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  The Official Publication of the

  The Official Publication of the
                                                                                                                                     DECEMBER 2007

    CENTR AL Is the health insurance A MBER OF COMMERCE
In this edition: RHODE ISLAND CHyou provide your employees enough?
                                               By Brian Mullaney                different sets of needs. Attracting and     they need without hurting your organi-
                                                                                retaining quality employees like these is   zation’s bottom line.
                                       Angie is a divorced mom of two ac-       a chief concern among business owners
                                    tive boys and one special-needs girl.       today, yet rising health insurance costs     The health insurance protection gap
                                    She works as a physician’s assistant at     make it tough to maintain a competi-
                                    a major hospital and is considered a        tive benefits program. With voluntary          Employees are less prepared than
                                    hard-working and dedicated employee.        supplemental health insurance, you can      ever for unexpected expenses from an
                                    If she goes more than a month without a     meet your employees’ needs, plus your       accident or illness. According to a 2002
                                    trip to the emergency room or doctor’s      own company’s needs.                        study by the Consumer Federation of
                                    office, she considers it a welcomed re-                                                 America, many families are having
                                    prieve — time-wise and money-wise.                   A variety of benefits              trouble saving, and live paycheck to
                                    She jokingly tells people she keeps her              for a variety of needs             paycheck. In fact, 25 percent have assets
                                    employer in business.                                                                   of less than $10,000 — including retire-
                                       John and his wife, Jan, have been mar-     With health insurance costs increas-      ment savings (excluding home equity).
                                    ried for 22 years. Jan works part-time      ing dramatically, employers need af-        Families with less than $10,000 in assets
                                    for the county and full-time taking care    fordable solutions to protect their em-     have substantial debt and 41 percent
                                    of their two children. John is a regional   ployees, stay competitive in attracting     don’t save at all.
                                    manager of a national department store      and retaining quality workers, and             Even with today’s rising health insur-
• Mayor’s Message – Page 2          chain and the primary breadwinner of        remain profitable. With medical costs       ance costs, you can afford to offer your
                                    the family. His job requires travel and     increasing just as dramatically, your       employees the protection they need.
                                    long hours. He makes a good income,         employees need more benefits choices        Supplemental health insurance can
                                    but private school, college tuition sav-    than ever before. Just co-payments and      round out your health insurance pro-
                                    ings, mortgage payments, three car pay-     deductibles alone have increased by 40      gram and meet employees’ demand for
                                    ments (his daughter just turned 16, and     percent since 2001. Seventy-five percent    more benefits and individually-owned
                                    John and Jan surprised her with a car       of people declaring personal bankrupt-      coverage. And because premiums are
                                    for her birthday) and saving for retire-    cy because of medical expenses were         employee-paid, you can help fill the
                                    ment take most of the family’s income.      insured at the onset of their illness. A    health insurance protection gap at no
                                    A week from today, he’ll travel out of      supplemental health insurance product       direct cost to you.
                                    state for his job. A week from tomorrow,    can enhance the coverage you provide           Brian Mullaney is an account execu-
                                    he’ll suffer a stroke.                      in your benefits program, giving your       tive with Colonial Supplemental Insur-
                                       Two valuable employees with two          valued employees the benefit choices        ance.

                                           December Events                                   Chamber Holiday Open House
• a Conversation with                Networking                                                Thursday, December 13th
  Jonathan tisCh – Page 4            Business After Hours at Briarwood                                8:30 - 12:00
                                     Meadows Luxury Apartments
                                     Thursday, December 6th                                    3288 Post Road, Warwick
                                     Health                                              Allow us to thank you for being in the Central
                                     Member Flu Clinic                                   Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce!
                                     Friday, December 7th                                Stop by for a holiday treat!
                                     Networking & Lunch
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                                     Business Development Center
                                     Tuesday, December 11th

                                     Open House
• Business after hours – Page 6      Chamber Holiday Open House
                                     Thursday, December 13th
 Page 2                                                              ChamberWorks                                                                    december 2007

               Mayor's Message                                                         A letter from the president/CEO
                                           of factors to determine an agency’s
                                           overall performance based on its three-
                                           month report and grant work plan.
                                           These factors include meeting estab-
                                           lished benchmarks such as completing
                                                                                                                                   “Strategy is about making
                                           lead hazard control in residential units                                                choices, tradeoffs; it’s about
                                           and progress in drawing down grant
                                           funds relative to work performed.                                                       deliberately choosing to be
                                              The green designation – HUD’s high-
                                           est – means that the city is meeting and/
                                           or exceeding standard, primary bench-
                                           marks. Specifically, the city is ahead in                                                         — Michael Porter
                                           target units completed and target line                                                            Harvard Business School
                                           of credit control system drawdowns.
                                           The program’s overall performance is
                                           good, HUD said.
                                              The program began in 2003, with
                                           a $1.8-million, three-year grant from
                                           HUD. Last September, HUD awarded                      LAUREN SLOCUM
                                           the city a second, three-year grant of
                                           $2.1 million – the largest single award
                                           in city history – to continue the pro-
                                           gram.                                         Dear Members:                                 have to offer. We would be happy
                                              Lead-based paint was often used in                                                       to assist you in developing your
    MAYOR SCOTT AVEDISIAN                  homes built before 1978. Particularly          The Michael Porter quote really tells        list; simply ask.
                                                                                       the story. In this time of increased com-          • REWARDS is an ongoing list-
                                           high concentrations of lead in paint
                                                                                       petition, small businesses must be able         ing of the discounts and value-
  I am pleased to announce that our        were used before 1950. According to
                                                                                       to differentiate themselves from their          added offers available to you, your
Warwick Lead Hazard Reduction Pro-         the 2000 census, over 80 percent of War-    competition. Business owners need to            employees and, if specified, to the
gram (WLHRP) has earned another            wick’s housing stock was constructed        discover the answers to these most              community at large. A coupon is
“green” ranking from the U.S. Depart-      prior to 1979 and over 53 percent was       important questions, “Why would my              printed and presented to you for
ment of Housing and Urban Develop-         built before 1960.                          customer choose me over my competi-             redemption.
ment (HUD). The WLHRP is adminis-             This paint can peel, chip, or crack      tion?” And, “What makes my products
tered by the city’s Office of Housing &    away. People who breathe contami-           or services uniquely different?”              We are committed to serving you
Community Development.                     nated paint dust can be exposed to             In a recent self-examination, the Cen-   as your business resource, providing
  Each quarter, HUD assesses a variety     the harmful substance. Children eating      tral Rhode Island Chamber has looked        you with the products and services
                                           paint during normal childhood hand-         at how we can be different from other       you need to be successful entrepre-
                                           to-mouth activities are also exposed        business organizations. We’ve asked         neurs. Let us know how we can assist
                                           to lead. Significant lead exposure at       ourselves what we can do to be more         you. We will continue to develop new
    ChamberWorks                           a young age can cause brain damage,         helpful, more responsive and more ex-       opportunities throughout the year as
                                           short attention span, and lower IQ.         citing, while providing more opportu-       requested.
        Published every month jointly      Lead has also been linked with diffi-       nities to members like you. With the
         by the Central RI Chamber of      culties in learning language. Exposure      help of more than 1,000 members and           Yours truly,
     Commerce and Beacon Communications.   during pregnancy can jeopardize fetal       business leaders, a new and exciting
                                           development. At high doses, some signs      benefit of membership has emerged.
             PuBlisher                     of childhood lead poisoning are hyper-         In October 2007, we unveiled the new
          Lauren E.I. Slocum,              activity, emotional outbreaks, and lack     online searchable Chamber business
            President/CEO                                                              directory. This business directory will
                                           of attention, fatigue, and delinquency,
          Central RI Chamber                                                           provide our members with an incred-
                                           loss of coordination, pain and soreness.
                                                                                       ible opportunity to be seen in front of
             of Commerce                   It is important to realize that children    hundreds of potential new customers           Lauren E.I. Slocum
                                           in the early stages of lead poisoning       each month. Advertisements will be            President/CEO
              ediTor                       show few symptoms. The best way to          placed in local publications, announc-        lauren@centralrichamber.com
            Dara Chadwick                  combat lead poisoning is by removing        ing the solution to the question: Where
                                           lead from the child’s environment.          do I find a good…? Here’s a quick peek
            ediToriAl                         Our program’s goal is to reduce the      at a few of the features:
           CoordinATor                     exposure of Warwick’s children under                                                      PS. If you prefer, simply send us an
            Kristyn Jodat                  six years of age to the hazards of lead           • Your own personal tagline to        email:
                                           paint; increase public awareness about          enable potential customers to bet-
     ProduCTion Advisor                    the hazards of lead paint; promote safe         ter understand what you have to         Maria Puleo
        Richard Fleischer                  and effective methods of reducing lead          offer and how your products or          Office Manager
                                           paint hazards; provide grants/loans to          services are what they want to pur-     Event & Program Coordinator
            ProduCTion                     homeowners and landlords to reduce              chase.                                  Maria@centralrichamber.com
             Malisa Croce                  lead in low/moderate income house-                • Online menus provide mem-
                                           holds; and to collect information on the        ber restaurants with additional         Kristyn Jodat
      Send press releases to: Central
  RI Chamber of Commerce, 3288 Post        most cost-effective ways to reduce lead         exposure and help attract more          Communication & Sales
    Rd., Warwick, RI 02886 or phone        paint hazards.                                  customers and increase their mar-       News@centralrichamber.com
   732-1100 or FAX 732-1107 or email          To date, a total of 127 units were           ket share. Visitors will be able to
        ben@centralrichamber.com.          made lead-safe through funding from             see your food selections, special       Yvette Mellin
                                                                                           dishes and experience first-hand        Tourism & Relocation Director
          For advertising rates            the 2003-06 grant. The second grant
                                                                                           why yours is the restaurant they        Yvette@centralrichamber.com
          or information, call:            cycle is effective through 2009, with 125
                                                                                           wish to dine at.
            ChamberWorks,                  units to be made lead-safe. Currently,            • Keywords are a collection of        Janice Luther
        732-1100 or Fax 732-1107.          work on six units has been completed.           words that people might enter into      Member Data Specialist
                                              For more information about the pro-          a search box to find what it is you     Janice@centralrichamber.com
                                           gram, call (401) 738-2000, ext. 6375.
     december 2007                                                             ChamberWorks                                                                                 Page 3

     The Central Rhode Island                      Ask SCORE
     Chamber of Commerce
 Board of directors
    2007 - 2008               Scott Seaback
                              RI Temps, Inc.
                                                   Make your business greener
 Officers of the Board                                Looking for ways to make your small                                                     specific industries. Take time to explore
                           Dr. Daniel Simpson      business more environmentally con-                                                         the site for a wealth of news and tips
Chairman of the Board       West Bay Animal        scious this year? It could be a smart                                                      on going green. Select “Small Business”
   Stephen Hinger               Hospital           move. You can feel good about help-                                                        in the “Resource Wizard” pull-down
 Drum Rock Specialty                               ing the planet, and your business also                                                     menu for topics geared specifically to
       Co., Inc.            Thomas Celona
                                                   benefits in customer loyalty as buyers                                                     small business.
                                                   recognize and appreciate your efforts.        a business more environmentally con-            The Buy Recycled Business Alliance
     Chair-Elect           Thrifty Car Rental/
                                 Prestige          Many marketing-savvy small business-          scious, www.GreenBiz.com is an excel-        (BRBA) is a group of companies and
 Thomas M. Madden
  The Madden Law               Limousine           es are projecting a positive image with       lent resource.                               non-profit organizations working to
     Firm, P.C.                                    customers by promoting their environ-            GreenBiz, a service of the Washing-       promote the market for recycled –con-
                              John Howell          mental efforts.                               ton, D.C.-based Green Business Net-          tent products. The “Buyers” section of
      Vice-Chair               (ex-officio)
                                                      Now is a good time to “green” your         work, offers a full range of hands-on        the BRBA Web site lists companies that
 John M. Montecalvo          Warwick Beacon                                                      help for small businesses that want to
 Pivotal Choice Com-                               business. The movement is expanding,                                                       sell products made from recycled mate-
                             Joseph McGair         and there is more businesses-minded           get more green, from how to finance          rials — everything from floor coverings
puters and Telephones
                              (legal counsel)      information available on the practical,       greater manufacturing efficiency to al-      and doors to paint, bulletin boards and
      Secretary                Petrarca and        profit-producing aspects of making a          ternative cleaning solvents and pro-         plastic “lumber.”
 Jerold M. Weisman             McGair, Inc.        business more environmentally friend-         cesses. The organization’s Web site is
 Jerold M. Weisman,
                                                   ly. Access to environmentally-preferable      packed with helpful information and is         Information provided by SCORE,
        CPA                    The Central                                                       geared towards helping businesses take
                              Rhode Island         products and services is also widening                                                     “Counselors to America’s Small business.”
                                                   — especially for small business.              an environmental stance that also helps
       Treasurer              Chamber of                                                                                                      SCORE is a non-profit organization of more
 Jeffrey D. Wadovick         Commerce Staff           Most of what your business does,           the bottom line.
                                                                                                    The GreenBiz site provides descrip-       than 10,500 volunteer business counsel-
 James N. Nadeau &              2007-2008          from buying office supplies to dispos-
       Co., LLP                                                                                  tions and links to nearly 100 helpful        ors who provide free, confidential business
                                                   ing of old electronic gear, can be ac-
                           Lauren E.I. Slocum
                                                   complished with “green” products and          organizations and Web sites – many of        counseling and training workshops to small
     Past-Chair             President/CEO                                                        them listed by state. There are also hun-    business owners. Call (401) 732-1100 to set
 Robert DeGregorio                                 services. For timely information, practi-
                              Maria Puleo          cal tools and sound advice on making          dreds of books and reports geared to         up an appointment.
   Slocum Realty
                              Office Manager
  Patricia Blakemore
     New England
                            Event & Program
                                                   Coastway selected as first runner-up                                                       Washington Trust is RI’s top
Institute of Technology
                             Kristyn Jodat            Coastway Credit Union was recognized                                                    SBA lender in dollar volume
   Brian Brosnihan          Communications         by Cisco for its innovative use of network-
   Legal Sea Foods            Coordinator          ing technology to generate break-through                                                      The Washington Trust Company has
                                                   business benefits at the Cisco Growing                                                     earned designation as the top Small
   Linda Campbell             Yvette Mellin
                           Tourism/Relocation      with Technology Awards 2007. Coastway                                                      Business Leader lender in Rhode Is-
    Warwick Mall
                                 Director          was named first runner-up in the Op-                                                       land in dollar volume for the 2007
    Mana Doran                                     erational Excellence category during the                                                   fiscal year, according to reports re-
 Signs By Tomorrow         Janice A. Luther        event held in Redwood Shores, CA.                                                          leased by the U. S. Small Business
                          Membership Coordi-          From ATMs that display product offer-                                                   Administration (SBA) in September.
    Peter George                nator                                                                                                         Washington Trust approved 80 loans
                                                   ings on full-color screens and in-branch
  Envision Branding                                                                                                                           totaling $10,868,700 during the 2007
    & Marketing             Arlene McNulty,        digital signage that captures credit union
                            President & CEO        members’ attention while they wait in line,                                                fiscal year.
  Kurt Harrington         Executive Director, RI   to cameras used to take photos of mem-                                                        “Small business is the engine of our
Something Fishy, Inc.     Mentoring Partnership    bers for identification purposes, Coastway                                                 local economy,” says John C. War-
                                                   is using technology to constantly improve                                                  ren, chairman and CEO of Washington
 Richard C. Hittinger        Merilee Pratt,                                                                                                   Trust. “We are committed to providing
                                                   service and security for its customers. To
      AEG, Inc.            Executive Secretary
                                                   streamline its operations, Coastway is also                                                local businesses with the resources
   Steven H. Kitchin        Jo-Ann Schofield,      in the process of going paperless, with                                                    they need to succeed.”
R. I. Higher Education        Vice President       electronic access to receipts, checks, ap-                                                    “I congratulate Washington Trust for
 Workforce Develop-                                plications and other documents. Coupled                                                    their continuing commitment to the
      ment Council           Susan Thomas,         with electronic signature pads, members                                                    small business community,” says Mark
                          Director of Training &                                                                                              S. Hayward, director of the SBA Rhode
                                                   can open new accounts and will soon
Michael Lichtenstein        Program Support                                                      From left to right: Sarah Johnson, Coast-    Island District Office. “Washington
                                                   be able to apply for loans without sign-
Lichtenstein Associ-                                                                             way Technology Coordinator, Joslyn           Trust has provided more than $10.8 mil-
        ates               Stacey Thompson,        ing hard copies of documents or filling
                                                                                                 Faust, Competition Judge,Valerie Fuchs,      lion in capital to help small businesses
                            Warwick Mentor         out paper applications, making everyday
                                                                                                 Coastway Vice President, Information         start, grow and succeed. This access to
   Pat Matulaitis         Program Coordinator      transactions faster and more convenient
Narragansett Electric         - Secondary                                                        Technology.                                  capital has contributed tremendously
                                                   for members and employees.
     Company                                          The Cisco Growing with Technology                                                       to the growth of the Rhode Island
                           Pamela Leonhardt,
                            Warwick Mentor         Awards program was created to recognize          “We are extremely proud of the award      economy.”
 Joseph A. Medeiros
 Medeiros Financial       Program Coordinator      small and mid-size organizations from         we received from Cisco. At Coastway,            The Washington Trust Company is
    Services, Inc.            - Elementary         across the U.S. and Canada that use net-      our technology strategy is driven by our     a subsidiary of Washington Trust Ban-
                                                   working technology in innovative ways         members and employees. To that end, we       corp, Inc., a $2.4 billion corporation
    Joseph Oakes           Kent Wilson, Men2B      to improve sales and marketing, expand        are continually upgrading our systems        headquartered in Westerly. Founded
    VR Industries             Coordinator                                                        and processes to make their lives easier,”   in 1800, Washington Trust is the larg-
                                                   and deliver superior service to customers,
                               Dr. George          improve operational efficiencies and out-     said Val Fuchs, senior vice president, in-   est independent bank and the oldest
   Leah M. Prata
 Centreville Savings          DeTarnowsky          pace their competition. The winners of the    formation technology.                        community bank in the nation. A state-
       Bank                     CRIDCO             program represent their industries and           Coastway Credit Union is a $294 mil-      chartered bank, Washington Trust of-
                            Executive Director     constituencies as role models, showcas-       lion, full-service financial institution     fers a full range of financial services,
   Stephen Russell                                 ing best practices in the use of technology   headquartered in Cranston, with 30,000       including business banking, personal
       Bank RI                                     to address business challenges, compete       members and seven branches. Since 1920,      banking, and wealth management and
                                                   more effectively and fuel success. A panel    Coastway has delivered state-of-the-in-      trust services through its offices lo-
                                                   of 10 judges selected 15 winners in five      dustry products and services to meet the     cated in Rhode Island, southeastern
                                                   categories from more than 570 applica-        needs of the communities and businesses      Connecticut and Massachusetts. Visit
                                                   tions.                                        it serves.                                   www.washtrust.com.
 Page 4                                                                      ChamberWorks                                                                                  december 2007

Sales & Marketing                                                                                                                                                                              S
A Conversation with Jonathan Tisch
             By Peter George                    and even healthcare organizations are inno-     one another through word of mouth. Any
                                                vating new kinds of customer experiences. I     company can learn from this example by
  Recently, I had the opportunity to inter-     hope these examples will inspire anyone to      shedding their “masses approach” and cre-
view Jonathan Tisch, CEO of Loews Hotels        apply the same thinking to their business,      ating insider customer experiences.
and author of Chocolates on the Pillow          no matter what industry it’s in.
Aren’t Enough: Reinventing the Customer                                                                     PG: Why are the old ways of
Experience. Published earlier this year, this   PG: Why isn’t provid-                                           creating loyalty losing their
book has been named as a finalist for the       ing a good product         “Customer experiences                   impact?
Quill Awards’ Best Business Book of the         or service enough
Year.                                           anymore?                     usually don’t need                           JT: Because custom-
                                                                                                                          ers are in the driv-
Peter George (PG): Congratulations on the
success of Chocolates on the Pillow Aren’t
                                                JT:     Because
                                                brand loyalty
                                                                             expensive budgets.                           er’s seat like never
                                                                                                                          before. They can
Enough. I found that the book shed a great
deal of light on the need for companies to
                                                is shrinking, and
                                                price sensitivity
                                                                         They just require creativity.”                 choose from many
                                                                                                                     different brands and
re-think how they are interacting with their    and customer skepti-                                              they’ll go for the best price,
customers. I can now better understand          cism are at an all-time high.                               unless you can convince them
why Loews has such a stellar reputation         To attract and retain customers in today’s      that you’ll give them a very different expe-
for providing its guests with exceptional       competitive marketplace, companies have         rience. Customers are also tired of feeling
customer experiences.                           no choice but to think of new ways to en-       like the masses. Customization is one way
                                                gage them. Lots of companies provide good       that you can create customer loyalty. For
Jonathan Tisch (JT): Thank you, Peter.          products and good services, but you’ll only     example, many customers of Build-A-Bear
                                                win customer loyalty if you can provide a       come back again and again because they
PG: Is the customer experience something        great customer experience.                      feel that the store and its teddy bear prod-
                                                                                                                                                              JONATHAN TISCH
that only companies in the hospitality busi-
ness need to be concerned with?                 PG: How does a company cut through the
                                                                                                ucts are made just for them.                                                                   H
                                                                                                                                                   Part of this training involves the art of the
                                                skepticism and advertising clutter?             PG: What is the key to companies keeping           welcome.
JT: Absolutely not. All industries are feel-                                                    customers?                                         Whether they are checking people in at the
ing today’s crisis in customer loyalty. The     JT: One way companies can stand out is                                                             front desk, making a reservation by phone
way to address this is to provide positive      by treating a customer like an insider, in-     JT: Customer-centricity involves following         or turning a bed, we ensure that our em-
customer experiences that will make any         stead of one of the masses. This is how “In     a moving target at all times. As soon as           ployees talk to each guest as an individual
customer feel like a guest. Nobody has more     ‘n Out Burger” managed to stand up to           you’ve come up with a great customer expe-         and make them feel special.
experience with this approach to customers      huge competitors in the fast food industry.     rience, you’ve got to start thinking about a
than the hospitality industry, so I wrote the   One of their most distinctive assets is their   new one because tastes change, competitors         PG: What are some of the companies that
book to share this knowledge with mem-          “secret menu.” Variations on “In ‘n Out’s”      catch up quickly and customers almost al-          are providing a great customer experience?
bers of any industry. The book includes ex-     classic offerings are created by customers      ways want the new, new thing. If you want          How do these companies do it differently
amples of how retailers, banks, restaurants     themselves, who spread the secret menu to       your customer to feel special, you’ll have to      from others in their industries?
                                                                                                keep innovating again and again.
                                                                                                                                                   JT: Best Buy has helped customers, particu-
                                                                                                PG: Is the idea of providing a memorable           larly women, overcome the intimidation of
                                                                                                customer experience simply the latest in an        technology products. This has broken a seri-
                                                                                                ever-expanding cache of marketing ideas?           ous barrier and made a much larger pool of
                                                                                                                                                   customers feel welcome. Their distinctive
                                                                                                JT: Most marketing gimmicks grab some-             “Geek Squad” will visit your home in a
                                                                                                one’s attention for an instant. That’s not         pink Volkswagen Beetle to help solve your
                                                                                                what I’m speaking about. Customer ex-              technology problems. Strategies like these
                                                                                                periences are how customers experience a           help show Best Buy’s customers that they
                                                                                                brand in a long-term and deeply personal           care about them, and this makes them stand
                                                                                                way. If customers feel a personal connec-          out from competitors that would otherwise
                                                                                                tion to your brand, they’ll willingly seek         seem very similar.
                                                                                                your products and will willingly spread the
                                                                                                word to everyone else. If you can create a         PG: Do you believe it is possible for small
                                                                                                great customer experience, the brand starts        companies to provide their customers with
                                                                                                marketing itself.                                  exceptional customer services?

                                                                                                PG: What would you say to those who say            JT: Absolutely. The advice in the book is
                                                                                                that keeping your eye on efficiency is the         for companies large and small. One of the
                                                                                                most profitable way to run a business?             key messages is that customer experiences
                                                                                                                                                   usually don’t need expensive budgets. They
                                                                                                JT: Efficiency is absolutely a great priority      just require creativity.
                                                                                                for any business, but that doesn’t have to
                                                                                                be mutually exclusive of great customer            PG: Thank you, Jonathan. I appreciate the
                                                                                                experiences. Dell offers a great direct-to-        fact that you have taken time out of your
                                                                                                consumer experience, with a very efficient         busy schedule to offer your thoughts and
                                                                                                model that eliminates retail stores. Sephora       insights.
                                                                                                needs less employees to sell its cosmetics,
                                                                                                but at the same time, gives the customer a         JT: It’s my pleasure.
                                                                                                great experience by letting them explore the
                                                                                                products themselves online or on shelves of           Peter George, The Customer Experience
                                                                                                samplers.                                          Guy, is the president of TouchPoints, the
                                                                                                                                                   Rhode Island-based customer experience
                                                                                                PG: In your book, you refer to the “art of         management firm. As a consultant, speaker,
                                                                                                the welcome.” Can you briefly describe this        trainer and coach known for his engaging
                                                                                                concept?                                           speaking style and his notable approach
                                                                                                                                                   to customer experience management, he
                                                                                                JT: Every time your employees interact with        imparts successful customer experience
                                                                                                customers is an opportunity for provid-            management strategies and tactics, giving
                                                                                                ing a great customer experience. At Loews          companies powerful advantages over their
                                                                                                Hotels, we have an extensive employee              competition. Visit www.ThinkTouchPoints.
                                                                                                training program called, “Living Loews.”           com or call (800) 959-1614.
    december 2007                                                       ChamberWorks                                                                                                                                                                              Page 5

Sales & Marketing
Making fonts work with your marketing message
  During a business year, most businesses create                font families, you created a document that looks                                                    points.
marketing materials that are distributed to customers           disorganized and cluttered.                                                                            • Pick the perfect font spacing. Otherwise, your
and clients. Learn how to dress up your marketing                  • Clearly define document sections. Use sans                                                     document may be difficult to read. Pay attention
materials by learning the best methods for creating             serif font for your heading and a serif font for the                                                to character spacing (the basic distance between
well-designed font styles.                                      body text. Serif fonts have a finishing stroke at the                                               the letters), kerning (the space between certain
   Choosing a font for your marketing materials is just         end of each letter. Sans serif fonts don’t have the                                                 combinations of characters so an entire word
as important as the wording you use. The correct font           finishing strokes, which leaves the letters cleaner                                                 looks more evenly balanced) and line spacing
choice has the ability to dress up a plain document,            and simpler.                                                                                        (the height of each line of text). You can also add
but beware — choosing the wrong combination may                    • Keep font sizes proportional. The standard                                                     space before and after each paragraph. These op-
create a distracting mess. Use these tips to choose the         type size for body text is about eight to 10 points                                                 tions can be adjusted by using format/font and
best fonts for your marketing materials:                        for a younger audience and about 12 points for an                                                   format/paragraph menu options.
       • Limit yourself to two font families. You may           older audience. Generally, the smallest heading                                                        • Convey the appropriate message. Always
    be tempted to use more than one decorative font,            size is about two to four points larger than the                                                    make certain that your font matches your docu-
    but you should use no more than two font fami-              body text. The largest headings — which usually                                                     ment’s message. For example, a business letter
    lies. Font families consist of a font and its varia-        serve as headlines — vary depending on space                                                        should use formal fonts. A casual message should
    tions, such as italic, bold and so on. For example,         and design, and often fall between 32 and 72                                                        be created with fun fonts.
    let’s choose Arial for our first heading style. For         points. The goal is to keep everything in propor-
    the other heading styles, we’ll change the size,            tion and create a smoother font size transition.                                            When creating your next marketing flyer or post-
    weight, italics and color. Is the message still clear       For example, try your headline at 48 points, the                                          card, keep these five tips in mind and you will have
    to you? I didn’t think so. By using more than two           subheading at 24 points and the body text at 12                                           great success!

Health & Wellness                                                                            All business, large or small, service or
Is your purse a pain in the neck (and shoulders)?                                          manufacturing, should be properly protected.
  “Guys, a woman’s purse, all right
— it’s her secret source of power. There
                                            probably re-evaluate exactly what’s a
                                            necessity. In order to save your neck and             You know,
are many dark and dangerous things                     shoulder, the weight of your
in there that we, the male species,                      handbag should not exceed              to protect your
should know nothing about.”                               10 percent of your body
  — Mathew McConaughey, How to                            weight. If it does exceed                business,
Lose a Guy in 10 Days                                      10 percent of your body

   Ladies, your sore neck and back
                                                           weight, it’s a good pos-
                                                           sibility that you’ll eventu-
                                                                                               you should really
could result from carrying
your purse. A woman’s
                                                                ally have pain in your
                                                                 neck and shoulders
                                                                                                 think about
purse or handbag is where
she transports necessities
                                                                  due to the strain.
                                                                      So ladies, before         incorporating.                                                                          Michael Grande, CPA, MS Taxation and Joe McGair
for an outing. You have the                                         heading out for
regular items like your wal-                                         the day, throw                  To learn how, call the law offices of Petrarca and McGair, Inc.
let, but some women also                                              that purse on the
use their purses as a make-                                           scale. It could
up and lotion store. For                                               prevent some
women with kids — well, I                                             severe neck and
don’t think there will ever                                          shoulder pain.
be a purse large enough.                                            Information pro-
   Before overloading your purse with       vided by Elite Physical Therapy, (401)
all your daily necessities, you should      737-4581.

                                                                                                                                                                                                SERVING THE PEOPLE FOR OVER 30 YEARS
                                                                                                                                                                                                  797 BALD HILL ROAD
                                                                                                                                                                                                WARWICK, RHODE ISLAND
                                                                                                                                                                                           (401) 821-1330                               FAX (401) 823-0970
                                                                                                                                                                                                  e-mail: pandm@rimail.com
                                                                                                                     JOE McGAIR                                                            or visit us at www.petrarcamcgair.com
                                                                                             The Rhode Island Supreme Court licenses all lawyers in the general practice of law. The Court does not license or certify any lawyer as an expert or specialist in any field of practice.

  Attend the December Business After Hours and you could win
  a trip for two to the Azores islands of Sao Miguel or Terceira
  which inlcudes roundtrip airfare on SATA/Azores airlines from
  Boston and 6 nights hotel stay with breakfast.
 Page 6                                                                 ChamberWorks                                                               december 2007

Congratulations to our door prize winners and a big thank you to all of our door prize donors!
(Front row: John Cruz, J.C. Electric, Inc.; Rick Lataille, WRIK Entertainment; Susan Folco, Department of Tourism, Culture and Development; Melanie Flamand,
Flamand & Associates; Michelle Phillips, Discovery Toys. (Back row: Philip Slocum, Slocum Realty; Artie Jockmann, Lynch’s Cleaning and Restoration Service;
Jeff Guarino, Providence Bruins; Jana Planka, Coastway Credit Union; Andrew McGovern, Recycling for RI Education; Laurent Lamothe, West Warwick Public
Schools. (Not Pictured: Philomena Teixeira, Bank of America).

                    Business After Hours
Meet the Host
The J. Arthur Trudeau Memorial Center
   The J. Arthur Trudeau Memorial Cen-      tion through community support ser-
ter has been a Warwick landmark since       vices and home-based children’s servic-
the early 1960s. What typically could       es. For our adults, there are varied work
have been considered a family tragedy       opportunities through day habilitation
grew into a grassroots crusade led by J.    and supported employment, and choic-
Arthur Trudeau and his wife, Evelyn.        es of where to live in residential and
   The Trudeau Center was born out of       community living, as well as recreation
a necessity and belief that people with     and leisure services. Respite and fam-
disabilities should be allowed full citi-   ily support ensure our commitment to
zenship within their own communities.       family involvement and participation.
Arthur and Evelyn Trudeau tirelessly           The Trudeau Center is affiliated with
sought to create services such as special   the Community College of RI, Crayons
education, recreation and vocational        Child Care & Family Services, and JO-
training.                                   NAH.
   Today, the Trudeau Center’s compre-         Arthur Trudeau was a restless pio-
hensive services include children’s pro-    neer and while he would be pleased to
grams like Early Intervention for babies    see how far we have come, he would
to three-year-olds, Pathways Strategic      urge us to continue to explore new
Teaching Center’s school for children       frontiers, to cut through new barriers of     Michael Wilfand speaks to attendees about his experiences in the adult pro-
with autism, and enhancement of daily       ignorance and if nothing else, to offer all   gram at Trudeau Center. Michael is also pictures with Mary Madden who is
living skills and community participa-      of our citizens hope.                         the executive director of the Trudeau Center.
     december 2007                                                ChamberWorks    Page 7

 Ed Egan, Trudeau Center, welcomes Steve Schofield, PrintCraft to the Octo-
 ber Business after Hours at the Trudeau Center.


 Brooke Pollock, Mary Kay and Rick        At most Business after Hours, mem-
 Lataille, WRIK Entertainment, take a     bers are given the opportunity to re-
 break from networking to smile for the   serve a table top to better educate
 camera.                                  attendees about their services.
 Page 8                                                                   ChamberWorks                                                                        december 2007

Looking to borrow?
Five tips for today’s economy
          By John C. Warren                    Add to the mix overzealous brokers and       cases, loans were written at 100 percent           stand by the loan. Find a lender
          Chairman and CEO                     uninformed buyers, and there were noth-      loan to value, and borrowers sometimes             who is interested in establishing a
     The Washington Trust Company              ing but dark clouds on the horizon.          needed well over 50 percent of their in-           relationship with you, not merely
                                                  The storm arrived when real estate        come to cover their monthly payments. Is           completing a transaction.
   On the heels of this summer’s sub-          values began to decline and interest rates   it any wonder that people got into trou-              • Know your limits. Be careful
prime mortgage crisis and reports in the       went up. Already                                                    ble? Unfortunate-           not to over-extend yourself. Your
media of a nationwide credit crunch,
it’s easy to understand why consumers
                                               saddled with sig-
                                               nificant debt, bor-   “If something looks too                       ly, many of these
                                                                                                                   borrowers prob-
                                                                                                                                               lender should be able to help you de-
                                                                                                                                               termine what level of borrowing is
are hesitant when it comes to borrow-
ing. They are asking themselves, “Is it
                                               rowers watched
                                               their adjustable          good to be true,                          ably     shouldn’t
                                                                                                                   have received a
                                                                                                                                               appropriate, based on your financial
                                                                                                                                               situation. Do not base your decisions
safe?” “Is money available?” “Will I get
                                               rate mortgages
                                               (ARMs) kick in-            it probably is.”                         loan in the first
                                                                                                                                               on risky assumptions, i.e. market
                                                                                                                                               conditions you cannot control.
   If you are credit-worthy, the answer to     to a higher rate,                                                      Banking is a                • Shop for rates — but don’t stop
all of these questions is, “Yes!” At many      increasing their                                                    highly-regulated            there. Be a smart consumer when it
banks, there never was a credit crunch.        monthly payment on properties that, in       industry; some parts of the mortgage               comes to rates. By all means, shop
In fact, as headlines reported tightened       some cases, had lost value.                  business are not. At a bank, you have to           around for the best terms you can
lending trends in the financial pages of          The sub-prime mortgage crisis gave        do things by the book — and that protects          find, but consider the source. If
national newspapers and Internet sites,        ARMs a bad name, but the fact is, ARMs       both the lender and the borrower. The              something looks too good to be true,
Washington Trust’s mortgage activity           can be a good financing solution for spe-    numbers bear this out. The delinquency             it probably is. Remember, reputation
reached its highest levels in two years,       cific borrowers and situations. Both fixed   rate on sub-prime loans is 20 percent; for         is as important as rate.
commercial lending remains strong and          rate and adjustable rate mortgages can be    traditional loans, the national average               • Consider your options. Ask
the bank was the leading SBA lender in         excellent choices. The role of the lender    is five percent. However, last summer,             your lender to present all available
dollar volume for the fiscal year ended        is to help borrowers determine which         the public did not make this distinction           alternatives so you can evaluate
September 2007. What’s more, right now         financing tools make the most sense for      between fringe and mainstream lenders.             which solution works best for you.
may be a good time to buy, especially          them — and when an option puts them at       The sub-prime collapse made for great              No single loan is right for everyone.
if you are in the market for real estate.      too much risk, to steer them away.           headlines, creating the perception that            And before discussing any financing
Prices, interest rates and inventory are all      When I ask customers why they are         the problem was pervasive. The reality             options, your lender should under-
working in your favor.                         turning to us for financing, more often      is, there was plenty of liquidity at estab-        stand your objectives and financial
   Still, the events of last summer served     than not, they tell me that they know        lished financial institutions for credit-          situation. Only then can someone
as a wake-up call on the perils of bor-        they can trust us. The irony is, the very    worthy customers — and that remains                truly make a recommendation that
rowing without performing the proper           things that some customers saw as nega-      true to this day.                                  is right for you.
due diligence. Understanding what was          tives with bank financing a couple of                                                              • Read the fine print. Make sure
behind the headlines will help consum-         years ago — strict underwriting stan-              Five tips for smart borrowing                you know what you are buying. Are
ers make better decisions about borrow-        dards, income verification, lots of due                                                         there pre-payment penalties? Do the
ing in the future, and also give them the      diligence — are now being embraced as          Banks have money to lend and a will-             terms of the loan change over time?
confidence to do so.                           measures that protect them.                  ingness to lend it. Consumers looking to           Know the details before you sign.
                                                                                            borrow will be well-served by following
         A financial perfect storm                   Fringe event goes mainstream           these fundamental guidelines:                    John C. Warren is chairman and CEO
                                                                                                   • Find a lender you can trust.          of The Washington Trust Company.
   The sub-prime mortgage crisis was fu-         The problems in the mortgage industry          In light of the sub-prime mortgage         Founded in 1800, Washington Trust is
eled by low interest rates and the percep-     occurred on the fringes. Borrowers were          crisis, it’s critical to turn to an es-    Rhode Island’s largest independent bank
tion among lenders and borrowers that          approved with no documentation, stated           tablished, reputable lender who will       and a premier lender in the southeastern
property values would continue to rise.        income and low credit scores. In many            look out for your best interests and       New England region.

Health & Wellness
Getting started with exercise
           By Claudia Botthof                  important part of your daily routine and     cising increases physical fitness.
                                               don’t skip it or come up with excuses for       Talk to a fitness professional. Articles
   Saving for the “golden years” should        why you can’t exercise. You wouldn’t do      in magazines and newspapers educate
be about more than having enough               that to your best customer.                  the general population. When talking to
money to do the things that we have               Go shopping. Buy well-fitting walk-       a personal trainer, you’ll start an exer-
planned. It’s more than worrying about         ing or running shoes. Old sneakers don’t     cise program that is all about you. Your
the healthcare system and Medicare. It’s       give you the support that your feet need     personal trainer can assess your current
all about staying healthy, so that you are     while walking. Your shoes should have        fitness level, set sensible and attainable
physically able to do what you want to         a good arch support to prevent rolling of    goals, and keep you motivated to stay
do when you reach retirement age. If           the feet inward. Poor biomechanics can       with the program. Furthermore, your
you could save good health in a bottle,        lead to shin splints, knee and hip prob-     trainer will take your medical condi-
would you do it?                               lems, and lower back pain. Your feet are     tions into consideration and set you up
   The American College of Sports Medi-        the most important part of a walking/        with a program that includes strength
cine (ACSM) released revised exercise          running program.                             and functional training, balance and
guidelines in August, 2007. These guide-          Have goals. Assessing your physical       flexibility, as well as a cardiovascular
lines are established to educate the gen-      ability will help you create a baseline      program.
eral population about what kind, inten-        to set sensible goals. Write them down!         Exercising can be rewarding in itself.
sity and frequency of exercise should be       A goal should be attainable within the       It relieves stress and gives you new en-
performed to provide maximum ben-              first six to eight weeks. A goal could be    ergy. Don’t wait any longer. To become a
efits as it relates to improved health and     to walk a mile in 15 minutes. Another        healthier you tomorrow, start exercising
a longer, healthier life.                      example is to increase the amount of         today!
   Here’s how to get started: Set 30 to 60     push-ups done in one minute from 10             Claudia Botthof is with Unique Fitness.
minutes a day aside to exercise. Sched-        to 15 within two months. Once you set        For more information about healthy ex-
ule it as an appointment for yourself in       goals, you know what you are working         ercising goals, call (401) 615-2355 or visit
your busy work calendar. Treat it as an        for and you can also see proof that exer-    www.uniquefitnessllc.com.
           december 2007                                                                                                                           ChamberWorks                                                                                                                                                    Page 9

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               BUYERS, SELLERS & APPRAISERS OF
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              ANTIQUES, ESTATE & MODERN JEWELRY
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              3228 POST ROAD, APPONAUG VILLAGE
Absorbents                                                             Stephen R. White                                  (401) 732-3939 Ext:17   WAVE Federal Credit Union                        (401) 781-1020    Maids-N-More                                    (401) 736-6300 Ext:105    Lic#92365 WARWICK, RHODE ISLAND
Chemtex                                              (401) 431-1088    Susan Chiariello, Esq.
                                                                       Terence Livingston, Esq
                                                                                                                                (401) 739-0300
                                                                                                                                (401) 861-8121
                                                                                                                                                 Webster Bank
                                                                                                                                                 Webster Bank
                                                                                                                                                                                                  (401) 736-0346
                                                                                                                                                                                                  (401) 228-2062
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Mary M. Lautieri
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Servpro of Metro R.I.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            (401) 828-5953
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            (401) 941-5500
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               RI 800-498-0511 (401) 738-0511
Accountants / Bookkeepers                                              The Law Office of Jane E. Tyrell                         (401) 941-7447   Webster Bank                                     (508) 235-1516    Tetreault’s Cleaning Service                            (401) 828-7632
Alternative Bookkeeping                              (401) 884-2626    Tillinghast, Licht & Semonoff                            (401) 456-1200   Webster Bank                                     (401) 228-2061
Barrett Valuation Services Inc.                      (401) 942-0900                                                                              Webster Bank                             (401) 727-6701 Ext:110    Coaching / Life & Business / Training
Dennis DeSantis, CPA                                 (401) 272-5053    Audio / Visual / Lighting                                                                                                                    Empower-Dreams Coaching & Workshops                     (401) 738-8319
EAL Accounting Service                               (401) 732-2992    East Coast Lighting & Production Services, Inc.         (401) 467-8780    Bikes                                                              KBV Training & Coaching,Inc.                             (401) 934-4409
Goldman & Company, CPA’s                             (401) 781-4200    Midstate A.V. Repair                                    (401) 828-6260    Casters Inc.                                     (401) 739-0393    Lovett Associates                                       (401) 667-0763
James N. Nadeau & Co., CPA                           (401) 823-4004    New England Audio Visual                                (401) 737-8000                                                                       Sandler Sales Institute                                 (401) 273-1215
Jerold M. Weisman & Co.                       (401) 821-1400 Ext:11                                                                              Boat / Sales, Service & Supply                                     Sandler Sales/Sales Phd                          (401) 751-8989 Ext:14
Krupa, Johnson & Sotis                               (401) 739-5930    Auto / Rental / Limousine                                                 Boat World                                       (401) 732-2628    Winds of Change Leadership Center                       (401) 683-6406
Lucier & Company, Inc.                               (401) 946-1900    Airport Car Express                                  (401) 265-5356       Just Service                                     (401) 739-5852
Michael A. Grande, CPA, MST                           (401) 821-3100   Angel Limousine                                      (401) 481-7040       Nicholson Marine Services, Inc.                   (401) 569-1171   Coffee Service / Shops
Nakowicz Financial Services, Inc.                    (401) 780-9530    National Car Rental                                  (401) 737-4800       Total Marine of Rhode Island Inc.                (401) 352-0011    Fountain Coffee Service                                 (401) 732-4744
Otrando, Porcaro, Pascarella & Gill                  (401) 739-9250    Thrifty Car Sales                            (401) 738-5800 Ext:380       Victory Marine & Industrial                      (401) 739-0454
Perreault & Company, Ltd                             (401) 398-2488                                                                                                                                                 Collection Agencies
Pirolli, Deller & Conaty P.C., CPA’s        (401) 921-2060 Ext:2024    Auto Clubs                                                                Bookstores / Bookbinders                                           John Michaels Collection Agency                         (401) 295-5670
Richard F. Saccoccia, CPA                             (401) 828-0700   AAA of Southern New England                 (401) 732-5000 Ext:2200       Rag & Bone Bindery Ltd.                          (401) 781-7423
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    College / Student Services
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Dr. Timothy Warren
Russell J. Richards, CPA                             (401) 826-2280
Stephen T. Gentile, CPA Ltd.                          (401) 739-6110   Auto Repair / Service / Towing                                            Building                                                           College Planning Center                                 (401) 736-3170
Ward, Fisher & Company, LLP                          (401) 384-6464    Auto Spa                                                (401) 738-4438    Centerville Builders                             (401) 738-8500    Rhode Island Student Loan Authority                     (401) 468-1792
Westminster Advisory Group, Inc.                     (401) 732-2501    Cottman Transmission                                    (401) 737-0101    Colonial Woodworking                              (401) 739-1175
                                                                       Dave’s Auto Service                                     (480) 461-8121    Leisure Rooms New England                        (401) 732-9898    Communications
Adjusting                                                              Diversified Mobile Services, Inc.                       (401) 823-5555    Levesque Building & Remodeling Inc.              (401) 921-2991    Christine Lund Orciuch Atlantic Group                   (401) 433-2641
George Haworth & Associates                          (401) 475-7188    Elite Auto Repair, Inc.                                 (401) 736-8942    Ocean State Remodeling, Inc.                     (401) 230-2836    M & M Communications                                    (401) 732-2999                  Call
Pilgrim-Pellegrino Adjusting                         (401) 738-3880    Herb’s Towing and Service Center, Inc.                  (401) 737-9773    PWF Home Improvement                             (401) 463-6717

Advertising / Public Relations
Checkmate Consulting Group, LLC                      (401) 885-0666
                                                                       Hillsgrove Servicenter, Inc.
                                                                       Hunter’s Service Center
                                                                       J & H Automotive Service Center, Inc.
                                                                                                                               (401) 737-3818
                                                                                                                               (401) 781-8880
                                                                                                                               (401) 739-7710
                                                                                                                                                 Sullivan Home Builders
                                                                                                                                                 Warhurst Builders, LLC
                                                                                                                                                                                                  (401) 397-2660
                                                                                                                                                                                                  (401) 368-4847
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Computer Hardware Sales & Service
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Exceltech, Inc.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    TCTA Data Systems Inc.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            (401) 383-4200
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            (401) 884-0186
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              (401) 738-6477
Cornerstone Communications                           (401) 825-2999    Johnson’s Auto Service                                  (401) 828-1818    Bus Charter / Rental / Tours
Cote & D’Ambrosio                                    (401) 294-4444    Johnson’s Auto Service / Wellington Automotive          (401) 232-3020    Archway Bus Transportation                       (401) 828-4100    Computer Software Sales & Service
Craig Padula                                         (401) 823-5824    K & K Auto                                              (401) 739-7142    Conway Tours                                     (401) 658-3400    Abacus Computer Technologies                            (401) 709-4665
Emerging Media                                       (401) 385-9059    New England Tire                                        (401) 737-1400    Flagship Bus Lines                               (401) 946-6705    Collaboration Technologies, Inc.                        (401) 295-7161
HCC/Hudson & Co.                                     (401) 230-4909    R & C Auto Service, Inc.                                (401) 739-0896                                                                       Danlaur Enterprises                                     (401) 383-2633
RI Newspaper Group                                   (401) 732-3100    Rebello Professional Automotive                         (401) 739-0406    Business Consultants                                               Landion Corporation                                     (401) 529-4781
The Allied Group                                     (401) 461-1700    Ronnie’s of Warwick                                      (401) 732-1155   Abacus Benefit Consultants               (401) 942-4900 Ext:200    TAJ Consulting                                          (401) 837-2706
the Currier, Words & Events                          (401) 467-1896    Warwick Neck Garage, Inc.                               (401) 737-9876    Advantage Marketing Information                  (401) 294-6910    Technology Advisory Group                               (401) 521-0333
Yellow Book USA                                      (401) 288-4900                                                                              Bucklin Human & Administrative Resources         (401) 885-3569
                                                                       Auto Sales                                                                Copeland Consulting Services, Inc.               (401) 886-0909    Computers
Air Quality                                                            A & G Auto Sales                                        (401) 233-2082    Deion Associates & Strategies, Inc.              (401) 732-0457    Brouillard Associates, Inc.                             (401) 334-5017
Beacon Environmental Solutions                       (401) 732-2526    Bald Hill Subaru-Dodge                                  (401) 828-3700    Dempsey & Co.                                    (401) 226-7988    CM IT Solutions of Central Rhode Island                 (401) 385-9966
                                                                       Fiore Pontiac, Inc.                                     (401) 822-4400    Engage Marketing Advisors, Inc.                  (401) 447-8000    Computer Telephone, Inc.                                (401) 737-5300
Alarm Systems / Security                                               Fred’s Autohaus, Inc.                                   (401) 732-5544    Entrepreneur’s Source                            (401) 739-5244    DiCarlo Computer Services                               (401) 826-1131
Blackstone Valley Security                    (401) 453-2900 Ext:23    Route 146 Auto Sales                                    (774) 218-6063    Entropy, Inc.                                    (401) 932-3825    Diverve, Inc.                                           (401) 474-3557
Box Electronic Systems, Inc.                         (401) 737-0043    Warwick Auto Sales, Inc.                                (401) 461-9888    Envision Branding & Marketing                    (401) 270-7156    Great Rock LLC                                          (718) 715-1635
Champion Sound & Security                            (401) 647-9636                                                                              G & G Technologies, Inc.                         (401) 884-1445    I-Net Corporation                                       (401) 397-7632
Electronic Alarm Systems                             (401) 737-2221    Awards / Trophies                                                         Harry Harootunian & Associates                   (401) 781-7500    On Site Printer Service                                 (401) 734-4488
J-Kor Security Systems                               (401) 737-4034    Shane Awards                                            (401) 739-9595    Jack Early Consulting                             (401) 921-2119   PC Warehouse                                            (401) 821-1697
                                                                                                                                                 Pare & Lovelace, Inc.                            (401) 215-8901    Pivitol Choice / Current Context                        (401) 737-1000
Amusements / Entertainment                                             Bail Bonds                                                                Performance Check, Inc.                          (401) 739-0327
Block Island Ferry/ Interstate Navigation    (401) 783-4613 Ext:124    Dave’s Bail Bonding                                     (401) 738-9305    R H Associates                                   (401) 828-5130    Consumer Services
Boston Billiard Club                                 (401) 732-7665                                                                              Raven Business Group, Inc.                       (401) 635-0050    Gill Services                                           (401) 822-0035
Narragansett Indian Casino                           (401) 826-3700    Bakeries / Bakers                                                         RIMES / Manufacturing Solutions                  (401) 294-3535    Great Point, Inc.                                       (401) 884-8858
Night Life Entertainment                             (401) 467-6016    Aldo’s Bakery & Restaurant                              (401) 466-2198    SCORE (401) 528-4561                                               Rebecca Nightingale                                     (401) 567-7801
Southland Riverboat                                  (401) 783-2954    Emilio’s Bakery                                         (401) 828-2456    Strategic Initiatives Inc.                       (401) 826-1680    REG Company                                             (401) 943-0022
Ten Pin Management                                   (401) 738-9943                                                                              Top Line Systems                                  (401) 885-4811   Tracy Glover Objects & Lighting                         (401) 461-1560
Warwick Bridge Club                                  (401) 739-0481    Banks / Credit Unions
                                                                       Anchor Federal Credit Union                           (401) 463-9574      Business Services                                                  Contractor - General
Antiques                                                               Bank of America                                       (401) 739-2081      Alpha Lo Enterprises                             (401) 785-2875    Antillian Construction                                  (401) 699-7838
Home Again Consignment Shop                          (401) 463-3310    Bank of America                                       (401) 278-3321      Business Network International                   (508) 695-7271    Coletta Contracting Co., Inc.                           (401) 861-1757
Tiff Britt Antiques                                  (401) 467-6732    Bank of America
                                                                       Bank of America
                                                                                                                             (401) 464-6764
                                                                                                                             (401) 737-8601
                                                                                                                                                 Elite Greetings
                                                                                                                                                                                                  (401) 885-7777
                                                                                                                                                                                                  (401) 884-4008
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    E.W. Burman Inc.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Kevin M. Hennessey, Jr. Construction
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            (401) 738-5400
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            (401) 385-9145    NEED BUSINESS
Apartments / Property Management
Armeny Inc. Property Management
Briarwood Meadows
                                                     (401) 884-6900
                                                     (401) 884-2992
                                                                       Bank RI
                                                                       Bank RI
                                                                       Bank RI
                                                                                                                   (401) 456-5015 Ext:1613
                                                                                                                   (401) 334-6220 Ext:1990
                                                                                                                             (401) 826-2244
                                                                                                                                                 Kisc Business Card Directory
                                                                                                                                                 Loyal Tec
                                                                                                                                                 Micron CMM Services LLC
                                                                                                                                                                                                  (401) 921-2566
                                                                                                                                                                                                  (401) 333-7900
                                                                                                                                                                                                  (401) 397-3068
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    R & M Properties, LLC
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Residential Builders Inc.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Scanlon Enterprises, Inc.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            (401) 785-3575
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            (401) 941-3388
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            (401) 737-7902
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              PHONE SERVICE?
Casablanca Property Management                       (401) 828-7000    Bank RI                                               (401) 946-2244      P.A.R. Products                                  (401) 821-8902                                                                              BUSINESS TELEPHONE
Fleetwood Management, LLC                            (401) 736-5470    Bank RI                                     (401) 456-5015 Ext:1610       Palmer Enterprises                                                 Contractors / Carpentry
GrandeVille At Greenwich                               -(401)821-00    Bank RI                                     (401) 456-5015 Ext:1552       Psycho Cybernetics                               (888) 349-9996    A1 Reglazing Company                                    (401) 615-2317              &
Greenwich Place Apartments
Lares Group II
                                                     (401) 821-8090
                                                     (401) 732-6464
                                                                       Bank RI - Buttonwoods
                                                                       Bank RI - Providence
                                                                                                                             (401) 732-4045
                                                                                                                             (401) 456-5152      Car Wash
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    AAM Construction
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    AB Contracting
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            (401) 232-3566
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            (401) 727-3271
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              VOICE MAIL SYSTEMS
Ocean Point Condominium Assoc.                       (401) 231-8588    Bank RI - Warwick Ave.                                (401) 463-4040      C.J. Industries, Inc.                            (401) 438-0997    Alan Andreason                                          (401) 739-3301                  John Rooney
                                                                       BankNewport                                           (401) 849-1244                                                                         Antonio DiRocco Construction                            (401) 949-5112
Appliances / Sales, Repair, Refinishing                                Centreville Bank                                      (401) 464-9100      Carpet                                                             Carl & Linda’s Construction                             (401) 737-0796
Appliance Master                                     (401) 821-0173    Centreville Bank                                      (401) 823-9100      Carpet City USA                                  (401) 732-6380    Coastal Installation Concepts, Inc.                     (401) 821-6513
Bay Appliance Service, Inc.                          (401) 738-8977    Citizens Bank                                         (401) 734-5290      Valley Carpet, Inc.                              (401) 828-6673    Construction Unlimited                                  (401) 463-3726
                                                                       Citizens Bank - Coventry                              (401) 828-7700                                                                         F.W. Lamson, Inc.                                       (401) 737-2261
Architects                                                             Citizens Bank - Cowesett Corners                      (401) 823-8030      Caterers / Bartenders                                              GTB Carpentry                                           (401) 232-3202          ONE DAY
Ekman & Arp Architects                               (401) 461-3320    Citizens Bank - Cranston                              (401) 738-7640      Fine Catering By Russell Morin                   (508) 226-6600    Guerra Construction                                     (401) 739-2030          SERVICE
Smith Design                                         (401) 828-5182    Citizens Bank - Hoxie                                 (401) 739-1600      MealWorks LLC                                    (401) 828-9600    Kait Ed Home Maintenance                                (401) 736-4487

Architectural Woodworking
Frank Shatz & Co., Inc.                       (401) 739-1822 Ext:12
                                                                       Citizens Bank - Post Road
                                                                       Citizens Bank - Providence
                                                                       Citizens Bank - Providence
                                                                                                                             (401) 784-8965
                                                                                                                             (401) 456-7105
                                                                                                                             (401) 455-5843
                                                                                                                                                 Child Care / Day Care / Nursery
                                                                                                                                                 All About Kids Preschool, Inc.                   (401) 464-8244
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Lacroix’s Home Improvement
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Luzier Construction
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Marc Gauvin Builders, LLC
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            (401) 762-9967
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            (401) 943-4683
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            (401) 737-1998
                                                                       Citizens Bank - Warwick Mall                          (401) 738-7640      Kathleen Wright, Daycare                         (401) 885-2724    MBC Contracting Services                                (401) 641-7626
Art Galleries                                                          Citizens Bank - Wildes Corner                         (401) 737-4700      Magic Years Child Care Gallery                   (401) 738-3511    Michael Ricard Remodeling Co.                           (401) 765-4685
Club Neopolsi Creations                              (401) 467-5277    Coastway Credit Union                                 (401) 330-1600      Tender Heart’s Day Care                          (401) 736-8844    Nadeau Corporation                                      (508) 399-6776
Complements Art Gallery                              (401) 739-9300    Coastway Credit Union                                 (401) 330-1600                                                                         Paoletta Construction Co., Inc.                         (401) 647-3580
Holland Galleries & Framing                          (401) 738-0990    Coastway Credit Union                                 (401) 722-2022      Chimney / Cleaning / Builders / Repair                             Paquin Construction, Inc.                               (401) 739-6911
Viv, Inc.                                            (401) 884-3424    Coastway Credit Union                                 (401) 884-3274      Cheaper Sweeper, Inc.                            (401) 463-8286    Pawnee Woodworking & Construction                       (401) 864-1836
                                                                       Coastway Credit Union                                 (401) 738-5511                                                                         R. Sargeson Renovations, Inc.                           (401) 732-9311
Associations                                                           Coastway Credit Union                                 (401) 330-1614      Chiropractors                                                      S & S Builders, Inc.                                    (401) 828-5882
Medical - See Medical Associations                                     Domestic Bank                                 (401) 942-1600 Ext:711      Bergden Chiropractic                             (401) 461-2707    Structures Unlimited                                    (401) 884-8704
RI Automobile Dealers Association                    (401) 732-6870    First Trade Union Bank                        (401) 781-6636 Ext:115      Brodeur Family Chiropractic Centre               (401) 463-9520    T.A.P. Construction                                     (401) 921-0205
RIMA / Rhode Island Manufacturer’s Association       (401) 751-0160    Greenwood Credit Union                       (401) 739-4600 Ext:725       Hudyncia Family Chiropractic                     (401) 732-4400    W H Donahue Construction Co., Inc.                      (401) 739-4300
                                                                       Randolph Savings Bank                                 (401) 589-2800      Warren Chiropractic Family Center                (401) 738-6477    William Stetson                                         (401) 461-8118
Attorneys / Paralegal                                                  Sovereign Bank                                        (401) 821-4700
Campanella & Mills, Ltd.                            (401) 732-0100     Sovereign Bank                                        (401) 752-1015      Civic                                                              Country Clubs
David B. Hathaway                                   (401) 738-3030     Sovereign Bank                                        (401) 752-1820      Warwick City Hall                                 (401) 738-2000   Potowomut Golf Club                                     (401) 885-8700
ERY Consulting                                      (401) 274-7475     Sovereign Bank - Centreville Rd.                      (401) 821-4700
Gerstenblatt Law Offices, LTD                       (401) 738-3600     Sovereign Bank - Post Road                            (401) 739-1911      Cleaning Services / Maintenance                                    Credit Counseling
Hodosh, Lyon & Hammer Ltd.                          (401) 781-0715     Sovereign Bank - Providence                           (401) 278-8448      C.D. Janitorial Services                         (401) 738-2191    Consumer Credit Counseling Services of S.N.E.           (800) 208-2227
Joseph McGair, Esq.                                 (401) 821-1330     Sovereign Bank- Providence                            (401) 752-1018      CC Business Corp.                                (401) 274-5082
Joseph T. Nottie III, Inc.                          (401) 785-4500     The Washington Trust Company                          (401) 739-2353      Colette’s Cleaning Services                      (401) 732-4712    Dance
The Madden Law Firm, P.C.                   (401) 455-0001 Ext:102     The Washington Trust Company                          (401) 739-2353      Complete Cleaning Systems, Inc.                  (401) 946-4640    Dancin’ Feelin’ Ltd.                                    (401) 461-0110
Mark B. Heffner, Attorney                           (401) 737-1600     The Washington Trust Company                (401) 348-1200 Ext:1308       Coverall of Southern N.E. Inc.                   (401) 821-0100
Martineau & Manning                                 (401) 921-2250     The Washington Trust Compqny                (401) 782-1000 Ext:6220       D & D Cleaning Services, Inc.                    (401) 397-5567    Dentists / Dental Services
Revens, Lanni, Revens & St. Pierre                  (401) 822-2900     The Washington Trust Company                          (401) 348-1406      Global Cleaning, Inc.                            (401) 739-8790    Alpha Omega Orthodontic Lab, Inc.                       (401) 821-9661
Sjoberg & Votta Law Offices                         (401) 737-9696     The Washington Trust Company                (401) 739-2353 Ext:1439       Lynch’s Cleaning & Restoration Service           (401) 464-8937    Coventry Dental                                         (401) 821-4600
Page 10                                                                                                ChamberWorks                                                                                                                                                       december 2007

    873 WARWICK AVE.
    WARWICK, RI 02889
   TEL: (401) 785-3070           Dental Maintenance Svcs., Inc.                    (401) 463-1920    Food Products Manufacturing                                       Insulation                                                             Mailing Services / Lists
                                 Johnston Dental Laboratory, Inc.                  (401) 737-3400    Drum Rock Products                              (401) 737-5165    All Phase Insulation                                 (401) 934-3223    Mailing Solutions                                  (401) 822-2513
   FAX: (401) 785-3075           Mark T. Knowles Dental Lab                        (401) 780-8897    Gaga’s Inc.                                     (401) 921-1377                                                                           The UPS Store                                      (401) 738-4612
 TOLL FREE: 888-737-9300         Dr. Ronald Morton                                 (401) 737-3330                                                                      Insurance / Agents
                                 Robert Conte, DMD, Inc.                           (401) 739-1399    Food Supply / Vending                                             AFLAC/Flamand & Associates                           (401) 384-6755    Mall
                                                                                                     Candyman Enterprises                            (401) 946-4498    AFLAC/Gina Ferreira                                   (401) 941-7239   Warwick Mall                                       (401) 739-7500
                                 Disc Jockey                                                         Imondi                                          (401) 823-1011    AFLAC/Joe Sinapi                                      (401) 737-1438
                                 WRIK Entertainment                                (401) 769-1325    Natural Apple Vending                           (401) 737-2337    Ashworth Insurance                                   (401) 467-0320    Manufacturers
                                                                                                     VIP Vending                                     (401) 738-4585    ATD Insurance Auditing Service                       (401) 849-9664    Bonn’s Industrial Valve, Inc.                      (401) 739-6846
                                 Doctors                                                                                                                               Colonial Supplemental Insurance               (401) 921-4460 Ext:14    The Bosworth Company                                (401) 438-1110
                                 Ami Muehlberg, Physician                          (401) 258-9993    Funeral Homes                                                     Colonial Supplemental Insurance               (401) 921-4460 Ext:13    Brando Tool Co.                                    (401) 738-4250
                                 Dr. Lucille Vega, MD                              (401) 941-2999    Frank P. Trainor & Sons                         (401) 461-4843    Independent Insurance Agents of Rhode Island         (401) 732-2400    Colloidal Dynamics, Inc.                           (401) 738-5515
                                 Tollgate Psychiatric Assoc.                       (401) 739-4969    Peter Barrett Funeral Home                      (401) 463-9000    Innovative Healthcare Plans                          (877) 744-2752    Cutlass Fasteners Inc.                             (401) 732-6333
                                 Urgent Care Boutique                              (401) 885-3393    Thomas & Walter Quinn Inc.                      (401) 738-1977    Insurance Education & Training Associates, LLC       (401) 294-3557    D.A.G. Machine and Tool, Inc.                      (401) 724-0450
                                                                                                     Urquhart-Murphy Mortuary                        (401) 737-3510    The Insurance Store, Inc.                            (401) 828-5100    Grimes Box Company, Inc.                           (401) 884-4500
                                 Dolls                                                                                                                                 J.J. Gilmartin & Son Inc.                            (401) 781-2100    Mereco                                             (401) 822-9300
                                 Dwyer’s Doll House                                (401) 821-0740    Furniture                                                         Johnson Agency                                       (401) 765-5500    Miller Corrugated Box Co.                          (401) 739-7020
                                                                                                     Gilmore Furniture                               (401) 737-0100    MG Insurance Associates                              (401) 732-0235    Narragansett Brewing Co.                           (401) 437-8970
                                 Doors / Overhead                                                    Leather Living Home Furnishings                 (401) 737-0002    NEBCO/New England Benefit Companies, Inc.            (401) 739-3330    Netcoh Sales Company Inc.                          (401) 739-9008
                                 Affordable Overhead Door                          (401) 732-8121                                                                      William Palmisciano, CPCU, CLU, CHFC         (401) 884-7292 Ext:100    OST Medical                                        (401) 737-3774
                                 Carr’s Overhead Door, Inc.                        (401) 397-6015    Gifts / Baskets / Craft Stores                                    Pearson, Cronin & Jacobson, Inc.                     (401) 822-1000    Primary Flow Signal, Inc.                          (401) 461-6366
                                                                                                     Carol’s Country Corner Gift Shop                (401) 732-5651    Preston Agency                                       (401) 886-1813    Replicast, Inc.                                    (401) 785-1301
                                 Drainage                                                            Edible Arrangements - Warwick                   (401) 921-3494    Revens-Gate Insurance, Inc.                          (401) 884-1520    S & P Machine Co.                                  (401) 732-2414
                                 Dennis Diffley Drain Services                     (401) 737-0560                                                                      Slocum Agency, Inc.                                  (401) 738-3366    S & P Metallurgy Services, Inc.                    (401) 737-9272
                                                                                                     Glass / Stained & Leaded                                          Smith, Mack & Associates                             (401) 732-2800    SunGate LLC                                        (401) 941-8100
                                 Dry Cleaners / Restoration                                          Alchemy Glass Studios                           (401) 397-3084                                                                           T E A M Inc.                                       (401) 423-1638
                                 Majestic Cleaners                                 (401) 886-8585                                                                      Insurance Companies                                                    VR Industries, Inc.                                (401) 732-6800
                                 Museum Quality Restoration                        (401) 461-1709    Graphic Designers / Packaging                                     Beacon Mutual Insurance Co.                          (401) 825-2667    Wehr Industries                                    (401) 732-6565
                                                                                                     Artinium Design                                 (401) 729-1997    Blue Cross Blue Shield of RI                         (401) 459-5722    Wolverine Joining Technologies                     (401) 739-9550
                                 Electricians / Electrical Supply                                    Graphic Solutions For Business. Inc.    (401) 886-1130 Ext:101    CATIC                                                (401) 885-0030    Zodiac Tool & Cutter Grinding, Inc.                (401) 725-0050
                                 Collard Enterprises, Inc.                         (401) 821-8601    Hodge Graphics                                  (401) 467-6011    Delta Dental Of Rhode Island                         (401) 453-0800
                                 D & D Electric Company                            (401) 737-5362    Little Holt Enterprises                         (401) 539-2950    EMC Insurance Companies                              (401) 467-4900    Manufacturers Rep.
                                 D & E Electric, Inc.                              (401) 461-5615    Loewenstein Design                              (401) 398-0141    MetLife Auto & Home                                  (401) 827-2000    American Climate Technology                        (401) 333-4000
                                 J.C. Electric                                     (401) 941-7600                                                                      Providence Mutual Fire Insurance Co.                 (401) 827-1800    KTS Associates                                     (401) 295-2332
                                                                                                     Hair & Nail Salons / Barbers / Spas

                                 JAW Electric                                      (401) 766-0303                                                                      UnitedHealthCare of New England                      (401) 732-7374    Professional Dynamic Sales Corp.                   (401) 944-2591
                                 Kent County Electrical Services Inc.              (401) 732-1851    Bobby C’s Barber Shop                           (401) 738-4807                                                                           Ralex Associates                                   (401) 885-8072
                                 KS Electric                                       (401) 392-0190    Catherine Marcoccio                             (401) 273-3003    Interior Decorators / Designers                                        Reuter Marketing Association                       (401) 884-4345
                                 RC Smith Electric Co.                             (401) 885-2585    Cheryl’s House of Fashion                       (401) 739-4628    Ferrara’s Interior Finish                            (401) 942-6658    RGN Sales, Inc.                                    (401) 826-2460

 Car Express
                                                                                                     David’s Greenwood Barber Shop                   (401) 738-7790    Lliam Chace Ltd.                                     (401) 934-3034
                                 Embroidery                                                          Fantastic Sams                                  (401) 738-5979    Redecorate RI, Ltd                                   (401) 837-5747    Maps / Publisher
                                 Express Embroidery                                (401) 781-6900    Grace of Coventry Salon                          (401) 821-4117                                                                          The Map Guys                                       (401) 965-1066
                                 Son of a Stitch                                   (401) 826-6666    John Anthony, Inc.                               (401) 944-1110   Internet Services & Design
                                                                                                     Les Mage Salon                                  (401) 884-5200    Adaptive Minds, Inc.                                 (401) 464-8080    Marinas
      Serving all                Employment                                                          RGE Salon/Dawn Reil                             (401) 821-5273    AstroWebs, Inc.                                      (877) 999-0321    Harbor Light Marina, Inc.                          (401) 737-6353
                                 Colony Personnel Associates                        (401) 739-0670   RGE Salon/Robert Doll                           (401) 821-5273    BizGrader                                            (401) 274-8100
 New England locations           Dept. of Labor & Training                          (401) 462-8724   RGE Salon/Susan Sprague                         (401) 821-5273    Focus Business Solutions                              (401) 383-0111   Martial Arts / Instruction
                                 Hire Knowledge                                     (401) 352-4276                                                                     Larry Wood                                           (401) 667-0253    Don Rodrigues Karate Academy Ltd.                  (401) 737-2809
 Located at Providence Airport   JobsInRI.com                             (877) 374-1088 Ext:2006    Handyman                                                          Mattson Software Consulting Serv., Inc.              (401) 233-7877
                                 Office of Rehabilitation Services         (401) 421-7005 Ext:410    The Affordable Handyman                         (401) 529-2878    Nu-View Design                                       (401) 491-9144    Masonry
 Town Cars, Limousines, Vans     ParaSearch Inc.                                    (401) 732-2490   Three Nails Handyman                            (401) 739-6270    WebSiteDesigner.com                                  (401) 454-1487    Jolley Concrete & Block Inc.                       (401) 739-7706
                                 RI Temps, Inc.                                     (401) 781-8400                                                                     Wickford Web Works                                   (401) 294-9209    Silveria’s Masonry Construction                    (401) 467-2256
                                 Sales Consultants                                  (401) 737-3200   Hardware Stores                                                                                                                          Stamp Brothers Masonry Inc.                        (401) 397-6077
      Please call f or rates     Summit Technical Services
                                 Temp Depot
                                                                                    (401) 736-8323
                                                                                    (401) 275-6021
                                                                                                     Salk’s Hardware & Marine                        (401) 739-1027
                                                                                                                                                                       Jewelry / Design / Production                                          Massage Therapists
  401-265-5356                   The Judge Group
                                 Todays Office Staffing
                                                                           (401) 454-5100 Ext:229
                                                                                    (401) 823-7100
                                                                                                     Health Clubs / Wellness
                                                                                                     Austin and Associates                           (401) 413-2565
                                                                                                                                                                       Kenilworth Creations, Inc.                           (401) 942-1235    All’s Well Massage Therapy
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Back to you Neuromuscular Therapy
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 (401) 884-0410
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 (401) 569-7600
                                                                                                     Body Mechanics, Inc.                            (401) 480-0193    Jewelry Stores                                                         Rejuvinating Touch Massage Therapy                 (401) 921-1561
                                 Engineers                                                           Care New England Wellness Center                (401) 732-2413    Aable Jewelers                                       (401) 738-6099
                                 Alliance Environmental Group, Inc.                (401) 732-7600    Diet Center                                     (401) 739-9299    Holmes Jewelers                                      (401) 821-9120    Materials & Handling
                                 Carrigan Engineering                              (401) 789-6865    Provant Health Solutions, LLC                   (401) 885-1463    Place Jewellers                                      (401) 738-0511    Automated Material Handling                        (401) 467-7638
                                 Fire Sprinkler Design, Inc.                       (401) 658-4606    Unique Fitness, LLC                             (401) 615-2355    Tebeca Jewelers                                      (401) 739-9190    BKG, Inc.                                          (401) 884-4500
                                 Process Engineers & Constructors, Inc.            (401) 780-0780    WOW Work Out World                              (401) 739-9002    Thurber Roach Jewelers                               (401) 828-8188    Central Scale Co.                                  (401) 467-7500
                                 R & D Technologies, Inc.                          (401) 885-6400                                                                                                                                             Drew Pallet Co., Inc.                              (401) 738-9630
                                                                                                     Hospitals / Urgent Care                                           Kitchen / Bath Remodeling
                                                                                                     Kent Hospital                          (401) 737-7010 Ext:1395    Ocean State Kitchen & Bath                           (401) 921-4885    Mediation Services
                                 Event Planners                                                                                                                        The Cabinet Works, Inc.                              (401) 781-2299    Mediation Services, Inc.                           (401) 944-1220
                                 Social Situations LLC                             (401) 639-5351    Hotels / Motels / Bed & Breakfast
                                                                                                     Best Western                                    (401) 737-7400    Labels
                                 Excavating                                                          Champlin’s Hotel, Marina & Resort               (401) 466-7777    Apex Barcoding Systems, Inc.                        (401) 463-7454     Medical Associations
                                 Charcal Excavating, Inc.                          (401) 821-1808    Comfort Inn                                     (401) 732-0470    Gem Barcoding, Inc.                          (401) 738-6841 Ext:12     Kent Occupational/OH & R                           (401) 738-8100
                                 Horan Bros. Excavating                            (401) 965-3306    Comfort Suites                                  (401) 826-1800                                                                           Maddock Center For Radiation Oncology              (401) 732-2300
                                 R. Chrissos Excavating, Inc.                      (401) 385-9392    Courtyard by Marriott                           (401) 467-6900    Laundries                                                              Pontiac Medical Group                              (401) 944-4300
                                                                                                     Fairfield Inn by Marriott                       (401) 941-6600    DP’s Laundry & Dry Cleaning                          (401) 732-1773    RI Health Care Association                         (401) 732-9333
                                 Fences                                                              Hampton Inn & Suites                            (401) 739-8888    Poulin’s Coin Laundry                                (401) 231-9756    Toll Gate Radiology, Inc.                          (401) 738-3100
                                 Cosco Inc. / Fencing & Guardrail                  (401) 765-0009    Hilton Garden Inn                               (401) 734-9600    Pressed 4 Time                                       (401) 286-9800
                                 Statewide Fence Builders, Inc.                    (401) 941-9150    Holiday Inn Express                             (401) 736-5000    Lawn Care / Landscaping / Lighting                                     Medical Research
                                                                                                     Homewood Suites by Hilton                       (401) 738-0008    All Seasons Lawn Care, Inc.                          (401) 732-7993    LCT BioPharma, Inc.                                (401) 821-3500
                                 Financial / Investment Planners                                     Radisson Airport Hotel                          (401) 739-3000    Billy G’s Tree Service                               (401) 737-4096
                                 Aurora Investment Management, LLC                (401) 431-5924     Residence Inn by Marriott                       (401) 737-7100    Chris’s Landscaping                                  (401) 433-2179    Medical Services
                                 Citizens Bank Operations Fac.                    (401) 456-7726     Sheraton-Providence Airport Hotel               (401) 738-4000    D.M. Angell Landscape/Const.                         (401) 732-0089    Adaptive Health Associates, Inc.                   (401) 885-5656
                                 E C & M Enterprises, Inc.                        (401) 943-3673     Wingate Inn Coventry                            (401) 821-3322    Dave’s Lawn Care Service Inc.                        (401) 732-2353    Artistic Surgical Center                           (401) 541-7170
                                 Edward Jones                                     (401) 828-3096                                                                       Forever Green Landscaping                            (401) 397-5901    Assisted Daily Living, Inc.                        (401) 738-5470
                                 First Choice Holdings, Inc.                      (401) 738-2202     Human Resource Services                                           J & K Wordell, Inc.                                  (401) 727-8314    Gateway Hearing Center                             (401) 738-9953
                                 John Hancock Financial Network                   (401) 691-4168     Employers Association                           (401) 732-6788    J. S. Landscape Company                              (401) 423-9926    Health Care Services                               (401) 941-9710
                                 LJ Pinga Funding Co.                             (401) 821-2282                                                                       Larlham Landscape Construction Co., Inc.             (401) 364-0303    Laboratory Services Co.                            (401) 738-2240
                                 Maffe Financial Group, Inc.             (401) 828-2090 Ext:307      Ice / Ice Sculpturing                                             Ocean State Lawn Service                             (401) 732-8182    Next Step Orthotics & Prosthetics                  (401) 736-8985
                                 MassMutual Financial Group                       (401) 435-3800     Art In Ice                                      (401) 732-1838    Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of RI                  (401) 398-2977    Professional Records, Inc.                          (401) 822-1181
                                 Medeiros Financial Services, Inc.                (401) 921-0620                                                                       P.R. Materials                                       (401) 295-4399    Rhode Island Blood Center                          (401) 453-8393
                                 Minority Investment Development Corp.            (401) 351-2999     Ice Cream                                                         Picture Perfect Landscaping                          (401) 884-9158
                                 Pioneer Financial Group                  (401) 739-5166 Ext:26      Freshens Yogurt & Ice Cream                     (401) 738-2414    Rhode Island Landscaping                             (401) 949-9969    Medical Supply
                                 Primerica Financial Services                     (401) 383-7881                                                                       Sonrise Services                                     (401) 466-2602    Niche Medical, Inc.                                (401) 732-3321
                                 Rhode Island Community Investment Corp.   (866) 776-6172 Ext:25     Import / Export                                                                                                                          United Medical Equipment                           (401) 397-7295
                                                                                                     Horizon Importing Inc.                          (401) 392-3020    Lead Inspection / Removal                                              XRI                                                (401) 732-4300
                                 Fire Extinguishers / Sprinklers                                                                                                       A & S Lead Tests                                     (401) 265-8493
                                 ASP Of Rhode Island                               (401) 737-1536    Indiv. Member / Self-Employed                                                                                                            Mobile Home Parks
                                 Fire & Thermal Systems                            (401) 826-9028    Bob Ridgway                                     (401) 738-0645    Liquor                                                                 Davis Mobile Home Park                             (401) 921-2600
                                 JOMAC Fire Protection, Inc.                       (401) 737-8866    Jessica Kumar                                   (401) 615-1334    I.M. Gan Discount Liquors                            (401) 467-5558
                                                                                                     LMI Woodies Associates                          (617) 454-1090    Peoples Liquor Warehouse                             (401) 353-4400    Mortgages
                                 Fireplace / Stoves                                                  Long Nguyen - Commercial Fisherman              (401) 397-9278                                                                           Access Mortgage Corp.                              (401) 785-0975
                                 Stovepipe Fireplace Shop, Inc.                    (401) 941-9333    Mihalos Property Management                     (401) 437-0274    Locks / Locksmith                                                      American Trust Mortgage                             (781) 477-0110
                                                                                                     Rabbi Benjamin Lefkowitz                        (401) 732-4797    Security Lock & Door, Inc.                           (401) 823-3290    Citizens Mortgage Corporation                      (401) 459-3000
                                 Floor                                                               Sally Riley, Author                             (401) 942-7865                                                                           Family Funding Corporation                         (401) 943-4550
                                 Anthony Young’s Floor Covering                    (401) 615-2429    Tom & Ann Bottone                               (401) 884-4490    Machine Automation Controls                                            Global Home Loans and Finance                      (401) 738-4600
                                 Ideal Epoxy                                       (401) 821-5722    Tom Wilson                                      (401) 846-4995    Fluid Power Automation LLC                           (401) 381-0300    Home Loan Experts/A Division of World Mortgage     (401) 736-3201
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Majestic Mortgage Corporation                      (401) 739-5363
                                 Florist / Florist Supply                                                                                                              Machine Tool Rebuilding & Repair                                       The Mortgage Tailors, Inc.                         (401) 781-5051
                                 Ferns and Flowers Ltd.                             (401) 821-1105   Industrial Supply / Service                                       Machine Diagnostics, Inc.                            (401) 738-4981    New England Pacific Mortgage                       (401) 732-2100
                                 The Flower Pot                                     (401) 828-1511   Windmill Associates Inc.                  (401) 732-4700 Ext:3    R & R Machine Co.                                    (401) 732-3505    New England Regional Mortgage               (401) 737-0231 Ext:15
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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ext. 617
Provident Capital Mortgage                          (401) 921-2800   Pediatricians                                                              Tallman Appraisals                                (401) 828-5995    Supermarkets / Grocery Stores
Quinlan Mortgage & Financial Group, Inc.            (401) 345-6672   Tiogue Pediatrics                                       (401) 823-8811     White Appraisal Company                           (401) 738-9500    J.C. Portugese-American Market                 (401) 828-2270      e-mail: bobd@slocumrealty.com
Seacoast Mortgage                                   (401) 523-6686                                                                                                                                                  West Shore Butcher Block                       (401) 738-5077
United Financial Mortgage Corp.                     (401) 921-5270   Pest Control                                                               Refrigeration                                                                                                                         “Opening Doors for Rhode Island Since 1949”
Wealth Mortgage Concepts, Inc.                      (401) 490-9333   Arrest-A-Pest, Inc.                                     (401) 738-3766     Ocean State Thermo King                           (401) 943-7550    Surveyors
                                                                     New England Pest Control                                (401) 941-5700                                                                         K. Andrews                                     (401) 885-0770
Motorcycles                                                                                                                                     Religious Organizations
Ocean State Harley-Davidson                         (401) 392-1162   Pet Grooming / Lodging                                                     Amazing Grace Church                              (401) 823-1777    Taxi Cabs
                                                                     Pet-I-Coat Junction                                     (401) 397-1500     Greenwood Community Church                        (401) 737-1230    Airport Taxi Inc.                              (401) 737-2868
Movers / Storage                                                     Warwick Pet Lodge Inc.                                  (401) 739-5181     Norwood Baptist Church                            (401) 941-1545
People’s Moving & Storage                           (401) 737-6000                                                                              Pawtuxet Baptist Church                           (401) 461-3635    Telecommunications
R.L. Davis Moving                                   (401) 463-0006   Pharmacies                                                                 Pilgrim Lutheran Church                           (401) 739-2937    ALCOM                                          (401) 884-6270
                                                                     Brooks Pharmacy                                         (401) 825-3929     Spring Green Memorial Church                      (401) 463-8328    Better Business Communication, Inc.            (866) 600-1414
Music                                                                                                                                                                                                               Communications Unlimited, Inc.         (401) 737-0800 Ext:217     AMERICAN SAFETY PRODUCTS
                                                                     Photography                                                                Rental Services
Category 5 Records
Edsac Music
                                                    (401) 233-1544
                                                    (401) 942-6398   Bob Fontaine Photography                                (401) 732-0450     Alaround Rentals, Inc.                            (401) 965-7862
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Cox Business Services
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Cox Communications
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   (401) 615-1334
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   (401) 821-1919       SALES, SERVICE & INSTALLATIONS
                                                                     Catherine Leary Photographer                            (401) 738-9928     Rhode Island Rentals                      (401) 738-9731 Ext:101
Newspapers / Publications / Magazines                                Randy Osga Photography                                  (401) 828-1856                                                                         Telephone                                                        • Portable Fire Extinguishers
Providence Business News                   (401) 273-2201 Ext:227                                                                               Restaurants / Banquet Facilities                                    Sprint                                         (401) 821-4555
The Reminder                                       (401) 821-2216    Physical Therapists                                                        Aldrich Mansion                                   (401) 739-6850
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     • NEW: Halotron Extinguishers
Warwick Beacon                                     (401) 732-3100    Elite Physical Therapy                                  (401) 737-4581     Backstreet Bar & Grill                            (401) 736-0404    Toilets / Portable / Partitions                                    (Replacement of Halon)
Warwick Daily Times                                (401) 821-7400    Ocean State Physical Therapy                            (401) 737-3934     The Bagel Factory                                 (401) 737-0109    Chamberlin of RI Inc.                          (401) 739-2226
                                                                     Specialized Orthopedic Physical Therapy, Inc.           (401) 384-6490     Big Fish Restaurant                               (401) 751-3474                                                                     Business • Home • Auto • Truck • Marine
Non-Profits / Charitable Org.                                        Warwick Avenue Physical Therapy, Inc.                   (401) 941-0494     Brothers Oven Pizza, Inc.                          (401) 736-5111   Translators & Interpreters
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       One Day Wholesale to Contractors
A Wish Come True, Inc.                             (401) 781-9199                                                                               Caliente Mexican Grill                            (401) 667-2772    Argon-Rhodium Inc.                             (401) 738-4404
                                                                     Physicians / Surgeons
Aspiring Dreamz
Boys & Girls Clubs Of Warwick
                                                   (401) 573-0021
                                                   (401) 467-4385    Dr. Michael J. Rekas, Inc.                              (401) 821-5022
                                                                                                                                                                                          (401) 312-6500 Ext:11
                                                                                                                                                                                                  (401) 737-9009    Trash Removal / Waste Management                                  Delivery &
CCAP-Comprehensive Community Action Prgm
Central RI Chamber Of Commerce
                                                   (401) 467-9610
                                                    (401) 732-1100
                                                                     Yestermorrow Family Medicine                            (401) 886-9669     Cinnamon Cafe
                                                                                                                                                Corina’s Pub, Inc.
                                                                                                                                                                                                  (401) 823-8881
                                                                                                                                                                                                  (401) 722-7422
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Clyde Roll-Off Service
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Roll-A-Way Disposal
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    (401) 826-2980
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    (401) 732-6131   Installation Fax 737-1447
Central RI Development Corp.                       (401) 739-2300    Picture Frames / Wholesale / Retail                                        Cornerstone Pub                                   (401) 732-4750    Waste Management of R.I., Inc.        (401) 463-6215 Ext:1221    295 Jefferson Blvd., Warwick, RI 02888
CODAC Behavorial Healthcare                        (401) 275-5039    The Frame Shop, Inc.                                    (401) 490-6920     Crow’s Nest Restaurant Inc.                       (401) 732-6575
Cornerstone Adult Services                         (401) 739-2844                                                                               Dining Quest.com                                  (401) 243-4486    Travel
Elizabeth Buffum Chace Center                      (401) 738-9700    Plaster / Drywall                                                          Domino’s Pizza                                    (401) 467-3130    Future Travel                                  (401) 785-3070
Every Company Counts / RIEDC                       (401) 222-2601    Alan Root Plastering Co.                                (401) 647-5724     Fresh City Restaurant                             (401) 821-1700    Global Excellence Inc.                         (401) 732-8080
The Good Neighbor Alliance                         (401) 467-2880    Peter Benson Plastering Co.                             (401) 944-3864     George’s Pizza                                    (401) 738-5776    Tours-N.E. Action Sports Inc.                  (401) 738-0411
Heritage Of Rhode Island                           (401) 921-2993                                                                               Governor Francis Inn                              (401) 463-8227
House of Hope Community Development Corp. (401) 463-3324 Ext:19      Plumbing / Heating / AC                                                    Gregg’s Restaurant                                (401) 467-5700    Tree Service
Kent County YMCA                                   (401) 828-0130    B & J Matzner Plmb. & Htg. Co., Inc.                    (401) 737-2807     Han Palace                                        (401) 738-2238    High Line Tree Service, Inc.                   (401) 738-6637
Kent House Inc.                                    (401) 781-2700    Charlie’s Heating, LLC                                  (401) 886-7009     Iggy’s Doughboys, Inc.                            (401) 737-9459    Leavitt’s Tree Service, Inc.                   (401) 397-7022
Plan USA                                 (401) 737-5770 Ext:1215     Ciancio Plumbing & Heating                              (401) 861-7254     L’Attitude Modern Eatery                          (401) 780-8700
Recycling for R.I. Education                       (401) 781-1521    Emergency Response Plumbing & Heating                   (401) 737-3511     Legal Sea Foods, Inc.                             (401) 732-3663    Truck / Sales, Rental, Service & Supply
The Rhode Island Arc, Inc.                         (401) 463-9191    Gem Plumbing & Heating Co., Inc.                        (401) 831-7000     My Favorite Muffin & Bagel                        (401) 739-0778    Ryder Transportation Services          (401) 781-5500 Ext:268
RI Mentoring Partnership                           (401) 732-7700    Gino’s Plumbing                                         (401) 737-0793     Pepperoni’s Pizza                                 (401) 921-2323
RI Sponsoring Education (RISE)                     (401) 421-2010    North Atlantic Heating, Inc.                            (401) 397-8085     Portofino Restaurant                              (401) 461-8920    Trucking / Shipping
RI Zoological Society                              (401) 941-3910    Northwest Plumbing & Heating                            (401) 568-8488     Rhodes on the Pawtuxet Inc.               (401) 785-4333 Ext:12     UDS, Inc.                                      (401) 461-1940
Sargent Rehabilitation Center                      (401) 886-6600    Riley Plumbing & Heating                                (401) 738-1688     Santoro’s Pizza                                   (401) 821-6409    Victory Transportation, Inc.                   (401) 944-1512
Small Business Development Center/Johnson & Wales (401) 598-4738     Votta Associates                                        (401) 461-7336     Summit Cafe, Inc.                                 (401) 739-1992
Southern R.I. Conservation District                (401) 822-8832                                                                               Track 84, Inc.                                    (401) 739-8484    Uniforms
Station Fire Memorial Foundation                   (401) 827-2510    Podiatrists                                                                Twenty Water Street Restaurant & Warehouse Tavern (401) 885-3700    Alexander’s Uniforms                           (401) 738-6856
Trudeau Center                                     (401) 739-2700    Bernard G. Coppolelli, DPM                              (401) 828-1811     Twist Restaurant                                  (401) 734-4440
VOWS, Inc./Volunteers of Warwick Schools           (401) 734-3230    Centerville Podiatry                                    (401) 821-6238     Walt’s Roast Beef                                 (401) 823-4456    Utilities
West Bay Community Action                  (401) 732-4666 Ext:113                                                                               Ward’s Publick House                              (401) 884-7008    National Grid                                  (401) 784-7510
West Bay Residential Services, Inc.       (401) 738-9300 Ext:368     Pools                                                                                                                                          Verizon                                        (401) 525-3580
                                                                     Blue Wave Pools                                         (401) 826-3030     Retail
                                                                     Cut Price Pools, Inc.                                    (401) 785-1113    Best Buy - For Business                           (401) 826-7007    Vacuums
Nursing Homes / Assisted Living                                      Pool & Patio Center, Inc.                               (401) 823-7290     EH Turf Supply, Inc.                              (401) 294-2722    Warwick Vacuum                                 (401) 736-0603
Brentwood Nursing Home                              (401) 884-8020   Pool Doctor                                             (401) 392-1300     Jazzy Pooch                                       (401) 275-6021
Greenwich Farms at Warwick                          (401) 737-7222                                                                              Sam’s Club Membership Warehouse                   (401) 823-7070    Veterinarians
Harborhill Place                                    (401) 884-2704   Printers / Publishers                                                      Something Fishy, Inc.                             (401) 732-9970    West Bay Animal Hospital                       (401) 828-5767
Harborside Greenwood                                (401) 739-6600   ABS Printing                                           (401) 826-0870      Wal*Mart                                          (401) 781-2233
Jewish Seniors Agency of RI                         (401) 732-0037   Creative Digital Inc.                                   (401) 737-1766     Wal*Mart                                          (401) 821-1766    Video
Kent Regency                                        (401) 739-4241   Flaherty Robinson Design                               (401) 245-4236      Wm. H. Harris Furs                                (401) 821-6000    Movie Time Video                               (401) 736-0213
The Gaspee Mansion                                  (401) 397-6943   G & D Graphics                                         (401) 463-5369      Yilda’s Boutique                                  (401) 732-0220
                                                                     Image Printing & Copying                                (401) 737-9311                                                                         Vinyl / Leather Repair
Office Equipment / Supplies                                          Minuteman Press                                        (401) 732-7848      Satellite                                                           Dr. Vinyl                                      (401) 578-3713
Automated Business Solutions                        (401) 732-3000   Printcraft                                             (401) 739-0700      Star Satellite Service                            (401) 397-6596
Cartridge World                                     (401) 381-0020   RI Document Company                             (401) 739-6661 Ext:19                                                                          Welding / Wrought Iron
Copyfax, Inc.                                       (401) 294-1250                                                                                                                                                  Jason Harris, Welding & Fabrication            (401) 862-3810
Konica Minolta                             (401) 438-1300 Ext:3113   Promotional Products                                                       Schools / Colleges / Universities                                   Pelletier Welding                              (401) 941-7474
Office Depot                                        (401) 828-0151   Frank A. Bestwick III                                   (401) 397-7732     Bishop Hendricken High School             (401) 739-3450 Ext:113
Office Direct                                       (401) 732-3040                                                                              Bryant University/Graduate Studies                (401) 232-6230    Window Treatments / Coverings
Staples                                             (401) 828-3737   Psychological Services                                                     Community College of R.I.                         (401) 825-2181    Verticles Etc.                                  (401) 737-4917
Staples                                             (401) 732-5322   Lisa E. Giusti, Acsw                                    (401) 944-9997     Community College of R.I.                         (401) 825-2399
Staples Business Advantage                  (800) 617-1712 Ext:315   Psychological Associates                                (401) 821-4100     N.E. Institute Of Technology                      (401) 467-7744    Windows / Siding / Gutters
                                                                     The Kent Center                                         (401) 732-5656     Roger Williams University                         (401) 276-4828    Fish Window Cleaning                           (401) 383-6363
Oil / Fuel / Energy                                                                                                                                                                                                 New England Sola Concepts, Inc.                (401) 736-2974
Abilene Oil Service, Inc.                           (401) 943-0011   Real Estate                                                                Senior Services                                                     RI Home Improvement                            (401) 739-1000
Drew Oil Corporation                                (401) 942-5470   Abbott Properties                               (401) 732-0011 Ext:216     A Peace of Mind Homecare                          (401) 432-7999    Stormtite Company, Inc.                        (401) 781-9251
ESI, Incorporated                                   (401) 738-4655   American Dream Realty, Inc.                             (401) 738-2886     Comfort Keepers                                   (401) 792-8300    True Light Systems, Inc.                       (401) 732-6577
Suburban Propane                                    (401) 397-3311   Bruce Allen Realtors                                    (401) 884-2151     Home Instead Senior Care                          (401) 667-2923
                                                                     Butler Business Realty Specialists/Keller Williams      (401) 886-7800     Right At Home                                     (401) 384-6485    Writing / Editorial
                                                                     Ext:210                                                                    Senior Care Concepts                              (401) 398-7655    Dara Chadwick Editorial Services               (401) 423-9236
Optometrist/ Ophthalmologist/ Optician                               CODA, LLC                                                (401) 823-9962    Senior Transition                                 (401) 828-5020
Apple Eye Wear                                      (401) 732-1180   Deb Noble - Abbott Properties                   (401) 732-3630 Ext:262
Richard P. Belhumeur, O.D Ltd.                      (401) 822-2020   DeFelice Realtors                                        (401) 885-8200    Septic Cleaning, Tanks, Systems
David Ferris & Assoc.                               (401) 732-2350   Gold Realty                                             (401) 781-3313     A. Perri & Sons                                   (401) 737-4145
Dr. Gerald Glaser, O.D.                             (401) 738-9866   H & M Realty                                              (617) 921-3118

Glenn S. Prescod, MD, Inc.                          (401) 738-7001   Help-U-Sell Martin Realty                                (401) 615-2922    Shed / Deck
Koch Eye Surgicenter, Inc.                          (401) 738-4800   Henry W. Cooke Company                                  (401) 421-5350     Rhode Island Shed & Deck LLC                      (401) 737-9933
Lam N. Dao, O.D.                                    (401) 822-0294   Horizon Group                                            (401) 739-2772
                                                                     Keller Williams/Dean de Tonnancourt                      (401) 785-1700    Signs / Awnings
Organizing Services
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Cleaning Service
                                                                     Leah K. Blundo                                          (401) 952-6963     AA Thrifty Sign-Awning, Inc.                      (401) 738-8055
Organized Solutions                                 (401) 461-5544   Phipps Realty, Inc.                                     (401) 885-6300     Poyant Signs, Inc.                                (508) 995-1777
                                                                     Picerne Real Estate Group                               (401) 287-3164     Signs by Tomorrow                                 (401) 826-6446
Outplacement / Career Consulting
Lifocus, Inc. / OI Partners                (401) 884-7959 Ext:301
                                                                     Post Road Properties
                                                                     Re/Max Five Star
                                                                                                                             (401) 732-6350
                                                                                                                     (401) 738-7800 Ext:718
                                                                                                                                                Viewpoint Sign & Awning                           (800) 636-3430                                                                        Tom & Shawn Lynch
                                                                     RE/MAX Professionals/David Splaine                      (401) 885-7900     Skin Care
Painting                                                             Real Estate One Ltd.                                     (401) 739-0110    Kasz Enterprises, Inc.                             (401) 823-0111
Aztec Painting Services Inc.                        (401) 828-7799   Robert R. George                                         (401) 828-3673    Mary Kay, Inc.                                    (401) 385-3933
R.M. Painting Co.                                   (401) 246-1214   Scanlon Realty                                          (401) 741-2229
W.F. Shea and Company, Inc.                         (401) 738-3229   Slocum Realty                                   (401) 738-4821 Ext:617     Souvenirs
                                                                                                                                                T-Shirt City                                      (401) 691-3433                                                                         Floor Cleaning
Paving / Seal Coating
Cesario Paving Co.                                  (401) 739-4372
                                                                     Real Estate Appraisal / Title Services
                                                                     Alpha Appraisal Company
                                                                     Coastline Appraisal
                                                                                                                             (401) 886-9300
                                                                                                                             (401) 954-2215
                                                                                                                                                Sporting Goods Stores
                                                                                                                                                Modells Sporting Goods                            (401) 826-3330
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Office Cleaning
Payroll Services
Advantage Payroll Service                   (401) 941-5600 Ext:15
                                                                     Executive Appraisal Services
                                                                     Marcia Feeley Appraisals
                                                                                                                             (401) 392-3535
                                                                                                                             (401) 822-2168     Sports & Recreation
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Carpet Cleaning
Balanced Payroll Services, Inc.                    (401) 463-6705    Sullivan Realty Group                                   (401) 738-6500     Rhode Island Dart League                          (401) 885-2468                                                                       Residential - Commercial
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