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Summer Internships


									Summer Internships

Procedure to Apply
• Fill the prescribed form
• Get approval from Internship
• Get the official letter from Career
  Development cell (CDC)
• Submit the official letter to
• Get the letter of Nomination from
  Internship Coordinator.
• Get your Internship finalized by
  the end of June 2011
• Be sure that you are not taking
  a summer course and doing an
  Internship at the same time.
• You are either allowed to take
  course/s or to do an Internship.
Where you can do
• Financial Institutions (Regional
  offices and major branches)
• Telecom Sector (Regional
  Offices, large sales centers,
  avoid small franchises)
• Large sized Textile Mills
• Multinational Hotels (PC,
  Ramada etc)
• Fertilizer Units
• Power and Energy Sector
• Large Software Houses
• Advertising Agencies
• Multinational Firms (P&G, Unilever,
  ICI, Colgate Palmolive, Reckitt &
• International Airlines
• Large Industrial and Consumer
  Goods Firms
Problems in finding a
• Contact In-charge/Coordinator
  Career Development Cell
• Submit your CV
• Stay in close contact with CDC.
Be a Good Internee
• Being a representative of IMS, try to
  build a good image of your institute.
• Your appearance makes your first
• Observe an appropriate dress code.
• Look formal and serious minded.
• Try not to waste your time in chit
  chat or wandering aimlessly.
• Be punctual and time conscious.
Maximize your learning

• Take initiative to ask questions.
• Show willingness to work in multiple
  departments and try to learn new
• Try to get involved in ongoing tasks
  and projects.
• Document your activities by yourself
  (do not copy the work of others).
Internship Format
• Brief History/Introduction of the
• Discuss briefly the various operations of
  the organization.
• Discuss in detail your own activities or
  tasks performed by you.
• Discuss in the light of your experience that
  to what extent you found similarities and
  differences in what you learnt theoretically
  and what you witnessed practically
  (Application of Class room learning)
• Financial Analysis (Horizontal &
  vertical analysis & Ratio Analysis)
• PESTEL Analysis
• Give your recommendations for the
  organization in general and for the
  branch/office in particular.
Fortnightly Reports

• In order to update the Institute
  keep sending fortnightly/bi-
  weekly reports at following
  email address
• Do not Copy, keep the
  originality intact.
Completion of Internship
• Get the official letter of completion
  from the organization and attach its
  copy with the internship report.
  (Keep original for your own record)
  Do bring the original report at the
  time of Viva.
• Submit your internship report to
  Coordinator Internships.
• Schedule of Viva would be notified
  on the notice boards. (Do read notice
  boards frequently).

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