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					                                                                                  Published By
                                                                      The Lomax Church of Christ
                                                                               320 Darbytown Road
                                                                            Hohenwald Tennessee 38462

       Volume 49, Number 23                                                           Sunday, June 12, 2005

             Welcome to Lomax!                                               Elders,
     It was great to have many of our regular folks home last Sunday
as well as several visitors! There’s just nothing like seeing the
auditorium nearly full and listening to all the fellowship that goes on
before and after services. But the best thing about a big crowd at
Lomax is the singing! Your singing is such an encouragement to me.             and
It is exciting to get up and preach after we have lifted praises to our
God together. Thank you for the reverent way you actively participate      Preachers
                                                                             meet today at
in our services.
     I want to brag on Alex Edwards, even if I’m a little late. Alex was

                                                                            4:00 in the CSC.
selected to be one of two representatives from Lewis County to Boys’
State this year. Way to go, Alex! He also did a fabulous job leading
our singing during VBS and filling in as a teacher on short notice. It
is a joy to watch Alex and the rest of our young people mature into
great Christian leaders. We can all be proud of this group of young
Christians that we have here at Lomax.
     Don’t forget the special opportunity to give to the Shields.
Several of you have asked how you can help them and this is an
excellent way. If you would like to contribute to help pay the costs
associated with Cheryl’s cancer treatments, you may give that money
to any elder or minister here. Please keep Cheryl in your prayers, too.
     It’s summer time and many folks are on vacation. While you are                 Teen Night
gone, don’t forget that the work of the church continues. Please                     Tuesdays
remember to leave your contribution ahead or make it
up when you return. We miss you when you’re gone! -David

    A special welcome to our guests!
       We are glad to have you visiting with us today! You
are welcome here. We know you have a choice of where to                       TNT resumes this
worship, and you chose to be with us today — thank you.
       At Lomax we want to be the church we read about in
                                                                            Tuesday at 7:00 for
the Bible. Our goal is to glorify God with our worship and                   anyone in 6th—12th
with our lives and to point people to Jesus Christ.
       If you need anything during the service, ushers in the                grade! Plan to come
lobby can direct you to restrooms, the nursery, or a
telephone. Please do us the favor of filling out a blue card               and be with us! We will
located on the back of the pew in front of you. If you have                 be studying the book
any questions or if we can help you, please let us know while
you are here or call 796-5381.                                                   of Genesis.
                                                                                           Night Out
                                                                                      June 20th on the
                                                                       Ladies' Night Out
                                                                          patio at Barbara Hinson’s
   Dolene Rogers has been sick at home.                                  house at 6:30. Please sign up
   Ethel Poore has been sick.                                              in the lobby to bring food.
   Jane Kinzie, mother of Lawrence Kinzie, is home from the
  hospital but is still sick and needs our prayers.                       Bring your Bible and come
   Cheryl Shields has returned to Houston for a second round of            ready for a time of food,
  chemotherapy treatments.
   Bobby Hickerson remains in very serious condition at home.             fellowship and devotional!
   Continue to remember Howard Spears, David Miller, Kainen
  Keltner, Pat Blackwood, Cheryl Shields, J. R. Page, Juanita
  Page, John Smith, Sharon Edwards, Carma Edwards, and
  Dexter Beavers.
  Shut-ins: Bitha Bullion, Ruth Craig, and Cordell Hull.
  In Lewis County Manor: Lockie Sharp, Hazel Hinson, Louise
  Nichols, Anne White, Wilton Whitehead, and Michelle Huff.
  Remember our military: Matt Swinea, husband of Crystal
  Rogers Swinea, and Reuben Oaks, grandson of Judy Landis, are
  in Iraq. David Sublett (brother of Kelly Willis) is in Germany but
  will be going to Iraq soon.
                                                                           Our monthly Men’s
                                                                         Prayer Breakfast will be
                                          Area Gospel
                                                                         on Saturday, June 25 at
                                      Kimmins Church of Christ
                                                                         8:00 am in the Christian
                                               June 12-15                 Service Center. Please
                                      Malcom George, speaker
                                            Sunday PM 7:30                sign up in the lobby if
                                     Monday—Wednesday 7:00
Friends of Kara Farr would                          "                        you can attend.
like to invite all the ladies of     Little Swan Church of Christ
                                               June 12-14
  the congregation to a baby               Different Speakers
shower given in her honor on                Sunday PM 7:30                      Which commandment
                                     Monday—Wednesday 7:30
 Thursday, June 23, at the                          "                          deals with honoring our
   home of Rose Spears at               Aetna Church of Christ                         fathers?
                                                                                    (answer next week)
   6:30 p.m. The Farrs are                     June 19-22
                                       Different speakers daily
    expecting a boy and are                 Sunday PM 7:30
  registered at Wal-Mart.            Monday—Wednesday 7:00
A SPECIAL WELCOME to all our visitors. We are glad that you
came our way. Remember our services tonight at 6:00 and on
Wednesdays at 10:00 AM and 7:00 PM…Our Wednesday morning class
is reminded of our birthday get-together following class….David
mentioned in a sermon about how we really appreciate your prayers in
our work with you and thanks in advance for remembering us in the       A very special opportunity has
Kimmins revival this week. Summer is here and I will be involved in     come our way. Jeff and Cheryl
special Winning Wednesday sessions, gospel meetings, etc. but plan to Shields have been worshiping with
be in town when possible. Please continue to remember us in            us for the last year. Jeff and his
prayer…….Be sure and mark your calendar for our Lomax Gospel son Keith were baptized last year,
Meeting Aug. 7-10 with Glenn Colley.                                  partly as a result of Cheryl’s good
  WE COUNT EVERYONE BECAUSE EVERYONE COUNTS !!                        example and teaching. Cheryl has
                                                                           recently been diagnosed with a
One of my favorite sayings for the Lomax church is The Son always
shines at Lomax…..Another one states We count everyone at Lomax very serious and advanced form of
because everyone counts. We recently concluded another great VBS                  cancer. She is currently
and three of the parables we studied emphasized the importance of one.       undergoing some experimental
However humble our job, we can be modest and still have a high respect         treatments at M.D. Anderson
for our work if we do it honestly. We can be like the ex-G. I. who after a Hospital in Houston, Texas. While
slow recuperation, could not at once                                        they have persuaded insurance to
qualify for the position he wanted. He                                       cover the cost of the treatments,
needed work, so he took a “position”                                        Jeff and Cheryl still have several
driving a garbage truck. A woman                                               thousands of dollars in other
stepped out the back door one morning                                             expenses. This is a great
and said, “Are you the new garbage
                                                                                opportunity for us to fulfill
man?” “No ma’am,” he replied. “I am
the deputy commissioner of health. I                                        Galatians 6:10 “Therefore, as we
help prevent the spread of disease in                                      have opportunity, let us do good to
this fine and fair city.”                                                   all, especially to those who are of
Our elders want everyone to know that                                         the household of faith.” If you
you are valued and appreciated.                                               would like to give toward this
They want you to know that you are                                         fund, please make checks payable
important and that you are needed in                                          to the church and give them to
the greatest work in the world. They pray that if we have one or many          David, Malcom, or one of the
talents that they not be buried, but used to the glory of God. See Matt.                   elders.
25, l Cor. 12, Rom. 12, Eph. 4, etc.

On The Lighter Side: An evangelist was exhorting his hearers to flee
the wrath to come. “I warn you,” he thundered, “that there will be
weeping, and wailing and gnashing of teeth!” At this point an old man
in the back stood up. “Preacher,” he shouted. “I have no teeth.” “Sir,”
roared the evangelist, “teeth will be provided.”

Sentence Sermon: If you have tried to do something and failed, you
are vastly better off than if you had tried to do nothing and succeeded.
      BY THE NUMBERS                      Last week’s Know                               Lomax
     For the week of 6/5                                                             Church of Christ
                                          Your Bible answer:
A.M. Bible Class                195                                                   931-796-5381
A.M. Worship Service            290        (Matthew 1:5-6)                        David Salisbury - Minister

P.M. Worship Service            181                                               Malcom George - Minister
                                      The Lord has done great
Wednesday PM                    186
                                          things for us,                                  ELDERS:
Contribution:             $5,218.25     And we are glad.                                Steve Edwards
Weekly Budget             $5,700.00       Psalms 126:3                                   Bill Lawson
                                                                                         Rick Morrow
                                                                                          Don Owens
                   The Last Word                                                         Yogie Spears

  “Give me neither poverty nor riches — Feed me with the                                  DEACONS:
 food allotted to me; Lest I be full and deny You, And say,                    Greg Amacher            Pop Hinson
     "Who is the LORD?" Or lest I be poor and steal, And                       Dale Askins             Darryl Holt
        profane the name of my God.” Proverbs 30:8b-9                          J.W. Churchwell         Dan Spears
     Whether we are rich or poor, how we handle material possessions is        Ralph Conkle             Jeff Spears
a direct reflection on our spiritual life. The rich are tempted to place       Jeff Dye              Marty Spears
their trust and security in their possessions and wealth while the poor        Matthew Farr           Larry Tatum
are often tempted to doubt God’s provision and love for them. Perhaps          Dave Guzy           Walt Thompson
one of the greatest tests of our spiritual lives is how we handle the          Trent Hill              Lynn Tiller
money we have. Jesus had more to say about finances than any other             Mike Hinson
single topic. John MacArthur says 16 of Jesus’ 38 parables cover
money. One out of every ten verses in the New Testament deal with
the subject. Scripture offers about five hundred verses on prayer, fewer               Schedule of Services
than that on faith, and over two thousand verses on the subject of             Sunday Bible Study          9:00 am
money and finances.                                                            Worship Services          10:00 am
     It truly does not matter how much money we have, but how we use           Evening Service             6:00 pm
how much we have. It also matters how much we want more money.                 Wednesday: Primetimers 10:00 am
While money in and of itself is not sinful, many a Christian has lost his      Mid-Week Bible Study       7:00 pm
soul to a love of money. When pursuing money becomes more                      WMLR Radio Sunday         11:30 am
important than pursuing the heart of Jesus, you are not far
from the edge of a spiritual cliff.                              The Lomax Messenger
     In a culture such as ours that is completely saturated      Published weekly by the
with materialism, we are especially prone to such                Lomax Church of Christ
problems. Everyone in America is rich by the standards of 320 Darbytown Road
the world and yet most of us would not consider ourselves Hohenwald, TN 38462
to be rich. As someone has said, “I don’t know what rich
is, but rich is richer than me.” Too often we are always
striving to make one more dollar and we lose our focus on
God. As Jesus said, “You cannot serve God and money,”
(Matthew 6:24). Money is not evil — it can be used
powerfully for many good causes. But money must always
be our servant and never our master. May God help us to
realize our riches in Him, our poverty without Him and the
wealth of opportunities we have each day
to use for His glory!                            -David

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