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No 13 AUTUMN 2008

                                Our Chair steps down
                                Our trusty skipper, Mark Dean, has resigned as Chairman after six years at the head of the
                                Board of Trustees. Mark has been an excellent leader, always looking ahead with a firm
                                conviction that the visions of the Trust will be achieved. Those early meetings at the
                                Naturally Native nursery set the Trust on a firm footing for the success that followed. He has
                                always had the ability to look at the wider vision of the Otanewainuku Kiwi Trust, seeing a
                                place for a field centre educating our generations to come about this special ancient forest
                                we care for.
                                As he takes time off from the formal business of the Trust, we wish him well in business
                                ventures, travel and sailing, and he has assured us that he will continue to work for the
                                Trust's interests. Thank you so much, Mark, for your time, energy, vision and positive
                                Moana Hodge has also stepped back from the Trust Board for the rest of the year as she
                                and husband Peter build their new home. Moana will continue to produce the newsletter and
                                update the website.

                                                                    AGM Guest Speaker:
                                                                    Carmel Richardson
                                                                    “Kaharoa Kokako Trust ”
                                                                    Now we have the kiwi nesting once again in our forest
                                                                    (yes, Whetu and Maui are preparing a burrow for a
                                                                    brand new kiwi chick) we are looking forward to a time
                                                                    when we can re-introduce kokako to our forest. Come
                                                                    and hear the secrets of the Kaharoa Forest’s success in
                                                                    boosting kokako numbers. Diary it today!
                                                                    Date :        Thursday 29 May 2008
                                                                    Time :        7.30 p.m.
 Photo Moana Bianchin
                                                                    Venue :       the Atrium, BOP Polytechnic
Fruit of the Forest                                                               Windermere campus (Note: New Venue)
The forest floor was covered in all sorts of forest fruit - here    Contact : Carole Long 07 542 0224
are some my three year old pocketed walking the rimu track
on our February Open Day. Do you know which is which?                             All welcome
Check out our website for answers!                              Gold coin donation

Evening Kiwi Survey - Listeners needed
It's that time again! The kiwi survey training night and team get together will
be on Tuesday evening 1 April 2008 at 7.30 p.m. at the DOC office,
Greerton. New listeners most welcome! Supper afterwards. Kiwi call
cds/tapes are provided and compasses if you need them, with detailed
instructions and site maps.
Surveys are done during April, May and June on fine nights with not much
wind, and listening takes three hours, with tapes of male and female kiwi
calls played at half hour intervals for the last two hours. Each site needs a
minimum of three visits and survey teams are at least two people, who
need plenty of warm clothes, patience and a wish to help the kiwi recovery
                                                                                                                Photo Moana Bianchin
effort. Contact Carole Long 07 542 0224
Volunteer Notice Board
2007 was another great year for the Trust and Otanewainuku Forest. Community awareness and involvement in our
project continues to grow as people discover what a very special place Otanewainuku is, and the Trust’s work to turn
around the decline of flora and fauna. I'm continually amazed at the enthusiasm and support volunteers are offering the
Trust; thanks, your help is greatly appreciated and lessens the load all round. It also allows us to expand our initial and
major role of kiwi protection to take on major projects like bait station operations which benefit the whole ecosystem.
The year was capped off with a well attended volunteer outing to the Kaharoa Kokako Trust. It was an enjoyable day and
great to meet like-minded people, we are planning on hosting them for a visit to Otanewainuku in the near future
Our bait station operation last winter was more successful than first thought and Otanewainuku is looking lush with the
forest floor littered with uneaten fruit from tawa and pigeon wood. Robins and tomtits have had a very successful breeding
season and volunteers are regularly reporting sightings of 15 to 20 robins while doing their trap lines. Pat yourselves on
the back because it's your hard work that has resulted in this turnaround. Last Sunday I was at the carpark and a juvenile
tomtit came down and perched on the roof rack of my car to check out what was going on (no I didn't have my camera!)

Bait Station upgrade
We have been fortunate to obtain a $5,000 grant from Waikato Forest and Bird to upgrade our bait station layout. Basically
we will be doubling the number of bait stations to approx. 900. This will allow more effective possum and rat control. We
have had the first three workdays and have most of the North block upgrade completed.
                                                                                                                                             Dave Edwards
                         th                                  th
Workdays Sunday 30 March, Sunday 13 April and Saturday 26 April                            th                                              Ph 544 0885
We will be working in groups of 3 or 4 per line; the work will involve some cutting to tidy up lines                     
and installing new bait stations. The work is not too strenuous and we can generally tailor the
tasks to suit the individual.
Meet: at the shelter by car park at Otanewainuku forest on Mountain Rd Oropi. Start 9am and finish approx 2pm
Bring: small pack with lunch,
drink, warm clothes, sturdy
                                                                        Otanewainuku Kiwi Trust Trapping Data Mustelids
footwear and a raincoat.
The trust will provide a BBQ at                                                             2007
the end of workday                                          20
If you can help or wish to know                             18
more please contact:
                                                                                                   For the latest tally
                                         Mustelids caught

Dave Edwards 544 0885                                       14
or Dave Wills 573 7322                                                                           Update see our website
                                                                  Jan     Feb   Mar ch   April     May   June   July      Aug   Sept   Oct    Nov   Dec

Shining Rata in full bloom
Winter is again on its way and as the days draw in one of the showy plants of the forest is
starting to flower. The next time you are up at the car park shelter, look back across the
road to the left of the car park and you should be able to see the orange/red flowers of the
shining rata, Metrosideros fulgens. This winter flowering plant is sitting about 6-8 metres
above the ground at the edge of the car park.
This climbing rata is an epiphyte, clinging to its host tree and causing it no harm, instead
using it for support, thus allowing it to get to the light so its flowers can be visited by the
nectar birds and insects of the forest. During the winter months this nectar will be a vital
food source for Tui, Bellbird and others.
                                                                                                                                                          Photo Dave Edwards

Metrosideros fulgens is related to the trees M. excelsa (pohutukawa) M. robusta (northern
rata) and M. umbellata (southern rata). There are approx 6 other climbing species of
Metrosideros including the white flowered M. albiflora. M. fulgens is a fairly common rata
found throughout the North Island in lowland to high altitude forests and as far south as
the Marlborough Sounds and Westland in the South Island.
In Brief...
Native Snail Found by Volunteer
Recently one of our stoat line volunteers found a native snail safe and sound
inside one of the tunnels, it was about the size of a 50 cent piece and is a Rhytida
greenwoodi greenwoodi. This snail is classified as uncommon and is an exciting
find. Sighting of native snails and geckos will increase as we keep the rat and
possum numbers in check in the forest.
                                                                                                                Photo Moana Bianchin
Car Park Upgrade
The car park upgrade is nearly completed with only a safety bund to be installed
when we find suitable materials at the right price. The old car park was often
congested and potentially dangerous with people having to park on the side of the
road. Our parking area has now doubled in size and the surrounding bush
provides an impressive backdrop, an old spar and tawa at the north end are
covered in a mass of rata flowers.
Thanks to Colin Amrein of Amrein Contracting Ltd for providing manpower and
machinery to mulch the area, and a big thanks to Inroads for coming on board,
doing the earthworks, supplying fill and gravel to complete the job. Thanks to
Western Bay of Plenty District Council for support.
                                                                                                                    Photo Glenn Ayo
Kiwi Crèche Update
With the 1000th kiwi chick hatched at Kiwi Encounter in Rotorua last month under
the kiwi rescue programme, our kiwi creche project is gaining momentum. The legal easements for the property where
the creche is planned have been settled and now the fundraising committee is exploring options to raise the $600,000
needed. The generosity of three local landowners secured the site and the Trust is working with Excluder, the firm
providing the fence, to find ways of putting some sponsorship into the fencing cost.
This is a big investment in the future of kiwi. Only five per cent of kiwi hatched in the wild reach adulthood, whereas 20
per cent survival is needed for a population to grow. We are applying for various grants and have just had a positive
feasibility study completed. You can help too! Make a donation to the Creche, band together with a group of like minded
people and sponsor a post or make a donation to the crèche. Every bit helps!

Trust Power National Community Awards
Carole Long and Peter Crane are off to Wanaka at the end of March to represent
the Trust at these awards. They will be making a presentation to the judges to
show them what an amazing bunch of dedicated volunteers we are, and the huge
impact we have made on our local forest. Do cross your fingers and claws!

Inaugural Weta Walk
At the time we go to print Te Puke Forest and Bird are planning to hold their first
evening weta walk up at the Forest. See the next newsletter for a report!

Comvita: Our sponsor since we began in 2002
Comvita has been a sponsor of the Trust since its inception and have funded a sign in the public
parking area to the walking tracks, pamphlets and newsletters and the website hosting costs.
Comvita is proud to be associated with a local group with such vision and drive to preserve our
natural heritage.
Comvita's latest exciting developments are:
  · The HUNI skincare range, developed using Manuka honey, with extracts of NZ native plants.          The perfect gift that
   · Honey based medical products to assist the healing of wounds and the protection of                makes a difference!
       compromised skin. Comvita is a world leader in understanding the science behind the
                                                                                                       * Kiwi Creche Post
       internationally recognised healing powers of Manuka honey.
   · Fresh olive leaf extract, a sought after product with superior antioxidant powers.
                                                                                                        * A Hectare $25
The company has won four export awards since 1991. In 2006, Comvita was named New Zealand
Trade & Enterprise Biotechnology Exporter of the Year and won the Supreme Trailblazer and
                                                                                                       * Membership $10
People's Choice awards at the Westpac Sustainable Business Challenge.
                                                                                                       Just email us and we’ll
                                  Comvita's single organizing idea is “Natural Performance”. It
                                                                                                       send you a brochure
                                  explains what the company must deliver and what people
                                  receive. This idea drives Comvita's vision and policies as
                                  reflected in one of their values below:
                                                                                                       Or ph 07 542 0224
                                  Respect: We care for the future of people and nature. We apply
                                  integrity and sustainable principles in everything we do.

                                 This newsletter is kindly sponsored by Copyman in Greerton
Thank-you very much!
Kiwi Creche Sponsor a Post
Barry McKey of Tauranga and Maartje Houthuyzen of Welcome Bay

Sponsor a Hectare.and other New Members
Mr R Speed of Tauranga, Barry McKey of Te Puke, E M Cox of Tauranga, Ian Borrie of Welcome
Bay, Eric Geddes of Mt Maunganui, Mrs Pat Evans of Te Puke, Allan Jenkins of Tauranga,
Angela Dickinson of Auckland, Rural Women NZ Ltd T auranga Branch, Brian & Sue Williams of
Pyes Pa, Klaus & Kristina Niermann of Papamoa, Brian Bennett of Te Puke, Te Puke Lions, PJ
Westhead of Oropi, Miss F Grainger of Welcome Bay, M Toy & S Williams of Oropi, Graeme &
Sue Millow of Matua, Bruce Buchanan of Tauranga, Lois List Estate of Tauranga, H & B Cameron
of Te Puke, Emma McBeth of Wellington, Miss M O’Knight of Te Puke, Wayne Moultrie & Joy Bout of Mt Maunganui, Mike
& Sandra Spearman of Tauranga and E B Kinvig of Tauranga. New Member: Connor Dowling of Te Puke.

Enviroment BOP Whakatane $1000, I & M Shaw of Papmoa $500 and Klyne Irelgeorge Pitpitunge of
Rotorua $2100. Klyne learnt of us via the website. We have been fortunate to obtain a $5,000 grant
from Waikato Forest and Bird to upgrade our bait station layout.
Thanks to Selwyn Hutchings for donating antifreeze for the insect collections late last year. And also
to Fairhaven School in Te Puke for raising a whopping $265 for the Trust. Here is a photo of Jim
Pendergrast showing the children how to catch a sneaky stoat. Big thanks to Mark Crowley for
donating us a fridge to store stoat baits in.

$10 000 International Support towards Pest Control
This is a tremendous boost for our operational funding from Birdlife International Community
Conservation Fund. It means we can plan to keep the predator and pest numbers down for
another year, with additional fundraising and our sponsor-a-hectare scheme. This spring and
summer have seen great results from the work done so far, with plenty of seeds on the forest floor
and good numbers of young birds everywhere. This is what makes the work worthwhile to our

Dear Carole
We are most grateful for your kindness in guiding our party during our recent visit to
Otanewainuku. For several years past Otanewainuku has been on my list of places I most
wanted to visit and I thought the quality of the forest, its wildlife, the tracks system and the base
shelters exceeded my expectations.
Visiting in late March, I knew we could not expect the sustained bird song and morning chorus
present during the Spring, but the song we did hear, particularly from bellbirds and robins gave a
good indication of what would be present during the breeding season. The quality of the tawa
podocarp forest and the dense under story was a clear indication of the absence of browsing
In the day following our visit we tramped over the Tuahu or old Katikati track from the top of
Springs Road to the summit of the range, and the forest there was a dramatic
comparison with our visit to Otanewainuku. Along the track the understory was sparse
or nonexistent, due I imagine to the high population of possum which do not appear
to have been managed in recent years. Possum sign was everywhere: droppings,
bark biting and browsing!
Once again thank you for your help and best wishes for the future to all your
volunteers and helpers
Regards. John Kendrick, Margaret Merton, Heather & Greg Stump
(John Kendrick was with Wildlife Service for many years from 1964 and did the bird calls on
National radio for ever! He is a very sprightly 86, much travelled and very knowledgeable
and thoroughly enjoyed his morning in Otanewainuku - Carole)

                               Otanewainuku Kiwi Trust Contacts                                                  For a brochure:

  Secretary               Carole Long                07 542 0224                    PO Box 9311
                                                                                                               Greerton Tauranga
  Volunteers              Dave Edwards               07 544 0885
  Kiwi Creche             Dave Wills                 07 573 7322        
  Finances                Maartje Houthuyzen         07 577 9123              
  Website/Newsletter      Moana Hodge                07 543 1478

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