Canton City Schools 2011-2012 District Offices Auxiliary Facilities

					      Canton City Schools                      2011-2012                   District Offices
                    BOARD OF EDUCATION
                                                                             CANTON CITY SCHOOLS ADMINISTRATIVE CENTER
                      Jennifer Keaton, President*                                             305 McKinley Avenue N.W.
                        914 Wertz Avenue S.W.                                                     Canton, Ohio 44702
                          Canton, Ohio 44710                                               Main District Phone: 330-438-2500
                             330-453-9940                                                   Main District Fax: 330-451-3336

                   Richard Milligan, Vice President*                       Auxiliary Facilities
                         408 – 19th Street N.W.
                          Canton, Ohio 44709                                                      BUS GARAGE
                           H – 330-455-6933                                         2030 Cleveland Avenue S.W. – Canton, Ohio 44707
                           B – 330-526-0764                                                330-456-6710 – Fax: 330-588-2126
                                                                                         C.T. BRANIN NATATORIUM
                           Wilbur Allen, III                                        1715 Harrison Avenue N.W. – Canton, Ohio 44708
                        1555 Gateway Blvd., S.E.                                          330-438-2738 – Fax: 330-580-3571
                          Canton, Ohio 44707
                            H - 330-280-1873                                           FIELDHOUSE/TICKET OFFICE
                           B – 330-438-6176                                         1715 Harrison Avenue N.W. – Canton, Ohio 44708
                                                      330-438-2741 – Fax: 330-588-2146
                            Nadine McIlwain
                      3409 Tradewinds Cove N.W.                              PARALEE WATKINS COMPTON LEARNING CENTER
                           Canton, Ohio 44708                                          401 – 14th Street S.E. – Canton, Ohio 44707
                              330-456-5778                                                            330-456-1189
                                                                                                  SMITH ANNEX
                             Eric Resnick                                          1510 Clarendon Avenue N.W. – Canton, Ohio 44708
                        1828 Grace Avenue N.E.
                          Canton, Ohio 44705                                            TIMKEN LEARNING CENTER
                             330-454-4681                                              619 Tuscarawas Street – Canton, Ohio 44702

                                                                                  UMSTATTD PERFORMING ARTS HALL
           Jeff Gruber, Treasurer and Secretary to the Board                          2323 – 17th Street N.W. – Canton, Ohio 44708
                        Business Service Center                                                   330-438-2750 Ext. 152

                        Michele D. Evans, Ph.D.
                         Administrative Center

*Effective until January 2012                           Revised 10/18/11
Administrative Offices                                                             ASSESSMENT AND DATA ANALYSIS                              Fax: 330-438-2696
                                                                                   Assessment & Data Center – 2014 Blake Avenue N.W. – Canton, Ohio 44708
                                                                                   Chief Information Officer        Frederick Dawson, Ph.D. 330-438-2548
ADULT COMMUNITY EDUCATION                                                          Testing Coordinator              Kristy Woodford         330-438-2541
ADULT BASIC LITERACY EDUCATION                                Fax: 330-438-2549             Executive Assistant     Diana Brahler           330-438-2599
TLC – 619 W. Tuscarawas Street, Room 104 – Canton, 44702           330-438-2559    Tech II                          Lindy Anastis           330-580-3550
       Coordinator                 Jane J. Meyer             330-438-2554          Tech III                         Linda Bates             330-451-3312
       Secretary                   Carol Baker               330-438-2559          Tech III                         Robin Hill              330-438-2638
       Orientation                 Lori Oliver               330-456-9590 Ext. 1   Tech II                          Jeff Keagy              330-430-4217
       Transitions                 Penny Hare                330-456-9590 Ext. 3   Tech III                         April Wyer              330-451-3333
       English as a Second Lang. Pat Dolezal                 330-452-7443
       Volunteer Coord.            Donna Fowler              330-456-9590 Ext. 2   ATHLETIC OFFICE                  Phone: 330-438-2741     Fax: 330-588-2146
       Official GED Test Registration                        330-438-2559          Memorial Fieldhouse – 1815 Harrison Avenue N.W. – Canton, Ohio 44708
ADULT CAREER & TECHNICAL EDUCATION                           Fax:330-454-6767      Physical Activities/Facilities
White Annex – 116 McKinley Avenue N.W. – Canton, 44702           330-438-2556      Director                         Lynn Wafler             Ext. 127
       Coordinator                 Rebecca Spilios           Ext. 100                       Secretary/Cashier       Nancy Pacconi           Ext. 129
       Secretary                   Jeanne Charlikowskyi      Ext. 101              Ticket/Student Activities
       Automotive Tech. Instr. Alvin Johnson                 330-455-2699                   Assistant               Heidi Malone            Ext. 128
       Info Tech Instr             Rick Ruth                 Ext. 101              Complex Leadperson               Greg Ellwood            Ext. 244
       COST/HRD Coord.             Dana Burgardt             Ext. 102              Custodians                       Mike Harris             Ext. 164
       EMT Coord.                  Beth Taylor               Ext. 106                                               Bill Tolley             Ext. 164
       Financial Aid Coord.        Jim Ferrero               Ext. 105                                               Joseph Capaldi          Ext. 164
                                   Sarah Frank               Ext. 105              McKinley Athletic Director       Greg Malone           330-438-2750 Ext. 104
       Health Coordinator          TBD                       Ext. 104              Timken Athletic Director         Pat Sedmock             330-438-2628
       Health Unit Coord. Instr. Georgette McNeese           Ext. 101
       Medical Assistant Instr. Sherrell Wimer               Ext. 101
       Medical Ins. Billing Instr. Lois McCaughin            Ext. 101              BUSINESS OFFICE                                              Fax: 330-588-2140
       Student Advisor             Barbara Malavite          Ext. 103              Business Service Center – 1312 – 5th Street S.W. – Canton, Ohio 44707
       Adult High School (Technology Academy Building)                             Business Manager                   Tad Ellsworth             330-438-2566
       Interim Coordinator         Ivan Sturm                330-580-3185                  Executive Assistant        Felicia K. Crawford       330-438-2566
       Counselor                   Michael Ray               330-580-3187
       Transcripts/Days            Jill St. George           330-438-2558          C.T. BRANIN NATATORIUM Phone: 330-438-2738 Fax: 330-580-3571
PRACTICAL NURSE PROGRAM                                      Fax: 330-451-3351     1715 Harrison Avenue N.W. – Canton, Ohio 44708
       Coordinator                 Grace Kittoe              330-453-3271          Physical Activities/Facilities
                Secretary          Sue Luther                330-453-3271          Aquatic Manager                 Sam P. Seiple              Ext. 124
       Clerical Aide, Student Affairs_Patty A. Kobelt        330-453-3271                   Bookkeeper             Joan Rehfus                Ext. 125
       Instructors                                                                 Custodian-Fireman               Al Moag                    Ext. 264
       Pamela Bates                          Marie Hiles                                                           Dale Lockhart              Ext. 264
       Connie Ray                            Carol Wilson                          Teachers/Lifeguards                                        Ext. 247
       Teresa Zayac                                                                         Ron Walker, Elementary
       Part-time Instructors                                                                Penny Shreve
       Becky Chuchanis                       Michelle Custer                                Bill Sterling
       Beth Fetters                          Cindy Green                                    Theresa Westlake
       Sharon Kane                           Diane Kuczkowski                      Coaches                                                    Ext. 124
       Melissa Lavy                          Janet Meder
       Bonnie Warren
CANTON CITY SCHOOLS TV                                    Fax: 330-580-3028      DUPLICATING/MAIL ROOM/PONY
Timken Senior High School – 521 Tuscarawas Street W. – Canton, Ohio 44702        Business Service Center – 1312 – 5th Street S.W. – Canton, Ohio 44707
Broadcast Program Supervisor      Bill Weidner            330-438-2596           Supervisor                         Jeff Gruber               330-438-2509
Broadcast Presentation Specialist Scott Davis             330-438-2591           Mail/Duplicating Specialist        Deborah K. Johnson        330-438-2501
        Broadcast Prod. Asst.     Trent Comer             330-438-2596           Pony Driver                        Chuck Brown
Classroom Teacher                 Jaclyn Power            330-438-2591
                                                                                 EARLY CHILDHOOD/FAMILY SUPPORT                             Fax: 330-580-3008
CAREER AND TECHNICAL EDUCATION                            Fax: 330-438-2675      1510 Clarendon Avenue N.W. – Canton, Ohio 44708
Timken Senior High School – 521 Tuscarawas Street W. – Canton, Ohio 44702        Coordinator’s Office                                       Phone: 330-588-8420
Administrator                    Diane Mizer              330-438-2540           Coordinator                       Dr. Sylvera Greene               Ext. 131
        Secretary                Lynn Poje                330-438-2538                    Secretary                Karen Finley                     Ext. 130
Job Coordinator                  Stephanie Pipero-Henderson_330-438-2652         Family Support & Related Services                          Phone: 330-580-3033
                                                                                          Registration Clerk       Mary Grimsley                    Ext. 133
CHILD NUTRITION                                              Fax: 330-580-3025   Community Outreach Worker         Barbara Dunivant                 Ext. 134
Business Service Center – 1312 – 5th Street S.W. – Canton, Ohio 44707            Preschool Nurse                   Nancy Parsons                    Ext. 136
Supervisor                         Shirlee M. Krane          330-438-2576        Located at Hartford Middle School                          Phone: 330-438-2550
Liaison                            Linda J. Rife             330-438-2574        Adaptive Physical Education       Julia Englehart                  Ext. 2424
        Bookkeeper                 Lesa Hardin               330-438-2586        Intervention Specialists          Judith Leszczynski               Ext. 2407
        Bookkeeper                 Adele Masalko             330-438-2576                                          Deborah Medford                  Ext. 2407
        Bookkeeper                 Larisa Thomas             330-438-2575                                          Tracy Sallie                     Ext. 2413
                                                                                 Special Education Resources Teacher Marylouise Eckhart             Ext. 2418
COMMUNICATIONS AND PUBLIC AFFAIRS                          Fax: 330-455-0682     School Psychologists              Michelle Goots                   Ext. 2429
Administrative Center – 305 McKinley Avenue N.W. – Canton, Ohio 44702                                              Ashley Reinhart                  Ext. 2435
Communications Specialist        Robyn Matulich          330-438-2754            Speech/Language Pathologists      Kristen Hale                     Ext. 2401
        Secretary                Stacy Poole             330-438-2588                                              Melanie Heist                    Ext. 2401
                                                                                 Pre-Kindergarten Classes
                                                                                 Allen Elementary                  Bonnie Ault
CURRICULUM AND INSTRUCTION                               Fax: 330-430-4230                                         Margaret Ogden           330-453-2782
Administrative Center – 305 McKinley Avenue N.W. – Canton, Ohio 44702            Belden Elementary                 Alicia Paulette
Director                          Christopher Smith      330-438-2546                                              Joyce Williams           330-453-6902
         Secretary                Theresa Luca           330-438-2546            Dueber Elementary                 Laura Freidly
K-12 Curriculum Specialists                                                                                        Margaret McDonald        330-580-3517
         Instructional Technology Dana Reinhard          330-438-2769            Fairmount Elementary              Stacy Zabinski           330-456-3167
         Language Arts            Jolinda Seiple         330-580-3022            Gibbs Elementary                  Ellen Harold-Stein       330-456-1521
         Mathematics              David Thompson         330-438-2585            McGregor Elementary               Rania Fowler             330-452-7069
         Science                  Mike Conkle            330-438-2537            Stone Elementary                  Bonita Simon             330-452-6521
         Social Studies           Shawn Monahan          330-430-4225            Youtz Elementary                  Linda Roud               330-452-7601
LPDC (IPDPs)                      Theresa Luca           330-438-2546
                                                                                 ELEMENTARY COUNSELORS (Friday p.m. only)
CUSTODIAL STAFF (ADMINISTRATIVE CENTER)                                          Crenshaw Middle School – 2525 – 19th Street N.E. – Canton, Ohio 44705
Administrative Center – 305 McKinley Avenue N.W. – Canton, Ohio 44702            April Chenault-McLeod (Clarendon, Worley )                  330-454-7717
Custodian Fireman                Timothy Rodgers         (pager) 330-292-1150    Linda Costello (Mason, Gibbs)                               330-454-7717
                                                                                 Danette Gantz (Belden, Youtz)                               330-454-7717
DIVERISTY                                        Fax: 330-430-4230               Rachel Grater (Harter, Schreiber)                           330-454-7717
Administrative Center – 305 McKinley Avenue N.W. – Canton, Ohio 44702            Dianna Morrow (McGregor, Fairmount)                         330-454-7717
Coordinator                      Diane Stevens Robinson 330-430-4226             Pam Ohlinger (Dueber, Cedar)                                330-454-7717
                                                                                 Jayme Oyster-Smith (Arts Academy at Summit)                 330-452-6537
                                                                                 Marcia Schorsten (Allen, Stone)                             330-454-7717
GIFTED EDUCATION                                     PHONE: 330-438-2550          PBX OPERATOR                                             Fax: 330-451-3336
Hartford Middle School – 1824 – 3rd Street S.E. – Canton, Ohio 44707              Administrative Center – 305 McKinley Avenue N.W. – Canton, Ohio 44702
Director                 Deborah Wensel (Admin. Ctr.)        330-438-2551         PBX Operator                     Denise Magyar           330-438-2500
Coordinator              Pam Kraft (Admin. Ctr.)             330-438-2578
Elementary Intervention Spec.     Beth Gantz                 Ext. 2444            PUPIL SERVICES                                           Fax: 330-451-3336
Elementary Intervention Spec.     Olivia Thomas              Ext. 2437            Administrative Center – 305 McKinley Avenue N.W. – Canton, Ohio 44702
Middle School Intervention Spec. Anne Efremoff (Arts Acad.) 330-452-6537          Director                         Veronica Baca Bernel    330-438-2523
                                                                                           Executive Assistant     Denise Leone            330-438-2523
HEALTH SERVICES/S.A.V.E.                                  Fax: 330-451-3336                Clerk                   Pam Fouse               330-438-2524
Administrative Center – 305 McKinley Avenue N.W. – Canton, Ohio 44702
Coordinator                         Susan Ross            330-438-2686            PURCHASING                                                   Fax: 330-588-2140
        Secretary                   Sue Dragomier         330-438-2579            Business Service Center – 1312 – 5th Street S.W. – Canton, Ohio 44707
Nurses                                                    330-438-2686            Supervisor                         Carisa Jones              330-438-2573
Vicki Beck                Susan Detwiler          Peggi Johnson                           Secretary                  Cindy Terrell             330-438-2568
Holly Mazanec             Beth McClain            Rohnda McCloskey
Dimitri Miles             Mary Ann Morena         Stephanie Nist                  RESOURCE TEACHERS (Monday 7:55-9:15 a.m. only)
Nancy Parsons             Patricia Scheetz        Karen Wilds                     Crenshaw Middle School – 2525 – 19th Street N.E. – Canton, Ohio 44705
                                                                                  Elementary Physical Education Teachers                      330-454-7717
K-12 INSTRUCTION                                              Fax: 330-451-3336   Jeff Eckhart             Alvena Elliott            Cameron Miles
Administrative Center – 305 McKinley Avenue N.W. – Canton, Ohio 44702             Christopher Mullane      Pat Parrish               Steve Risaliti
Director                           Daniel Nero                330-438-2760        Ivan Sturm               Susan Tisevich            Katie Welch
         Secretary                 Kris McMaster              330-430-4241        Elementary Art Teachers                                     330-454-7717
         Executive Assistant/Human Resources                                      Lucy Converse            Linda Deuble              Nancy Fallon
                                   Joan Schiavone             330-438-2571        Andrea Karcic            Tiffany Leckenby          Rayvin Lindsey
Fingerprinting/ID’s, Safety & Security, Teacher Licensure Liaison, Employee       Melissa Ramirez          Miriam Scheetz            Ivy Wheeler
Insurance                          Gloria Davidson            330-438-2766        Elementary Instrumental Music Teachers
                                                                                  Scott Mason(Lehman)      Chris McFarren(Hartford) Robert Newman(McK)
OHIO STATE YOUNG SCHOLARS PROGRAM Fax: 330-453-5607                               Timothy Stewart(ECA) Anthony Watson(Crenshaw)
Timken High School (room 105) – 521 Tuscarawas Street W. – Canton, Ohio 44702     Elementary Vocal Music Teachers                             330-454-7717
Program Coordinator             Harold “Ben” Carter       330-453-0075            Jon Conversino           Rachael Fleischaker       Shawna Howard
        Office Assistant        Maria Skelley             330-453-0075            Kenneth McCorvey         Deborah Paulis            Diane Phillips
                                                                                  Kim Powell               Fran Samoila              Susan Ulrich
OPERATIONS/MAINTENANCE                                       Fax: 330-588-2152
Business Service Center – 1312 – 5th Street S.W. – Canton, Ohio 44707             SAFETY AND SECURITY                                      Fax: 330-455-0682
Supervisor                         Dan Bailey                330-453-4461         Administrative Center – 305 McKinley Avenue N.W. – Canton, Ohio 44702
Asst. Supervisor                   Greg Ellwood              330-588-2138         CCS Hotline               330-430-4242
Asst. Supervisor                   Mark Young                330-438-2672         Supervisor                        Ken Kendall            330-438-2569
         Secretary                 Laurel Kunkel             330-453-4484                 Secretary                 Stacy Poole            330-438-2588
Ronald A. Shankle         James Watson                                            SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT                                       Fax: 330-451-3336
HVAC                                                                              Administrative Center – 305 McKinley Avenue N.W. – Canton, Ohio 44702
Richard Babik             Philip E. Paumier                                       Director of School Improvement Barb Maceyak              330-430-4245
Maintenance Mechanics                                                                      Secretary               Kris McMaster           330-430-4241
Greg Gardner              Jeff Hogue                 Dave Klausner

PAYROLL          See Treasurer’s Office
SPECIAL EDUCATION                                            Fax: 330-430-4230   SPECIAL EDUCATION (continued)
Administrative Center – 305 McKinley Avenue N.W. – Canton, Ohio 44702                                  Yen Nguyen                        Ext. 2400
Director                           Deborah Wensel            330-438-2551                              Jessica Norris                    Ext. 2400
         Secretary                 Sharon Dougherty          330-438-2551                              Amanda Roberts                    Ext. 2402
Accounting Specialist              Alice Sitzman             330-438-2526                              Janice Tondra                     Ext. 2402
Coordinator                        Cindy Weiss               330-438-2691                              Toni Watson                       Ext. 2404
Legal Mandates                     Wanda Kuhns               330-438-2551                              Maureen Zupp                      Ext. 2400
                                   Anne McCown               330-438-2551        Timken Campus – 521 Tuscarawas Street W.
                                   Yvonne Pressley           330-438-2551        Parent Mentor Program Angela Howard                     330-438-2658
                                   Damien Wolford            330-438-2551                              Carmelita Smith                   330-588-2145
Outpost/Secondary Intervention Spec.        Jo Roten         330-456-1189
Voc. Sp. Ed. Coordinator (VOSE)             Robin Kratzer 330-438-2605           SUBSTITUTE OFFICE                                        Fax: 330-451-3336
Work Study                         Debbie Flowers (Timken) 330-438-2611          Administrative Center – 305 McKinley Avenue N.W. – Canton, Ohio 44702
                          Lisa Markley (McKinley) 330-438-2750 Ext. 155          Placement Officer                Sue Morgan              330-438-2519
Hartford Middle School – 1824 – 3rd Street S.E.      PHONE: 330-438-2550                 Staff Aesop Line                                 1-800-942-3767
Adaptive Physical Education       Tammy Bailey, Elly Chain Ext. 2424                     Staff Aesop Website                   
                                   Julia Engelhart           Ext. 2424
Audiologist                        Jane Kovacs               Ext. 2406           SUPERINTENDENT’S OFFICE                                  Fax: 330-430-4230
Home Instruction                   Wanda Kuhns               Ext. 2431           Administrative Center – 305 McKinley Avenue N.W. – Canton, Ohio 44702
Occupational & Physical Therapists                                               Superintendent                   Michele D. Evans, Ph.D. 330-430-4215
         PT               Dona Brown (Ext. 2422)/Mandy Tabellion (Ext. 2423)             Executive Assistant      Andria Michael          330-580-3029
         LPTA             Patty Theiss (Ext. 2422)/Barb Tolbert (Ext. 2423)
         OT               Cheryl Krakora                     Ext. 2420
         COTA/L           Norma Pitts, Annette Simmons       Ext. 2426           TEACHING AND LEARNING                                    Fax: 330-588-2141
                          Amy Starkey, Mary Kimberlin        Ext. 2426           Administrative Center – 305 McKinley Avenue N.W. – Canton, Ohio 44702
Psychologists             Teresa Golden-McClelland           Ext. 2433           Chief of Teaching & Learning       Marcia Cussen         330-438-2562
                          Michelle Goots                     Ext. 2429                     Secretary                Patricia John         330-438-2681
                          Faith Greer                        Ext. 2432           Account Specialist                 Pam Crouser           330-438-2561
                          Sonya Hess                         Ext. 2438           Title I Parent Involvement/Entry Year
                          Caitlyn Kowalski                   Ext. 2435                     Resource Teacher         Joellen Esber         330-438-2564
                          Pat Lobritz                        Ext. 2434           Homeless, Neglected & Delinquent Services
                          Nancy Peterson                     Ext. 2436                     Liaison                  Rhonda Albu           330-438-2563
                          Ashley Reinhart                    Ext. 2428           Hartford Middle School – 1824 – 3rd Street S.E.
                          Rebecca Vitale                     Ext. 2430           PAR Consultant (Elementary)        Renee Brown           330-430-4203
                          Ted Woolums                        Ext. 2439           PAR Consultant (Secondary)         Anne Keyser           330-430-4202
Resources Teachers        Lee Ann Devore                     Ext. 2411
                          Marylouise Eckhart                 Ext. 2418
                          Rosalind Henderson                 Ext. 2412
                          Shelly Lohr                        Ext. 2415
                          Allison Oberlin                    Ext. 2417
                          Kellie Straughn                    Ext. 2445
Speech/Language Pathologists
                          Diana Biddle                       Ext. 2402
                          Linda Dillon Young                 Ext. 2402
                          Kristen Hale                       Ext. 2401
                          Melanie Heist                      Ext. 2401
                          Karen Hill                         Ext. 2404
                          Jeannie Jacobs                     Ext. 2404
                          Lois Leslie                        Ext. 2404
TECHNOLOGY                                               Fax: 330-451-3336       TRANSPORTATION (continued)
Administrative Center – 305 McKinley Avenue N.W. – Canton, Ohio 44702            Mechanics
Telephone/Computer Repair Hotline                        330-580-3030            Ronald Curati            Tom Henderson             David Lafromboise
Network Systems Manager          Bill Wyer               330-438-2587
PC Manager                       Peter Zagray            330-588-2155            TREASURER’S OFFICE                                           Fax: 330-580-3025
Instructional Tech. Curr. Spec.  Dana Reinhard           330-438-2769            Business Service Center – 1312 – 5th Street S.W. – Canton, Ohio 44707
Tech III                         Trudy Walker            330-438-2527            Treasurer                          Jeff Gruber               330-438-2509
Tech III                         Joanne Lamielle         330-430-4210            Bi-Tech
Tech III                         Ted Newman                                      Patty Caldwell (Tech III)          330-451-3313
Tech Specialist                  Heather Heater                                  Budgetary
Technology Staff                                         Fax: 330-451-3336       Paula Kilgore                      330-438-2690
          Tech II                Dawn Hayes                                      Julie Langanke                     330-438-2511
          Tech II                Erik Kendall                                    Barb Perez                         330-438-2514
          Tech II                Rob Mease                                       Payroll
          Tech II                Kim Rossetti                                    Kim Heaton                         330-438-2516
                                                                                 Terry Lee                          330-438-2517
TRANSPORTATION                                               Fax: 330-588-2126   Terry Marcelli-Dimos               330-438-2680
2030 Cleveland Avenue S.W. – Canton, Ohio 44707                                  Michelle Terrell                   330-438-2518
Supervisor                          Connie Dickon            330-456-6710        Jean Singer (SERS & STRS)          330-438-2513
          Secretary                 Jennifer Gower           330-456-6710        Other Treasurer’s Office Functions
Technician                Karla Kirkbride/ Annette Mills     330-580-3195        Workers’ Compensation
Drivers                                                                                   and Unemployment          Laurel Kunkel             330-453-4484
Denise Armstrong          Dawn Baker                Donna Bartrug
Judy Bridges              Amanda Brooks             Stacy Brown                  UMSTATTD PERFORMING ARTS HALL
Onice Bryant              Robert Chance             Claudia Cheviron             McKinley High School – 2323 – 17th Street N.W. – Canton, Ohio 44708
Vicki Clark               Mark Clouser              Merice Copeland              Stage Manager                   Bruce Balough             330-438-2750 Ext. 152
Tami Corbett              Patty Creswell            Laquonda Cross
Lisa Cugini               Marc Davis                Barbara Demos                WAREHOUSE/SERVICE CENTER
Cynthia Derwacter         Patricia Eagon            Jean Eldred                  Business Service Center – 1312 – 5th Street S.W. – Canton, Ohio 44707
Annamarie Fanizzi         Vicki Fiely               Jeanne Fisher                Storeroom Manager                  Dick Parks                330-453-1078
Dawn Freeman              Michael Freeman           Margaret Gallagher           Custodian/Bookroom Tech            Dan Anastis               330-438-2503
Rebekah Gillespie         LaVette Hall              Lawrence Hamilton
Deborah Henderhan         Owen Henderson            Bruce Inskeep
Carl Jeter                Cheri Johnson             Candy Karl
Loretta Krynock           Jim Livery                Neal Locy
Connie Mazzei             Bridgett Means            Keith Moore
Paul Morgan               Terri Nice                Brenda Osborne
Julie Ost                 Patricia Phares           Brenda Robinson
Crystal Rogers            Cindy Rusu                Sherri Trissel
Corrine Walser            Melvin Williams           William Withers
David Yontz               Nykole Zimmer
Transportation Assistants
Leona Austin              Bonita Cargill            Jacquelyn Evans
Darlene Fouts             Michelle Freeman          Loretta Gibbs
Ron Gillespie             Judy Grantz               Christopher Hill
Rose Kotema               Betty Miller              Kay Moretta
Sara Paris                Montezes Stokes           Pam Taylor
Tiffany Taylor            Ruth Traugott             Helen Villella
                                                                              OAPSE/AFSCME AFL-CIO LOCAL #107
Related Agencies & Organizations                                              President               Jim Watson             Maintenance
                                                                              Vice-President          Keith Reed             Harter (456-1001)
C.P.E.A. (Canton Professional Educators Association)                          Secretary               Annette Mills      Transportation (456-6710)
1327 Market Avenue N. – Canton, Ohio 44714              Fax: 330-455-3410     Treasurer               Dan Ebner              Lehman (456-1963)
President                       Pam Jackson             330-455-2158
Vice-President                  Lynn Watson             330-455-2158          OAPSE/AFSCME AFL-CIO LOCAL #161
Secretary                       Patt Tercek             330-452-7601          President               Trudy Walker          Admin Ctr. (438-2527)
Treasurer                       Bobbie Grimm            330-438-2736          Vice-President          Julie Langanke    Treasurer’s Ofc. (438-2511)
Office Manager_                 Linda Riffle            330-455-2158          Secretary               Lindy Anastis         Assessment (580-3550)
Executive Committee Elementary Sharen Lindberg          Youtz                 Treasurer               Brenda Boughton          Lehman (456-1963)
                                Mary Beth Medford       Youtz
                                Geneva Parker           Early College Acad.   OAPSE/AFSCME AFL-CIO LOCAL #161A
                                Yvonne Parks            Allen                 President               Sue Morgan            Admin. Ctr. (433-3296)
                                Tina Riley              Harter                Vice-President          Margie Mayle           Harter (456-1001)
                                Melissa Rimer           Arts Academy          Secretary               Brenda Russ            Schreiber (452-1672)
                                Patricia Scheetz        Youtz                 Treasurer               Rhonda Albu           Admin. Ctr. (438-2563)
Executive Committee Middle School Michelle Martin Jones Crenshaw
                                Karen McGuckin_         Crenshaw              OAPSE/AFSCME AFL-CIO LOCAL #609
                                Greg Soper              Digital Academy       President               Jackie Leisure         McKinley (438-2712)
Executive Committee Senior High Randy Bifolchi          Timken                Vice-President          Shirley McAdow         Stone (452-6521)
                                Rachel Gibson           McKinley              Secretary               Bobette Lewis          Lehman (456-1963)
                                Darrell Parker          Timken                Treasurer               Bobette Lewis          Lehman (456-1963)
Executive Committee CPEA Retired Sam Dorto              CPEA
                                Sandy Rosetta           St. Joseph’s
    ALTERNATIVE/COLLABORATIVE SCHOOLS                                               Digital Academy
                                                                                    Principal                                                     Minerva Morrow
                            CANTON ACADEMY                                                   Secretary                                            Vicky Jones
                  2800 – 13th Street S.W. – Canton, Ohio 44710                      Teachers
                              Phone: 330-580-3042                                            Celia Borack                                         SPED
Administrator                     Becky Vitale              330-284-3909                     Patrick Downing                                      Math
Teachers                                                                                     Tom Haren                                            Social Studies
        Lucy Battisti                                                                        Christine Moore                                      Title I
        John Bender                                                                          Paula Pedrotty                                       English
        Diane Paloney                                                                        Greg Soper                                           Social Studies
Educational Assistants                                                              Graduation Academy
        Chris Autry                       Kim Kessler                               Administrator                                                Timothy Henderson
        Angela Ruzinsky                                                             Principal                                                    Minerva Morrow
                                                                                             Secretary                                           Vicky Jones
                  COMPTON LEARNING CENTER                                           Teacher                                              Lisa Huffman(All Subjects)
                   401 – 14th Street S.E. – Canton, Ohio 44707                      Passages
              Phone: 330-456-1189                Fax: 330-580-2404                  Principal                                                     Timothy Henderson
Campus Administrator               Timothy Henderson         330-456-1189                    Secretary                                            Sue Schwab
Secretary                          Sue Schwab                330-456-1189           Intake Co./Family Liaison                                     Marcia Trbovich
Intake Co./Family Liaison          Marcia Trbovich           330-456-1189           Teachers
Probation                          Steve Humphrey            330-456-1189                    Jeff Carnes                                          Science
School Counselor                   Melissa Snyder            330-456-1189                    Nicole Marcum                                        Math
Custodian                          (Fireman) Bruce Taggart                                   Mark Morris                                          Language Arts
                                   Leroy Frazier                                             Peggy Wagner                                         SPED
Choices                                                                                      Michael Watson                                       Social Studies
Administrator                                              Timothy Henderson        Interventionists
        Secretary                                          Sue Schwab                        Chet Harper      George Lancaster
Student Advisor                                            Bryant Bowden
Student Advisor                                            Carol Johnson                                    PORTAGE MONTESSORI
JOGS                                                       Anne Ferguson                               1000 – 55th Street N.E. – Canton, Ohio 44721
JOGS                                                       Will Watson                            Phone: 330-966-1912                 Fax: 330-966-0737
Teachers                                                                            Program Coordinator                                          Jane Reifsnyder
        Matt Burkhart                                      Math                     Dean of Students                                             Dr. Robert Roden
        Sarah DiMascio                                     Science                          Secretary                                            Lisa Groves
        Tina Drobney                                       Social Studies           Custodian                                                    Brandon King
        Krista LaFay                                       Math                     Speech Therapist                                             Amanda Roberts
        Tim McCleskey                                      Social Studies           Teachers
        Stefany Palomba                                    Science                          Stacey France, Angela Nelson (Asst)                  Primary
        TBD                                                SPED                                               Laura Solomon (Asst)               Primary
        Lori Sexton                                        English                          Jane Reifsnyder, Mary Ronske (Asst)                  Primary
Connections                                                                                 Jan Oravec, Tammy Shimko (Asst)                      Lower Elementary
Principal                                                  Timothy Henderson                Kim Rimmele , Julie Heighway (Asst)                  Lower Elementary
         Secretary                                         Sue Schwab                       Melissa Vozar, Kathy Paquette (Asst)                 Lower Elementary
Intake Co./Family Liaison                                  Marcia Trbovich                  Julia Gallik, Amanda Meuche (Asst)                   Upper Elementary
Teachers                                                                                    Leslie Lizarraga, Gayle Dorto (Asst)                 Upper Elementary
         Ted ElFaye                                        Math                             Michelle Wadley, Elizabeth Dieringer (Asst)          Middle School
         Amy Reiter                                        Language Arts                    TBD                                                  Physical Education
         Derek Seeden                                      Social Studies/Science           Susan DeNoi                                          Intervention Specialist
                          ALLEN ELEMENTARY                                                                        BELDEN ELEMENTARY
                    1326 Sherrick Road S.E. – Canton, Ohio 44707                                            2115 Georgetown Road N.E. – Canton, Ohio 44704
                Phone: 330-453-2782                 Fax: 330-588-2127                                     Phone: 330-453-6902              Fax: 330-588-2128
Principal                                                       Andrea Ramsey             Principal                                                   Victor Johnson
          Secretary                                             Stephanie Medley                    Secretary                                         Tammy Kline
BAC Coach                                                       Becky Reese               BAC Coach                                                   Korey Stevens
Cafeteria                                              (Manager) Ira Essner               Cafeteria                                           (Manager) Barbara Ross
          Frances Garner            Denise Jones                                                    Fresh Brown              Sandra Stinson
          Goldie Kennedy            Karla Stevens                                                   Regina Turner            Connie Waggoner
          Cynthia Young                                                                   Community Worker                                            Juanita Johnson
Community Worker                                                Rene’ Rushin              Custodians                                          (Fireman) Jim Jordan
Custodian                                              (Fireman) Kirt Johnson                                                                         Frank Jones
          George McClellan          Bob Moneypenny                                        LRC Technician                                              Mary Halley
LRC Technician                                                  Mary Jane Riley           Teachers
Teachers                                                                                            Joyce Williams                                    Preschool
          Bonnie Ault                                           Preschool                           Alicia Paulette                                   Preschool
          Margaret Ogden                                        Preschool                           Erin Griffith                                     Kindergarten
          Natalie Chappie                                       Kindergarten                        Elisabeth Julian                                  Kindergarten
          Debby Franks                                          Kindergarten                        Crystal Patterson                                 Kindergarten
          Roslyn Harper                                         Kindergarten                        Carol Minocchi                                    Grade 1
          Charlotte Bowen                                       Grade 1                             Ella Muntean                                      Grade 1
          Rebekah Davidson                                      Grade 1                             Leora Troyer                                      Grade 2
          Gertie Inman                                          Grade 1                             Loretha Winn                                      Grade 2
          Sandy Brandle                                         Grade 2                             Terra Mann                                        Grade 3
          Kristen Kuhn                                          Grade 2                             Tricia Stanton                                    Grade 3
          Yvonne Parks                                          Grade 2                             Kelly Glade                                       Grade 4
          Ellen Hathaway                                        Grade 3                             Lisa Grubish                                      Grade 5
          Amy Konigsberger                                      Grade 3                             Amiee Southall                                    Grade 5
          Barbara McKinney                                      Grade 4                             Chrisine Green                                    Grade 6
          Nicole Bush                                           Grade 4                             Chad Oliver                                       Grade 6
          Nancy Dunbar                                          Grade 5                             Lisa Turkalj                                      Intervention Coach
          Ora Strain                                            Grade 5                   Intervention Specialists
          Rachel Ranalli                                        Grade 6                             Renee Walter                                      Kindergarten
          Angela Seders                                         Grade 6                             Emily Madderom                                    Grades 1, 3-4
          Laurie Vogt                                           Intervention Coach                  Kathy Clark                                       Grades 2, 5-6
Special Education                                                                         Title I Teachers
          Kathie Callen                                         MH-Intermediate                     Julie Matthews                   Brian Mishak
          Julie Herman                                          Intervention Specialist             Cyrilla Pratt
          Denise Schauer                                        Intervention Specialist   Teacher Assistants
          Anne Springer                                         MH-Primary                          Joy Danilkovich (K-Dis.)         Laurel Manley (Kindergarten)
Title I Teachers                                                                                    Carolyn Rice (NCLB)              JoAnn Rodocker (Preschool)
          Robyn Householder                  Joyce Waldren                                          Deanna Suteu (Follow Along)      Linda Tsangeos (Preschool)
Teacher Assistants                                                                                  Brenda Volkert (Kindegarten
          Darlene Anstine (Ortho)            Martha Clark (NCLB)
          Velma Evans (MH)                   Elaine Horton (Preschool)
          Shery Risher (MH)                  Jill Snell (Preschool)
          Ann Turner (Kindergarten)          Robin Weaver (Kindergarten)
                         CEDAR ELEMENTARY                                                                   CLARENDON ELEMENTARY
                    2823 Ninth Street S.W. – Canton, Ohio 44710                                          412 Clarendon Avenue N.W. – Canton, Ohio 44708
                Phone: 330-580-3502               Fax: 330-580-3165                                    Phone: 330-453-7681             Fax: 330-438-2773
Principal                                                     Daniel Lowmiller         Principal                                                  Nicole Herberghs
          Secretary                                           Cherie Culp                        Secretary                                        Cathie Scarpitti
BAC Coach                                                     Pam Fetrow               BAC Coach                                                  Carol Newport
Cafeteria                                            (Manager) Leoda Kennedy           Cafeteria                                          (Manager) Teresa Larkin
   Rhonda Black            Julie Busby      Tina Knisely      Susan Russell                      Shirley Erwin                   Tammie Fehn
Community Worker                                              Deborah Fontes                     Nancy Prete                     Nicki Yoder
Custodian                                            (Fireman) Brian Medure            Community Worker                                           Kathy Davala
          Richard Brahler                   Jeff Hughes                                Custodian                                          (Fireman) Ed Zamilski
LRC Technician                                                Linda Neff                                                                          Bob King
Teachers                                                                               LRC Technician                                             Mary Halley
          Robin Aljoe                                         Kindergarten             Teachers
          Heather Stepanovich                                 Kindergarten                       Judy Jones                                       Kindergarten
          Paula Waltman-Kliem                                 Kindergarten                       Mary Kendall                                     Kindergarten
          Elizabeth Angeli                                    Grade 1                            Regina Thomas                                    Kindergarten
          Cynthia Corregan                                    Grade 1                            Kimberly Robbins                                 Grade 1
          Dana Hamsher                                        Grade 1                            Lucretia Scalia                                  Grade 1
          Mary Krabill                                        Grade 2                            Paula Weaver                                     Grade 1
          Lou Anne Pierce                                     Grade 2                            Kathryn Davala                                   Grade 2
          Ann Warren                                          Grade 2                            Trina Jeffreys                                   Grade 2
          Julie Adkins                                        Grade 3                            Elizabeth Zimbello                               Grade 2
          Celeste Dorsey                                      Grade 3                            Tina Bradley                                     Grade 3
          Maurica Patterson                                   Grade 3                            Lorraine Elavsky                                 Grade 3
          Rebecca Banfield                                    Grade 4                            Maria Streb                                      Grade 3
          Judith Snyder                                       Grade 4                            Christina Hobday                                 Grade 4
          Doretha Johnson                                     Grade 4                            Conrad Keim                                      Grade 4
          Sharon Campbell                                     Grade 5                            Andrea Kousagan                                  Grade 4
          Dawna Johnson                                       Grade 5                            Molly Miller                                     Grade 5
          Adrienne Llewellyn                                  Grade 5                            Sharon Wilgus                                    Grade 5
          Emmaline Brown                                      Grade 6                            Nathan Converse                                  Grade 6
          Jennifer Crone                                      Grade 6                            Charlene Jendro                                  Grade 6
          Deborah Hodge                                       Grade 6                            David Schmidt                                    Grade 6
          Cindy LaVoie                                        Intervention Coach                 Brian Domer                                      Intervention Coach
Special Education                                                                      Special Education
          Beth Vassalotti                                     MD Primary                         Rebecca Cornell                                  Intervention Specialist
          Lisa Hicklin                                        MD Intermediate                    Becca Shooks                                     Intervention Specialist
          Sherry Buda/ Diana Fox/ Deborah Richardson        Intervention Specialists             Paula Stoll                                      Intervention Specialist
Title I Teachers                                                                       Title I Teachers
          Abby Booth                        Carolyn Turner                                       Diane Jacob                     Kathy Miller
          Janice Wittkamper                                                                      Denise Stevic
Teacher Assistants                                                                     Teacher Assistants
          Melissa Boiano (MD)               Paula Byrd (Kdg.)                                    Debra Berbelis (NCLB)           Shawana Hovan (Classroom)
          Karen Crawford (NCLB)             Bethanie Keith (follow along-MD)                     Vicki Ratliff (Kindergarten)    Debra Stephens (Kindergarten)
          Susan Leghart (Kdg.)              Rudy Perez (follow along-MD)
          Vicki Petry (MD)                  Valerie Shundry (Kdg/Dis)
                        DUEBER ELEMENTARY                                                                  FAIRMOUNT ELEMENTARY
                    815 Dueber Avenue S.W. – Canton, Ohio 44706                                            2701 Coventry Blvd. N.E. – Canton, Ohio 44705
                 Phone: 330-580-3517             Fax: 330-580-3163                                     Phone: 330-456-3167               Fax: 330-588-2151
Principal                                                   Kim Kingsbury             Principal                                                      Frank Gant
          Secretary                                         Janet Scott                         Secretary                                            Jeanne Spall
BAC Coach                                                   Tammie Moore              BAC Coach                                                      Trina Pittman
Cafeteria                                           (Manager) Charlotte Ault          Cafeteria                                             (Manager) Theresa Davis
          Diana Bowman                     Janet Lawver                                         Jennifer Davis                      Beth Smarr
          Amy Livesay                      Carol Pyles                                Community Worker                                               Velva Taylor-Groce
Community Worker                                            Chris Mayberry            Custodian                                             (Fireman) Mark Riley
Custodian                                           (Fireman) TBD                                                                                    Bob Boord
                                                            George McClellan          LRC Technician                                                 Mary Jane Riley
LRC Technician                                              Linda Neff                Teachers
Teachers                                                                                        Stacy Zabinski                                       Preschool
          Laura Freidly                                     Preschool                           Bonnie James                                         Kindergarten
          Marti McDonald                                    Preschool                           Lyn Purtz                                            Kindergarten
          Christine Grecol                                  Kindergarten                        Mike DeComo                                          Grade 1
          Joni McCormick                                    Kindergarten                        Chris Lones                                          Grade 1
          Kim Burns                                         Grade 1                             Scott Jones                                          Grade 2
          Linda Wallace                                     Grade 1                             Melissa Kibler                                       Grade 2
          Peggy Love                                        Grade 2                             Pam Morton                                           Grade 3
          Nancy Zearley                                     Grade 2                             Dee Ostrov                                           Grade 3
          Christine Class                                   Grade 3                             Travis Tristano                                      Grade 4
          Carole Jones                                      Grade 3                             Rusty Burt                                           Grade 5
          Pam Gaitanos                                      Grade 4                             Pauline Jenkins                                      Grade 5
          Penni Jones                                       Grade 5                             Traci Cottrell                                       Grade 6
          Billi Snyder                                      Grade 5                             Lisa Maiorana                                        Intervention Coach
          Lance Thornton                                    Grade 6                   Special Education
          Pamela Walker                                     Grade 6                             Lisa Kaucic                                      Intermediate Intervention
          Janelle Simcic                                    Intervention Coach                  Michelle May                                         Primary Intervention
Special Education                                                                     Title I Teachers
          Lisa Cook                                         Intervention Specialist             Georgia Taylor                      Regina Vehonsky
          Tina Rechner                                      Intervention Specialist   Teacher Assistants
Title I Teachers                                                                                Jill Pirolozzi (Follow-Along)       Maquitta Stokes (Kindergarten)
          Michelle Chapman                                                                      Sharen Walker (NCLB)                Sandy Weir (Preschool)
          Stella Tonsky
Teacher Assistants
          Adena Beach (Kindergarten)       Margaret Connor Spitale (NCLB)
          Judy Gerlich (Preschool)         Jenna Devore (Follow Along)
          Barb Ormiston (Classroom)        Chris Roshong (Preschool)
                         GIBBS ELEMENTARY                                                                  HARTER ELEMENTARY
                    1320 Gibbs Avenue N.E. – Canton, Ohio 44705                                          317 Raff Road N.W. – Canton, Ohio 44708
                Phone: 330-456-1521              Fax: 330-580-3164                                 Phone: 330-456-1001              Fax: 330-588-2132
Principal                                                   H. Clifford Reynolds   Principal                                                     Brian Wycuff
          Secretary                                         Colleen VanPelt                  Secretary                                           Lissa Rehfus
BAC Coach                                                 Darlene Odell-Compton    BAC Coach                                                     Mary Barnett
Cafeteria                                           (Manager) Cynthia Healy        Cafeteria                                            (Manager) Brenda Altimore
          Nettie Betts                     Brenda Boykin                                     Dina Smith                Shirley Woodring
          Holly Griffin                    Pat Heckman                             Community Worker                                              Deborah Watters
Community Worker                                            Loretta Andaloro       Custodian                      (Fireman) Keith Reed, John Arbogast, Jeffrey Hughes
Custodian                                           (Fireman) Bob McGeorge         LRC Technician                                                Marlene Brandon
                                                            TBD                    Teachers
LRC Technician                                              Russell Rinehart                 Amanda Dale                                         Kindergarten
Teachers                                                                                     Natalie Himes                                       Kindergarten
          Ellen Harold-Stein                                Preschool                        Michele Patterson                                   Kindergarten
          Ann Ford-Dansby                                   Kindergarten                     Kristen Rossetti                                    Kindergarten
          Tammy Mishak                                      Kindergarten                     Julie Fordosi                                       Grade 1
          Jacinta McKeal                                    Grade 1                          Dianna Queen                                        Grade 1
          Tyler Lytle                                       Grade 1                          Laura Wetzel                                        Grade 1
          Cindy Common                                      Grade 2                          Michael Grunder                                     Grade 2
          Veronica Frank                                    Grade 2                          Amanda Hein                                         Grade 2
          Mary Imhoff                                       Grade 3                          Tina Riley                                          Grade 2
          Patrice Long                                      Grade 3                          Dawn Scott                                          Grade 2
          Kellie Addessi                                    Grade 4                          Paulette Bersaglini                                 Grade 3
          Carol Lane                                        Grade 4                          Teresa Keane                                        Grade 3
          Wendy Fete                                        Grade 5                          Carolyn Klein                                       Grade 3
          Jaclyn Norris                                     Grade 5                          Carla Yutzy                                         Grade 3
          T. Michael Black                                  Grade 6                          Genevieve Hallas                                    Grade 4
          Ruth Oldroyd                                      Grade 6                          Stacey Pappakostas                                  Grade 4
          TBD                                               Intervention Coach               Stephanie Stewart                                   Grade 4
Intervention Specialists                                                                     Erin Shipbaugh                                      Grade 5
          Michelle May                                      Primary                          Kaitlyn Stoneman                                    Grade 5
          Christina Uft                                     Intermediate                     Paul Traikoff                                       Grade 5
          Jonathan Smith                                    Intermediate                     Teresa Amato                                        Grade 6
Title I Teachers                                                                             Andrea Canton                                       Grade 6
          Clarice Antwi-Obimpeh                                                              Gina Guy                                            Grade 6
          Michael Lehotay                                                                    Yolanda Curtis                                      Intervention Coach
Teacher Assistants                                                                 Special Education
          Lois Allison (Kindergarten)      TBD (NCLB)                                        Jennifer Stokoe, Kelly Sweirz         Intervention Specialist Intermediate
          Delanna Waggoner (Preschool)                                                       Monica Mahon                                   Kindergarten w/Disabilities
                                                                                             Denise Pontuti                             Intervention Specialist Primary
                                                                                             Barbara Rice                                        Braillist
                                                                                   Title I Teacher
                                                                                             Tonya McKay                       TBD
                                                                                   Teacher Assistants
                                                                                             Tracie Campbell (Kdg. w/Dis.)     Cindy Clapper (VI)
                                                                                             Debra Cogan (Kindergarten)        Margie Mayle (Kindergarten)
                                                                                             Melissa Warner (Kindergarten)     Kate Webb (Follow along)
                                                                                             Debra Wood (VI)
                         MASON ELEMENTARY                                                                     MCGREGOR ELEMENTARY
                    316 – 30th Street N.W. – Canton, Ohio 44709                                             2339 – 17th Street S.W. – Canton, Ohio 44706
               Phone: 330-588-2156                 Fax: 330-580-3038                                    Phone: 330-452-7069               Fax: 330-588-2133
Principal                                                     Janelle Schuler           Principal                                                     Marianna Arvidson
         Secretary                                            Theresa Whitehouse                  Secretary                                           Robyn Adams
BAC Coach                                                     Connie Brahler            BAC Coach                                                     Nancy Prendes
Cafeteria                                             (Manager) Barbara Rich            Cafeteria                                             (Manager) Brenda Jialanella
         Donna Dougherty                     Erica Edwards                                        Nancy Busto                        Darlene Fouts
         Crystal Henke                                                                            Nicole Fowler                      Charan Smith
Community Worker                                              Paulette Frech                      Sharon Ott
Custodian                                             (Fireman) Jim Tate                Community Worker                                              Rose Hadbavny
LRC Technician                                                Russ Rinehart             Custodian                                             (Fireman) Denny Monnot
Teachers                                                                                                                                              Michael Wolfe
         Melinda Andrews                                      Kindergarten              LRC Technician                                                Mary Jane Riley
         Michele Zufall                                       Kindergarten              Teachers
         Linda McLaughlin                                     Grade 1                             Rania Fowler                                        Preschool
         Jovan Burson                                         Grade 1                             Paula Papadopulos                                   Kindergarten
         Elisha Conrad                                        Grade 2                             Debra Sewell                                        Kindergarten
         Rollen Smith                                         Grade 2                             Amy Wheele                                          Kindergarten
         Kelly Bamfield                                       Grade 3                             Lindsey Barkan                                      Grade 1
         Susan Repp                                           Grade 3                             Evelyn Francis                                      Grade 1
         Jordan Kalaitsides                                   Grade 4                             Barb Jialanella                                     Grade 1
         Kathy Kisha-Wise                                     Grade 5                             Sophia Shaheen                                      Grade 1
         Lindsey Riley                                        Grade 5                             Brian Moriarty                                      Grade 2
         Cynthia Giavasis                                     Grade 6                             Maureen Tozzi                                       Grade 2
         Lisa Nader                                           Intervention Coach                  Kara Rankin                                         Grade 3
Special Education                                                                                 Diana Vanicek                                       Grade 3
         Mary Lou Sarber                                      Intervention Specialist             Michele Milano                                      Grade 4
Teacher Assistants                                                                                Sharon O’Donnell                                    Grade 4
         Christa Rich (Kindergarten)                                                              Sarah Baker                                         Grade 5
                                                                                                  Dennine Cap-Brown                                   Grade 5
                                                                                                  Robert Dasco                                        Grade 5
                                                                                                  Rocco Buda                                          Grade 6
                                                                                                  Yvonne Scott                                        Grade 6
                                                                                                  Lynne Kulich                                        Intervention Coach
                                                                                        Special Education
                                                                                                  Karen Glatzhofer                                    Intervention Specialist
                                                                                                  Alicia McCullough                                   Intervention Specialist
                                                                                                  Katie Ridings                                       Intervention Specialist
                                                                                        Title I Teachers
                                                                                                  Rayna Finnicum                     Sherry Trapani
                                                                                        Teacher Assistants
                                                                                                  Jason Culler (Follow Along)        LuAnn Haubert (Preschool)
                                                                                                  Valerie Jackson (Kindergarten)     TBD (NCLB)
                     SCHREIBER ELEMENTARY                                                                      STONE ELEMENTARY
                 1503 Woodland Avenue N.W. – Canton, Ohio 44703                                        2100 Rowland Avenue N.E. – Canton, Ohio 44714
                Phone: 330-452-1672             Fax: 330-580-3031                                    Phone: 330-452-6521                Fax: 330-452-6858
Principal                                                  Ann Bartley               Principal                                                     Christen Sedmock
          Secretary                                        Jocelyn Spencer                     Secretary                                           Nancy Colopy
BAC Coach                                                  Deborah Hatchett          BAC Coach                                                     Theresa Freeman
Cafeteria                                          (Manager) Beverly Barrino         Cafeteria                                             (Manager) Shirley McAdow
          Yvonne Brumma            Jean Kopache                                                Susan Griffin             Patricia Kramer
Community Worker                                           Suzanne Carney                      Barbara Kuhnash           Cheryl Tovissi
Custodian                                                 (Fireman) Terry Stands     Community Worker                                              Patti McClellan
LRC Technician                                             Russ Rinehart             Custodian                                                     (Fireman) TBD
Teachers                                                                                       Victor Dragomier (1/2 time)        Kevin Shepard
          Deanna Hawkins                                   Kindergarten              LRC Technician                                                Mary Halley
          Teresa Hill                                      Kindergarten              Teachers
          Diana Sturm                                      Kindergarten                        Kristen DeChellis                                   Kindergarten
          Georgia Crowl                                    Grade 1                             Patti Hedegore                                      Kindergarten
          Mandy Pelger                                     Grade 1                             Nicky Ritter                                        Grade 1
          Marissa Shulik                                   Grade 1                             Barb Thewes                                         Grade 1
          Kathy Clay                                       Grade 2                             Tammie Davis                                        Grade 2
          Heather Copeland                                 Grade 2                             Lindsay Fleischer                                   Grade 2
          Heather Zuniga                                   Grade 2                             Melinda Aquino                                      Grade 3
          Melissa Burk                                     Grade 3                             Santino Cordero-Carter                              Grade 3
          Adrienne Dennis                                  Grade 3                             Thea Lehotay                                        Grade 3
          Melanie Harsh                                    Grade 4                             Angela Borland                                      Grade 4
          K. McCullough-Lombardi                           Grade 4                             Cherie Johnson-Clark                                Grade 4
          Robyn Patterson                                  Grade 4                             Kim Springer                                        Grade 5
          Mark East                                        Grade 5                             Mary Vretas                                         Grade 5
          Brett Hughes                                     Grade 5                             Ray Ohlinger                                        Grade 6
          Selena Rossetti                                  Grade 6                             Nicole Renicker                                     Grade 6
          Caroline Suter-Connor                            Grade 6                             Ronda Tomovcik                                      Intervention Coach
          Stephanie Twinem                                 Grade 6                   Special Education
          Janice Fiorello                                  Intervention Coach                  Penny McClellan                                     Intervention Specialist
Special Education                                                                              Julie Russ                                          Intervention Specialist
          AnnMarie Kachinski                               Grades K-3 ED                       Angela Scott                                        Intervention Specialist
          Monica Dentler, Kathy Steward                    Intervention Specialist             Bonita Simon                                        Preschool
          Diane Sommer                             Primary Intervention Specialist             Robin Spivey                                        Interpreter
          Cassandra Freeman                                Grades 4-6 ED                       Karen Warner                                        Interpreter
Title I Teachers                                                                               Tricia Winter                                       Interpreter
          Carol Ford               Diana Hawkins           Donna Marks                         Gwen Yohe                                           HH
Teacher Assistants                                                                   Title I Teachers
          Mari Anne Gustin (Kindergarten) Alan Hunter (ED)                                     Laura Allen
          Charlene Herstich (Kindergarten) Brenda Russ (NCLB)                                  Diane Jacob
          Laura Sampsel (ED)                                                         Teacher Assistants
                                                                                               TBD (HH)                           Amy Jones (Follow Along)
                                                                                               Susan Ross (NCLB)                  Gloria Terry (Kindergarten)
                                                                                               Saundra Turpin (Kindergarten)
                        WORLEY ELEMENTARY                                                                        YOUTZ ELEMENTARY
                    1340 – 23rd Street N.W. – Canton, Ohio 44709                                           1901 Midway Avenue N.E. – Canton, Ohio 44705
               Phone: 330-452-5748                Fax: 330-588-2150                                     Phone: 330-452-7601              Fax: 330-588-2159
Principal                                                     Elena Monahan             Principal                                                    Mark Holshu
         Secretary                                            Donna Dawson                        Secretary                                          Lori Williams
BAC Coach                                                     Kelly Perry               BAC Coach                                                    TBD
Cafeteria                                             (Manager) Brenda McClain          Cafeteria                                           (Manager) Lynn McGuire
         Pamela Bennett                      Donna Hookey                                         Lisa Crumbley            Betty Morgan
         Lori Medure                         Sarah Moorehead                                      Angela Tucke             Melissa Walker
         Tonya Perrenoud                                                                Community Worker                                             Susan Deem
Community Worker                                              Betty Fortune             Custodian                                           (Fireman) Gary Cline
Custodian                                             (Fireman) Fred Weibel                                                                          Bruce Thoman
                                                              Dale Dodrill              LRC Technician                                               Linda Neff
LRC Technician                                                Marlene Brandon           Teachers
Teachers                                                                                          Linda Roud                                         Preschool
         Julie Meyer                                          Kindergarten                        Yvonne Franklin                                    Kindergarten
         Gail Ruda                                            Kindergarten                        Kristin Kleim                                      Kindergarten
         Jan Wycuff                                           Kindergarten                        Patt Tercek                                        Kindergarten
         Halli Clevenger                                      Grade 1                             Joyce Liliestedt                                   Grade 1
         Alicia Kuntzman                                      Grade 1                             Cathy Schrock                                      Grade 1
         Rachel Molnar                                        Grade 1                             Susan Deitmyer                                     Grade 2
         Patricia Ferguson                                    Grade 2                             Camille McCraney                                   Grade 2
         Cynthia Herold                                       Grade 2                             Mary Beth Medford                                  Grade 2
         Gayle Stutz                                          Grade 2                             Jean Hershberger                                   Grade 3
         Jennifer Schott                                      Grade 3                             Lori Kochan                                        Grade 3
         Jonathan Shaw                                        Grade 3                             Rebekah Kearns                                     Grade 4
         Benjamin Hoskins                                     Grade 4                             Theresa Mikus                                      Grade 4
         Pam Warstler                                         Grade 4                             Mary Jo Robbins                                    Grade 4
         Brenda Kohler                                        Grade 5                             Monica Davis                                       Grade 5
         Corey Montgomery                                     Grade 5                             Deb Herold                                         Grade 5
         Jennifer Pisani                                      Grade 6                             Anita Boggs                                        Grade 6
         Christian Tulip                                      Grade 6                             Debbie Phillabaum                                  Grade 6
         Kristine Alecusan                                    Intervention Coach                  Rob Richmond                                       Grade 6
Special Education                                                                                 Nikki Cebula                                       Intervention Coach
         Heidi Flohr                                          Intervention Specialist   Special Education
         Laurie Jackson                                       Intervention Specialist             Carrie Kirsch                                      ED Specialist
Teacher Assistants                                                                                Jennifer Ostronisky                                ED Specialist
         Karen Dedmon (Kindergarten)                                                              Shelley Mazzarella                                 Intervention Specialist
         Cheryl Kampfer (Kindergarten)                                                            Judy Lundquist                                     Intervention Specialist
         Lisa Warden (Classroom)                                                        Title I Teachers
                                                                                                  Colleen Monnot                   Julie Okey
                                                                                                  Sharen Lindberg
                                                                                        Teacher Assistants
                                                                                                  Demica Armstead (Classroom)      Joanne Brunner (Follow Along)
                                                                                                  Joan Dickinson (Kindergarten)    Rebecca Hetrick (Follow Along)
                                                                                                  Harvey Jeter (Follow Along)      Pam Karman (Preschool)
                                                                                                  Jody Richmond (Kindergarten)     Sandy Scheetz (ED)
                                                                                                  Kim Tomko (ED)                   Bridget Willits (NCLB)
                     ARTS ACADEMY @ SUMMIT
                   1100 – 10th Street N.W. – Canton, Ohio 44703
               Phone: 330-452-6537               Fax: 330-580-3190
Principal                                                    Thomas Piccari
         Secretary                                           Carolyn Brothers
BAC Coach                                                    Teresa Hurless
Cafeteria                                            (Manager) Colleen Spach
         Gail Carpenter                     Susan Castello
         Heather Covert                     Tina Deal
         Cynthia McDermitt
Community Worker                                             Christine Dixon
Computer Lab                                                 Beth Balaski
Custodian                                            (Fireman) Dave McBeth
         Rich King                          Dennis Holbrook
LRC Technician                                               Marlene Brandon
         Rebecca Evans                                       Kindergarten
         Courtney Schrader                                   Grade 1
         Judy Kosiba                                         Grade 2
         Joann Smith                                         Grade 3
         Carmen Bonamico                                     Grade 4
         Cindy Reed                                          Grade 4
         Jennifer Albrecht                                   Grade 5
         Jeanie Bowling                                      Grade 5
         Valerie McPhillen                                   Grade 6
         Melissa Rimer                                       Grade 6
         Brennen Endres                                      Grade 7
         Rob Pukansky                                        Grade 7
         Tony Corsi                                          Grade 8
         Mackenzie Smith                                     Grade 8
         Sharon Dulabaum                                     Art
         Rayvin Lindsey                                      Art
         Holly Flowers                                       Music
         Deborah Paulis                                      Music
         George Dean                                         Music and Kempo
         Susan Tisevich                                      Physical Education
         Jane Walter                                         Spanish Teacher
         LaVon McLeod                                        Intervention Coach
         Carri Meek                                          Intervention Coach
Intervention Specialists
         Monica Dentler                                      Grade 8
         Anne Efremoff                                       High Ability
         Steve Jackson                                       Grades K-7
Teacher Assistants
         Kathleen Taylor (Kindergarten)
                   CRENSHAW MIDDLE SCHOOL                                         Special Education
                    2525 – 19 Street N.E. – Canton, Ohio 44705                              Ashley Ague                 HI Interpreter
               Phone: 330-454-7717               Fax: 330-588-2120                          Diana Biddle                Speech
      Student Services: 330-454-4617              Attendance: 330-454-7717                  Dona Brown                  OT/PT
Principal                                                    Wanda Grubbs                   Christine Calhoun           HI Interpreter
Assistant Principal                                          John Twinem                    Patty Campbell               Grade 7
         Secretary, Main Office                              Teresa Spangler                Mallory Chevraux             Multi Handicapped
         Secretary, Student Services                         TBD                            Jennifer Duckworth          HI Interpreter
Cafeteria                                            (Manager) Brenda Vega                  Chelsea Frank                Hearing Impaired
         Diane Carson               Dorothy Corey                                           Linda Geiselman          21st Century/After School
         Thomasine Wallace                                                                  Anne Kaminski               Multi Handicapped
Community Worker                                             Michelle Trbovich              Michelle Martin Jones        Interventionist
Computer Lab                                                 Susan Leggett                  Karen McGuckin              Grade 7
Counselors                                                                                  Susan Williams               Grade 8
         Pamela Kalafice (A-K)      Theresa Barbato (L-Z)                         Title I Teachers
Custodian                                            (Fireman) Eddie Folsom                 Brenda Bomberger            Math
         Dan Dalton                 Greg Huff                                               Bill Robinson               Language Arts
         Michael Linder                                                           Teacher Assistants
ISS                                                          Gloria Stock                   Peggy Carrick           Follow Along/21st Century
Librarian                                                    TBD                            Yvonne Lewis                MD
Mental Health Counselor                                      Jon Coventry                   Edie Nearhood               MD
Nurse                                                        Beth McClain
         Geoffrey Bigler                                     Math
         Lonnell Bush                                        Science
         Laura Campbell                                      Language Arts
         Teresa Caserta                                      Language Arts
         Brett Cowling                                       Science
         Lisa Curiale                                        Girls Physical Ed.
         Lisa Emerich                                        Read 180
         Maria Emmons                                        Literacy Lead
         Jan Forney                                          Science
         David Gritter                                       Math
         Bryan Herberghs                                     Gateway
         Gary Herndon                                        Boys Physical Ed.
         Veronica Krug                                       Art
         Kevin McBurney                                      Social Studies
         Richard Morton                                      Social Studies
         Jacquie Oliveri                                     Choir
         Robin Parker                                        Language Arts
         Tracey Psaris                                       Math
         Rachel Robinette                                    Science
         Kevin Six                                           Social Studies
         Barbara Tatka                                       Language Arts
         Anthony Watson                                      Band
         Mike Weaver                                         Social Studies
         Kathryn Wengerd                                     Math
                    HARTFORD MIDDLE SCHOOL
                     1824 – 3rd Street S.E. – Canton, Ohio 44707
               Phone: 330-453-6012                 Fax: 330-453-5096
 Student Services: 330-453-5707                Attendance: 330-453-5707 ext. 2235
Principal                                                      Sandy Womack, Jr.
         Secretary, Main Office                                Anita DiGiacomo
         Secretary, Student Services                           Sharon Hart
Cafeteria                                              (Manager) TBD
                                                               Vicky Cline
                                                               Tracy Michel
Community Counselor                                            Jennifer Richeson
Community Worker                                               George Dunwoody
Computer Lab                                                   Toriano Jones
Counselor                                                     Michelle Gump-Wilson
Custodian                                              (Fireman) John Sheppard
         Robert Frazier                       Donna Matheson
Librarian                                                      TBD
Nurse                                                          Dimitri Miles
Youth Leader                                                   Robert Easley
         Jennifer Allchin                                      Art
         Robert Crone                                          Science
         Marie Fentress                                        Math Enrichment
         Amanda Gillespie                                      Science
         Andreia Granchi                                       Language Arts
         Diana Hrib                                            Special Education
         Janice Hubbard                                        Choir/Drama
         John Huntsman                                         Language Arts
         Gary Kelly                                            Physical Education
         Diana Kiriakou                                        Language Arts
         Chris McFarren                                        Band
         Robert McLaughlin                                     Opportunity
         Lori Miller                                           Language Arts
         Kyle Reed                                             Mathematics
         Nick Spondyl                                          Science
         Charles Voshall                                       Mathematics
         Michelle Wagler                                       Special Education
         Myra Watkins                                          Social Studies
         Kelley Young                                          Physical Education
                    LEHMAN MIDDLE SCHOOL                                                  Carie Phillips          Language Arts
                   1400 Broad Avenue N.W. – Canton, Ohio 44708                            Dean Roach              Science
               Phone: 330-456-1963              Fax: 330-456-8121                         Gary Shier              Physical Education
      Student Services: 330-456-4253            Attendance: 330-588-2149                  Tim Stewart             Band
Principal                                                  Ed Rehfus                      Joe Tilstra             Art
Assistant Principal                                        Jeanne McNeal                  Beth Umlauf             Title I Reading
         Secretary, Main Office                            Karen Okey                     Dotty Wade              Art
         Secretary, Student Services                       Brenda Boughton                Michael Watson    Language Arts/Social Studies
Cafeteria                                          (Manager) Cathy Whipkey                Steve Watson            Social Studies
         Dixie Cline                      Angela Daugherty                                Brian Worstell          Social Studies
         Sandy Garrett                    Bobette Lewis                                   Karen Zutali            Language Arts
         Dee Schneider                                                           Special Education
Community Worker                                           Pam Paratore                   Tammy Alexander          Intervention
Computer Lab                                               Lauree Huntsman                Marsha Hershey           Intervention
Counselors                                                                                Karen Hill               Speech
         Christina Papaleo (A-K)          Kory Smith (L-Z)                                Kelly Jones              ED
Custodian                                          (Fireman) Dan Ebner                    Krista Kitchen           Intervention
         Bill Howell                      Bill Kinkus                                     Susan Kramer             Intervention
         Myron Pandrea                    Rodney Rushin                                   Kristi Perdue            ED
ISS                                                        Myrna Shock                    Jill Roberts             Visually Impaired
Librarian                                                  TBD                            Chris Wantz              Intervention
Nurse                                                      Beth McClain          Teacher Assistants
Psychologist                                               Pat Lobritz                    Sandra Baden             SED
Teachers                                                                                  Georgia Daverio          SED
         Mary Adams                                        Language Arts
         Tannis Baker                                      Choir
         Lucinda Bikali                                    Social Studies
         Bernie Caldwell                                   Science
         Nicole Cates                                      Title I Math
         Chad Common                                       Mathematics
         Susan Craig                                       Literacy Lead
         Barbara Daniels                                   Physical Education
         Jen Eberle                                        Math/Science
         Jeff Ferrara                                      Science
         Darren Furno                                      Tech Ed
         Jennifer Gerber                                   Math/Science
         Meghan Goode                                      Mathematics
         James Groetz                                      Social Studies
         Randy Hahn                                        Mathematics/Science
         Robyn Harrison                                    Language Arts
         Michael Herstich                                  Science
         Denise Johnson                                    Mathematics/Science
         Michele Johnson (Mimi)                            Math
         Anita Leeders                                     Social Studies
         Kevin Looman                                      Physical Education
         J. Scott Mason                                    Band
         Karen McCarthy                                    Language Arts
         Chris Minock                                      Mathematics
         Paul Palomba                                      Language Arts
                   EARLY COLLEGE ACADEMY
                1510 Clarendon Avenue N.W. – Canton, Ohio 44708
               Phone: 330-438-2736            Fax: 330-580-3540
                           Attendance: 330-438-2736
Principal                                                 Kenneth Brunner
         Secretary                                        Cindy Thompson
Counselor                                                 Geneva Parker
Custodian                                        (Fireman) Gary Worley
Monitor                                                   Jamar Wesley
Nurse                                                     Dimitri Miles
School Community Worker                                   George Dunwoody
         Phoua Alayamini                                  Science
         Terre Burgess                                    Language Arts
         Lisa Casto                                       Technology
         Amy Conn                                         Title I
         Tristyn Dibell                                   Health
         Kennethian Ealy                                  Language Arts
         Adrienne Fedor                                   Art
         Albert Flowers                                   Band
         Bobbie Grimm                                     Mathematics
         Jeff Harsh                                       Social Studies
         James Kovi                                       Physical Education
         Jason Pigott                                     Social Studies
         James Pukys                                      Mathematics
         Micki Senter                                     Literacy
         Andrea Slusarski                                 Science
         Timothy Stewart                                  Choir
Special Education
         Matthew Chambers                                 Intervention
                MCKINLEY SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL                                     Custodians                     (Fireman) Jim Davis                  Ext. 162
                    2323 – 17 Street N.W. – Canton, Ohio 44708                           Larry Fiely           Ronald Hendershot          Paul Hill
           Main Switchboard: 330-438-2712              Fax: 330-580-3507                 Gary Rider            Ernie Tornero              Bill Ungashick
                            Auto Attendant: 330-438-2750                        ESL Tutor                      Cristina Volkmann
CAMPUS OFFICE                                                                   Literacy Coach                 Lynn Rudd
Principal                           Deidre Stokes-Davis              Ext. 130   Media Center                   Carrol Ostrum                        Ext. 154
          Secretary                 Beth Toth                        Ext. 117   Monitors
          Switchboard Clerk         Jamie Keys                       Ext. 101            Samuel Brown                   Adam Doud
          Bookkeeper                Lori Grand                       Ext. 114            Josh Grimsley                  Steve Hubbard
          Records Secretary         Diane Wyler                      Ext. 111            Jamie Keys                     Carole Morgan
FRESHMAN ACADEMY                                                                         Marie Pride                    Claudia Selby
Principal                           Jarred Zapolnik                  Ext. 105            Tammy Unkefer, ISS             Victor Wells
          Secretary                 Kimberly Smith                   Ext. 226   Nurse                          Stephanie Nist                       Ext. 145
Counselor                           Michelle Strattonbey             Ext. 249   School Resource Officer        Officer Gary Edmunds                 Ext. 262
ALIVE                                                                           Security Office                Mel Bieyle, Kory Rastetter           Ext. 120
Principal                           Jason Dixon                      Ext. 110   Special Education Psychologist Ted Woolums & Sonya Hess             Ext. 185
          Clerk                     Jean Amigo                       Ext. 115   Special Education Supervisor   Allison Oberlin                      Ext. 133
Counselor                           Laura Bryan                      Ext. 112   Special Education Work Study   Lisa Markley
Counselor                           Kathy Rodriguez                  Ext. 113   Speech Therapy                 Yen Nguyen
IMPACT                                                                          Teacher Assistants
Principal                           Marilyn VanAlmen                 Ext. 116            Jeff Burton (ED)               Pam Fishel (ED)
          Secretary                 Pat McCourry                     Ext. 102            Sandra Hall (MH)               Tansia Jeter (Follow Along)
Counselor                           Debbie Humphrey                  Ext. 108            Robin Mayhew (MH)              Doris Turner (MH)
McK STARS                                                                       Umstattd Hall                  Bruce Balough                        Ext. 152
Principal Intern                    Sean Stranger                    Ext. 122   Vocal Music                    Alexandra Hovland                    Ext. 150
          Secretary                 Debbie Gosiewski                 Ext. 123   Yearbook                       Rita McMillen                        Ext. 166
Counselor                           Lori Nickels                     Ext. 106   FRESHMAN ACADEMY TEACHERS (M1)
STAFF                                                                                    David Anderson                                   English
Athletic Director                   Greg Malone                      Ext. 104            Paul Barbuto                                     Science
          Secretary                 Lisa Owens                       Ext. 103            Cynthia Brawley                                  English
          Boys’ Basketball          Keith Noftz                      Ext. 158            Heather Cochran                                  Spanish
          Girls’ Basketball         Pam Davis                        Ext. 157            Erik Essig                                       Science
          Football                  Ron Johnson                      Ext. 126            Mickey Frank                                     Intervention Specialist
          Girls’ Coaches                                             Ext. 157            Carol Geier                                      Mathematics
Attendance Officer (438-2729)       Hedy Dolan                       Ext. 121            Rachel Gibson                                    Intervention Specialist
Band Room                           Robert Newman                    Ext. 149            Cynthia Hopkins                                  Mathematics
Braillist                           Cindy Janisko                    Ext. 220            Clare Mohan                                      Speech
Cafeteria                   (Manager) Barb Hupp                      Ext. 147            Andrea Moore                                     Science
          Teresa Aguridakis                  Victoria Calhoun                            Ryan Newell                                      Social Studies
          Mary Depew                         Sally Jo Deremer                            Kevin Princehorn                                 Intervention Specialist
          Sandra Garrett                     Evelyn Griffin                              Christina Romell                                 English
          Debbie Hoover                      Janice Hupp                                 Ron Ross                                         Social Studies
          May Kauth                          Jackie Leisure                              Leslie Roteck                                    Spanish
          Amy Minner                         Julie O’Brien                               David Schmidt                                    Social Studies
          Barbara Smith                      Brenda Valentine                            Bonnie Silvaroli                                 Health
          Demaree Welch                                                                  Inge Torok                                       Mathematics
College Connection                  Jeremy Duerr                     Ext. 255            Carla Vickroy                                    Spanish
Computer Lab                        Nancy Mendenhall                 Ext. 186            TBD                                            Information Technology
      Curt Bucklew                    Social Studies            McK STARS TEACHERS (M2)
      Jonathan Croston               Intervention Specialist          Jennifer Cleavenger      Mathematics
      Jean Cyders                     Science                         Jessica Escott           Spanish
      Terri Ehret                     Physical Ed/Health              Liesl Forbes             English/Social Studies
      Scott Galayda                   Mathematics                     Laura Ford               Master Student
      Marisa Jones                    English                         Nancy George             Intervention Specialist
      Megan Kennedy                   Science                         Tiffany Grimsley         English
      Scott Lowry                     Science                         Melissa Hadnett          Social Studies
      Jennifer Massimo               Intervention Specialist          Deborah Henniger         Technology
      Rita McMillen                   Science                         Mark Hyser               CBI
      Amy Miller                      Science                         Diana Iacino             Administrative Office
      Mark Ohradzansky               Physical Education               Pat Lawson               Spanish
      Jim Pappas                      Physical Ed/Health              Jim McDonald             French
      Christine Polewan               Science                         Keith Noftz              CBI
      Patricia Rafailedes             Physical Education              Margaret Ross         Family Consumer Science
      Ingrid Risden                  Intervention Specialist          Ann Sassano              Intervention Specialist
      Samantha Rose                   Science                         Meghan Schauer           Intervention Specialist
      Tim Smith                       Mathematics                     Yamile Spence            Spanish
      Dennis Stroud                   Physical Education              David Swope              Social Studies
      Lynda Temsic                    Special Education
      Jeff Twiddy                     Mathematics
      Ken Weatherbee                 Intervention Specialist
      Chad Weaver              Intro to Engineering Design
      Drake Yost                      Science

     Shawna Billet                   Art
     Cheryl Bissmeyer                English
     David Brooks                    Mathematics
     Elias Coulas                    Social Studies
     Mike Daniels                    Intervention Specialist
     Manuel Halkias                  English
     Jeremy Hambach                  English/Social Studies
     Alexandra Hovland               Vocal Music
     Susan Hull                      Intervention Specialist
     Cindy Janisko          Intervention Specialist/Braillist
     Patty Kolias                    English
     Brian Laakso                    Music
     Stephanie Lepley                Mathematics
     Michelle McElrath               Intervention Specialist
     Beverly Miles                   Art
     Robert Newman                   Instrumental Music
     Laura Parke                     English
     Theresa Singer                  Art
     Yolanda Torrence                Social Studies
     Pat Wohlfarth                   Intervention Specialist
                  TIMKEN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL                                           Broadcast Media          Jaclyn Power             330-438-2591
                   521 Tuscarawas Street W. – Canton, Ohio 44702                      Building Tech.           Jack Tisevich            330-438-3004
               Phone: 330-438-2602                 Fax: 330-580-3508                  CBI                      Ivan Sturm               330-458-3950
CAMPUS OFFICE                                                                         Cosmetology              Erin Ponn                330-458-3965
Principal                           Valerie Pack              330-438-2603            Criminal Science Tech    Cliff Lee                330-438-3004
         Secretary                  Marna Sandru              330-438-2602            Culinary Arts            Erik Escola              330-580-3014
         Attendance Officer         Maria Destefano           330-438-2631                                     Kelly Serra              330-438-2649
         Truancy Media              Teresa Barson             330-580-3506             Engineering PLTW        William Small            330-438-2634
         Records Secretary          Pamela Lagodich           330-580-3567             Engineering PLTW        Chad Weaver              330-580-3180
                                                      Records Fax# 580-3538            Early Childhood         Nicole Coleman           330-438-2632
FRESHMAN ACADEMY                                                                       GRADS                   Pati Nelson              330-438-2685
Principal                           Kim Fete                  330-438-2633             Industrial Tech Eng.    Richard Thomas           330-438-3004
         Secretary                  Judi McKinney             330-438-2607             Nurse Tech.             Dorothy Tabellion        330-438-2642
Counselor                           Karen Wilson              330-438-2616             Video Gaming            Jeremy Kurtz             330-458-3950
ARTS ACADEMY                                                                  College Coordinator              Dray Snyder              330-580-3521
Principal                           Kim Fete                  330-438-2633    Computer Lab Aide                Debbie Demos             330-438-2646
         Secretary                  Judi McKinney             330-438-2607    Custodians                                                330-438-2612
Counselor                           Karen Wilson              330-438-2616             Charles Cox             Greg Gardner     Randy Howard
SERVICES ACADEMY                                                                       Bruce Monroe            Jerry Parr       William Paulk
Principal                           Corey Grubbs              330-438-2609             Ernie Sams              Paul Shimek      Nancy Tomsho
         Secretary                  Diana Oakerson            330-438-2608    Hearing Impaired                 Natalie Morrison         330-454-2246
Counselor                           Sandra Klein              330-438-2619    Hearing Impaired (Interpreter)   Carol Black              330-
TECHNOLOGY ACADEMY                                            Fax# 454-2270   In-School Suspension/TAKE 5      Michele Towles           330-353-0252
Principal                           Christopher Stone         330-438-3004    Intervention                     Nick Demetro             330-438-2630
         Secretary                  Carol Byrd                330-438-2601    Job Training II                  Melissa Garner           330-438-2654
Counselor                           Suzanne Halm              330-438-2611    JROTC                            Major Deckard            330-580-3015
STAFF                                                                                                          SFC Greene               330-454-2247
Athletic Director                   Patrick Sedmock           330-438-2628    Media Center                     Mindy Engler             330-438-2621
         Secretary/Treasurer        Dianne Clary              330-438-2625    Monitors
         Boys’ Basketball           Rick Hairston             330-438-2626            Teresa Barson            Reuben Dunlap
         Girls’ Basketball          Jason Hmiel               330-454-2257            Anne Fetrow              Aleta Johnson
         Football                   Kevin Henderson           330-438-2627            Rodney Johnson           Keva Moore
         Risaliti Field                                       330-453-5440            Cheryl Skotnicky         Antwan Williams
         Weight Room Commons                                  330-438-2636            David Zelker
Attendance Office                   Maria Destefano           330-438-2631    Night School                  Jill St. George            330-438-2558
Band Room                           Al Flowers                330-438-2613                                  Ivan Sturm                 330-580-3185
Cafeteria                  (Interim Manager) Susan Nichelson 330-438-2624     Nurse                         Vicki Beck                 330-438-2615
         Christina Blemler          Ginger Boyd                               PACT Academy                  Christine Clevenger        330-438-2500 x1207
         Andrea Demos-Burns         Patricia Fehn                             Parent Mentor Program Carmelita Smith/Angela Howard      330-588-2145
         Deborah Greene             Teresa Marks                              Psychologist                  Jennifer Shaw              330-580-3016
         Kathie Townsend            Mella Young                               SBH                           Amy Davala                 330-438-2604
Career & Technical Programs                                   Fax# 438-2675                                 Cheryl Levinsky            330-438-2534
         Coordinators               Diane Mizer               330-438-2540    School Resource Officer       Officer Ondo               330-580-3531
         Secretary                  Lynn Poje                 330-438-2538    Speech Therapy                Yen Nguyen
         Job Coordinator            S. Pipero-Henderson       330-438-2652    Truancy                       Keva Moore                 330-580-3176
         Allied Health              Carrie Barwick            330-438-2647    VOSE                          Robin Kratzer              330-438-2645
         Auto Body                  Rick Gerber               330-454-4023    Work Study                    Debbie Flowers             330-438-2620
         Auto Tech                  Darryl Pringle            330-438-3005
         Banking                    Tomier Davenport          330-438-2629
TEACHERS                                                Amber Nelson            Mathematics
     Jennifer Anderson     English                      Jennifer Njoroge        Physical Education
     Mike Banfield         Spanish                      Matt Oatley             Mathematics
     Carrie Barwick        Allied Health                Susan Oliver            Science
     Randy Bifolchi        Social Studies               Erin Ponn               Cosmetology
     Jason Blackiston      Social Studies               Jaclyn Power            Broadcast Media
     John Blile            Mathematics                  Darryl Pringle          Auto Tech
     Samantha Bracken      Mathematics                  Pat Ragon               Science
     Lisa Browning         Social Studies               Sondra Ragon            Literacy Lead
     Max Brugler           Social Studies               Dan Rooney              Science
     Andy Bruno            English                      Cynthia Rossetti-Audi   English
     Randy Churilla        Science                      Crystal Russell         English
     Christine Clevenger   PACT                         John Sacilotto          English
     Nicole Coleman        Early Childhood              Ashton Shetler          Title I Mathematics
     Ann Cochran           Art                          Denise Smail            Science
     Teresa Coulas         Mathematics                  Williams Small          Engineering
     Amy Davala            SBH                          Dorothy Tabellion       Nursing
     Tomier Davenport      Banking                      Mary Lou Taylor         Science
     David Deckard         ROTC                         Richard Thomas          Plant Mgmt.
     Pam Dentler           Spanish                      Jack Tisevich           Carpentry
     Renee Dunlevy         Comp.                        Tammy Torok             Mathematics
     Marcia Eakin          Mathematics                  Chad Weaver             Engineering
     Pamela Ekmark         English                      Allyson Wilson          Engineering
     Erik Escola           Culinary Arts                Ruby Wright             Health
     Albert Flowers        Band                         Michael Wiley           Choir
     Laura Ford            College Coor.
     Jennifer Fromholtz    Spanish              Special Education
     Melissa Garner        Job Training II              Julie Bertin
     Rick Gerber           Auto Body                    Janet Connelly
     Raymond Greene        ROTC                         Lisa Garlow
     Michael Gulling       Social Studies               Rachael Knisely
     Rick Hairston         Physical Education           Kathy McClure
     Andy Harms            English                      Kyra Moore
     Kevin Henderson       Business                     Erin Oliver
     Jason Hmiel           Social Studies               Karen Petrarca
     Heather Hutmacher     Art                          Michelle Rainieri
     Crystal Johnson       English                      Greg Schumacher
     Nicole Kosenski       Mathematics                  Melissa Warner
     Jeremy Kurtz          Video Gaming
     Brian Lawson          Science              Teacher Assistants
     Clifford Lee          Criminal Science            Debora Erb               Special Education
     Cheryl Levinsky       SBH                         Dan Farley               Career & Tech
     Brigid Maning         English                     Linda Jones              Special Education
     Alvaro Martinez       Spanish                     Mike McCleskey           Special Education
     Jeff McKelley         Science                     Kelly Serra              Career & Tech
     Jennifer Morgan       English
     Cheryl Morse          Fitness
     Jennifer Most         Science
     Sam Muhhamed          Social Studies
                EARLY COLLEGE HIGH SCHOOL                                                       ALPHABETICAL STAFF LISTING
                 231 McKinley Avenue N.W. – Canton, Ohio 44702
              Phone: 330-458-3950              Fax: 330-458-3980                Adams              Mary        Lehman Middle School
Principal                        Chet Lenartowicz         330-458-3950          Adams              Robyn       McGregor Elementary School
         Secretary               Jacqueline Talbert      330-458-3950           Addessi            Kellie      Gibbs Elementary School
Counselor                        David Kliem              330-458-3950
                                                                                Adkins             Julie       Cedar Elementary School
Custodians                       TBA                      330-458-3950
Monitor                          Rhonda Cole                                    Ague               Ashley      Crenshaw Middle School
Stark State                      Cindy Putman            330-494-6170 x4138     Aguridakis         Teresa      McKinley Senior High School
                                                                                Alayamini          Phoua       Early College Academy
TEACHERS                                                                        Albrecht           Jennifer    Arts Academy @ Summit
     Feleicia Freeman                                   Language Arts           Albu               Rhonda      Teaching & Learning & OAPSE 161A
     John Fultz                                         Social Studies          Alecusan           Kristine    Worley Elementary School
     Patricia Hairston                                  Mathematics
     Deborah Jacob Turner                               Language Arts           Alexander          Tammy       Lehman Middle School
     Angela Marcelli                                    Chemistry               Aljoe              Robin       Cedar Elementary School
     Jennifer Rair                                     Stark State Math Tutor   Allchin            Jennifer    Hartford Middle School
     Troy Russell                                       Biology                 Allen              Laura       Stone Elementary School
     Bryan Shephard                                     Social Studies          Allen, III         Wilbur      Board of Education
     Sam Studer                                         Math                    Allison            Lois        Gibbs Elementary School
                                                                                Altimore           Brenda      Harter Elementary School
                                                                                Amato              Teresa      Harter Elementary School
                                                                                Amigo              Jean        McKinley Senior High School
                                                                                Anastis            Dan         Warehouse
                                                                                Anastis            Lindy       Assessment & Data Analysis & OAPSE
                                                                                Andaloro           Loretta     Gibbs Elementary School
                                                                                Anderson           David       McKinley Senior High School
                                                                                Anderson           Jennifer    Timken Senior High School
                                                                                Andrews            Melinda     Mason Elementary School
                                                                                Angeli             Elizabeth   Cedar Elementary School
                                                                                Anstine            Darlene     Allen Elementary School
                                                                                Antwi-Obimpeh      Clarice     Gibbs Elementary School
                                                                                Aquino             Melinda     Stone Elementary School
                                                                                Arbogast           John        Harter Elementary School
                                                                                Armstead           Demica      Youtz Elementary School
                                                                                Armstrong          Denise      Transportation
                                                                                Arvidson           Marianna    McGregor Elementary School
                                                                                Ault               Bonnie      Allen Elementary School
                                                                                Ault               Charlotte   Dueber Elementary School
                                                                                Austin             Leona       Transportation
                                                                                Autry              Chris       Canton Academy
                                                                                Babik              Richard     Operations/Maintenance
                                                                                Baca Bernel        Veronica    Pupil Services
                                                                                Baden              Sandra      Lehman Middle School
Bailey       Dan          Operations/Maintenance                 Blackiston   Jason       Timken Senior High School
Bailey       Tammy        Special Education - Adaptive PE        Blemler      Christina   Timken Senior High School
Baker        Carol        Adult Basic Literacy Education         Blile        John        Timken Senior High School
Baker        Dawn         Transportation                         Boggs        Anita       Youtz Elementary School
Baker        Sarah        McGregor Elementary School             Boiano       Melissa     Cedar Elementary School
Baker        Tannis       Lehman Middle School                   Bomberger    Brenda      Crenshaw Middle School
Balaski      Beth         Arts Academy @ Summit                  Bonamico     Carmen      Arts Academy @ Summit
Balough      Bruce        Umstattd Performing Arts Hall          Boord        Bob         Fairmount Elementary School
Bamfield     Kelly        Mason Elementary School                Booth        Abby        Cedar Elementary School
Banfield     Mike         Timken Senior High School              Borack       Celia       Compton Learning Center - Digital
Banfield     Rebecca      Cedar Elementary School                                         Academy
Barbato      Theresa      Crenshaw Middle School                 Borland      Angela      Stone Elementary School
Barbuto      Paul         McKinley Senior High School            Boughton     Brenda      Lehman Middle School & OAPSE 161
Barkan       Lindsey      McGregor Elementary School             Bowden       Bryant      Compton Learning Center - Choices
Barnett      Mary         Harter Elementary School               Bowen        Charlotte   Allen Elementary School
Barrino      Beverly      Schreiber Elementary School            Bowling      Jeanie      Arts Academy @ Summit
Barson       Teresa       Timken Senior High School              Bowman       Diana       Dueber Elementary School
Bartley      Ann          Schreiber Elementary School            Boyd         Ginger      Timken Senior High School
Bartrug      Donna        Transportation                         Boykin       Brenda      Gibbs Elementary School
Barwick      Carrie       Timken Senior High School              Bracken      Samantha    Timken Senior High School
Bates        Linda        Assessment & Data Analysis             Bradley      Tina        Clarendon Elementary School
Bates        Pamela       Practical Nurse Program                Brahler      Connie      Mason Elementary School
Battisti     Lucy         Canton Academy                         Brahler      Diana       Assessment & Data Analysis
Beach        Adena        Dueber Elementary School               Brahler      Richard     Cedar Elementary School
Beck         Vicki        Health Services & Timken Senior High   Brandle      Sandy       Allen Elementary School
                          School                                 Brandon      Marlene     Harter, Worley & Arts Academy
Bender       John         Canton Academy                         Brawley      Cynthia     McKinley Senior High School
Bennett      Pamela       Worley Elementary School               Bridges      Judy        Transportation
Berbelis     Debra        Clarendon Elementary School            Brooks       Amanda      Transportation
Bersaglini   Paulette     Harter Elementary School               Brooks       David       McKinley Senior High School
Bertin       Julie        Timken Senior High School              Brothers     Carolyn     Arts Academy @ Summit
Betts        Nettie       Gibbs Elementary School                Brown        Chuck       Duplicating & Mail Room/Pony
Biddle       Diana        Special Education-Speech/Lang.         Brown        Dona        Special Education - PT & Crenshaw
                          Pathologist & Crenshaw Midde School                             Middle School
Bieyle       Mel          McKinley Senior High School            Brown        Emmaline    Cedar Elementary School
Bifolchi     Randy        Timken Senior High School & CPEA       Brown        Fresh       Belden Elementary School
Bigler       Geoffrey     Crenshaw Middle School                 Brown        Renee       Teaching & Learning
Bikali       Lucinda      Lehman Middle School                   Brown        Samuel      McKinley Senior High School
Billet       Shawna       McKinley Senior High School            Brown        Stacy       Transportation
Bissmeyer    Cheryl       McKinley Senior High School            Browning     Lisa        Timken Senior High School
Black        Carol        Timken Senior High School              Brugler      Max         Timken Senior High School
Black        Rhonda       Cedar Elementary School                Brumma       Yvonne      Schreiber Elementary School
Black        T. Michael   Gibbs Elementary School                Brunner      JoAnne      Youtz Elementary School
Brunner     Kenneth     Early College Academy                Casto             Lisa        Early College Academy
Bruno       Andy        Timken Senior High School            Cates             Nicole      Lehman Middle School
Bryan       Laura       McKinley Senior High School          Cebula            Nikki       Youtz Elementary School
Bryant      Onice       Transportation                       Chain             Elly        Special Education - Adaptive PE
Bucklew     Curt        McKinley Senior High School          Chambers          Matthew     Early College Academy
Buda        Rocco       McGregor Elementary School           Chance            Robert      Transportation
Buda        Sherry      Cedar Elementary School              Chapman           Michelle    Dueber Elementary School
Burgardt    Dana        Adult Career & Technical Education   Chappie           Natalie     Allen Elementary School
Burgess     Terre       Early College Academy                Charlikowskyi     Jeanne      Adult Career & Technical Education
Burk        Melissa     Schreiber Elementary School          Chenault-McLeod   April       Elementary Counselor
Burkhart    Matt        Compton Learning Center - Choices    Cheviron          Claudia     Transportation
Burns       Kim         Dueber Elementary School             Chevreaux         Mallory     Crenshaw Middle School
Burson      Jovan       Mason Elementary School              Chuchanis         Becky       Practical Nurse Program
Burt        Rusty       Fairmount Elementary School          Churilla          Randy       Timken Senior High School
Burton      Jeff        McKinley Senior High School          Clapper           Cindy       Harter Elementary School
Busby       Julie       Cedar Elementary School              Clark             Kathy       Belden Elementary School
Bush        Lonnell     Crenshaw Middle School               Clark             Martha      Allen Elementary School
Bush        Nicole      Allen Elementary School              Clark             Vicki       Transportation
Busto       Nancy       McGregor Elementary School           Clary             Dianne      Timken Senior High School
Byrd        Carol       Timken Senior High School            Class             Christine   Dueber Elementary School
Byrd        Paula       Cedar Elementary School              Clay              Kathy       Schreiber Elementary School
Caldwell    Bernie      Lehman Middle School                 Cleavenger        Jennifer    McKinley Senior High School
Caldwell    Patty       Treasurer's Office                   Clevenger         Christine   Timken Senior High School
Calhoun     Christine   Crenshaw Middle School               Clevenger         Halli       Worley Elementary School
Calhoun     Victoria    McKinley Senior High School          Cline             Dixie       Lehman Middle School
Callen      Kathie      Allen Elementary School              Cline             Gary        Youtz Elementary School
Campbell    Laura       Crenshaw Middle School               Cline             Vicky       Hartford Middle School
Campbell    Patty       Crenshaw Middle School               Clouser           Mark        Transportation
Campbell    Sharon      Cedar Elementary School              Cochran           Ann         Timken Senior High School
Campbell    Tracie      Harter Elementary School             Cochran           Heather     McKinley Senior High School
Canton      Andrea      Harter Elementary School             Cogan             Debra       Harter Elementary School
Capaldi     Joseph      Athletic Office                      Cole              Rhonda      Early College High School
Cap-Brown   Dennine     McGregor Elementary School           Coleman           Nicole      Timken Senior High School
Cargill     Bonita      Transportation                       Colopy            Nancy       Stone Elementary School
Carnes      Jeff        Compton Learning Center - Passages   Comer             Trent       CCS TV - Channel 11
Carney      Suzanne     Schreiber Elementary School          Common            Chad        Lehman Middle School
Carpenter   Gail        Arts Academy @ Summit                Common            Cindy       Gibbs Elementary School
Carrick     Peggy       Crenshaw Middle School               Conkle            Michael     Curriculum & Instruction
Carson      Diane       Crenshaw Middle School               Conn              Amy         Early College Academy
Carter      Harold      Ohio State Young Scholars Program    Connelly          Janet       Timken Senior High School
            "Ben"                                            Connor-Spitale    Margaret    Dueber Elementary School
Caserta     Teresa      Crenshaw Middle School               Conrad            Elisha      Mason Elementary School
Castello    Susan       Arts Academy @ Summit
Converse         Lucy       Resource Teachers - Art           Daniels         Barbara       Lehman Middle School
Converse         Nathan     Clarendon Elementary School       Daniels         Mike          McKinley Senior High School
Conversino       Jon        Resource Teachers - Vocal Music   Danilkovich     Joy           Belden Elementary School
Cook-Dent        Lisa       Dueber Elementary School          Dasco           Robert        McGregor Elementary School
Copeland         Heather    Schreiber Elementary School       Daugherty       Angela        Lehman Middle School
Copeland         Merice     Transportation                    Davala          Amy           Timken Senior High School
Corbett          Tami       Transportation                    Davala          Kathryn       Clarendon Elementary School
Cordero-Carter   Santino    Stone Elementary School           Davala          Kathy         Clarendon Elementary School
Corey            Dorothy    Crenshaw Middle School            Davenport       Tomier        Timken Senior High School
Cornell          Rebecca    Clarendon Elementary School       Daverio         Georgia       Lehman Middle School
Corregan         Cynthia    Cedar Elementary School           Davidson        Gloria        K-12 Instruction
Corsi            Tony       Arts Academy @ Summit             Davidson        Rebekah       Allen Elementary School
Costello         Linda      Elementary Counselor              Davis           Jennifer      Fairmount Elementary School
Cottrell         Traci      Fairmount Elementary School       Davis           Jim           McKinley Senior High School
Coulas           Elias      McKinley Senior High School       Davis           Marc          Transportation
Coulas           Teresa     Timken Senior High School         Davis           Monica        Youtz Elementary School
Coventry         John       Crenshaw Middle School            Davis           Pam           McKinley Senior High School
Covert           Heather    Arts Academy @ Summit             Davis           Scott         CCS TV - Channel 11
Cowling          Brett      Crenshaw Middle School            Davis           Tammie        Stone Elementary School
Cox              Charles    Timken Senior High School         Davis           Theresa       Fairmount Elementary School
Craig            Susan      Lehman Middle School              Dawson          Donna         Worley Elementary School
Crawford         Felicia    Business Office                   Dawson, Ph.D.   Frederick     Assessment & Data Analysis
Crawford         Karen      Cedar Elementary School           Deal            Tina          Arts Academy @ Summit
Creswell         Patty      Transportation                    Dean            George        Arts Academy @ Summit
Crone            Jennier    Cedar Elementary School           DeChellis       Kristen       Stone Elementary School
Crone            Robert     Hartford Middle School            Deckard         Major David   Timken Senior High School
Cross            Laquonda   Transportation                    DeComo          Mike          Fairmount Elementary School
Croston          Jonathan   McKinley Senior High School       Dedmon          Karen         Worley Elementary School
Crouser          Pam        Teaching & Learning               Deem            Susan         Youtz Elementary School
Crowl            Georgia    Schreiber Elementary School       Deitemyer       Susan         Youtz Elementary School
Crumbley         Lisa       Youtz Elementary School           Demetro         Nick          Timken Senior High School
Cugini           Lisa       Transportation                    Demos           Barbara       Transportation
Culler           Jason      McGregor Elementary School        Demos           Debbie        Timken Senior High School
Culp             Cherie     Cedar Elementary School           Demos-Burns     Andrea        Timken Senior High School
Curati           Ronald     Transportation                    Dennis          Adrienne      Schreiber Elementary School
Curiale          Lisa       Crenshaw Middle School            DeNoi           Susan         Portage Montessori
Curtis           Yolanda    Harter Elementary School          Dentler         Monica        Arts Academy @ Summit & Schreiber
Cussen           Marcia     Teaching & Learning                                             Elementary School
Custer           Michelle   Practical Nurse Program           Dentler         Pam           Timken Senior High School
Cyders           Jean       McKinley Senior High School       Depew           Mary          McKinley Senior High School
Dale             Amanda     Harter Elementary School          Deremer         Sally Jo      McKinley Senior High School
Dalton           Dan        Crenshaw Middle School            Derwacter       Cynthia       Transportation
Destefano      Maria        Timken Senior High School                East           Mark           Schreiber Elementary School
Detwiler       Susan        Health Services                          Eberle         Jennifer       Lehman Middle School
Deuble         Linda        Resource Teachers - Art                  Ebner          Dan            Lehman Middle School & OAPSE 107
Devore         Jenna        Dueber Elementary School                 Eckhart        Jeff           Resource Teachers - Physical Education
Devore         Lee Ann      Special Education - Resource Teachers    Eckhart        Marylouise     Special Education - Resource Teachers
Dibell         Tristyn      Early College Academy                                                  & Early Childhood/Family Support
Dickinson      Joan         Youtz Elementary School                  Edmunds        Officer Gary   McKinley Senior High School
Dickon         Connie       Transportation                           Edwards        Erica          Mason Elementary School
Dieringer      Elizabeth    Portage Montessori                       Efremoff       Anne           Gifted Education & Arts Academy @
DiGiacomo      Anita        Hartford Middle School                                                 Summit
Dillon Young   Linda        Special Education-Speech/Lang.           Ehret          Terri          McKinley Senior High School
                            Pathologist                              Ekmark         Pamela         Timken Senior High School
DiMascio       Sarah        Compton Learning Center - Choices        Elavsky        Lorraine       Clarendon Elementary School
Dixon          Christine    Arts Academy @ Summit                    Eldred         Jean           Transportation
Dixon          Jason        McKinley Senior High School              ElFaye         Ted            Compton Learning Center - Connections
Dodrill        Dale         Worley Elementary School                 Elliott        Alvena         Resource Teachers - Physical Education
Dolan          Hedy         McKinley Senior High School              Ellsworth      Tad            Business Office
Dolezal        Pat          Adult Basic Literacy Education           Ellwood        Greg           Operations/Maintenance
Domer          Brian        Clarendon Elementary School              Emerich        Lisa           Crenshaw Middle School
Dorsey         Celeste      Cedar Elementary School                  Emmons         Maria          Crenshaw Middle School
Dorto          Gayle        Portage Montessori                       Endres         Brennen        Arts Academy @ Summit
Dorto          Sam          CPEA                                     Englehart      Julia          Special Education - Adaptive PE &
Doud           Adam         McKinley Senior High School                                            Early Childhood/Family Support
Dougherty      Donna        Mason Elementary School                  Engler         Mindy          Timken Senior High School
Dougherty      Sharon       Special Education                        Erb            Debora         Timken Senior High School
Downing        Patrick      Compton Learning Center - Digital        Erwin          Shirley        Clarendon Elementary School
                            Academy                                  Esber          Joellen        Teaching & Learning
Dragomier      Sue          Health Services/S.A.V.E.                 Escola         Erik           Timken Senior High School
Dragomier      Victor       Stone Elementary School                  Escott         Jessica        McKinley Senior High School
Drobney        Tina         Compton Learning Center - Choices        Essig          Erik           McKinley Senior High School
Duckworth      Jennifer     Crenshaw Middle School                   Essner         Ira            Allen Elementary School
Duerr          Jeremy       McKinley Senior High School              Evans          Jacquelyn      Transportation
Dulabaum       Sharon       Arts Academy @ Summit                    Evans          Rebecca        Arts Academy @ Summit
Dunbar         Nancy        Allen Elementary School                  Evans          Velma          Allen Elementary School
Dunivant       Barbara      Early Childhood/Family Support           Evans, Ph.D.   Michele        Superintendent
Dunlap         Reuben       Timken Senior High School                Fallon         Nancy          Resource Teachers - Art
Dunlevy        Renee        Timken Senior High School                Fanizzi        Annamarie      Transportation
Dunwoody       George       Hartford Middle School & Early College   Farley         Dan            Timken Senior High School
                            Academy                                  Fedor          Adrienne       Early College Academy
Eagon          Patricia     Transportation                           Fehn           Patricia       Timken Senior High School
Eakin          Marcia       Timken Senior High School                Fehn           Tammie         Clarendon Elementary School
Ealy           Kennethian   Early College Academy                    Fentress       Marie          Hartford Middle School
Easley         Robert       Hartford Middle School                   Ferguson       Anne           Compton Learning Center - Choices
Ferguson      Patricia   Worley Elementary School               Frank       Sarah       Adult Career & Technical Education
Ferrara       Jeff       Lehman Middle School                   Frank       Veronica    Gibbs Elementary School
Ferrero       Jim        Adult Career & Technical Education     Franklin    Yvone       Youtz Elementary School
Fete          Kim        Timken Senior High School              Franks      Debby       Allen Elementary School
Fete          Wendy      Gibbs Elementary School                Frazier     Leroy       Compton Learning Center
Fetrow        Anne       Timken Senior High School              Frazier     Robert      Hartford Middle School
Fetrow        Pam        Cedar Elementary School                Frech       Paulette    Mason Elementary School
Fetters       Beth       Practical Nurse Program                Freeman     Cassandra   Schreiber Elementary School
Fiely         Larry      McKinley Senior High School            Freeman     Dawn        Transportation
Fiely         Vicki      Transportation                         Freeman     Felicia     Early College High School
Finley        Karen      Early Childhood/Family Support         Freeman     Michael     Transportation
Finnicum      Rayna      McGregor Elementary School             Freeman     Michelle    Transportation
Fiorello      Janice     Schreiber Elementary School            Freeman     Theresa     Stone Elementary School
Fishel        Pamela     McKinley Senior High School            Freidly     Laura       Dueber Elementary School
Fisher        Jeanne     Transportation                         Fromholtz   Jennifer    Timken Senior High School
Fleischaker   Rachael    Resource Teachers - Vocal Music        Fultz       John        Early College High School
Fleischer     Lindsay    Stone Elementary School                Furno       Darren      Lehman Middle School
Flohr         Heidi      Worley Elementary School               Gaitanos    Pam         Dueber Elementary School
Flowers       Albert     Timken Senior High School & Early      Galayda     Scott       McKinley Senior High School
                         College Academy                        Gallagher   Margaret    Transportation
Flowers       Debbie     Special Education - Work Study &       Gallik      Julia       Portage Montessori
                         Timken Senior High School              Gant        Frank       Fairmount Elementary School
Flowers       Holly      Arts Academy @ Summit                  Gantz       Beth        Gifted Education
Folsom        Eddie      Crenshaw Middle School                 Gantz       Danette     Elementary Counselor
Fontes        Deborah    Cedar Elementary School                Gardner     Greg        Operations/Maintenance & Timken
Forbes        Liesl      McKinley Senior High School                                    Senior High School
Ford          Carol      Schreiber Elementary School            Garlow      Lisa        Timken Senior High School
Ford          Laura      McKinley & Timken Senior High          Garner      Frances     Allen Elementary School
                         Schools                                Garner      Melissa     Timken Senior High School
Ford-Dansby   Ann        Gibbs Elementary School                Garrett     Sandy       Lehman Middle School & McKinley
Fordosi       Julie      Harter Elementary School                                       Senior High School
Forney        Jan        Crenshaw Middle School                 Geier       Carol       McKinley Senior High School
Fortune       Betty      Worley Elementary School               Geiselman   Linda       Crenshaw Middle School
Fouse         Pam        Pupil Services                         George      Nancy       McKinley Senior High School
Fouts         Darlene    McGregor Elementary & Transportation   Gerber      Jennifer    Lehman Middle School
Fowler        Donna      Adult Basic Literacy Education         Gerber      Rick        Timken Senior High School
Fowler        Nicole     McGregor Elementary School             Gerlich     Judy        Dueber Elementary School
Fowler        Rania      McGregor Elementary School             Giavasis    Cynthia     Mason Elementary School
Fox           Diana      Cedar Elementary School                Gibbs       Loretta     Transportation
France        Stacey     Portage Montessori                     Gibson      Rachel      McKinley Senior High School & CPEA
Francis       Evelyn     McGregor Elementary School             Gillespie   Amanda      Hartford Middle School
Frank         Chelsea    Crenshaw Middle School                 Gillespie   Rebekah     Transportation
Frank         Mickey     McKinley Senior High School            Gillespie   Ron         Transportation
Glade               Kelly         Belden Elementary School             Hahn           Randy       Lehman Middle School
Glatzhofer          Karen         McGregor Elementary School           Hairston       Patricia    Early College High School
Golden-McClelland   Teresa        Special Education - Psychologist     Hairston       Rick        Timken Senior High School
Goode               Meghan        Lehman Middle School                 Hale           Kristen     Special Education-Speech/Lang.
Goots               Michelle      Special Education - Psychologist &                              Pathologist & Early Childhood/Family
                                  Early Childhood/Family Support                                  Support
Gosiewski           Debbie        McKinley Senior High School          Halkias        Manuel      McKinley Senior High School
Gower               Jennifer      Transportation                       Hall           LaVette     Transportation
Granchi             Andreia       Hartford Middle School               Hall           Sandra      McKinley Senior High School
Grand               Lori          McKinley Senior High School          Hallas         Genevieve   Harter Elementary School
Grantz              Judy          Transportation                       Halley         Mary        Belden, Clarendon & Stone Elementary
Grater              Rachel        Elementary Counselor                                            Schools
Grecol              Christine     Dueber Elementary School             Halm           Suzanne     Timken Senior High School
Green               Christine     Belden Elementary School             Hambach        Jeremy      McKinley Senior High School
Green               Cindy         Practical Nurse Program              Hamilton       Lawrence    Transportation
Greene              Deborah       Timken Senior High School            Hamsher        Dana        Cedar Elementary School
Greene              Dr. Sylvera   Early Childhood/Family Support       Hardin         Lesa        Child Nutrition
Greene              Raymond       Timken Senior High School            Hare           Penny       Adult Basic Literacy Education
Greene              SFC           Timken Senior High School            Haren          Tom         Compton Learning Center - Digital
Greer               Faith         Special Education - Psychologist                                Academy
Griffin             Evelyn        McKinley Senior High School          Harms          Andy        Timken Senior High School
Griffin             Holly         Gibbs Elementary School              Harold-Stein   Ellen       Gibbs Elementary School
Griffin             Susan         Stone Elementary School              Harper         Chet        Compton Learning Center - Passages
Griffith            Erin          Belden Elementary School             Harper         Roslyn      Allen Elementary School
Grimm               Bobbie        Early College Academy & CPEA         Harris         Mike        Athletic Office
Grimsley            Josh          McKinley Senior High School          Harrison       Robyn       Lehman Middle School
Grimsley            Mary          Early Childhood/Family Support       Harsh          Jeff        Early College Academy
Grimsley            Tiffany       McKinley Senior High School          Harsh          Melanie     Schreiber Elementary School
Gritter             David         Crenshaw Middle School               Hart           Sharon      Hartford Middle School
Groetz              James         Lehman Middle School                 Hatchett       Deborah     Schreiber Elementary School
Groves              Lisa          Portage Montessori                   Hathaway       Ellen       Allen Elementary School
Grubbs              Corey         Timken Senior High School            Haubert        LuAnn       McGregor Elementary School
Grubbs              Wanda         Crenshaw Middle School               Hawkins        Deanna      Schreiber Elementary School
Gruber              Jeff          Treasurer                            Hawkins        Diana       Schreiber Elementary School
Grubish             Lisa          Belden Elementary School             Hayes          Dawn        Technology
Grunder             Michael       Harter Elementary School             Healy          Cynthia     Gibbs Elementary School
Gulling             Michael       Timken Senior High School            Heater         Heather     Technology
Gump-Wilson         Michelle      Hartford Middle School               Heaton         Kim         Treasurer's Office
Gustin              Mari Anne     Schreiber Elementary School          Heckman        Pat         Gibbs Elementary School
Guy                 Gina          Harter Elementary School             Hedegore       Patti       Stone Elementary School
Hadbavny            Rose          McGregor Elementary School           Heighway       Julie       Portage Montessori
Hadnett             Melissa       McKinley Senior High School          Hein           Amanda      Harter Elementary School
Heist         Melanie       Special Education-Speech/Lang.          Hoover         Debbie      McKinley Senior High School
                            Pathologist & Early Childhood/Family    Hopkins        Cynthia     McKinley Senior High School
                            Support                                 Horton         Elaine      Allen Elementary School
Henderhan     Deborah       Transportation                          Hoskins        Benjamin    Worley Elementary School
Hendershot    Ronald        McKinley Senior High School             Householder    Robyn       Allen Elementary School
Henderson     Kevin         Timken Senior High School               Hovan          Shawana     Clarendon Elementary School
Henderson     Owen          Transportation                          Hovland        Alexandra   McKinley Senior High School
Henderson     Rosalind      Special Education - Resource Teachers   Howard         Angela      Parent Mentor Program (Timken)
Henderson     Timothy       Compton Learning Center - Choices,      Howard         Randy       Timken Senior High School
                            Connections, Graduation Academy &       Howard         Shawna      Resource Teachers - Vocal Music
                            Passages                                Howell         Bill        Lehman Middle School
Henderson     Tom           Transportation                          Hrib           Diana       Hartford Middle School
Henke         Crystal       Mason Elementary School                 Hubbard        Janice      Hartford Middle School
Henniger      Deborah       McKinley Senior High School             Hubbard        Steve       McKinley Senior High School
Herberghs     Bryan         Crenshaw Middle School                  Huff           Greg        Crenshaw Middle School
Herberghs     Nicole        Clarendon Elementary School             Huffman        Lisa        Compton Learning Center - Graduation
Herman        Julie         Allen Elementary School                                            Academy
Herndon       Gary          Crenshaw Middle School                  Hughes         Brett       Schreiber Elementary School
Herold        Cynthia       Worley Elementary School                Hughes         Jeff        Cedar & Harter Elementary School
Herold        Deb           Youtz Elementary School                 Hull           Susan       McKinley Senior High School
Hershberger   Jean          Youtz Elementary School                 Humphrey       Debra       McKinley Senior High School
Hershey       Marsha        Lehman Middle School                    Humphrey       Steve       Compton Learning Center
Herstich      Charlene      Schreiber Elementary School             Hunter         Alan        Schreiber Elementary School
Herstich      Michael       Lehman Middle School                    Huntsman       John        Hartford Middle School
Hess          Sonya         Special Education - Psychologist &      Huntsman       Lauree      Lehman Middle School
                            McKinley Senior High School             Hupp           Barbara     McKinley Senior High School
Hetrick       Rebecca       Youtz Elementary School                 Hupp           Janice      McKinley Senior High School
Hicklin       Lisa          Cedar Elementary School                 Hurless        Teresa      Arts Academy @ Summit
Hiles         Marie         Practical Nurse Program                 Hutmacher      Heather     Timken Senior High School
Hill          Christopher   Transportation                          Hyser          Mark        McKinley Senior High School
Hill          Karen         Special Education-Speech/Lang.          Iacino         Diana       McKinley Senior High School
                            Pathologist & Lehman Middle School      Imhoff         Mary        Gibbs Elementary School
Hill          Paul          McKinley Senior High School             Inman          Gertie      Allen Elementary School
Hill          Robin         Assessment & Data Analysis              Inskeep        Bruce       Transportation
Hill          Teresa        Schreiber Elementary School             Jackson        Laurie      Worley Elementary School
Himes         Natalie       Harter Elementary School                Jackson        Pamela      CPEA
Hmiel         Jason         Timken Senior High School               Jackson        Steve       Arts Academy @ Summit
Hobday        Christina     Clarendon Elementary School             Jackson        Valerie     McGregor Elementary School
Hodge         Deborah       Cedar Elementary School                 Jacob          Diane       Clarendon & Stone Elementary Schools
Hogue         Jeff          Operations/Maintenance                  Jacob Turner   Deborah     Early College High School
Holbrook      Dennis        Arts Academy @ Summit                   Jacobs         Jeannie     Special Education-Speech/Lang.
Holshu        Mark          Youtz Elementary School                                            Pathologist
Hookey        Donna         Worley Elementary School                James          Bonnie      Fairmount Elementary School
Janisko         Cindy      McKinley Senior High School          Julian        Elisabeth   Belden Elementary School
Jeffreys        Trina      Clarendon Elementary School          Kachinski     AnnMarie    Schreiber Elementary School
Jendro          Charlene   Clarendon Elementary School          Kalafice      Pamela      Crenshaw Middle School
Jenkins         Pauline    Fairmount Elementary School          Kalaitsides   Jordan      Mason Elementary School
Jeter           Carl       Transportation                       Kaminski      Anne        Crenshaw Middle School
Jeter           Harvey     Youtz Elementary School              Kamper        Cheryl      Worley Elementary School
Jeter           Tansia     McKinley Senior High School          Kane          Sharon      Practical Nurse Program
Jialanella      Barb       McGregor Elementary School           Karcic        Andrea      Resource Teachers - Art
Jialanella      Brenda     McGregor Elementary School           Karl          Candy       Transportation
John            Patricia   Teaching & Learning                  Karman        Pam         Youtz Elementary School
Johnson         Aleta      Timken Senior High School            Kaucic        Lisa        Fairmount Elementary School
Johnson         Alvin      Adult Career & Technical Education   Kauth         May         McKinley Senior High School
Johnson         Carol      Compton Learning Center - Choices    Keagy         Jeff        Assessment & Data Analysis
Johnson         Cheri      Transportation                       Keane         Teresa      Harter Elementary School
Johnson         Crystal    Timken Senior High School            Kearns        Rebekah     Youtz Elementary School
Johnson         Dawna      Cedar Elementary School              Keaton        Jennifer    Board of Education
Johnson         Deborah    Duplicating & Mail Room/Pony         Keim          Conrad      Clarendon Elementary School
Johnson         Denise     Lehman Middle School                 Keith         Bethanie    Cedar Elementary School
Johnson         Doretha    Cedar Elementary School              Kelly         Gary        Hartford Middle School
Johnson         Juanita    Belden Elementary School             Kendall       Erik        Technology
Johnson         Kirt       Allen Elementary School              Kendall       Ken         Safety & Security
Johnson         Michele    Lehman Middle School                 Kendall       Mary        Clarendon Elementary School
                (Mimi)                                          Kennedy       Goldie      Allen Elementary School
Johnson         Peggi      Health Services                      Kennedy       Leoda       Cedar Elementary School
Johnson         Rodney     Timken Senior High School            Kennedy       Megan       McKinley Senior High School
Johnson         Ron        McKinley Senior High School          Kessler       Kim         Canton Academy
Johnson         Victor     Belden Elementary School             Keys          Jamie       McKinley Senior High School
Johnson-Clark   Cherie     Stone Elementary School              Keyser        Anne        Teaching & Learning
Jones           Amy        Stone Elementary School              Kibler        Melissa     Fairmount Elementary School
Jones           Carisa     Purchasing                           Kilgore       Paula       Treasurer's Office
Jones           Carole     Dueber Elementary School             Kimberlin     Mary        Special Education - COTA/L
Jones           Denise     Allen Elementary School              King          Bob         Clarendon Elementary School
Jones           Frank      Belden Elementary School             King          Brandon     Portage Montessori
Jones           Judy       Clarendon Elementary School          King          Rich        Arts Academy @ Summit
Jones           Kelly      Lehman Middle School                 Kingsbury     Kim         Dueber Elementary School
Jones           Linda      Timken Senior High School            Kinkus        Bill        Lehman Middle School
Jones           Marisa     McKinley Senior High School          Kiriakou      Diana       Hartford Middle School
Jones           Penni      Dueber Elementary School             Kirkbride     Karla       Transportation
Jones           Scott      Fairmount Elementary School          Kirsch        Carrie      Youtz Elementary School
Jones           Toriano    Hartford Middle School               Kisha-Wise    Kathy       Mason Elementary School
Jones           Vicky      Compton Learning Center - Digital    Kitchen       Krista      Lehman Middle School
                           Academy & Graduation Academy         Kittoe        Grace       Practical Nurse Program
Jordan          Jim        Belden Elementary School
Klausner       Dave       Operations/Maintenance                Lagodich      Pamela      Timken Senior High School
Kleim          Kristin    Youtz Elementary School               Lamielle      Joanne      Technology
Klein          Carolyn    Harter Elementary School              Lancaster     George      Compton Learning Center - Passages
Klein          Sandra     Timken Senior High School             Lane          Carol       Gibbs Elementary School
Kliem          David      Early College High School             Langanke      Julie       Treasurer's Office & OAPSE 161
Kline          Tammy      Belden Elementary School              Larkin        Teresa      Clarendon Elementary School
Knisely        Rachael    Timken Senior High School             LaVoie        Cindy       Cedar Elementary School
Knisely        Tina       Cedar Elementary School               Lavy          Melissa     Practical Nurse Program
Kobelt         Patty      Practical Nurse Program               Lawson        Brian       Timken Senior High School
Kochan         Lori       Youtz Elementary School               Lawson        Pat         McKinley Senior High School
Kohler         Brenda     Worley Elementary School              Lawver        Janet       Dueber Elementary School
Kolias         Patty      McKinley Senior High School           Leckenby      Tiffany     Resource Teachers - Art
Konigsberger   Amy        Allen Elementary School               Lee           Clifford    Timken Senior High School
Kopache        Jean       Schreiber Elementary School           Lee           Terry       Treasurer's Office
Kosenski       Nicole     Timken Senior High School             Leeders       Anita       Lehman Middle School
Kosiba         Judy       Arts Academy @ Summit                 Leggett       Susan       Crenshaw Middle School
Kotema         Rose       Transportation                        Leghart       Susan       Cedar Elementary School
Kousagan       Andrea     Clarendon Elementary School           Lehotay       Mike        Gibbs Elementary School
Kovacs         Jane       Special Education - Audiologist       Lehotay       Thea        Stone Elementary School
Kovi           James      Early College Academy                 Leisure       Jackie      McKinley Senior High School &
Kowalski       Caitlyn    Special Education - Psychologist                                OAPSE 609
Krabill        Mary       Cedar Elementary School               Lenartowicz   Chet        Early College High School
Kraft          Pam        Gifted Education                      Leone         Denise      Pupil Services
Krakora        Cheryl     Special Education - OT                Lepley        Stephanie   McKinley Senior High School
Kramer         Patricia   Stone Elementary School               Leslie        Lois        Special Education-Speech/Lang.
Kramer         Susan      Lehman Middle School                                            Pathologist
Krane          Shirlee    Child Nutrition                       Leszczynski   Judith      Early Childhood/Family Support
Kratzer        Robin      Special Education - VOSE & Timken     Levinsky      Cheryl      Timken Senior High School
                          Senior High School                    Lewis         Bobette     Lehman Middle School & OAPSE 609
Krug           Veronica   Crenshaw Middle School                Lewis         Yvonne      Crenshaw Middle School
Krynock        Loretta    Transportation                        Liliestedt    Joyce       Youtz Elementary School
Kuczkowski     Diane      Practical Nurse Program               Lindberg      Sharen      Youtz Elementary School & CPEA
Kuhn           Kristen    Allen Elementary School               Linder        Michael     Crenshaw Middle School
Kuhnash        Barbara    Stone Elementary School               Lindsey       Rayvin      Resource Teachers - Art & Arts Acad
Kuhns          Wanda      Special Education - Legal Mandate &                             @ Summit
                          Home Instruction                      Livery        Jim         Transportation
Kulich         Lynne      McGregor Elementary School            Livesay       Amy         Dueber Elementary School
Kunkel         Laurel     Operations/Maintenance                Lizarraga     Leslie      Portage Montessori
Kuntzman       Alicia     Worley Elementary School              Llewellyn     Adrienne    Cedar Elementary School
Kurtz          Jeremy     Timken Senior High School             Lobritz       Pat         Special Education-Psychologist &
Laasko         Brian      McKinley Senior High School                                     Lehman Middle School
LaFay          Krista     Compton Learning Center - Choices     Lockhart      Dale        C.T. Branin Natatorium
Lafromboise    David      Transportation                        Locy          Neal        Transportation
Lohr             Shelly     Special Education - Resource Teachers    Mazanec       Holly      Health Services
Lones            Chris      Fairmount Elementary School              Mazzarella    Shelley    Youtz Elementary School
Long             Patrice    Gibbs Elementary School                  Mazzei        Connie     Transportation
Looman           Kevin      Lehman Middle School                     McAdow        Shirley    Stone Elementary School OAPSE 609
Love             Peggy      Dueber Elementary School                 McBeth        Dave       Arts Academy @ Summit
Lowmiller        Daniel     Cedar Elementary School                  McBurney      Kevin      Crenshaw Middle School
Lowry            Scott      McKinley Senior High School              McCarthy      Karen      Lehman Middle School
Luca             Theresa    Curriculum & Instruction                 McCaughin     Lois       Adult Career & Technical Education
Lundquist        Judy       Youtz Elementary School                  McClain       Beth       Health Services & Crenshaw & Lehman
Luther           Sue        Practical Nurse Program                                           Middle School
Lytle            Tyler      Gibbs Elementary School                  McClain       Brenda     Worley Elementary School
Maceyak          Barbara    School Improvement                       McClellan     George     Allen & Dueber Elementary Schools
Madderom         Emily      Belden Elementary School                 McClellan     Patti      Stone Elementary School
Magyar           Denise     PBX Operator                             McClellan     Penny      Stone Elementary School
Mahon            Monica     Harter Elementary School                 McCleskey     Mike       Timken Senior High School
Maiorana         Lisa       Fairmount Elementary School              McCleskey     Tim        Compton Learning Center - Choices
Malavite         Barbara    Adult Career & Technical Education       McCloskey     Rohnda     Health Services
Malone           Greg       McKinley Senior High School              McClure       Kathleen   Timken Senior High School
Malone           Heidi      Athletic Office                          McCormick     Joni       Dueber Elementary School
Maning           Brigid     Timken Senior High School                McCorvey      Kenneth    Resource Teachers - Vocal Music
Manley           Laurel     Belden Elementary School                 McCourry      Pat        McKinley Senior High School
Mann             Terra      Belden Elementary School                 McCown        Anne       Special Education - Legal Mandate
Marcelli         Angela     Early College High School                McCraney      Camille    Youtz Elementary School
Marcelli-Dimos   Terry      Treasurer's Office                       McCullough    Alicia     McGregor Elementary School
Marcum           Nicole     Compton Learning Center - Passages       McCullough-   K          Schreiber Elementary School
Markley          Lisa       Special Education-Work Study &           Lombardi
                            McKinley Senior High School              McDermitt     Cynthia    Arts Academy @ Summit
Marks            Donna      Schreiber Elementary School              McDonald      Jim        McKinley Senior High School
Marks            Teresa     Timken Senior High School                McDonald      Marti      Dueber Elementary School
Martin Jones     Michelle   Crenshaw Middle School & CPEA            McElrath      Michelle   McKinley Senior High School
Martinez         Alvaro     Timken Senior High School                McFarren      Chris      Resource Teachers - Instrumental Music
Masalko          Adele      Child Nutrition                                                   & Hartford Middle School
Mason            J. Scott   Resource Teachers - Instrumental Music   McGeorge      Bob        Gibbs Elementary School
                            & Lehman Middle School                   McGuckin      Karen      Crenshaw Middle School & CPEA
Massimo          Jennifer   McKinley Senior High School              McGuire       Lynn       Youtz Elementary School
Matheson         Donna      Hartford Middle School                   McIlwain      Nadine     Board of Education
Matthews         Julie      Belden Elementary School                 McKay         Tonya      Harter Elementary School
Matulich         Robyn      Communications & Public Affairs          McKeal        Jacinta    Gibbs Elementary School
May              Michelle   Fairmount & Gibbs Elementary School      McKelley      Jeff       Timken Senior High School
Mayberry         Chris      Dueber Elementary School                 McKinney      Barbara    Allen Elementary School
Mayhew           Robin      McKinley Senior High School              McKinney      Judi       Timken Senior High School
Mayle            Margie     Harter Elementary School & OAPSE         McLaughlin    Linda      Mason Elementary School
                            161A                                     McLaughlin    Robert     Hartford Middle School
McLeod       LaVon       Arts Academy @ Summit                    Mohan        Clare         McKinley Senior High School
McMaster     Kris        K-12 Instruction & School Improvement    Molnar       Rachel        Worley Elementary School
McMillen     Rita        McKinley Senior High School              Monahan      Elena         Worley Elementary School
McNeal       Jeanne      Lehman Middle School                     Monahan      Shawn         Curriculum & Instruction
McNeese      Georgette   Adult Career & Technical Education       Moneypenny   Bob           Allen Elementary School
McPhillen    Valerie     Arts Academy @ Summit                    Monnot       Colleen       Youtz Elementary School
Means        Bridgett    Transportation                           Monnot       Denny         McGregor Elementary School
Mease        Rob         Technology                               Monroe       Bruce         Timken Senior High School
Meder        Janet       Practical Nurse Program                  Montgomery   Corey         Worley Elementary School
Medford      Deborah     Early Childhood/Family Support           Moore        Andrea        McKinley Senior High School
Medford      Mary Beth   Youtz Elementary School & CPEA           Moore        Christine     Compton Learning Center - Digital
Medley       Stephanie   Allen Elementary School                                             Academy
Medure       Brian       Cedar Elementary School                  Moore        Keith         Transportation
Medure       Lori        Worley Elementary School                 Moore        Keva          Timken Senior High School
Meek         Carri       Arts Academy @ Summit                    Moore        Kyra          Timken Senior High School
Mendenhall   Nancy       McKinley Senior High School              Moore        Tammie        Dueber Elementary School
Meuche       Amanda      Portage Montessori                       Moorehead    Sarah         Worley Elementary School
Meyer        Jane        Adult Basic Literacy Education           Morena       Mary Ann      Health Services
Meyer        Julie       Worley Elementary School                 Moretta      Kay           Transportation
Michael      Andria      Superintendent's Office                  Morgan       Betty         Youtz Elementary School
Michel       Tracy       Hartford Middle School                   Morgan       Carole        McKinley Senior High School
Mikus        Theresa     Youtz Elementary School                  Morgan       Jennifer      Timken Senior High School
Milano       Michele     McGregor Elementary School               Morgan       Paul          Transportation
Miles        Beverly     McKinley Senior High School              Morgan       Sue           Substitute Office & OAPSE 161A
Miles        Cameron     Resource Teachers - Physical Education   Moriarty     Brian         McGregor Elementary School
                                                                  Morris       Mark          Compton Learning Center - Passages
Miles        Dimitri     Health Services & Hartford Middle        Morrison     Natalie       Timken Senior High School
                         School & Early College Academy           Morrow       Dianna        Elementary Counselor
Miller       Amy         McKinley Senior High School              Morrow       Minerva       Compton Learning Center - Digital
Miller       Betty       Transportation                                                      Academy & Graduation Academy
Miller       Kathy       Clarendon Elementary School              Morse        Cheryl        Timken Senior High School
Miller       Lori        Hartford Middle School                   Morton       Pam           Fairmount Elementary School
Miller       Molly       Clarendon Elementary School              Morton       Richard       Crenshaw Middle School
Milligan     Richard     Board of Education                       Most         Jennifer      Timken Senior High School
Mills        Annette     Transportation & OAPSE 107               Muhhamed     Sam           Timken Senior High School
Minner       Amy         McKinley Senior High School              Mullane      Christopher   Resource Teachers - Physical Education
Minocchi     Carol       Belden Elementary School                 Muntean      Ella          Belden Elementary School
Minock       Chris       Lehman Middle School                     Nader        Lisa          Mason Elementary School
Mishak       Brian       Belden Elementary School                 Nearhood     Edie          Crenshaw Middle School
Mishak       Tammy       Gibbs Elementary School                  Neff         Linda         Cedar, Dueber & Youtz Elementary
Mizer        Diane       Timken HS Career & Technical                                        Schools
                         Education                                Nelson       Amber         Timken Senior High School
Moag         Al          C.T. Branin Natatorium                   Nelson       Angela        Portage Montessori
Nelson           Pati        Timken Senior High School                Oravec         Jan          Portage Montessori
Nero             Daniel      K-12 Instruction                         Ormiston       Barb         Dueber Elementary School
Newell           Ryan        McKinley Senior High School              Osborne        Brenda       Transportation
Newman           Robert      Resource Teachers - Instrumental Music   Ost            Julie        Transportation
                             & McKinley Senior High School            Ostronisky     Jennifer     Youtz Elementary School
Newman           Ted         Technology                               Ostrov         Dee          Fairmount Elementary School
Newport          Carol       Clarendon Elementary School              Ostrum         Carol        McKinley Senior High School
Nguyen           Yen         Special Education-Speech/Lang.           Ott            Sharon       McGregor Elementary School
                             Pathologist & McKinley & Timken          Owens          Lisa         McKinley Senior High School
                             Senior High School                       Oyster-Smith   Jayme        Elementary Counselor
Nice             Terri       Transportation                           Pacconi        Nancy        Athletic Office
Nichelson        Susan       Timken Senior High School                Pack           Valerie      Timken Senior High School
Nickels          Lori        McKinley Senior High School              Palomba        Paul         Lehman Middle School
Nist             Stephanie   Health Services & McKinley Senior        Palomba        Stefany      Compton Learning Center - Choices
                             High School                              Paloney        Diane        Canton Academy
Njoroge          Jennifer    Timken Senior High School                Pandrea        Myron        Lehman Middle School
                                                                      Papadopulos    Paula        McGregor Elementary School
Noftz            Keith       McKinley Senior High School              Papaleo        Christina    Lehman Middle School
Norris           Jaclyn      Gibbs Elementary School                  Pappakostas    Stacey       Harter Elementary School
Norris           Jessica     Special Education-Speech/Lang.
                                                                      Pappas         Jim          McKinley Senior High School
                                                                      Paquette       Kathy        Portage Montessori
Oakerson         Diana       Timken Senior High School
                                                                      Paratore       Pam          Lehman Middle School
Oatley           Matt        Timken Senior High School                Paris          Sara         Transportation
Oberlin          Allison     Special Education - Resource Teacher &   Parke          Laura        McKinley Senior High School
                             McKinley Senior High School              Parker         Darrell      CPEA
O'Brien          Julie       McKinley Senior High School              Parker         Dr. Geneva   Early College Academy & CPEA
                                                                      Parker         Robin        Crenshaw Middle School
O'Dell-Compton   Darlene     Gibbs Elementary School                  Parks          Dick         Warehouse
O'Donnell        Sharon      McGregor Elementary School               Parks          Yvonne       Allen Elementary School & CPEA
Ogden            Margaret    Allen Elementary School                  Parrish        Jerry        Timken Senior High School
Ohlinger         Pam         Elementary Counselor                     Parrish        Pat          Resource Teachers - Physical Education
Ohlinger         Ray         Stone Elementary School                  Parsons        Nancy        Health Services & Early
Ohradzansky      Mark        McKinley Senior High School                                          Childhood/Family Support
Okey             Julie       Youtz Elementary School                  Patterson      Crystal      Belden Elementary School
Okey             Karen       Lehman Middle School
Oldroyd          Ruth        Gibbs Elementary School                  Patterson      Maurica      Cedar Elementary School
Oliver           Chad        Belden Elementary School                 Patterson      Michele      Harter Elementary School
Oliver           Erin        Timken Senior High School                Patterson      Robyn        Schreiber Elementary School
Oliver           Lori        Adult Basic Literacy Education           Paulette       Alicia       Belden Elementary School
Oliver           Susan       Timken Senior High School                Paulis         Deborah      Resource Teachers - Vocal Music &
                                                                                                  Arts Acad. @ Summit
Oliveri          Jacquie     Crenshaw Middle School
                                                                      Paulk          William      Timken Senior High School
Ondo             Officer     Timken Senior High School
Paumier            Philip      Operations/Maintenance              Psaris       Tracey        Crenshaw Middle School
Pedrotty           Paula       Compton Learning Center - Digital   Pukansky     Rob           Arts Academy @ Summit
                               Academy                             Pukys        James         Early College Academy
Pelger             Mandy       Schreiber Elementary School         Purtz        Lyn           Fairmount Elementary School
                                                                   Putman       Cindy         Early College High School
Perdue             Kristi      Lehman Middle School                Pyles        Carol         Dueber Elementary School
Perez              Barb        Treasurer's Office                  Queen        Dianna        Harter Elementary School
Perez              Rudy        Cedar Elementary School             Rafailedes   Patricia      McKinley Senior High School
Perrenoud          Tonya       Worley Elementary School            Ragon        Pat           Timken Senior High School
Perry              Kelly       Worley Elementary School            Ragon        Sondra        Timken Senior High School
Peterson           Nancy       Special Education - Psychologist    Rainieri     Michelle      Timken Senior High School
Petratrca          Karen       Timken Senior High School           Rair         Jennifer      Early College High School
Petry              Vicki       Cedar Elementary School             Ramirez      Melissa       Resource Teachers - Art
Phares             Patricia    Transportation                      Ramsey       Andrea        Allen Elementary School
Phillabaum         Debbie      Youtz Elementary School             Ranalli      Rachel        Allen Elementary School
Phillips           Carie       Lehman Middle School                Rankin       Kara          McGregor Elementary School
Phillips           Diane       Resource Teachers - Vocal Music     Rastetter    Kory          McKinley Senior High School
Piccari            Thomas      Arts Academy @ Summit               Ratliff      Vicki         Clarendon Elementary School
Pierce             Lou Anne    Cedar Elementary School             Ray          Connie        Practical Nurse Program
Pigott             Jason       Early College Academy               Ray          Michael       Adult High School
Pipero-Henderson   Stephanie   Timken HS Career & Technical        Rechner      Tina          Dueber Elementary School
                                                                   Reed         Cynthia       Arts Academy @ Summit
Pirolozzi          Jill        Fairmount Elementary School
                                                                   Reed         Keith         Harter Elementary School & OAPSE
Pisani             Jennifer    Worley Elementary School                                       107
Pittman            Trina       Fairmount Elementary School         Reed         Kyle          Hartford Middle School
Pitts              Norma       Special Education - COTA/L          Reese        Becky         Allen Elementary School
Poje               Lynn        Timken HS Career & Technical        Rehfus       Ed            Lehman Middle School
                                                                   Rehfus       Joan          C.T. Branin Natatorium
Polewan            Christine   McKinley Senior High School
                                                                   Rehfus       Lissa         Harter Elementary School
Ponn               Erin        Timken Senior High School
                                                                   Reifsnyder   Jane          Portage Montessori
Pontuti            Denise      Harter Elementary School
                                                                   Reinhard     Dana          Curriculum & Instruction & Technology
Poole              Stacy       Communications/Public Affairs &
                               Safety/Security                     Reinhart     Ashley        Special Education - Psychologist &
                                                                                              Early Childhood/Family Support
Powell             Kim         Resource Teachers - Vocal Music
                                                                   Reiter       Amy           Compton Learning Center - Connections
Power              Jaclyn      Timken Senior High School
                                                                   Renicker     Nicole        Stone Elementary School
Pratt              Cyrilia     Belden Elementary School
                                                                   Repp         Susan         Mason Elementary School
Prendes            Nancy       McGregor Elementary School
                                                                   Resnick      Eric          Board of Education
Pressley           Yvonne      Special Education - Legal Mandate
                                                                   Reynolds     H. Clifford   Gibbs Elementary School
Prete              Nancy       Clarendon Elementary School
                                                                   Rice         Barbara       Harter Elementary School
Pride              Marie       McKinley Senior High School
                                                                   Rice         Carolyn       Belden Elementary School
Princehorn         Kevin       McKinley Senior High School
                                                                   Rich         Barbara       Mason Elementary School
Pringle            Darryl      Timken Senior High School
                                                                   Rich         Christa       Mason Elementary School
Richardson   Deborah      Cedar Elementary School                  Roshong         Chris      Dueber Elementary School
Richeson     Jennifer     Hartford Middle School                   Ross            Barbara    Belden Elementary School
Richmond     Jody         Youtz Elementary School                  Ross            Margaret   McKinley Senior High School
Richmond     Rob          Youtz Elementary School                                  (Peg)
Rider        Gary         McKinley Senior High School              Ross            Ron        McKinley Senior High School
Ridings      Katie        McGregor Elementary School
Rife         Linda        Child Nutrition                          Ross            Susan      Health Services/S.A.V.E.
Riffle       Linda        CPEA                                     Ross            Susan      Stone Elementary School
Riley        Lindsey      Mason Elementary School                  Rossetti        Kim        Technology
Riley        Mark         Fairmount Elementary School              Rossetti        Kristen    Harter Elementary School
Riley        Mary Jane    Allen, Fairmount & McGregor              Rossetti        Selena     Schreiber Elementary School
                          Elementary Schools                       Rossetti-Audi   Cynthia    Timken Senior High School
Riley        Tina         Harter Elementary School & CPEA          Roteck          Leslie     McKinley Senior High School
                                                                   Roten           Jo         Special Education - Outpost Secondary
Rimer        Melissa      Arts Academy @ Summit & CPEA             Roud            Linda      Youtz Elementary School
Rimmele      Kim          Portage Montessori                       Ruda            Gail       Worley Elementary School
Rinehart     Russell      Gibbs, Mason & Schreiber Elementary      Rudd            Lynn       McKinley Senior High School
                          Schools                                  Rushin          Rene'      Allen Elementary School
Risaliti     Steve        Resource Teachers - Physical Education   Rushin          Rodney     Lehman Middle School
                                                                   Russ            Brenda     Schreiber Elementary School & OAPSE
Risden       Ingrid       McKinley Senior High School                                         161A
Risher       Shery        Allen Elementary School                  Russ            Julie      Stone Elementary School
Ritter       Nicky        Stone Elementary School
Roach        Dean         Lehman Middle School                     Russell         Crystal    Timken Senior High School
Robbins      Kimberly     Clarendon Elementary School              Russell         Susan      Cedar Elementary School
Robbins      Mary Jo      Youtz Elementary School                  Russell         Troy       Early College High School
Roberts      Amanda       Special Education-Speech/Lang.           Rusu            Cindy      Transportation
                          Pathologist & Portage Montessori         Ruth            Rick       Adult Career & Technical Education
Roberts      Jill         Lehman Middle School                     Ruzinsky        Angela     Canton Academy
                                                                   Sacilotto       John       Timken Senior High School
Robinette    Rachel       Crenshaw Middle School                   Sallie          Tracy      Early Childhood/Family Support
Robinson     Bill         Crenshaw Middle School                   Samoila         Fran       Resource Teachers - Vocal Music
Robinson     Brenda       Transportation                           Sampsel         Laura      Schreiber Elementary School
Roden        Dr. Robert   Portage Montessori                       Sams            Ernie      Timken Senior High School
Rodgers      Timothy      Administrative Center                    Sandru          Marna      Timken Senior High School
Rodocker     Joann        Belden Elementary School                 Sarber          Mary Lou   Mason Elementary School
Rodriguez    Kathy        McKinley Senior High School              Sassano         Ann        McKinley Senior High School
Rogers       Crystal      Transportation                           Scalia          Lucretia   Clarendon Elementary School
Romell       Christina    McKinley Senior High School              Scarpitti       Cathie     Clarendon Elementary School
Ronske       Mary         Portage Montessori                       Schauer         Denise     Allen Elementary School
Rooney       Dan          Timken Senior High School                Scheetz         Miriam     Resource Teachers - Art
Rose         Samantha     McKinley Senior High School              Scheetz         Patricia   Health Services & CPEA
Rosetta      Sandy        CPEA                                     Scheetz         Sandy      Youtz Elementary School
Schiavone    Joan       K-12 Instruction & Human Resources      Shreve      Penny         C.T. Branin Natatorium
Schmidt      David      Clarendon Elementary School             Shulik      Marissa       Schreiber Elementary School
Schmidt      David      McKinley Senior High School             Shundry     Valerie       Cedar Elementary School
Schneider    Dee        Lehman Middle School                    Silvaroli   Bonnie        McKinley Senior High School
Schorsten    Marcia     Elementary Counselor                    Simcic      Janelle       Dueber Elementary School
Schott       Jennifer   Worley Elementary School                Simmons     Annette       Special Education - COTA/L
Schrader     Courtney   Arts Academy @ Summit                   Simon       Bonita        Stone Elementary School
Schrock      Cathy      Youtz Elementary School                 Singer      Jean          Treasurer's Office
Schuler      Janelle    Mason Elementary School                 Singer      Theresa       McKinley Senior High School
Schumacher   Greg       Timken Senior High School               Sitzman     Alice         Special Education
Schwab       Sue        Compton Learning Center - Choices,      Six         Kevin         Crenshaw Middle School
                        Connections & Passages                  Skelley     Maria         Ohio State Young Scholars Program
Scott        Angela     Stone Elementary School                 Skotnicky   Cheryl        Timken Senior High School
                                                                Slusarski   Andrea        Early College Academy
Scott        Dawn       Harter Elementary School                Smail       Denise        Timken Senior High School
Scott        Janet      Dueber Elementary School                Small       William       Timken Senior High School
Scott        Yvonne     McGregor Elementary School              Smarr       Beth          Fairmount Elementary School
Seders       Angela     Allen Elementary School                 Smith       Barbara       McKinley Senior High School
Sedmock      Christen   Stone Elementary School                 Smith       Carmelita     Parent Mentor Program (Timken)
Sedmock      Pat        Timken Senior High School               Smith       Charan        McGregor Elementary School
Seeden       Derek      Compton Learning Center - Connections   Smith       Christopher   Curriculum & Instruction
Seiple       Jolinda    Curriculum & Instruction                Smith       Dina          Harter Elementary School
Seiple       Sam        C.T. Branin Natatorium                  Smith       JoAnn         Arts Academy @ Summit
Selby        Claudia    McKinley Senior High School             Smith       Jonathan      Gibbs Elementary School
Senter       Micki      Early College Academy                   Smith       Kimberly      McKinley Senior High School
Serra        Kelly      Timken Senior High School               Smith       Kory          Lehman Middle School
Sewell       Debra      McGregor Elementary School              Smith       Mackenzie     Arts Academy @ Summit
Sexton       Lori       Compton Learning Center - Choices       Smith       Rollen        Mason Elementary School
Shaheen      Sophia     McGregor Elementary School              Smith       Tim           McKinley Senior High School
Shankle      Ronald     Operations/Maintenance                  Snell       Jill          Allen Elementary School
Shauer       Meghan     McKinley Senior High School             Snyder      Billi         Dueber Elementary School
Shaw         Jennifer   Timken Senior High School               Snyder      Dray          Timken Senior High School
Shaw         Jonathan   Worley Elementary School                Snyder      Judith        Cedar Elementary School
Shepard      Kevin      Stone Elementary School                 Snyder      Melissa       Compton Learning Center
Shephard     Bryan      Early College High School               Solomon     Laura         Portage Montessori
Sheppard     John       Hartford Middle School                  Sommer      Diane         Schreiber Elementary School
Shetler      Ashton     Timken Senior High School               Soper       Greg          Compton Learning Center - Digital
Shier        Gary       Lehman Middle School                                              Academy & CPEA
Shimek       Paul       Timken Senior High School               Southall    Aimee         Belden Elementary School
Shimko       Tammy      Portage Montessori
Shipbaugh    Erin       Harter Elementary School                Spach       Colleen       Arts Academy @ Summit
Shock        Myrna      Lehman Middle School                    Spall       Jeanne        Fairmount Elementary School
Shooks       Becca      Clarendon Elementary School             Spangler    Teresa        Crenshaw Middle School
Spence             Yamile        McKinley Senior High School              Sturm          Diana        Schreiber Elementary School
Spencer            Jocelyn       Schreiber Elementary School              Sturm          Ivan         Adult High School & Timken High
Spilios            Rebecca       Adult Career & Technical Education                                   School
Spivey             Robin         Stone Elementary School                  Sturm II       Ivan         Resource Teachers - Physical Education
Spondyl            Nick          Hartford Middle School                   Stutz          Gayle        Worley Elementary School
Springer           Anne          Allen Elementary School                  Suter-Connor   Caroline     Schreiber Elementary School
Springer           Kim           Stone Elementary School                  Suteu          Deanna       Belden Elementary School
St. George         Jill          Adult High School & Timken Senior        Sweirz         Kelly        Harter Elementary School
                                 High School                              Swope          David        McKinley Senior High School
Stands             Terry         Schreiber Elementary School              Tabellion      Dorothy      Timken Senior High School
                                                                          Tabellion      Mandy        Special Education - PT
Stanton            Tricia        Belden Elementary School                 Taggart        Bruce        Compton Learning Center
Starkey            Amy           Special Education - COTA/L               Talbert        Jacqueline   Early College High School
Stepanovich        Heather       Cedar Elementary School                  Tate           James        Mason Elementary School
Stephens           Debra         Clarendon Elementary School              Tatka          Barbara      Crenshaw Middle School
Sterling           Bill          C.T. Branin Natatorium                   Taylor         Beth         Adult Career & Technical Education
Stevens            Karla         Allen Elementary School                  Taylor         Georgia      Fairmount Elementary School
Stevens            Korey         Belden Elementary School                 Taylor         Kathleen     Arts Academy @ Summit
Stevens Robinson   Diane         Diversity                                Taylor         Mary Lou     Timken Senior High School
Stevic             Denise        Clarendon Elementary School              Taylor         Pam          Transportation
Steward            Kathy         Schreiber Elementary School              Taylor         Tiffany      Transportation
Stewart            Stephanie     Harter Elementary School                 Taylor-Groce   Velva        Fairmount Elementary School
Stewart            Timothy       Resource Teachers - Instrumental Music   Temsic         Lynda        McKinley Senior High School
                                 & Early College Academy & Lehman         Tercek         Patricia     Youtz Elementary School & CPEA
                                 Middle School                            Terrell        Cindy        Purchasing
Stinson            Sandra        Belden Elementary School
                                                                          Terrell        Michelle     Treasurer's Office
                                                                          Terry          Gloria       Stone Elementary School
                                                                          Theiss         Patty        Special Education - LPTA
Stock              Gloria        Crenshaw Middle School
                                                                          Thewes         Barb         Stone Elementary School
Stokes             Maquitta      Fairmount Elementary School
                                                                          Thoman         Bruce        Youtz Elementary School
Stokes             Montezes      Transportation
                                                                          Thomas         Larisa       Child Nutrition
Stokes-Davis       Deidre        McKinley Senior High School
                                                                          Thomas         Olivia       Gifted Education
Stokoe             Jennifer      Harter Elementary School
                                                                          Thomas         Regina       Clarendon Elementary School
Stoll              Paula         Clarendon Elementary School
                                                                          Thomas         Richard      Timken Senior High School
Stone              Christopher   Timken Senior High School
                                                                          Thompson       Cindy        Early College Academy
Stoneman           Kaitlyn       Harter Elementary School
                                                                          Thompson       David        Curriculum & Instruction
Strain             Ora           Allen Elementary School
                                                                          Thornton       Lance        Dueber Elementary School
Stranger           Sean          McKinley Senior High School
                                                                          Tilstra        Joe          Lehman Middle School
Strattonbey        Michelle      McKinley Senior High School
                                                                          Tisevich       Jack         Timken Senior High School
Straughn           Kellie        Special Education - Resource Teacher
                                                                          Tisevich       Susan        Resource Teachers - PE & Arts
Streb              Maria         Clarendon Elementary School                                          Academy @ Summit
Stroud             Dennis        McKinley Senior High School              Tolbert        Barb         Special Education - LPTA
Studer             Sam           Early College High School
Tolley      Bill        Athletic Office                   Unkefer         Tammy       McKinley Senior High School
Tomko       Kim         Youtz Elementary School           Valentine       Brenda      McKinley Senior High School
Tomovcik    Ronda       Stone Elementary School           VanAlmen        Marilyn     McKinley Senior High School
Tomsho      Nancy       Timken Senior High School         Vanicek         Diana       McGregor Elementary School
Tondra      Janice      Special Education-Speech/Lang     VanPelt         Colleen     Gibbs Elementary School
                        Pathologist                       Vassalotti      Beth        Cedar Elementary School
Tonsky      Stella      Dueber Elementary School          Vega            Brenda      Crenshaw Middle School
                                                          Vehonsky        Regina      Fairmount Elementary School
Tornero     Ernie       McKinley Senior High School       Vickroy         Carla       McKinley Senior High School
Torok       Inge        McKinley Senior High School       Villella        Helen       Transportation
Torok       Tammy       Timken Senior High School         Vitale          Rebecca     Canton Academy & Special Education -
Torrence    Yolanda     McKinley Senior High School                                   Psychologist
Toth        Beth        McKinley Senior High School       Vogt            Laurie      Allen Elementary School
Tovissi     Cheryl      Stone Elementary School
Towles      Michele     Timken Senior High School         Volkert         Brenda      Belden Elementary School
Townsend    Kathie      Timken Senior High School         Volkmann        Cristina    McKinley Senior High School
Tozzi       Maureen     McGregor Elementary School        Voshall         Charles     Hartford Middle School
Traikoff    Paul        Harter Elementary School          Vozar           Melissa     Portage Montessori
Trapani     Sherry      McGregor Elementary School        Vretas          Mary        Stone Elementary School
Traugott    Ruth        Transportation                    Wade            Dotty       Lehman Middle School
Trbovich    Marcia      Compton Learning Center -         Wadley          Michelle    Portage Montessori
                        Connections, Passages             Wafler          Lynn        Athletic Office
Trbovich    Michelle    Crenshaw Middle School            Waggoner        Connie      Belden Elementary School
                                                          Waggoner        Delanna     Gibbs Elementary School
Trissel     Sherri      Transportation                    Wagler          Michelle    Hartford Middle School
Tristano    Travis      Fairmount Elementary School       Wagner          Peggy       Compton Learning Center - Passages
Troyer      Leora       Belden Elementary School          Waldren         Joyce       Allen Elementary School
Tsangeos    Linda       Belden Elementary School          Walker          Melissa     Youtz Elementary School
Tucke       Angela      Youtz Elementary School           Walker          Pamela      Dueber Elementary School
Tulip       Christian   Worley Elementary School          Walker          Ron         C.T. Branin Natatorium
Turkalj     Lisa        Belden Elementary School          Walker          Sharen      Fairmount Elementary School
Turner      Ann         Allen Elementary School           Walker          Trudy       Technology & OAPSE 161
Turner      Carolyn     Cedar Elementary School           Wallace         Linda       Dueber Elementary School
Turner      Doris       McKinley Senior High School       Wallace         Thomasine   Crenshaw Middle School
Turner      Regina      Belden Elementary School          Walser          Corrine     Transportation
Turpin      Saundra     Stone Elementary School           Walter          Jane        Arts Academy @ Summit
Twiddy      Jeff        McKinley Senior High School       Walter          Renee       Belden Elementary School
Twinem      John        Crenshaw Middle School            Waltman-Kliem   Paula       Cedar Elementary School
Twinem      Stephanie   Schreiber Elementary School       Wantz           Chris       Lehman Middle School
Uft         Christina   Gibbs Elementary School           Warden          Lisa        Worley Elementary School
Ulrich      Susan       Resource Teachers - Vocal Music   Warner          Karen       Stone Elementary School
Umlauf      Beth        Lehman Middle School              Warner          Melissa     Harter Elementary School
Ungashick   Bill        McKinley Senior High School       Warner          Melissa     Timken Senior High School
Warren       Ann       Cedar Elementary School                  Williams      Antwan     Timken Senior High School
Warren       Bonnie    Practical Nurse Program                  Williams      Joyce      Belden Elementary School
Warstler     Pam       Worley Elementary School                 Williams      Lori       Youtz Elementary School
Watkins      Myra      Hartford Middle School                   Williams      Melvin     Transportation
Watson       Anthony   Resource Teachers - Instrumental Music   Williams      Susan      Crenshaw Middle School
                       & Crenshaw Middle School                 Willits       Bridget    Youtz Elementary School
Watson       James     Operations/Maintenance & OAPSE 107       Wilson        Allyson    Timken Senior High School
                                                                Wilson        Carol      Practical Nurse Program
Watson       Lynn      CPEA                                     Wilson        Karen      Timken Senior High School
Watson       Michael   Compton Learning Center - Passages       Wimer         Sherrell   Adult Career & Technical Education
Watson       Michael   Lehman Middle School                     Winn          Loretha    Belden Elementary School
Watson       Steve     Lehman Middle School                     Winter        Tricia     Stone Elementary School
Watson       Toni      Special Education-Speech/Lang            Withers       William    Transportation
                                                                Wittkamper    Janice     Cedar Elementary School
Watson       Will      Compton Learning Center - Choices
                                                                Wohlfarth     Pat        McKinley Senior High School
                                                                Wolfe         Michael    McGregor Elementary School
Watters      Deborah   Harter Elementary School
                                                                Wolford       Damien     Special Education - Legal Mandate
Weatherbee   Ken       McKinley Senior High School
                                                                Womack, Jr.   Sandy      Hartford Middle School
Weaver       Chad      McKinley & Timken Senior High
                       Schools                                  Wood          Debra      Harter Elementary School
Weaver       Michael   Crenshaw Middle School                   Woodford      Kristy     Assessment & Data Analysis
Weaver       Paula     Clarendon Elementary School              Woodring      Shirley    Harter Elementary School
Weaver       Robin     Allen Elementary School                  Woolums       Ted        Special Education - Psychologist &
Webb         Kate      Harter Elementary School                                          McKinley High School
                                                                Worley        Gary       Early College Academy
Weibel       Fred      Worley Elementary School
Weidner      Bill      CCS TV - Channel 11
                                                                Worstell      Brian      Lehman Middle School
Weir         Sandy     Fairmount Elementary School
                                                                Wright        Ruby       Timken Senior High School
Weiss        Cindy     Special Education
                                                                Wycuff        Brian      Harter Elementary School
Welch        Demaree   McKinley Senior High School
                                                                Wycuff        Jan        Worley Elementary School
Welch        Katie     Resource Teachers - Physical Education
                                                                Wyer          April      Assessment & Data Analysis
Wells        Victor    McKinley Senior High School
                                                                Wyer          Bill       Technology
Wengerd      Kathryn   Crenshaw Middle School
                                                                Wyler         Diane      McKinley Senior High School
Wensel       Deborah   Special Education
                                                                Yoder         Nicki      Clarendon Elementary School
Wesley       Jamar     Early College Academy
                                                                Yohe          Gwen       Stone Elementary School
Westlake     Theresa   C.T. Branin Natatorium
                                                                Yontz         David      Transportation
Wetzel       Laura     Harter Elementary School
                                                                Yost          Drake      McKinley Senior High School
Wheele       Amy       McGregor Elementary School
                                                                Young         Cynthia    Allen Elementary School
Wheeler      Ivy       Resource Teachers - Art
                                                                Young         Kelley     Hartford Middle School
Whipkey      Cathy     Lehman Middle School
                                                                Young         Mark       Operations/Maintenance
Whitehouse   Theresa   Mason Elementary School
                                                                Young         Mella      Timken Senior High School
Wilds        Karen     Health Services
                                                                Yutzy         Carla      Harter Elementary School
Wiley        Michael   Timken Senior High School
                                                                Zabinski      Stacy      Fairmount Elementary School
Wilgus       Sharon    Clarendon Elementary School
                                                                Zagray        Peter      Technology
Zamilski   Ed          Clarendon Elementary School
Zapolnik   Jarred      McKinley Senior High School
Zayac      Teresa      Practical Nurse Program
Zearley    Nancy       Dueber Elementary School
Zelker     David       Timken Senior High School
Zimbello   Elizabeth   Clarendon Elementary School
Zimmer     Nykole      Transportation
Zufall     Michele     Mason Elementary School
Zuniga     Heather     Schreiber Elementary School
Zupp       Maureen     Special Education-Speech/Lang.
Zutali     Karen       Lehman Middle School

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