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					                                 Applications and Services

A simple, cost-effective website hosting
solution for your business
Why Website Hosting?
Your business often needs to market its products or solutions worldwide. Website Hosting is an economical solution
that enables you to establish your business's global presence and showcase your products to potential customers,
across geographies. It also improves your business's accessibility with suppliers and customers.

Key Features
• Windows hosting platform with unlimited
  sub-domains capability
• Support for popular web technologies & databases
• Manage your website with easy-to-use online
  control panel or FTP access
• Web analytics, reporting & backups
• High Availability & Security
• 24x7 Technical Support

Windows Hosting
• Windows Hosting Platform with IIS 6.0
• Unlimited sub-domains
• Customizable Error Pages

Web Technologies & Databases
• Support PHP 4.2.3, ASP, .NET 2.0, ActivePerl 5.61
• FrontPage Server Extensions 2002 support                        Basic Edition         25 MB       1400 p.a.
• Free MySQL & MS Access Database
• ODBC Data Source 3.525                                          Advanced Edition      50 MB       2249 p.a.

Online Control Panel & FTP                                        Premium Edition       100 MB      4499 p.a.
• Free Online Management Console
• File Manager 2.0 with Protected Directories                     Enterprise Edition    250 MB      5250 p.a.
• FTP Access

                                                                  Enterprise Plus       500 MB      9000 p.a.
Web Analytics, Reporting & Backup
• Web Statistics & Analytics                                      One Gig               1 GB        18,000 p.a.
• Resource Meter (to monitor Bandwidth, disk space, etc.)
• Complete Site Backups
                                                                  Two Gig               2 GB        28,000 p.a.

High Availability & Security                                      Three Gig             3 GB        42,000 p.a.
• Hosting in Sun-Tone Certified Secure Data Centers
• 99.5% Network Uptime
                                                                  Four Gig              4 GB        56,000 p.a.
• Anti Virus Protection
• 24x7 Monitoring
                                                                  Five Gig              5 GB        70,000 p.a.
• UPS & Generator Backup

For more information on Website Hosting, call us at 1800 419 2200 and give your details and our
sales representative will get in touch with you. You can also visit

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