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                                                 WEIHUA HUANG
                                                  Spring 2011

 Spring 2011

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                                                    WEIHUA HUANG
                                                     Spring 2011

   Table of Contents
PROLOGUE…………................ 1
BASIC CONTROLS.................... 2
FIGHT.......................................... 3
PLAYING THE GAME...............4
DEVELOPMENT........................ 6
UPDATED................................... 14
PROFILE..................................... 16
                                       The story takes scene in a beautiful and serene town, the ‘Colorful
                                       Village’, home to many fairy tale characters. One day, a science
                                       experiment went wrong and distorted the time! Many evil creatures
                                       and monsters travelled through the time warp and flooded into the
                                       village. The mission of the four heroes will not only need to wipe
                                       out the entire enemy troop but also need to ensure the safety of
      PROLOGUE                         the villagers.


    The Objective will appear at the beginning of each stage. The mission fails when any of the villagers die.

1                                                                                                                          2
                    FIGHT                                                                                                                                                 PLAYING THE GAME
     ATTACKS:                                                                                                     MAGIC:
                                                                                                                  The player can only control one character at a time, and can switch to different characters by
                                                                                                                  inclinations. The role will recover their HP and MP when they switch back.

                                                                                                                Fireball                             Tsunami
                                                                                                                                                     T                                     Tornado

    Heavy Attack:                                          Spin Attack:
    The knock-out is extremely powerful, but its           When you’re surrounded by enemies and need
    recovery is slow, leaving you vulnerable to            a little breathing room, the Spin Attack is your
    counterattack. To perform a Heavy Attack,              formidable ally. Press B/Right Button to give it a
    press A/Left Button.                                   whirl.

    Critical Attack:                                                                                                           A simple map of the battlefield
     Every time you destroy an enemy, the experience is accumulated in the EXP gauge. You can enable
                                                                                                                               marks your current allies and
     the Critical Attack for 30 seconds when the gauge is full, the damage and the range of attach is
     doubled in that time-frame. When critical attack is used, the character will glow yellow with fury.

    Switching Characters:
     The player can only control one character at a time, and can switch to different characters by
     inclinations. The role will recover their HP and MP when they switch back.

3                                                                                                                                                                                                                  4

    Wolf                                            Robot

                                                                                                    I started the project with the intention to apply for graduate school in
                                                                                                 United States; it has also been a long-due personal goal to develop a 3D game
                                                                                                 from scratch. For the above reasons I took the opportunity to design, develop
                                                                                                 and accomplish the whole game by myself, using it to attest my technical
                                                                                                 proficiency. In the beginning, I had many hilarious and ridiculous ideas for this
                                                                                                 project, as to stand out from the applicant pool. However as I did not have the
                                                                                                 help from the animation artists, I scrapped certain over-complicated graphics
                                                                                                 but still managed to create an exciting and action-packed game with the
    Zombie                                          Alien                                        constraints on resources.

                                                                                                    The most difficult part during the development was the planning. I was solely
                                                                                                 responsible for the gathering and defining of the requirements, producing
                                                                                                 multiple revisions of the project schedule, analyzing project feasibility, and
                                                                                                 finally transforming my ideas to program code. Since I haven’t had previous
                                                                                                 involvement in larger scaled projects, I took a divide and conquer approach to
                                                                                                 break down the project into smaller and more manageable modules. Each
                                                                                                 modules and functions are specified and designed prior to development. I
                                                                                                 utilized techniques I have learnt from the ‘System Analysis & Design’ classes,
                                                                                                 such as using the flowcharts to depict the story board. These techniques
                                                                                                 helped greatly in delivering the project effectively and efficiently. Each of my
                                                                                                 development days ends with a reflection session, where I reviewed the
                                                                                                 progress of the project and I also kept a journal of achievements, problems and
                                                                                                 resolutions. As the sole developer in this project, I took on the roles of project
                                                                                                 manager, project leader and developer.
     1. In some systems, Flip 3D will be started when you press the middle button of the           In the investigation stage, I used simple polygons to unit test the functions
        mouse. I have prepared another key to replace that button.You can use Key I, O, and P,   as well as using them to depict the construct of the final scenes. The 3D
        to replace the mouse.                                                                    graphics were later on provided by the class of fine art, from which I chose
     2. There are only three characters available for use right now because model D-79 is not    some models that fitted in my original concept. The graphics were provided
        fully operational. The trick is to use the triangle offense like the L.A Lakers.         as-is so I had to edit these models by myself before I can use them. In order to
                                                                                                 achieve the textures and actions from my design, I spent considerable amount
                                                                                                 of time to enhance my skills in 3D studio Max and other CAD packages.

5                                                                                                                                                                                     6
                                                                                         THE NEXT SECTION DISCUSSES SOME PARTICULAR TOPICS
                                                                                         OF INTEREST FROM THE PROJECT.
                                                                                         Fireworks and Illustrator were used to
                                                                                         create this logo. I wanted to make it look
                                                                                         cute and naughty like the movie Monster
      In the investigation stage, I used simple polygons to unit test the functions      vs. Alien. Multiple bright colors were used
    as well as using them to depict the construct of the final scenes. The 3D            to support the concept of
    graphics were later on provided by the class of fine art, from which I chose         colorful, and as there are four
    some models that fitted in my original concept. The graphics were provided           main heroes in the game, the
    as-is so I had to edit these models by myself before I can use them. In order to     digit 4 was using to symbolize
                                                                                         the main characters and also
    achieve the textures and actions from my design, I spent considerable amount
                                                                                         means the word ‘ful’.
    of time to enhance my skills in 3D studio Max and other CAD packages.

       The most memorable event during the development of Color4 Chronicle               Character
    was the Run Time Error. When the program was executed, it sometimes
    displayed messages like “Loading list Index out of bounds exception” which           3D Studio Max was used to edit the
    brought the program to a halt. The error was intermittent and wasn’t easily          animations and texture; it was also used
    reproduced by following the same steps. It was a huge show-stopper to my             to transform the graphics to a format
    project. After two weeks trying to figure out the problem, I finally saw the light   usable by the games engine. The Model
    at the end of tunnel. My supervisor directed me to some sample usages of             Manager provided by the games engine
    Lists and helped me to determine the cause of these exceptions. The problem          was utilized to edit actions and add special
    lies in the removal of projects in a loop. Sometimes an object was deleted from
                                                                                         effects such as Ray or Particle.
    the list erroneously and when the loop tries to read it from the list the system
    would crash or returned exception messages. I could not imagine that a
    careless mistake could in fact impede the success of the project; I have
    certainly learnt a valuable lesson. Thankfully after endless hours of hard work,
    late nights and help from the supervisor and other students, the project was
                                                                                         Visual Effect
    completed just before Christmas 2009 as anticipated.
                                                                                         The Particle Editor was used to design all
                                                                                         the magic effects in the game, the Emitter
                                                                                         Disk and Force were combined to move
                                                                                         synchronously. It continuously checks for
                                                                                         collisions when the player uses this magic,
                                                                                         and it would be disabled when it has come
                                                                                         in contact with the boundary.

7                                                                                                                                            8
    Interaction with the scene-                                                                               High Dynamic Range-
    Using the same Particle Editor, I used it to simulate some special effects such as smoke and falling      High Dynamic Range (HDR) lighting was used to preserve details that might be lost due to limiting
    leafs, which are only triggered when the character comes in contact with the particles. For example       contrast ratios. However, in order to prevent the all the layers of shockwave, HDR, and other effects
    when the character goes near a tree, the emitter will trigger the leaf falling event.                     all appearing at once, I rendered shockwave into a scene texture first, and then render blur effect to
                                                                                                              another scene texture. The two textures are then combined before processing the last step of
                                                                                                              adding HDR lighting.

    I used a combination of three kinds of shaders
    in the game; they are Cartoon, Ocean, and    d
                                                                                                              Two cameras were provided in Color4 Chronicle, one of them is on top and look down at 45
    Shockwave. I also used NVDIA FX COMPOSER     R
                                                                                                              degree, another one is same height of character, both are viewed from behind the characters. The
    and the shader library to modify certain     n
                                                                                                              first one has a Collision Detection, to prevent the camera from being blocked by other objects in
    properties. For instance, the Cartoon shader r
                                                                                                              the scene. The view is changed to the front of the object if such collision were detected. During
    was used to simulate the comic style, Ocean  n
                                                                                                              testing, I wrote another camera to test and debug (Key F4). It represents a first person view of the
    shader was used to strengthen the effect of   f
                                                                                                              scene and is controlled by key Up, Down, Left and Right. When this camera is on, the speed of all
    tsunami magic, and Shockwave shader to imitate
                                                                                                              objects are declined to 1/10, which enabled me to use break points and taking screen shots.
    the time distort.

    This was the most difficult part for me in the whole project, because there are too many methods          There are many fences and blind corners in the village scene. Prior to having the invisible walls, many
    to render shadows, and all of those were fairly challenging. I consulted a lot of references and sample   Non-Player Characters (NPC) were trapped in there. I fixed this by loading a boundary map at the
    before deciding on using the Projective Texture Mapping technique. It maps the shadows by                 start of the game; black color means no entry. NPC will check if the position is accessible or not
    mimicking a spotlight on top of the object and then projects the shadow by determining the                when they get random coordinate to move to next, if not, they will request a new one to be
    displacement from the light to object.                                                                    generated. To prevent the scenario where the NPC might still be trapped and the characters can’t
                                                                                                              engage them, the system will keep checking the position of every single NPC; it would be dead if it’s
                                                                                                              found in the black region.
    Critical Attack-
    The slow motions and moving cameras were     e
    inspired by the Dynasty Warriors. During the e
                                                                                                              Using the same method as
    period of critical attacks, the camera would d
                                                                                                              checking coordinates of
    orbit around the character and opponent will  l
                                                                                                              NPC’s, the position of all live
    get double damage in that timeframe.          .
                                                                                                              characters are rendered into
    Furthermore, during an extreme critical attack,
                                                                                                              the mini map so the player
    spotlights were added to follow the camera too
                                                                                                              can access this information
    maximize the visual impact of the scene.

9                                                                                                                                                                                                                       10
        I defined a new class to represent a single NPC, and provided an enumeration to capture the
        different states such as Init, Standby, Stroll, Follow, Attack, and Dead. The creatures will execute the   I used NVDIA Plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop to generate some normal maps to represent the floors
        command depending on its state. To begin with, NPC will go to their default position, all at different     and bricks in the scene, and used light map that were provide by environment artist.
        areas. When they arrive there, they will rest for two seconds, and then request a new destination.
        Keep this recursion until character or villagers enter their attack range, the state will be set to
        “Attack”. The creatures will keep following character and keep attacking until target is out of the
        range or finds a more suitable target. However, when the state of NPC is “Dead”, I hide them from
        the scene by not rendering them. I discovered that deleting the object causes small delays in the
        program, thus the hiding approach was adopted. When the player completes the mission or clears
        the stage, all the creatures are then restored.

        The moving direction of the characters was used to determine collision with other objects. When
        the objects are moving forward then check for collisions in front and vice versa. I added one to three     Sound Effects
        collision spheres to every single object, the largest one was used to detect collision with the            The sound effects were taken from many games, such as Dynasty Warriors and SONIC
        boundaries and others are placed on the hands and weapons in order to determine the impact of              UNLEASHED. Before playing any sound effects a quick check is done to ensure it’s not duplicated.
        the attack. When the creatures collide with each other, they would repel from each other following         In order to accommodate the slow motion effects during the critical attacks, I prepared the sounds
        the law of physics.                                                                                        in two different speeds which are used as required.

        User Interface                                                                                             Other ideas
                                                                                                                   Through out the development, using the 3D Studio Max program, a lot of my past game ideas
                                                                                                                   became achievable. New games could be developed using similar game coding, and structures from
                                                                                                                   “Color4 Chronicle.” One of them is “Bald Revenge;” where the leading role is a cynical bald man
                                                                                                                   using scissors to cut passerby’s hair on the street of the cities, getting scores by shaving their hair.
                                                                                                                   An online feature would be added to the game, allowing multiple players, playing against each other.
                                                                                                                   My dad has a tendency toward baldness which gave me the idea of designing this game to entertain
                                              The user interface is the most satisfying part for me in Color4
                                            Chronicle, demonstrating a vivid and exciting vibe that I want to
                                          pass to the gamer. I used many interactive tricks. For example, the
                                         opening screen animation was achieved by rendering every frame
                                       to an image and playing this continuously, catching the attention of
                                     the gamer. The logo would change size when mouse hovers over,
                                                                                                                             Supervisor: Chou Po-Hsiang
                                   adding a bit of interest to stimulate the gamer to play this game.
                                  Whilst in the game, I imitated the screen layout of many role play                         Engine: ZL3D Engine
                                games. The statuses of the characters are presented at                                       Tools: Microsoft Visual C++ 2008
                 the bottom of the screen, when gamer switches to a different
               character, the interface would update instantly. The status of enemy                                          Execution: Digital Content Institute
             is placed on the left side, when gamer attacks an enemy its status
           will be shown on screen. Furthermore, I presented the Objective
          Descriptions like comic books to portray villagers’ helplessness.
        Last but not least, all placements of user interface components are
       automatically adjusted depending on the size and resolution of the
     screen size.

11                                                                                                                                                                                                                            12
     RESOURCES                                                                                                                                                             UPDATED
     Shader-                                                                                            These features are new in V1.3
     NVIDIA SHADER LIBRARY                                                                              1.   Attack: Added technical and sound effects to better emulate attack mode.
     Scene Data-                                                                                        2.   Camera: Fixed the camera angle and collision problem with the scene set.
                                                                                                        3.   User Interface Bug when character revives.
     Yan-Guang Lin, Gui-Min Liu, Zhe-Ming Liu, Zhen-Hui Chen, Mei-Hui Fang,Yi-Ling Liu, Jian-Hong Liu   4.   Disable UI in FPS mode.
                                                                                                        5.   Collision detection when the character is dead.
     Character Data-
                                                                                                        6.   Improved interaction between characters and enemies.
     Zong-Hua Lu, Xun-Yun Zheng, Jian-Wen Qiu,You-Wei Zeng, Sheng-Bo Wang,Yu-Han Yang,                  7.   New sound effects (extracted from Bayonetta, God of War).
     Shi-Feng Lai, Juan-Lin Liang,Yi-Ling Sun,Yan-Ling Li, Zheng-Liang Yao                              8.   Improved performance, increased the frame rate by about 2 FPS.

     Sound Effects & Music-
     Dynasty Warriors, Tales of Vesperia, SONNIC UNLEASHED,                                             These features are new in V1.2
     Girls Go Shopping in film Enchanted soundtrack by Alan Menken,
                                                                                                        1. Added a shader to simulate the effect of time distortion, where the sky shows unusual aurora
     Escape from Muntz Mountain in film UP soundtrack by Michael Giacchino
                                                                                                           borealis activities similar to that in the movie 'Frequency'.

                                                                                                        2. Enhanced the invisible wall so it covers the whole scene to ensure monsters do not run out of
                                                                                                           the scene again.
                               Thanks to all who provided technical supports
                                    and resources in producing this game.
                          This project is developed solely for educational purposes,
                               all copyrights reside with the original sources.

13                                                                                                                                                                                                         14
                                                                                                                                                     Weihua Huang
                                                                                                                                                     h                                                             PROFILE
     3. Improved A.I to simulate the movement of monsters, so they don’t jostle together during attack.
                                                                                                                             World Championship
                                                                                                          Me, at the Pac-Man
                                                                                                                             York City.
                                                                                                          Grand Final in New

                                                                                                                     To become a top notch game programmer cum producer, with expertise in development,
                                                                                                                     marketing and product branding, as well as the ability to turn creative ideas into highly enjoyable,
                                                                                                                     popular and profitable products that provide gamers with the entertainment experience of a

                                                                                                                         Digital Content Institute
                                                                                                                         Bachelor in Information Management,Yuan Ze University
                                                                                                                         Associate in Information Management, Overseas Chinese University

     4. New sounds effects and motion.

                                                                                                                                          Fighting for the glory of Taiwan.                      League Ba the launch of a ne
                                                                                                                                                                                                          seball gam           w
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    e during t Major
                                                  PORTFOLIO                                                                                                                                                                   he press c
                                                   WEIHUA HUANG
                                                    Spring 2011

                                                                                                                             Conducting researc
                                                                                                                                                   h and compiling ph                                                              ican
                                                                                                                             collection for my bo                    oto                                         d by the ASU Amer
                                                                                                                                                  ok on New York .                            Field trip organize
                                                                                                                                                                                              English & Culture

                     Content of DVD:
                     Game demo, Games Trailer, Manual
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Award from the
                                                                                                                                                                          Getting ready for                                   Pac-Man World
                                                                                                                                                                          a top spin.                                         Championship .

15                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   16

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