MISCELLANEOUS MISCELLANEOUS 1 Name one career by wuzhenguang



1.    Name one career for each letter of the alphabet.
2.    Name the birthstones for each month.
3.    Name 20 different modes of transportation.
4.    Name 15 breeds of horse.
5.    Name 15 breeds of dog.
6.    Name 12 Olympic events.
7.    Name 10 large U.S. corporations.
8.    Name 10 instruments.
9.    Name 10 football teams and their cities.
10.   Name 10 basketball teams and their cities.
11.   Name 10 baseball teams and their cities.
12.   Name 10 hockey teams and their cities.
13.   List the zodiac signs in order.
14.   Name the first ten traditional anniversary gifts in order.
15.   Sing the SpongeBob SquarePants theme song to the class.
16.   Fill in the letters on a blank computer keyboard.
17.   Name all the KMV classroom teachers and the grades they teach.
18.   Without help, win Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?
19.   Sign the alphabet for me.

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