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					          JORGE & GUILLERMO

                                           Jorge & Guillermo form a unique
                                   team of composers—two brothers with a
                                   passion to create music to satisfy multiple
                                   genre and mediums. Their successful and
                                   recognized body of work has encompassed
                                   film, Television, interactive multimedia and
                                   advertising for over twenty years.

        From their early youth, the brothers
were surrounded by an artistic and creative
environment of painters, writers and
musicians that knew how to impress upon
them the love for any artistic manifestation,
and the necessity of constantly expressing
themselves through their music. Their
architect father and publicist mother nurtured
their success further.

         A major element of their success is their versatility—based on having
multi-variant music training—experimentation and their ability to assimilate to
their client’s vision.

        With an insatiable desire to listen to all kinds and manner of music over
the years, this allowed them to compose and perform on a wide musical palette
of styles, with ranges from the orchestral classical world and film scoring, to the
most authentic Jazz, rock, blues, Latin, metal, world, dance and other modern

        Since childhood, they have always had an special fascination and
predilection for film, spending a large part of their savings going to the premiere
of as many films as they could, movie marathons, cinemas and the film library
projections in their neighborhood. Consequently, this exposure gave them the
opportunity to recognize the work of great film composers of all eras, giving
themselves a certain advantage to completely understand the language that great
film directors—both from the past and present—demanded for their films.

        Working together occurred in a very natural way. Although coming
from “different worlds,” as the years passed, a mutual influence of admiration
and assimilation took place, with the brothers learning from each other their
respective specialties.

       Early on, they had a number of occasions to mix both genres—classical
& rock—when performing for intimate artistic gatherings. It was from these
beginnings Badolatomusic was formed.

                               From the early 80s to present, videogames have
                       had an equal impact on their music, for they have played
                       all genres of games on every imaginable platform. It
                       naturally followed that this passion translated into scoring
                       and sound design for the industry and other interactive
                       media. They have specialized on creating multilayered
                       interactive tracks for “next generation” videogames.

                              Because of scoring videogames, they have a "geek-
type” of interest in the medium, and make themselves aware of the latest
modern technologies related to music production. Going one-step further, they
enjoy designing, gathering components and mounting their
own digital audio workstations.

       Having the ability to deliver live symphonic
orchestra scores, some of their original compositions and
orchestrations have been recorded by The Budapest Film
Orchestra, and have relationships with some of the finest
European orchestras and choirs, including the Bratislava
Symphony Orchestra.

        They also create hybrid scores, incorporating modern and traditional
music elements. They create and produce powerful orchestral mockups, using
the latest virtual instrument orchestral sampler libraries; record live, all guitars
(electric, acoustic & Spanish) and keyboards; sequence for virtually any
instrument; and, contract the finest professional musicians and singers to
perform on their productions as needed.

         "We like the challenge of placing ourselves in a film or game
         director’s mind, and fuse their ideas with ours in order to
         achieve that the final work has the desired depth and
         technical quality that we all look for. On every project we
         work, our objective is always to achieve the most emotional
         impact we possibly can give to compliment the visuals
         through the music and sound experience.”
       The brothers are residents of Madrid, Spain and Los Angeles, California.

Jorge Badolato Cillero
        Born in Madrid, Jorge attended the Conservatory of Music of Madrid,
where his pedagogy included composition, piano and oboe with many of the
most renowned composers in Spain. Professionally, he performed both as a
solo player and with several chamber groups, developing continuo bass with
Baroque groups, playing piano for Big Band and theatre works, and as a
keyboard player on rock and pop bands and more.

        Jorge studied with, among others, Antón García Abril, one of the more
venerated composers from Spain; Zulema de la Cruz in the specialties of
electro-acoustic and orchestration; and, counterpoint with Mercedes Padilla. He
assisted in Master-Classes with José María Sánchez-Verdú and José Manuel
López López.

         “Receiving advice from Antón García Abril has been one of
         the most important things that happened in my life as
         composer. He understands how to share his knowledge with
         his students without any reservation.”

        Jorge has taught piano, solfeo, music theory and composition, among
many other subjects. He was conductor for some live shows with actors,
singers and musicians for the contemporaneous grouping Proyecto Ulises.

        Among his compositions are works for chamber music and solo
instruments, orchestral and orchestral with singers, choir and reciters, singer and
piano, electro-acoustic, and, of course, creation of music and sound effects for
films, Television, video games and advertising.

Guillermo Badolato Cillero
       Born in Madrid and fascinated with music as a child, Guillermo began
studying music and guitar at school. The years that followed included formal
music and instrument training, both privately and at music academies, where he
developed his composition abilities and performed with bands.

        With a great interest in progressive rock guitarists from the 80s and film
scoring—quite a dichotomy—it lead to playing guitar eight hours a day and the
creation of many instrumental guitar tracks and subsequently composing his
early cinematic compositions.

       At 19, he temporarily relocated to Hollywood to advance his skills at the
Musicians Institute (MI). Guillermo studied with world-class musicians,
including Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson, Jeff Beck), Scott Henderson (Chick
Corea, Jean-Luc Ponty), Keith Wyatt (The Blasters), Ross Bolton (Al Jarreau,
The Beach Boys), and Grammy Award recipient Norman Brown, among others.
He graduated from MI’s Guitar Institute of Technology with highest honors.

        Returning to Madrid, he taught guitar, improvisation, composition,
harmony, music theory and other areas of study at music academies and
privately, toured with national bands and artists as lead guitarist, and continued
studying orchestration, music production and mixing techniques.

        Guillermo’s work demonstrates his diverse capabilities composing
guitar-based tracks—from delicate acoustic to blues to flamenco to brutal
metal—scoring cinematic orchestral music, choir, electronica, songwriting,
hybrid scores, and more.

         "Music has always been present in my life. My earliest music
         memories as a small child came from my parent’s vast
         collection of records, which were always playing in the
         background at home. The music ranged from The Beatles and
         Pink Floyd, to the expansive classical music record collection
         they own. I remember watching Star Wars, and how the
         movie grabbed me from the start, and began my interest in
         music composition without even knowing it.

         “At Musician’s Institute, I had the opportunity to assist in
         Master Classes with some of the greatest guitar players in the
         world—Robben Ford, who worked with Miles Davis and
         George Harrison; Paul Gilbert of Mr. Big and Racer X; Carl
         Veheyen, who worked with Supertramp, Christine Aguilera
         and on major motion pictures; Frank Gambale, who played
         with Chick Corea and Jean-Luc Ponty; and, Paul Hanson,
         who was guitar coach for Michael J. Fox and George

         “My work with these greats has had immeasurable impact on
         my composition and performance skills, which has translated
         into a unique creative contribution to all of my productions.”

                                      JORGE & GUILLERMO


                                                        Madrid, Spain    Los Angeles, California

                                                            Citizenship: Spain (EU)


SANTA VS CLAUS [HD Animation] (Original Music, SFX)              Christopher Doyle, dir./prod.
Fanciful Arts Animation / Comet Entertainment                    Raquel Benitez, Rose-Marie Couture, exec. prod.

EL HOMBRE DE AL LADO                                             Rosa Blas Traisac, dir.
Escuela de Cinema y Audiovisual Comunidad de Madrid


Vin Diesel’s WHEELMAN                                            Craig Beattie, audio dir.
Midway Games / Tigon Studios / MTV Games / Ubisoft

PRO ZOMBIE SOCCER APOCALYPSE (Original Music, Sound Design, Audio Direction)
Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team / Chillingo   Enrique Corts Llopis, prod.

PRO ZOMBIE SOCCER (Original Music, Sound Design, Audio Direction)
Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team                    Enrique Corts Llopis, prod.

LET’S DANCE (Soundtrack)                                         Nacho Fernandez, prod.
Korner Entertainment

Imagine CHAMPION RIDER (Original Music, Sound Design)
Virtual Toys / Ubisoft                                           Rubén Gómez, exec. prod.

FAITHFAN (Original Music, Sound Design for Teaser) – In development
Xperimenta Planet!

Imagine RESCUE VET (Original Music, Sound Design)
Virtual Toys / Ubisoft                                           Rubén Gómez, exec. prod.

HOOPWORLD: BASKETBRAWL! (SFX)                                    Alberto De Hoyo Nebot, prod.
Virtual Toys / Streamline Studios

THE SCOURGE PROJECT (Original Music, Sound Design) - In development
Tragnarion Studios

TERMINATOR (Original Music, Sound Design)                        Dave Vout, dir.
Big Head Games / Dark Horse Comics

                                   EXCLUSIVE REPRESENTATION BY OTTO VAVRIN II
DOODLE HEX (Original Music, Sound Design)
Pinnacle Software / Tragnarion Studios
  2008 Most Innovative Game, Asociación de Desarrolladores de Ocio Interactivo Digital

Russell Grant’s ASTROLOGY (Sound Design)
Shanblue Interactive / Koch Media / Deep Silver                       Francisco Mollá, exec. prod.

INTERNATIONAL SNOOKER                                                 Dave Vout, dir.
Big Head Games
  2008 MobileGameFAQs Gold Award

ELEFUNK PS3                                                           Dave Vout, dir.
8 Bit Games / Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

 ZOMBIE BBQ (Original Music, Sound Design)
Gammick Entertainment (Grupo Planeta) / Enjoy Up / Destineer          Ignacio Fernández, prod.

ANIMAL BOXING (Original Music, Sound Design)
Gammick Entertainment (Grupo Planeta) /                               José Íñiguez, prod.
 Gammick Studios / Destineer

FRITZ (Original Music, Sound Design)
Shanblue Interactive / Koch Media                                     Francesc Xavier Fradera, prod.


PIG NICK (Animation, Multiples)                                       Christopher Doyle, dir./prod.
Fanciful Arts Animation / Comet Entertainment                         Raquel Benitez, exec. prod.

LA NORIA (Theme, Multiples)                                           Alejandro Ojeda, Pedro Revaldería, dirs.
La Fábrica de la Tele / Telecinco Televisión

RADICAL CHANGE (aka CAMBIO RADICAL) (Multiples)                       Tony Gratacós, dir.
Grupo Boomerang / Antena 3 Televisión

AQUÍ HAY TOMATE (Multiples)                                           Óscar Cornejo, Adrián Madrid, dirs.
Salta Producciones / Hormigas Blancas / Telecinco Televisión

TRES DESEOS (Multiples)                                               Tony Gratacós, dir.
Boomerang / Antena 3 Televisión

TNT (Multiples)                                                       Óscar Cornejo, Adrián Madrid, dirs.
La Fabrica de la Tele

HORMIGAS BLANCAS (Multiples)                                          Various, dirs.
Factory TV / Telecinco Televisión

LA CARA B (Multiples)                                                 Alejandro Ojeda, dir.
Telecinco Televisión


Network image designs, various spots / backgrounds and music libraries for:

TELECINCO                 CUATRO                    ANTENA 3                   RADIO TELEVISIÓN GALLEGA (RTVG)
MTV NETWORKS              CANAL PLUS                NICKELODEON

                                       EXCLUSIVE REPRESENTATION BY OTTO VAVRIN II

Odisea – for String ensemble, recitator and soprano; 3 Movements
Va Cantando un Marinero – for Choir and symphonic orchestra; 4 Movements
El Patio Andaluz - Concerto for guitar and orchestra; 2 Movements
Habanera – for Symphonic orchestra
Spanish Waltz – for Symphonic orchestra
Songs After Texts of Spanish Poets – 12 songs for baritone and piano
Melody – for Oboe and piano; 3 Movements
Orfeo Visita a Caronte – for violin, cello and piano; 3 Movements
Eridamus – Electro-acoustic
Ganimedes 3:45 AM and Ganimedes 9:30 AM – Electro-acoustic; 2 Movements
Mosaico – Piano solo
Ylla – Piano solo
Albero – Piano solo
Canción de Cuna – Piano solo
Invenciones a Dos Voces – Piano solo


Dreams Palacio Del Hielo – Opening ceremony and individual performances; produced by Grupo Sono Multivisión
Orquesta “Odissea” (Radio Televisión Española, LA2TV) – Premiere of original compositions by string orchestra, soprano and
Fitur and Simo – Various music tracks for these two Ferial Events, Madrid; directed and produced by José Antonio de la Bella of
Microsoft Millennium Event – Music and sfx for Hi-Watt Sound Videowall presentation; produced by Grupo Sono Multivisión

Santa Cecilia School of Music Symphonic Orchestra – Piano, Oboe
Santa Cecilia School of Music Baroque Ensemble – Basso continuo, Oboe
Rodolfo Halffter Baroque Ensemble – Basso continuo
Rodolfo Halffter Big-Band - Piano

Proyecto Ulises (NU, Conductor; Viaje a Lavinia, Piano, Oboe; and, Las Siete Llaves, Piano, Oboe)


Joaquín Gómez de Segura Website ( Music and voiceover recordings for legendary author of theatre works

Fuerzas Armadas Profesionales - Music and sfx for CD-Rom about the Spanish Army; produced by Diseño y Aplicaciones
 Interactivas and the Spanish Army

Arqueomedia - Music, sfx and voice over recordings for multimedia instructional Arqueology CD-ROM; produced by Universidad
 SEK and Consejería de Educación y Cultura; CD-Rom by Montse Serrano and Dennis Illionet

Fundación Confemetal - Music for corporate image videos, produced by Tramec Multimedia; Mar Aguilar, dir.

Comunidad de Madrid Video Presentation – Music and sfx for animation; produced by Genoma I. +D


Bar Jazz Volume: Blue Melodies Played In Bars Vol. II - Various artists
Authentic Spain Today Vol. II CD – produced by J & G Badolato; distributed by Sonoton Music and APM Music USA;
  features The Budapest Film Orchestra, conducted by Gregor F. Narholz; recorded at studio 22, Budapest
Authentic Spain Today, Vol. I CD – Produced by J & G Badolato; distributed by Sonoton Music and APM Music USA
Romantic Flamenco Pop CD - Produced by J & G Badolato; distributed by John Cameron, British Audio Designs (USA)
Radical Techno Trance CD – Produced by J & G Badolato; distributed by John Cameron, British Audio Designs (USA)


Bar Jazz, Vol.2 CD (Blue Melodies Played In Bars)
Authentic Spain Today, Vol. II CD (Sonoton Music - APM Music), featuring recordings by The Budapest Film Orchestra
Authentic Spain Today, Vol. I CD (Sonoton Music - APM Music)

                                      EXCLUSIVE REPRESENTATION BY OTTO VAVRIN II
Romantic Flamenco Pop CD (British Audio - USA)
Radical Techno Trance CD (British Audio - USA)
Killer Sound Music Library (USA)
Sounds Dogs (USA)
Speak Easy Digital (Singapore)
Deep Gap Publishing (USA)
Radio Televisión Gallega (RTVG)
Antena 3


Microsoft                                              Vitruvio
Leo Burnett                                            J. Walter Thomson
McCann Erickson                                        Schweppes
Grupo Sono Multivisión                                 Grupo Creativos de publicidad
Sonodigi - (Madrid & Barcelona Studios)                Línea de Fuego - (Estudios Abaira)
Fitur - (Ferial Event - Madrid)                        Simo - (Ferial Event - Madrid)
Comunidad de Madrid                                    Fuerzas Armadas Españolas
Universidad S.E.K.                                     Planeta Del Hielo
Genoma I. + D.                                         Confemetal
Turrones El Lobo                                       D.A.I. - (Diseño y Aplicaciones Interactivas)
Bonos Ico                                              Ague Viladrau
Donuts                                                 Aceite Carbonell


Jorge Badolato Cillero:
   Escuela de música Santa Cecilia
   Conservatorio Rodolfo Halffter
   Real Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid
   “Scoring Big with Music for Video Games,” Hollywood, California

Guillermo Badolato Cillero:
  Taller de músicos de Madrid
  Musician’s Institute: Guitar Institute of Technology, Hollywood, California
  “Scoring Big with Music for Video Games,” Hollywood, California


Members, Sociedad General de Autores de España (SGAE)
Members, Game Audio Network Guild (GANG)


         “Recently, Fanciful Arts completed its first made-for-TV movie in which Badolato Music contributed by providing the
music, sound effects and music and sound effects editing. Their contribution was fundamental to the production for many reasons.
The excellent score they provided for the pilot paved the way for distribution deals that sealed the financing of the project. During the
production itself, they created terrific melodies for songs, as well as providing the soundtrack and, as mentioned, participated
creatively in the sound effects track. The end result is one of the film’s strengths, and its success can greatly be attributed to the work
of Jorge and Guillermo.”—Christopher Doyle, partner-producer, FANCIFUL ARTS ANIMATION

        “Badolatomusic was a pleasure to work with. They provided a great value for what we needed, and a very high quality of
music. They were very easy to work with, and adjusted to our requests. I would use them again in a heartbeat.”—Shaun Himmerick,
producer, VIN DIESEL´S WHEELMAN, Executive Producer and Interim Studio Head, MIDWAY NEWCASTLE

         “Working with Badolatomusic was a complete joy. They delivered 50% of the in-game musical scores for WHEELMAN
and most of the cutscene music. Their music fitted perfectly with the tense missions and atmosphere of the game. When things got
tight and changes to cutscenes where needed, they re-scored the music to fit, they delivered on time and time again without one
complaint. I highly recommend these guys as professional and accomplished musicians.”—Craig Beattie, Audio Director,

                                         EXCLUSIVE REPRESENTATION BY OTTO VAVRIN II
          “Badolatomusic is a great resource for contemporary as well as Spanish music for video games and film. Their focus in
interactive media has allowed them to create incredible score and radio-style songs for AAA video games. Their styles blend
orchestral, dance, Pop, and Spanish traditional music, in a way that is extremely compelling and unique. Badolato's sound and quality
stands above the predictable, expensive and boring composers who claim most of the video game work these days. Badolato follows
directions in detail, and deliver on time. Finally, Badolato's creative approach is refreshing, fun and edgy. I hope they make more
music for the games that I play. Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, Creative.”—Mark T. Morrison, Business Development,
UBISOFT USA; (formerly Vice President, Licensing, MIDWAY GAMES; Content Manager, ATARI)

         “Both brothers have composed and produced tracks for our PS3 game, Elefunk, and our iPhone game, International Snooker,
and in both cases produced tracks way above expectations, friendly, easy to get on with and high quality results.”—Dave Vout, co-
owner and director, BIG HEAD GAMES LTD.

         “I was looking for a studio that would both create great songs and also respect some technical constraints we had on our new
DS projects. I have to say that Badolatomusic met all my expectations in these areas. They have a good technical knowledge, and
managed to develop their creativity so that players won’t notice musicians were given any technical limit to the sound creation.
Working with them has been as smooth as it can be, requested changes were done quickly, compositions were always good and work
was always delivered on time. Overall, Badolato is one of the best sound creation studios I’ve worked with in my 20 years in the
business. I would recommend them anytime!”—Rubén Gómez, executive producer, VIRTUAL TOYS. [upcoming videogames for

           “I personally met the Badolato brothers in a cafeteria in Madrid. I needed to talk with them about the music for Fritz Chess
DS Videogame, which I was producing for Gammick Entertainment S.L.. The first impression I had was as if I was talking to friends
of mine. They are a pleasant pair, really enthusiastic about their work of composing music for videogames. It surprised me how quick
they could understand the kind of music I liked for the game, because in short time I received at work some samples they had
composed. I heard the samples and really loved them, so I simple gave them the green light to compose the rest of the music. They
are very creative, controlling, very well, different music styles, and having the technical knowledge about how music is implemented
on videogames (WAV, Midi…). Few months ago, I personally recommended them to Virtual Toys, the videogames company where
I’m currently working. I’m really happy, once again, with the music they have composed for the game I’m currently working on. It’s
just that I simply will recommend again to anyone who want to work with competent musicians.”—Francesc Xavier Fradera,
producer, VIRTUAL TOYS

                                       EXCLUSIVE REPRESENTATION BY OTTO VAVRIN II
Vin Diesel’s WHEELMAN
Playstation 3, XBOX 360, PC

                          “Sound: 8.5 | The soundtrack was awesome. There
                          were a variety of different genres of music on the
                          soundtrack, and it worked perfectly for the game.
                          The soundtrack is packed full of a variety of different
                          songs that will have you ready to steal cars or die
                          trying.”—Game Zone | March 25, 2009

                      “The Good: great cinematic chase music. Thankfully,
                      the music fits perfectly, with a Spanish-influenced
                      soundtrack for the game’s many loading screens, and
                      an orchestral score that adds to the urgency of the
chases.”—Game Spot | March 26, 2009

“The music in Wheelman is also quite good, supplying a perfect mix of calm
and heart-pounding tunes that fit the action on screen.”—Cheat Code Central |
March, 2009

“The sound track consists of orchestral tense music, and it really sets the mood
of a fast-paced action thriller.”—Escapist Magazine | March 21, 2009

“The game has wonderful music that crashes you into the car chases. It is
intense and pounding, and adds to the intensity and hype!”— |
March 8, 2009

“What was impressive, when you could hear it, was the game’s score. Instead
of the usual sludge of generic licensed songs that plague open world games,
Wheelman had an original soundtrack clearly inspired by the music of the actual
classic car chase films, and it perfectly captured the way a good film uses
music. Tracks were purely instrumental, monumental during major car chases
and then light and airy during relaxed scenes. Moving toward enemies
provoked tense music, while bursts of action called for suitable bursts of brass
and heavy synth bass. The music did a lot to help imagine the finished product
while playing the early version, and in the final game, could prove to be a
marvellous finishing touch.”—Worthplaying | April 23, 2008 | pre-release

“The music that accompanies the title is well up to par with the game. As it
couldn’t be less, the musical panorama has been boosted to the maximum on the
higher tense scenes, with frenetic and addictive melodies that will get the player
on his nerves.”— | April 4, 2009

                                              Badolatomusic provides score
                                              for Vin Diesel’s “Wheelman”

                                                       Brothers Jorge and
                                               Guillermo Badolato – known as
                                               Badolatomusic – have provided the
                                               majority of the music to Midway
                                               Newcastle and Tigon Studio’s
                                               blockbuster, Vin Diesel’s
                                                       The pair created half of the
                                               multi-layered interactive in-game
soundtrack and scored most of the title’s cutscenes, as well as creating music for
promotional trailers.
         The brothers describe the game’s soundtrack as ‘a high-energy and
frenetic action score’ featuring a mixture of powerful orchestral textures,
techno-electronica, percussion, Spanish flamenco and live electronic guitars.
         “Working with Badolatomusic was a complete joy,” said Craig Beattie,
audio director of Wheelman. “They delivered 50 per cent of the in-game
musical scores for Wheelman and most of the cutscene music. Their music
fitted perfectly with the tense missions and atmosphere of the game. When
things got tight and changes to cutscenes were needed they rescored the music
to fit, and they delivered time and time again without one complaint.”
         Jorge and Guillermo added: “It’s been a honour for us to work with
Midway on this title, there has been an excellent understanding with Craig
Beattie right from the start.”

Little Red Riding Hood’s ZOMBIE BBQ
Nintendo DS

“Sound: 8.8 - The music is pretty much perfect—each song is creepy, exciting,
and memorable. Beyond that, expect to hear plenty of moans, gunshots, and

Red’s adorable voice announcing what weapon you’ve just equipped.

“The music is just flat-out awesome—it reminds me of Zombies Ate My
Neighbors, and totally lives up to the soundtrack of that classic shooter. The
tunes manage to be creepy and rockin’ at the same time, and perfectly fit the
mood of the game.

“The game’s real stand-out feature is its audio. There’s not much voice work in
the game, but the few bits here and there (like Red shouting “Zombie
Barbecue!” at the title screen) are pretty cool.”—Gamezone - October 31, 2008

“I must say I was quite surprised by the sound in this game. The music is
astonishingly catchy, while unobtrusive to the gameplay. Sound effects are
pretty run of the mill and simple, while the voice acting…stereotypical is a
rough word to use, so let’s say…thematic instead. Perky and/or butch voices
with thick Japanese accents fill the game. “Shotu-gun!” and “Framethrower!”
said with such enthusiasm and enjoyment, seem to take away any offense to be
had. Sound quality is solid, enjoyable and amusing, all at once.”
—Diehardgamefan | November 21, 2008

“The game has a great old school soundtrack to it.”—Reviewbuster | Oct.31,

Nintendo DS

                                  2008 Most Innovative Game
                                  Asociación de Desarrolladores de
                                  Ocio Interactivo Digital

                                  “Sound 8.5/10 - A great soundtrack is backed
                                  up by cool character music. Doodle Hex has a
                                  very bright and vibrant design as well as
                                  awesome character music that adds to the
                                  atmosphere.”—Myds | September 17, 2008

“The music is crystal clear and suits the atmosphere of the title.”—Zentendo |
November 3, 2008

“Sound 8.0/10 | There's a surprising amount of good quality music samples,
usually reflecting each fighter's place of origin.”—Ds.Ign | July 29, 2008

“The music is all very unique and very catchy.”—Zentendo | October 29, 2008

                            Soundtrack Review

The Music Behind Pro Zombie Soccer
December 1, 2010

                                Is there room for the undead in pro sports? The
                        boys over at Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional
                        Mega Team sure think there is. Part zombie invasion,
                        part pro soccer, the game features hours of zombie
                        slaying action. However, behind all good games is
                        great music and with the sudden influx
                        of licensed music making its way into games; game
                        composers have to fight for their spots. Jorge &
Guillermo Badolato are the minds behind Pro Zombie Soccer’s epic soundtrack.
The brothers have worked on various games and
have received endorsements form nearly everyone they’ve worked with.

         The soundtrack to Pro Zombie Soccer is heavy, pulled down by strong
guitar riffs and double bass beats. The pair did an awesome job creating a dark
and freighting world for the player. Some highlights from the soundtrack
included the track ‘Alive and Kickin’ which is a prime example of the double
bass beat action, the song creates an alarming feeling and couples
the environment of the game perfectly. The properly named ‘Something Bad is
Comin’ is another highlight with its orchestrated violins and flutes that gives
the listener goosebumps whether they’re playing the game or just listening to
the soundtrack. ‘Retro Zombie Invader’ features some old school midi styling
that has been long absent from the video game world, while ‘Undead People’ is
more metal than most mainstream metal bands.

        The album as a whole is phenomenal and one of the best original
soundtracks I’ve heard in a long time. Jorge & Guillermo Badolato plan to keep
at the business and I hope to hear more from them in the near future. As far as a
number rating goes on this soundtrack, 4/5. For a video game soundtrack to fit
into mainstream rock and metal so well is a rarity and a welcome change.

                                                         Written by Jon Richard


                                  “To top everything off, Pro Zombie Soccer
                                  has an incredible soundtrack. It's like
                                  symphonic heavy metal mixed with gameplay

                                 “To accompany the great graphics, is just as
                                 great sound! The soundtrack is relevant to the
                                 environment, the sounds are appropriate and
                                 all of it is executed well! The soundtrack, on
more than one occasion, actually helped me focus a lot more than I could with
other games. Sound 5/5.”—Review Forums,

“The soundtrack. What a soundtrack! Absolutely epic, rocking beats accompany
each and every level of the game providing a unique ambientation that is going
to keep us immersed and excited during the battles. Score: 5/5.”—Feel the

“All the sounds in Pro Zombie Soccer involve moaning and groaning, which are
very fitting since as far as we know those are the only sound that zombies make.
The music on the other hand is epic with death metal flare. Nice! The best part
of it all is that there are 16 different sound tracks. The devs even put a music
section so the player could listen to the music without playing the level. If you
get tired of the music then you’re out of luck. Pro Zombie Soccer doesn’t allow
you to play your own music. In truth, the BGM (ed., background music) is
perfect for the gameplay. Sound: 5/5 - Loads of soundtracks.”

“Cinematic horror-grind soundtrack.”—

“Pro Zombie Soccer mixes survival shooter and tower defense game styles,
featuring an excellent soundtrack and very fluid graphics.”—

“There is also the soundtrack for the game, featuring sixteen songs, including
‘The Running’, ‘Dead Winter’, ‘Destroy Them All’ and ‘Epilogue.’ The extras
for the game are actually quite good, especially the great soundtrack you can
actually listen to. Score: 5/5.”

“Must buy. The soundtrack is intricate as well, with different soundtracks per
environment. The sound effects are deluxe. Sound/Music: 9.5.”

“The graphics and music are fantastic.”—Zombie Command

“Beautiful graphics and addictive gameplay are accompanied by a full,
powerful new soundtrack from BadolatoMusic.”—

“The soundtrack to this game is killer. Driving drums, overdriven guitars, and intense
string sounds deliver the perfect mood setting for destroying zombies.”—NodPad

“I want to give a big compliment about the music as well; I am a music major (viola
performance) and I compose electronica and ambient style music, so when I heard
this, I went crazy. It really drives the game, like how Morricone’s music drives The
Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.”—Evan Vicic, Reviews Writer, NodPod

“The music has the quality of a grade A zombie movie soundtrack.”—TechnoBrains

“The game has a rockin’, heart-thumping soundtrack, complete with a sweet guitar riff
(and slow motion) when you complete a level.”—AppAddict

“Aesthetics, music and gameplay are brilliant.”—Feel The Bite

“The music and graphics were excellent.”—

“The music has that rock flavour that gives emotion to the game, leaving no time to

“The background music is as beautiful as the graphics style”—TouchMania

“Background music helps maintain the tension high”—Spazio Iphone

“Beautiful graphics and addictive gameplay are accompanied by a full,
powerful new soundtrack from Badolatomusic.”—


                      “THE GOOD: There is also the same deluxe and great to
                      listen to soundtrack to go with the gory non-stop action.”—

                      “HEART-POUNDING MUSIC.”—iPadModo

“For veteran players, having great music is really important within games, and
Pro Zombie Soccer: Apocalypse Edition delivers. If you really want to get into
the gameplay and enjoy the sound tracks, bust out the speakers - it really is
enjoyable to listen to the crazy rock music in the background, which is varied as
well. There are many different songs available, and it’s one of the few Video
Game soundtracks I would actually be willing to buy! (That’s saying a lot..)
Sound: - 5/5 - Awesome rock soundtrack, well varied and likeable. There’s not
much more you could ask from a game nowadays.”—Mobile Tech Review


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