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                  Whispering Hills Neighborhood Association     March/April 2010

     President’s Message                                             Pay Pal is Ready to Accept
Watch For Things to Come              B y D ick Bu b e l              WHNA Membership Dues
Whispering Hills, “where all the ladies are beauti-           Now it’s easier to become a WHNA member with
ful, the men handsome and the children are all                Pay Pal up and running. Just go to the WHNA web-
above average.” What a wonderful face lift you are            site at and click on “Join.” You
about to receive.                                             will be led through the process of filling out the in-
                                                              formation usually requested on the membership
Pride in our community is about to receive a fine
                                                              form and then using your credit card or Pay Pal ac-
jump start. Your newly elected board members, as
                                                              count to pay the membership fee.
well as committee heads, street captains and dedi-
cated neighbors have been working hard. Member-               If you don’t have access to a computer, or would
ship in the WHNA is on the rise due to the efforts of         like to present your membership in the usual way,
Ron Hendry, Paulette Standefer and Donna Mibus                membership forms are available from the Member-
along with their diligent crew of volunteers.                 ship Coordinators, Ron Hendry and Paulette Stande-
                                                              fer. Their contact information is on the back page.
Our ambitious neighborhood beautification program
is moving ahead full steam. Greg Holliday, Donna              Forms can also be downloaded from the website:
Mibus and Jason Woelfel, are turning visions of our 
neighborhood into reality.
In the weeks to months to come, I will be reporting
the results of all these efforts as they progress. I am                   Membership Update
excited about each and every improvement.
Keep your eyes open, you will be impressed.                   Currently 193 memberships have been turned in.
                                                              The goal is to get 200.
Pride in our community, for and by members is very
important. Diligence in the upkeep of our personal            Surely there are seven more of you out there that
property is key. We all want to live in a safe and            have just not gotten around to joining, or a member-
beautiful area. This can only be achieved when eve-           ship form is on a stack somewhere waiting to be
ryone does their part.                                        tackled.

Just a note: If you have replaced a worn out fence,
be sure to also replace your alley house numbers.                Want to help with social events?
These numbers are important, especially in the case
of an emergency. Numbers are available at Lowe’s                Have ideas for Dine Out locations?
or Home Depot. They are not very expensive. Even                     Contact Paulette Standefer at:
if you haven’t replaced your fence, please check               s ta nde fer 1@a tt. ne t or 972 -793 -0890
your old numbers to be sure they are in good shape.
       Dog Walker’s Observations                                    Re c y c l i n g I d e a s
                   By Paula Collard                                       B y Ca ro l To b ia s

I walk my dog daily around our neighborhood. I          •   Take packing peanuts and bubble wrap to a mail
have noticed papers, drink cans, candy wrappers,            store.
drink cups, and even beer cans or beer bottles on the   •   If you don't have a compost bin, you can spade
sidewalks, yards or street.                                 vegetable and fruit peelings into your flower
                                                            beds. They will decompose without a problem.
This should not be acceptable. It seems to be getting
                                                        •   Take your own bags to the store with
worse. I pick up something each time I walk Muf-
                                                            you. Some grocery stores will credit you .05 per
fin. If we do not clean up our own surroundings, it
                                                            bag when you bring your own.
will bring the value of our homes down.
                                                        •   Use plastic grocery bags to line small trash cans.
Please, help us keep our neighborhood clean. If all     •   Newspaper plastic bags are perfect for using
the people that walk in the neighborhood picked up          when you walk your dog.
even one piece of trash, think how tidy we’d be.        •   Fill bottles with water and freeze for use in cool-
Take a bag with you whenever you walk.                      ers or lunch boxes to keep items cool. Don't for-
                                                            get to leave some room in the bottle for the wa-
              Kids Safety Fair                              ter to expand when it freezes.
                                                        •   Dallas is now taking plastic #1 through #7. Look
            A Free Family Event                             for the number in the small triangle on the un-
                                                            derside of containers to see if an item is recycla-
    DISPLAYS BY DALLAS POLICE, DALLAS                       ble. No number? Don’t put in the recycle bin.
           FIRE, DART & OTHERS                          •   Call me if you have questions. 972-365-3382-
         HOT DOGS, CHIPS, DRINKS                            cell---Carol
         SATURDAY, MAY 22, 2010                             Reminders and Tips for Spring
             10 A.M. TO 2 P.M.
                                                                  Yard Clean-up
  Fire Safety, Immunizations, Health Screenings,
Bike Safety, Dental Care, Stranger/Danger, Under-       Dallas City Code Article IX, "Storm Water Drain-
age Drinking, Children’s Insurance, Child Obesity,      age System," of chapter 19, Sec. 19-118.2(f)(5)
         Drug Awareness, Internet Safety,               states that "A person commits an offense if he dis-
  Animal Safety, Bounce Houses, Face Painting,          charges or allows or permits the discharge of gar-
           Bike Helmets and much more                   bage, rubbish or yard waste into the storm water
            Volunteers Needed!                          drainage system."
  The Kid’s Safety Fair is a yearly event hosted by     Dumping yard waste into the storm drains could re-
     the DP Northeast Division and volunteers.          sult in a fine and/or the possibility of jail time. As
   Volunteers are needed to help at various events      you do landscape maintenance, please keep the fol-
Contact:             lowing in mind:
Choose your time to help:
                  9:30 a.m. to noon,                    • Don't sweep or blow yard waste into the street or
               11:45 a.m. to 2:15 p.m.                  sidewalk where it can be washed into the storm
                9:30 a.m. to 2:15 p.m.                  drain.
As a volunteer you might wrap hot dogs and de-          • Leave grass clippings on the lawn as fertilizer.
liver them to the food line, or man that very busy      No bagged grass clippings on the curb after April.
line as they give out hot dogs, drinks and chips,
help with the bike rodeo, apply tattoos or face         • Take leftover pesticides to the Hazardous Mate-
paint, keep lines under control, demonstrate intoxi-    rial Center on Plano Road (see back page for more
cation goggles or help keep the volunteer food          information). Don't pour them on the pavement, or
area neat and tidy.                                     into the storm drain.

                              Confessions of a Collector
Everybody collects something – right???? But this           my husband I travelled to England and visited most
Whispering Hills neighbor couldn’t quite decide             of the places pictured in her little books.”
what to collect.
                                                            Because she was a school librarian, Cathy collected
“I used to collect glass-blown animals as a child; in       plush animals characterized in children’s’ literature.
college I collected owls.” shares                                             But two years ago when her father
Cathy Roach. “Now my house re-              Cathy Roach is offering a         passed away, she packed up the en-
volves around my collections: tea                                             tire collection–ten big boxes worth-
pots in the dining room; a vintage             Tea and                        and donated it to the Children’s De-
apron collection, refrigerator mag-
net collection and 1940-50’s
                                            Treasure Tour                     partment of the Ruidoso Public Li-
                                                                              brary. Her mom and dad had vaca-
Americana aluminum in the                      for WHNA members               tioned there every summer for 30
kitchen. I have hats, beaded purses,        Sunday, May 2 3-5 p.m.            years!
and my Little House on the Prairie        RSVPs required for location
                                                  By far the largest collections in the
collections in the master bedroom.”
                                                   972-234-6512               house are the dolls. There are more
A special room has been dedicated                                             than 1000! When Cathy and her
to everything Beatrix Potter. Cathy                                           husband, Gary, moved into the
has most of the Wedgewood China Peter Rabbit                house about twelve years ago, they had a room built
pieces and has had many Peter Rabbit tea parties.           over the garage just for the dolls. Gary and her dad
Her newest item is a 1901 Edward VII Commemo-               built all the shelves. Then Cathy had a “room warm-
rative Teapot just like the one Beatrix Potter owned        ing party” and invited friends over to help move the
and cherished.                                              dolls upstairs. Her favorites are the Gene dolls (a
                                                            newer fashion doll) and the American Girl dolls.
“I don’t consider myself an ‘expert’ on Beatrix Pot-
                                                            She has all of the latter and they each have a room
ter,” Cathy says, “but I am so fascinated by her that
                                                            in their very own house with all of their accessories.

                 CRIME STATS
                January and February

  1/4    Burglary                Lawler Rd
  1/7    Auto Theft/UUMV         Deer Run                                         February
  1/8    Theft                   Jasoncrest                                Brenda Eikner-Jones
  1/8    Crim Mis/Vandalism      Panther Ridge                              12902 Jasoncrest
  1/11   Burglary                Rita Rd
  1/12   Robbery                 Jasoncrest                             Richard and Sandra Pruitt
  1/13   Theft                   Deer Run                                   10236 Cimmaron
  1/17   Assault                 Daystrom                                           March
  1/23   Theft                   Brentridge Ct.                      Shawna and Jason Anderson
                                                                          13234 Deer Run
  2/4    Theft                   Whispering Hills
  2/10   Burglary                Berttywood                               Taryn and Tres Holder
  2/10   Theft                   Lawler                                    10138 Panther Ridge
  2.15   Burglary                Cimmaron Trl                  Yard of the Month Judging occurs every month
  2/26   Burglary                Whispering Hills               usually during the week after the Bulky Trash
                                                                   pick-up or about the first of the month.
  2/27   Theft                   Deermont
  2/27   Theft                   Cimmaron                      All residents are eligible to be nominated for ei-
                                                                ther Yard of the Month or Honorable Mention.
  2/27   Theft                   Laingtree

                                          Meet the Neighbors
                                                 By Donna Mibus

What is four plus one? Eight if you’re the Tschirgi       So how does Niki Tschirgi spend her spare time, in
family. When Matt and Niki Tschirgi (pronounced           between caring for a home, husband and six kids?
“SURE gee” with a hard “G”) moved here in 2008,           She’s training with Team in Training to raise funds
they were a family of four, having already adopted        for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Niki lost
Alex, 6, and Car-losse, 9. They then set out to adopt     her father to leukemia in 1996 and she will be run-
Zack who’s 3. But Zack was not alone. He had a            ning a half marathon in Dallas on May 16th in his
brother Tommy, 5. Immediately Niki and Matt               honor .
wanted him, too.
                                                          The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) is the
                                                          world's largest voluntary health organization dedi-
                                                          cated to funding blood cancer research, education
                                                          and patient services. LLS's mission: Cure leukemia,
                                                          lymphoma, Hodgkin's disease and myeloma, and im-
                                                          prove the quality of life of patients and their families.
                                                          Since the first funding in 1954, LLS has awarded
                                                          more than $680 million in research funding.
                                                          Team In Training is The Leukemia & Lymphoma
                                                          Society's ground-breaking charity sports training
                                                          program. It has reached a remarkable milestone of
                                                          raising $1 billion to support blood cancer research
But wait – there’s more! Zack and Tommy had a             and patient services. Please consider going online to
teenage brother and sister, Luis, 13 and Liza, 16.        Niki’s Team in Training page and donating to this
Without hesitating, the Tschirgi’s opened their hearts    worthy cause.
to them as well. “I feel it's very important to keep
those kids together," Matt said. What was to be a
family of five quickly turned into a family of eight.
                                                          Every 4 minutes someone in Amer-
The Tschirgis are from Washington State. Matt is a
                                                          ica is diagnosed with a blood can-
genetic counselor and Niki is a stay-at-home mom.
                                                          cer. Every 10 minutes someone
Their house on Brentridge Ct. was exactly what they
                                                          dies from it. Every dollar donated
were looking for to accommodate their large brood.
                                                          can help reduce these tragic num-
The family enjoys having fun outdoors, traveling,         bers.
visiting museums and the zoo. Asked if they were          —————————————
into anything in particular Niki replied, “We are into    Editor’s Note: You can also access
adopting kids!”                                           Niki’s Team in Training website at
                                                          By clicking on the link in her post.
CBS 11 news recently interviewed the Tschirgis con-
cerning their adopted family. You can watch the
video online at:                             Hopefully this will be a regular
                                                              column. Donna Mibus has volun-
Niki says, “It has been our greatest challenge and our
greatest joy to build our family through adoption and          teered to interview neighbors.
that is what we are… a family. We may have gotten          If you have a story or know of some-
our kids in a little different way and even different         one who does, send an email to
times in life, but God has been so faithful to place us      Donna:
                                                                 or to
I hope you get to meet this special family!

                              The February snow brought a once-in-
                               a-childhood experience to some of
                                     our neighborhood kids

                              (Unfortunately SOMEONE spoiled the fun by knocking
                                          most of the handiwork down)

F amilies an d n o n - memb er n eig h b o rs alw ays w elco me. T h is is a g reat o p p o rt u n it y t o n et -
        w o rk w it h n eig h b o rs an d t o f in d o u t w h at ’s g o in g o n in t h e n ei g h b o rh o o d .

             Thursday, March 18                                          Thursday, April 22
                  6:30 pm                                                    6:30 pm
             Golden Joy BBQ                                                    Amigo’s
        NE Corner of Plano Rd and Beltline                          940 Beltline west of Bruce Nursery

Plea se RSV P to Pa ul e tte S ta nde fer a t: s ta nde fer 1@a tt. ne t or 972 -793-089 0
          O r to Anc a ne tta Wr ight a t: ne tta20 38@a ol. com or 972 -49 7-990 4

    The WHNA News is published six times a                    Advertisements
    year. (January, March, May, July, September
    and November) Human interest or informa-
    tive articles are welcome. Please submit to
    Sonia Harms by emailed Word document at:
                                                               Great Gift Ideas                                                    Offered by
                                                                           The Newman Team
    Deadline for submission of articles or ads is                          Among items available
    the first of the months in which the newsletter                        • Crosses fashioned from old
    is published. Some information may also be                             silverware as necklaces or pins
                                                                           • Jar Openers for mounting
    distributed to WHNA members via email and                              under the cabinet
    the WHNA website at
                                                                           Jim & Vicki Newman

           N U MB ER IS 972 - 994 - 105 0
                        972- 994- 1050

               THAT OCCURS, TO 911 FIRST

Looking for a Babysitter?
    I am a mature, straight A, responsible student who
      loves kids. I am also very enthusiastic, punctual
    and reliable. I love bringing games, books, videos
     and ideas for your kids! Sport is my specialty so
          I’ll kick a ball or play a game of soccer.
              More information on

Contact Rund or Sima at 214-207-8885 or
214 575 8478; email

                                                                   Free initial consultation and
                                                          1 free hour of organizing to WHNA members
                            A d v e r t i s ements
All ads are by WHNA members. Their inclusion in this publication does not constitute endorsement by WHNA.

                                                            I Buy Houses—I Sell Houses
                                                          Will trade or take over payments   Owner Financed
                                                              Any condition-Any area         Easy Qualifying
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                                                                            Da n L e M a y
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        not any particular Carrier/Company.
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      George Bentley 13420 Whispering Hills Dr.

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                                                          your home, office, and cars smelling heavenly!
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       “Find your way home with me!!”                       I can help you earn $75.00 in free products.
            (214) 284-2822                                       Lisa Furlano (214) 725-4288 text only           

    WHNA Board of Directors and       C u r b ( B u l k y ) Tr a s h P i c k - u p D a t e s
        Committee Chairs
                                                               Weeks Begin:
                                                     March 22 and April 26
      EMAIL ADDRESS                 Our pick-up week begins the 4th (not always last) Monday of the             month. Place trash on the curb beginning at 7 am the previous
    WEBSIT E:        Thursday until 7 am on Monday. To avoid missing pick-up, put trash
                                    out by Sunday evening. Trucks are often in the area early on Monday.
             B oar d
President                           Dallas Code Enforcement is not required to give warning before
   Dick Bubel      972-690-3703     issuing a possible $250-$2000 fine for trash on the curb before or             after the above window of days. Call 311 to arrange for Cost Plus
Vice President                      pick-ups at other times.
   Jack Davis       972-699-0629           Only place out large limbs, shrubbery, bagged leaves (in sealed 50
Secretary                           gallon or smaller bags), furniture, appliances, mattresses and box
  Greg Holliday  972-783-4473       springs. Separate yard waste from other trash.
                                    Do not place grass clippings, bricks, concrete, rocks, dirt or
   Rich Harms       972-690-8670
                                    construction/remodeling materials on the curb for pick-up during
   rsharms(at)isualum(dot)com       collection. Call Cost Plus for the latter materials.
  Larry Standefer 972-783-0890
                                             R e c y c l i n g — E v e r y Tu e s d a y
          Committees                 Place the blue recycling container out along with your regular trash.
Civic Interest
   Carol Tobias     972-238-7600
                                             To order a Big Blue recycling cart, call 311 or go to          The cart will be delivered to your home.
   Greg Holliday    972-783-4473              The entire year’s dates for the Bulky Trash Collection, and FAQs on
Neighborhood Security                                   what to recycle can be found at:
  Dick Bubel       972-690-3703     Click on the “City of Dallas” tab.
  Ron Hendry         972-680-2416        Hazardous Materials Center
  Paulette Standefer 972-783-0890   If you have oil or batteries from your car, left over paint, outdated in-
                                    secticides or other chemicals, fluorescent light bulbs, old computers or
  Newsletter Editor
                                    batteries from the children's toys and games (batteries and fluorescent
  Sonia Harms       972-690-8670    light bulbs should not be thrown in the trash)...
  Webmaster                         ...take them to the Dallas County Hazardous Material Center on Plano
  Jason Woelfel     214-563-9617    Road. It is located on the east (left, going south) side of Plano Road,          south of Forest Lane, just before the DART tracks. You may have to
Caring Neighbor Network             show proof of residence in Dallas County. The workers there will
  Betty Bubel      972-690-3703     unload your items and dispose of them or turn them over to recyclers.
Social and Dine Out Coordinators
                                    Here are the hours of operation:
  Paulette Standefer 972-783-0890                      Tuesdays: 9:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.                                 Wednesdays: 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  Ancanetta Wright 972-497-9904
                                                      Thursdays: 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
                                             Second and Fourth Saturdays: 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Beautification/Code Compliance
  Greg Holliday      972-783-4473                      Closed on Mondays and Fridays              You can call 214-553-1765 to find out if they will take what you want
Recycling                                          to bring or to make sure they are open.
  Carol Tobias     972-238-7600                    Website:


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