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									Modern Slow Dance
By T. Left Feet

Slow Dance Etiquette Boy
• Boys make eye contact with the girl you would like to dance with. • Walk over to her and look her in the eyes and ask her to dance. • If she says no, tell her thanks anyway and walk away. • If she says yes, wait for her to start walking to the dance floor and follow 2 steps behind her. • When she faces you hold your left arm out and wait for her to place her hand in yours. • Place your right hand on her hip.

Boys You Are Now Ready
To Dance!!!!!

Slow Dance Etiquette Girls
• • • • • • • Wait for boy to ask. ( Unless he is shy then you may ask). When he asks you make eye contact with him. Give him one of two replies: “yes I would love too!” or “ no thank-you maybe later.” If the answer is yes start walking toward the dance floor. ( He will follow you). Walk to the spot on the dance floor where you would like to dance. • Turn and face him. • Wait for him to raise his left hand, then place your left hand on top of his and your right hand on his shoulder.

Girls You Are Now Ready
To Dance!!!!!

Boys Remember To Extend Your Left Arm Out

Girls Remember To Place Your Left Hand in His

If Your Hands Look Like This, Then You Are Ready to Dance!!

Do You Want to Dance?


Don’t Forget to Face Your Partner


That’s better!!!

Careful Where You Put Your Feet!!
Girls place Your right foot in between both of his!! Boys Place your right foot in between both of hers!!

Boys Lead While Girls Follow
• Boys you control the direction of the dance by pulling or pushing her left hand. • Be careful boys!! Don’t rip her arm out of socket!!! ( She may not want to dance with you again). • Keep time with the music • Look at your partner and talk to them. ( You might like what they have to say!!)

Pull backwards Gently


Now You Are Slow Dancing

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