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Vol. 29, Issue 2                                          College Magazine

            Advantage: Westminster
              A Strategic Plan 2010-2020

                   Inside: 2008-2009 President’s Report
     Messagefrom the
                             This issue focuses on both the past and the future. In it you will find the annual
                             President’s Report that reflects on the previous academic year with special attention
                             to recognizing our many benefactors who collectively supported our mission to “help
                             men and women develop competencies, commitments, and characteristics which have
                             distinguished human beings at their best.” To each of you who provided gifts to the College,
                             I say “Thank You!” You have not only made a charitable contribution to an outstanding
                             college, but an investment in the future of America. Education remains our best hope for
                             a better tomorrow and we are doing our part with your help.

                             What has your support yielded in this past year? In short, we have been good stewards of
                             the faith and support given us by our many friends and the results speak for themselves.

    •	   We continue to be ranked as a top tier liberal arts college by U.S. News’ Guide to America’s Best Colleges and
         15th among liberal arts colleges in graduation rate performance.
    •	   The Princeton Review continues to rank us in their “Top 371 Colleges in America” and “Best in the Northeast.”
    •	   More than 80 percent of our students engage in community service, resulting once more in being named to
         the President’s Honor Roll for Community Engagement.
    •	   For the second year in a row Westminster experienced both an all-time record in applications for admission
         and a record first-year student class.
    •	   We exceeded our fundraising goal during the worst economic downturn since The Depression and were able
         to weather the storm without budget cuts or staff layoffs. In fact, we were able to further improve our balance
         sheet to meet the financial challenges ahead in anticipation of continued weakness and slow growth in the
    •	   A new Investment Committee was formed by the Board of Trustees to better oversee our endowment, which
         was repositioned to provide improved financial returns while protecting principal.

As excited as I am about our successes despite an enormously challenging year, I am more excited about our future.
In this issue you shall find a copy of Westminster’s new 10-year Strategic Plan. Please read it. More than 80 people
had a hand in its creation, and it serves as Westminster’s compass for the next decade. My introduction in the Plan
captures the challenge before us: the type of education provided by Westminster and colleges like her is threatened
on a number of fronts. Yet, we know it works. Our continued success as a college will depend upon how our campus
community can work creatively to elevate Westminster in important new ways while never losing that values-based
tradition we now affectionately call “The Westminster Way.”

It is vital that you play an increasing role in our future. Your time, talents, and treasure will be needed. Get involved!
Join our alumni online community and visit your former classmates. Invite students to be interns at your business.
Attend our cultural and athletic events. Come back to Homecoming, a fun weekend that is also highlighted in
this issue. And make a donation – even a small one if you have not done so before. Tangibly demonstrate your
commitment to making the world a better place – one student at a time. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “An
investment in education pays the best dividend.”

Dr. Richard H. Dorman
Volume 29, Number 2

Elizabeth Fontaine Hildebrand ’92

Senior Director,
Marketing & Communication Ser vices
Mark A. Meighen
                                                       Westminster                                                        College Magazine

Editorial Assistants
Sandra Chandler
Justin Zackal

Design & Production
Deborah L. Parady
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                                                                    A look at the key initiatives
Chair, Board of Trustees
                                                                    for the new Strategic Plan
John T. Weisel ’79

Dr. Richard H. Dorman

Vice President for Institutional
Gloria C. Cagigas
                                                           12       The Butterfly Effect
Vice President for Academic Affairs
& Dean of the College
                                                                    Twist of fate brings four
Dr. Jesse T. Mann                                                   Utahans to Westminster
Vice President for Finance
& Management Ser vices
Kenneth J. Romig ’85

Vice President for Student Affairs
& Dean of Students

                                                           18       Homecoming 2009
Dr. Neal A. Edman

Vice President for Enrollment
Bradley P. Tokar ’91, M ’97

President of Alumni Council
Harry W. Smith ’66

                                                                                                               Phi Mu Katie Gray and Alpha Sigma
                                                                                                              Phi Matthew Monahan were crowned
                                                                                                                    Homecoming Queen and King

Cert. No.: BV-SFICOC-US07000166                        In Every Issue
Westminster Magazine is published three times
a year by the Office of Communication Services,                   IFC      Message from the President     16-17 Regional Connections
Westminster College, New Wilmington, Pennsylvania
16172-0001. Inquiries should be addressed to the                  8-10     Campus Update                  22-32 Class Notes
Editor. Phone: (724) 946-8761; Fax: (724) 946-6159;
or e-mail:                              14       Alumni News
Westminster College is related to the Presbyterian
Church (U.S.A.) through the Synod of the Trinity.

Westminster College does not discriminate, and         Photo Credits
will not tolerate discrimination, on the basis of
race, color, national origin, ethnic origin, sex,
sexual orientation, age, or handicap or disability                  Front cover – Jim Judkis
as those terms are defined under applicable law,
in the administration of any of its educational
programs, activities, or with respect to admissions
and employment. In its employment practices, the
College may consider the individual’s support of       In the Next Issue
the philosophy and purposes of Westminster as
stated in the Undergraduate Catalog. Otherwise,
Westminster does not discriminate, and will not                     Westminster mentors and how they shaped the lives of our alumni
tolerate discrimination, on the basis of religion or
creed. Inquiries may be directed to the
Equal Opportunity Officer, Westminster College,
New Wilmington, PA 16172-0001, (724) 946-7247.
                                 Advantage: Westminster
              Charting a course for the new Strategic Plan

               “Westminster College’s new Strategic     Second, it elevates the call for academic rigor in
               Plan succinctly and proactively          response to a growing national market for quick
               responds to emerging conditions that     degrees focused primarily on vocationalism. Third,
               are diminishing higher education         it reinforces our commitment to keep a high-
               nationwide. Our Plan is not only a       quality, private education affordable in an age
               statement of institutional vision, but   of unacceptable cost increases at the college level
               a comment on what we think higher        nationally. And finally, it recognizes our need to
               education should be doing to return      maintain a campus learning environment that meets
America once more to its place as a world leader in     contemporary student learning needs without adding
higher education.                                       to the financial burden of those who use it.

First, it reaffirms the relationship between the        These are big, strategic ideas and we are excited about
teacher and the student in an age of increasing         rolling up our sleeves to achieve the 39 Key Goals in
depersonalization in undergraduate education.           the Plan to meet these four broad Initiatives.”

2 w w w.w e s t m i n s t e r. e d u
Advantage: Westminster
This ten-year Strategic Plan outlines four Initiatives designed to enhance the learning experience of all
Westminster College students. It complements the Mission Statement of the College by outlining specific goals
that are both adaptive to current and emerging realities, yet sensitive to its church-related, values-based liberal
arts heritage. Though the Plan’s Initiatives and Goals address multiple areas for attention, the singular focus is on
the students who shall always remain the principal beneficiaries of our educational efforts.

                                                                         A thorough analysis of internal and
                                                                         external environmental conditions was
                                                                         conducted to provide a context for
                                                                         the recommendations leading to the
                                                                         identification of the Key Goals contained
                                                                         in the Plan. The final Initiatives broadly
                                                                         address many of the challenges and
                                                                         trends revealed in this analysis. Important
                                                                         themes that surfaced within this
                                                                         contextual overview included: changing
                                                                         student demographics; rise of competition;
                                                                         affordability; academic reputation;
                                                                         tradition versus innovation; and our
                                                                         physical plant, among others. This analysis
                                                                         significantly informed the institutional
                                                                         direction presented herein.

                                                                          The success of the Plan shall be assessed
through evaluative measures outlined in a separate but complementary Operational Plan. While the Strategic
Plan represents a policy statement addressing institutional direction and priorities, the Operational Plan is an
administrative tool. Assessments within it shall focus on the many operational strategies implemented to meet
the Key Goals for each of the four Initiatives, which address the following topics:

• To ensure that we support our employees who are responsible and accountable for our students’ educational
• To enhance our institution’s academic reputation and our intellectual environment.
• To remain accessible and affordable in an era of continually escalating costs.
• To expand and enhance the functionality and physical attractiveness of our campus.

This assessment shall be embedded, pervasive, and informative throughout the lifespan of the Plan.

Broad institutional representation characterized the formation of this Plan. Trustees, alumni, administration,
faculty, staff, and students all contributed to this final document with more
than 80 people actively contributing to it. Though not all recommendations
were incorporated, the Plan represents a realistic outline of goals and               Advantage: Westminster
aspirations needed to advance Westminster College in these uncertain and               A Strategic Plan 2010-2020
challenging times.

                                                                                              W e s t m i n s t e r C o ll e g e M a g a z i n e 3
Advantage: Westminster
  The Initiative to Support Our People
  “The Westminster Way” shall define the College’s culture among and between campus constituencies
  and shall reinforce our commitment to a “winning tradition” across all endeavors of the College in
  accordance with our Mission Statement.
  WE BELIEVE that Westminster College is an outstanding place to learn, teach, work, and live. Among campus constituents, exceptionally high
  levels of interpersonal caring, respect, collaboration, and collegiality exist. Yet we challenge and support one another to constantly improve
  in order to elevate further Westminster as among America’s best colleges. This institutional “ethos” must be preserved and nurtured for it
  represents a key defining feature of the College. This Initiative reinforces the importance of this culture and defines goals to preserve and
  nurture it as one of our great institutional strengths.

  Key Goals
  Affirm Our Underlying Values
  •    Codify our institutional values into a list known as “The Westminster Way.”
  •    Establish specific strategies to continue and further enhance our “winning traditions” of developing intellectual, interpersonal, athletic, and
       spiritual outcomes that distinguish human beings at their best, and incorporate these strategies into the working fabric of the institution.
  •    Reinforce our church heritage and enhance our mission to others.

  Nurture Talent
  •    Demonstrate ways to develop, recognize, and honor the many gifts and multiple intelligences that exist within the campus community.
  •    Ensure fair and equitable salary and benefit packages for all employees based on
       thorough research, reflection, and budget affordability.
  •    Continue to provide a high-quality, private, liberal arts education, identifying programs,
       policies, and procedures that maintain heightened levels of satisfaction among all on                Advantage: Westminster
       campus.                                                                                                A Strategic Plan 2010-2020
  •    Provide professional development opportunities for all campus employees to maintain
       skill levels in their respective roles.

4 w w w.w e s t m i n s t e r. e d u
Advantage: Westminster
The Initiative to Enhance Our Reputation
The academic reputation of Westminster College shall be elevated
through enhanced programming for faculty development, student
scholarship, improved external collaboration and outreach, and
a commitment to supplementing our liberal arts mission with
experiential educational opportunities.
WE BELIEVE that the quality of education provided is directly related to the quality of faculty
providing it. It is important for Westminster faculty to maintain currency in their discipline,
enthusiasm about what they teach, expertise in their instructional skills, and dedication to
the intellectual development of every student in class. Faculty must also seek ways to involve
students in scholarly activities and share their intellectual and instructional efforts externally for
the purpose of reinforcing the institution’s role as an important intellectual and societal resource.
WE ALSO BELIEVE in the importance of applied learning, whereby classroom instruction can be
augmented through real-world experiences implemented across the curriculum.

Key Goals
Reinforce the Importance of Faculty Development
•   Enhance operational funding and financial incentives to encourage and realize faculty development goals.
•   Establish a sponsored research grant writer position to support faculty and student research congruent with institutional priorities and the
    experiential learning mission.

Enhance the Academic Core Mission
•   Secure significant endowment resources to support the academic programs and core educational mission of the College.
•   Further enhance our excellent graduation and retention rates.
•   Continue to increase the overall admissions quality of our undergraduate students.
•   Elevate the visibility of scholarship in both internal and external communications.
•   Develop permanent guest lecture and outstanding alumni recognition programs that will support our efforts to build a stronger academic
    reputation while bringing enhanced visibility to the College.

Expand Applied Learning Opportunities for Students
•   Enhance the Drinko Center as a major institutional resource to coordinate and financially support experiential education, student research,
    community outreach, and faculty development.
•   Develop experiential education options for each major discipline and promote those options among students and in student recruitment activities.
•   Develop programs of interdisciplinary collaboration that support experiential education, enhanced visibility of the College, and increased
•   Create and build meaningful partnerships with local, regional, and national companies and
    non-profit agencies to provide experiential learning and internship opportunities.
                                                                                                         Advantage: Westminster
Become a More Heterogeneous Campus                                                                         A Strategic Plan 2010-2020

•   Broaden the diversity of our campus across multiple demographic dimensions and provide
    financial support to meet the operational goal of creating a more diverse campus community.

                                                                                                                  W e s t m i n s t e r C o ll e g e M a g a z i n e 5
Advantage: Westminster
 The Initiative to Remain Affordable
 Westminster College shall remain a high-value liberal arts
 college, providing recognized excellence in undergraduate
 education at a competitive price.
 WE BELIEVE that a high-quality, private, liberal arts education should be available at
 a reasonable cost to those desiring such an education. Research on the impact of
 college on students has repeatedly and conclusively demonstrated that the strongest
 intellectual and social development of students occurs at smaller, private, liberal arts
 colleges. The cost of such colleges, however, is rapidly exceeding family affordability.
 Westminster College shall position itself as an affordable choice while maintaining a
 commitment to educational excellence and exceptional student outcomes.

 Key Goals
 Build Our Financial Foundation
 •    Increase the endowment through private gifts from 2009-10 levels with an
      emphasis on augmenting endowed scholarships to offset institutionally-funded
      financial aid.
 •    Increase the percentage of alumni participation in philanthropy to the College.
 •    Develop budgetary protocols and incentives that reward savings and efficiencies across campus cost centers.
 •    Create opportunities for students to build a philanthropic and affinity commitment to the College both during their undergraduate years and
      following graduation.

 Achieve Enrollment Capacity
 •    Increase overall full-time equivalent (FTE) traditional student undergraduate enrollment.
 •    Increase overall FTE graduate enrollment.
 •    Increase overall FTE Lifelong Learning enrollment.
 •    Implement content delivery strategies for Graduate and Lifelong Learning programs that incorporate our signature personalized one-on-one
      teaching with online educational components to provide a “hybrid” offering that meets the learning needs of the adult student population.
 •    Invest significantly in the Admissions function to meet future enrollment and financial goals and expand our recruitment catchment area to
      new markets.
 •    Enhance and invest in existing programs that represent outstanding enrollment growth opportunities for the College.
 •     Within our Mission, consider and implement new programs that will enhance institutional growth to meet future enrollment goals.

 Better Position the College to its Publics
 •    Create a comprehensive branding and marketing plan to position the College for growth.

                                                                                                       Advantage: Westminster
                                                                                                         A Strategic Plan 2010-2020

6 w w w.w e s t m i n s t e r. e d u
Advantage: Westminster
The Initiative to Improve Our Campus
Westminster College shall further develop its campus infrastructure to effectively meet the learning and
living requirements of the 21st-century college student.
WE BELIEVE that a college should provide facilities and services that effectively meet the contemporary learning and living needs of the campus
community without placing undue financial burdens upon the institution. In order to maintain an affordable cost, we seek a highly functional
and attractive campus environment through the thoughtful acquisition and allocation of precious resources. This Initiative recognizes that the
outstanding campus improvement efforts over past years need to be expanded to realize a contemporary standard in our infrastructure.

Key Goals
Fund Capital Priorities
•   Identify, prepare, and renovate selected existing classroom and office facilities to meet contemporary standards.
•   Identify, prepare, and renovate selected student residence and food service facilities to meet contemporary standards.
•   Provide updated instrumentation for our science curricula necessary for meeting the learning needs of current science students.
•   Provide the necessary housing and academic space to accommodate the College’s growth within the next decade.

Maintain Currency in Information Technology
•   Add campus-wide Wi-Fi capabilities.
•   Provide for a more stable Information Technology funding mechanism.
•   Examine a policy of centralizing personal computer purchases across the campus on a periodic rotating basis and recommend any changes
    to existing policy should changes be warranted.

Become More Environmentally Sensitive as a Campus Community
•   Develop, support, and recognize programs to improve the College’s efforts toward
    environmental sustainability and incorporate more sustainable practices into its                   Advantage: Westminster
    operations and infrastructure.                                                                      A Strategic Plan 2010-2020

                                                                                                                W e s t m i n s t e r C o ll e g e M a g a z i n e 7
       Westminster College                                                                 Advantage: Westminster
                                                                                            A Strategic Plan 2010-2020

What others say about Westminster College …                                         Points of Pride
•   “Top Tier Liberal Arts College” – U.S. News Guide to America’s Best Colleges
•   “Top 15 in graduation rate performance” – U.S. News Guide to America’s Best Colleges
•   “Best 371 Colleges” and “Best in the Northeast” – The Princeton Review
•   “Great Town/Gown Relations” and “Best College Radio Stations” – The Princeton Review
•   “Top three in social mobility among liberal arts colleges” – Washington Monthly College Guide

The demand for Westminster has never been higher …
• More than 1,500 students – Westminster is small by choice and we are proud of the young women and men who share their
  diverse talents
• Nearly 4,000 applications for 400 spots in freshman class
• Incoming freshmen have 3.5 high school grade point average and nearly 1100 SAT (over 80 points above the national
  average), and most rank in the top 20% of high school class
• 12:1 student-to-faculty ratio – Students receive the personal attention they deserve from dedicated faculty

Westminster graduates are in demand and prepared for success …
• 98% of Westminster graduates are employed or enter graduate school within a year of graduation
• Westminster graduates are accepted into medical school at double the national average (86% vs. 43%)
• The Career Center works with students during their four years on campus – most students complete at least one internship
  and career seminar
• More than 18,000 Westminster alumni provide a worldwide Titan support network – Westminster for Life
• The liberal arts prepare you for life – Great teaching combined with intellectual curiosity leads to endless opportunities

We’re good neighbors and stewards …
• Drinko Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning enriches undergraduate education, funds undergraduate and
  collaborative research opportunities, and serves as a community resource for K-12 education – Westminster students and
  faculty present research around the world
• Westminster’s “Science in Motion” and “Language in Motion” programs provide the region’s K-12 students with hands-on
  science and language programs and teachers with professional development
• The Outdoor Biology and Environmental Science Lab provides hands-on experience in conservation and sustainability of
  natural resources to students and the community
• Westminster’s Lifelong Learning and Continuing Education Programs provide area adults with opportunities to upgrade
  skills and earn college degrees
• President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll (three straight years) – Nearly 80% of Westminster students
  volunteered last year, three times the national average and nearly twice the national average for college students

Westminster College at a Glance …
History: Founded in 1852 and affiliated with the Presbyterian Church (USA). Private, coeducational, four-year, liberal arts college
Location: New Wilmington, Pennsylvania, is 60 miles north of Pittsburgh, 90 miles south of Erie, and 90 miles southeast of Cleveland
Degrees Offered: B.A., B.S., B.Mus., M.Ed.
Majors: 41 majors and 10 pre-professional programs
Accreditation: Middle States Association, Approved by Pennsylvania Department of Education, American Chemical Society,
  National Association of Schools of Music
Faculty: 104 full time; 90% have doctorate or equivalent
Enrollment: Approximately 1,500 students (58% female, 42% male)
Cost: Tuition & Fees – $28,040; Room & Board – $8,440
Financial Aid: 98% of students receive financial aid, including scholarships, grants, low-interest loans, and student employment

    8 w w w.w e s t m i n s t e r. e d u
                                                                  A packed house
                                                                  Westminster welcomed the class of 2013 – a record 473
                                                                  new students – on Friday, Aug. 28. After saying goodbyes
                                                                  to family and friends, students filed into – and packed –
                                                                  the Wallace Memorial Chapel for their first class meeting.

                                                                              Moving in
                                                                              Westminster and her Fresh Start volunteers
                                                                              welcomed the class of 2013 – a record 473
                                                                              new students – on a rainy Friday, Aug. 28.
                                                                              After saying goodbyes to family and friends,
                                                                              students filed into – and packed – the Wallace
                                                                              Memorial Chapel for their first class meeting.

Two named to Board
Ronald Hustwit ’64 and Julie Shellito Weagraff ’92 have been
named to the Westminster College Board of Trustees.

Hustwit is a member and former chair of the Department
of Philosophy at the College of Wooster. In addition, he has
been a visiting scholar at the University of Texas and at the
Ecumenical Institute of St. Johns University in Collegeville,
Minn., as well as a visiting lecturer at Scotland’s University
of Aberdeen. He was on Alumni Council from 2001-2005 and
served a term as president in 2004. He and his wife, Barbara
Johnson Hustwit ’66, reside in Wooster, Ohio.

Weagraff is the director of development for the Frances
Payne Bolton School of Nursing at Case Western Reserve
University. She has also worked for the Ohio Foundation
for Independent Colleges, Crossroads (a Cleveland social
service agency), and the Julie Billert School (serving disabled
children). She served as a young alumni class agent for the
Westminster Fund and was a regional alumni representative
from 1996-1998. She served on Alumni Council from 1998-
2001, and in 2005 was a guest panelist on a Westminster
Volunteer Fundraising Workshop. She resides in Painesville,
Ohio, with her husband, Marc.                                                     Ronald Hustwit ’64 and Julie Shellito Weagraff ’92

                                                                                                W e s t m i n s t e r C o ll e g e M a g a z i n e 9
                                                          Emmy Fellow
Faculty promotions                                                       Keith Corso ’84, instructor of communication studies, was selected
                                                                         as an Emmy Fellow of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences
Six Westminster College faculty                                          (ATAS) to attend a faculty seminar Nov. 10-14 in Los Angeles.

recently received promotions.                                          Corso was one of 20 faculty members chosen from across the country
                                                                       to receive this highly competitive award funded by the Television
                     Dr. Andrew Ade, who joined the                    Academy Foundation. Seminar attendees participated in discussions,
                     Westminster faculty in 2003,                      presentations, and interacted with major studios, production
                     was tenured and promoted to          companies, the networks, and their top production and programming staff.
                     associate professor of English.
                                                          Keith Corso, a 1984 Westminster graduate who has been on the Westminster faculty
                                                          since 2004, earned a master’s from the University of Akron.

                     Dr. Patricia Clark, who has been
                     with Westminster since 2004,
                     was tenured and promoted to
                     associate professor of history.      Drama Prize
                                                                         Question of Taste, a one-act play written by Dr. Andrew Ade, associate
                     Dr. R. Tad Greig, who has been                      professor of English, won the 2009 Arts & Letters Prize in Drama.
                     with Westminster since 1995, was
                     promoted to associate professor                     A Question of Taste is a fable about the violent political chaos
                     of music. He is chair of the                        disrupting the most troubled countries in Africa today. Two men
                     Department of Music and director                    of different generations argue out their antithetical approaches to
                     of bands.                                           putting their country back on track. Despite some breakthroughs in
                                                                         their thinking, their encounter ends disastrously.
                     Dr. Jamie McMinn, who has been
                     with Westminster since 2003,         The play first appeared at the Pittsburgh Playwrights Theater Company’s 2007
                     was tenured and promoted to          Theater Festival in Black & White, where it won four awards, including Best Play.
                     associate professor of psychology.
                                                          Arts & Letters, a literary journal, sponsors nationwide competition annually for new
                                                          one-act plays, poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction. In addition to a cash prize, the
                     Dr. Thomas Oberst, who joined        award includes publication of the play in the journal next spring.
                     the Westminster faculty in 2008,
                     completed his Ph.D. and was
                     promoted to assistant professor      Andrew Ade, who joined the Westminster faculty in 2003, earned an undergraduate
                     of physics.                          degree from Northwestern University and a master’s and Ph.D. from the University of
                                                          North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

                     Dr. Suzanne Prestien, who joined
                     the Westminster faculty in 1997,
                     was tenured and promoted to
                     associate professor of English and
                     public relations.
                                                          Write Stuff
                                                                        Justin Zackal, sports information director, took top honors in the 2009
                                                                        College Sports Information Directors of America’s (CoSIDA) Fred Stabley
                                                                        Sr. writing contest.
Westminster also added 10
new full-time faculty members.                                        Zackal’s “Through the Looking Glass,” a Westminster Magazine profile of
                                                                      Westminster basketball player Bobby Glass ’09, earned CoSIDA’s
Regine Ananou, visiting lecturer of Spanish;                          national Story of the Year award. The contest drew 316 entries from all
James Anthony, visiting lecturer of mathematics;          NCAA divisions.
Dr. Lesley Ashmore, visiting assistant professor
of biology; Gianni Downs, assistant professor of          One national judge said, “Justin Zackal’s detailed account of Bobby Glass’ frightening
theatre; Dr. Eric Forster, assistant professor and        diagnosis, [open heart] surgery, and eventual return to basketball is an outstanding
assistant librarian; Dr. Sarah Kennedy, visiting          job of storytelling.”
assistant professor of chemistry; Dr. David
Offner, assistant professor of mathematics; Dr.           “Excellent use of narrative to move a compelling story along,” said another judge. “A
Karen Resendes, assistant professor of biology;           fine human interest story of an athlete who truly overcame adversity.”
Kristenne Robison, instructor of sociology; and
Brenda Swart, visiting lecturer of Spanish.
                                                          Justin Zackal, who has been with Westminster since 2006, earned an undergraduate
                                                          degree from Waynesburg College and master’s from West Virginia University.

   10 w w w.w e s t m i n s t e r. e d u
     Put a face with the name.
                          The next time you get a phone call about
                           Westminster Fund, this is who is calling.

Jessica                                             Brooks                 Brittney
       Braunlich                   Sophomore                                      O’Donnell
Senior                             “The Student-Athlete”                   Sophomore
“The Performer”                                                            “The Humanitarian”
                                   About me:
About me:                            •	 Math major                         About me:
  •	 Music Education major           •	 Swim Team member                     •	 English major
  •	 Dance Theatre member            •	 Member of Theta Chi                  •	 Active with Habitat for
  •	 Participant in several              fraternity                              Humanity
      musical ensembles                                                      •	 Member of Colleges
                                                                                 Against Cancer

                      By making your annual gift to the Westminster Fund,
           you create opportunities for these students and many others just like them.

         Give online today at
            Westminster College, 319 S. Market St., New Wilmington, PA 16142 Phone 724-946-7532

                                                                                 W e s t m i n s t e r C o ll e g e M a g a z i n e 11
The Butterfly Effect
               Twist of fate brings 4 Utahans to Westminster
                                        By Justin Zackal

12 w w w.w e s t m i n s t e r. e d u
                 You’ve heard of the Butterfly Effect, right? It’s the theory that when a butterfly flaps its wings in, say,
                 California, then a hurricane’s path is altered in Florida. This subtle action causing a twist of fate can
                 only explain why four student-athletes traveled across the country to attend Westminster College.

“Yes, definitely,” said sophomore swimmer                                                                                     After encouraging words from Eliza and eventually
Patrick Dever. “Our lives would have been                                                                                     Tyler’s parents, the first of the Dever triplets chose
completely different.”                                                                                                        Westminster.

Patrick is one of the three Dever triplets who                                                                                Tyler’s other brother, Michael Dever, soon followed.
came to Pennsylvania from Utah, but it was                                                                                    It didn’t hurt that Michael also played soccer and
his sister’s friend Eliza Gibbs who, shall we                                                                                 he dated Eliza while they were in high school.
say, flapped her butterfly wings while browsing
Westminster’s Web site.                                                                                                       “My dad wanted me to come out here and be with
                                                                                                                              my sister and I didn’t want to stay in-state so I
“We have a Westminster College in Utah and I                                                                                  came out here,” Michael said.
was e-mailing coaches for soccer and I thought
I was e-mailing that Westminster,” Gibbs                                                                                      It took Patrick, the third of the Dever triplets to
explained.                                                                                                                    enroll at Westminster, a year later to follow his
                                                           Eliza Gibbs                            Michael Dever
                                                                                                                              former wombmates to Pennsylvania and become
Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah, can                                                                              Michael’s roommate.
be found online at, while
the Westminster in New Wilmington, Pa., can be                                                                                “That’s an experience all of its own,” Patrick
found simply at                                                                                              marveled.

Girish Thakar, the men’s and women’s soccer                                                                                   Patrick attended Westminster College in the
coach at Westminster of Pennsylvania, clarified                                                                               Beehive State for a year. But a year apart from his
with Gibbs her intentions, but that didn’t stop him                                                                           brother and sister—as well as his desire to swim—
from recruiting her.                                                                                                          drew him to Pennsylvania.

“That mistake happens more than you’d think,”                                                                              “I swam my whole life and always wanted to be
said Thakar, who has been at Westminster since                                                                             on a college swim team,” Patrick said. “They
1998. “But this is the first time we had someone                                                                           (Westminster in Utah) had a ski team but not a
decide that this is the school for them anyway.”           Tyler Dever                             Patrick Dever           swim team. Also, being a triplet, your whole life you
                                                                                                                           are with them every waking moment and then all of
Thakar first asks “Do you realize that is the                                                                              a sudden after 18 years they are gone. I came out
Westminster in Pennsylvania?” when he                                                                                      here three times. I liked it. They showed me a good
gets e-mails from high school students in Utah and Missouri – there’s also a           time and I met a lot of people out here. It started to grow on me.”
Westminster College in Fulton, Mo. – and he typically gets a “whoops!” and it’s
over with.                                                                             Patrick met with Westminster Swim Coach Rob Klamut and when it came time make
                                                                                       a deposit to either of the Westminster Colleges he sent his check to Pennsylvania.
Not this time.
                                                                                       “I took the plunge,” Patrick smiled.
“I always keep an open mind because if they were on our Web site and they liked
what they saw then they wouldn’t have completed the questionnaire,” Thakar             Perhaps being the first-ever student to attend two of the three Westminster Colleges,
explained.                                                                             Patrick confused many people at his new school in what seemed like a daily Abbott &
                                                                                       Costello routine.
“Girish said he was still interested in me,” said Gibbs, a now a sophomore
psychology major. “I liked it here a lot when I came to visit. Everybody was really,   “I told my counselor that I transferred and he asked, ‘Oh, what school did you go to
really friendly and I liked the small campus and they had the programs that I          before?’” Patrick said. “I said ‘I went to Westminster’ and he said ‘So what’s the big
wanted to major in.”                                                                   deal?’”

Eliza’s friend and teammate from high school, Tyler Dever, picks up the story from     On a small campus, Eliza Gibbs has found that her serendipitous college search is
there.                                                                                 well known amongst her classmates.

“Then Eliza was telling me how she accidently e-mailed the wrong Westminster           “Even people that I meet here for the first time say, ‘Oh, you’re the girl from Utah that
coach,” Tyler said. “Girish saw me play on the film that she sent to him and he        mistakenly came here,’” Gibbs added. “It’s a funny story to tell and it is a blessing in
said, ‘I want you to come visit, too.’”                                                disguise.”

                                                                                                                                 W e s t m i n s t e r C o ll e g e M a g a z i n e 13
Notes from
    Wiley House

This fall, we enjoyed a family reunion on campus
to tailgate before a Titan game. Our family’s
connections to Westminster are deep including
current students, several generations of alumni,
and marriages to Westminster spouses. For us,
Westminster is a part of our daily routines.

Friends from Brazil joined us on campus. For
                                                              Distinguished Alumni Lecturers
them, tailgating before an “American football                 The 2009 Distinguished Alumni Lecturers—those alumni invited to
game” was a new experience. They enjoyed                      return to campus during Homecoming to share professional advice and
the relaxed camaraderie of alumni and parents                 experiences with students—gather with President Dorman, left, and Dr.
tailgating, sharing food and grilling tips, the               Jesse Mann, vice president for academic affairs and dean of the College,
Westminster band and cheerleaders, our great                  right. Pictured are Kelly Varlotta Horn ’87, market human resource leader
Titan spirit. Buildings and grounds looked good               with PricewaterhouseCoopers (hosted by the Department of English and
as we walked across campus—they always do. For                Public Relations), and E. Richard Ogrodowski ’98, lawyer and co-founding
me, someone who is on campus daily, this was a                member of Goldsmith & Ogrodowski LLP (hosted by the Department of
refreshing experience. Looking at Westminster                 Political Science and Sociology).
from their perspective was a reminder of how
truly special our community is.

So often we take our daily experiences for
granted. On campus we hear the carillon every

                                                       Call for Nominations
quarter hour. When was the last time we stopped
to remember how those wonderful bells came to
us? Our first bell, the Victory Bell, was rescued
from the fire that destroyed the original Old Main
building. The carillon began with bells given by                                                     Each year the Westminster College
the Duff family in 1935. In 1977 Catherine Stewart                                                      Alumni Council identifies alumni
Armington gave additional bells, and members                                                              to serve as representatives
of the Class of 1956 completed the carillon in                                                              to the Board of Trustees
celebration of their 50th reunion. The sound                                                                 and Alumni Council.
of our carillon is a part of campus life. But it is                                                           Alumni serving in these
wonderful people, members of the Westminster                                                                   positions provide talent,
community, who made it possible.                                                                               resources and energy to
                                                                                                               support the life of the
As you read the President’s Report you will
                                                                                                               College. Alumni Council
get a glimpse of the support that makes our
                                                                                                              also identifies alumni
Westminster community possible. Our thanks to
                                                                                                             worthy of recognition
alumni, students, parents and friends for all you
                                                                                                            for their professional
do. Without you, crisp fall days filled with cheers,
                                                                                                          accomplishments, community
friends, and Titan traditions would not be possible.
                                                                                                        service, and service to
Sincerely,                                                                                           Westminster through presentations
                                                                                                 of Westminster Alumni Citations and
                                                                                           the Outstanding Young Alumni Award for
                                                       graduates of 15 years or less. The annual deadlines to submit nominations are
Mary Cooley James ’84                                  Nov. 30 for alumni representative positions and Feb. 28 for alumni recognition.
Director of Alumni Relations                           All nominations remain confidential. Please send nominations—which
                                                       should include the nominee’s full name, class year, address, and supporting
                                                       information—to or Westminster College, Office of
                                                       Alumni Relations, 319 S. Market St., New Wilmington, PA 16172. Nominations
                                                       may also be submitted online at

14 w w w.w e s t m i n s t e r. e d u
Westminster College Alumni Citations are presented each year during Homecoming &
Reunion Weekend, recognizing alumni who achieved significant accomplishments in
their profession or made meaningful contributions to the community or Westminster. The
Outstanding Young Alumni Award recognizes alumni of 15 years or less who are making
significant contributions as they build career and serve their communities or Westminster.

Dr. Edmund R. Becker ’71
                     Dr. Edmund Becker is a professor in the Department of Health Policy              Share Your
                     and Management at Emory School of Public Health in Atlanta where
                     he teaches courses on organizational healthcare management,
                     physician performance, and negotiations. His research focuses
                     on measuring and evaluating healthcare costs, outcomes, and
                     prevention. Current projects include benchmarking and profiling                 During your student years or life since
                     hospital and physician cardiovascular performance and evaluating
                     the impact of worksite and managed care health promotion activities             college, has a special Westminster
                     on employee health behaviors. He is currently a member of the                   contact been helpful to you? Has
Accountability Review Council (ARC) for the School District of Philadelphia assisting                someone influenced, guided or
in evaluating the impacts of the “No Child Left Behind” educational legislation on the
performance of the district’s schools and students.                                                  encouraged you to reach new heights?
                                                                                                     Perhaps it was a faculty or staff member
Janice E. Wilson ’80                                                                                 while you were a student? Maybe a
                     Acclaimed by the press for her “deeply moving” artistry and a voice             fellow student? Or maybe it was a special
                     that has been lauded as “rich and colorful,” mezzo-soprano Jan Wilson           Westminster friend you have made since
                     is known for her skilled interpretations of solo orchestral works, choral
                     masterpieces, and chamber music. She has been on the staff of the               graduation who has shared advice and
                     League of American Orchestra as director of the Knowledge Center                experience as a mentor?
                     for nearly 10 years, providing information and support for orchestras
                     across the country.
                                                                                                     Please share your mentor story. Entries
                      She travels and performs extensively throughout the United States,
and highlights of recent seasons include performances of the Bach St. Matthew Passion with
                                                                                                     may be selected for publication in the
the Bach Choir of Pittsburgh; Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 with the West Virginia Symphony             next Westminster Magazine. Send your
Orchestra; Mahler’s Symphony No. 2 with the Pennsylvania State University Orchestra and              story to
Choruses; a Carnegie Hall debut performance of Handel’s Messiah with the St. Cecilia
Orchestra and Chorus; Mozart’s Coronation Mass and the Raminsh Magnificat with the Cedar             or you can submit it online at
Rapids Symphony Orchestra; and the Verdi Requiem with Lexington Philharmonic.              

Dr. Anthony F. Pizon ’97
                     Dr. Anthony Pizon serves as an emergency room staff physician
                     at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) Presbyterian/             Save the
                     Shadyside, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, and Magee Women’s
                     Hospital of Pittsburgh. His greatest passion, however, is in
                     collaboration with a team of physicians dedicated to providing
                     specialized evaluation and care to poisoned children and adults. This       Homecoming &
                     team of only four physicians comprises the Medical Toxicology Service           Reunion Weekend
                     at UPMC, and staffs the largest medical toxicology program in western
Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio, and West Virginia. Tony has gained an intimate knowledge of          October 8-10, 2010
drugs, chemicals, and venoms and is considered an expert in treating patients who have
been exposed to these life-threatening poisons and envenomizations.
                                                                                                 • 15  th
                                                                                                          Cluster Reunion for the Classes
                                                                                                     of 1994, 1995 & 1996
He is assistant medical director of the Pittsburgh Poison Center. He spearheaded the
effort to create the Medical Toxicology Fellowship at UPMC, an intensive training program
                                                                                                 •   25th Reunion for the Class of 1985
for physicians who choose to become experts in the field of medical toxicology, and he           •   35th Cluster Reunion for the Classes
currently serves as the program’s fellowship director. He also serves as assistant professor         of 1974, 1975 & 1976
for the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine in the Department of Emergency
Medicine and Division of Medical Toxicology.
                                                                                                 •   50th Reunion for the Class of 1960

                                                                                                            W e s t m i n s t e r C o ll e g e M a g a z i n e 15
Regional ConneCtions                                                                               With Cindy Dafler ’03

As assistant director of alumni relations for Westminster College, Cindy Dafler works with regional
alumni groups throughout the country to develop and strengthen Westminster Connections.

July 22                                                 August 2
New Wilmington                                          Butler
Forty-eight alumni and guests attending                 More than 35 new students and parents
the New Wilmington Mission Conference                   from Butler, Lawrence, and Mercer counties
(NWMC) enjoyed an early morning                         gathered at a Welcome Open House at
breakfast at Wiley Alumni House. President              the home of alumni hosts Glenn ’68 and
Rick Dorman and his wife, Beverly, were on              Linda Stephenson Thompson ’70. Other
hand to greet the group. Dr. Dorman also                Westminster attendees included Dr. Linda
gave a College update. This has become                  Domanski (education department),
an annual event for alumni attending the                alumna Melissa Wiley ’00, alumnus Brian
NWMC.                                                   Domanski ’08, and current student, Kate
                                                        Best ’12, member of Student Alumni
July 26                                                 Association. This is the third year that
Cleveland                                               Glenn and Linda have opened their home
The Cleveland Botanical Garden was the                  to future Westminster alumni. Thank you to
setting for an Afternoon in the Gardens                 the Thompsons.
                                                                                                        Cindy Dafler ’03 has been a member of the
with President and Mrs. Rick Dorman.                                                                    Westminster College Staff since 1991. As
Thirty-eight alumni and guests attended                 August 2                                        assistant director of alumni relations, Cindy
the event hosted by trustee Whitney                     Mt. Lebanon                                     works with regional alumni groups
Fraier Bohan ’74. Guests enjoyed hearing                Another enjoyable Pittsburgh area               throughout the country to develop
a College update from President Dorman                  Westminster Welcome Open House was              and strengthen Westminster
and touring the gardens. Special thanks to              held at the home of Tom ’82 and Marcia          connections.
Whitney Bohan for hosting this event and                English Pratt ’85. Fifty students and
to Keith McCauley ’68 for greeting alumni               parents attended and met alumni Ashley          For information about an
and guests.                                             Carnahan ’09 and Lee Scott ’07. Also            upcoming regional event or if you
                                                        attending the open house was Jim Dafler,        are interested in hosting an
July 26                                                 director of athletics. Thank you, Tom           event in your area, contact
Ben Avon                                                and Marcia, for opening your home for a         Cindy at 724-946-7373 or
Peter ’76 and Susan Suomi                               second year.                          
Herchenroether ’77 hosted a Welcome
Open House this summer for the Class
of 2013. More than 30 new students and                  I am thrilled to have the opportunity to
parents attended, as well as Dr. Linda
Domanski (education department),
                                                        meet with regional alumni volunteers
                                                        throughout the country. Westminster                 A call for
alumnus Brian Domanski ’08, and alumnae                 regional alumni events are successful
Melissa Rea Goda ’99, Alumni Council                    because of your participation. Contact your
member Becky Rickard ’98, and Mandie                    Westminster friends and classmates and
Zoller ’09. Thank you, Peter and Susan,                 come to an event! Also, please write me
                                                        or call me if you are interested in making          The Alumni Office is looking to
for hosting new students for four years in
                                                        connections for Westminster in your area.           add regional alumni volunteers
a row.
                                                        I’d love to hear from you.                          to committees for the following
                                                                                                            cities: Cleveland, Akron-Canton,
                                                                                                            and Youngstown areas in Ohio, and
                                                                                                            Lawrence and Mercer counties,
                                                                                                            Clarion, Erie, and Pittsburgh areas in
                                                                                                            Pennsylvania. Please contact
                                                                                                            Cindy Dafler ’03 at 724-946-7373 or
                                                                                                   for more
                                                                                                            information and if you are interested
                                                                                                            in serving.

16 W e s t m i n s t e r C o ll e g e M a g a z i n e
                                                        Westminster has long been
                                                        a tradition for some families.
                                                        In more than 700 families, at
                                                        least two generations have
                                                        attended Westminster with
                                                        as many as six generations
                                                        attending. The greatest
                                                        number of members of one
                                                        family to attend Westminster
                                                        is 11. This year, 24 new
                                                        students joined the Legacy
                                                        and Westminster families.

1.   New Wilmington Missionary Conference     1.     2.
2.   Cleveland Botanical Garden gathering

3.   Westminster Welcome Open House at
     the home of Peter ’76 and Susan Suomi
     Herchenroether ’77

4.   Westminster Welcome Open House at the
     home of Glenn ’68 and Linda Stephenson
     Thompson ’70

5.   Westminster Welcome Open House at the
     home of Glenn ’68 and Linda Stephenson
     Thompson ’70                             3.     4.
6.   Westminster Welcome Open House at
     the home of Tom ’82 and Marcia English
     Pratt ’85

                                              5.     6.

                                                   W e s t m i n s t e r C o ll e g e M a g a z i n e 17
              Westminster Homecoming 2009

To see photos and video from Homecoming 2009 visit
18 w w t m n s e s t ll e g e
18 W e sw.wie s ttmri nC oe r. e d uM a g a z i n e
Westminster pride

See Class Notes for class reunion
photos from Homecoming 2009!        W e s t m i n s t e r C o ll e g e M a g a z i n e 19
   Titan traditions

2 0 w w t m n s e s t ll e g e
2 0 W e sw.wie s ttmri nC oe r. e d uM a g a z i n e
Celebrate Titan traditions
at Homecoming 2010!
    October 8-10, 2010

                             W eWtem t n si tnesrt e roC o ll e gM aM a z ia zei n2e12 1
                                s sim              C ll e g e g g n
               CLASS NotES

1953                                                                      1967
Elizabeth Swan Kuntz                                                      Cheryl Kellerman Jackson
retired from her post as                                                  retired as assistant professor
president of the Republican                                               of English after teaching at
Club in Coachella Valley-                                                 Tidewater Community College,
Heritage Palms Congress of                                                Portsmouth Campus, for 28
Republicans.                                                              years. She and her husband,
                                                                          Don, reside in Portsmouth, Va.        Round Robin Reunion
1958                                                                                                            A mini-reunion was held for the Round
Gerald Schofield retired                                                  1968                                  Robin letter writers from the class
in December 2008 as unit                 1961                             Joyce Carney Smith and her            of 1958. Letters have been circling
supervisor with the California              Dr. Bill Repack and his       husband, Martin, moved to a           around the country for more than 50

Department of Public Health.             wife, Diana, received black      leisure community for seniors,        years and the classmates have met
He was recently named to                 belts in Tang Soo Do Karate.     Heritage Harbour, located in          at various places over the years. The
the board of directors for               The couple completed more        Annapolis, Md.                        latest reunion was held at the home
the Del Monte Highlands                  than 2,000 hours of training.                                          of Nan Asher. Pictured in the front
Homeowners Association. He               The couple resides in            Nancy Herman Gordon                   row, from left, are Ruby House, Elsie
resides in Novato, Calif.                Coraopolis.                      recently completed 10                 House, and Nan Asher. Second row,
                                                                          semester hours of study               Nancy Traficante, left, and Beverly
1960                                     1963                             at New York Theological               Walz. Back row, Marianne Heid, left,
William B. Campbell was                  Jane Miller Beiswenger           Seminary as part of training          and Myrtle Leonard. Carol Armstrong
named chairman of F.N.B.                 retired in May 2008 after many   to become a deaconess in the          was unable to attend.
Corporation, headquartered               years of teaching biology at     United Methodist Church.
in Hermitage. He and his wife,           the University of Wyoming.       She volunteers in the Arts in
Judith Molnar Campbell ’61,              That spring she also earned      Medicine program at Shands
reside in Pulaski.                       the university’s John Ellbogen   Hospital in Gainesville, Fla.     1974
                                         Lifetime Teaching Award. Jane                                      Wayne Mockel is a senior staff
                                         and her husband, Ron, live in    Robert Nay has retired after 36   chemist, online analytics, for
                                         Laramie, Wyo.                    years in the health insurance     BASF Corporation.
                                         1964                                                               1977
                                         Paul Weadon was appointed        1971                              The Rev. Anthony D. Kopka
                                         to the Cecil and Ida Green       The Rev. Margaret Ames            was assigned as diocesan
 Support your alma mater.
                                         Master Teacher chair at St.      Mann is pastor of Memorial        bishop of the Western Diocese
           Visit                         Mark’s School of Texas where     Presbyterian Church of Fox        of the Polish National Catholic                   he has served as a teacher and   Chase in Philadelphia. In May,    Church and as pastor of All
          giving                         administrator for the past 37    Meg earned her doctor of          Saints Cathedral in Chicago.
                                         years. He and his wife, Carol,   ministry degree from Union-
                                         reside in Wylie, Texas.          PSCE Theological Seminary in
                                                                          Richmond, Va.

                                                                                    Class of 1949
                                                                                    60th Reunion
                                                                                    Seated, from left, are Pat Marshall Acheson, Julia Anderson
                                                                                    Graham, Marge Irvin Weyel, Flora Zoe VanDyke, Lou
                                                                                    Cummings Deitz, Mary Lou Hubbard Sullivan. Standing, at
                                                                                    right from bottom to top are Josie Hartman Wiley, Audrey
                                                                                    Bryan Boate, Dolores Niemann Cudeck, Wilbert Griffith.
                                                                                    First row standing, from left are Thelma Winter Walton,
                                                                                    Meredith Brown Schuler, Gene DeCaprio, Ross Byers, Dorie
                                                                                    Bower, Ethel Goshorn Wilson, Jean Bricker Nelson, Lorraine
                                                                                    Sylvester Zimmerman. Back row standing, from left, are
                                                                                    Matt Hosie, Nancy Schwartz Appleby, Howard Bower, Rex
                                                                                    Parker, Maggie Swagler Haner, Jane Foster Bestwick, Carolyn
                                                                                    Stephenson Falcon, Renny Jackson, and George Hart.

2 2 w w w.w e s t m i n s t e r. e d u
James Leslie is the director
of American Cancer Society in
                                   1993                               Lee Peindl was named a
                                                                      North Carolina Rising Star
                                   Mary Stevens earned
Kokomo, Ind. His wife, Judith                                         in the 2010 edition of Super
                                   a master’s degree in
Jamison Leslie ’81, teaches                                           Lawyers Magazine. Lee is an
                                   organizational studies with a
preschool at Homefront                                                attorney with the law firm
                                   concentration in leadership
Learning Center in Kokomo.                                            Mullen Holland & Cooper P.A.,
                                   from Robert Morris University.
                                                                      where he practices in the area
1977                               1995                               of commercial construction
John Michael Spor y                                                   litigation. He and his wife,
                                   Heather Bloom Hall is the
completed a trek of more                                              Samantha, live in Charlotte,
                                   director of student activities
than 80 miles at the Philmont                                         N.C.
                                   and orientation at Aquinas
Ranch in New Mexico. Mike
                                   College in Grand Rapids, Mich.
was recently elected president                                        Stacey Weber-Fève has pub-
                                   She and her family reside in
of the board of trustees for                                          lished a book Re-hybridizing
                                   Zeeland, Mich.
Samuels Public Library in                                             Transnational Domestic-
Front Royal, Va., and named
                                   1997                               ity and Femininity: Women’s
                                                                                                               Lauren Annibale, an

council commissioner for the                                          Contemporary Filmmaking
                                   Elizabeth Addis Gillen owns                                              account coordinator with
Shenandoah Area Council of                                            and Lifewriting in France,
                                   Gillen Communications, a PR,                                             Yearick-Millea, was named
the Boy Scouts of America.                                            Algeria, and Tunisia in which
                                   marketing and event planning                                             Fast Tracker of the Year by the
                                                                      she discusses some of the
1978                               agency. She and her husband,
                                   Michael, reside in Bridgeville.
                                                                      ways contemporary French,             Pittsburgh chapter of the
                                                                                                            Business Marketing
John Wilkie retired from                                              Algerian, and Tunisian women
North Carolina Public Schools
after 30 years of teaching. He
                                   1998                               filmmakers and writers use the
                                                                      home and homemaking acts
and his wife, Bonnie, live in
                                   Jennifer Darragh is the
                                   librarian for data services and
                                                                      in their narratives to challenge      2006
Charlotte, N.C.                                                       traditional cinematic and liter-      Michele Fenske is a
                                   government information at                                                perfusionist with George
                                                                      ary representations of women.
1979                               Johns Hopkins University. She
                                   lives in Baltimore.
                                                                      Weber-Fève is assistant profes-       Washington University
                                                                                                            Hospital in Washington, D.C.
Billie Pearce Rondinelli                                              sor of French at Iowa State
(M’83) is the superintendent
of the South Fayette School
                                   1999                               University.
                                                                                                            Benjamin Mentzer is a
District in Pittsburgh. She
                                   Emily Klein was promoted
                                   to director of district strategy
                                                                      2002                                  workforce development
                                                                                                            specialist in the
and her husband, Frank                                                Shannon Gray Pelini earned
                                   for Teach for America in New                                             Commonwealth of Kentucky’s
Rondinelli ’80, reside in New                                         a Ph.D. in biology from the
                                   Orleans.                                                                 unemployment insurance
Castle.                                                               University of Notre Dame. She
                                                                      is a postdoctoral researcher at       program. He and his wife,
1985                               William Lucas is the director
                                   of development for Airlift
                                                                      Harvard University.                   Jolene Slatter y Mentzer,
                                                                                                            reside in Frankfort, Ky. (See
Nicholette Koller was named
                                   Research Foundation, formerly                                            also Weddings.)
controller of the United                                              Robin Jones is the marketing
                                   the Extremity War Trauma
Church of Christ Cornerstone                                          coordinator for Dunwoody
                                   Research Foundation, which
Fund, headquartered in                                                Village, a retirement
                                   provides research funding and
Cleveland. She resides in                                             community in Newton Square.
                                   awareness to help those who
Newbury, Ohio.                                                        She resides in Lansdowne.
                                   suffer with limb trauma.

Class of 1954
55th Reunion
Seated from left are Nancy Graham Sheakley, Connie
Mabon Halttunen, Donna Lee Wagner Shogren, Dixie
Walker Humphrey. Standing from left are Shirley Dean
Roof, Bob Roof, John Mansell, Warren Watkins, Donald
Swigart, Crea Clark, Tom Crawford, Harry Sampson, Barb
Dawson Sampson, Phyllis George Crawford, Lynette
Giffen McConnell, and Sylvia Leach Haney.

                                                                                                         W e s t m i n s t e r C o ll e g e M a g a z i n e 2 3
2007                                                                       2009
Amanda Kraemer Corder
is a fourth-grade teacher in
                                                                           Anthony Gomez is a Spanish
                                                                           teacher at Waccamaw High
the Craven County Schools                                                  School in Pawley’s Island, S.C.
in Greenville, N.C. (See also                                                                                     1996
Weddings.)                                                                 Jamie Guffey is an assistant           Jennifer Lucas and Mark
                                                                           Web designer for Walk                  Bridge, May 9, 2009, at Phipps
Sarah Timm placed third                                                    Productions in New Castle.             Conservatory in Oakland.
runner-up in the 2009 Miss                                                 She lives in Cranberry                 Jennifer is the owner of a
Pennsylvania of America                                                    Township.                              freight forwarding company
Scholarship Pageant. Timm                                                                                         specializing in international
also was featured in a SoapNet                                                                                    employee relocations. The
channel reality program “The                                                                                      couple resides in Pittsburgh.
                                           David Dado is attending the

Bank of Mom and Dad,” which
focused on young women with
                                         West Virginia School of
                                         Osteopathic Medicine in
                                                                                                                     Christie Alberts and

credit card and student loan             Lewisburg, W. Va.
debt. The program aired in                                                                                        Christopher Telep, April 26,
October.                                                                                                          2008, at The Shorehouse at the
                                         Erin E. Griner completed U.S.
                                                                                                                  Hilton Oceanfront Resort on
                                         Navy basic training at Recruit
Ashley Young earned a                                                                                             Hilton Head Island, S.C. Maid
                                         Training Command in Great
master’s degree in public                                                                                         of honor was Nicole Deshong
                                         Lakes, Ill.
administration from the                                                                                           Flaherty. They honeymooned
University of Pittsburgh                                                                                          in St. Martin where Christie
                                         Laura Sahar earned a
Graduate School of Public and                                                                                     was matron of honor in
                                         master’s degree in student
International Affairs.                                                       Cory Mathias is attending            Deshong’s wedding. Christie is

                                         affairs practice in higher
                                                                          the West Virginia School of             the merchandise coordinator
                                         education from the University
2008                                     of Virginia’s Curry School of    Osteopathic Medicine in                 for Belk department store in
                                                                                                                  Jacksonville, Fla., where the
                                         Education.                       Lewisburg, W. Va.
                                                                                                                  couple resides.

                                                                                                                      Nicole Deshong and Patrick

                                           Friends                                                                Flaherty, May 5, 2008, at a villa
                                                                                                                  on the French side of St.
                                                                                                                  Martin. Matron of honor was
                                           Dr. Kenneth M. Long, professor emeritus of chemistry, and
                                                                                                                  Christie Alberts Telep. Nicole
                                           his wife, Nancy, have moved to Garden Spot Village in New
                                                                                                                  is an automation product
  Lindsay Crist is teaching                Holland. They welcome contacts from alumni and friends and

                                                                                                                  specialist for PerkinElmer
English in Incheon, South                  can be reached by e-mail at
                                                                                                                  Human Health. The couple
Korea.                                                                                                            resides in Newtown, Pa.

Class of 1959 50th Reunion
                                                                          Front row from left are Carol Dietz Sullivan, Betsy Schafer Roth, Clara Gillis
                                                                          Beatty, Nancy Reese Janek, Peggy Preston Meister, Judy Barrett Fischer,
                                                                          Elaine Morris, Patricia Trosch Dewar, John Shaffer. Second row from left
                                                                          are Linda Strickler Campbell, Louise Dox Tanner, Betty Oursler Thompson,
                                                                          Phyllis Town Stoyle, Helen Lemmon, Bobbie Post Porter, Glenna Weister
                                                                          Emanuel, Chiquita Johnson Clark, Wynetta Schmidt Perrotta, Arch
                                                                          Robinson. Third row from left are Georga Ferguson Wix, Phyllis George
                                                                          Gray, Cindy McKay Meloy, Sue Bechtel Parker, Pat Genge Seitz, Bill Beatty,
                                                                          Martha Getz Simpson, Sue Thomas Evans, Beverly Bird Hartman, Glenn
                                                                          Simpson. Fourth row from left are Jack Mansfield, Peter Marshall, Glenn
                                                                          Smith, Bob Palisin, John Blamphin, Harry Humes, Ben Weimer, Don Wix,
                                                                          James Holiday, Jerry Paul, Bill Meyer, George “Tookie” James, Bill Jack.
                                                                          Back row from left are Ed Sprague, Bill Vance, Ted Taylor, Marty Hartman,
                                                                          Vince DeSantis, Bob Klepser, Walt McRae, Jim Dewar, and Dell Johnson.

2 4 w w w.w e s t m i n s t e r. e d u
                                                                                                      WEddINg AlbuM

Christopher Telep and
Christie Alberts ’97

                                             Nicole Deshong ’97 and                 Kylene Adams ’02 and              Brandon Sarratt and
                                             Patrick Flaherty                       Mike Gordon                       Pamela Stennis ’03

1998                                   2000                                   2001                               master’s degree in school
                                                                                                                 administration and is a first
Molly Castner and Richard              Megan Alrutz and Anthony                  Kylene Elizabeth Adams
                                                                                                                 grade teacher in the Moniteau
Finlay, Aug. 15, 2009, in New          Moore, July 19, 2008,                  and Mike Gordon, July 25,
                                                                                                                 School District. The couple
Wilmington.                            at Trinity Presbyterian                2008, at Shenango
                                                                                                                 resides in New Castle.
                                       Church in McDonald. Lori               Presbyterian Church. Alumni
1999                                   Zimmerman Rosensteel ’99               participating in the wedding
Jenifer Nolan and Marcus               was a bridesmaid. Megan                included the Rev. Harold A.
                                                                                                                    Pamela Stennis and

Wehmeyer, June 6, 2009, in             is a kindergarten teacher              Green ’81; bridesmaids Anna
                                                                                                                 Brandon Sarratt, June 20, 2009,
Fredericksburg, Texas. Jenifer         at Chartiers Valley School             Morris ’02, Megan
                                                                                                                 at Union Baptist Church in
is a high school English               District. The couple resides in        McFetridge Foster ’04, and
                                                                                                                 Youngstown, Ohio. Elizabeth
teacher at New Braunfels High          Bridgeville.                           Adrienne McCullough ’02; and
                                                                                                                 Dougherty was a bridesmaid.
School and an instructor for                                                  reader Allyson Parks ’02. The
                                                                                                                 Pamela is a proposal writer for
Axia College of the University                                                reception was held at the
                                                                                                                 UnitedHealthcare in
of Phoenix.                                                                   Alpine Room at SNPJ in North
                                                                                                                 Westerville, Ohio. The couple
                                                                              Beaver Township. Kylene has a
                                                                                                                 resides in Columbus, Ohio.

40th Cluster Reunion Classes of 1968 • 1969 • 1970
Front row from left are Bill Reimold ’69, Art Tate ’70, Cliff Dyhouse ’68, Joanne
Stone Morrissey ’69, Kathy Cooper Boyle ’69, Linda Gotwalt Striganivicz
’69, Betsy Rodnok ’69, Kathleen Shaler Peindl ’68, Betsy Ridl Baun ’70, Rob
Seelar ’68, Melody Stephenson Snellings ’69, Cathy Sargent Mester ’69,
Glenn Thompson ’68, Beth Ann Houk Carr ’69, Beverly Michael Higgins ’69,
Willett Seltenheim ’68, Gib McGill ’68. Second row from left are Linda Ley
Rider ’69, Preston Pierce ’68, Barbara Braden Guffey ’70, Judy Wilson Baker
’70, Diane Walton Wiley ’70, Kathryn Clemens ’70, Kathryn Willis Burling ’69,
Sue Pilger Kingston ’69, Biz Ellis Hines ’70, Linda Stephenson Thompson
’70, Cy Wetherill King ’69, Louise Hoppe Harclerode ’70, Don Harclerode ’70,
Carol Bogg Carpenter ’70, Jack Barkley ’68. Third row from left are Dou Nosik
’69, Lawrence Nelson ’69, Kathleen Lyon Hull ’69, Thomas Clemens ’70, Eric
Burling ’70, George Kingston ’68, David Dawson ’69, Bill Kriznik ’70, Becky
Larson Cochrane ’68, Cathy McCauley Floriani ’69, Allyson Lampe Hopkins
’69, Mary Mazzoni Reames ’68, William Gaches ’70, Anne Rhodes Sultan ’70.
Fourth row from left are Keith McCauley ’68, Patrick Lydon ’70, Bob Boyd
’70, David Acheson ’70, Darrell Davies ’70, John Best ’69, Bill Hunt ’70, Frank
Simms ’69, and Daryl Cochrane ’69. Back row from left are Nancy Myers
Geilfuss ’69 and Lou Loeffler ’70.
                                                                                                              W e s t m i n s t e r C o ll e g e M a g a z i n e 2 5
                                                 WEddINg AlbuM
   Christie Grewe and

Benjamin Nelson, May 24,
2008, at Westminster’s Wallace
Memorial Chapel. Dr. Kang-
Yup Na officiated. Alissa
Bookwalter ’07 was a
bridesmaid, Kevin Houseman
was best man, and Jordan
Hinds was a groomsman. Also
in attendance were Aaron                                                              Amy Gregg ’07 and Joshua Hanrahan
Buck, Ray Walling, Dr. David
Goldberg, Dr. Daniel Fischmar,
Dr. Suzanne Prestien, Dr. A.
Dwight Castro, Dr. David                        Christie Grewe ’06 and Benjamin Nelson ’06
Twining, and Dr. Richard
Sprow. The couple resides in
Princeton, N.J.

Jolene Slatter y and Benjamin
Mentzer, Sept. 6, 2008, in
Ridgway. The couple resides in
Frankfort, Ky. (See also Class
                                                                                                       Sean Myers and Alyssa Schomaker ’07
   Amy Gregg and Joshua

Hanrahan, Oct. 4, 2008, at Our
                                                      Amanda Kraemer ’07 and Adam Corder
Lady of Fatima Church in
Hopewell. The couple is
residing in Moon Township.

   Amanda Kraemer and                    ’09, Laura DellAntonio ’08,          Alyssa Schomaker and             marching band director at


Adam Corder, Aug. 4, 2007, at            Sarah Bolger ’06, Karah           Sean Myers, March 21, 2009,         Northgate High School. The
Church of the Lakes in Canton,           Churmusi ’08, Sarah, Carrie       at The Church of the                couple resides in Bellevue.
Ohio. Alumni in attendance               Schweiger, and Jennifer           Assumption in Bellevue.
were Sybil Feightner ’06,                Corkadel. (See also Class         Alyssa is an assistant
Jessie Postell, Sarah Girard             Notes.)

Class of 1984 25th Reunion
                                                                                         Front row from left are Bonnie Wenk, Tracy Fletcher
                                                                                         Thurman, Ruthie Gilliland Riethmuller, Bess Wilson,
                                                                                         Ormond, Rita Russo Gismondi, Cheryl Jones (Maravella),
                                                                                         Cynthia Young, Phillip Boos, Brian Ball, Eric MacDonald,
                                                                                         Dennis Hazell. Second row from left are Amy Klipa Ligo,
                                                                                         Lisa Wargofchik, Suzanne Nichol Tennent, Rich Edder,
                                                                                         Eric Scheid, Rich McKenna, Luke Stollings, Bryan Hinds,
                                                                                         Mark Furmanek, Ted Frambes, Mark Allston. Third row
                                                                                         from left are Paula Dalessandro (Marnejon), Bob Van
                                                                                         Horn, Richard Milliron, Dennis Ivill, Kirsten Pealstrom
                                                                                         Colen, Wade Smedley, Peter Slonaker, Jonathan Moss,
                                                                                         Donna J Craig, Mary James, Janice Klages Osorio, and
                                                                                         Carla Liberati Brandon.

2 6 w w w.w e s t m i n s t e r. e d u
  Jay Cummins and his wife,
                                      Tricia Cer vi Gray and her
                                                                          Feb. 13, 2009. She joins a
                                                                          sister, Anna, and a brother,    Connect

                                                                          Aidan. The family resides in
Lynn: a daughter, Reed, on         husband, Jeffrey Gray ’93: a
March 3, 2009.                     son, Braeden William, on

                                   June 28, 2007.
                                                                              Alyson Cwynar Zawitz

Amy Shannon Colbeck and            t  Kate Tipton Silvis and her
                                                                          and her husband, Darryn: a
                                                                                                               Find your friends,
her husband, Paul: a daughter,     husband, Brian: a daughter,                                                 post your news,
                                                                          daughter, Piper Sophia, on
Kennedy Alexis, on Jan. 16,        Clara Janet, on June 10, 2009.
2009. She joins a brother,         Clara joins big brother Phillip
                                                                          April 2, 2009. The family            build your
                                                                          lives in Gibsonia.
Davis, at home. The family         at home in Harmony.                                                         Westminster Network
lives in Brecksville, Ohio.
                                                                          Kristen Haberland Steen             1. Go to
                                      Meredith Vance Shafer

1992                               and her husband, Seth: a son,
                                                                          and her husband, Bob: a son,
                                                                          Brenden Andrew, born and
   Joyce “Joy” Lintner             Grant Vance, on June 10,                                                   2. Click on First time login

                                                                          adopted on July 17, 2009.
Lancaster and her husband,         2009. He joins big brother,                                                   in the member login box
Skip: a son, Matthew Edward,
on Feb. 18, 2009. Joy is the
                                   Caleb. The family resides in
                                   Camp Hill.
                                                                          1997                                 3. Enter your last name
                                                                          t  Michele Carr Wessel and
advertising and marketing
partnership relations manager      1995                                   her husband, Matt: a son,
                                                                          Noah Lee, on March 7, 2009.
                                                                                                               4. Click the button next to
for SAE International in             Karen Ziem Shumaker                                                          your name on the list that

                                                                          The family resides in                   appears
Warrendale. The family resides     and her husband, Greg: a
                                                                          Cincinnati, Ohio.
in Allison Park.                   daughter, Rose Madeline, on
                                                                                                               5. Enter your User ID (was
                                                                                                                  your student number)
                                                                                                                  which is a 7-digit number
                                                                                                                  (or numbers, if alumni
                                                                   tItAN totS                                     couple). It is on the top line
                                                                                                                  of the label on the back of
                                                                                                                  this magazine

                                 Matthew Edward Lancaster                                                      6. Click Verify and you will
                                                                                                                  land on your user profile
                                                                                                               7. Go through the profile,
Reed Cummins                                                         Clara Janet Silvis                           update as needed and
                                                                                                                  create your user name
                                                                                                                  and password
                                                                                                               8. Bookmark the page, visit
                                                                                                                  often, and share with
                                                                                                                  Westminster friends

                             Braeden William Gray

Grant Vance Shafer                                      Piper Sophia Zawitz

                                                                                                         W e s t m i n s t e r C o ll e g e M a g a z i n e 2 7
tItAN totS

                                                                                                                     Adam Joseph Steiner

                                         Noah Lee Wessel                    Addie Lynn Rettger
Rose Madeline Shumaker

Liam Hunter Black

                                            Ryland Beth Ogrodowski             Vincent Michael Raspanti              Gianna DeLuca

    Rebecca Skandera Rettger                1998                                 Shawnee Voelp Ogrodowski               Kelly Williams Black and


and her husband, Erik: a                       Gina Groznik Steiner and        and her husband, Richard              her husband, Tim: a son, Liam

daughter, Addie Lynn, on Feb.               her husband, Rob Steiner: a        Ogrodowski: a daughter,               Hunter, on May 21, 2009. He
4, 2009. She joins brothers                 son, Adam Joseph, on June 30,      Ryland Beth, on Oct. 28, 2008.        joins a brother, Micah. The
Jake and Michael. Rebecca is a              2008. The family lives in          She joins a brother, Drew, at         family resides in Tampa, Fla.
teacher in the Penn Hills                   Churchill.                         home in Oakmont.
School District. The family
resides in Delmont.

20th Cluster Reunion Classes of 1988 • 1989 • 1990
                                                                               Front row from left are Kim Solanik Veon ’89, Suzann Manley Stewart
                                                                               ’89, Danielle Linnert Holiday ’89, Barbara Mansell Gifford ’88, Georgia
                                                                               Banicki Austin ’88. Second row from left are Carlen Grinager Capenos
                                                                               ’90, Traci Baker Lewis ’88, Linda Messner Aloi ’88, Jen Reel-Brancato
                                                                               ’89, Beth Grinager Kaniuff ’88. Third row from left are Lori Hermann
                                                                               Breen ’89, Dana Black McGrath ’89, Christ Weichman ’89, Barbara
                                                                               Venen ’89, Susan Nestor Wareham ’88. Back row from left are Jennifer
                                                                               Nygaard Pontzer ’90, Nina O’Neil ’90, Karen Bell ’90, Constantine J.
                                                                               Ditsious ’90, Jeff Capenos ’88, and Kirk Hummel ’88.

2 8 w w w.w e s t m i n s t e r. e d u
                                                                                                                 tItAN totS

Alina Maria Vicinelly
                                       Amelia Anne and                    Caleb Dylan Johnson                Asher Christopher Jones
                                       Carigan Rose Yasher

                                       Brady Alexander Wynkoop
Joshua Michael Fly
                                                                          Ryan Matthew Urban
                                                                                                              Kendall Elizabeth Adams

2000                                      Jennifer Petrock Raspanti          Kristin Sostaric DeLuca         Carollin Grace, on Feb. 10,


                                       and her husband, David: a son,     and her husband, Christopher:      2009. Anne is a financial
   Karen Mashuda Urban and

                                       Vincent Michael, on Dec. 10,       a daughter, Gianna Makenna,        analyst at First National Bank
her husband, Matthew: a son,
                                       2008. The family lives in          on July 25, 2009. The family       in Hermitage and Michael is
Ryan Matthew, on Oct. 24,
                                       Poland, Ohio.                      resides in Pittsburgh.             a math teacher and athletic
2008. She is a CPA with
                                                                                                             director in the Mercer Area
Listwak, Finke and Associates.
                                                                          Anne Wilson Piddington             School District. The family
The family resides in
                                                                          and her husband, Michael           resides in Mercer.
                                                                          Piddington: a daughter,

5th Cluster Reunion Classes of 2003 • 2004 • 2005
Front row from left are Ted Merklin ’03, Keri Conger Merklin ’03,
Craig Carlin ’04, Bryan Lee ’05, Laura Sargent ’04. Second row
from left are Jospeh W. Gill II ’03, Jeremy E. Baker ’05, Stephanie
Hitchcock Baker ’05, Lindsey Robertson ’05, Erin May ’05. Third row
from left are Cindy Dafler ’03, Elizabeth Wallace ’04, Tiffany Gardiner
’04, Robert Miller ’05, Erica May Miller ’04, Jim Barrie ’05. Back row
from left are Brian Kocian ’03, Tracy Geisler Merklin ’04, Bradley
Merklin ’05, Diane Farry Kovac ’04, Christina Waszczak Douglass
’03, Kristy Fetterman Berg ’03, Ann-Marie Vazzano ’03, Abby Wessel
’03, and Merrianne McGill ’05.

                                                                                                          W e s t m i n s t e r C o ll e g e M a g a z i n e 2 9
   Laura Honacki Vicinelly         IN MEMoRy

and her husband, Tony
Vicinelly ’00: a daughter, Alina
Maria, on May 1, 2009.             Word has reached us of the
                                   passing of the following alumni
                                                                        1943                               1955
                                   and friends of Westminster           Nell Young Herchenroether          Robert M. Marsano of West
   Autumn LaQuay Yasher

                                   College.                             of Ben Avon, March 31, 2009.       Springfield, Mass., May 31,
and her husband, Joseph: twin
                                                                        She is survived by three sons,     2009. An ordained Presbyterian
daughters, Amelia Anne and
                                   To submit information for the In     Richard Herchenroether ’72,        minister, Marsano served
Carigan Rose, on Aug. 31,
                                   Memory section, please provide       Peter Herchenroether ’76,          the First Presbyterian
                                   a complete obituary notice (if       and Daniel Herchenroether          Church in Arkport, N.Y., the
2002                               available) to the Office of Alumni
                                   Relations. Please be sure to in-
                                                                        ’80; three daughters-in-law,
                                                                        Susan Uhl Herchenroether ’72,
                                                                                                           Oakwood Avenue Presbyterian
                                                                                                           Church in Troy, N.Y., and
  Erin Dillon Johnson and

                                   clude the names and class years of
                                                                        Susan Suomi Herchenroether         St. John’s Church in West
her husband, Larry: a son,         any surviving Westminster alumni
                                                                        ’77, and Wendy Stroebel            Springfield. He later served
Caleb Dylan, on July 3, 2008.      relatives.
                                                                        Herchenroether ’83; and six        as a regional insurance/
He has a brother, Matthew.
                                                                        grandchildren.                     investments counselor with
  Julie Dull Jones and her         1934                                 1947
                                                                                                           the Presbyterian Ministers’

                                                                                                           Fund. He retired in 1989
husband, Chris: a son, Asher       Marjorie Glass Kerr of Seneca,
                                                                        Margaret McClure Geddes            as an independent financial
Christopher, on Feb. 26, 2009.     October 2005.
                                                                        of Baton Rouge, La., Feb. 9,       consultant. He is survived by
The family lives in Lancaster.
                                   1935                                 2009. She held a master’s
                                                                        degree in psychology from the
                                                                                                           his wife, Carolyn; two sons;
                                                                                                           one daughter; one sister; and
Lisa Raidel Devlin and her         Lola Sewall Christy of New
                                                                        University of Rochester. While     four grandchildren.
husband, Karl: a daughter,         Wilmington, May 24, 2009.
                                                                        at Westminster, where she was
Madeleine Faith, on Feb. 20,       She taught mathematics at
                                                                        a synchronized swimmer, she        Jerry K. Shannon of Madison,
2008. The family resides in        Wilmington High School from
                                                                        volunteered during World War       Wis., formerly of Pittsburgh,
Austintown, Ohio.                  1955 to 1975. After retirement,
                                                                        II to watch for enemy planes       June 3, 2009. He was a music
                                   she was an administrative
                                                                        from Westminster’s tower. She      teacher, choral director and
   Laura Stanley Fly and her       assistant at New Wilmington

                                                                        was active in her community        professional singer. A baritone
husband, Patrick: a son, Joshua    Presbyterian Church. She is
                                                                        and with the First Presbyterian    soloist, he sang in a wide
Michael, on Feb. 28, 2008.         survived by two daughters,
                                                                        Church of Baton Rouge.             array of venues, including
Laura is an English teacher in     including Ronnie Christy ’72;
                                                                        She is survived by a son; a        churches, Carnegie Music Hall
the Rockingham County Public       seven grandchildren; and two
                                                                        daughter; a sister, Patricia       and at Three Rivers Stadium,
Schools. The family resides in     great-grandchildren.
                                                                        McClure Harding ’52; and five      where he sang the National
Mt. Jackson, Va.
                                   1936                                 grandchildren.                     Anthem before Pirates games.
2003                               Helen Davies Locke, May
                                                                                                           He is survived by his wife of
                                                                                                           51 years, Virginia Dickson
   Zachary Wynkoop and his         13, 2009, in San Diego, Calif.

                                                                        Elizabeth Roberts Clawson          Shannon ’58; one son; one
wife, Jackie: a son, Brady         A resident of Howland and
                                                                        of Pittsburgh, April 1, 2009.      daughter; a brother, William
Alexander, on Feb. 2, 2009.        Champion, both Ohio, for
                                                                        She had been an elementary         Shannon ’52; a sister, Mary
The family resides in              many years, she taught junior
                                                                        teacher in the Churchill School    Shannon ’56; and three
Bellefonte.                        and high school English in the
                                                                        District for more than 30          grandchildren.
                                   Champion School District for
2004                               25 years, retiring in 1980. She
                                                                        years. She is survived by her
                                                                        husband, Robert; a son; and a      1960
   Kristin Park Adams and          taught in the Brookfield (Ohio)

                                                                        grandson.                          John R. Bonfield (M) of
her husband, David: a              School District for five years
                                                                                                           Lititz, May 25, 2009. He had
daughter, Kendall Elizabeth,
on March 17, 2009. The family
                                   early in her career. She is
                                   survived by a son; a daughter;
                                                                        1954                               served as superintendent of
                                                                        Robert J. Chidester of Mount       Warwick School District for
resides in Salisbury, Md.          and seven grandchildren.
                                                                        Lebanon, Feb. 21, 2009. He         21 years, retiring in 1998. He
                                   1939                                 retired from Dravo Corporation
                                                                        after more than 23 years. He
                                                                                                           previously had spent many
                                                                                                           years in the education system,
                                   Marian Rinehart Penn of
                                                                        was active with the Sunset         including serving as a teacher
                                   Easton, Conn., Jan. 12, 2009.
                                                                        Hills United Presbyterian          in the New Castle City School
                                   She had been a librarian at
                                                                        Church. He is survived by          District from 1958-1961. He is
                                   DePauw University and, later,
                                                                        three sons; two sisters; and two   survived by his wife, Rachelle;
                                   the University of Bridgeport,
                                                                        grandchildren.                     two daughters; a brother,
                                   retiring in 1985.
                                                                                                           Reggie J. Bonfield M’65; and
                                                                                                           two grandchildren;
1962                                for 31 years. She is survived
                                    by her life partner, Wendy        WANT YOUR NEWS PublIShEd?
Veto Polce of Palm Harbor,
                                    Wohltmann Brand ’71.
Fla., April 1, 2009. He
                                                                      E-MAIl us your class notes at:
spent 30 years as a special
projects coordinator in the
                                    Eleanor Hink Brush (M’73) of
manufactured house business.                                          or submit your news online at:
                                    New Wilmington, July 16, 2009.
He is survived by his wife of 45
                                    She retired after 31 years as
years, Mary Ann McCracken
                                    a second-grade teacher for
Polce ’65; two sons; a daughter;                                      Or fax us at: (724) 946-7366 or mail us a letter at:
                                    Wilmington area schools. Prior
two brothers; three sisters; and
                                    to teaching, she was employed
seven grandchildren.
                                    in the education department at       Westminster College
1963                                Westminster. She is survived
                                    by her husband, Robert;
                                                                         office of Alumni Relations
                                                                         319 S. Market St.
Robert D. Alexander of
                                    two sons, including Scott            New Wilmington, Pa. 16172-0001
Oakmont, May 20, 2009.
                                    Brush ’85; a brother, Michael
While at Westminster, he
                                    Hink ’73; a sister; and three     PhotoS:
played football and was named
                                    grandchildren.                    We are happy to publish photos of alumni and future Titans.
an All-American. A practicing
                                                                      Please follow these guidelines when submitting photos for
attorney, he served as solicitor
for the City of Altoona, retiring
                                    1971                              publication.
                                    Cynthia Curr y Blaha of
in 2006. He also served as
                                    Monroeville, Jan. 3, 2009.          Photographic prints: We accept all sizes of photographs,
vice president of Abbott Labs
                                                                        but prefer them to be at least 4x6 inches in size. Both color
and Allied Corp., and was
director of human resources
                                    1998                                and black and white prints are acceptable.
                                    Lisa M. Cupps of Butler, Dec.
at Equitable Resources. He                                              Digital Photos: To submit a digital photo, attach it to
                                    18, 2006.
was appointed by Gov. Tom                                               an e-mail message addressed to alumni@westminster.
Ridge to serve as director                                              edu. Please note that we require high-resolution files (a
of Pennsylvania’s Bureau of
Mediation. He is survived by
                                    Friends                             minimum of 300 pixels per inch or 300 dpi when
                                                                        sized to about 3 inches wide). Photos that have a lower
                                    Janet Hays Eagleson
his wife, Marilyn; and one                                              resolution are usually not acceptable. Digital photos should
                                    Hopkins, associate professor
daughter.                                                               be saved in JPEG or TIFF format.
                                    emerita of education at
                                    Westminster, on July 8, 2009.
Richarld L. Dalton of                                                 dEAdlINES:
                                    She taught at the high school
Chambersburg, April 29,                                               Class Notes printed in this issue were received prior to May
                                    level for many years before
2009. He worked for the                                               15, 2009. Because Westminster Magazine is published only
                                    joining the Westminster
Department of Defense at                                              three times a year, significant lead time is required. Class Notes
                                    faculty in 1965. She retired in
Letterkenny Army Depot                                                received prior to Sept. 11, 2009, will appear in the next issue.
                                    1983. The Janet E. Hopkins
and in St. Louis, retiring
                                    Scholarship Fund has been
from government service in
                                    established, which will be
1993. Following retirement,
                                    used to provide scholarship
he owned and operated Golf
                                    assistance for an education
USA in Chambersburg,
                                    major with demonstrated
Frederick and Hagerstown,
and the Stonehouse Golf
                                    academic achievement and                                      Need Westminster gear?
Shop in Chambersburg.
                                    financial need.                                                       Visit
He was an active member
                                    Esther Fell Ellis, a longtime
of the Central Presbyterian
                                    friend of the College and
Church. He is survived by
                                    active member of the New
his wife, Linda; two sons; a
                                    Wilmington community, on
daughter; one sister; and three
                                    May 19, 2009. Esther was
                                    married to G. Ross Ellis ’29,
1967                                former professor and business
                                    manager and treasurer of the
Mary Jane Royal of Palmetto,
                                    College. She is survived by
Fla., formerly of East
                                    four children, including Alan
Greenville, March 14, 2009.
                                    Ellis ’58; Mary Ann Ellis
Early in her career, she taught
                                    Bridenbaugh ’62; George Ellis
music at Foxcroft School in
                                    ’67; and Elizabeth Ellis Hines
Virginia. Later she served as
                                    ’70; nine grandchildren; and
fine arts chair for Perkiomen
                                    eight great-grandchildren.
School in East Greenville

                                                                                                     W e s t m i n s t e r C o ll e g e M a g a z i n e 3 1

Writing is second career for Westminster alumna
Writing has always just come naturally to Gayle Shaw Cramer ’62.           She attended Westminster as an
The daughter of longtime Cleveland-area journalist Julian Griffen,         undergraduate and considers
storytelling was just something Cramer grasped from the beginning.         herself fortunate for her liberal
                                                                           arts education.
But it wasn’t until after retiring in 1996 from education that she
got serious about her writing. Now just a little over a decade later,      “I knew I was in a safe and
Cramer has written two published children’s books – The Secret of          beautiful environment
the Dragonfly and The Me Too Game, published last year – and is hard       surrounded by people who
at work on another.                                                        really cared about my education,”
                                                                           she said. “There were so many
Collecting experiences from her years as an elementary school
                                                                           quality instructors and so many
teacher at Lake and Bellflower elementary schools in Mentor, Ohio,
                                                                           opportunities to learn.”
and, later, as principal at Fairfax Elementary School in Mentor,
Cramer’s books are intended for the young reader. The Me Too Game was      After graduating from college,
written through the eyes of a child, Cramer said, and aims to teach        Cramer took on her first teaching
children how we are all more alike than different.                         job in Avon Lake, Ohio. Her
                                                                           first book, 48 Eyes and Me, was written about her first year of teaching.
“After all, running through the humanness of all of us are the
                                                                           Although it was rejected and went unpublished, she never stopped
common threads,” she said, adding that she hopes that through her
                                                                           writing – even in her teaching years.
book, children will learn to embrace diversity.
                                                                           “Writing is a gift that I was given. But my father – he was a huge
Cramer was raised in Bay Village, Ohio, where her father – a writer for
                                                                           influence on me. He taught me that less is more – in writing and in
The Cleveland Press and The News-Herald – first introduced her to the
                                                                           life,” she said.
writing process.
                                                                                                                                           ~ E.F.H.

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                       Westminster’s permanent endowment during the 2008-2009 fiscal year:

                                          The Ronda Vogan Riffle Scholarship Fund
                                             The Class of 1958 Scholarship Fund
                                              The Bill Rankin Scholarship Fund
                                     The David W. & Mary C. Hunter Scholarship Fund
                              The Nell Glaser Whipkey & Kenneth L. Whipkey Scholarship Fund
                                           The Lois Studt Miller Scholarship Fund
                                      The Justin J. Falgione Memorial Scholarship Fund
                                     The Dorothy J. Pollock Endowed Scholarship Fund
                                      The Daryl J. Downey Memorial Scholarship Fund

           Additional contributions were received to the following funds during the 2008-2009 fiscal year:

 The Carolyn Dines Arfken Scholarship Fund                            Ryan M. Core Scholarship Fund
 Will W. & Eloise Orr Presbyterian Scholarship Fund                   The Louis Skurcenski ’64 Scholarship Fund
 Alice Sluiter Auld Memorial Scholarship                              The Donald J. Davis Scholarship Fund
 Barbara Ostrowski Scholarship Fund                                   The Samuel H. Sloan Memorial Scholarship Fund
 William Carl Barnard Memorial Scholarship Fund                       H. Dewey DeWitt Scholarship Fund
 Theodore T. Ostrowski Memorial Scholarship Fund                      The Susan Suomi Herchenroether & Linda Suomi Bethke
 John A. Bell Scholarship Fund                                          Scholarship Fund
 Miller Peck Scholarship Fund                                         G. Ross Ellis Memorial Scholarship Fund
 Ron Bergey Accounting Scholarship                                    For Our Future Endowed Scholarship Fund
 Glenn B. Reed Memorial Scholarship Fund                              The Edwin & Joy Tobin Scholarship Fund
 Hilda Catherine Black Scholarship Fund                               The William B. & Berryl N. Fox Scholarship Fund
 Thomas Clifford & Isabel Hunter Reed Memorial                        J. Hilton Turner Classics Scholarship
   Scholarship Fund                                                   Friends of the Carillon Endowed Scholarship Fund
 Paul E. Brown Memorial Scholarship                                   The Marilyn Elkins Wilgocki Music Scholarship Fund
 The Rentz Family Endowed Scholarships                                The Sue Ann Halchin Memorial Scholarship
 Rex W. Campbell Memorial Rotary Scholarship Fund                     The D. Alan & Llwanda K. Williams Scholarship Fund
 Jeffrey R. Roberts Memorial Scholarship Fund                         Irvine Memorial Scholarship Fund
 William G. & Evelyn Means Carson Memorial                            The Donald M. & M. Elaine Willson Memorial
   Scholarship Fund                                                     Scholarship Fund
 Dorothy Mitchell Robins Memorial Scholarship Fund                    Paul Krakowski Scholarship Fund
 The Class of 1946 Scholarship Fund                                   The Williamson Family Scholarship Fund
 Harriet Jackson Sarver Scholarship                                   Lawrence & Mercer County Scholarship Fund
 George B. Clemens & Dorothy M. Clemens Memorial                      Bill & Ruth McCauley Scholarship Fund
   Scholarship Fund                                                   Dr. J. Bardarah McCandless Memorial Scholarship Fund
 The Charles F. & Lillian C. Saylor Scholarship Fund                  The Judson C. McConnell Scholarship Fund
 Eugene G. Sharkey Memorial Award                                     Dr. William J. McTaggart Memorial Scholarship Fund
 Clara E. Cockerille Memorial Scholarship Fund                        Cole Hughes Musser Newcomb Scholarship Fund
 The Shear Family Memorial Scholarship                                Dr. Thomas R. Nealeigh Mathematics Scholarship

                                     Gifts Full Circle
                          Westminster College gratefully acknowledges receipt of funds or notice of
                         beneficiary status from the estates listed below during the current fiscal year.
                                  We honor the memory of these faithful alumni and friends.
                        Hubert Gerald Boyd ’44                        Mary I. Reed ’28
                        Daryl J. Downey ’49                           Dorothy Mitchell Robins ’39
                        Robert E. Lauterbach ’39                      Robert G. Ross
                        Jean Lawton Martin ’46                        Irene Sample
                        Donald J. McAdams ’36                         Harriet Jackson Sarver ’36
                        William K. McCauley                           Darrell E. Shick ’51
                        Matthew & Henrietta Norris ’48 –              Mildred J. Southern ’53
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   Founded 1852…New Wilmington, Pa.

          Office of Communication Services
          319 S. Market St.
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Westminster cheer
The Westminster crowd cheers on the Titans during the annual Homecoming football game.
For more Homecoming coverage, see inside.

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