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									Welcome to Renaissance England.

It’s Time!

It’s time to don your doublet!

Tighten your trussing!

Get on your galligaskins!

Females, fit on your farthingales!

Smooth your stomachers!

Remember your ruffs!

Slip on your shoes!

And grab your gloves!



Is everybody ready?

We’re going to the theater!

The Globe!
Shakespeare’s theater is located just outside of London, England.

A white The groundlings have It’s afternoon, time class The stage ispenny and are a lower for of The young men are Poetry is a higher class flag is paid their thethan playwatch the play up start. the to to no is. profession, andtakewomen dressing to writing art flying. standing will appear there. female roles. There’s a play. play today!

The wealthy are in the We’re in for a real treat! upper decks. It’s good the plague is

over and the about to are The play Shakespeare’s is theaters It’s one of open again. begin! tragedies!

William Shakespeare

What do we know about Shakespeare? He movedfatherawas hasHis hometown monument HeTheyHebecamecoat diedElizabeth to in went London When Heretiredthreewas Hishe ait wrote26! actingwas 37 in company he born hadwas1616. Even purchased He He He HisQueen Later married vocabulary His She Abbey Westminster “Theactor, successful back armsStratford-onwas a veryHathaway to called plays! his Stratford-on-Avon Lord and becamemake an Men.” enjoyedhe’s 1564. in ofchildren, including huge: plays. class “The middle to Anne buried isKing’s 17,000 his to in best house though the andChamberlain’s Men.” bought playwright,he was 18 and a set of twins. family upper mayor, 34,000 words! when butcher, class. Avon. Stratford-on-Avon. in town. theater owner. years old. & glovemaker.

What do we know about Shakespeare?
He has had an amazing influence on our English language.

Have you heard these phrases?
I couldn’t sleep a wink.  He was dead as a doornail.  She’s a tower of strength.  They hoodwinked us.  I’m green-eyed with jealousy.  We’d better lie low for awhile.  Keep a civil tongue in your head.

They are just some of the many expressions coined by that master of language, William Shakespeare.

Now, let the show begin!

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