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									SpecialiStS in narrowboat holidayS and beSpoke boat buildS

  The CompleTe Guide

  boat hire | bespoke boat builds | boat repairs
                aqua narrowboats

    About us
    Aqua Narrowboat Hire has been established since 2004.
                                                                                      a ua           narrowboats
                                                                                                                                              When s
                                                                                                                                              issue th
    We are based at Mercia Marina on the Trent & Mersey Canal
    which offers you a wealth of routes to cruise along the midland
    canal network.
    We aim to provide a friendly and professional service to you              Welcome
    and we are committed to building narrowboats of the highest                                                                               When s

                                                                                      a ua
                                                                              Welcome to the first complete guide to
    quality and craftsmanship. These values have proved successful                                                         critical
                                                                              the services offered by Aqua Narrowboats.
    as our entire fleet has received 5 star ratings from Visit Britain
                                                                              This has been our first attempt at putting   to use t
    and our business continues to steadily grow.
                                                                              together all the information that we feel
    We started with just one narrowboat back in 2004. We have                 would be useful to you; we hope you
    since increased the hire fleet and expanded our team and                  like it. We are always keen to hear your
    product range to bespoke boats and sponsored boats; plus we               thoughts and we welcome constructive
    have a team that manages marine repairs and maintenance.                  feedback as we are constantly striving to
                                                                                                                           When t
    Our team is highly skilled and includes talented carpenters and           improve our services. I am writing this
    engineers, knowledgeable hand over staff, meticulous domestic                     a ua
                                                                              on a very cold and snowy November day,       be repr
    assistants, and helpful office staff.                                     totally unexpected snow. Thankfully it’s not size I w
                                                                              stopping our work and we will have all our   in one
    We encourage our staff to develop their training to enhance
                                                                              boat builds finished on time and the hire
    their skills and to continue improving our service to you.
                                                                              boats ready for the season. Maybe we will
    Your feedback is always welcome as we plan to provide more                     The typeface used to construct
                                                                              have a good summer?? It has been a team the logo is
    canal leisure opportunities in the future.                                     Below are the colour with many
                                                                              effort to producethe brochurevariants used (may n
                                                                              of our staff and customers offering thought,
                                                                                   the same across all mediums.
                                                                              advice and support. So thank you for all the
                                                                              contributions made.
                                                                                              C   M Y K                            PANTONE
Contents                                                                      Yours sincerely
                                                                              Jane and Justin Hudson-Oldroyd
                                                                                           58 - 0 - 34 - 0                           3258
3     Narrowboat Handling Training Days                                       Managing Directors
4     Narrowboat Holidays
                                                                                              100 - 50 - 0 - 0                       2945
11 Boat Sponsorship
14 New Bespoke Boat Building                                                    design: claire davis
                                                                                                79 others): 0
                                                                                cover photos (plus-10 - 34 -Jennifer clare photography 3268
                                                                                models: alex hudson-oldroyd, bethany Simpson, liz
19 Marine Repairs & Maintenance Services                                        and Simon price, staff members including Vaughn
                                                                                wheatley, lyndon rogers and Jordan brindley
                                                                                                0 - 25 - and 0
                                                                                customer testimonials100 -photo contributions:         123
                                                                                Graham and lyn precious, philip and anne dore, peter
                                                                                and Mel coote, alison and nic woolley
                                                                                thanks to peter coote for helping with proof reading,
                                                                                and all our staff.
                                                                                print: Glenwood printing

 our photos show the totally different world
 on the water: peaceful, nice and quiet. but
 also full of life. these little ducklings tried to
 quack us out of their canal!
 Jan stout and Marion van de Kerkhof
 from Holland

                                                             View our hire fleet and business at: www.aquanarrowboathire.com
                                                                                   aqua narrowboats

nArrowboAt HAndling
trAining dAys
Designed to provide boat handling skills to complete novices or
confidence building for existing boat owners, our Boat Handling
Training Days are an ideal way of gaining further experience of
narrowboat helmsmanship.
The courses take place on one of our five star hire boats during the months of
November through to March. Each course has a maximum of 3 delegates per
boat, per instructor and the itinerary for the training day is as follows:
9.00    - Tea & Coffee on board & chat with Instructor.
9.30    - Safety whilst on board.
10.00   - Pre-cruising engine checks.
10.30   - Cruise to Burton upon Trent
          During the cruise you will learn: steering & manoeuvring; navigation
          rules & regulations; casting off and mooring up; use of ropes & poles;
          turning round or winding; approaching junctions and sharp turns;
          controlling the boat in a lock, safe lock operation; going aground and
          man overboard.
4.00    - Return to base.
The training is delivered in an informal style therefore there is plenty of
opportunity to ask questions throughout the day.
Costs (inc vat)
Group Course - £95.00 - Per person on our vessel.
Private Course - £225.00 - Per couple on their own boat.
Group Courses include refreshments throughout the day. Lunch is not provided,
therefore delegates are requested to bring a packed lunch. There is a fridge and
cooking facilities on board if required.
To book please telephone 01283 701041.

we welcome enquiries tel 01283 701041                                                                 
narrowboat hire
                                                                                                    aqua boatS are

                                                                                                     5 stAr
Hiring A nArrowboAt
We have five narrowboats available for you to hire in 2011. Below are the boat layouts
that you can choose from with the price of a weekly holiday on the page opposite.

                                                                                              50ft traditional layout
None of our boats are currently of
this design, however it is an option
for a sponsored boat

                                                                                                  50ft reverse layout
Aqua Leven (Built 2010) and Aqua Jeta
(New for 2011) are of this design

Aqua Vita (built 2008) and Aqua Vie (built 2009) are of this design                           58ft traditional layout

Aqua Bywyd (new for 2011) is of this design                                                       58ft reverse layout

Facilities on board
The galley is well-equipped with an oven,
microwave, kettle, and all kitchen utensils,
serving plates and dishes. A welcome pack of
tea/ coffee and milk is provided as well as a
home made cake.
All bedrooms have good storage with bed
linen, duvets, sheets, pillows and pillow cases
provided. There is an additional TV in either
the double or single cabins.
All bathrooms have a hi-tech toilet, a powerful
shower with towels and a bath mat provided.
The saloon area is equipped with flexible
seating, TV and DVD, stereo system and
further storage facilities.

                                                           View our hire fleet and business at: www.aquanarrowboathire.com
                                                                                                  narrowboat hire
                                                                                                                           l   inc
                                                                                          2011 priceS                                    ed!

                                                                                             inc Vat @ 20% - but excluding
                                                                                               £50.00 damage waiver Fee
                                                                                         Sleeps          4+ 2              2+2
                                                                                                     aqua Vie,    aqua leven
                                                                                                   aqua Vita &    & aqua Jeta
                                                                                                   aqua bywyd
                                                                                         5th             £670             £640

                                                                                         12th            £670             £640
Above (clockwise) Aqua Leven Saloon, Aqua Vie bathroom,                                  19th            £670             £640
Aqua Vie Saloon & Aqua Vita kitchen                                                      26th            £670             £650
                                                                                         2nd             £810             £710
                                                                                         9th             £910             £810

                                                                                         16th            £910             £810
                                                                                         23rd            £910             £810
                                                                                         30th            £810             £710
                                                                                         7th             £960             £860
                                                                                         14th            £960             £860

                                                                                         21st            £960             £860
                                                                                         28th           £1295            £1150
                                                                                         4th            £1050             £895
                                                                             June        11th           £1050             £895
                                                                                         18th           £1050             £895
                                                                                         25th           £1050             £895
                                                                                         2nd            £1050             £895
                                                                                         9th            £1100             £975

The prices are weekly for 2011 and include VAT at 20%.
                                                                                         16th           £1185            £1050
Weekly holidays start on a Saturday at 3pm and end the following Saturday
at 9am. We also provide 10 day, fortnightly and three week holidays.                     23rd           £1295            £1150
Short breaks are available and are charged at 65% of the weekly cost.                    30th           £1295            £1150

Short breaks can be taken Saturday to Tuesday or Tuesday to Saturday                     6th            £1295            £1150
Your holiday price includes: gas, boating tuition, free parking, fuel, bed               13th           £1295            £1150
linen, towels, a welcome pack of tea, coffee and milk and all licences to                20th           £1295            £1150
cruise the canals.                                                                       27th           £1195            £1060

Additional holiday costs:                                                                3rd            £1100             £975
Damage Waiver Fee                                         £50 (compulsory)               10th           £1050             £895
Early cruising – start for 1pm                            £20                            17th            £960             £860
1 Pet Fee                                                 £35                            24th            £910             £810
2 Pet Fee                                                 £50
                                                                                         1st             £830             £730
Breakfast Food Pack of local products                     £25

Family Grocery pack of local products                     £65                            8th             £830             £730
Nicholson Guide: Birmingham No 3 (inc P&P)                £20                            15th            £830             £730
discounts                                                                                22nd            £895             £775
There is a 15% discount for all consecutive weeks booked with the                        29th            £680             £650
exception of June, July and August when a 10% is applicable.

 register for special offers
 All late availability is emailed via our newsletter. If you would like to
 receive a copy please email us admin@aquanarrowboathire.com with
 the message ‘subscribe to newsletter’

we welcome enquiries tel 01283 701041                                                                                                 
narrowboat hire

wHAt to do And wHere to go
Four counties ring
total distance is 163 miles and 126 locks.
this will take approx 10 days to 2 weeks cruising:
stoke-on-trent and return – 1 Week cruise
total distance is 87 miles and 58 locks.
this will take 1 weeks cruising:
Main attractions: Fradley Junction, Shugborough Hall,                                    caldon canal - to Froghall Winding
At Stoke-on-Trent Wedgewood China and Spode factories,
                                                                                         hole and return
Waterworld indoor complex and Trentham Gardens,
plus Harecastle Tunnel with it’s famous copper coloured                                  total distance is 124 miles and 102 locks.
waters denoting the presence of leaded minerals.                                         this will take approx 10 days cruising.
                                                                                         Main attractions: Shugborough Hall, the Hollybush
                                                                                         Inn (Staffordshire’s oldest licensed pub), Stoke-on-
                                                                                         Trent Potteries, Hazlehurst Aquaduct, Deep Hayes
                                                                                         Country Park, Cheddleton Flint Mill Museum,
                                                                                         Churnet Valley and the adjacent steam railway.

      staFFordshire ring
      (also known as black country ring)
      total distance is 104 miles and 98 locks.
      this will take 1 week cruising
      staFFord and return – short break
      total distance is 61 miles and 34 locks.
      this will take 4 to 5 days cruising
      Main attraction: Fradley Junction, Drayton Manor
      Theme Park, Birmingham City, Shugborough Hall
                                                                                            leicestershire ring
                                                                                            total distance is 150 miles and 101 locks. this
                                                                                            route includes broad canals and river sections.
                                                                                            this will take approx 10 days to 2 weeks cruising
                           ashby canal bridge no 7 and return                               leicestershire and return – short break
                           total distance is 144 miles and 82 locks.                        total distance is 79 miles and 52 locks.
                           this will take approx 10 days cruising.                          this will take approx 4 to 5 days cruising
                           Main attractions: Fradley Junction, Drayton Manor                Main attractions: Shardlow Heritage Centre, the
                           Theme Park, Atherstone Locks, Bosworth Battlefields              vibrant city of Leicester with the National Space Centre,
                           and Battlefield Line Steam Railway.                              the famous Foxton Locks Staircase, Covenrty Cathedral
                                                                                            and ruins of Cathedral Church of St Michael.

                                                                        View our hire fleet and business at: www.aquanarrowboathire.com
                                                                        narrowboat hire

                                                           .                 your triP
                                                           This map can be used to help you plan
                                                           your trip. From our base at Mercia Marina
                                                           on the Trent and Mersey canal there is a
                                                           wealth of canal networks to choose from.
                                                           There are many attractions to visit on
                                                           each route and on the next page (8)
                                                           there is more information about the
                                                           recommended attractions, places to visit
                                                           and places to eat. The cruise may take
                                                           longer or shorter than the recommended
                                                           time, depending on how many hours
                                                           you cruise each day. Each canal ‘ring’ is
                                                           represented by a colour on the map as
                                                           Yellow: Four counties ring
                                                           Purple: Staffordshire ring
                                                           Brown: Leicestershire Ring
                                                           Blue: Caldon canal, there and return trip
                                                           Green: Ashby canal, there and return trip.

                                        More route information can be found on our website

we welcome enquiries tel 01283 701041                                                                   
narrowboat hire

wHAt CAn A CAnAl HolidAy offer you?
placeS to eat alonG the towpath
BriDGe inn at Branston (Italian menu).
Recommended by Pat and Allan Buckley

La DOLce ViTa at Stone.
A very very good Italian, not cheap but good value.
Recommended by Graham and Lyn Precious.

SPODe cOTTaGe (Armitage) - Family Pub.
A good choice of food, again good value.
Recommended by Graham and Lyn Precious

THe GeOrGe anD DraGOn at Alrewas.
Peter and Lynda Wagner rated this pub as ‘excellent’.
                                                                             la dolce Vita. gra
                                                                                               ham precious
THe WOLSeLeY arMS, 5 mins walk from Bridge 70.
Peter and Lynda Wagner rated this pub as ‘very nice’.

THe WiLLOW Tree Tea rOOM at Mercia Marina, light meals
and cakes, plus breakfast menu, a great stop off if you arrive early or to
have breakfast before you leave. Recommended by us!

placeS to ViSit
SHuGBOrOuGH eSTaTe at Great Haywood.
Pat and Colin Hassall recommends this as ‘well worth a visit’- on Trent                     willow tree tea room.
and Mersey Canal
DraYTOn ManOr Park on the Birmingham and Fazley Canal.
Recommended by us. Our 3 children love the park as it caters for the
younger children with Thomas Land and the teenagers with the white
knuckle rides. There is even a zoo for some peace and tranquillity.
HarecaSTLe TunneL on the Trent and Mersey Canal.
Ian and Julie Cresswell says this ‘is an amazing experience’
STOke On TrenT POTTerieS on the Trent and Mersey Canal
including Wedgewood, a driving force behind the construction of the
Trent & Mersey Canal in 1777!
FraDLeY JuncTiOn naTure reSerVe on the Trent and                                                                               or park. tran
Mersey Canal. A good stop off to visit the nature reserve for a walk or a                                           drayton Man

spot of bird watching, there is also a visitor centre, 2 tea rooms and a pub.
Usually a cluster of people observing the boats passing through.
Sea LiFe cenTre in Birmingham on the Birmingham Canal
cHurneT STeaM raiLWaY on the Caldon Canal
BOSWOrTH BaTTLeFieLD on the Ashby Canal.
The site of the Battle of Bosworth in 1485 and infamous as the place
where King Richard III lost his life.

                                                                                       churnet Steam railway. aaron mille
                                                                                                                         r photography
leiSure actiVitieS
Many leisure activities can be enjoyed whilst narrowboating such as walking, cycling, bird watching, and fishing. All are
free except fishing for which a fishing licence can be obtained from the post office. Some customers have also participated
in Geocaching as part of their narrowboating holiday as there are now many places where wifi is accessible along the
canal. Geocaching is a treasure hunting game, the idea is to locate hidden containers called geocaches and then share your
experience online. For more information visit www.geocaching.com.

                                                                  View our hire fleet and business at: www.aquanarrowboathire.com
                                                                                                      narrowboat hire

Customer testimonial
Graham and Lyn (with their two teenagers and dog!) holidayed during
August 2010 on Aqua Vita.

where would you recommend for dining?
Bridge Inn at Branston. We like Italian but the menu is slightly limited.
Barton Turns. Acceptable steaks and very reasonably priced.
La Dolce Vita, Stone, A very very good Italian, not cheap but good value.
Spode Cottage, Armitage. A Family Pub with a good choice of food, again
good value.

why do you enjoy narrowboating?
Tranquil pace, away from it all feeling, being at one with the countryside
and fresh air!

How did you find Aqua narrowboats?
1. Dead easy - just off the A38!
2. On the internet - link from Canal Junction.
3. We found them very helpful and friendly - the standards are excellent - better than any other holiday provider we
have dealt with (and we’ve dealt with a lot) - we’re even coming back again within a couple of months and we’re
purchasing a sponsored boat!

favourite part of the canal and why?
Fradley Junction for its old fashioned preserved ambiance. Alrewas for cruising through gently.

                                                                                                           at reg
                                                                                                             ww is
frequently AsKed Hire boAt questions:                                                                           w.a te
                                                                                                                   qu r f
                                                                                                                     an or
                                                                                                                          ow upd
What time is arrival and departure?                                What is provided and what will i need to bring?          bo ate
Departure time for your holiday is 3pm, with arrival back to       All bedding, towels and complimentary welcome pack             ire s
the marina at 9am. Early departure of 1pm is available for an      of tea, coffee and milk are provided. You will need to bring
additional fee of £20.                                             your clothes, a water proof, suncream (in case it’s hot),
                                                                   binoculars are useful, a torch may be useful and a camera.
is tuition provided?
Yes. All customers will be shown through the workings of the       What about food?
boat and taken on a cruise with one of our experienced handover    You can bring food too. There is a local Co-op Food Store
staff to learn boat handling skills and how to work a lock.        in Willington where you can buy food on your way. You can
                                                                   order food from Sealwood and have it delivered or order a
is a narrowboat holiday suitable for children?                     breakfast or grocery pack at the same time as your booking.
Yes. Narrowboat holidays are great for older children. If you      We would recommend only enough food for 2 to 3 days as
are taking younger children we would recommend 1 adult to          storage is limited and there are plenty of opportunities to
1 child under 8 years old.                                         eat at local pubs and restock your food supplies during your
can i bring my pet?
Yes. Pets are welcome, please bring your pets bedding and do       how accessible are the boats?
not allow them on to seating or beds. There is an additional       There are sweeping stairs at both entrances providing easy
charge for pets at £35 for one pet and £50 for two.                access for children and people with mobility restrictions,
                                                                   however, our boats are not accessible for wheelchairs. You
do you provide buoyancy aids?                                      are welcome to visit the boats first to assess suitability for
Yes. You can request buoyancy aids. We even have dog life          yourself.

we welcome enquiries tel 01283 701041                                                                                               
narrowboat hire
                                                                                                        at        b
                                                                                                           w   w w oo
                                                                                                                  .aq K o
                                                                                                                        na nlin
                                                                                                                              wb e A
                                                                                                                                oa t
How to booK A nArrowboAt HolidAy                                                                                                  thi
1. You can book online by visiting www.aquanarrowboathire.com, click ‘book online’
   and follow the guidance provided.
2. You can book by email: admin@aquanarrowboathire.com, complete the booking form
   that can be downloaded from our website.
3. You can book over the phone Tel 01283 701041, and pay by debit or credit card.
Our website is updated with availability every day so please call or email to ensure the date is still available.

We request just 20% of the weekly holiday costs when booking, the 80% balance plus the damage waiver fee of
£50 is paid 6 weeks before your holiday commences. You are able to pay by cheque, credit card or debit card.

Please make cheques payable to Aqua Narrowboats (UK) Ltd

MAKe your HolidAy sPeCiAl
JenniFer clare photography has produced many of the images in this brochure and is pleased to offer this
special portrait package in association with Aqua Narrowboats:

A midweek (Tues, Wed, Thurs) fun boating lifestyle photo session, for up to four family members, plus pets, on
a stretch of the canal in the Derby/Burton area.
Approximately 7-10 days after your holiday you will be sent a link to an on-line gallery (live for 7 days) where
you will be able to view and choose the included five images. These will be beautifully boxed and presented as
10”x7” prints in high quality 11”x14” mounts, also as small low-resolution files suitable for web use. There will
of course be the option to purchase bespoke frames, canvases, albums etc should you wish.

To view more of Jennifer’s artistic talent and find out more visit www.jenniferclare.co.uk/aqua. Please
contact Jennifer directly to arrange your photo session, tel 07952 181367. The discounted price of £375 (which
includes a half day photo session and photos as described above) is only available to customers during their
holiday hire period.

sealWood – local produce food packs
You are welcome to order food to be delivered to the workshop and we will load your food onto the boat.
We recommend a local company, www.sealwood.com, which sources local food suppliers and ensures both
freshness and taste of their products. Please order direct on their website and list Aqua Narrowboats-holiday
commencing DD/MM/YYYY in the additional comments for delivery box. Please remember there is limited
space on the boat so enough food for 2/3 days should fill your cupboards.

10                                                           View our hire fleet and business at: www.aquanarrowboathire.com
                                                                                      Sponsoring a narrowboat

sPonsored boAt ownersHiP
Own the boat of your dreams and make money from it too!
You can own one of our brand new, 5 star luxury narrowboats choosing from one of four designs. We
place the vessel in our hire fleet and you get a 38% return of the income from the boat.
You will be offered the boat at a trade price and be able to contribute your ideas to colour schemes and
interior design, just like a bespoke boat build.
The icing on the cake is that you are able to book 2 weeks holiday in advance during the hire season for
your own use (including Easter holidays and October half term) and 4 weeks holidays during the off
peak season (including Xmas and February half term), giving a total of 6 weeks use a year.
You will own the boat and the inventory so at the end of the four year contract there is no disruption to
you as the owner.

About tHe boAt sPonsorsHiP sCHeMe
We can offer you 2 boat sizes which come as a traditional layout or a reverse layout
(see boat plans on page 4):
50 foot    £72,250 (inc VAT @ 20%)
58 foot    £82,450 (inc VAT @ 20%)
This includes all inventory items, electrical goods and all soft furnishings.

the running costs
As part of the sponsorship agreement we ask for your boat to be part of the fleet for 4 years,
Aqua Narrowboats will market and administer the bookings, and turn your boat around for each
holiday. We will pay for 80% of your British Waterways licence and mooring fees. We also pay for your
boat to be insured for hire purposes.

the maintenance
Aqua Narrowboats will keep your boats maintained to a high standard, as we like to ensure our
customers receive the best boats and the best service. This will include labour towards: servicing and
engine repairs, attending call outs to customers, blacking and paint maintenance.

your contribution
Sponsored owners contribute 20% towards the costs of the BW license and mooring fees which will be
deducted as part of your returns. You will be given an annual allowance of £400 towards replacement
items for your boat. If this allowance is exceeded the owner will contribute the outstanding amount,
however the labour costs will be provided by us free of charge.

your financial return
As an owner of a sponsored boat, you will receive 38% of the hire revenue for years 1 and 2 and 32%
for years 3 and 4 (due to higher maintenance costs). Payments are made direct to you monthly in
arrears. The return will have the VAT, damage waiver fee and optional extras deducted and, therefore,
not included as part of the 38% or 32%.

 how any reSearch actiVity iS Structured iS a priVate deciSion and any inForMation preSented here iS purely For illuStration.
 thiS relateS to a tradinG and liFeStyle opportunity, not an inVeStMent, thereFore iS not reGulated by the FSa. nothinG
 contained in thiS leaFlet Should be taken aS Financial adVice and we recoMMend that you take your own Financial, leGal
 and taX adVice, aS we are not authoriSed to proVde thiS.

we welcome enquiries tel 01283 701041                                                                                           11
Sponsoring a narrowboat

An exAMPle of How it All worKs
All costs are a good estimate based on 2010 prices
costs to owner (based on 58ft boat)
Cost of boat                         £79192 - based on 2010 prices
Benefits and returns to the owner (based on 85% occupancy rates april - October):
38% Hire payments                     £7761
less mooring fees                       £425
less license fees                       £314
Total                                 £7020 (excludes VAT and DWF)
2 weeks holiday in peak season and 4 weeks off peak season – free to you as boat owner but worth at least £4000 if
you had to hire. (Aqua narrowboat hire have been operating at a 95% occupancy rate for the last 3 seasons, however
this cannot be guaranteed so we have given a lower estimate of 85%) If you don’t wish to use the boat during the
hire season then we’ll rent the 2 weeks as normal creating more income.
contributions paid by aqua narrowboats
80% mooring fees               £1702
80% licence fees               £1259
Insurance                       £400 (approx)
Replacement items allowance     £400
Repairs and maintenance        £1700 (approx)

Customer testimonial
Philip and Anne Dore own Aqua Leven which was bought in May 2010, the first
sponsored boat into the scheme.

why did you decide to purchase a sponsored boat?
We decided to sponsor a boat as we have been keen to purchase a canal boat but due
to work have only a limited time to use it. This enables us to own a boat which is
fully maintained and have the opportunity to enjoy it for a few weeks per year.

Has the scheme met your expectations?
The scheme has surpassed our expectations with exceptional rental return together
with the opportunity to individualise our holiday.

what have been the benefits of the schemes for you?
The canal boat is fully maintained, we can select our holiday time and after 4 years
we will have full use of our canal boat.

How would you rate Aqua narrowboats as boat builders?
We would consider Aqua Narrowboats to be highly skilled boat fitters, our boat has
a reverse layout fitted out with oak and granite worktops. we are extremely happy
with the standard of fitting and engineering.
below: the beautiful interior of Aqua Leven

1                                                                      View our boat building site at: www.aquanarrowboats.co.uk
                                                                                    Sponsoring a narrowboat

frequently AsKed sPonsored boAt questions:
do i have to pay for my holidays?                                how long can i keep the boat in the scheme for?
No, your holidays are free to you. We will clean and prepare     4 years and then you’re free to either keep the vessel for your
your boat during the hire season, off peak season you are        own use or if you wish sell it.
responsible for getting the boat ready before use. On return
from cruising you will be expected to clean the boat, refuel     how much does a new boat cost?
with diesel and pump out the toilet tank. We can offer a         50ft boat = £72,250      58ft boat = £82,450
turnaround service during your off peak holidays for an          Prices include VAT at 20% and for either a standard layout or
additional cost.                                                 reverse layout.

When can i book my holidays?                                     how can i keep track of my new boat build?
We advise you to book your holidays for the hire season          You can visit the boat yard preferably by prior arrangement as
before 31st October the previous year to ensure you get your     well as keep track of the build on our boat building blog site:
desired dates as many of our customer’s book very early. Off     www.aquanarrowboathire.blogspot.com
peak can be negotiated before 31st July of the same year.
                                                                 do i pay for the boat on completion of the build?
how much holiday do i get and what dates are available           We use a British Marine Contract for the boat building
to me?                                                           with staged payments of 10%, 35%, 35%, 15% and 5% on
You will get 2 weeks in the hire season which is March to        completion.
October inclusive; the dates available to you include Easter
Holidays and October half term, but exclude Whitsun Week         how can i ensure that the boat is legally mine once
and the School Summer Holidays. The off peak season is           purchased?
from November to February inclusive and you can take 4           You will have a copy of the British Marine Federation
weeks during this period at any time including Xmas holidays     contract, a legal document, which is your proof of purchase
and February half term                                           as well as copies of our invoices to you for the boat build.

i would like to use the boat more often is this possible?        can i change the internal design of my new boat?
Yes during the off peak season November to February we           You are able to contribute your ideas towards the interior
can arrange for additional time with further conditions. No      decoration such as carpets, curtains, upholstery etc. The
additional time can be offered during the hire season, you can   internal design meets the 5 star standard that we strive to
of course have the boat if there is no booking and you will be   maintain, so needs to remain as it is. We can add additional
told of this at late notice.                                     features such as a cratch cover or satellite dish at an additional
                                                                 cost, either at the boat building stage or at the end of the 4
how is the scheme agreement organised?                           year period. We understand that some customers will use
You will sign a legal agreement to be part of the sponsorship    the boat after the sponsorship scheme has ended, therefore,
scheme which protects both you as the boat owner and us          we are happy to work with the owner to allow for additional
as the hire company; it makes clear the process, roles and       extras when they take over use of the vessel.
responsibilities of both parties. You will also sign a British
Marine Federation Boat Build contract.                           can i purchase an older boat at a reduced price?
                                                                 Yes, we occasionally have 1 or 2 year old boats available.
When do i get my financial returns and how much is this?
You will receive a statement every month in arrears of           i have decided the scheme isn’t for me as i would like a
the hires stating how much income has been received, all         more bespoke boat – do you offer this?
maintenance carried out to the boat, any replacement items       Yes we offer bespoke boats. See pages 14 &15 for our
and the amount that you will need to invoice us to obtain        ‘Hudson Range’ price list.
your percentage of that income. You will get 38% of the net
income for years 1 and 2 and 32% of the net income for years     What do i do next?
3 and 4 (excluding DWF and any optional extras). Payment is      Please call us to arrange a visit and we will show you around
usually made by BACS transfer.                                   the workshop, view the boats and the paperwork involved.
                                                                 If you would like to go ahead a £1000 deposit is required to
When will i contribute my 20% towards licence and                secure your boat building slot. We only build 2 or 3 boats into
mooring fees?                                                    the sponsorship every year so availability is limited. There
This will be part of the statement for months July and August    is usually a 6 month lead time due to the demand of our
and taken off your net income. We will advise you of the         services so an early enquiry is advised.
amount to invoice once this has been deducted.

we welcome enquiries tel 01283 701041                                                                                           1
new bespoke build boats

new besPoKe boAt sAles
Aqua Narrowboats offers you a bespoke boat building service with an easy
to calculate formula. Our bespoke build prices are based upon length of boat
and include, as standard, items listed in the white boxes below. Additional
extras are listed separately in the blue boxes making it easy to calculate a boat
to fit your needs and budget.
   Our professional approach to boat building ensures you have access
to a full design and advice service, a team of highly skilled carpenters and
engineers; 4 to 5 design meetings throughout the build and instant access to
your build progress via our blog site.
   For peace of mind and as a commitment to British manufacturing we use
quality British hulls, and as Members of the British Marine Federation (BMF)
we use their recommended boat build contracts with staged payments.

Hudson rAnge
50ft = £69,750
57ft = £78,750
60ft = £83,750
The Hudson Range includes all items in the white boxes as standard.
Items in the blue boxes are optional extras.

semi bespoke narroWboat - standard speciFication
• Cruiser stern built by Colecraft Engineering renowned builder of British hulls.
• 10mm base plate, 6mm hull sides and 4mm cabin roof.
• 50mm rubbing strakes continuously welded top and bottom
• Centre rope ring.
• Integral finger rail.
• Integral fender eyes.
• Self-draining front and rear deck.
• Steel stable-type front doors complete with windows and oak lining.
• Steel rear doors and hatch on brass runners.
• Pair of steel side doors location chosen by customer.
• Stainless steel water tank.
• Vented gas locker complete with gas bottle.
• Pole and plank rack.
• Integral diesel tank with locking cap.
• 4 anodes.
• Quick Release Weedhatch.
• Quality sprayfoam insulation by Websters.
• Choice of 4 chrome or brass mushroom vents.
• Choice of window locations, finishes and type, standard Drop Back Vent
  or Portholes.
• Single colour paint finish with coachlines.
• Non-slip gunnels, cabin roof and front/reardecks.

shell - additional eXtras
•    Semi Trad Stern c/w lockers.                                    £1350.00
•    Bow Lockers.                                                     £320.00
•    Vetus 55 electric bow thruster c/w battery and control panel.   £2800.00
•    Brass/Chrome Navigation Lights.                                  £230.00
•    Extra pair of side doors/ c/w windows.                           £750.00
•    Glazed Cratch & Canvas Cover.                                   £1430.00
•    Rear apron around cruiser deck.                                  £325.00
•    Houdini roof hatch with bars.                                    £900.00
•    3 colour paint scheme.                                           £900.00
•    Pigeon Box lined in solid oak/ash c/w portholes.                 £350.00
•    Double Glazing upgrade to all windows.                          £1800.00
•    Toneau Cover for Semi-trad Stern.                                £325.00

1                                                                     View our
                     View our boat build website at: www.aquanarrowboats.co.uk boat build website at: www.aquanarrowboats.co.uk
                                                                                            new bespoke build boats

engine bay - Features included                                        galley - options
• Beta 38hp (43hp on 60ft) engine with PRM 120 gearbox and            •   Bulkhead or wall cupboard.                           £250.00
  standard control panel.                                             •   Granite or wood worktop dependent on layout from £1500.00
• Steel battery tray complete with 3 domestic 110amp batteries        •   Mini chest drawer freezer (12v).                    £1000.00
  and 1 starter battery.                                              •   Integrated 240v freezer A+ rated (if space allows).  £600.00
• Automatic bilge pump in Stern.                                      •   Upgrade standard 240v fridge to integrated.          £200.00
• Traditional stern greaser.
• Uniflex coupling with 11/2 propeller shaft.                         bathroom- Features included
                                                                      The location and layout of the bathroom can be chosen by the
engine bay - options                                                  customer. Although consideration will need to be given to services
                                                                      such as plumbing and waste outlets.
• Upgrade to hydraulic PRM 150 Gearbox .                    £500.00
                                                                      • 760 x 760mm Shower Cubicle complete with waterproof
• Upgrade engine to Beta 43 with PRM 150
                                                                          surround, chrome pivot door and thermostatic shower.
  (Inc on 60ft).                                           £1300.00
                                                                      • Sink unit with storage under.
• Upgrade to deluxe control panel c/w gauges for
                                                                      • Storage cupboard adjacent to shower cubicle.
  battery voltage, oil pressure and temperature.            £200.00
                                                                      • Large wall mirror.
• Hospital Silencer for quieter cruising .                  £450.00
                                                                      • Thetford cassette toilet.
                                                                      • Extraction fan with light.
electrics - Features included                                         • Vinyl tile flooring.
• 12v circuits and distribution panel c/w breakers.
• 240v ring main complete with 1600VA/70A Victron Multiplus
                                                                      bathroom - options
  Inverter/Charger and RCD.
• Immersion heater connected to Calorifier.                           • Deluxe macerator toilet to remote stainless steel tank,
• Shore power socket.                                                   c/w toilet, tank, control panel, sensor, pipes &
• Halogen downlighters throughout.                                      Brass/chrome pump out fitting.                          £1400.00
                                                                      • Upgrade cassette toilet to cassette with ceramic bowl £400.00
electrics - options
                                                                      saloon - Features included
• Upgrade Inverter to Victron 3000Va/120A
                                                                      The location of the saloon can be chosen by the customer. The
  inverter/charger.                                        £1500.00
                                                                      area is designed for free standing furniture but options are
• Galvanic isolator with gauge.                             £200.00
                                                                      available for either a fixed L shaped or Pullman style dinettes.
• Victron Galvanic Isolation Transformer.                   £750.00
                                                                      • TV cabinet – choice of either a corner cabinet or slim-line
• Compact Washing Machine.                                  £750.00
                                                                          under gunnel cabinet both complete with aerial socket.
• Auto seeking satellite system complete.                  £2300.00
                                                                      • Solid fuel stove with tile surround.
  (Includes Oyster Caro and a flat mounting plate
                                                                      • Two 240v double power sockets.
  built into cabin roof during fabrication of shell)
                                                                      • Choice of either sweeping access stairs with wardrobe or
• Victron 602 battery monitor.                              £250.00
                                                                          standard access steps.
• Remote control RGB LED lighting under gunnels.            £600.00
                                                                      • If steps chosen an additional wardrobe of the same size can
                                                                          be provided elsewhere.
interior - Features included
• Oak lining with solid oak trims.                                    saloon - options
• One partition door positioned as required by the customer.
                                                                      • L shaped or Pullman style dinette                       £1645.00
• Fire safety kit including three fire extinguishers, fire blanket
                                                                        Includes upholstery, table and Desmo legs.
  and fire alarm.
• Choice of chrome or brass door furniture finishes.
• Carpets to saloon, bedroom and passage ways. Vinyl flooring         bedroom - Features included
  & laminate flooring to bathroom & galley.                           The location of bedroom and style (walkthrough or separate) can
• Webasto central heating system complete with four radiators         be determined by the customer as can the location of the wardrobe.
  and towel radiator.                                                 Additional drawers or cupboard space and extending bed at
                                                                      additional cost.
                                                                      • 4ft x 6ft 3inch bed with 8” deep luxury mattress complete with
interior - options
                                                                          drawers under (drawers not included if macerator toilet option
•   Additional partition door.                              £350.00       chosen).
•   Hardwood flooring.                                     £1200.00   • Large 2ft wide, floor to ceiling wardrobe with a choice of
•   Painted internal cabin roof and side panels.            £250.00       shelving or hanging space.
•   Solid oak tongue & groove under gunnel in saloon.       £900.00   • Shelf over bed.
•   Upgrade to 5 designer radiators from                   £1000.00   • One double 240v socket.

galley - Features included                                            bedroom - options
The location and layout options of the galley can be chosen by the    • King size cross bed c/w luxury mattress.                £1000.00
customer.                                                             • Arched wall cabinets above bed.                          £270.00
• 2.4m of base cabinets complete with laminate worktop &
    upstand, stainless steel sink and taps with the addition of a
    separate filtered drinking water faucet.
• 240v fridge with ice box.
• Choice of cooker or seperate hob & oven
• Two double sockets above work surface and one under for fridge.

we welcome enquiries tel 01283 701041                                                                                                    1
new bespoke build boats

Customer testimonial
Peter & Melanie Coote. The proud owners of bespoke boat Eunoia built in 2009.
Peter & Melanie offered the following insight into their boat build.

when choosing the design, we wanted our boat to:
• Provide long-term cruising for two and occasional guests and be less than
  60 feet in length, so that we could cruise the whole of the canal system
• Provide security at the stern for grand-children and dogs – hence a semi-
  traditional stern
• Be of a reverse layout with a walk-through bathroom
• Have very comfortable sleeping, a cross bed to give five-foot width was a must.
• Have a pullman dinette to convert to a 6 feet 6 inch double bed – for our son of
  6 feet 4 inches!
• High-quality fit-out that would last well

Choosing the builder
We looked at boats and builders – largely at the big shows. We identified two companies: Aqua Narrowboats and
another. We had hired from Aqua on a number of occasions and had been very impressed by the quality of the build,
their attention to detail and understanding that the customer was important. We were sure that they offered high-
quality build and high-quality advice.

the build Process
It is not an overstatement to say that the whole process was enjoyable! So often we have heard horror stories, but Aqua
Narrowboats involved us throughout by keeping us well-informed and by consulting on every major decision.

our top tip for designing and building your own boat
Having been through the process there are a few key tips we would hold dear if we were to commission another boat.
Make sure that you look around as many boats as you can at boat shows or hire companies. Identify a small number of
builders you feel could build to the quality you want and test them out in terms of their: knowledge; business stability;
preparedness to offer professional not personal advice. Look carefully at their previous work and talk to previous
clients. As you will appreciate, we cannot recommend the company highly enough. Look at Eunoia and if you wish,
you are welcome contact us to ask any further questions. Just ask Justin for our details.

Calculating the cost of our boat build

 boAt sPeCifiCAtions And                    Cost in 2009
 AdditionAl extrAs                          (@ 15% vat)
 base Price - boat size: 57ft                       74750
 shell options: Semi trad stern                      1250
 bow lockers                                          300
 pigeon boxes x3                                     1050
 double glazing portholes upgrade                     600
 Solid brass horn, headlight and navigation light     550
 Front cratch board and cover                        1350
 tonneau cover                                        350
 outdoor cushions for bow and stern lockers           300
 extra pair of side doors with windows                800
 engine bay options: isuzu 42hp upgrade              1200
 hospital silencer                                    450
 electrical options: washing machine                  650
 Victron Multi charger upgrade                       1200
 interior options: Macerator toilet                  1350
 Solid oak floor                                     1000
 galley options: Granite worktops                    1750
 Shoreline drawer Freezer                            1000
 Galley pullout corner unit                           250
 bedroom options: cross bed                           600
 arched wall cabinet above bed                        250
 saloon options: pullman dinettes                    1550
 totAl Cost                                     £92550

1                                                                     View our boat build website at: www.aquanarrowboats.co.uk
                                                                                                     new bespoke build boats
                                                                                                                                   at rAC
                                                                                                                                     ww K
                                                                                                                                       w.a you
                                                                                                                                          q     r
                                                                                                                                       blo uana boat
design tHe boAt for tHe lifestyle you would liKe                                                                                          gsp rro    b
                                                                                                                                             ot. wb uild
                                                                                                                                                com oat
Remember all items in the white price list boxes on pages 14 & 15 are included in our standard boat price.                                                 e.
The items in the blue boxes are optional extras.

                                                              the above drawing is based upon a 57ft narrrowboat with a 42ft cabin interior.
                                                              For other sizes of boat always allow 15ft for external space (7ft for the stern deck
                                                              & 8ft for the well deck & gas locker). each grid represents 2 foot square, this al-
                                                              lows you to easily break up the space and visualise the size of fixtures and fittings.
toP tiPs to reMeMber:
• A full central heating system is provided in our standard price, therefore, whilst designing the boat layout think about the
  location of the radiators. On a 57ft boat we’ll normally install five radiators.
• A cratch board and cover provides a covered outdoor space over the front deck – ideal for relaxing with a glass of wine in
  spring and autumn evenings, or for hanging wet coats and dirty boots!
• Most ‘double’ beds run length ways along the boat and tend to be 4 feet wide. If you’re looking for more elbow room think
  about a bed extension or for maximum use of space consider a king size ‘cross’ bed (a bed that is situated across the width of
  the boat and that when folded down covers the walkway).

For customers thinking of living on board we’d normally recommend the installation of double glazing, reducing the issue of
condensation during the winter months.

carpet or Wood?
Both have pros and cons. Although more luxurious, carpet can quickly become worn as foot traffic is concentrated on smaller
walkways through the boat. Wood is a practical alternative although still requires maintenance and can be become slippery
when wet. For hard wearing areas such as the bathroom and
galley we can install quality vinyl products such as Amtico.           Calculate the cost of your boat using our price list on Pages 14 & 15.

                                                                                 boAt sPeCifiCAtions And AdditionAl extrAs                   Cost
Toilet talk…
Included in the standard price is a cassette toilet. If you’re                   base Price - boat size: 50/57/60ft
thinking of having a domestic style macerator toilet then the                    shell options:
remote pump tank is normally hidden under a bed, ideally the
toilet needs to be located as close as possible to the tank.

Hi Tech?                                                                         engine bay options:
If you’re thinking of including all the mod cons such as a washing
machine, freezer, satellite and plasma TV’s then think power
- particularly if you want to spend time on the canal system and
not plugged into the mains in a marina. The more power needed                    electrical options:
on board, the more time you’ll need to spend charging the battery
bank. If you can’t live without all the modern conveniences of
modern life then think about an in board generator.
                                                                                 interior options:
Looking for something different?
..and can’t find it on our option list then get in touch and we’ll
try our very best to help you.
                                                                                 galley options:
and finally prioritise
We understand that most of our customers are working to a                        bedroom options:
budget, that’s why we have devised a price list that is quick and
simple to calculate the cost of your boat. Remember to think
carefully about what you really need on board and what you                       saloon options:
intend to use the boat for. Our fitout quality is exceptional                    totAl Cost
regardless of optional extras.

we welcome enquiries tel 01283 701041                                                                                                                  1
new bespoke build boats

frequently AsKed boAt building questions:
how can i finance my boat build?                                          how long does your boat build take
Many people finance a boat build due to a windfall via retirement,        There is usually a lead time of about 2 or 3 months for the hull
redundancy or inheritance. If you’re not lucky enough to have             manufacture, once the hull arrives at our workshop the carpentry
the available finances, the next option may be to remortgage your         and engineering fitout takes another 12 weeks and the boat painting
property and approach your current lenders.                               takes another 3 weeks. In total you will need to allow at least 23
                                                                          weeks from start to finish, so I would suggest that planning starts
how do i pay for my boat build?                                           12 months in advance as we usually have a 6 month lead time for a
We operate a British Marine Federation boat building contract             boat build due to demand.
with staged payments of 10%, 35%, 35%, 15%, 5%. At each of these
staged payments you will be able to see the boat and discuss your         can i choose any hull?
boat build with our team, to reach the next stage. We require a           Yes, we most frequently use Colecraft Hulls, but we will work with
£1000 deposit to secure your boat building slot.                          the hull of your choice. If you need further advice regarding hull
                                                                          manufacturers please get in touch.
What if i can’t arrange to visit the boat yard at each stage?
This isn’t a problem as we have a boat building blog site which is        i am really interested in buying a boat, what to do next?
updated regularly so you can view the progress of your boat build         The first thing to do is make sure you have the finances available.
online at www.aquanarrowboathire.blogspot.com.                            Next we would recommend visiting a few boat shows such as the
                                                                          Crick Boat Show (29th – 31st May 2011 at Crick Marina) and the
how do i calculate the cost of my boat build?                             IWA Boat Show (29th – 30th July 2011at Shobnall Fields, Burton-
We have an easy to calculate system of a price per boat plus optional     on-Trent). See as many boat designs as possible to build up an idea
extras, please see the boat building pages (14 & 15) for a full price     of what you like and what you dislike. We will be at both of these
list. We will provide a quote and decide all your design requirements     boat shows and you are most welcome to come and have a look at
before the boat build starts so you are clear the exact payments at       the quality of our work. If you are interested in a boat build by Aqua
each stage and the total cost. You can decide to add optional extras at   Narrowboats then we will arrange for you to visit our workshop
a later stage and any additional costs, not originally quoted for, will   so you can see the quality of all our work and the professional
be added to your final 5% stage payment.                                  management of your boat build. We will discuss the specification
                                                                          of your design – you may want to use the ‘design your own boat’
do you only build 50ft, 57ft and 60ft boats?                              page for this, and provide a quote based on your specification, plus
No we can build any length boat you require, these boat sizes have        the next available timeslots. If you are happy then a £1000 deposit is
been priced as they are the most popular size of boats in the market.     required to secure your boat building slot and we continue to liaise
We will provide a quote for any size boat that you would like,            until the boat build is complete.
including wide beams.
                                                                          Where can i moor the boat?
how do you let me know what is happening with my boat build               There are many moorings available, most marinas will have
– i would like to feel in control of the process?                         moorings and British Waterways also have linear mooring along
As mentioned above, we keep our boat building blog up to date             the banks of the canal. Mercia Marina, our base, will be more than
so you are aware of the progress of your boat build. You will have        happy to discuss a mooring with you and it has some excellent
decided the design and layout at the start of the boat build and          facilities.
signed the BMF contract. In addition you will have 4 or 5 design
meetings with the managing director to ensure you are happy with          What about after-sales service?
the progress and to make any further decisions required at each           All new boat sales come with a 12month warranty on parts, we also
stage. You are of course welcome to make further liaison via emails       offer 2 free services to follow at 6 months and 12 months. We have
and phone calls. Following the boat build, we will keep you up to         a boat maintenance and repairs team so should you wish to make
date with our regular e-newsletter.                                       alterations in the future or need your boat blacked after a couple of
                                                                          years we are happy to help.
can you provide any references?
Yes we are happy to provide further references from our very happy
customers, please get in touch for further information.                    CoMe And visit us At:
                                                                           aQua narroWboats open day at our workshop,
What other assurances can you offer?
We are part of the BMF and APCO which means we are kept up to
                                                                           Mercia Marina
date with all the latest marine information including training and         Saturday 12th March 2011, 10am - 4pm
technology and we ensure all our staff have continual professional         cakes and tea for all aqua narrowboat visitors!!
development. We primarily use British products and services of the
best quality.
                                                                           crick boat shoW at crick Marina
do you offer support with the boat design                                  29th - 31st May 2011
Yes you will have a team of experts to offer help and advice,
                                                                           iWa boat shoW at Shobnall Fields burton-on-trent
with a wealth of experience in boat design and fitouts, however
it is ultimately your dream and we are committed to meet your              29th - 30th July 2011
requirements.                                                              we will be showing our latest bespoke boat builds at
                                                                           both these boat shows.

1                                                                            View our boat build website at: www.aquanarrowboats.co.uk
                                                                      Marine repairs & Maintenance Services
                                                                                                                             ww repa egis
                                                                                                                               w.a irs ter
                                                                                                                                  qu ne fo
                                                                                                                                     an ws r o
                                                                                                                                       arr le ur
                                                                                                                                          ow tte
                                                                                                                                            bo r a
MArine rePAirs Centre                                                                                                                         ats t

We also run a successful boat repairs and maintenance                     engine repairs & engineering
service for boat owners in addition to our boat building, hire            If a four cylinder engine is running on just three or there’s a
boat and sponsorship services.                                            knocking noise that’s suddenly developed from the gearbox, then
                                                                          we can help diagnose and solve the problem. We also provide fixed
We employ talented and knowledgeable staff who are on hand to             cost engine services for engine makes which include all labour and
solve most boating issues from installing a new engine to designing       appropriate branded engine filters. We’re able to repack stern glands,
a bespoke piece of boat furniture, or perhaps just providing advice       realign engines, install new gearboxes and driveplates, service diesel
on a maintenance issue - our friendly team are always here to help.       stoves and diesel water heaters as well as much, much more.
Our boatyard services include:
                                                                          hull blacking
carpentry, part Fit-outs and alterations                                  We recommend that the hull is blacked every two to three years.
It’s not unusual, once spending time on board a boat, for a customer      Our hull blacking is carried out in Mercia Marina Dry Dock,
to realise the layout doesn’t suit their exact requirements. We have      capable of accepting wide beams the dock is a purpose-built facility
carried out alterations to both old and new boats alike. Our skilled      and once emptied stays dry. Early booking is advisable as we
team are able to interpret your ideas and requirements and turn           normally work at least three months in advance. Prices include dry
them into practical and beautifully crafted items of woodwork             dock hire, pressure wash and 2 coats of Sealex B.
whilst maximising best use of space.                                      Prices:
                                                                          Narrowboats 50 ft + = £8.45 + vat per foot
electrical Work                                                           Narrowboats 40-49ft long = £9.45 + vat per foot.
It is inevitable that conversations between boat owners always            Narrowboats 30-39ft long = £10.45 + vat per foot.
turns to battery power, appropriate charging regimes and what             Widebeams = £12.50 + vat per foot.
works best. Having installed many types of DC & AC electrical             Four 2.5kg anodes supplied & fitted £150.00 + vat. (At the time of
systems on boats we are able to provide guidance on choosing the          blacking)
right system based on your needs. We can supply and fit inverters,        International Intertuf charged at an additional 50p + vat per foot.
chargers, battery management and split charging systems as well           Other blacking brands available upon request.
as provide complete engine room and cabin rewires, travel pack
repairs or even just the installation of an additional plug socket!       boat painting
                                                                          We offer this service from April til October, with a 4 week
engine installations                                                      turnaround. Prices from : £95 per foot (+ VAT) – This price
Whether considering a new engine for a new boat, or a                     includes removal of all windows and external fixtures where
replacement engine on an older boat, our team of engineers is             possible, sand blasting cabin and decks to bare steel, primer and
on hand to provide help and advice. We have completed numerous            undercoats plus top coats. Price based on up to 3 colours – i.e. main
engine installations to many different boats including to our own         cabin colour, panel colour and coach line. We are also able to quote
hire fleet. Therefore we understand that a marine engine needs to         for sign writing and other decoration.
be robust and reliable, that’s why we’ve recently become a dealer
for the Canaline range of marine engines. Our dealership is able
to offer a complete back up service for both parts and service,
which together with the manufacturers 3 year warranty, provides
complete piece of mind for your engineering investment.

Customer testimonial
Alison Littler and Nic Woolley had a refit of their second hand           what made you buy second hand and renovate rather than buy
narrowboat.                                                               a new boat?
                                                                          Combination of cost (we couldn’t afford a new boat) and design (we
Please describe the fit-out work that Aqua narrowboats did to             wanted a more open-plan fit-out).
your boat?
Aqua helped change the internal plan to a reverse layout – which          Have you got any top tips for other people considering
required the existing bathroom and galley be stripped out in order        renovating their boat?
to create a new bathroom with a shower and pump-out toilet,               Decide how much you have to spend and prioritise what you need
bedroom, and galley space. Along the way a new battery bank was           from the renovation, and what you want – not always the same thing.
installed, an inverter fitted, new power points and light fittings were
fitted, a new radiator and heated towel rail in the bathroom.             Has it met your expectations?
                                                                          Yes, absolutely.
How did you prioritise the fitout work?
Difficult to say – they were all part of the same process: a new layout   would you recommend Aqua narrowboats?
with new bathroom and bedroom were the aim, but power and the             Absolutely. Everyone concerned listened to what we wanted and
electrics had to be addressed as well as the existing heating system.     helped problem solve to achieve the aim. They were also willing
                                                                          and able to address unforeseen problems that arose – such as a leak
what difference has it made to your boating lifestyle?                    in the heating system and in one of the windows, fitting blanking
A huge difference – able to spend time away on the boat with more         plates to previous outlets in the hull, and so on.
comfort and the fit-out is a much better use of the space.

we welcome enquiries tel 01283 701041                                                                                                        1
    nArrowboAt Hire                                         boAt sPonsorsHiP sCHeMe

new besPoKe built boAts                                      MArine rePAirs Centre

          www.aquanarrowboats.co.uk                            tel: 01283 701041
             we welcome all visitors to our workshop. please call or email to arrange a visit:
                                    Contact: Justin hudson-oldroyd
                                  email: info@aquanarrowboats.co.uk
 aqua narrowboats (uk) ltd. the workshop, Mercia Marina, Findern lane, willington, derbyshire. de65 6dw
                        company registration no: 07405625    Vat no: 995-4812-67

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