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									The Visor
  Bishop O’Connell High School                                                              Volume 53 Issue 6

           Bienvenidos a España
   Elizabeth Bloom
   Staff Writer
          Spring break was a much-
needed rest from the hustle and bustle of
school, sports, and our crazy everyday
lives. However, for thirty-two students
accompanied by Spanish teacher, Ms.
Yanine, it was a new hustle and bustle of
traveling through the many cities of Spain.
          The group departed on April
20 and returned April 29. Each day, the
students were able to tour the country
and experience Spanish culture first-
hand. Following the group’s arrival,
they spent the day in Madrid, where they
took a sightseeing tour of the city and
visited the Prado, a museum exhibiting
world-acclaimed art. The second day
they traveled to Toledo and experienced
medieval Spain with visits to the Gothic      Columbus, and climbed the bell tower,        spent time on the beautiful beach.
Cathedral, San Juan de los Reyes Mon-         a total of thirty-two flights, in order to             Although the entire trip only
astery, the Church of Santo Tome, and         get an aerial view of Sevilla.               spanned nine days, the amount of sight-
the Mudéjar-style, Medieval Synagogue.        Traveling to Granada, the former place       seeing adventures and cultural experi-
          In addition they were able to       of Spain’s Moorish kingdom, the stu-         ences that the group was immersed in
visit a sword and jewelry-making fac-         dents were surrounded by rolling hills       was immeasurable. From the museums,
tory, which actually was the place that       and mountains. They visited the Alham-       to the palaces, to even the food, the
had made the swords for the Lord of the       bra palace, the most magnificent of all      experiences were sharply different from
Rings’ movies. The next day the group         the Moorish palaces in Spain, where          those of living in the United States.
watched a religious procession that was       Isabella and Ferdinand lived for several               Junior Amanda Engebritson
animated by the rhythm of drums, dis-         years, and the Generalife Gardens. That      commented, “The ice cream was amaz-
playing participants dressed in a wide ar-    night, they were able to visit a gypsy       ing, since it was more of a gelato; the
ray of costumes. Afterwards, they saw a       cave and learn how to flamenco dance,        only strange thing we ate was paella,
Moorish mosque, the eqivalent cathedral.      as well as enjoy a traditional meal and      which consisted of shrimp that still had
          After leaving Toledo, the stu-      watch professional dancers perform.          its eyes, full crabs, and squid with its
dents ventured to Sevilla, the capital.                 Finally, a few days before         tentacles.” The trip was a grand suc-
There, they visited the Gothic Cathedral      departing, the group visited Costa de        cess from beginning to end, truly an
that is the burial place of Christopher       Sol and had some fun in the sun as they      experience to be remembered forever!

                            Ciao, Italia!                                                  Marilyn Savich
                                                                                           Staff Writer
                                                                                                                                                According to senior Laura
                                                                                                     This spring break, a group       Reynolds, “The Fanta there tastes a lot
                                                                                           of O’Connell students took a trip to       different from what can be found in
                                                                                           Italy. Most of the students on the trip    America.”
                                                                                           were seniors, but the group included                 The streets in Italy were much
                                                                                           underclassmen as well. The group left      narrower than those in the States. The
                                                                                           on Holy Thursday and stayed until the      O’Connell group also saw a lot of mopeds.
                                                                                           followingThursday. Mrs. Cerniglia and      Dinner was also served much later than
                                                                                           Dr. and Mrs. Stabile were the chap-        in the U.S, usually around 8 pm.
                                                                                           erones. Everyone agreed that the trip                While the students had a
                                                                                           was definitely worth the seven-hour        planned activity every day, they still
                                                                                           plane ride; many of the students hope      had a lot of free time. For lunch, the
                                                                                           to study abroad in Italy during college.   students could go wherever they wanted.
                                                                                                     “Every day was a party,” com-    Surprisingly, the students did not take a
                                                                                                mented senior Anna Bergin. In         bus to get to places; they walked. The
                                                                                                the short time they had, the group    hotel locations allowed the students to
                                                                                                took an excursion each day. Dur-      reside in the city center or a cultural hub.

                    See What’s Inside                                                           ing these seven days, the group
                                                                                                visited Florence, Rome, Venice,
                                                                                                and Verona. Highlights of the trip
                                                                                                                                                The trip was not only eye-
                                                                                                                                      opening; it was also a great fun. Every-
                                                                                                                                      one agreed that he or she learned a lot
 New Girls’ Sport                                          Page 3                               included seeing the Pope, visiting
                                                                                                the balcony believed to be the one
                                                                                                                                      about Italian culture during the trip.
                                                                                                                                                Laura Reynolds stated, “I got
 Senior Insert                                             Pages 5-12                           used by Juliet in Romeo and Juliet,
                                                                                                taking a fresco lesson, watching
                                                                                                                                      a great insight into another culture, and
                                                                                                                                      that was really special.”

 Captain America                                           Page 14
                                                                                                a glass-blowing demonstration,                  Many pictures were taken to pre-
                                                                                                and visiting landmark cathedrals.     serve the great memories of the group’s
                                                                                                         The group was intrigued by   experiences. Even though the group was
                                                                                                the significant differences between   mixed, the students got along well, forged
                                                                                                the United States and Italy.          new friendships, and had a great time.
Visor May 2011                                                                  Editorial                                                                           Page 2
 AdVisor: Dr. Vorbach’s Final Remarks to the Class of 2011                                                                                                 The Visor
Each issue, The Visor asks one member of the faculty or staff to write a piece to share                                                           Bishop O’Connell High School
                                                                                                                                                      6600 Little Falls Road
some experience with the students of Bishop O’Connell. For this last issue of the 2010-                                                                  Arlington, VA
2011 school year, Dr. Vorbach shares his thoughts in a letter adressed to the Class of 2011
                                                                                                                                                        Published monthly, the student
Dear Class of 2011,                                                                                                                             newspaper of Bishop Denis J. O’Connell
           It is not that easy to recall all     was also the fear of the unknown…about                                                         High School is a public forum with
the thoughts and emotions that were              exactly how the next chapter would work                                                        its student editorial board making all
going through my head about this time in         out. This fear was crystallized for me just                                                    decisions about its content, under the
1983 as I was preparing to graduate from         a few weeks later when I found myself in                                                       guidance of its faculty advisor.
Bishop O’Connell. It must have been              the “boot camp” of “Swab Summer” at                                                                     Opinions in the paper are not
combinations of exultation and trepidation,      the Coast Guard Academy with no time                                                           necessarily those of the staff, nor should
of joy and sadness, of reflection and            to think, to write a letter, or to talk about                                                  any opinion expressed in this public
living the moment. Let me see if I can           what was going on with someone I knew.                                                         forum be construed as the opinion or
capture a bit of it – perhaps my story                    I remember my parents’ apparent                                                       the policy of Bishop O’Connell High
will parallel your own sense of things.          reaction to the events of graduation day.                                                      School, unless so attributed.
           One powerful recollection I have      They must have had their own bundle of
is of greater clarity about how much my          grown-up emotions, fears and worries (I                                                                   Editors-In-Chief
teachers really cared about me. I don’t          can now relate to that), but they were so                                                                   Cait Patterson
know why I was so surprised, but when my         obviously happy with me and for me that                                                                   Alejandra Buitrago
English teacher, Sister Anna Jean, gave me       day and I remember feeling good about that.
                                                          What wisdom can I offer that                                                           Front Page
a beautiful rosary as a graduation gift and                                                                                                                       Sports
                                                 comes out of this reflection and 28 years of                                                    Kelly Kundinger
encouraged me to keep writing, all of her
                                                 distance from my own graduation? First,                                                         Emma Delmontagne Nick Kent
comments on all of my writing across the                                                                                                                          Maddie Young
year became that much more valuable to me        there is something essential at Bishop
                                                 O’Connell – always present but sometimes         you are going and the people you will          Editorials
(she had always corrected and encouraged                                                                                                                              Campus News
                                                 overlooked amidst all the intellectual and       meet there…jump in and make your mark.         Ana-Maria Hecton
me). I was really moved by that gift.                                                                                                                                 Natalie Eichner
           There was, of course, the normal      social development taking place – your                     Finally, enjoy the memories of
                                                 Faith. God has a plan for you and is always      your time at Bishop O’Connell and draw         Health
sort of giddiness about finally being finished                                                                                                                        Spreads
                                                 with you, so continue to pray for wisdom,        strength from them – these experiences were    Cait Patterson
and “…outta here.” But this was balanced                                                                                                                              Diksha Bhatia
by a combination of some fear and probably       patience, clarity of thought and forgiveness.    real, special and formative. This school is                         Brittany Davey
                                                          Second, with the voices of both         a better place because you all were part of    Entertainment
a little sadness. Bishop O’Connell was by
                                                 my parents ringing in my ears I say “…           it for four years. We’re proud of you and      Leela Gupta
that time a comfortable place for me…                                                                                                                                 Style
real friends had been made and there was         bloom where you are planted.” Graduating         look forward to hearing of your successes.                          Megan Brosnan
                                                 from Bishop O’Connell definitely                             God Bless you Class of 2011.       Outside News
some worry about whether everything                                                                                                                                   Maria Buitrago
                                                 represents change and change can be hard,                                     Sincerely,        Imani Hamami
could stay the same with everyone going
off to conquer different mountains. There        but you have so much to give to the places                                    Dr. Vorbach                    Copy Editor

My Last Editorial: Fina11y!
                                                                                                                                                              Erin Buckley

                                                                                                                                                             Staff Writers
                                                                                                                                                 Joe Bender, Elizabeth Bloom, Christina
                                                                                                                                                 Chiames, Dina Hamami, Jackie Hughes,
          When I graduated eighth grade in                                                                                                         Patrick Morris, Audra Nakas, Scott
2007, I wrote a letter to my parents, family                                                                                                      Rapuano, Gabe Salas, Marilyn Savich,
members and teachers, thanking them for the                                                                                                       Samantha Sison, Sam Snead, Sydney
support they had given me throughout my                                                                                                              Speetjens, Natasha Warcholak
grade school years. To do this, I wrote about
an episode from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.
          For those of you familiar with                                                                                                                   Faculty Moderator
the series, I described a conversation                                                                                                                         Dan Culler
between Will and Uncle Phil on a camping
trip, when Will compared his life in West
Philadelphia to having only one roller
skate, and always struggling because all of
the other kids had two skates. He then went
on to describe how he would be skating in
circles while other kids would be zooming
past him on their two roller skates. After
the awkward crowd laughter died down,
Will looked at Uncle Phil and said “Thanks
for being my other skate, Uncle Phil.”
          In eighth grade, I thanked my
parents for being my super speedy skates,
and also thanked my family and teachers
for always being there as training wheels or
spare wheels when I needed them. Because
I have a really bad case of senioritis, I’m      Me, age 5, at my preschool graduation. Although it’s 13 years later, and
going to recycle this analogy to thank
the amazing O’Connell community.                 I’ve grown a little, I’m sure this is how my parents will see me as I walk
          As a student, I am very lucky          across the stage on June 2.
to be a part of a community with such                                                             for Superdance just this year. I hope you
                                                 the opportunities it has given me. Thank
amazing people. Not to make this a sappy                                                          never doubt that we are an amazing class,
                                                 you, Mr. Culler, for the countless college
graduation “so long, farewell” type of                                                            and can accomplish just about anything.
                                                 recommendations, (which I would usually
thing, I would just like to thank the faculty                                                               So, Class of 2011, I hope you
                                                 bring up the day they were due, sorry!).
and staff for their work in this community,                                                       dream big, I hope you dance and I wish
                                                 Thank you for recommending me for the
and for putting up with us crazy kids. It’s                                                       this life becomes all that you want it to
                                                 Washington Post program last summer, and
not the name “O’Connell” that gets us such                                                        be, and that your dreams stay big and
                                                 most importantly thank you for giving me                                                       ‘So, let me get this straight, if I
recognition on our college applications and                                                       your worries stay small. I would like to
                                                 the opportunity to be editor-in-chief this
resumes, it’s the leaders in this community
                                                 past year. It has been a great experience        let you know that I am always available       sign up for Journalism next year,
that fight for us. Whether its lights on our                                                      to be your spare wheel on your roller         I’ll not only be a beat reporter for
                                                 that I will always treasure and look back on
athletic fields or more comfortable skorts,                                                       skates, and you can always lean on me
                                                 fondly. Thank you to the awesome editors                                                       the Visor, with my own byline,
I’ve appreciated knowing that there was                                                           when you’re not strong. We are not only
                                                 and staff writers. You did an amazing job this
always someone on my side, or someone
                                                 year and I appreciate all of your hard work.     closing one chapter, but beginning a new      but I’ll also satisfy the Computer
to spare an extra wheel. So, thank you to                                                         one and always remember that when God         and Fine Arts requirements for
                                                           Now, as a proud member of
the faculty and staff; from your friendly                                                         closes a door he always opens a window.
“hello’s” in the hallway to taking time
                                                 the class of 2011, I would like to say                                                         graduation. I better do a little
                                                 congratulations to my fellow graduates:          All graduation clichés aside, I hope you
out of your schedule to help me with an                                                           enjoy these last few moments we all have
                                                                                                                                                more digging and get the scoop
                                                 we did it! We made it through this crazy
assignment; I’ve appreciated having you                                                           together because today is our day, we’re                     on this.”
                                                 journey: we survived the Staph infection
as role models for these past four years.                                                         off to great places, we’re off and away!
                                                 outbreak, the bird flu, and the swine
          And while I’m thanking people,
                                                 flu; we beat PVI in just about every way
I would like to thank The Visor for all                                                                    Yours Truly,
                                                 possible, and we raised over $111,000
                                                                                                           Cait Patterson, Class of 2011
Visor May 2011                                                                          Sports                             Page 3
        Introducing: O’Connell Field Hockey
Audra Nakas
Staff Writer
                                                 Field hockey is not well established in
          O’Connell fans and Lady                the WCAC. Only five schools, including
Knights interested in sports will be happy       Seton, St. Mary’s Ryken, Good Coun-
to know that next fall Bishop O’Connell          sel, Holy Cross, and St. John’s have field
will have both junior varsity and varsity        hockey teams. Holy Cross has won the
field hockey teams. The athletic depart-         WCAC title for three years in a row. De-
ment decided to add the sport after noting       spite the small number of teams, however,
interest from many O’Connell girls. The          the upcoming season should be challeng-
sport is already overwhelmingly popular;         ing.
over ninety girls showed up to a recent                    “The WCAC is always com-
preliminary meeting, not including in-           petitive, no matter what sport,” remarked
coming freshmen who may play next year           Coach Wootten.
as well.                                                   Girls who plan on playing field
          According to Athletic Director         hockey next year are already enthusiastic
Joe Wootten, the athletic field renovations      about the upcoming season.
will make field hockey possible because                    “I think it will be great that there
the current football field is not flat enough    will be more fall sports for girls to partici-
for the sport. Practices next year will ro-      pate in,” commented sophomore Ashley
tate from football to baseball to Tuckahoe       Cross. “It will be interesting to see the im-
fields, depending on which field is needed       pact of a new sport on the O'Connell com-
for games. While coaches have not yet-           munity!”
been selected, the athletic department is                  More details will come as the
in the procesof interviewing potential           season draws closer.

Sammy Sison
                  Boys’ Tennis: You Got Served
Staff Writer
                                                                                                            The Varsity Tennis Knights’ first
          Position! Serve! Ace! Match                                                             win came at home against Bishop Ireton, a
point! The boy’s varsity tennis team began                                                        7-2 win with head players Ed Threlfall and
with a win, and has enjoyed a great start                                                         Arturo Garcia leading the way.
to their season. Their record so far is 5-5.                                                                Their next game was against Good
          Every day after school the                                                              Counsel, rersulting in a 6-3 victory. Juniors
team travels by bus to Bluemont Park,                                                             Arturo Garcia and Matt Papernik won two
guided by their new coach, Coach Bor-                                                             of the games in the doubles’ tournaments.
giaz. Coach Borgiaz is a 2006 graduate                                                            After that, Boys’ Tennis continued their
of O’Connell. Many students will dis-                                                             winning ways by scoring 8-1 in their next
cover him walking the halls for Secuirty                                                          three matches.
or subbing for their classes. He was as-                                                                    Junior Arturo Garcia said, “The
sistant coach for the David LeMair Ten-                                                           best part of OC tennis is winning and
nis Program for four years and head coach                                                         having a good time laughing with the
for Sleepy Hollow Racket Association for                                                          rest of the guys. Yes, it has been a good
5 years before transferring to O’Connell.                                                         season so far; we’ve lost a few times and
          Practice is demanding and chal-                                                         have also won, but we’re only halfway
lenging but still fun as the players see their                                                    there and there’s still time to improve.”
improvwement with each session.                                                                             OC Boys Tennis finally fin-
          According to junior Quinn                                                               ished 5th in the WCAC Tournament this
Bergeron, who’s been on the team for two                                                          year, with junior Danny Hughes making
years, “Practice is the best; we get to go                                                        it into the finals. Hopefully they can fin-
outside and play tennis, and we have a                                                            ish even stronger at the States Tourna-
lot of fun. I’m so glad I joined the team. I                                                      ment next week. Good job O’Connell
love the game and all the cool cats on the                                                        Boys’ Tennis; keep up the good work!
 Visor May 2011                                                                Sports                                                                       Pa g e 4

Congratulations, Varsity Softball-

           Final Score Against McNamara: 4-3
Football Fans Ask: No NFL This Fall?
                                            pler terms, the owners want more money,
Patrick Morris                              but their increase of the NFL’s revenue
Staff Writer                                would lower the player’s salaries. Some
                                            players understand that if the owners
                                            have more money, then the league’s
          The most successful profes-       revenue will probably increase based on
sional sports league in the U.S. is the     improved stadiums and other marketing.
National Football League. The league        This will also increase the player’s prof-
boasts constant attendance revenue          its. Other players and the Players Union,
and huge television contracts. As soon      however, want more retirement benefits
as most teams begin training camps in       and do not want the owners to increase
August, the NFL captures the attention      their percentage on the league revenue.
of sports fans across the entire country.             This disagreement has gone on
This excitement continues through the       much longer than originally anticipated
regular season, then playoffs, and even-    and has now gone on past the 2011 NFL
tually culminates in the Super Bowl,        Draft. If the lockout does cancel the
which is one of the biggest spectacles      2011 season, the league will lose mil-
of the year. This season, though, may       lions of dollars and many lower level
be different. The league is currently       employees of teams will likely lose their
experiencing a lockout, which is put-       jobs. The economy will also be affected.
ting the entire 2011 season in jeopardy.    The NFL sells more merchandise than
          The rumors of a lockout began     any other league. Many stores that sell
two years ago when owners decided to        NFL merchandise will make less money
opt out of the league’s collective bar-     as fans are unlikely to purchase mer-
gaining agreement after the 2010 season.    chandise for teams that are not playing.
Most people believed the owners and the               Fans across the country are all
NFL Players Association would reach         hoping both sides will make an agree-
an agreement but after this year’s Super    ment and end the lockout, but if not,
Bowl no agreement was in place and in       Sundays this fall will feel very different
March the NFL was shut down. In sim-        and the NFL may be changed forever.

O’Connell Golf Team Takes It to the Green
                                                                                         Gabe Salas                                       “He is a great man and I’m
                                                                                                                                    proud to say that I had the chance
                                                                                         Staff Writer
                                                                                                                                    to play for him,” added Guerere.
                                                                                                                                    When asked to describe Coach Snyder in
                                                                                                   Now that it’s spring time,       one word, Clark simply replied, “Boss.”
                                                                                         O’Connell’s golf team is throwing             The players and their coach struggled
                                                                                         on their polo shirts and hitting the       at times this season, going 2-6 in league
                                                                                         course at Washington Golf to defend        play and an overall 4-6, but they did
                                                                                         their home turf. O’Connell’s small-        have a few shining moments. They
                                                                                         est team, containing ten members, is       crushed rivals St. John’s and Bishop
                                                                                         hoping to take down local rival PVI in     MacNamara, and in the Virginia State
                                                                                         their last match of the season on May      Catholic Tournament they placed third
                                                                                         19. The team is headlined by seniors       out of the seven teams that were there.
                                                                                         Chris Clark, Alex Guerere, CJ Corey,       The players are ready to take down the
                                                                                         Patrick Quinn, Zach Irvin, and Kevin       Panthers this week, and they all want
                                                                                         Crook. With six seniors on the team,       to send their coach out with a bang to
                                                                                         there’s a lot of leadership and experi-    make sure that his last game here at
                                                                                         ence out there, and it translated into a   O’Connell is a memorable one. For
                                                                                         fun and productive season. The team is     the six seniors it will be the last time
                                                                                         coached by former AD Coach Snyder,         they step on the course as a Knight,
                                                                                         and this will be his last year coach-      so they are hoping for the best pos-
                                                                                         ing the team, making the season that       sible result so that they will also have
                                                                                         much more meaningful for his players.      a good memory of their last match.
                                                                                              “We weren’t as successful as we            “We all understand the significance
                                                                                         had hoped to be, but it was a great way    of our last match,” voiced Quinn. “We
                                                                                         to end the year and I really enjoyed       need to win for the seniors and for our
                                                                                         being part of Coach Snyder’s last          coach, and I can guarantee that our best
                                                                                         year here at O’Connell,” said Irvin.       golf will be played this Thursday.”
Visor May 2011   Class of 2011                 Page 5

                          la ss of 2011
                              Who  We Are, ,
                                     ’re Going
                           W here We
                                     &              d
                                         in g Behin
                               e’re Leav
                         What W
Visor May 2011                                                                Who We Are                                                                                 Page 6
                                                                                                 Seniors Do Service!
                                                                                                Audra Nakas                                    victims, a recent breast cancer diagnosis in
                                                                                                Staff Writer                                   a friend’s family renewed her motivation.
                                                                                                                                                         “We can’t understand how much
                                                                                                          O’Connell students and faculty       pain they’re going through, and sometimes
                                                                                                are well aware of the school’s commitment      we just don’t know the right way to say
                                                                                                to serving others and correcting injustices.   that we support them,” said Mosier of
                                                                                                While all students are required to complete    cancer victims. “The club gives O’Connell
                                                                                                a service project in order to matriculate,     a way to say that we are thinking of our
                                                                                                many students choose to do service on          loved ones with cancer, and we are
                                                                                                their own. This has been especially true       working to bring an end to this disease.”
                                                                                                with the Class of 2011. From participating               While Teens Against Cancer
                                                                                                in the Diocese of Arlington WorkCamp in        battles an illness, Project Unify aids people
                                                                                                the summer to completing Eagle and Gold        with mental and physical disabilities.
                                                                                                Award projects, numerous seniors have          Senior Julia Willis had always wanted
                                                                                                distinguished themselves in service outside    to help people like her aunt who have
                                                                                                the school. Many seniors have also chosen      developmental difficulties. After doing

College Commitments
                                                                                                to serve within the school by participating    research online on how to get involved with
                                                                                                in SCA, working on a Superdance                the Special Olympics, Willis saw a list of
                                                                                                committee, running the blood drive, or         clubs that promote the dignity and respect
                                                                                                participating in clubs such as the Pro-        of people with disabilities, including
Dina Hamami                                     up by the University of Delaware to play                                                       Project Unify. She was inspired to bring the
                                                                                                Life Club or the Ecology Club. However,
                                                for the Blue Hens. Ian Decker was picked                                                       club to O’Connell, which became a reality
Staff Writer                                    up by Penn State to swim. Jessica Burk
                                                                                                some members of the Class of 2011 have
                                                                                                shown special initiative by establishing       in the spring of last year when she and
          During the past few months, every     was signed to the University of Maine                                                          friend Keara Jones became co-presidents.
                                                                                                their own clubs that address issues about
senior has been anticipating graduation         to play softball for the Black Bears. CJ                                                       Since then, activities have included a
                                                                                                which they are opassionate, such as
and been looking forward to attending           Corey is playing soccer for Towson. Sarah                                                      movie night fundraiser, a Special Olympic
                                                                                                Teens Against Cancer and Project Unify.
their colleges of choice this fall. But there   McCarthy committed to Georgia State                                                            soccer invitational at Paul VI, and a wildly
                                                                                                          The Teens Against Cancer Club
are a handful of seniors here at O’Connell      University to run Cross Country. Josh                                                          popular exhibition game of two Special
                                                                                                started as a result of senior Sara Merkin’s
who also signed National Letters of Intent.     Trimble is attending Virginia Tech to play                                                     Olympic basketball teams during halftime
                                                                                                personal experience of losing her father
Seniors James Essex, Brooke Moore,              football. Sophie Giaquinto committed to                                                        of a boys’ varsity basketball game at home.
                                                                                                to cancer. While she aspires to become a
James Bourne, Larry Savage, Ian Decker,         Cornell to play softball. Nick Morabito                                                                  For Willis, the club has
                                                                                                nurse, she wanted to do something sooner
Jessica Burke, CJ Corey, Sarah McCarthy,        and Michael Katz both were picked up                                                           been an opportunity to give an often
                                                                                                and asked fellow senior Kaitlynn Mosier to
Josh Trimble, Sophie Giaquinto, Nick            by their chosen colleges to play baseball.                                                     marginalized group of people a voice.
                                                                                                help her make a difference in the lives of
Moribito and Michael Katz all received          Nick will be attending Lincoln Memorial                                                                  “I saw the club as a way to advocate
                                                                                                cancer patients and their families. As co-
scholarships to their schools to play           University to play for the Railsplitters                                                       for those with intellectual and physical
                                                                                                presidents of Teens Against Cancer, Merkin
the sport in which they excelled.               while Michael Katz will be playing baseball                                                    disabilities and to educate the O’Connell
                                                                                                and Mosier have organized several events
          James Essex is attending Norfolk      for “the Tribe” at William and Mary.                                                           community on the challenges they face
                                                                                                and fundraisers.      Last year’s activities
State University, to play baseball for                    Michael’s    coach      here     at                                                  on a day-to-day basis,” explained Willis.
                                                                                                included a toy drive for Children’s Hospital
the Spartans. Brooke Moore committed            O’Connell, Coach Hart, said, “Michael                                                                    Although the original founders
                                                                                                and “Be Brave and Shave,” an event raising
to Christopher Newport University to            is an extremely talented athlete, a great                                                      of the Teens Against Cancer Club and
                                                                                                over $7,000 in which onlookers donated
play Volleyball. It came as no surprise to      student, and most importantly, a good                                                          Project Unify are all graduating this
                                                                                                money to watch participants shave their
anyone who attends the basketball games,        guy. He deserves this opportunity and I                                                        year, they have left a legacy that future
                                                                                                heads for the cause. This year they raised
that seniors James Bourne and Larry             know he will make a lasting contribution                                                       classes will hopefully continue. They
                                                                                                over $1,500 for breast cancer patients by
Savage were picked up by their chosen           to the William & Mary community.”                                                              are examples of the Class of 2011’s
                                                                                                selling baked goods as well as pink lacrosse
colleges to play basketball. Bourne will                  All these seniors are very lucky                                                     ambitious, hard-working, and passionate
                                                                                                jerseys. Mosier says that while she was
be attending Winthrop University to play        to have their college journey rewarded as                                                      character, that has made a lasting impact
                                                                                                already passionate about helping cancer
with the Eagles, while Savage was picked        a result of their incredible athletic talent.

Class of 2011: Top 50 Memories
                                                                                                                                               on the O’Connell community and beyond.

As the 50th graduating class from Bishop O’Connell, the senior SCA counselors were kind enough to list the Class of 2011’s fifty top memories.
1.The second winter break of
junior year (Snowmageddon)                      the white polos                                 Dark Knight                                    35. Basketball games
2. Welcome Back Dance                           13. The cafeteria serving soda                  23. Homecoming 2010:                           36. Football games
2010-2011                                       Freshman and Sophomore                                    Masquerade                           37. Every time we beat PVI
3. Power Outage during first                    years                                           24. Homecoming 2011:Under                      38. Being a part of the Spirit
periods, that lasted 3 hours                    14. Being able to cut in line                   the O’Cean                                     Club
during sophomore year                           during lunch periods                            25. Paying to be punished in                   39. The Rise of Twitter
4. Ice Hockey States- League                    15. Music on Fridays during                     detention                                      40. Kanye West interrupting
Champions 2009                                  classes                                         26. Dr. Vorbach becoming                       Taylor Swift at the VMAs
5. Teacher food poisoning                       16. The joy of chasing down                     principal sophomore year                       41. Chipotle Craze
from Panera and consequently                    Mr. Starace to sign your paper                  27. Father Hudgins and the                     42. The fear of getting a pass
having subs for all classes                     license                                         Student Lounge                                 to Student Life
6. Swine Flu Epidemic of                        17. Mr. Cools’s bear stories                    28. Being Father Luis’s last                   43. The Glee obsession
2009-2010                                       18. Having the day off from                     freshman class                                 44. Pep Rallies!
7.Getting sick from the Swine                   school for President Obama’s                    29. Superdance 2008:Turn                       45. Winning Pep Rallies
Flu vaccine                                     Inauguration                                    up the Cure and the power                      and getting donuts the next
8. Homecoming Float-making                      19. Fina11y not having to take                  outage that shortened it                       morning in homeroom
Senior SCA                                      the Walk of Shame through                       30. Superdance 2009: Wild                      46. Staph Epidemic 2007
9. Paying $20 to get your                       the cafeteria in your P.E.                      for the Cure                                   47. Senior Retreats in Front
phone back from student life                    uniform                                         31. Superdance 2010:Blast                      Royal
10. Weird Trend of Silly                        20. Watching a movie during                     Off for the Cure                               48. Video Announcements
Bands                                           class                                           32. Superdance 2011:This is a                  49. Helping Father Hudgins
11. Remodeling of the                           21. Homecoming 2008:                            Job for Superdance                             with the underclass retreats
cafeteria                                       Knight on the Beach                             33. Economy Tanking                            50. Consecutive Girls’
12. Finally being able to wear                  22. Homecoming 2009:The                         34. Mr. Crivella…enough said                   Softball Championships
Visor May 2011                                                                Who We Are                                                                        Page 7
                    Spotlight On: The Valedictorian and Salutatorian of 2011
                                                                                                                                                 are so many wonderful opportunities at
Sam Snead and Elizabeth Bloom                                                                                                                    O’Connell, but sometimes there is just
Staff Writers                                                                                                                                    not enough time to do everything. I never
                                                                                                                                                 liked knowing I couldn’t participate
Q1: How does it feel to be salutatorian/                                                                                                         in an activity, but I learned that time
valedictorian?                                                                                                                                   management allowed me to do the most
AN. I’m humbled because I know how                                                                                                               without overextending myself.
intelligent, creative, and hard-working my                                                                                                       Q11: What was your favorite thing about
classmates are.                                                                                                                                  high school?
CR: I feel honored to have received such                                                                                                         AN. My favorite part of high school
an award from such an intelligent class,                                                                                                         was the new freedom without the heavy
and I am proud of my accomplishments.                                                                                                            responsibilities adults have and the
Q2: What does being salutatorian/                                                                                                                opportunity to discover myself. I think
valedictorian mean to you?                                                                                                                       I’ve learned more about myself in the past
AN. It’s a blessing. At the same time, I                                                                                                         four years than I have in my entire life.
don’t want to make too much of it because                                                                                                        CR: My favorite thing about high school
what matters is that I do my best, no                                                                                                            was attending sporting events, either as a
matter how I compare to other people.                                                                                                            player or as a supporter of friends.
CR: Valedictorian means to me that I                                                                                                             Q12: What is one thing you will always
represent a very intelligent class, and that                                                                                                     remember from your high school
I have high expectations in the years to                                                                                                         experience?
come.                                                                                                                                            AN. 6th pd. AP English Lang. and Comp.
Q3: What has your high school experience                                                                                                         We had way too much fun in that class.
been like?                                                                                                                                       CR: I think I will always remember the
AN. My time at O’Connell has been the           Audra Nakas and Carly Robinson are all smiles about being                                        friends I made in high school and the
best four years of my life!                                     Salutatorian and Valedictorian.                                                  teachers who influenced my academic
CR: My high school experience has been                                                         they never nag me about schoolwork, and           career because these people made my high
                                                Q6: Are you particularly proud of any
filled with many long nights of homework                                                       they always pray for me.                          school enjoyable and helped me become
                                                special accomplishments or recognition?
and studying. I was very dedicated to my                                                       CR: My family has supported my rigorous           who I am.
                                                AN. I think my biggest accomplishment
academics, which was stressful at times;                                                       academic career throughout high school.           Q13: If you could sum up your entire
                                                has been stepping up as a leader in the
but my friends and extra-curriculars, such                                                     My parents have driven me to various              high school experience in one word what
                                                Pro-Life Club. I had fantastic officers
as JV softball, helped me relax and enjoy                                                      libraries and science fairs, and they have        would it be?
                                                and a lot of support, but it still required
my four years here.                                                                            understood the large time commitment I            AN. Epic.
                                                that I take risks and put myself out there.
Q4: Who has been your favorite teacher                                                         made for school work.                             CR: Unforgettable.
                                                Although I made mistakes and some ideas
and why?                                                                                       Q9: How were you able to balance school           Q14: What is one thing that you wished
                                                didn’t work out, we were successful in
AN. Dr. Leblanc, because he challenged                                                         and your social life?                             you had done in high school that you
                                                reaching several of our goals.
me to think critically from the very first                                                     AN. By forgoing sleep.                            didn’t do?
                                                CR: I am proud of receiving principal’s
week of freshman year. I really like how                                                       CR: Balancing my schoolwork and                   AN. I wish I’d played a sport. I tried out
                                                list every year along with several
he emphasizes the “why” and “how”                                                              social life was not always easy, but I            for tennis freshman year but didn’t make
                                                excellence and effort awards.
behind history. He’s also hilarious.                                                           have understanding friends who were               the team, and after that I never found the
                                                Q7: What was your family’s reaction to
CR: My favorite teacher is Mrs. Cerniglia                                                      also going through the same demanding             time to keep taking lessons.
because I love her interesting class                                                           schedules. I dedicated a lot of my time           CR: I wish I had participated in SCA, but
                                                AN. Very happy, although not happy
lectures. She has been my English teacher                                                      to my studies, but I also have many               I never seemed to have the time for such a
                                                enough to buy me a car.
for two years, and I feel she has influenced                                                   wonderful memories of just being with             large time commitment.
                                                CR: My family is very proud of my
not only my writing, but who I am as a                                                         friends.                                          Q15: Where are you going to college?
                                                accomplishments, especially my
student in general.                                                                            Q10: What was the hardest part about              AN. I’m majoring in Psychology at The
                                                parents. I have received phone calls
Q5: What is your favorite subject and                                                          high school?                                      Catholic University of America, but
                                                and congratulations from other family
why?                                                                                           AN. The hardest part of high school               beyond that I have no idea what God has
                                                members too, but my favorite is my
AN. Probably English because I love                                                            was balancing the workload and extra-             in store for me!
                                                brother’s email response: “Nerd.”
reading, writing, and discussing.                                                              curriculars.                                      CR: I am attending the University of
                                                Q8: How has your family supported you
CR: My favorite subject is Biology                                                             CR: I think the hardest part of high school       Virginia in the fall. I plan to major in
                                                throughout the years?
because I hope to continue studying                                                            is knowing one’s own limitations and              Biology and History and hopefully attend
                                                AN. They encourage me to explore my
Biology in college to become a                                                                 developing time management skills. There          veterinary school after I graduate.
                                                interests and make my own decisions,

Seniors Enter Speech Contests... And Win!
                                                Oral Essay Contest; there, national
Samantha Sison                                  winners could win up to $30,000. The
Staff Writer                                    Voice of Democracy Program has been
                                                around for 61 years, giving students a
           O’Connell students have won, yet     chance to write about the veterans and
again, another essay and oratorical contest!    issues of foreign and domestic wars.
Each and every year English teacher Mrs.                  Seniors      Yvonne      Bowser-
Wentzel encourages O’Connell students to        Cabellero (1st place- $100), Vitale Christy
enter different essay and oratorical contests   (2nd place- $50), and Zach Irvin (3rd place-
within the Arlington and Metropolitan           $25) all won awards for the Sons of the
district. O’Connell has been a member of the    American Revolution Oratorical Contest
debate and speech league, the Washington/       in the Fairfax Chapter. Marcus Thomas
Arlington Forensic League, since the            won 3rd place ($25) for the Sons of the
beginning of the school’s history. Mrs.         American Revolution Oratorical Contest
Wentzel has entered her students into essay     in the George Mason Chapter. The Sons of
and oratorical contests for over 18 years.      the American Revolution work to provide
           Each year, an average of $10,000     the younger generations awareness of past
is awarded to O’Connell students. This          history as well as the sacrifices of war,
year, nine students won at state level and      while making sure people understand the
nine went on to the national level. In total    true meaning of patriotism. Neil Roberts                                                         achievements, “For a student to qualify
there were over 200 O’Connell applicants        won Honorable Mention ($75) for the            George Mason, in which he was awarded             in two different national events is
who signed themselves up to be in this          Voice of Democracy Oral Essay Contest as       $100; then he went on to win $1000 when           unprecedented in my 18 years at O’Connell.
year’s 25 oratorical and essay contests.        well as 2nd place ($50) for the Sons of the    he placed first in the state competition. In      Our community is very proud of Matt’s
           Senior Audra Nakas won 1st place     American Revolution Oratorical Contest.        July Matt will move on to the National            accomplishments.”
in the Virginia Right to Life Essay; her                  For the first time in O’Connell’s    Championships in Durham, N.C, where he                     Since     the     beginning     of
prize was $1000. The Virginia Right to          history, one student qualified for two         will embark on an all-expense paid trip to        O’Connell’s history, students have shown
Life has been organizing prolife events for     different national oratorical competitions:    start off his summer break. Last but not least,   great talent and ability in writing and in
over 50 years while defending the right         Matt Retterer. Matt was awarded 1st place      Matt also became the top metro finalist in the    speech. Mrs. Wentzel and the O’Connell
to life and speaking against abortion and       in the American Legion Oratorical Contest,     Washington/ Arlington Catholic Forensic           community aspire to continue this proud
contraception.                                  winning $100 for his speech on the Bill        League and will be moving to the National         O’Connell tradition. As Mrs. Wentzel is
           Andrew Page won first place          of Rights. He also won the Sons of the         level in late May in Washington, D.C.             fond of saying, “You can’t win if you don’t
($500) for the Voice of Democracy               American Revolution Oratorical Contest at                 Mrs. Wentzel said about Matt’s         enter!”
Visor May 2010                                   Where We’re Going                                             Page 8          Visor May 2010                                         Where We’re Going                                                 Page 9
                                                              Greg Jones
                              Nicholas Lengyel                Jack-Henry Bush                                                  Northeastern University
Virginia                      Regina O’Connor                 Jake Sieve                                                       Delon Etheridge                   Michigan                                                          Indiana
Christopher Newport Univer-   University of Mary Washington   John Cusumano                                                                                      Michigan State University   Elon University
sity                          Carla Ross                      Josh Trimble                    Florida                          Boston College
                                                                                                                               Alex Rudolph                      William Ratledge            Ed Threlfall                          University of Notre Dame
                                                              Katelyn Catalfamo               Full Sail University                                                                           Fabio Recine                          Kaitlynn Mosier
Alexandra McKay               Eily walsh                                                                                       Clark University
Brooke Moore                  Madeline Albrittain             Katherine Terwiliger            Sean Coffey                                                                                    Madeleine Young                       Ball State University
Christopher Szentkiralye      Andrew Kwalwasser               Kiersen Commons                 University of Tampa
                                                                                                                               Jack Hall
                                                                                                                                                                 Delaware                    University of North Carolina at       Kevin Lauerman
Nicole Casaneda               Elizabeth Karpe                 Lana Nguyen                                                                                        University of Delaware      Chapel Hill                           Purdue University
                                                              Morgan Crissy                   Vitale Christy                   Sarah Kolodzy                                                                                       Lee Schilling
George Mason University       Lauren Jennison                                                                                                                    Alexander Spagnoli          Dia Barber
                              Nicholas Kent                   Shannon Scully                  Jacksonville University
Aldo Penafiel                                                                                                                                                    Isabelle Marquez             University of North Carolina at
Andrew Tran
Anthony Jimenez
                              Tania Lopez
                              Northern Virginia Commu-
                                                                                                                                                                                              Greensboro                           Nebraska
                                                                                                                                                                                               Robert Gooch                        Creighton University
Arianna Rodriguez             nity College                                                                                                                                                                                         Eilis Smith
Erin Murphy                   Ana Williams
Jonathan Nguyen                                                                                                                                                                                Lees McRae College
                              Anthony Whitlock
Joseph Hickey
Joseph Patrizio
                              Courtney Moxness
                                                                                                                                                                                               Jessi Bowers
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   District of Columbia
                              David Obeid                                                                                                                                                                                          Georgetown University
Lindsey Pelland
Matthew Katz
                              Jonathan Norris                                                                                                                                                  South Carolina                      Carolyn Fonzi
                              Sean benedict                                                                                                                                                    Clemson                             Julia Paegle
Megan O’Dwyer                 Yianno McCarthy
Michelle Vidal                                                                                                                                                                                 Jacqueline Hughes                   Catholic University of America
                              Michael Ford                                                                                                                                                     Brian Gerrard
Michelle Yabes                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Audra Nakas
                              Felicia Gonzales                                                                                                                                                 University of South Carolina        Federica Dao
Nicholas Hentschel
Nile Otu                      Old Dominion University                                                                                                                                          Christopher Clark                   Lauren Fitzpatrick
Patrick Nguyen                Abid Joyia                                                                                                                                                       Kara Sims                           American University
Peter Jaworski                Brittany Davey                                                                                                                                                   Patrick Quinn                       Marilyn Savich
Rachael Wright                Deirdre O’Rourke                                                                                                                                                 Ryan Kuhn
Richard Nary                  Emily Ratay                                                                                                                                                      College of Charleston
Sherry Bustillos              Erin Wald                                                                                                                                                        Emily Ferguson                      West Virginia
Sophia Lopez                  Kristina Bonfils                                                                                                                                                                                     West Virginia University
                              Louis Zinzi                                                                                                                                                      Joanne Johnson
Zachary Mascorro                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Brian Vela
Catherine Gauthier            Marcus Thomas                                                                                                                                                    Wofford College                     Ethan Tomaselli
                              Sara Valdiveso                                                                                                                                                   Elizabeth Rhee
Natalie Gomez                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Jacob Ramos
Lindsey Goodwin               Sarah Welch                                                                                                                                                      Winthrop University                 Stephanie Maldonado
                              Taylor Young                                                                                                                                                     James Bourne                        Tyronne Croswell
James Madison University      Imani Hamami
Addison Snidle
                              Aaron Cotchen
Alejandra Buitrago
Caitlin Patterson             Radford University                                                                                                                                               Georgia                             California
Emma Delmontagne              Andrea Portillo                                                                                                                                                  Emory University                    California Institue of Technol-
Jason Makoutz                 Catherine Weaver                                                                                                                                                 Ashley Stumvoll                     ogy
Jessica Battaglini            Trey McElhattan                                                                                                                                                  Georgia State University            Timothy Bennet
Jillian Falle                 Emily Underworrd                                                                                                                                                 Sarah McCarthy
Jorge Panozo                  Katie Witt
Josie Mai                     Kyle Lewis                                                                                                                                                                                          Tennessee
Katherine Nirschl             Laura Dannemiller                                                                                                                                                Ohio                               Lincoln Memorial University
Katie Arthur                  Lucas Nester                                                                                                                                                     The Ohio State University          Nick Morabito
Lauren Young                  Patrick York                                                                                                                                                     Alessa Garcia
Lisa Huynh                    Sejal Patel
                                                                                                                                                                                               Kent State University
Madeleine Bourne              University of Virginia                                                                                                                                           Kellie Coleman                     Texas
Margarita Dimatulac           Amanda Toulme                                                                                                                                                                                       Texas A&M
Mary Hull                     Carly Robinson                                                                                                                                                   University of Cincinnati
                                                                                                                                                                                               Steffen Pawlosky                   Teresa McAlum
Max Roewer                    Casey O’Reilly
                                                                                                                                                                                               Franciscan University              Southern Methodist University
Melissa Kosciow               Catherine O’Neill
                                                                                                                                                                                               Maddy Bernero                      Christina Chiames
Michael Feneley               Eva Tuska
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Ryan Umberger
Michelle Van Horn
Nathan Cvrk
                              Luke Escobar
                              Natalie Eichner                                                                                                                                                  Pennsylvania                       Texas Christian University
Neil Roberts                  Suzanne Kenney                                                  Anthony Hawkins
                                                                                                                                                                                               Penn State University              Courtney Taylor
                                                              Warner Rose                                                                                        Larry Savage                Carly Ahlstrom                       University of Dallas
Patricia Barry
Rechelle Rafols
                              Yvonne Bowser-Caballero
                              Matt Retterer
                                                              Catherine Flach                 University of Southern Florida   Maine                             Lauren Albrittain           Carolina Villarroel                  Marisa Elias
                                                              Stephanie Guenther              Camille Harman                   Mount Ida University              Maddie Bate                 DaBin Lee
Renee Rojural                 Virginia Commonwelth            Richard Gorog                                                    Tammy Brien                       Robert McKee                Houston Claure
Rosanna Sevillano
Ryan Lee
                              Alejandro Nina-Tapia                                            Maryland                         University of Maine               Alex Hammer                 Ian Decker                           Arizona
Sara Merkin                                                   The College of William and Mary University of Maryland           Jessica Burk                                                  Rebecca Tyrpak                       University of Arizona
                              Brieanna Cerda                                                                                                                                                 Ryan Zemke
Teddy Faulk                                                   Brian Hur                                                                                                                                                           Sam McGrath
                              Christopher Harding                                             Shante Tyler
Zoe Criley
Anna Bergin
                              Colin Brideau                   Brittany Hoyle
                                                              Dylan Vorbach
                                                                                              Shaq Munnerlyn
                                                                                                                               New York                          New Jersey                  Rachel Battaglini
Melina Ford
                              Connor Scully
                              Diksha Bhatia                   James Higgins                   Stevenson University
                                                                                                                               New York University
                                                                                                                                                                 Georgian Court University   Breanne Hayes                        Kansas
                                                              Michael Katz                    Corey Walker                     Alice An                          Alicia Robinson             Julia Willis                         Kansas State University
Michael Wisiewski             Elthson Torres
Longwood                      Gabriel Perrez-Ferrer           Norfolk State University        Mount Saint Mary’s University    Cornell University                                            Thomas Warring                       Charles Spencer
Anna Lopez-Riveira            Jamal Johnson                   James Essex                     Anthony Spellman
                                                                                              Danny Zdancewiz
                                                                                                                               Deon Thomas                       Rhode Island                St. Joseph’s University
                                                                                                                                                                                             David Robinson
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Rebecca Flester
Dominick Iacobucci            Jamie Chichester                Randolph Macon College                                           Sophia Giaquinto
                                                                                                                                                                 Providence College
Eric Engebritson              Janos Leitner-Wise
                              Katherine Keegan
                                                              Nathan Autry                    Gray Posey
                                                                                              Tyler Stauder
                                                                                                                               Fordham University                Keara Jones                 Indiana University of Pennsylvania
                                                                                                                                                                                             Shelby Cook
Kelly Quinly                                                  Bridgewater College                                              Jae Lee
                                                                                                                                                                 Johnson &Wales University                                        University of Wyoming
Mary Schranck                 Linh Ta                         Laura Reynolds                  Maryland Institute College of    U.S. Military Academy at West                                 University of Pittsburgh
                                                                                                                                                                 Svetlana Kilian                                                  Sydney Mann
Patrick Morris                Marcella Krywicki                                               Art                                                                                            Catherine Braun
                                                              Virginia Wesleyan College                                        Point                             Katherine Romero
Rebecca Nigro                 Megan Nieto                                                     Hyeoh-ah Lee                                                                                   Leela Gupta
                                                              Dylan Stokus                                                     Scott Rapuano
Thomas Macnamara              Natasha Molina
                                                              Richard Cremin                  Towson University                Johns Hopkins University                                      Duquesne University                  Undecided
Kent Hannigan                 Robert Ujevic
                              Samantha Weigle                 Roanoke College                 Neil Corey
                                                                                                                               Maia Nieto
                                                                                                                                                                 North Carolina              Nicole Cline                         Wes Robinson
Marymount University                                          Meghan Gadell                                                                                      High Point University       Kimberly Zarnick                     Alex Guerere
Alejandra Pena                Tammie Trinh                                                                                     Syracuse University                                           Drexel University                    Sacha Brenac
Alyssa Coombe                 Taylor Rittue                                                   Mississippi                      Brittany Stumvoll
                                                                                                                                                                 Alexis Johnson
                                                                                                                                                                 Clair Jones
Aman Testfay                  Tim Rausch
                                                              Alabama                         University of Mississippi        Niagra University
                                                                                                                                                                                             Rishi Sharma
Anastasia Blow                Ariel Garayar
                                                              University of Alabama           Kelly Kundinger                  Kiefer Hickey
                                                                                                                                                                 Holly Schulz
                                                                                                                                                                 Jay Carroll
                                                                                                                                                                                             St. Vincent College                  Other
Belen Selassie                Virginia Tech                                                                                                                                                  Patrick Simms
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  United States Marine Corps
                              Alexandra Nihill
                                                              Brendon Sheiry                                                   Rochester Institute of Technol-   Kara Bonini
                                                                                                                                                                                             MercyHurst College
Brian Hay-Stuart
Darwin Emmanuel               Colin Scott
                                                              Kelsey Barger
                                                              Auburn University
                                                                                              Massachusetts                    ogy
                                                                                                                               Kevin Crook
                                                                                                                                                                 East Carolina University
                                                                                                                                                                 Presley Nardella
                                                                                                                                                                                             Dan Courtney
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Michael McKeon
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Tommy Farrell
Jaclyn John                   Elizabeth Rivlin                                                Boston University                                                                              Claire Griffin
Jacqueline Hernandez          Frank Whitsell                  Bridgt Spurlock                                                  St. John’s University             Sarah Martinez                                                   United States Coast Guard
                                                              Madeline DeGeorges              Christine Yi                                                                                                                        Brian Coffin
Mary Mubiru                   Gabe Salas                                                                                       Andrew Page
 Visor May 2011                                      What We’re Leaving Behind                                                                                      Page 10

  O’Connell Students Inspired by Nature
Natalie Eichner                                serve various birds, ranging from a Great
Editor                                         Blue Heron to a Swamp Sparrow. Most of
                                               the students had never been birding before
         Teachers know how difficult it        and they were extremely surprised by what
can sometimes be to get teenage students       they saw on the trip.
excited about something new. So when                     “Being out in the middle of a pre-
two faculty members in the science depart-     serve amongst all these different types of
ment at Bishop O’Connell High School in        birds I didn’t even know existed in our area
Arlington decided to open up the oppor-        really flabbergasted me. Virginia is filled
tunity for O’Connell students to go bird       with so much wildlife, right in our back-
watching, they did not know what to ex-        yards!” exclaimed sophomore Julie Olafs-
pect. Teachers Nolan Britt and Bill Car-       son.
penter hoped not only to help the students               Freshman Jenny Zinzi agreed,
prepare for the upcoming “Vertebrates of       adding, “I didn’t expect to see so many
Virginia Test,” but also to get them excited   different birds that I had never seen be-
about nature, introducing them to a live ex-   fore. It was really interesting and also fun
perience that can’t be obtained from video     to observe them for the first time with my
games or on the Internet.                      friends.”
         Together with the Northern Vir-                 The students were birding for
ginia Teen Birding Club (whose members         nearly five hours, moving from the Bell
include students from Flint Hill, Thomas       Haven Marina to a nearby park called
Jefferson High School and John Paul the        Huntley Meadows. In total, they observed                                                        bird watching. He hopes to inspire his
                                                                                              amount of enthusiasm that these first-time
Great), fourteen freshman and sophomore        31 different species of birds, as well as                                                       young students, just as he was inspired as a
                                                                                              birders displayed on the excursion.
biology students, accompanied by Britt         other animals, including a Common Snap-                                                         young child.
                                                                                                       Britt found himself inspired by
and Carpenter, met along the Potomac Riv-      ping Turtle and a muskrat. Both Britt and                                                                “You never know who will be
                                                                                              nature at a very young age and has turned
er near Belle Haven in Alexandria to ob-       Carpenter were pleasantly surprised by the                                                      interested in nature unless you take them
                                                                                              this inspiration into a life-long hobby in
                                                                                                                                               outdoors,” commented Britt.

           One Final Mass for the Class of 2011
Joe Bender
Staff Writer
                                                         A lot of work has been put in to
          The Baccalaureate Mass is a          make sure that the Baccalaureate Mass is
long standing tradition for graduating se-     a spectacular event, reminding the gradu-
niors. O’Connell’s seniors this year will      ating seniors “where they are going with
gather for one final time on Sunday, May       Christ as their cornerstone.” Mr. Crivella
22, at 9am in the school auditorium to         has been charged with making sure the
celebrate their Baccalaureate Mass and         tabernacle looks incredible. Many others,
then gather as a community for breakfast.      such as Mr. Buckreis and Mrs. Cerniglia,
          The Mass itself celebrates and       have been putting forth a great amount of
gives thanks for those who have de-            effort into making sure everything goes
voted their lives to instilling new knowl-     smoothly. Several other speakers have been
edge and wisdom upon their charges, the        lined up besides Fr. Hudgins, who will be
youth, and the result of their endeavors.      celebrating the Mass. Kevin Lauerman, the
          The practice of having a Bacca-      senior class president, will be addressing
laureate service is popularly believed to      the class. The keynote speaker will be Mrs.
have started at Oxford University in the       Wentzel’s daughter, Julia Wentzel Whar-
year 1432. This practice started because in    ton. Wharton is an O’Connell alumna
those days, students had to deliver a sermon   who set up an independent Catholic school
in Latin in order to graduate from the uni-    in Blacksburg, Virginia back in 2003.
versity. Thanks to most of the early univer-             The seniors look forward to cel-
sities in America being focused on training    ebrating one final Mass together before go-
ministers, the practice leaped across the      ing their separate ways before graudation.
pond and became a mainstay in America.

  Individual Teams, Individual Banquets
                                                                                              Scott Rapuano                                    las commented, “I understand why some
                                                                                              Staff Writer                                     people don’t like the sports banquets, but I
                                                                                                                                               think it’s more of a big deal for the athletes
                                                                                                        For the first year, O’Connell has      to be honored in front of the entire school
                                                                                              decided against holding a general sports         than just their team.”
                                                                                              banquet for spring and winter teams, elect-                It is true that cancelling the large
                                                                                              ing to have the teams do their own indi-         sports banquets could reduce some of the
                                                                                              vidual sports banquets. This means that          lustre associated with the recognition of
                                                                                              instead of hosting a large evening event of      the athletes, but the smaller, more intimate
                                                                                              all the spring or winter sports there are only   events may make them more specific to the
                                                                                              going to be team meetings with parents to        interests of that particular audience.
                                                                                              award MVP, Coach’s Award, and any other                    Some teams have decided to
                                                                                              awards given by that particular program.         combine with other individual banquets to
                                                                                                        The most likely reason for this        make the event a little larger, but still rela-
                                                                                              change of program is because the experi-         tively small. The boys and girls lacrosse
                                                                                              ence of sitting through all of the teams’        teams have planned a lacrosse banquet for
                                                                                              awards and presentations was not popu-           all boys and girls players to attend so that
                                                                                              lar with some students and parents. Some         participants can be recognized in front of
                                                                                              thought that they should be able to simply       a larger crowd than just their own team-
                                                                                              watch their team’s awards without having         mates. This is a good middle ground be-
                                                                                              to see the rest of the season’s recipients.      tween a full sports banquet and individual
Frank Whitesell receiving an award for his accomplishements with the
                                                                                              Because of this, O’Connell has decided to        meetings because there is still some pres-
varsity track team at a previous Sports Banquet.                                              discontinue the general sports banquet.          tige, but without all of the waiting to get to
                                                                                                        Senior hockey player Gabe Sa-          each team’s recipients.
 Visor May 2011                                                             Mr. Snyder Page                                                                            Page 11
A Farewell to an O’Connell Legend
Christina Chiames                                 has been a member of the O’Connell
Staff Writer                                      community for nearly 37 years. During
                                                  his time at O’Connell Snyder served as
          On May 1, 2011, a barbeque was          a teacher, coach, and friend to over a
held in O’Connell ‘s main gym to honor            generation of students and faculty. Most
Athletic Director, Coach, and Teacher             students will remember him as the Director
Darrell Snyder. Snyder was joined by              of Athletics and as the golf coach. Last year,
his wife, Barbara, whom many students             Synder was inducted into the Arlington
know from the Student Life Office, as             Sports Hall of Fame for his work as coach
well as numerous friends, co-workers, and         and athletic director. Snyder, however, was
O’Connell alumnae. Many members of                also the man who took care of the athletic
the athletic department attended, including       fields and scheduled sporting events.
Coach Wootten and Coach Orndorff.                           At the party, Coach Snyder was
Teachers who are friends of the Snyder’s          presented with new golf clubs by the
like Mrs. Cerniglia, Dr. and Mrs. Stabile,        commissioner of the league, Jim Leary.
Mrs. Renaghan, Mr. Martin, and Sister             His passion for golf is well-known.
Anne Marie were also present at the event.        It was also announced that the Golf
          Coach Wootten reflected on              Championship of the league would be
the barbeque saying, “The retirement              named after Coach Snyder for his hard
party was a great success with over               work and service to the league. Kevin Fay,
225 people from DJO, the league, and              chairman of the O’Connell Board made a
Arlington County to say thank you                 speech thanking Snyder for all he has done.
for all that Coach Snyder has done.”                        Finally, Coach Ordnorff concluded
          Earlier this school year, the           with a speech with a highlighting the impact
administration announced that Coach               and contributions of Snyder throughout
Darrell Snyder would be retiring as Athletic      the O’Connell community, especially in
Director at Bishop O’Connell. The news            athletics. The event was a great success,
came as a shock to many students, faculty,        honoring and highlighting the hard work
and alumnae, especially since Snyder              and achievements of an O’Connell legend.

An Overview of Coach Snyder’s 36-Year Long Career
Joe Bender
Staff Writer                                      Athletic Director for Bishop O’Connell,
                                                                                                   in 1992. He became the first-ever recipient   individual Hall of Fame, the latter both as
                                                  a position he held until halfway through
                                                                                                   of the J. Dallas Shirley Award in 1995, an    a football coach and as an athletic director.
          A legend in the O’Connell               the present school year. In his time
                                                                                                   award given for exemplary service to the               As Coach Snyder retires,
community is retiring after 36 years of           as athletic director, Snyder has done
                                                                                                   WCAC. The WCAC Athletic Director              O’Connell says goodbye to someone who
dedicated and faithful service to this            everything to keep the Catholic League
                                                                                                   of the Year in 1995-96 was awarded to         has been a shining example for everything
school, and in particular the athletic            intact while giving everything he had, and
                                                                                                   him and he was even named Honorary            that O’Connell stands for these past 36
community. That legend is Coach Snyder,           then some, to the students of O’Connell.
                                                                                                   Chairman of the City Title Game. Coach        years. The Visor, and the whole O’Connell
a man who has guided the golf team to a                    Coach Snyder has won many
                                                                                                   Snyder has also been inducted into the        community, wishes Coach Snyder well and
pair of WCAC Championships and a half             other awards in his time with the athletic
                                                                                                   Better Sports’ Club of Arlington’s Hall       thanks him from the bottom of their hearts-
dozen state titles, a man who has guided the      department. He was named Better Sports
                                                                                                   of Fame and also Bishop O’Connell’s           for everything he has done for the school.
football team to seven state titles and their     Club of Arlington’s Sportsman of the Year
only championship victory in the WCAC,
a man who faithfully directed O’Connell
Athletics from 1980 to very recently. For
all Coach Snyder has done for O’Connell,
the Visor and the rest of the O’Connell
community salute him and wish him well.
          Coach Snyder came to Bishop
O’Connell in August of 1974 as a history
teacher and the new head varsity football
coach, fresh from a nine-year stint at Flint
Hill, where he was the athletic director,
head football coach, head basketball coach,
and even the head baseball coach, all at the
varsity level. Snyder’s teams won the next
four state titles, from 1974 to 1977; then
they took a year off before winning one
more state title during his first stint as head
coach. From 1974 to 1981, his teams posted
a 55-33 record, an impressive .625 winning
percentage. Coach Snyder was also named
Virginia Independent Schools State Coach
of the Year 3 times during this period.
          Coach Snyder had a second run as
the head football coach at O’Connell from
1994 to 2002, adding more awards to his
resume. He added a WCAC title in 1994
and a pair of State titles to his incredible
record. He was also named Better Sports of
Arlington Coach of the Year in 1995, WCAC
Coach of the year in 1994 and 2000, and
Virginia Independent Schools State Coach
of the Year in 1994. Overall, Snyder’s
record was an impressive 103-76-2.
          In 1980, Coach Snyder became
the head coach of O’Connell’s golf team.
In his tenure as the golf coach, he has
won two WCAC championships and six
Virginia Independent Schools State titles.
In each of the years his teams won ‘States,’
Coach Snyder was also named Virginia
Independent Schools Coach of the Year.
                                                  Mr. Orndorff presents Coach Snyder with a photograph of the Coach and his wife
          Also in 1980, Snyder was named          signed by the faculty and staff.
Visor May 2011                         Farewell Class of 2011                                                    Page 12
   Que Dieu vous bénisse, mes chers élèves!        To my one and only sweetest Kindergarten Class, to my incredibly
              -Madame McCarty                      grown-up former 2nd graders, to my favorite 8th grade Midsum-
                                                   mer Night’s Dreamers, to my most Romeo and Julietest freshmen,
Kinder:                                            my Huck Finn in 4 minutes juniors, and to The Most Amazing Super
It has been such a privilege to be with you for    Awesome Senior Class of 2011,
four years. I will miss you immensely. I have
loved watching you grow from tentative freshmen Keep your tummies to the table, cover your mouth when you
to young adults who are ready to tackle the world sneeze, remember your manners, lead belongs in your pencil not
(or at least life after O’Connell). Know that I have imbedded in your hand, and for Heaven’s sake be sure to take
learned as much from you as you have learned         your MLA guide with you. Say your prayers (not just when you’re
from me. You all have kept me coming back to desperate), and Above All Things... Always remember that YOU are
teach and edifying my profession!                    loved; always remember TO love; and always remember that you
I will never forget any one of you and please keep are worth waiting for (so slow down!).
in touch and know that I will always be here for I will always love you!
you. Be well, my students. Make the world a bet- - Momma O
ter place each day that you live.
                                                          A Job Well Done---Class of 2011---As You Lead, Others Will Follow
Mit viel Liebe,
Frau Stabile                                Trust your academic preparation to be the best, that will propel you to succeed
                                            in all your endeavors and assume leadership roles at the university, community,
Seniors!                                    state and federal levels, with a global impact. Your preparation at DJO has posi-
                                            tioned you to make global and cultural connections; your “interconnectedness”
                                            will make the world a better place. The uniqueness that each of you possesses
I’ll miss you and I’m proud of you. I’ll is a God-given gift of strength. Set your short and long term objectives and let
have more time on my hands without no man, woman, or institution ever block your path to success. You may have to
                                            go around, under, or over, but do what you need to do to make it happen. Your
you here, but I’ll still miss you!          strong spiritual center of gravity will be the compass that guides you. Continue
                       Mrs. Tara Brown to go forth and make a difference and please remember to always reach out to
                                            those in need with a helping hand, as many of your teachers, counselors, adminis-
                                            trators and staff personnel at DJO did for you. Thank your parents and guardians
                                            for the love and support they have given you. I salute the talented Class of 2011.
To my AP Economics class: You are all “5’s” God bless you!
to me! Best of luck, future economists!                                                  Dr. Daniel Stabile
                  Mrs. Moore                       My prayers are with you
                                                                                May your future be an
                                                   as you greet the endless adventure, your past be
DJO Class of 2011 -                                possibilities of college and a cherished memory and
Heed the advice of Mark Twain:
“Twenty years from now you will
                                                   life as adults. May your our time now be a gift.
be more disappointed by the things                 good works flow wherev- That is why it is called
                                                                                the present.
you didn’t do than by the ones you                 er you find yourselves.
did do. So throw off the bowlines.                      Dr. Trina Sensenig           -Ms. Theresa Koons
Sail away from the safe harbor.
Catch the trade winds in your
sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”
                                                   at your side,
Congratulations on all your ac-
                                                                 Best, Senora BorGes
complishments and know you are
                                                   “Be not afraid.” (Lk 1:30--it is said that these words appear 365 times in the
leaving here having made an                        Bible. Once for every day of the year)
impact!                                                    God bless you! You’ve been a great class! :)
Best Wishes, Miss Cohen                                    -Fr. Hudgins

                                                              Dear Class of 2011,
    “Many happy trips to the                                       I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know
ends of the Earth...and on your                               you. From senior retreats, to chapel visits, to
                                                              time spent in the coffee house, you have always
return flight, make sure to stop                              been very courteous, friendly and helpful. Best
by and tell me how it went.”                                  wishes to each of you as you continue on to your
                                                              next adventure. I will miss you!
            -Mr. Crivella                                                                      Sincerely,
                                                                                               Mrs. Ellis
Visor May 2011                                                                Health                                                                      Page 13
Do You Have Seasonal Allergies? Here’s Relief!
Dina Hamami                                     seasonal allergy medicine like Claritin,
Staff Writer                                    Allegra, or any other antihistamine (anti-
                                                inflammatory) medicine.
          Every fall and spring, about 36                 Another over-the-counter medi-
million Americans find themselves suf-          cine that can be taken is Astelin, which is a
fering miserably from all the pollen from       saline (salt water) spray to wash the pollen
trees, flowers, and weeds. This kind of al-     out of your nose.
lergy, called a seasonal allergy, is differ-              If you want to avoid taking over-
ent from allergies to food, medicines, or       the-counter medicines, you can take a
molds.                                          more natural route. Antihistamines are
          Seasonal allergies are milder than    not the only way to find relief from aller-
food allergies, and not as serious. The         gens. Herbal supplements are a great al-
most common seasonal allergy comes from         ternative to taking over-the-counter medi-
pollen. Pollen can be found on things you       cines. The newest craze in Europe is the
wouldn’t expect, such as furniture, pets,       herb butterbur (Petasites hybridus). This
and clothes. It can be transferred from pet     natural supplement is similar to Claritin
hair and even human hair to places like         and, if taken 4 times daily, can act as an
beds, which can make your seasonal aller-       anti-inflammatory. Taking herbal supple-
gies more miserable. Sometimes you just         ments or other home remedies are nice
can’t seem to get away pollen, but the itchy,   because they aren’t expensive and can                                                          levels are higher in the hot, humid weather
                                                                                                es are they won’t. According to weather.
watery eyes, congestion, and sneezing can       work just as well as antihistamines would.                                                     rather than cooler, windy, or rainy days.
                                                                                                com, pollen levels are usually higher in the
come to an end if the following steps are                 Anyone can develop allergies, and                                                              Although not everyone suffers
                                                                                                Metro area because of the extremely hot
taken.                                          moving to a new area makes it more likely                                                      from allergies, everyone who does can
                                                                                                summers and the exceedingly cold win-
          On, Doctors rec-            for allergies to develop. It usually takes                                                     find relief. Everyone’s bodies react dif-
                                                                                                ters. This variation in seasons causes pol-
ommend people follow a series of steps          around 2-3 years to see if the allergens in                                                    ferently to types of medication or supple-
                                                                                                len levels to be significantly higher in the
to minimize the effect of pollen and other      these new surroundings are bothersome. If                                                      ments, so it takes a little bit of trial and
                                                                                                spring. And it has been proven that pollen
allergens by taking some over-the-counter       after 3 years allergies don’t develop, chanc-                                                  error to find what works best for you.

                       What’s A Skin Gun?
                                                                                                Sam Snead
                                                                                                                                               the skin gun, this device was brought to
                                                                                                Staff Writer                                   the attention of the public as a very useful
                                                                                                                                               alternative for burn victims. Though it is
                                                                                                          It’s not a science fiction movie,    still under development, a prototype of the
                                                                                                and it’s not a painful procedure. The spray-   spray-on skin gun has treated dozens of
                                                                                                on skin gun is reality, and is completely      patients already.
                                                                                                painless! If a person has suffered skin                  The spray-on skin gun takes the
                                                                                                damage from a burn, the spray-on skin gun      stem cells from a healthy part of the body,
                                                                                                has it covered: helping the skin damage        mixes them up with a solution much like
                                                                                                disappear and making it look like the burn     spray paint, and then literally sprays the
                                                                                                was never there.                               solution back onto the affected part of
                                                                                                          Adult stem cells do marvelous        the skin where it is needed. The solution
                                                                                                things for the body and for one’s health.      and stem cells when mixed together are
                                                                                                These tiny microscopic cells help rebuild      blue, but when sprayed over the skin, the
                                                                                                and regenerate the organs, blood, intestinal   blue spray changes to the natural color of
                                                                                                tissues and skin. In 2008, the spray-on skin   the skin. This action takes only hours or
                                                                                                gun was created by a plastic surgeon, Dr.      days, depending on the burn, to provide the
                                                                                                Fiona Wood, and scientist Marie Stoner.        healing of the affected area. This procedure
                                                                                                This instrument was used for test purposes,    is safe and easy, continuing to pique the
                                                                                                only because no one really knew whether        interest of the public, and also helping
                                                                                                it would work. Only three years later, after   encourage burn victims to consider this
                                                                                                National Geographic did a segment on           procedure.

           Safe Sun Tips for Summer
Natasha Warcholak
Staff Writer                                    Wheeler of recommends
                                                taking a cold bath, which will take
         Summer is almost here! When            away the pain, instead of a shower after
envisioning the good times of summer,           returning from the beach because “the
hanging out with friends, sleeping in late,     pressure from the shower will make that
eating ice cream on a hot day and going         sunburn on your shoulders feel worse.”
to the beach all come to mind. Beachgoers                She also advises stocking up
enjoy swimming, going on the boardwalk          on Aloe Vera, another way to lessen the
and playing volleyball in the sand; but         serverity of the burn. adds
most people come for the sun. Tanning can       that staying out of the sun from 10 am
be healthy for the skin because it provides     to 4 pm, the hours of strongest sunlight,
Vitamin D but it can also be very dangerous     may prevent many burns. Some other
when exposure exceeds the healthy level.        helpful ways to prevent sun overexposure
Harmful exposure to UV rays can cause           include wearing a hat and sunglasses.
skin cancer and premature aging. Wearing                 It’s also beneficial to avoid
sunscreens such as SPF 5 or 10 barely           tanning beds because they can damage
protects the skin. Even on overcast days,       skin with the same amount of UV rays
most of the sun’s UV rays make it through       as the outdoors can. The tan may look
the clouds. Although the lasting effects        nice now, but the long term effects to
may not show up visibly for several years,      your body, such as skin cancer, are too
skin is damaged a little every time it’s        substantial to ignore. Since 80 percent of
overexposed to the sun. Doctors recommend       lifetime sun exposure is done under the
at least SPF 15 for minimal damage.             age of 18, high school students should be
         In case of a sun burn, Jordan          especially careful when out in the sun.
Visor May 2011                                                                  Entertainment                                                                 Page 14

Captain America: A Promising
Start to the SummerBlockbusters
                                                          The film stars Chris Evans as
                                                 Steve Rogers, a young man who wants to
Patrick Morris                                   serve his country during World War II but is
Staff Writer                                     not physically fit enough to join the Army.
                                                 The government asks him if he would
                                                 participate in an experiment that would
         Superhero movies are always a           allow him to fight for the U.S. Rogers
big draw every summer, and this year will        agrees and undergoes a series of chemical
be no exception. Marvel is heavily relying       injections to become a super soldier.
on its superhero team, The Avengers, to                   He is then known as Captain
make bank at the box office. We have             America and travels to Europe to fight off
already seen Iron Man and The Hulk on            the Nazis. The US does not know that Hitler
the big screen; this year the remaining          has also created a version of the “super
two members, Thor and Captain America,           soldier” formula and used it to transform
have movies coming out. Thor is currently        one of his closest confidents, Johann
in theatres now and Captain America: The         Schmidt, to become a figure known as the                   The movie is said to be similar in     In 2012 Marvel will release The Avengers,
First Avenger will be released on July 22nd.     Red Skull, from a mask Hitler has given          tone to 2008’s successful Iron Man and will      which may be the biggest superhero film of
However, this is not Captain America’s           him that resembles a red, mutated skull.         be released in 3D. After the release all four    all time. All four heroes will be included
film debut. A movie was made in 1990             The Red Skull is played by Hugo Weaving.         members of The Avengers will have had            and it will feature the same cast from the
but was panned by the critics; Marvel            The film also features Tommy Lee Jones           feature films and Marvel will start to focus     previous four movies. For this summer,
hopes this year’s version of Captain             and, as in other Marvel films; Samuel L          on a possible blockbuster for next summer.       though, first enjoy Thor and then later check
America will be much more successful.            Jackson will reprise his role as Nick Fury.                                                       out Captain America: The First Avenger.

Spears and Minaj Make a Fierce Duo on the Femme Fatale Tour
Dina Hamami
Staff Writer

         In March of this year, Britney          Jessie and the Toy Boys and Nervo. This all-
Spears announced that she will be go-            female cast is bound to keep the audience
ing on tour this summer. This will be            on their feet and dancing the entire time.
Spears’s first tour since early 2009. She                  This tour has chosen an apoca-
announced that she and Enrique Igle-             lyptic theme, based after the song “Till
sias will go on a 26-city tour beginning         the World Ends.” Although there isn’t a
on June 16th in Sacramento, California.          definite set list yet, fans should expect to
         Hours after the tour was an-            hear Spear’s newest singles from her most
nounced, Iglesias backed out. No one             recent album, Femme Fatale. Some songs
is sure why Iglesias dropped out, but            fans will definitely hear are “Hold it Against
another huge star, Nicki Minaj, took             Me,” “Till the World Ends,” and a couple
his place and will be performing at              songs that were excluded from the CD, like
every stop of the tour with Spears.              “He About to Lose Me” and “Criminal.”
         Spears is known for her outra-                    According to, Spears
geous concerts that continually entertain        said this is the most excited she has ever
audiences and with Nicki Minaj by her side,      been about a tour. So it’s safe to say that
we can only expect the best for this tour.       the tour, just as the revival of her career,
         The opening acts for the tour are       should be very entertaining.

                  Big Sean Takes Over the Rap Scene
 Gabe Salas
Staff Writer                                                                                                                                       merely about making money, enjoying
                                                                                                                                                   yourself, or dealing with the problems
   For the last decade or two, rappers such as                                                                                                     that come with being a hip-hop icon.
Eminem, Dr. Dre and Jay-Z have dominated                                                                                                                     He also begins every one of
the hip-hop scene, releasing numerous                                                                                                              his songs with a shout out to Detroit’s
albums and gaining fan bases that stretch                                                                                                          west side and G.O.O.D. Music, thus
from coast to coast. But recently, some                                                                                                            acknowledging the two things that
new artists have entered into the game,                                                                                                            brought him to be where he is today.
and are now taking America by storm.                                                                                                                      For every Big Sean fan across the
           Rappers such as Wiz Khalifa,                                                                                                            country, the date to circle is July 21,
Mac Miller, Wale, J. Cole and others have                                                                                                          when he will be releasing his debut album
stepped out of the shadows to release                                                                                                              Finally Famous: The Album. Previously
highly publicized mix tapes that have rap                                                                                                          set to hit stores May 3, the album is one
fans across the country hungry for more.                                                                                                           of the most anticipated of the summer;
Last year, rapper Big Sean released Finally                                                                                                        and while it isn’t expected to reach the
Famous Volume 3, the most anticipated                                                                                                              “gross” levels like Lil Wayne’s “Tha
work of his career that propeled him onto the                                                                                                      Carter 4 reached, it should do pretty well.
list of top “underground” artists. Now, with                                                                                                                  The album is said to feature
his album set to release this summer, Big                                                                                                          artists such as Pharell Williams, West,
Sean, a.k.a. Sean Anderson, may just pass                                                                                                          Chris Brown and others, which should
all of those other guys and cement himself       and artists John Legend, Common and Kid           respect amongst his fans because he’s           make for a good supporting cast on this
as one of the top artists of this decade.        Cudi. Soon after, Sean signed with Island         known to be one of the “realest” rappers out    freshman effort. West will handle most
      Artist and Producer Kanye West made        Def Jam Records and released three mix           there, meaning that he doesn’t pretend to be     of the production, and it’s rumored that
an appearance on that same radio station         tapes, all consisting of the name, “Finally      someone he’s not; he just tells it like it is.   this could be his best work since his
one day which allowed Anderson to meet           Famous.” These two words can only                         Many rappers over the years             production of Jay-Z’s The Black Album.
West and give him a sample of his music.         describe the jubilance that Anderson has,        have strayed away from what made                           Students in the area can also
After realizing that the twenty-year-old         knowing that he has finally made it to the       them famous when they hit it big, in             catch Sean this summer as he makes
“Big Sean” was something special, West           top, and all of his dreams of becoming           order to keep the revenue coming; but            an appearance on Wiz Khalifa’s
signed Anderson to his record label,             a famous musician are within reach.              Anderson doesn’t give any signs of               summer tour which makes a stop in
G.O.O.D. Music, which consisted of West                    Anderson has gained a lot of           this because so many of his songs are            Merriweather Post Pavillion on July 24th.
Visor May 2011                                        SADD Club: Obituaries                                                                  Page 15

       BRADY                               All persons here are purely fictitious person created by the SADD Club
                                           to help inform people of the dangers of drunk driving and other de-                      LUKAS
          Gwenyth Brady                    structive decisions. Every year, the SADD Club runs “Dead Day,”                                 Karl Lukas
A young, fruitful life was ended by        where they symbolically “kill” a certain number of students to cor-               A wonderful future, a glorious life,
a drunk driver. While on her way to        respond to the number of people who are killed by drunk drivers every             ended prematurely by a drunk be-
school, Gwenyth’s car was clipped          year. The student body is then again reminded of this during the SADD             hind the wheel. That is how Karl
by a drunk driver on his way home          Assembly the next day. The SADD Club, which stands for Students                   Lukas left this world. After being
after a night spent in the bars. Her       Against Destructive Decisions, seeks to help bring awareness of the               able to walk away from the wreck-
car flew off the road and crashed,         dangers of drunk driving and other dangerous actions that endanger                age, Lukas collapsed lifelessly, the
with the impact inflicting horrify-        the lives of both the person engaging in the action and innocent by-              victim of a brain hemorrhage. A
ing injuries upon her. She was still       standers.                                                                         high school track star, Lukas was
breathing and had a pulse when an                                                                                            planning on going to Hofstra Uni-
emergency response team reached                                                                                              versity. Many fellow students were
the scene, but she was pronounced                                                                                            inspired by his leadership and ath-
dead on the way to the hospital.                                                                                             letic ability during his time at Bish-
Gwenyth will be missed by the                                                                                                op O’Connell High School. Many
O’Connell community, where she                                                                                               people had talked about how with a
was popular, having been named                                                                                               little more work, Lukas could have
captain of Varsity Cheer squad and                                                                                           been taking shots at Usian Bolt and
Homecoming Queen this past year.                                                                                             Tyson Gay’s records. Unfortunate-
                                                                                                                             ly, that will never happen as now he
                                                                                                                             rests six feet deep. He is survived
                                                                                                                             by his father and his brother, both of
                                                                                                                             whom he was very close to.
            Helen Esposito
Helen was a gifted violinist who
                                                                                                                                      ROTH Sean Roth
was planing on attending Julliard in
                                                                                                                             After sustaining injuries in a head-
the fall. However, her college plans

                                                  HONG                                  JORDAN
                                                                                                                             on crash with a drunk driver who
were ended when she was struck
                                                                                                                             crossed the center line of the road,
by a teenage driver one night, who
                                                       John Hong                               Steven Jordan                 Roth died after spending two days
had spent all night getting drunk
                                          John Hong sustained major inju-          Steven Jordan died from injuries          on life support. Roth is survived
at a party. Helen was the pride and
                                          ries as a result of a horrific impact    sustained in a collision with a car       by his family and his good friends.
joy of the O’Connell Music Depart-
                                          with a drunk driver. His body was        driven by a drunk driver. He is           Roth was just about to become an
ment, aweing everyone who ever
                                          thrown from his vehicle, inflicting      survived by his parents Josiah and        Eagle Scout, after doing his Eagle
appeared at one of the band con-
                                          mortal wounds. He was pronounced         Michelle. Jordan’s death stole a          Project to help bring awareness to
certs the past four years. Everyone
                                          dead at the scene. An ambitious          promising future from the basket-         muscular dystrophy. This effort got
who knew her raved about her tal-
                                          tennis player, he played for Bishop      ball star, who had signed with Duke       a lot of support from the O’Connell
ent with a violin and also how she
                                          O’Connell’s varsity tennis team and      University to play basketball in col-     community, especialy the Athletic
would lay down everything to help
                                          aspired to further his career past the   lege. His story is filled with tragedy,   Department. His leadership, friend-
a friend in need. Her selfless attitude
                                          high school level. He is survived by     as he overcame two broken legs to         liness, and overall charm will be
led her to being a trusted advisor to
                                          his parents, both passionate ten-        receive his scholarship and now his       remembered as the O’Connell com-
anyone who requested her help. The
                                          nis fans who helped inspire Hong         life has been taken by the careless       munity mourns his passing. He is
Music Department has been emo-
                                          to dream and work to achieve his         actions of a drunk driver. Even with      survived by his parents and his
tionally destroyed by this tragedy
                                          dreams.                                  the disheartening leg injuries, Ste-      three younger sisters, one of whom
and is working to together enough
                                                                                   ven was still rated in the top 5 na-      is currently a freshman.
to give her a farewell concert. She
is survived by her parents and four                                                tionally for basketball recruits. He
                                                                                   will be missed.
                                                                                                                                         Kelly Venscoe
                                                      Smith Jessup                                                           Kelly Venscoe was just pulling out

                                          A popular fellow in and out of the
                                          Bishop O’Connell community,
                                                                                         LEVITT                              of the Macy’s parking lot after fi-
                                                                                                                             nally completing her search for the
                                          Smith Jessup was a young man of                       Haley Levitt                 perfect prom dress when she was
            Annie Gordon                                                           While riding home on her bicycle
                                          great promise, a person who excelled                                               blindsided by a teenage driver high
Annie Gordon was a beloved mem-                                                    after a long night spent practicing
                                          in making other people smile. All                                                  on marijuana. She received fatal
ber of the O’Connell community                                                     lacrosse, Haley was struck by a
                                          of those things defined Smith Jes-                                                 injuries in the accident, ending her
who was tragically stolen from this                                                drunk driver who veered out of her
                                          sup, a person stolen from us when                                                  dreams of leaving O’Connell with
life through her unfortunate deci-                                                 lane while careening down a hill.
                                          he was struck by a drunk driver. Af-                                               a cap and gown at the National
sions. She had left a party where                                                  Haley was not the greatest player
                                          ter surviving for several days in the                                              Shrine. This active member of SCA
she had consumed an exorbitant                                                     on the team, but was the heart of
                                          hospital, Jessup finally succumbed                                                 and Yearbook leaves life with a
amount of alcohol and was walk-                                                    the team, inspiring her teammates
                                          to his wounds and left this world.                                                 number of friends, all of whom are
ing through Old Town on her way                                                    whether or not she was on the court
                                          Jessup will be remembered as a                                                     devastated by her untimely demise.
home. While she was walking by the                                                 or on the bench. Levitt’s leadership
                                          practical jokester who engineered                                                  She is survived by a large family,
pier, she tumbled into the river and                                               helped the team to topple giants in
                                          all of the greatest pranks these past                                              all of whom are very active in the
drowned. Despite being considered                                                  the sport. Haley’s coach was ap-
                                          few years. His brand of humor led                                                  O’Connell community. The student
an “average Jane”, Annie was very                                                  palled at how he had seen her just
                                          students to uproarious laughter and                                                body’s memories of her will be dot-
well known among the O’Connell                                                     minutes before and now she was
                                          disciplinarians to wrench out their                                                ted with her wonderful smile and
community. Everyone knew of An-                                                    gone forever. The girls will devote
                                          hair. O’Connell will be a sadder                                                   the fantastic leadership she brought
nie and her smile and was shocked                                                  the rest of their season to her mem-
                                          place without Jessup being here to                                                 to every school event. Her death
to hear of her frightful end. She is                                               ory as they try to win a WCAC title.
                                          make people laugh. He is survived                                                  leaves a hole in all our hearts. Her
survived by her mom and her two                                                    She is survived by her mother, who
                                          by his parents and by his cousins,                                                 funeral has not been announced but
older sisters, both O’Connell gradu-                                               was always cited to be her driving
                                          who are also current O’Connell stu-                                                it will definitely be packed.
ates themselves.                                                                   force.
Visor May 2011                                                                     Style              Page 16

                Good-Bye Visor Editors!
        Spotlight On: Alejandra Buitrago and
 Emma Delmontagne
 Front Page Editor
                  Cait Patterson              (Zach Galifianakis) or McLovin?
                                              A: McLovin
Q: Favorite Visor Memory?                     C: McLovin, He’s my dream boyfriend
Alejandra: Probably when we were both         Q: One thing people don’t know about
assigned- well we were just named,            you?
editors-in-chief.                             Both: We’re not related! We’re not twins!
Cait: My first Superdance issue.              We’re not sisters or cousins, and we don’t
Q: Plans for after high school?               look alike!
A: Well, I’m going to James Madison           Q: What princess or superhero would
University, like Cait. Definitely studying    you be?
abroad!                                       A: Okay, well, I have both. I would be
Q: Will you be involved in journalism         Batman because he’s just a regular man;
in college?                                   he doesn’t have any weird superpowers or
Both: yes                                     whatever. For princess, I would have to be
Q: Real Housewives of Orange County           Rapunzel because she gets the guy in the
or Beverly Hills?                             end and she has great hair.
A: OC                                         C: I would be Ariel because when I was
C: Beverly Hills                              little I liked how we both had red hair.
Q: Thoughts on Mr. Culler?                    Superhero- Wonderwoman!
A: Sweetheart                                 Q: Future advice for the new Editors
C: Uhh… Come back to me! [Later] My           A: Bring food! If you bring food, they will
favorite quote of his, “I’m a high roller!”   come.
Q: Would you rather date Alan Garner          C: It will all work out!

                                                                             Extra thanks to Mr. Culler!
                                                                       Another awesome year for the journalists!

                     Nick & Maddie; Sports

  Emma; Front Page, Leela; Entertainment

     Imani; Outside news, Diksha, Spread

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