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									Does your vote really count?
    Answer after you watch this

 Campaign contribution research on
   Jennifer Brunner for the 2006
campaign for Ohio Secretary of State

Is Jennifer Brunner Honest?
         You decide

    Provided by the Westlake Glenn Beck meetup group
   In 2006, Jennifer Brunner raised over $2,200,000 to run for
                     Ohio Secretary of State
  Why so much money to run for a secretary of state office? As you will see
    newly formed left wing organizations had something called the “SOS
  project”. Five states were targeted to change the republican secretary of
state to a democrat: Iowa, Nevada, Minnesota, New Mexico, and Ohio. All
                      5 offices changed party affiliation.
 Jennifer Brunner received over $300,000 from unions and union locals in

   She was provided with over $360,000 in campaign contributions from
              herself, her family, and her family’s law firm

        Jennifer Brunner received campaign contributions from 454
                        lawyers for over $220,000

      She received over $300,000 from the Ohio Democratic Party, the
      money donated to the the ODP by some of the same groups that
                          donated directly to her.
                               OHIO AFSCME
A partial list of the unions   FOOD & COMMERCIAL WORKERS LOCAL 1059 UFCW
                               ELECTRICAL WORKERS/IBEW
  and union locals that        OHIO CIVIL SERVICE EMPLOYEES ASSOC
                               AFSCME LOCAL 11
donated over $300,000 to       OHIO FEDERATION OF TEACHERS
                               OHIO AFL-CIO
  the Jennifer Brunner         OHIO EDUCATION ASSOC
                               LABORERS LOCAL 860/LIUNA
        campaign               COMMUNICATIONS WORKERS/CWA
                               OHIO STATE ASSOC OF PLUMBERS & PIPEFITTERS/UA
  Absent from the list is      STEELWORKERS DISTRICT 1/USW
                               MINE WORKERS/UMWA
 the S.E.I.U., one of the      PAINTERS & ALLIED TRADES/IUPAT
                               COLUMBUS SHEET METAL WORKERS/SMWIA
     biggest unions in         LIMA BUILDING TRADES COUNCIL
                               CINCINNATI SHEET METAL WORKERS/SMWIA
    America, who has           MID-STATES DISTRICT COUNCIL OF ROOFERS
                               MILLWRIGHTS LOCAL 1066/UBC
 become an institutional       OPERATING ENGINEERS/IUOE
  investor that is part of     & ALLIED CRAFTWORKERS/BAC
                               UTILITY WORKERS/UWUA
 organizations with over       CEMENT MASONS LOCAL 404/OP&CMIA
$3,000,000 in union dues       TROOPERS FOR A SAFER OHIO
                                                   Steve Phillips, San
                                              Francisco Lawyer, director
Blair Hull, founder of Chicago based
                                               of “Democracy Alliance”,
   investment company, Matlock                                                    Mark M Paran, Texas
                                                $2500 directly to JB and
      Capital and a partner in                                                  lawyer, $10,000 to JB and
                                               $10,000 to Ted Strickland
“Democracy Alliance”, gave $10,000                                                  $30,000 to ODP
  directly to JB and $15,000 to the

                                                                                       Arnold Hiatt, a huge
                                  Democracy Alliance, a newly                         contributor to liberal
                                                                                      organizations, among
                                       formed progressive                            them, “America Votes”.
                                 organization made up of 100 of                       donated $10,000 to JB
Arthur D Lipson,                   the nation’s richest donors
a Utah Financier,
                                  raised $50,000,000 to fund a                     Nancy Pelosi’s
$10,000 directly to
                                                                                     staff, also president of
       JB                        myriad of left wing groups and                     “Planned Parenthood”,
                                             unions                                Cecile Richards, founded
                                                                                        “America Votes”

  Courtney Hull, the son of                                             Allan Schulman, a Canton lawyer,
 Blair hull, is an unemployed                                             donated $10,000 directly to JB.
 student at Brown University           Stephen L Bing, one of the
                                                                        Although not directly connected to
and a rabid environmentalist           400 richest Americans and
                                                                       DA, has ties to “Young Democrats of
gave $8,900 to JB and another            personal friend of Bill
                                                                       America”, an org. funded by DA, also
 $15,000 to other democratic             Clinton, $10,000 to JB
                                                                       served with DA attorneys overseeing
         candidates.                                                            2006 election sites.
 Before we move on with
   Jennifer Brunner, it
  seems appropriate to
explain, just a little, how
     the corruption is
  perpetrated. It begins
with a complex system of
small groups of folks that
   have an agenda for
 America that none of us
  want. The republicans
 are every bit as corrupt
 as the democrats. They
 each, just have different                  member
The diagram to the right
is a “Muckety Map”. It
shows relationships and         Large
  connections between
    people (pink) and
  organizations (blue).
What I can’t show you is
  the extent that these
 relationships permeate
        the system.
 On some of the colored
  squares you can see a
   small plus sign. This
expands the relationship
 of that person or group
  further. It would take
 thousands of slides and
   hundreds of hours to
 view the intricate fabric
of these connections, so I
 will only show you two.
Yes just two, and you will
 begin to see how money                    member
 moves and corrupts our

      Let’s talk about
 EMILY”S List for a few
   minutes. Emily’s list
purports on their web site
    to be “dedicated to
  building a progressive
   America by electing
 democrat women….” It
  gave $50,000 to Ohio
   democrat candidates
   including $11,000 to
     Jennifer Brunner

    “Catalist” is an
organization that exists
 “to nurture a vibrant,
 growing, progressive        Contributor
    community” by
maintaining and using a
 high tech database of
 information on every
American of voting age.
    Do you remember
“America Votes” from the
Democracy Alliance slide?
  Well, Emily’s list is a
  member of “America
    Votes” and if you          Major
 remember, was founded
by Cecile Richards who is
   now Nancy Pelosi’s
   Dep.Chief of Staff.         Large
 America Votes has three
   large lobbying firms                    member
 spending millions to pass
    legislation and gain
influence over candidates.
Now watch how little Susie
   Buell fits in to the
   Little Susie is the sink for
the web. The money comes in
 through the faucet and goes
    out through the drain.
   Our innovative “campaign
   finance reform” created a
   maximum contribution of
 $10,000. Both parties create
these complex organizations,
  with hundreds of members,
 hundreds of employees, and         Large
hundreds of contributors that
are given the money and then                    member
   told where to send it. This
way candidates that are slated
 to win get millions of dollars
  funneled to them. Is there a
   quid pro quo? Why would
   you go through this much
      trouble? You decide.
   This is only a very small
  strand in the giant web of
      corruption that’s
 overwhelming our political
                        One final lesson:
     There was a large contributor to Jennifer Brunner that seemingly had no
 connection to these organized groups. His name is S. Daniel Abraham. He has a
truly American story, being poor and is now the founder of Slim-Fast. He lives in
 Florida now, but is from New York. It seemed his only interest was freedom and
security for Israel and other Jewish causes. Then why give $10,000 to a secretary
                       of state candidate in Ohio? Watch this:

       Mr. Abraham is a large donor of the “Birthright Israel Foundation”

 Have you ever heard the name Marc Rich? He also is a donor to the “Birthright
   Israel Foundation”. He was prosecuted and convicted of tax fraud by Rudy
Guiliani. His lawyer was Scooter Libby, Dick Cheney’s former chief of staff. And
                        he was pardoned by Bill Clinton.
       Another of Mr. Rich’s attorneys was Jack Quinn, former chief
                   of staff for vice president Al Gore

    Now, guess who arranged the pardon? Then U.S. attorney……now…
                        Attorney General, Eric Holder

                     Coincidence? You decide.
                               Here are some other state races for the
    In 2006 Jennifer       secretary of state office and how much money
     Brunner raised                          was raised.
$2,266,079 in campaign
contributions to run for
                           Idaho                $364,000 (4 candidates)
 secretary of state. She
  had three opponents
 who combined, raised      Wisconsin           $112,460 (4 candidates)
$2,058,000 in campaign
   funds for a total of    Massachusetts       $1,063,917 (3 candidates)
     (4 candidates)        Arizona              $851,614 (6 candidates)

  All together the five    Colorado            $1,042,873 (2 candidates)
 states targeted by the
  S.O.S Project raised     South Carolina        $345,617 (3 candidates)
                           Kansas                $427,525 (6 candidates)
 There are now 34 democrat
     secretaries of state

In the States this office, most
   often, controls elections
                            A.C.O.R.N. Ties
   Karyn Gillette, development
director of Project Vote was paid    Project Vote, an affiliate of ACORN contracts
$21,250 by the Brunner Campaign       with ACORN to conduct voter registration
            to consult               drives. In 2008 Project Vote turned in 160,000
                                              NEW voter registration cards

      Election results:
Jennifer Brunner-2,104,010
other candidates-1,719,188          A loophole is created in Ohio voter law to allow
                                      voters to register and vote at the same time.
                                     Jennifer Brunner issues directive to all boards
  Law suit is stopped by Ohio
                                    of elections to mandate all new registrants to be
Supreme Court and over 200,000
                                             given ballot when they register.
 unverified ballots are counted.

   Jennifer Brunner appeals
    judge’s decision to force       GOP sues to stop tactic and verify registrations
  secretary of state to provide                   before vote is cast
   mechanism to verify voter
       registration cards
 Geosafe Corporation is a
 wholly-owned subsidiary
   of Battelle Memorial
  Institute of Columbus,
       Ohio. $2500

                            Jennifer Brunner

 Multi-million dollar
contract to Battelle for
contract labor for high
  tech computer and
    science services

                            State of Ohio
$1,000,000 contract to      procurement
Battelle from Ohio for
  Environmental and
 remediation services

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