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 CD Automation sales Manual
CD Automation s.r.l.
 1.   What is an SCR?
      SCR is used in place of conventional AC power controllers made with
      Variable Voltage controllers, or variable transformer and electromagnetic
      contactor. SCR are typically used in electrothermal control applications of
      various industries including temperature control for electric furnaces and
      heat treatment processing.
 2.   The Principle behind SCR.
 •    There are two types of control
      systems used in SCR. These are:
       (1) Phase angle control
       (2) Cycle control
 •    Phase angle control
       As shown in Figure 1, under phase
       angle control, power is supplied to
       the load only during part of the
       AC voltage waveform. Output
       voltage can be controlled by
       increasing or decreasing the
       portion that is cut out.
CD Automation s.r.l.
•   Cycle control
    As shown in Figure 2, the power is supplied to the load for an ON
    time and OFF Time during the cycle time. Adjusting the ON time is
    possible to control the load power.
    Other more sophisticated firing are available and will be treated
CD Automation s.r.l.
3.   Reason to use SCR?
     1) SCR improve control precision. The degree of precision offered by SCR
     as compared with a magnetic switch system is shown in Figure 3.

     2) As solid-state devices, SCR provide increased reliability and longer life.
     3) Maintenace is not necessary since there are no moving parts.
     4) SCR produce no noise.
CD Automation s.r.l.
4.    Applications

          Tempering furnaces
          Annealing furnaces and heat treatment
          Molding equipment
          Melting furnaces
          Evacuated furnaces
          Drying equipment
Heater    Preheaters
          Baking ovens
          Food-related equipment
          Packaging and wrapping equipment
          Road heaters
          • Air conditioners
           Agriculture and livestock industries
          • Petrochemicals
            Crystal growing equipment
            Environmental test equipment
            Vacuum tubes
CD Automation s.r.l.
5.   Applications

                Leading marks
                Photo studios
and Lighting    Hotels and theaters
                Fish gathering lights
Power           Induction lamps
Supply          Crack detection equipment
                Active charcoal manufacturing
                Test and inspection
                Particle accelerators
                Magnetizing equipment

Motors         Dc Motors
               Torque motors
Miscellaneus   Clutches
CD Automation s.r.l.
6.    Specific Examples of Applications
Plastic Molding Equipment

 Since injection machine used to make plastic products require the temperature of
 all parts to be precisely controlled,many control zones are used. Therefore several
 SCR to be used in a injection machine.
CD Automation s.r.l.
6.   Specific Examples of Applications

   • Extruders are one of the best applications for thyristors units.
   • In Italy we sell 24,000 units in this application.
   • Coextrusion systems are everyday more and more used, we have done
      systems with 120 zones.
   • An important feature on CD Automation Thyristor units is the Heater
      Break alarm.
   • H.B. inside thyristor unit can be An important feature to overcome the non
      availability of H.B. inside C460 MLC9000 module.
CD Automation s.r.l.

    • This application is tipical for plastic machinary.
    • Actually in Italy is an important application for SCR units, CD3000S and
    • In each chillers can be used from 1 to 4 heating zones.
CD Automation s.r.l.
Paint Drying Equipment

 Paint drying equipment usually produces heat through infrared lamps. Usually
 drying takes place in a tunnel containing a succession of drying lamps such that
 it is necessary to independently control electric power at the tunnel entrance,
 exit and points in between. Since temperature can be tightly controlled with
 SCR product quality after drying treatment IS greatly improved.
 This type of drying equipment is widely used for plant manufactured products
 including cars and household applications.
CD Automation s.r.l.
Food Processing

 There are many types of electric ovens used to bake such items as bread and
 confectioneries, depending on the exact type of food involved and the level of
 production necessary. There are ovens which have upper and lower heating
 elements and “tunnel-type” ovens configured for mass production levels which
 utilize a conveyor belt.
 Figure 12 shows a tunnel-type oven. Each item can be consistently and evenly
 baked through the use of SCR.
CD Automation s.r.l.
Melting Furnaces

  Melting furnaces are electric furnaces meant for the melting and heat maintenance
  of both metallic and non-metallic substances. One typical example of a melting
  furnace for metals is the aluminium melting furnace used as one stage in die
  casting and pressing equipment. Figure 13 shows aluminum die casting
  equipment capable of melting aluminum ingots while maintaining a constant
  internal temperature.
  A heater is used to melt metals such as aluminum and certain alloys which have a
  relatively low melting point. Substances which become conductive when melted,
  such as glass, will themselves heat up if voltage is applied directly. A system
  requiring heaters is said to use “indirect heating”, while a system depending on the
  electrical resistivity of the substance being heated is said to use “direct heatig”
CD Automation s.r.l.
Ceramic Furnaces

 The growing applications found for ceramics can be seen in everyday life. From
 semiconductors to cars and ceramics products.
 Since the temperatures required to bake such ceramics are extremely high from
 1,500 to l,600°C, the heaters used in such furnaces are made with special materials
 such as molybdenum.
 Special firing and special feed back must be used. Application with special loads
 will be treated during this training.
CD Automation s.r.l.
DC Power Sources

 Figure 15 illustrates an example of a DC motor driven by an SCR combined
 with a rectifier.
 This cheap solution is used in amusement parks have built-in DC motors which
 take DC voltage supply by the rail. The voltage required varies depending on
 the number of cars running at the same time on rails. By using a feedback
 control system are therefore commonly used for DC constant voltage control.
 By using SCR in this way, it can be assured that all cars will run at a constant

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