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    CONTENTS                                                 January/February 2010
    8	   BUSINESS	WATCH                                       24   The New Hilton–An Ultimate Experience
    8    Bella Arte                                           26   The Red Hat Society
         ETIR Heating and Cooling                             27   Calendar of Events
    9    Remodeling? Consider a Fireplace
         Wild Bird Center                                     30	 LOOK	GOOD,	FEEL	GOOD:	DE-STRESS
    10   Lavendar and Lace                                    32   Rejuvenate Your Eyes, Look Good with Dr. Niamtu
                                                              34   Feel Good From Head to Toe
    11	 BLISS                                                      Look Good with a Healthy Smile
    12   Budgeting Your Wedding Day                           36   Kick Up Your Defenses
    14   Get Personal: Wedding Favors That Suit Your Style         by Protecting Your Ears, Nose and Throat
         Still Looking to Cut Costs?
    16   Breaking Tradition with Trends for 2010              38 AROUND	THE	HOUSE
    18   Advice on Creating a Strong Marriage                 38   Expanding Your Home–Up, Down or Out?
         Not-So-Far-Off Destination Weddings
    	                                                         	    OPEN	HOUSE
    19	 FLAVOR	                                               44   The Homes at Hallsley
    20   Maitre D’ Restaurant Guide                           46   A Look at the 2010 Real Estate Forecast

6                                                                                                JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2010
              William J. Davis, Jr.

               Cheryl T. Davis

           Vicki O’Neal, ASID, CID

                Alaina Rauth
                  Jennifer Russell

               Jared Davis
                     Ann Small

                Barry Cook

                  Steve Cook
                  Robert Thomas
                   Erika Gleeson
                   Bruce Moore
                 Thomas Gresham
            Melinda Martin, RD, CD-N
                  Max Heyworth
                 Amanda Krieger

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              A PUBLICATION OF

         CONCEPTS, INC OR THE PUBLISHER                              7
                                                                           Bella Arte                             By Max Heyworth

                                                                          If you’ve ever spoken the phrase: “I don’t know much about art, but
                                                                       I know what I like,” you’re not alone. Art collecting is viewed by many
                                                                       of us as something of an exclusive activity; one relegated mainly with-
                                                                       in the walls of high society. But at Bella Arte in Midlothian, there’s a
                                                                       family of insiders looking to welcome Richmond’s newcomers into
                                                                       the art world.
                                                                          Walking into Bella Arte (pronounced “Artay”) feels not so much like
                                                                       entering an art gallery as it does a person’s home, albeit a very taste-
                                                                       fully decorated one. Instead of the Spartan white walls one would
                                                                       expect, the pieces are displayed against a soft yellow color that adds
                                                                       warmth to the room. There’s also very little pretense with the display;
                                                                       most pieces are out in the open, and some, like the hand-carved
                                                                       whale tail stools by French artist Polyte Solet, even invite customers
                                                                       to have a seat.
                                                                          “We try to bridge the gap between the connoisseur and the con-
                                                                       sumer by offering something for everyone,” says Catrina Restelli,
                                                                       daughter of Bella Arte’s owners, Rena and Ed Klump. “You can come
                                                                       into our gallery to find a gift for someone special or to make a serious
                                                                       addition to your collection.”
                                                                          One can find pieces here ranging from paintings and blown glass to
                                                                       carved wood and jewelry. Among these are works by renowned artists
                                                                       such as watercolorist Eric Christensen and famed glass blower Randy
                                                                       Strong. Even limited edition collectibles, such as hand-painted Dis-
                                                                       ney art glass and giclée prints by Dr. Seuss, can be found here.
                                                                          So, apart from the inviting atmosphere and unique selection, what
                                                                       makes Bella Arte stand out? “It’s the service,” says Catrina. “This is a
                                                                       family business, and we want each of our customers to feel welcome,
                                                                       whatever they’re looking to buy.”
                                                                          So, whether you’re looking to spice up you’re living room with an
                                                                       Andrew Atroshenko originals and limited edition painting, add some
                                                                       sparkle to your attire with a MetaLace necklace, or make a sizable in-
                                                                       vestment in a Randy Strong glass sculpture, Bella Arte has the piece
                                                                       with your name on it.

    ETIR Heating and Cooling                                                                              By Max Heyworth

        Now that the solstice is officially in full swing, Richmonders     or keeping the outdoor unit free
    are bracing themselves for what could be a winter for the ages.        of snow and debris. Still, Robin-
    With record snowfall just in the first few days of the season, the     son stresses the importance of
    dread of braving the cold looms ever larger for those of us with       getting each system profession-
    older or poorly maintained heating systems. Thankfully, profes-        ally serviced every year.
    sionals like Bobbie Robinson at ETIR Heating and Cooling are               “Whether you have a gas or
    standing by to help.                                                   electric heating system, if you
        “In most cases, problems with residential heating systems can      don’t get it serviced regularly, it
    be traced to lack of maintenance,” said Robinson, a 17-year vet-       can fail. It can lose its efficiency if
    eran of the heating and cooling industry. “Heating systems are         the components aren’t inspected
    made to do a very demanding job, and without consistent up-            and repaired or replaced when they need to be, ultimately leav-
    keep, they can’t perform as well, especially during harsher weath-     ing you with a bigger heating bill and a colder house.”
    er conditions like we’ve had recently.”                                    While we can’t keep the mercury from falling around Rich-
        While regular maintenance can sound like a yearly budget           mond, we can at least turn to Bobbie and the rest of his team at
    killer, it can be as simple as changing air filters every 30-90 days   ETIR to keep us out of the cold.

8                                                                                                                     JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2010
                                                                                              Wild Bird Center
                                                                                              By Erika Gleeson

                                                                                                  When Mark Ackerman purchased the
                                                                                              Wild Bird Center from its previous owner
                                                                                              over eight years ago, he was making a
                                                                                              huge career shift. Formerly in manu-
                                                                                              facturing, Ackerman found that watch-
                                                                                              ing the birds in his yard each morning
                                                                                              helped relax him from the stresses of his
                                                                                              work life. Already a happy customer of
                                                                                              Wild Bird Center, he decided to buy it.
                                                                                              “This was a store I loved to come to,” said
                                                                                                  For 18 years, the Wild Bird Center
                                                                                              has provided its customers with an as-
                                                                                              sortment of products designed to bring
                                                                                              nature closer to home. The store offers
                                                                                              everything from birdhouses and bird-
Serenity	Direct	Vent	Gas	Fireplace,	Kingsman,	Marquis	Collection                              feeders to garden art and fountains, as
                                                                                              well as nature-related games and books.

Remodeling? Consider a Fireplace                                                              Their most popular items include spe-
                                                                                              cialty birdhouses, squirrel-proof feeders,
                                                                                              and bluebird houses. According to Ack-
    If you are planning to remodel a room
                                                    Do you want to keep the old fireplace     erman, the thinning bluebird population
in your home or construct a new addition,
                                                 and dress it up a bit? No problem. First     in the Richmond area has come back
now is the perfect time to consider includ-
                                                 step is to have your gas fireplace cleaned   strong due to people providing special-
ing a fireplace in your design. It’s best to
                                                 and serviced. A professional hearth tech-    ized houses for them.
include the plans for a fireplace early in
                                                 nician will clean the fireplace and make         Ackerman commented, “What makes
the design process so that sizes, specifica-
                                                 sure it is running safely and efficiently.   our store special is our relationship with
tions and colors match the project.
                                                    Next, decide the look you want for        our customers. We have the best custom-
    Consider how great it would be to have
                                                 your fireplace. Here are some ideas:         ers in town.” The staff focuses on giving
a see-through gas fireplace between your
                                                    • Choose a new surround or mantel         their customers personal attention, find-
bedroom and bathroom. Imagine the                   to complement your space                  ing out what projects they are working on
warmth of a gas log set in your updated
                                                    • Hire a brick or stone mason to          and helping them find the right equip-
family room. Perhaps a decorative fire-
                                                    resurface the hearth and surround         ment. Ackerman said that close personal
place in your kitchen would add a special
                                                    • Paint or faux paint your mantel or      attention is “one of the things we feel re-
touch. Be unique! Be creative!
                                                    brick surround                            ally good about.” Gayton Crossing Shop-
    Alternatively, if you have recently re-
                                                    • Add beautiful glass doors to a log      ping Center. 804.741.BIRD.
modeled a room in your home you don’t
have to endure an outdated gas fireplace            set which also saves on utility costs
that just doesn’t fit with your new décor.          • Add decorative touches such as an
One option is to remodel your old fire-             interesting fireplace screen, match-
place to match your fabulous, new space.            ing tool set or hearth rug.
    Fortunately, there are many ways to              Whether planning a fireplace in a new
update the look of your fireplace – de-          remodel or updating an outdated fire-
pending on your style and your budget.           place in your newly decorated room, the
    If you’d like to start from scratch, there   friendly experts at the Hearth and Home
are a variety of beautiful new gas fireplaces    Shoppe in Mechanicsville can provide
and gorgeous log sets that would comple-         information, product ideas and tips for
ment any décor from traditional to con-          great remodeling and decorating results.
temporary. Paired with a great surround          Hearth	&	Home	•	804.730.3800
and mantel, your new fireplace could be-         8154 Mechanicsville Turnpike
come the focal point of your room.                                                                                                                       9
     Lavender & Lace
     By Ann C. Easterling

         Pamper your Valentine with a spe-
     cial gift from Lavender & Lace Lingerie,
     a new boutique on Libbie Avenue. With
     its tranquil atmosphere, knowledgeable
     staff, and exquisite selection of fine linge-
     rie, Lavender & Lace is heaven for women
     who love beautiful sleepwear and under
         Inspired by the glamorous movies
     of the 1930s and 40s, owner Elizabeth
     Bourke and T.J. Kliefoth have created an
     elegant shopping experience. Bourke se-
     lects luscious fabrics and lines that are
     chic, yet comfortable. The staff’s attention
     and expertise in proper fitting is reminis-
     cent of the lingerie departments of Miller
     & Rhoads and Thalhimer’s. “I think we fill
     a long-missed niche in the retail commu-
     nity,” said Bourke.
         You’ll find nightgowns, camisoles,
     robes, bras and panties in bold prints and
     soft pastels from Natori, NiteSweatz (for
     women of that certain age), Pj Harlow,
     Pashmina Boutique (full-length cashmere
     robes), Yummie Tummie™ (to smooth
     and slim this and that!), Prima Donna and
         Quilted slippers and marabou mules,
     beautifully packaged Le Spa French-
     milled soaps and MOR Emporium Body
     Butter, and even gifts for the “posh baby”
     from Plain Mary are available.
         Indulge yourself or your special some-
     one with a delectable Valentine’s Day gift
     from Lavender & Lace Lingerie.
     306 Libbie Avenue • 804.484.6005

10                                                   JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2010
                             YOUR RICHMOND
                             WEDDING GUIDE

                                     Your Big Day

                                    TOP	TRENDS	
                                             of 2010


                                          That Suit
                                         Your Style

                                       Creating a
                                      MARRIAGE                             11
                                                                                                       Below	is	a	rough	idea	of	how	
                                                                                                   much	the	typical	wedding	budget	
                                                                                                   is	divided	up.	Use	this	as	a	guide,	
                                                                                                  and	modify	it	for	your	preferences.

                                                                                                          45% reception
                                                                                                               food, venue, drink, cake

                                                                                                                10% attire
                                                                                                      dresses, hair, make-up, accessories, tuxes

                                                                                                        10% photography	
                                                                                                                   prints and fees

                                                                                                                 8% music

     Budgeting Your Big Day
                                                                                                       dj, band, musicians, and entertainment

                                                                                                               8% flowers
                                                                                                  all bouquets, boutonnières, centerpieces and decor

     WITHOUT EMPTYING YOUR WALLET                                                                           3%	invitations
     By Amanda Krieger                                                                                 thank you cards, programs, guest books

                                                                                                          2.5% ceremony
                                                                                                            venue, officiant, candles, etc.
         Weddings are all about flowers and dresses and making dreams come true, but all
     of those things come with a price tag. Sticker shock can be almost as surprising as the
     engagement, so before you start planning your wedding, it’s a good idea to figure out
                                                                                                      2.5% transportation
                                                                                                         to and from ceremony and reception
     your budget.
         The bride and groom should have an honest conversation with their parents and
     figure out who will be paying for what. This will avoid difficult conversations when it
                                                                                                                  2% gifts
                                                                                                        favors and gifts for the wedding party
     comes time to select and pay vendors.
         Once you know how much is in the piggy bank, you can start divvying out funds.
     Sit down with your partner and decide what aspects of the wedding are most important
                                                                                                    5% unexpected extras
                                                                                                           to avoid wedding-day disasters!
     to you. Prioritize the dress, the food, the music, the photography, etc. Set a budget
     according to those priorities and ruthlessly stick to it. If you said you’d sacrifice your
     wedding dress, don’t try on the $10,000 gown. A plan will help curb spending before
     you even start.
         Remember, it’s about you getting married, not crystal chandeliers and doves flying
     overhead. Try not to get swept up into the wedding industry and lose sight of what
     you’re really doing– making an important commitment to the person you love, and will
     love for the rest of your life.
         Make sure to write down every penny you spend. Thirty dollars for a manicure
     might not seem like a lot (especially when you’re dropping so much cash elsewhere)
     but those little things really add up. Keep track of everything to make sure you don’t

12                                                                                                                     JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2010   13
     Get Personal:                                                                                        STIll lOOKING
                                                                                                          fOR WAyS TO
     WEDDING FAvORS THAT SUIT YOUR STYLE                                                                  CUT	COSTS?	
     By Amanda Krieger
                                                                                                       Serve a small formal wedding cake
                                                                                                        and opt for sheet cake or another
         Wedding favors are a chance for the        GIVE	A	GIFT	THAT	GIVES	BACK                       creative dessert for guests. Cupcakes,
     bride and groom to thank their guests              Instead of giving a small gift, use the          brownies and other options are
     for sharing in their celebration. Here is a    money you would have spent on favors                 money savers that guests love.
     chance to give your guests something that      and give it to charity. Leave a card at each
                                                                                                      Reviewing your guest list is perhaps
     will remind them of the wedding and cou-       place setting to let them know you’ve made
                                                                                                       the best way to start cutting back.
     ple. Wedding favors should reflect your        a donation to a charity in the name of each        Even eliminating a few guests can
     own personal style, personality and tastes.    guest.                                            drastically cut your food costs, which
     Here are a few ideas for non-traditional,      KEEP	A	THEME                                                  add up quickly.
     and traditional, wedding favors:                   If your wedding has a theme, your fa-
                                                                                                      Think about timing. The time of day
     SOMETHING	SWEET                                vors should stick with the theme. If you have
                                                                                                      dictates what food you serve. Lunch
         Everyone has a sweet tooth. Make it        a barbecue wedding, give small bottles of             is cheaper, and just as nice.
     personal by selecting the bride or groom’s     barbecue sauce to your guests. If you have
     favorite candy or                                                       an      Asian-inspired   If you’re serving alcohol at the wed-
                                                                                                      ding, see if you can buy in bulk and
     cookie, or match                                                        wedding, give your
                                                                                                                  pay corkage.
     the candy to your                                                       guests chopsticks.
     wedding colors. You                                                     GO	GREEN!                  Pick flowers that are local and in
     can also customize                                                          Just like every-                    season.
     M&M’s,         Hershey                                                  thing else, there are
                                                                                                        Watch out for sample sales when
     Kisses, jelly beans or                                                  now       eco-friendly   shopping for your dress, and buy off
     cookies.                                                                wedding favors to         the rack if possible. Also, don’t be
     LOVE	SOUNDS                                                             choose from. Give          opposed to checking out consign-
         Make a CD of                                                        your guests some-                     ment shops.
     your favorite mu-                                                       thing to grow (and        Book your wedding on a weekday.
     sic, songs you fell                                                     attach a tag that        Reception halls and hotels often offer
     in love to, or songs                                                    says “watch our love     deep discounts for weekday events.
     you featured at your wedding. Guests will      grow!”). You can give wildflower seeds, a
                                                                                                       DIY, but not too much. Doing a lot
     always think of you when they listen to the    flower bulb, or saplings. You can also give
                                                                                                      of the planning and details yourself
     CD (make sure to get appropriate rights to     a donation to an eco-friendly charity, or         might save money, but it’s not worth
     songs).                                        choose a traditional favor that is made with             it if it stresses you out.
     A	BOTTLE	OF	WINE                               environmentally friendly materials.
                                                                                                       Think about weddings you’ve been
         Your guests will be toasting your wed-     PERSONALIzED	FAVORS
                                                                                                       to. What small details really made
     ding for weeks to come with a nice bottle of       Almost everything can be personalized          a difference, and what did you not
     wine as a favor. Let them select from white    for a wedding favor. Pouches of coffee,             even notice? Focus on details that
     or red wine, and consider offering the bride   matchbooks, candlesticks, wine glasses,               will really make a difference.
     and groom’s favorite wine or a sample          soaps, coasters, ornaments, and magnets
                                                                                                      Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate. You
     bottle from a local vineyard. Labels can be    are all examples of things that can be
                                                                                                       can save up to fifty percent with a
     personalized with a monogram, message          monogrammed or personalized. Think of                   little savvy negotiating.
     from the bride and groom, or photo of the      something your guests will appreciate and
     happy couple.                                  will use.

14                                                                                                              JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2010   15

     Trends for 2010
                                                        mini-wedding dresses
                                                            That’s right...designers are showcasing a
                                                        new style of dress this year...the mini dress.
                                                        Whether you are looking for a casual alterna-
                                                        tive to a gown fit for a princess or just want to
                                                        be comfy as you dance the night away, you just
                                                        might find what you are looking for in this new
                                                        style. Do you feel that a higher hemline may
                                                        not be fit for your ceremony? You could change
                                                        into a mini dress just for the reception, or even
                                                        for an event leading up to wedding, such as a
                                                        rehearsal dinner.

                                                                                                   backyard weddings
                                                                                                       Eliminate the venues AND save some
     purring down the aisle                                                                        cash! Enjoying the comfort of home on one
         Pets are part of the family, and family                                                   of the most important days of your lives can
     members are part of every wedding ceremo-                                                     be both sentimental and budget-friendly. Be-
     ny. Dogs, cats, horses and even parrots have                                                  tween caterers to florists to rental companies,
     held honored positions with the bride and                                                     everything you need can be delivered to your
     groom. Pets of celebrities including Tori Spell-                                              doorstep. You get to set the rules at this site
     ing, Adam Sandler and Gavin Rossdale all                                                      and choose your vendors as you wish. Don’t
     held esteemed roles in their famous owners’                                                   see your own backyard as a wedding para-
     weddings. Even if you can’t arrange for them                                                  dise? Perhaps, there’s a house with a view
     to be part of the ceremony, including them in                                                 you love that you could rent. This is a way to
     the photos is a great way to create wedding                                                   get an intimate wedding with the budget of
     day memories with your beloved pet.                                                           your choice!

                                                        gowns that flatter your girls
                                                              Bridesmaids come in all different shapes, sizes and tones, and so should their dress-
                                                        es. Many brides now choose the color and fabric for their wedding day attendants, but
                                                        let them choose the style. No doubt your best friend will be grateful to not have to force
                                                        the halter style that graces your sister so well into complimenting her figure! Breaking a
                                                        little farther away from tradition, brides are even choosing gowns that are in different
                                                        shades of the same color, or different complimentary hues. A few non-traditional brides
                                                        are even ditching the fancy silk for a delicate print.

16                                                                                                                        JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2010
            By Amanda Krieger

   Building your bridal party is an important
decision, and the girls you pick could impact
 your wedding day positively or negatively.
  When you’re picking your bridal party,
           consider the following:

                Friends	for	life
     When choosing your bridal party, consider
people who have been in your life in the past,
the present, and will continue to be in your life
 in the future. Choose people you can depend
  on to support you through engagement and
              when you get married.

              Remember	family
   Your friends are close, but when you really
 get down to it, it’s your family that you’ll be
 spending Christmas with with for the rest of
  your life. There’s no law that you have to
ask your sisters or his, but etiquette generally
  advises it. If you don’t choose your sisters,
 explain to them why and give them another
              role in the wedding.

      Dependable,	reliable	and	fun
       You’ll be spending a lot of time with
    your bridesmaids, and if you have any
 minor disasters you’ll be thankful that you’re
 surrounded by trusted, close friends that you
 can count on. You want girls who will be on
time, will get their fittings done, who will help
        you with pre-wedding errands.

           Watch	your	wallet
       Simple dollars and cents, the more
  members of the bridal party there are, the
more money you’ll be spending. Traditionally,
 the bride and groom pay the for the bridal
party’s accommodations the night before the
wedding, buy gifts, and pay for bouquets. It
          all adds up very quickly.

                   Have	fun!
     Pick girls you can have fun with. This is an
   incredibly important day. You want it to be
joyful, fun and being surrounded by girls who
  love you and are excited for your marriage
   will help you enjoy your day and focus on
         your new life with your groom!
     ADvICE ON CREATING                                                                                 NOT-SO-fAR-Off

     A Strong Marriage
     By Amanda Krieger
                                                                                                        No plane tickets needed for these ro-
                                                                                                    mantic weddings which double as a retreat
         Leading up to a wedding, it’s easy to get so caught up in the details of the big day
                                                                                                    for your guests. Besides, who doesn’t like
     that you forget the real reason for the wedding – marriage! The real purpose of the big
                                                                                                    an excuse for a vacation? Make the affair
     day isn’t to pick the right combination of songs that will get both your friends from col-
                                                                                                    a “wedding weekend” to spend even more
     lege and Aunt Mildred out on the dance floor, it’s about making a commitment in front
                                                                                                    time with your friends and family. Or let it be
     of your friends and family that you will love and cherish forever.
                                                                                                    your excuse for an intimate affair!
         Here’s	advice	for	after	you’ve	said	your	vows	and	the	honeymoon	is	
     (literally)	over,	on	how	to	create	a	strong	marriage	and	family.		                             MARINER’S	LANDING
                                                                                                    Smith Mountain Lake provides a breathtak-
     1. Just because you’re married doesn’t mean you shouldn’t date.                                ing backdrop with mountains cascading into
        Remember those candle-lit dinners and trips to the movies when you were dating?             the emerald water. Mariner’s Landing will
     Those don’t have to stop once you get married! Reserve one night a week to spend               customize your package including the cer-
     some quality time together, even if it just means enjoying a pre-dinner glass of wine.         emony site, reception for up to 200, your
     Get in the habit of prioritizing time with each other, the investment will pay off big         bridal suite, and all the other details with
     long-term.                                                                                     the area’s vendors. Plus, your guests will
     2. Have some friends over.                                                                     have a great getaway with everything the
         Newlyweds need some time to get used to their                                              resort has to offer.
     new stage in life. But while you’re adjusting, be                                              540.297.4900.
     careful not to alienate your friends. Have friends                                             ELOPEMENT	PACKAGES	VIRGINIA
     over for a game night or make sure you don’t miss                                                  More and more couples are choosing
     the next girls’ night out.                                                                     the “Elopement style” wedding. They find
                                                                                                    that by eloping, they can have a beautiful
     3. fight fair.
                                                                                                    wedding without the a very af-
         The new ring on your finger doesn’t give
                                                                                                    fordable price. Whether you are dreaming
     you a free pass to hit below the belt. When
                                                                                                    of the beach at sunset, the snowy slopes of
     things get tense, remember whom you’re talking to before you start throwing daggers.
                                                                                                    Wintergreen, or a serene bed and breakfast
     Take a deep breath and cool down. Remember, you’re talking to your soul mate.
                                                                                                    in the valley, they can help you make your
     4. Give more than half.                                                                        dreams a reality.
        They say every great relationship is 50/50, but the idea of 50/50 leaves a bit of 
     a deficit. If you’re only doing half of the work, then you’re leaving your spouse to pick
     up the slack. Instead, try 100/100. Both parties should always strive to be serving the
     other, helping and loving them. In your vows, you promise to love your spouse till the
     end of your life. That’s not something to be done halfway.

     5. Don’t expect marriage to fulfill you.
         No matter how incredible your spouse, they are still human and fallible and at times
     they will fail and disappoint. Being married doesn’t catapult you to a state of life in
     which you’re completely blissful. Sure, marriage is great, but it isn’t perfect. The purpose
     of having a spouse isn’t to complete you–it’s to refine you. If you expect your spouse
     to completely and perfectly meet your needs, you will be consistently disappointed.
     Instead, marriage will call you to sacrifice, confess, repent and love in spite of yourself.

18                                                                                                                     JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2010
                                                                        March 10-28 • Landmark Theater
                                                                             See More Events on Page 27

                         MALABAR                                                     CAPITAL	ALE	HOUSE
                         Malabar Indian Cuisine offers a variety                     Now open till 1:30am with specials
                         of Indian delicacies such as Masala                         every night. One big hit is the Sun-
                         Dosas, Idli, sambar, Rasam soup, Palak                      day Prime Rib Special. Locally owned
                         Paneer, Baingan Bhartha, Kerala fish                        and serving local products whenever
                         curry Malabar shrimp curry. Lunch buf-                      possible. VA’s largest selection of draft
                         fet Tuesday-Sunday. 3456 Lauderdale                         and bottled beers. 4024-A Cox Road.
                         Drive. 364-7077.                                            Innsbrook Shoppes. 780-ALES.

                         BISTRO	R                                                    WILD	GINGER
                         French-inspired cuisine in a warm,
                                                                                     Offering a uniquely flavorful Asian-
                         relaxed atmosphere. Salad dressings
                                                                                     influenced cuisine and an extraordinary
                         are made from scratch, and the bread is
                                                                                     selection of fine wines in a beautiful
                         delivered daily from the Flour Garden
                                                                                     contemporary setting. Enjoy a covered
                         Bakery. Bistro R offers a varied and
                                                                                     and heated outdoor patio area, and a
                         affordable list of wines available by the
                                                                                     private dining room that can accommo-
                         glass, as well as by the bottle. Lunch,
                                                                                     date up to 50.
                         dinner and catering. 10190 W. Broad
                                                                                     3734 Winterfield Road, Midlothian.
                         Street. 747-9484.

                         SEAFIRE	GRILL                                               BUCKHEAD’S
                         Proudly owned & operated by the Trak                        “Extra-aged” steaks, fresh seafood and
                         family, Seafire Grill is a neighborhood,                    an award-winning wine list have made
                         family friendly seafood grill that is invit-                this Richmond’s premier destination
                         ing & casual, yet has an upscale feel. It                   dining location for fifteen years. Try the
                         features an extensive menu catering to                      steak tenderloin medallions with Ver-
                         seafood lovers as well as non-seafood                       mouth Demi-Glace topped with Jumbo
                         lovers. 3061 Lauderdale Drive. 804-                         Lump Crabmeat and finished with
                         360-0900.                                                   Bearnaise Sauce.
                                                                                     8510 Patterson Avenue. 750-2000.

        DINING |   NIGHTlIfE | EVENTS | TRAVEl | SPORTS | THE ARTS                Flavor                                    19
     AMERICAN                                              JJ’s Grille
                                                           Enjoy fine dining in this non-smoking, family-
                                                                                                                Entrees include seafood, chicken, and pork dishes.
     Bistro R                                              friendly, equestrian-themed restaurant. Serving      Great sandwiches, wraps, soups, salads, and
     french inspired cuisine in a warm, relaxed            lunch and dinner daily, and Sunday brunch.           appetizers. 1 West Broad Street. 225-0035.
     atmosphere. lunch and dinner. 10190 W. Broad          10298 Staples Mill Road. 755-6229.
     Street. 747-9484.                                                                                          Tropical Smoothie
                                                           Julep’s New Southern Cuisine                         Eat Better, feel Better. featuring great salads,
     Buffalo Wild Wings                                    Inspired by the great restaurants in Charleston,     sandwiches and wraps, and, their famous
     family restaurant and sports bar with big screen      Savannah, Atlanta, and New Orleans. fine             smoothies. Catering for any occasion. See www.
     TVs and Buzztime Trivia® systems. Award winning       Southern dining in an elegant, yet casual   for the location nearest you.
     wings spun in 14 signature sauces and more.           atmosphere. 1719-21 E. franklin Street.
     7801 W. Broad Street. 672-8732.                       377-3968.                                            BARBEQuE
     Capital Ale House                                     Max & Erma’s                                         Bill’s Barbeque
     Virginia’s largest selection of draught and bottled   fresh salads, great sandwiches, burgers and          A Richmond tradition. Great BBQ & lIMEADES.
     beers. fresh mussels, oysters, crab, scallops,        entrees in a casual atmosphere. 2160 John Rolfe      5805 W. Broad Street. 282-5389.
     certified Angus beef, and steaks. 4024-A Cox          Pkwy. 754-3762.
     Road. Innsbrook Shoppes. 780-AlES.                                                                         Famous Dave’s                               The Melting Pot                                      Award winning BBQ & Ribs. for locations visit
                                                           An array of fondue with lots of dipping choices.
     City Limit                                            9704 Gayton Road. Gayton Crossing Shopping
     City limit offers its patrons a wide range of         Center. 741-3120.                                    Grandpa Eddie’s Alabama
     American regional fare, sure to accommodate any                                                            Ribs & BBQ
     palate. 7007 Three Chopt Road. 282-4232.              Padow’s Ham & Deli
                                                                                                                “Virginia State Championship BBQ”.                             A Richmond tradition since 1936. Twelve locations
                                                                                                                11129 Three Chopt Rd. 270-RIBS.
                                                           around town.
     Davis & Main                                                                                     
     Creative American grilled cuisine. live jazz every    Phillip’s Continental Lounge
                                                           Casual dining for breakfast, lunch and dinner in a   TD’s Smokehouse BBQ
     Tuesday. 2501 W. Main Street. 353-6641.                                                                    Kansas City Style BBQ. 8919 Patterson Ave.
                                                           Richmond landmark. 5704 Grove Ave. 288-8687.
     Dot’s Back Inn                                                                                             741-9804.
     your neighborhood restaurant. family-friendly         The Pour House
     food and prices. 4030 MacArthur Ave. 266-3167.        Sports themed restaurant with over 50 TV’s.
                                                           Serving burgers, nachos, wings and more. 3438
     Firebird’s Rocky Mountain Grill                       Pump Road. 364-9083.                                 Wild Ginger
     Steaks, seafood, nachos. 11800 W. Broad Street,                                                            Offering a uniquely flavorful Asian-influenced
     Short Pump Town Center. 364-9744.                     River City Diner                                     cuisine and an extraordinary selection of fine
                                                           American grilled food in a diner-style atmosphere.   wines in a beautiful contemporary setting. 3734
     The Glen Restaurant At Virginia                       803 E. Parham Road. 266-1500. for additional         Winterfield Road, Midlothian. www.wildgingerva.
     Crossings Resort                                      locations, visit             com.
     Seasonal cuisine served with a distinctly Southern
     flair. 1000 Virginia Center Pkwy. 727-1480.
                                                           River City Diner at
                                                           Farmer’s Market                                      BRAZIlIAN
     Glory Days Grill                                      The NEW River City Diner with new menu items,
     American favorites, ribs, wings, sandwiches and       atmosphere. 2160 John Rolfe Pkwy. 754-3762.          Texas De Brazil
     more in a sports setting. 10466 Ridgefield Pkwy.                                                           Authentic Brazilian “Churrascaria”. Regency
     754-3710.                                             Shackleford’s Restaurant & Raw                       Square Mall. 750-2003.
     Hermitage Grill
     fine dining with a laid-back atmosphere. Catering
                                                           Since 1993, Shackleford’s has developed into         BuffET
                                                           a dining tradition, featuring a mix of regional
     available. 6010 Hermitage Road. 264-7400.                                                                  Super King Buffet
                                                           American grilled and sautéed cuisine.
                                                                                                                Chinese buffet including sushi and a Mongolian
                                                           10496 Ridgefield Pkwy. 741-9900.
                                                                                                                grill. 8087 W. Broad St. 270-7799.

20   Flavor                                                                                                                
Chinese Express
fresh Chinese dishes for take-out or dine-in. 9809
W. Broad Street. West Park Shopping Center.

Full Kee
Authentic Chinese, including dim sum, in a casual
atmosphere. 6400 Horsepen Road. 673-2233.

Yum Yum Good
5612 Patterson Avenue. 673-9226.

full Chinese menu. 9125 W. Broad Street.

Can Can
Enjoy french cuisine in Paris of the early 1900s.
3120 W. Cary Street. Carytown. 358-PARIS

Malabar Indian Cuisine offers a variety of Indian
delicacies. lunch buffet Tuesday-Sunday. 3456
lauderdale Drive. 364-7077.

Apollo’s Flame Baked Pizza & Grill
Italian cuisine cooked in a flame, brick oven.
9410 W. Broad St. 965-5554. 10226 Midlothian
Tnpk. 320-9595.

Angela’s Ristorante
Angela’s Ristorante is celebrating its 25th
anniversary of serving the finest italian cuisine
by Chef Michael including northern and southern
italian classics all made to order. 425 Ridge
Road, Tuckahoe Shopping Center. 804.288.7483

Brick oven pizza and other Italian favorites in a
relaxed, formal setting. 6221 River Road. River
Road Shopping Center. 282-1509.

Over 27 varieties of oven-baked pizzas and
specialty sandwiches. Bread made on site daily.
8026 W. Broad Street. fountain Square Shopping
Center. 270-7011.

Mamma Felicia’s Italian
Ristorante & Pizzeria
Everything prepared daily from the finest of
ingredients to assure premium quality & freshness.
9681 West Broad Street, Glen Allen. 346-4070.

Nick’s Roman Terrace
Italian specialties at very affordable prices. 8051
W. Broad Street. Westland Shopping Center.
270-2988.                                Flavor   21
              Slice Of Grapevine
              Enjoy speciality pizzas, calzones, pastas, subs,
                                                                 STEAK & CHOP HOuSE
              salads and more. Delivery available. Open 7 days   Buckhead’s
              a week for lunch and dinner. 11636 W. Broad        “Extra-aged” steaks, fresh seafood and an award-
              Street. 364-4000.        winning wine list have made this Richmond’s
                                                                 premier destination dining location for fifteen
                                                                 years. 8510 Patterson Avenue. 750-2000.
              Ichiban                                            Perfectly aged, corn fed prime steaks, succulent
              Authentic cuisine such as fresh sushi, tempura,    seafood dishes, an award winning wine list, and
              and noodles.10490 Ridgefield Pkwy. 750-2380.       a passionate service staff are ready to surpass
              Kenji                                              your highest expectations. 4024-C Cox Road.
              full sushi menu, teppen grill, bar and more in     968-4323.
              a hip, upscale setting. Open lunch and dinner.     Ruth’s Chris
              located next to Petsmart, across from Dillard’s.   Whether it’s a romantic steak dinner for two,
              11740 W. Broad Street, Suite 102B. 364.1788.       a business luncheon, or a private party, Ruth’s
              Osaka                                              Chris Steak House can accommodate your needs
              famous sushi bar, traditional Japanese and         in a warm, comfortable atmosphere. 11500 W.
              Hibachi. 11674 W. Broad Street. 364-0800.          Huguenot Road. 378-0600.

              MEXICAN                                            Mom’s Siam
              Casa Grande                                        Real, authentic Thai food in a casual atmosphere.
              Mexican food in a casual atmosphere. 7818 W.       2929 W. Cary Street. 359-7606.
              Broad Street. 755-2388.
                                                                 Tara Thai
              Don Papa Grande                                    All of your Thai favorites in a modern atmosphere.
              Authentic Mexican Cuisine in a fun and exciting    Short Pump Town Center. 11800 W. Broad Street.
              atmosphere. 8900 West Broad Street. 270-7725.      360-0001.

              El Caporal                                         Thai Diner
              Authentic Mexican family restaurant. 1417          Thai cuisine is typically to be hot and spicy. 8059
              Eastridge Road. 673-1090.                          West Broad St. 270-2699.

              Mexico Restaurant                                  Thai Gourmet Restaurant
              Great Mexican cuisine. 6406 Horsepen Road.         All dishes are prepared to your taste. Open seven
              282-7357. 4040-G Cox Road. 290-0400.               days a week. lunch, 11:00 to 2:30. Dinner, 4:30
              11621 W. Broad Street. 330-9446.                   to 9:00. 9555 Kings Charter Dr. Ashland, VA
                                                                 23005. 550-0055.

              Emilio’s Restaurant
              Authentic Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine.       Da Lat
              1847 W. Broad Street. 359-1224.                    Vietnamese cuisine with excellent service. Delivery
                                                                 available. 9125 W. Broad Street. 762-9330.

              SEAfOOD                                            Mekong Restaurant
                                                                 Exciting flavors of Vietnam paired with one of
              Byram’s Lobster House
                                                                 the largest selections of premium Belgian beers in
              large seafood menu in a family friendly
                                                                 Richmond. 6004 W. Broad Street. 288-8929.
              atmosphere. 3215 W. Broad Street. 355-9193.

              Moshi Moshi                                        Vietnam Garden
              Cool new Sushi place from the folks who brought    Authentic Vietnamese dining. 3991 Glenside
              you Sumo San. 3321 W. Cary Street. 359-1151.       Drive. 262-6114. n
              Seafire Grill
              Seafood with a Mediterranean flair.
              3061 lauderdale Drive. 360-0900.

22   Flavor                                                                    Flavor   23
              THE	NEW	RICHMOND	
              HILTON	With...
              A Touch More
              By Erika Gleeson

24   Flavor            
    When Shamin Hotels, the largest ho-        ing space, the conference center can host     bride and groom.
tel management company in Central Vir-         any size banquet and boasts a grand ball-          The 254 guest rooms and suites feature
ginia, decided to open their thirty-sixth      room that can accommodate up to 1,300         oversized bathrooms, complimentary
property, the Richmond-based company           people. The hotel provides a number of        high-speed Internet access, and Hilton’s
decided that the newest hotel should be        options for wedding receptions, from          Serenity bed package for guest comfort.
a Hilton. “There is a definite need in the     plated dinners to heavy hors d’oeuvres.       Outside the hotel, guests can visit the
West End for an upscale hotel with large       All wedding packages offer a complimen-       Short Pump Town Center for shopping,
meeting and banquet facilities,” says Lori     tary wedding cake and chocolate-dipped        dining, and entertainment.
Darling, Vice President of Sales and Mar-      strawberries, in addition to a complimen-          For guests looking for that certain
keting. “There are not a lot of options        tary suite for the bride and groom on their   something extra in their stay, Shamin Ho-
other than downtown with a facility to ac-     wedding night.                                tels offers its own particular brand of cus-
commodate over 1,300 guests like this.”            Inside the hotel is the Aura Spa and      tomer service, labeled the Shamin Touch.
    The company’s newest property, the         Salon, which caters to brides with bridal     “It is the extra special things that we do to
Hilton Richmond Hotel and Spa at Short         packages including hair and make-up for       go above and beyond for our guests’ com-
Pump, opened in December next to the           the bride and bridesmaids and a couples       fort and convenience to create the ulti-
Short Pump Town Center. Darling says the       massage for the bride and groom. Pack-        mate guest experience,” explains Darling.
company chose to open the first Hilton in      ages for the bride’s mother and mother-       “It’s all individual to the guest’s needs. We
the Richmond Area for over 10 years be-        in-law are also available.                    do as many extra special things as we can
cause of “the level of service and the ame-        Shula’s Lounge, located in the lobby      each and every day to ensure the guest en-
nities the brand allows us to provide to our   area, has three private dining rooms,         joys their stay in the Hilton or any Shamin
valued guests.”                                which are perfectly sized for rehearsal       Hotel.” For more information, visit
    With over 22,000 square feet of meet-      dinners and farewell brunches for the                                                                               Flavor                                  25
                                                 The Red haT SocieTy
                                                            “When I am an old woman

                                                     I shall wear purple with a red hat

                                                     that doesn’t go and doesn’t suit me.”. .
                                                     By Bruce Moore

         The Red Hat Society is a social group that was established in 1998 by Sue El-           to go to one and I have enjoyed it
     len Cooper. According to the Society’s website, “In 1997, Cooper gave a friend                ever since. What I like the most
     a 55th birthday gift consisting of a red fedora purchased from a thrift store                       about being in The Red Hat
     along with a copy of Jenny Joseph’s poem “Warning” which begins with a                               Society is the friendships,
     line that sums up the chapters whimsical and carefree spirit. “When I am an                          and the bond between
     old woman I shall wear purple with a red hat that doesn’t go and doesn’t                           the women. Whenever we
     suit me.”                                                                                       get together, there is nonstop
         The group was formed as a way to encourage social interaction                               laughter.”
     among women approaching the age of 50 and beyond. Unlike                                           The most noticeable and
     many other social organizations, though The Red Hat Society is                                 striking feature of The Red Hat
     not a community service club. The main focus of the Society is to                              Society is without a doubt their
     create lifelong relationships focused on friendship and compan-                               intriguing and eclectic dress.
     ionship amongst women.                                                                       Members 50 and over wear red
         Deborah Mowbray-Dowdy has been a member of the Red                                     hats and purple attire to all func-
     Hatters of Mechanicsville for about two years now. “My friend,                          tions. Woman under the age 50 may
     Kerry, had been asking me to go to meetings for awhile, but I                          become members, but they are re-
     was always too busy.” Mowbray-Dowdy said, “But after being                             quired to wear pink hats and lavender
     stuck in the house recovering from cancer for months, I decided                       attire until they reach their 50th birth-
                                                                                          days. During this period of time these
                                                                                         members are known as “Pink Hatters.
                                                                                         Founders or leaders of local chapters are
                                                                                         referred to as the “Queen” and the mem-
                                                                                         bers are called, “Red Hatters.”
                                                                                             The Society may have only been in
                                                                                         existence since the late Nineties, but they
                                                                                         boast 24,000 chapters from twenty-five
                                                                                         countries. With the individual member-
                                                                                         ship estimated at almost 40,000 mem-
                                                                                         bers The Red Hat Society is the largest, all
                                                                                         woman’s social group in the world.
                                                                                             For more information, visit

                                                                                         Pictured above: Founder of the Red
                                                                                         Hat Society, Sue Ellen Cooper

26   Flavor                                                                                      
                                                                                     february 12-14 • Thunder	Nationals

                                                                                     Don’t miss the monster truck bad boys battle it out!
                                                                                     Richmond	Coliseum	•


January/February 2010

RICHMOND	SyMPHONy:	                         January 29-30                          February 12-14                        February 27
January 30: Simply Sinatra!                 The	Wedding	Singer                     Richmond	Camping	&	                   Richmond	Kid’s	Expo
February 6-7: Paganini & Petrushka          Landmark Theater                       RV	Expo                               With a blend of great products to
February 20: Peter and the Wolf                      Richmond Raceway Complex              see and buy, fun hands-on children’s
February 27-28: Beethoven’s Emperor                                                           activities, contests, prize drawings,
                                            January 29-February 14
Carpenter Theatre at Richmond                                                                                            family-friendly entertainment and
                                            The	Song	of	Mulan                      February 12-13
Centerstage.                                                                                        information workshops.
                                            Noble Chinese folk tale featuring an   Richmond	Ballet:	                     Richmond Raceway Complex
RICHMOND	SHAKESPEARE                        extraordinary heroine.                 Romeo	&	Juliet              
February 9: Merchant of Venice              Empire Theater                         Carpenter Theatre at Richmond
February 11–March 14: Othelo                    CenterStage.     February 27
March 9: Taming of the Shrew                                                                                             Richmond	Blues	Festival
                                            January 29                             February 13
Gottwald Playhouse at                                                                                                    Landmark Theater
                                            Carniball	Gala                         Mike	Epps	and	Bruce	Bruce
Richmond CenterStage                                                                                           
                                            Grown-ups get a night of play          Landmark Theater
                                            with food, drink, entertainment                  March 5
January 15 & February 19.                   and a special auction–with all the                                           Richmond	Symphony:	Ravel,	
                                                                                   February 19
Target	$1	Family	Night                      proceeds providing museum visits                                             Rodrigo	and	Bizet
                                                                                   Cocktail	Classic
Children’s Museum of Richmond               for children in need.                                                        Modlin Center for the Arts, Camp
                                                                                   Savor the signature cocktails and                               Children’s Museum of Richmond                                                Concert Hall
                                                                                   beverages of some of Richmond’s
January 17                                                                         most popular local restaurants,
Freedom	Classic	Festival                    January 30                             while heating up the dance floor      March 5-7
Designed to acknowledge and                 11th	Annual	Virginia	                  with hot Latin music and dancing.     Richmond	Home	&	Garden	
commemorate the life and legacy of          Dance	Festival	                        Maymont Robins Nature and             Show
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the festival   Featuring over 300 dancers             visitor’s Center                      Richmond Raceway Complex
includes a basketball competition,          performing traditional and cultural             
entertainment, vendors, cultural            dances, as well as a silent auction.
                                                                                   February 19-21                        March 5-7
exhibits, area cuisine and more for         Proceeds benefit Children’s Hospital
                                                                                   Richmond	Boat	Show                    Virginia	Opera:	Don	Giovanni
the whole family. Richmond Coliseum         Foundation of Richmond. Purchase
                                                                                   Richmond Raceway Complex              Carpenter Theatre at Richmond                      tickets at door. James River High
                                            School, Midlothian.
January 21                                                                                                     
                                             FMI: 804.739.7600                     February 19-22
Rodney	Carrington
                                                                                   Maymont	Flower	&	                     March 6-9
Carpenter Center at Richmond                January 30
                                                                                   Garden	Show                           CAA	Basketball	
Centerstage.           FREE	College	Readiness	
                                                                                   Greater Richmond                      Championship
January 22                                                                         Convention Center                     Richmond Coliseum
                                            For Parents of Kindergarten Thru
Band	of	the	Irish	Gruad	and	the	                                            
                                            8th Grade. 12:30-2pm. RSvP by
Royal	Regiment	of	Scotland
                                            January 27th. Tutoring Club            February 23                           March 10-28
Carpenter Theatre at Richmond               Call 804.967.6278.                     Monterey	Jazz	Festival                Wicked:	The	Untold	Story	of	
                                                                                   Carpenter Theatre at Richmond         the	Witches	of	Oz
                                            January 30
January 22 & February 26                                                           CenterStage                           Landmark Theater
                                            Kid’s	Carniball
Fridays	Over	the	Patio                                                           
                                            Families can enjoy face-painting,
James River Cellars. 6-9pm.                 balloons giveaways, special treats,    February 23-28                        March 12                   and more. 10am-4pm.                    Buffalo	Soldier                       Shine	All	Night	Tour:	Martina	
January 23                                  Children’s Museum of Richmond          This dramatic play with music tells   McBride	and	Trace	Adkins
AIFA	Kickoff	Classic	                                       the heroic story of brave soldiers.   Richmond Coliseum
All-Star	Indoor	Football	                                                          Empire Theater              
                                            January 30-31
The American Indoor Football                                             
                                            Chili	Cook	Off	
Association’s features the Richmond         Wine	Trail	Weekend
Raiders against a squad of All-Stars.       Tour Central virginia’s Premier
Richmond Coliseum                           Wineries.                                                                                                   Flavor                                  27
                                                  THE TRUTH ABOUT
                                                  Dyslexia	                                                  From LearningRx

   Dyslexia is one of the country’s most common learn-                                                   ing skills. They include:
ing disabilities and is often misunderstood. Examina-                      A SAMPle                         • Sound segmenting games: Say a two-sound word,
tions and tests can be some of the most trying times                      Profile of                     like bee or tie, and have the child tell you which sounds
for those with dyslexia, as accommodations for test-
                                                                          DYSlexiA:                      are in the word (“b” and “ee” for “bee” and “t” and “i”
ing may not be enough to allow students to accurately                                                    for “tie”). Then start to increase to three-sound words
display their academic achievements. Test your knowl-                         1. Family history of       like cat, (“c” “a” and “t”) and tree (“t” “r” and “ee”). This
edge on the following misconceptions.                                          reading problems          builds auditory segmenting which is necessary for
MYTh #1: DYSlexiA iS ABouT reverSinG leTTerS.                                                            spelling when children get older.
                                                                               2. Predominant in            • Phonetics using building blocks: Help develop
   The most basic sign of dyslexia is not “reversed let-
ters” as many people think, but rather weak phonemic
                                                                                males (8:1, M:F)         analysis skills by using blocks to make up nonsense
awareness skills. Phonemic awareness and auditory                              3. Average/above          words starting with two to three blocks. Create a non-
                                                                                                         sense word, then have the child remove one of the
processing skills are the underlying cognitive abilities                           average IQ
to hear and remember the smallest individual units of                                                    blocks and add a new one while verbally trying to figure
sound in a word.                                                              4. Math proficiency        out what the new nonsense word sounds like. (If they
   The word dyslexia actually means “poor with words                             not uncommon            can’t read, just say the sounds for them, and ask them to
                                                                                                         try to figure out from hearing the sounds what the new
or trouble with reading.” This could mean reading flu-                        5. No enjoyment of
ently, out loud, reading new words, and/or pronounc-                                                     word would sound like when they switch the blocks.)
                                                                                 leisure reading
ing words correctly.                                                                                        • Rhyming games: Say a word and then take turns

SoMe of The MoST coMMon SYMPToMS incluDe:                                         6. Poor visual         with your child trying to come up with a new word that

    1. Difficulty transferring what is heard to what is seen and vice versa.
                                                                             memory for language         rhymes. This develops auditory analysis, which is im-
                                                                                     symbols             portant for reading and spelling as well as processing
    2. Struggles pronouncing new words.
                                                                                                         auditory instruction.
    3. Poor at distinguishing similarities/difference in words (no, on)      7. Auditory language           “Again, I’d suggest that parents try these exercises at
    4. Weak at letter sound discrimination (pin, pen)                         difficulties in word       home to complement a cognitive skills training pro-
    5. Low reading comprehension                                                finding, fluency,        gram,” says Mitchell. “After working with a professional
MYTh #2: DYSlexiA iS A lifelonG lABel.
                                                                             meaning, or sequence        (brain trainer) in a one-one-one setting, most children
   Dyslexia doesn’t need to be a permanent diagnosis                                                     who have been labeled as having dyslexia other learn-
or condition. It is simply a term identifying a child (or teen or adult)                               ing disabilities like ADD and ADHD can improve from
who reads poorly.                                                                          three to five grade levels.”
   As with almost all learning struggles, the most common root cause                MYTh #4: onlY A SPeciAl eD TeAcher cAn Screen for DYSlexiA.
is one or more weak cognitive skills – the fundamental tools of effec-                Some brain training companies offer free screening tools to kids
tive learning.                                                                      and teens to help evaluate for several types of learning issues. Here
   “Cognitive skills are the underlying tools that enable us to success-            are some sample questions taken from a free online test created by
fully focus, think, prioritize, plan, understand, visualize, remember               LearningRx, a national brain training franchise:
and create useful associations, and solve problems,” explains Tanya                      1. Does your child misread similar words?
Mitchell, co-author of “Unlock the Einstein Inside: Applying New                         2. Does your child need words repeated when taking spelling tests?
Brain Science to Wake Up the Smart in your Child.” “A child’s cogni-
                                                                                         3. Is your child’s oral reading slow or choppy?
tive skill set is made up of several cognitive skills including auditory
                                                                                         4. Does your child make spelling errors in written assignments?
processing, visual processing, short and long-term memory, com-
                                                                                         5. Does your child have difficulty sounding out unknown words?
prehension, logic and reasoning, and attention skills. In children
                                                                                      If you answered “yes” to three of more of these questions, visit
with dyslexia, the weakest cognitive skills are phonemic awareness
                                                                           or call (804) 612-9959 for a
and auditory processing, although other areas may suffer as well.”
                                                                                    full evaluation. Located at 9770 Gayton Road, Richmond, VA 23238.
MYTh #3: There’S noThinG PArenTS cAn Do To helP.
                                                                                      “The good news is, weak cognitive skills can be improved,” says
  Although Mitchell recommends a thorough, intense program of
                                                                                    Mitchell. “Brain training does for the mind what physical exercise
‘brain training’ for children who have been diagnosed as dyslexic,
                                                                                    does for the body. A diagnosis of dyslexia doesn’t need to remain
she also offers suggestions for games that parents can do at home to
                                                                                    with a child throughout life.”
improve their children’s phonemic awareness and auditory process-                                                                                                                                               29
                                     As the pace of our lives quickens and
                                 intensifies, carving out time to slow down

     look Good,                      and relax only gets more difficult to

                                   manage. It also grows more important.

     feel Good                   Stress relief is not just a matter of leisure or

                                 even emotional well-being -- it is critical to
                                 physical health, too. Our heart rate, blood
                                 pressure and immune system benefit from
                                  effective stress management. Fortunately,
                                    there are numerous activities that are
                                 readily available that can help us ease the
                                     pressures of a demanding lifestyle.
 By Thomas Gresham

30                                                            JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2010
MASSAGE                                                     chore. However, fitness classes, espe-
                                                            cially for new and unfamiliar exercises,
                                                                                                                       are filling up in the area. But exercise fa-
                                                                                                                       cilities also offer classes in styles such as
   Massage therapy offers one of the most                   help overcome that feeling of reluctance,                  line-dancing and oldies music. Classes in-
palpable and immediate relievers of stress.                 which can be especially pervasive in the                   spired by combat, whether it’s boxing or
An isolated, well-timed massage can have                    winter months.                                             martial arts, are also great ways to relieve
a gratifying impact. However, scheduling                        Dance classes have become increas-                     stress with aggressive, taxing exercise.
routine massages is a more effective use                    ingly popular in recent years as outlets
of massage, especially when dealing with
                                                            for exercise, bringing smiles to the faces
chronic issues that re-emerge without                       of participants even as they push and
steady attention. A massage program that                                                                                   Yoga devotees often speak of its calm-
includes regular appointments can boost                                                                                ing powers – a valuable asset to any work-

                                                                                                                                                                                  LOOK GOOD FEEL GOOD
energy levels, as well as level out those                                                                              out, especially when stress is hounding
knotty aches and pains that annoy. To en-                                                                              you. The intense attention on breath and
courage customers to embark on a sched-                                                                                movement places particular focus on in-
ule, many local massage providers offer                                                                                ternal awareness and a unity of body and
memberships that yield reduced rates or                                                                                mind. Some yoga workouts are medita-
packages of multiple visits at a discount.                                                                             tive. The awareness learned during yoga
                                                                                                                       workouts can carry over to the day away
SPA                                                                                                                    from the yoga mat.
                                                                                                                           Yoga providers are welcoming to new-
     A trip to the spa for thorough profes-
                                                                                                                       comers. Many offer introductory classes
sional pampering can change one’s entire
                                                                                                                       to help overcome any wariness of starting
outlook. Spas have a-la-carte ordering for
                                                                                                                       the activity. Flexibility is not a prerequisite
specific services, but most also offer pack-
                                                                                                                       -- it’s an outcome of regular yoga work-
ages that take a comprehensive approach.
                                                                                                                       outs -- so do not hesitate if you are not
The packages, which often include several
                                                                                                                       already a contortionist.
hours of attention, typically include some
combination of manicure, pedicure, fa-
cial, massage and even spray tanning.
Some packages even include a meal. The
object is escape and rejuvenation, and,                                                                                    Acupuncture, which involves placing
perhaps most importantly, the opportu-                                                                                 needles in points on the body, can give
nity to be treated like royalty -- a tonic for                                                                         pause to those unfamiliar with it, but it
the demands of work and home that leave                                                                                has been practiced successfully for thou-
little time for yourself.                                                                                              sands of years. A standard of traditional
                                                            challenge. BodyJAM, which uses modern                      Chinese medicine, acupuncture can be

                                                            dance moves and a combination of popu-                     used for preventative, therapeutic and
                                                            lar music, and Zumba, which is based on                    treatment purposes, as well as target anxi-
Exercise can get dull and repetitive with-                  Latin music and dance, are two new and                     ety and stress management and can be
out partners, feeling too much like a                       popular dance-based exercise classes that                  utilized in a weight-loss plan.

Look Good, Feel Good Directory
W.	Baxter	Perkinson,	Jr.,	DDS                               apnea, narcolepsy, restless legs, sleep phase disorders,   “ideal” position, which can help alleviate pain in your
9 Area Locations •                      and insomnia.                                              feet, knees and lower back.
Specializing in orthodontics, periodontics, cosmetic        Acupuncture	Clinic	of	Richmond                             Graffiti’s	Pink/Graffiti’s	Ink
dentistry, prosthodontics, general dentistry and dental     804-288-3927                                               3 Area Locations •
implants.                                                                 The art of permanent makeup - corrective work, eye-
Joe	Niamtu,	III,	D.M.D.                                     5700 Old Richmond Ave. #D18 • Richmond                     brows, eyeliner, lipliner and color, as well as eye lash
804-934-FACE (3223) •                  Treat and prevent various illnesses and complaints,        extensions. Free consultations.
11319 Polo Place • Midlothian                               while increasing overall well-being and quality of life
                                                                                                                       Crossridge	Family	&	
Specializing in cosmetic surgery exclusively for the face   using traditional Chinese medicine.
                                                                                                                       Cosmetic	Dentistry
and neck. Procedures are easier and more affordable         Good	Feet                                                  804-755-8050 •
than ever.                                                  804-364-3338 •                    10170 Staples Mill Rd., Ste. A • Glen Allen
The	Sleep	Disorders	Center                                  11573 W. Broad St. • Richmond                              Specializing in Root canal therapy, veneers, dentures,
3 Area Locations •                         America’s #1 Arch Support Store. Good Feet arch sup-       crowns, massaging chains, implants, whitening, and
Complete diagnosis and follow up care of sleep              ports are personally sized to hold your foot in a more     preventative care.                                                                                                                                                         31
                      Rejuvenate	your	Eyes
                      look Good with Dr. Niamtu
                          Did you know that the upper face ages faster than the lower face? Many people in their late
                      30’s and early 40’s begin to develop aging changes around their eyes that make them look old and
                      tired. Common aging changes include droopy skin on the upper lid that makes it difficult for
                      females to apply makeup and sometimes blocks vision in men and women. In the lower eyelid,
                      fat bags and crinkly skin are the biggest problems. As a result, some of the most popular cosmetic

                      facial procedures done today are on the eye area.
                          Dr. Joe Niamtu specializes in cosmetic surgery of the face and neck and has done hundreds of
                      upper and lower eye procedures. They are performed in his fully accredited office surgery center
                                                                           with light IV or local anesthesia. Dr. Niamtu
                                                                           uses the newest technologies of laser and
                                                                           radio-wave surgery for eyelid surgery. This
                                                                           produces less bleeding and tissue damage
                                                                           which means less bruising, faster healing
                                                                           and less post operative pain. This surgery
                                                                           takes about 15 minutes per eyelid and the
                                                                           recovery time is usually about a week. Most
                                                                           patients that have eyelid surgery on Thurs-
                                                                           day or Friday can recover over the weekend
                                                                           and “pop on a pair of shades and sneak to
                                                                           the mall by Monday or Tuesday.”
                                                                                Dr. Niamtu frequently treats the area
                                                                           around the eyes with laser resurfacing as
                                                                           well. This produces a more dramatic reduc-
                                                                           tion in wrinkles and crow’s feet. After laser
                                                                           resurfacing, the patient will be red for a
                                                                           week and then pink for another week. Make-
                                                                           up can be used to cover the pinkness until it
                                                                           resolves. For minor to moderate lower eye-
                                                                           lid wrinkling, a chemical skin peel can be
                                                                           performed and heals in about a week. The
                                                                           results are not quite as dramatic as the laser
                                                                           treatment, but the recovery is faster.
                                                                                “Many patients mistake a droopy brow
                                                                           for eyelids problems. Some patients actu-
                                                                           ally need a brow lift instead of or along with
                                                                           upper eyelid surgery,” notes Dr. Niamtu. “It’s
                                                                           important to choose an experienced doctor
                                                                           who can recognize the subtle differences
                                                                           that indicate each specific procedure.”

                                                                               The above patient underwent blepharo-
                                                                           plasty by Dr. Niamtu with CO2 laser resur-
                                                                           facing of the lower eyelids. The improve-
                                                                           ment with the non-surgical laser procedure
                                                                           is dramatic and does not require an incision
                                                                           scar of the lower lids.

         32                                                                                     JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2010
     “Many people watch what they eat,
 they exercise and they pay attention to
 their appearance. Although they feel
 young, they complain that when they look
 in the mirror they see a person that looks
 much older than they feel,” says Niamtu.
 “By rejuvenating the eyelids, patients look
 more alert, awake and refreshed. They say
 people often ask if they’ve taken a vaca-
     Dr. Niamtu is well known in interna-
 tional cosmetic surgery circles as an sur-
 geon, author and lecturer. He teaches
 courses in eyelid and brow lift techniques
 to surgeons from all cosmetic specialties.
 To find out if any cosmetic facial proce-
 dure is right for you, visit his informative
 website at and see
 real examples of all the techniques he can
 perform. Dr. Niamtu also offers compli-
 mentary consultations to discuss your in-
 dividual needs. To schedule your consult,
 call Dr. Niamtu at 934-FACE (3223).                      33
                        fEEl GOOD                                                      lOOK GOOD
                       From Head to                                              with a Healthy SMILE
                                                                            At Dr. Baxter Perkinson and Associates, we offer our patients access to many pro-
                                                                        cedures other than General Dentistry. Periodontics, Endodontics, Orthodontics, Im-
                                                                        plants and Advanced Bone Grafting are routine in our nine Richmond area locations.
                                  By Cheryl Davis                       All of our doctors have been trained to help patients with
                                                                        these needs and to also help anxious patients with vari-

                                                                        ous forms of sedation. As the demand for cosmetic den-
                                                                        tistry increases, our doctors excel at working with pa-
                                                                        tients to achieve a beautiful result, whether that requires
                                                                        fixing a single broken or darkened tooth, or redesigning
                                                                        their entire smile. Modern materials have allowed us to
                                                                        create veneers and all ceramic crowns that are not only
                                                                        esthetic, but also strong and functional.
                                                                            Our focus is not limited to the teeth themselves.
                                                                        Gum recession and other periodontal defects can also
                                                                        affect the cosmetics of a smile. That’s why we offer our
                                                                        patients what can most accurately be called Gingival
                                                                        Plastic surgery. These procedures are predictable and
                                                                        painless, as opposed to some techniques in the past and offer better cosmetics. The
                                                                        result restores your gums to their original contours and has little or no post-operative
                          It’s amazing how when your feet hurt it       discomfort. You can be confident that as the state of dentistry advances, we will con-
                      affects how you feel all over. You could go       tinue to expand our knowledge and experience of the 40 doctors in this practice to bet-
                      to the drugstore or Internet and purchase         ter respond to the needs of our patients.
                      a generic arch support device, but at best,
                      this will only provide a temporary solu-
                      tion. The reason? No two pair of feet is the
                      same. To get the right fit and support, you
                      must be personally sized.
                          Good Feet arch supports are designed
                      to hold and support your feet in their
                      natural, ideal position. Stabilizing the
                      foot and redistributing body weight more
                      evenly takes pressure off stressed areas,
                      which can relieve foot and leg pain and
                          Our staff is trained and certified to as-
                      sist you to find the support you personally
                      need. With 26 different styles and 350 dif-
                      ferent sizes we have the right support to fit
                      your feet. While in the store you get to try it
                      on before you purchase it. Within 30 days
                      if you are not satisfied, come back and we
                      will re-size it at no additional costs.
                          Life is filled with enough stress, as it
                      is, why should your feet be stressed too?
                      Come into Good Feet located at 11573
                      West Broad Street (804.364.3338) and you
                      will be walking pain free in no time!
                                         GOOD	FEET
                            11573 W. Broad Street | 804.364.3338

         34                                                                                                                            JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2010   35
     KicKinG up Your DefenSeS
     While Protecting Your Eyes, Ears, Nose & Throat
      By Melinda Martin RD, CD-N
        It’s that time of year again–cold and flu season. A few ways to keep your immune sys-
     tem at its best include getting the recommended amount of sleep nightly, washing your
     hands frequently, getting vaccinated and eating right. The foods you eat can actually
     increase or decrease how well your immune system works. Viruses and bacteria as well
     as other chronic disease such as diabetes can affect your eyes, ears, nose, and throat.
     Dr. Stephen M. Busch of Chesterfield Ophthalmology shares his advice for preventing
     chronic disease that affects the eyes. “The best prevention is staying as healthy as you
     can…nutrition is important,” says Dr. Busch. He also recommends eating plenty of leafy
     green vegetables and fruit to keep your peepers at peak performance.

        Here	are	some	KEy	NUTRIENTS	that	BOOST	IMMUNITy	and	help	prevent	chronic	diseases:

     1.	VITAMIN	C                                                         mended amount by consuming six servings of fruits and veg-
         This nutrient is a powerful                                      etables per day. Your body converts beta-carotene into vitamin
     antioxidant and increases the                                        A which itself has immune boosting properties. Taking vitamin A
     production of infection fight-                                       supplements is not recommended, as excess vitamin A is stored
     ing white blood cells. Experts                                       in the body and is toxic in large amounts. If you consume more
     agree to benefit from its infection-                                 beta-carotene in your diet than you need your body will simply
     fighting potential, aim for about 200 mg                             stop making vitamin A.
     daily. This amount can be obtained by consuming six servings of
     fruits and vegetables. High vitamin C foods include citrus fruits,   4.	SELENIUM				
     kiwi, strawberries, papaya, mangos, guava, and cantaloupe.              This mineral increases the number of
                                                                          natural killer cells made by your body.
     2.	VITAMIN	E	                                                        The best sources of selenium contain-
         Vitamin E stimulates the pro-                                    ing foods include tuna, red snapper,
     duction of natural killer cells;                                     whole grains, lobster, shrimp, cot-
     cells that seek and destroy cold                                     tage cheese, egg yolks, white meat
     and flu germs. Vitamin E also                                        chicken, brown rice, sunflower
     enhances the production of an-                                       seeds, garlic, Brazil nuts, and lamb
     tibodies that destroy bacteria. This                                 chops.
     vitamin is abundant in foods such as
     nuts, seeds, vegetable oils, and whole grains.    An increase        5.		zINC		
     in vitamin E consumption can reverse some of the decline in im-         This valuable mineral increases the production of white
     mune function commonly seen in aging. For maximum benefit,           blood cells and actually helps white blood cells fight harder to
     aim for the recommended daily amount of 30 to 60 mg.                 destroy harmful bacteria. Oysters, crab meat, dark meat turkey,
                                                                          and beans are all good sources of zinc. The recent studies on
     3.	BETA-CAROTENE		                                                   whether or not zinc supplements help
         This powerful antioxidant can be found in yel-                   to prevent colds are inconclusive.
     low and orange fruits and vegetables. Beta-                          However, it is believed that
     Carotene is part of a group of nutrients                             an overabundance of zinc
     known as Carotenoids that increase                                   supplementation can sup-
     the number of bacteria fight-                                        press immunity. My advice,
     ing cells your body makes                                            consume zinc from your diet
     to fight off infection. You                                          in moderate amounts daily to
     can achieve the recom-                                               receive full benefit.

36                                                                                                                 JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2010   37
                                                                   Your Home
                                                     Up, Down, or oUt?
                                                                          hinking about building an addition or remodeling your home? Is your house burst-
                                                                          ing at the seams, or do you just need more room for enjoying life? You may simply
                                                                          be interested in making the space you have more functional and pleasurable.
                                                                   The layout of many homes does not integrate well with contemporary living and modern
                                                                 technology. A family may have a new baby on the way, or growing children needing more
                                                                 room to just be children. A couple who love to entertain might like their home to be more
                                                                 conducive to larger gatherings. Perhaps you’d like to have an artist’s studio, hobby room, or
                                                                 workshop. Home theaters and home offices have been a trend in recent years and may require

     Vicki O’Neal, owner of FORM & FUNCTION, provides
                                                                 special considerations.
     commercial and residential interior and landscape             Today there are compelling reasons to make our homes the best they can be rather than sell-
     design. She is a professional member of ASID, VA
                                                                 ing and moving on. In many situations, building an addition or remodeling might make good
     Certified Interior Designer (CID), Master Gardener,
     and a VA Certified Landscape Designer and                   economic sense. You may love your neighborhood or may not be able to find the right house in
     Horticulturist.                                             the area you would like to live. Land is becoming scarce in many areas and localities. Whatever
     (804) 897-8558                                              the reason, building an addition, converting an attic, finishing a basement, or making any sig-
     The material contained in articles written                  nificant alterations to your home is a major decision and requires careful thought and planning.
     by Vicki O’Neal is intended for general information only.

                                                                                                                                                             Is yoUr hoUse bUrstIng at the seams...

                                                                                                                                               Design of
                                                                                                                                         Arts and Crafts
                                                                                                                                           addition and
                                                                                                                                     renovations by Vicki
                                                                                                                                      O’Neal, ASID, CID.

38                                                                                                                                    JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2010
where to begIn
  I frequently suggest starting your project with a wish list identifying
your objectives and dreams. Also helpful is to generate an idea file with
pictures and articles from magazines, books, newspapers, and online
sources. Create a list of “must haves,” and make sure these are planned
according to their priorities. Think about where in your home or on your

                                                                                       Design by Banerjee and Goff,
                                                                                   construction by JC Bonniwell, Inc.,
                                                                               hardscape by Kennedy Landscape, Inc.
property the new space might be most functional and fit best with the
existing plan. Objectivity and good design advice may bring about some
surprising solutions.
  Because there are so many possibilities, the idea of building or remodel-
ing might seem a bit daunting. How will the new space affect the flow and
function of the existing layout? What is the access and circulation? Can
it be large enough to be comfortable and functional yet spatially efficient
and cost effective? How will the design integrate aesthetically? What are
the structural and construction considerations? To avoid potential costly
changes, these very important questions need answers during the project
design stage.
  Some of the easiest spaces to renovate or convert are those areas that are                thInk It throUgh
already a part of your home’s basic construction. Perhaps enclosing part                                 If you are considering an addition, a few initial
of your attic to become a home office or play room would be a good solu-                    preparation steps include checking any neighborhood
tion. Sunrooms or porches are sometimes fairly easy additions on the back                   covenants, property setback requirements, easements,
or side of a home and can bring in natural light and capture new views                      utilities, and building codes or restrictions. If available,
to the outdoors. A garage can be converted to a nicely sized family or                      your property plat may provide some useful informa-
recreation room. Basements offer great opportunities for found space but                    tion and valuable site criteria that may help guide the
require specific planning and must be waterproofed with particular care.                    preliminary process. Obtaining necessary building
                                                                                            permits and related inspections, etc. needs to be fac-
                                                                                            tored into the building schedule.
                                                                                                         Working with a designer or architect could be the
                                                                                            most important step in achieving your goals. For an
                                                                                            addition, integrating the new footprint, rooflines, and
                                                                                            three-dimensional elements with the existing struc-
                                                                                            ture can present unique challenges. A well conceived
                                                                                            renovation can sometimes cleverly take advantage of
                                                                                            borrowed adjacent square footage such as closets, hall-
                                                                                            ways or other underused spaces to create a highly ef-
                                                                                            ficient space plan.
                                                                                                         The team you choose can ultimately make or break
                                                                                            your project. Choose a reputable, experienced, licensed
                                                                                            and insured contractor. My motto for some time has
                                                                                            been “installation is everything,” because plans, de-
                                                                                            signs, and details may be beautifully conceived and
                                                                                            drawn, but skillful construction and execution are
                                                                                            critical to the final outcome.
            Project by Wilton Construction, Richmond.

           how wIll the new space affect the flow anD fUnctIon of the exIstIng layoUt?                                                                                                                                 39
                    make It beaUtIfUl
                             Usually it’s best to keep your material palette simple.
                    Matching existing materials, colors and surfaces where pos-
                    sible and appropriate is an obvious way of blending in the
                    new construction. Take notice and choose new features such
                    as doors, windows, trim, hardware, and light fixtures to har-
                    monize with the existing elements. On the other hand, an ad-
                    dition may be the perfect opportunity for a simple or more
                    elaborate face lift adding updated elements and details. With
                    careful planning and attention, the blending of old and new
                    can add timeless appeal and value.
                             Additions, and construction in general, always have an
                    impact on the site as well as the interior of a home. Heavy
                    equipment and foot traffic may cause significant damage to
                    the existing lawn, landscaping, and trees. Where possible, in-
                                                                                                          the bIg pIctUre
                    stall barriers around existing trees to prevent root damage
                                                                                                          There are clearly numerous factors to think about
                    and insure sustainability. Depending on the relationship of
                                                                                                          when planning any addition or renovation. Consider
                    the addition to existing layout, a landscape re-design may
                                                                                                          future maintenance and keep the project manageable.
                    also be in order to incorporate the new construction and to
                                                                                                          Costs and payback are important, as well as your toler-
                    correct existing issues. Pathways and function may be sig-
                                                                                                          ance level for disruption. Weather can play an unex-
                    nificantly impacted, so it’s a good idea to address the exterior
                                                                                                          pected role in the schedule. Plan for future as well as
                    design in the early stages of the project.
                                                                                                          present needs in order to insure project sustainability.
                                                                                                          In the final analysis, the process and effort will quickly
                                                                                                          fade in memory when the last piece of furniture is put
                     ...keep yoUr materIal palette sImple.                                                in place and you can relax and enjoy your new space. n

                                            Add A deck                                 Apple door                              etir HeAting & cooling
     DIrectory of servIces

                                 • Additions • Decks • Total Remodeling    • Entry Doors • Garage Doors • Awnings       Sales and Service/24-Hour Emergency Service
                                       Serving Richmond 23 years                 Locally Owned and Operated                     New Energy Efficient Systems
                                           Free Consultations                            Free Estimates                                 Free Estimates
                                 804-285-4239 •            804-674-7774 •                  804-674-9300 •
                                              see ad page 43                            see ad page 41                                   see ad page 43

                                  HeArtH And HoMe sHoppe                     lAne HoMes & reModeling                              rooMstore World
                                    • Gas • Wood • Pellet • Electric           • Additions • Kitchens • & More                     Furniture and Accessories
                                     Sales, Service and Installation             Complete Home Remodeling                         9901 West Broad Street
                                    Recently Remodeled Showroom                         Free Estimates                      804-273-9901 •
                                           804-730-3800                      804-784-0012 •                            see ad page 48
                                                    see ad page 7
                                             see article page 9

                                    royAl VirginiA grAnite                         WindoWs & More                               VilelA’s construction
                                 • Addition • Kitchens • Baths • & More    Windows and Doors Sales and Installation                    Flooring Installation
                                      Turnkey Home Remodeling                    Serving Richmond Since 1986                   • Tile • Wood • Laminate • Carpet
                                             Free Estimates                   Visit our Showroom/Free Estimates                          Free Estimates
                                  804-201-4126 •                     804-728-1867                                       804-884-6850
                                             see ad page 41
                                                                                                         see ad page 35
                                                                                         see ad page 47

40                                                                                                                                           JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2010   41
                              A gift froM our Advertisers,
                         exclusively for West eNd’s Best reAders
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                                                                                               Add A Deck, Inc.
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         $5000	Gift	Certificate                                                                                        $100	OFF
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      FREE	Special	Greek	Flambe                                                                                       $1000	Off
                with Entree Purchase on Tuesday-Thursday.                                                                      Pair of Shoes.

     3524 Festival Park Plaza | 804.425.968 | | See Ad on Page 24   11573 W. Broad Street | 804.364.3338 | | See Ad on Page 34

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           $5	Off                                      $10	Off                                       40%	OFF	SPECIAL
            Facial or Massage                               Any Spa Service                               on Custom Framing and Select Framed Art

     Montage Day Spa
                   4300 Pouncey Tract Rd. | 804.516.6842 |     See Ad on Page 15                  11676 W. Broad St. | 804.360.2134 | | See Ad on Page 37

42                                                                                                                                                  JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2010   43
     The Homes At Hallsley. . .
                                      Norman Rockwell. Thomas Kinkaid. We’ve all seen
                                      the portraits. They conjure up warm, fuzzy feelings of family
                                      and home. Those visions can become a reality for homebuy-
                                      ers. Whether you are looking for a well-proportioned cottage
                                      or grand estate, Hallsley delivers the charm, style and character
                                      of yesteryear with all the luxury and modern conveniences of
                                      today. Along with a range of housing choices for families, pro-
                                      fessionals and empty nesters, Hallsley delivers unprecedented
                                      value with homes smartly priced from $400,000 to over $1 mil-
                                      lion in a beautiful, convenient setting.
                                        Custom home styles include Traditional, Victorian, European
                                      Romantic, Cottage, and Arts and Crafts. Do you envision for
                                      your home a grand entrance with a Mahogany front door and
          This Roseland Custom        covered front porch? How about a luxury Master suite, an award
        Home with a Mahogany
       front door has a covered
                                      winning master bath, or enormous walk-in closets? Hallsley has
          front porch, side utility   a plan for that. Entertaining family and friends will be a pleasure
     porch as well as back deck.
                                      with your Gourmet cook’s kitchen, expansive outdoor-screened
                                      porches, grilling decks and patios, as well as cozy family rooms
                                      with wood burning fireplaces, and media rooms. For your quiet
                                      moments, consider incorporating a library, study or art-studio.
                                      Hallsley completes your family portrait with custom designed

44                                                                               JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2010
                                                                                          TOP LEFT:
  in-law suites, and taking into consideration the children, plans            Beautiful Arts & Crafts
that include children’s lofts and private, fenced in back yards. All        style home that features
                                                                                 both an in-law suite
you need to add to complete your Rockwell setting is the tire
                                                                                      and art studio.
swing hanging from a tree.
                                                                                   TOP & BOTTOM
  With the cost of energy increasing everyday, you will appreci-                                RIGHT:
ate Hallsley’s energy-efficient construction with instant hot wa-             The Greywell Cottage
                                                                           plan showcases a striking
ter and cutting edge GEOTHERMAL heating and cooling sys-
                                                                              European manor with
tems. Whatever you dream or envision for your family, Hallsley            luxurious first-floor master
can make your dream come true!                                                suite including library.

                                                           For more information:
  call Roseland Realty Co. at (804) 794-6008, or visit us on the web at Better yet, come visit our welcome center
   and experience the neighborhood by touring The Homes of Hallsley for yourself at 1700 Bedwyn Lane, Midlothian, VA 23112.                                                                                                            45
A LOOK AT TH E                                                             2010

By Steve Cook

    Forecasts for just about any facet of       you could look at that as a negative, but
the economy these days are about as ac-         when you consider that, in effect, both the
curate, it would seem, as the weather fore-     buyer and the seller have benefit, it would
cast. When it comes to real estate, we’ve       be hard to see that as such a bad thing.
seen forecasts all over the board. But,             Looking at the positive, John Yun, chief
generally, those who make it a practice to      economist with the National Association
predict such things agree that 2010 will be     of Realtors says, “Preventing further price
a better year. One of the most significant      decline or even nudging prices up a bit
reasons for the optimistic outlook can be       stabilizes housing wealth, which makes
summed up in four words: Home Buyers            homeowners more comfortable in their
Tax Credits.                                    spending.
    This is one government initiative that          “They’re more likely to go out to the
has actually worked! Across the nation,         stores or buy a new car. That provides a
according to a study released by the Na-        boost to the overall economy.” If Yun’s         year for both homebuyers and sellers, it
tional Association of Realtors, first-time      prediction that home prices will grow by        could be a good year for individuals to
homebuyer sales accounted for a whop-           3.6 percent in 2010 is correct, that would      embark on a real estate career. “This is a
ping 47% share of all home sales in 2009.       be a far cry from last year’s 12.9 percent      fantastic opportunity for those who have
That’s up 41% from the previous year.           decline, nationally.                            been impacted by corporate layoffs to
    With the extension of the tax credits           His assessment suggests that not only       explore a career in real estate,” says Caf-
($8,000 for first-time home buyers), in-        is this a good time for homebuyers, but         frey. She believes that many such ones
cluding a new provision that allows up to       also for those considering selling a home.      will bring their talents into the real estate
$6,500 in credits to existing homeowners        Marcy Caffrey of Exit Realty Parade of          industry.
who purchase a new home, it would ap-           Homes in Midlothian agrees. “If there are           “These will be more experienced and
pear that the somewhat rosy expectations        buyers in the market,” Caffrey says, “then      educated in the business world,” she says.
for 2010 are realistic. Of course, there are    this is a good time for sellers to present      “This could lead to a very positive upgrad-
certain limitations and restrictions, and       their homes.” She cautions those selling        ing of attitudes toward our industry.”
one would be well advised to consult a          to ensure that their homes are priced in            Success in real estate in 2010, Caffrey
professional for full details.                  accord with what the market will bear.          says, depends largely upon the willing-
    Keep in mind that in order to qualify       And, she says, “Your home must be in sell-      ness of real estate professionals to edu-
for the tax credit, the home buyer must         ing condition. If all of these things blend,    cate themselves properly. “Those who
sign the contract by April 30th and close       your home will sell in any market.”             continue to educate themselves in the
by June 30th, so NOW is the time to look            Obviously there are other factors, such     needs of the buyers and sellers will suc-
into this if you’re contemplating such a        as unemployment, which could minimize           ceed in 2010.”
move.                                           the positive impact. But if you’re a real es-       And, I might add, such professionals
    Some have suggested that the tax cred-      tate professional, or, if you’re contemplat-    will help to ensure the success of those
its had not had as much of an impact as         ing buying or selling a home, the first half    buying and selling homes. It looks as if the
has been reported. Their argument is that       of 2010 could well prove to be a great time     worst of times may be behind us. Here’s
the tax credits have actually allowed home      for you.                                        hoping for a successful 2010, for the real
sellers to raise their asking prices. I guess       And, since 2010 is likely to be a good      estate industry and beyond.                                                                                                                      46   47

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