcohol or use drugs in their homes.
The Westlake Hyline Dance Team is fired up for                     Orchestra
 their first field performance in Daryl K. Royal
 Stadium as the Chaps take on the Lake Travis
                                                           Welcome back to orchestra parents, and a
    Cavaliers! With the addition of 17 new
                                                           special welcome to the newbies. While
 members, and under the strong leadership of               you’re filling your brains with info, there’s a
 our amazing seniors, Hyline is sure to have a             few more things to get in there. You’ll be
                  successful year.                         diving right in, so a few dates for your
  Hyline parents enjoyed a dazzling “show off”
 just before the start of the school year as the              ♪   Sept. 17 - Football Concessions
   team gave a preview of their new field and                     Fundraiser. Little bit of work, little bit
 competition dances. A perfect kick off to our                    of fun, not so bad.
 two fundraisers for the fall – a dance clinic for
young dancers on September 18th, and the sale                 ♪   Sept. 28 - 1st Concert. Fun for the
 of entertainment passbooks. We are grateful                      whole family. Really, bring them all.
to all of our friends and family in the Westlake
community who supported us in these efforts.                  ♪   Oct. 16 – Region Orchestra try-outs
For more information on our dance clinic, visit                   at WRMS ($10 fee due by September

Come see us at each football game this season                 ♪   Oct. 26 - Drum roll please.....the not
and help us raise school spirit as we perform at                  be missed, Chili con Carnivore
home pep rallies in the WHS Competition Gym.                      Carnivale.

                                                           Speaking of which, the orchestra raffles off
   Mark your calendars for our annual fall
                                                           some pretty amazing prizes every year and
performance, “Spotlight”, Tuesday, November
                                                           this year is no different. We’ll be selling
        16 at 7:30 p.m. at the PAC.
                                                           tickets at football games, orchestra events,
      Go Hyline and Go Chaps!                              etc., etc., to make sure no one is denied an
                                                           opportunity to win an iPad. Do yourself, and
                                                           the orchestra, a favor and when you see us
                                                           out selling, buy one (or two)!

                                                           One more thing, especially for you new
                                                           folks, if you haven’t received any email
                                                           communications yet, there’s a good
                                                           chance you’re missing from a contact list.
                                                           Please help us, to help you, by contacting
                                                           Sarmita Chatterjee, the orchestra parent
                                                           rep., at
                                                           No spam, no overkill, just timely updates
                                                           and friendly reminders.

    Westlake High School Choir 2010-11
           There are nearly 300 students enrolled in six competition choirs within the
               WHS Choir Program including: Freshman Women, Men’s Ensemble,
                   Concert Women, Chorale, Chamber Women, and Madrigals.

         We are pleased to introduce the new Choir Board Officers:
         President:                                              Lisa Craven
         President Elect:                                        Alison Rice
         Vice Presidents of Fundraising:                         Leigh and Chris Germann
         Treasurer:                                              Karen Flint
         Treasurer Elect:                                        Jennie Burt
         Secretary:                                              Mary Lane
         Chorale Senior Representatives:                         Julie Ligon and Jan Wolfe
         Chorale Junior Representative:                          Cesca Judge
         Concert Women Representative:                           Carol Call
         Men’s Ensemble Representative:                          Jill Conant
         Freshman Women Representative:                          Bridget McCullough

    Thank you for your commitment to serve and thanks to all parent volunteers who help make this program

Upcoming Events:
Sept.10-12th: The entire choir program heads to Hunt, Texas for the annual retreat at Mo Ranch.
Students participate in team building activities (including the famous Mo-Olympics organized by the
seniors), singing with students across grade levels who share the same voice part, and preparation for
TMEA All State Auditions. The weekend also features a talent show and free time to enjoy the
beautiful grounds of Mo Ranch and the adjacent Guadalupe River.

Sept.21st: Ad sales for choir performance programs are due.

Sept.24th and Oct 8th: Choir Department works concessions for both of                       these
Westlake home football games (just second half of game on 10/8). This is a                  major
choir program fundraiser! Lots of volunteers needed! Contact Leigh and                     Chris
Germann at or (512) 402-9093 if you are interested in volunteering. Go Chaps!

Sept.25th: TMEA District Auditions at Akins High School

Lots of volunteer opportunities available throughout the year! If you are interested in volunteering as a chaperone, concession
volunteer, or have other talents to share, contact your child’s Parent Choir Rep for more information about various

             Be sure to check out the choir website for lots of great information!
            - Extracurriculars - Choir

                Baccalaureate                                          Eanes ISD
                   What is Baccalaureate?

     *A student-led service of faith and music.
     *The first event of graduation week, Sunday, May 22, 2011
     at Riverbend Centre* 5:00-6:00pm.                                 REMINDER!!
     *A farewell service which blesses students of all faiths.
     *A chance for seniors to wear their caps and gowns, and         To be included in
     take pictures with their families and friends.                 the 2010-11 Eanes
                                                                     Student Directory,
                                                                     you must login to
      Parents, please join our committee,                                   www.
               only 3-5 meetings                                     and validate your
 The Baccalaureate Committee is a volunteer group of parents        family listing prior
    representing Christian, Muslim, Hindu and Jewish faith            to September 17,
 communities. We need parents from all grade levels, not just               2010.
 seniors, who can maintain this tradition for all future Westlake
       graduates. Our first meeting will be on Monday,              The print directory
               January 24, 2011, 6:30-7:30pm.                          is $12, on sale
                                                                     now through the
                                                                      campus booster
        Please donate to Baccalaureate!!!                             clubs. It will be
 No WHS or EISD funding goes to support Baccalaureate. We                delivered to
 rely entirely on the support of our local churches, synagogues,      the students in
 faith communities, and families. Your contribution will ensure           October.
                    that this tradition continues.                  We encourage you
                                                                    to order a copy (or
For more information about Baccalaureate or to volunteer please        two!) for your
           contact Baccalaureate Chair, Nancy Frank                        family.
    at or co-chair Marijane Smitherman at To make a financial donation               Download the
                                                                     order form from
  please mail your contribution to Ann Watt, 102 Laurel Valley
                                                                    the Westlake High
                    Road , Austin TX, 78746
                                                                      Website, Parent
                                                                      Resources, PTO
*Riverbend Centre is located at 4212 Capitol of Texas Highway.            section.
There is ample parking and seating, and easy handicap access.

                     Welcome Back
            WHS families, Students, Staff, and Admin
 Chap Connections

                         Editor's Note:
                   Change is Coming
       As you can see, Chap Connections has gone
      online. Although this issue looks very similar
       to the printed version, expect change to the
                layout in upcoming issues.
            The next deadline for input to Chap
       Connections is September 23, 2010 for items
      relating to October. Your school related input
                     is very welcome.
      Please send to Jackie Sieling at

Dates to Remember

      September 11                        ACT exam in NGC
      September 13                        Activity Fair 5:30 - 7 pm
                                          Open House 7 - 9 pm
      September 14                        "B" Late Start
      September 27 -                      PSAT Online Registration
         October 1, 4-8
      September 28                        Fall Orchestra Concert 7 - 8:30 pm
      October 2                           Austin Teen Book Festival 10 am - 7 pm
      October 6                           College Fair 7:30 am - 12:30 pm
      October 11                          Staff Inservice / Student Holiday
      October 16                          PSAT (NGC) 7:30 am - 12:00 pm

For a full listing of WHS Calendar events, please visit the web site at

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