A LIST OF THE WOUNDED, CAPTURED, OR KILLED
                              AT FORT FISHER
                              JANUARY 15,1865

     Jernigan, Elijah W.      Private       C
                                         2nd O. D 36" Reg. N.C.T.     Captured
     Jernigan, Isaac          Private       C
                                         2nd O. D 36" Reg. N.C.T.     Captured
     Jernigan, Levi S.        Private       C
                                         2nd O. D 36" Reg. N.C.T.     Captured
     Jessup, James            Private    Co. H 36" Reg. N.C.T.'       Wounded & Captured
     Jessup, Jasper N.        Corporal   2nd O. K 40" Reg. N.C.T.
                                            C                         Wounded & Captured
     Jessup, Thomas A.        Private       C
                                         2nd O. I 36" Reg. N.C.T.     Captured
     Jewitt, J.               Private    Co. K 36" Reg. N.C.T.        Captured

     Johnson, Amos            Private    3rdCO. B 36" Reg. N.C.T.     Captured
     Johnson, Amos N.         Private    2nd O. K 40" Reg. N.C.T.
                                            C                         Captured
     Johnson, Daniel T.       Private    2nd O. G 36" Reg. N.C.T.
                                            C                         Captured
     Johnson, James           Private       C
                                         2nd O. C 36" Reg. N.C.T.     Captured
     * Johnson, James F.      Private    Co. C 3rdBat. N.C.L. Art.    Killed
     Johnson, James Henry     Corporal   Co. F 10" Reg. N.C.S.T.      Captured
     Johnson, John            Private    Co. F 10" Reg. N.C.S.T.      Captured
     Johnson, John A.         Private    2ndCO. C 36" Reg. N.C.S.T.   Captured
     Johnson, Lany            Private    Co. F 10" Reg. N.C.S.T.      Captured
     Johnson, Levi E.         Sergeant   Co. F 10" Reg. N.C.S.T.      Wounded & Captured
     Johnson, Matthew         Private    Co. F 36" Reg. N.C.T.        Captured
     Johnson, Nathan Thomas   Private    Co. F 10" Reg. N.C.S.T.      Captured
     Johnson, Nicholson F.    Private    2nd O. K 40" Reg. N.C.T.
                                            C                         Captured
     Johnson, Richard M.      Private       C
                                         2nd O. C 36" Reg. N.C.T.     Captured
     Johnson, Richard M.      Private    2nd O. K 40" Reg. N.C.T.
                                            C                         Captured
     Johnson, Robert A.       Private    Co. D lStBat. N.C.H. Art.    Wounded & Captured
     Johnson, William F.      Private    Co. E 36" Reg. N.C.T.        Captured
     Johnston, Beazar B.      Private    Co. D 13" Bat. N.C.L. Art.   Captured
     Johnston, John M.        Private    Co. H 36" Reg. N.C.T.        Captured
     Jones, Daniel S.         Private    Co. K 10" Reg. N.C.S.T.      Captured
     Jones, David Britton     Private    Co. D 40" Reg. N.C.T.        Captured
     Jones, Franklin          Private    Co. D 40" Reg. N.C.T.        Captured
     Jones, Jacob             Private       C
                                         2nd O. A 36" Reg. N.C.T.     Captured
     Jones, James A.          Private    Co. D 40" Reg. N.C.T.        Captured
     Jones, James E.          Private    Co. D 40" Reg. N.C.T.        Captured
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     CLARENDON COURIER                    FALL       1998      51
     [This series (which began in the Fall 1996 Courier) lists soldiers who were wounded, captured, or killed at
     the Battle of Fort Fisher. The wounded and captured were sent to Elmira Prison in New York or Point
     Lookout Prison in Maryland. The following abbreviations are used: Reg. for Regiment; Bat. for Battalion;
     N.C.T. for North Carolina Troops; N.C.S.T. for North Carolina State Troops; N.C.H. Art. For North
     Carolina Heavy Artillery; N.C.L. Art. For North Carolina Light Artillery; and * indicates that the soldier
     was killed in action. The 10" Regiment included the 1" NC Artillery; the 36" NC Regiment included the 2nd
     NC Artillery; and the 40" Regiment included the 3"' NC Artillery.]

     Jones, John E.                  Private         Co. D 40"' Reg. N.C.T.     Captured
     * Jones, Levy W.                Private         2ndCO. I 36" Reg. N.C.T.   Killed
     Jones, P. D.                    Private         Co. D 40' Reg. N.C.T.      Captured
     Jones, Robert D.                Private         Co. D 40" Reg. N.C.T.      Captured
     Jones, Thomas                   Private         Co. D 40' Reg. N.C.T.      Captured
     Jones, Thomas J.                Private         2ndCO. D 36" Reg. N.C.T. Captured
     Jones, William H.               Private         Co. D 40' Reg. N.C.T.      Captured
     Jordan, Kenion                  Private         Co. F 10" Reg. N.C.S.T.    Captured
     Jordan, Wilson                  Private         Co. C 3rdBat. N.C.L. Art.  Captured
     Joyner, Edward Noah             Private         Co. D 3rdBat. N.C. L. Art. Wounded & Captured
     Joyner, James H.                Private         3rdCO. G 36' Reg. N.C.T. Wounded & Captured
     Joyner, Samuel                  Sergeant        Co. E 36fiReg. N.C.T.      Captured
     Judge, John J.                  Sergeant        Co. F 36"' Reg. N.C.T.     Captured
L    Judkins, William G.             Sergeant        Co. D 13" Bat. N.C.L. Art. Captured
     Justice, Benjamin H.            Musician        3rdCO. G 36mReg. N.C.T. Captured

     Keith, Duncan                  Private          Co. F 10"' Reg. N.C.S.T.         Captured
     Kelly, Colin M.                Sergeant         3rdCO. B 36' Reg. N.C.T.         Captured
     Kelly, Daniel C.               Corporal         3"' Co. B 36&Reg. N.C.T.         Wounded & Captured
     Kelly, John Neill          1" Lieutenant        3'd CO. B 36" Reg. N.C.T.        Captured
     Kelly, William A.              Private          3"' Co. B 36"' Reg. N.C.T.       Captured
     Kemp, William J.               Sergeant         Co. H 36' Reg. N.C.T.            Wounded & Captured
     Kennedy, James D.              Private          Co. D 1" Bat. N.C.H. Art.        Wounded & Captured
     Kennedy, Levi B.               Private          Co. K 10" Reg. N.C.S.T.          Captured
     Kennedy, William J.            Private          2ndCO. C 36'Reg. N.C.T.          Captured
     King, Athedon D.               Private          Co. F 36" Reg. N.C.T.            Captured
     King, B.S.                     Private          Co. F 10'Reg. N.C.S.T.           Captured
     King, George                   Private          2ndCO. K 40" Reg. N.C.T.         Captured
     King, James                    Private          3"' Co. G 36" Reg. N.C.T.        Captured
     King, John C.                  Private          Co. F 36' Reg. N.C.T.            Captured
     King, John W.                  Private          Co. F 36"' Reg. N.C.T.           Captured
     Kinlaw, An erson W.
     Kinlaw, Benjamin
                                                     2ndCO. K 40"' Reg. N.C.T.
                                                     2"dCO. K 40"' Reg. N.C.T.
                                                                                      Wounded & Captured
     Kinlaw, James T.               Private              C
                                                     2nd O. K 40" Reg. N.C.T.         Captured
     Kinlaw, Neill                  Private          2ndCO. K 40"' Reg. N.C.T.        Captured
*    Kinzel, J. Francis             Private          2ndCO. D 36' Reg. N.C.T.         Captured
    CLARENDON COURIER                FALL       1998     52

    Kirby, Dixon                 Private        Co. K 10'Reg. N.C.S.T.         Captured
    Kitchen, J. H.               Private        Co. F 36h Reg. N.C.T.          Captured
    Knight, John                 Private        Co. C 3rdBat. N.C.L. Art.      Captured
    Kornegay, C.                 Private        3rdCO. G 40' Reg. N.C.T.       Captured
    Kornegay, Dixon W.           Private        3rdCO. G 40' Reg. N.C.T.       Captured
    Kornegay, Joseph E.          Private        3rdC O. G 40' Reg. N.C.T.      Captured
    Kornegay, Leonidas           Private        3rdCO. G 40' Reg. N.C.T.       Wounded & Captured
    Kornegay, Marshall           Private           C
                                                2nd O. A 36' Reg. N.C.T.       Captured
    Kornegay, Wesley             Corporal       3rdC O. G 40' Reg. N.C.T.      Captured

    Lamb, James                Private          Co. F 10' Reg. N.C.S.T.        Captured
    Lamb, William              Colonel          36' Reg. N.C.T.                Wounded & Captured
    Lamberson, Eli             Private          Co. H 36' Reg. N.C.T.          Captured
    Lancaster, L.L.            Private          Co. K 36' Reg. N.C.T.          Captured
    Lane, Robert J.            Private          Co. F 36' Reg. N.C.T.          Wounded & Captured
    Lardingood, W.A.           Private          2ndC O. A 36h Reg. N.C.T.      Captured
    Lassiter, John             Private          Co. C 3rdBat. N.C.L. Art.      Captured
    Lassiter, Leroy            Private          Co. C 3rdBat. N.C.L. Art.      Captured
    Lassiter, Richard          Private          Co. C 3rdBat. N.C.L. Art.      Captured
    Latham, Charles H.   1" Lieutenant          Co. D 13' Bat N.C.L. Art.      Captured
    Latham, J.                 Private              C
                                                2nd O. A 36' Reg. N.C.T.       Captured
    * Latham, James W.T.       Sergeant         Co. D 13' Bat. N.C.L. Art.     Killed
    Latham, W. W.              Private                      ~
                                                Co. D 1 3 ' Bat. N.C.L. Art.   Captured
    Lawhon, James              Private          2ndCO. A 36' Reg. N.C.T.       Captured
    Lawrence, James M.         Private          Co. F 36' Reg. N.C.T.          Captured
    Lawson, William            Private          Co. K 10'Reg. N.C.S.T.         Captured
    Leach, Hugh                Private          Co. K 10' Reg. N.C.S.T.        Captured
    Leady, Charles C.          Private          Co. D 40' Reg. N.C.T.          Captured
    Leary, Lemuel              Private          Co. F 36' Reg. N.C.T.          Captured
    Ledondew, Thomas D.        Private          Co. D 40' Reg. N.C.T.          Captured

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CLARENDON COURIER       FALL   1998   54

    Marriage and     Death Notices from the Wilmington, North
                   Carolina Tri-Weekly Commercial

[This series of marriage and death notices submitted by Helen
Moore Sammons is continued from the Summer 1998 Courier.
These are dated in the 1850's and can be viewed on microfilm
in the Local History Room at New Hanover County Public
     Tues 2 Dec 1856- Died: At the residence of his father
in Mecklenburg County, Virginia on the 24th of November, Wm.
T. HENDRICK, in his 24th year.
     Thur 12 July 1855- Died: At Long Creek at the residence
of her husband, Charles D. HENRY, on the 19th June, ult.,
Mrs. Mary Jane HENRY, in the 38th year of her age. She had
been an invalid for twelve years.
     Tues 8 May 1855- Married:    In this county on the 11th
ult., by Rev. Colin Shaw, Mr. Wm. B. HENRY to Miss Elizabeth,
daughter of H. T. COSTIN, Esq., all of this county.
     Sat 29 Sept 1855- Married: In this county on the 19th
inst., by James A. Moore, Esq., at the residence of Mrs.
Register, Mr. David HERRING to Miss Margaret A. WILSON, all
of this county.
     Tues 11 April 1854- Died: In Duplin county on the 6th
inst., Mrs. Julia K., wife of Dr. N. W. HERRING and eldest
daughter of Jeremiah PEARSALL, in the 30th year of her age,
leaving her husband and four small children.
     Thur 12 Aug 1852- Married: On Tuesday, 5th inst., by
Rev. A. Paul    Repiton,  Mr. Henry Clay HEWLETT to Miss
Henrietta HUHN, all of this county.
     Tues 18 July 1854- Died:     On Masonboro Sound on the
12th inst., Martha Jane, daughter of John and Eliza HEWLETT,
aged about 13 years.
     Thur 11 Sept 1856- Died: In this town on Tuesday, 9th
inst., Serena Ann, infant daughter of H. C. and Henrietta
HEWLETT, aged 3 months and 3 days.
     Sat 13 Sept 1851- Died: On Thursday, llth inst., Walter
Jones, youngest son of A.V.W. and Jane W. HEWLETT, aged 3
years, 2 months, and 9 days.
     Thur 7 Feb 1856- Married: In this place on Monday, 4th
inst., by Rev. M. B. Grier, Mr. E. R. HICKMAN to Miss Rowena
RALSTON, all of Independence, Mo.
     Sat 22 Nov 1851- Married: In this town yesterday, by
Rev. Dr. R. B. Drane, Col. C. D. HILL, of Duplin, to Miss
Emily C., daughter of the late H. B. HOWARD of this town.
     Tues 28 Oct 1851- Married: In Bertie county on the 23d
inst., by Rev.    J. Blunt Cheshire, Dr. John       HILL,  of
Wilmington, to Miss Wilie J. RUFFIN, of Bertie county.
    CLARENDON COURIER      FALL   1998   55

           Thur 4 Sept 1856- Died: At Farmville, Va. on the 20th
     ult., Mr. John S. HILL, in the 20th year of his age, youngest
     son of General William L. HILL, of Duplin county, N. C.
           Thur 6 Feb 1851- Married:   On the 15th inst., at St.
     Bartholomew Church, Pittsboro, N. C., by Rev. Dr. Wheat,
     Major N. M. HILL, of New Hanover county, to Miss Kate,
     youngest daughter of Hon. John D. TOOMER.
           Sat 7 Nov 1857- Died: In Raleigh on 29th October, 1857,
     William HILL, Secretary of State.    He was born in Surry (now
     Stokes) county, N. C. on 23d September, 1773, being eighty-
     four years, one month, and six days old. He had held the
     office of Secretary of State for 46 years.
           Thur 10 May 1855- Died:   At Oakland, Duplin county, on
     the 3d inst., at the residence of his father, William Lanier,
     infant son of Col. C. D. HILL, aged 9 months.
           Sat 15 Nov 1851- Died: In Raleigh on Monday last, Hon.
     Richard HINES, about 69 years of age, a native of Edgecombe
     county. He represented in the 19th Congress the District of
     which Edgecombe then comprised a part. For many years he was
     Chairman of the Whig Central Committee of the State.
           Sat 29 Mar 1856- Married: In New Hanover county on the
     26th inst., by Rev. E. H. Ranney, Mr. William J. HINTON, of
     Chatham county, to Miss Susannah, daughter of William D.
     WORTHAM, Esq., of New Hanover.
b          Tues 29 Sept 1857- Died:      In this town on the 27th
     inst., Mrs. Ann HOARD, consort of the late Seth HOARD, aged
     76 years. Burial in Oakdale Cemetery.
           Sat 26 Jan 1850- Notice: V. R. PEIRSON qualified at the
     last term of New Hanover county Court of Pleas & Quarter
     Sessions as executor of the last Will and Testament of Seth
     HOARD, deceased.
           Sat 19 May 1855- Married:     In Duplin county, April
     19th, by Rev. George Wallace, Mr. Abraham HOBBS, of Sampson
     county, to Mrs. Mary Ann Rebecca DOWNES, formerly of Boston,
           Sat 15 July 1854- Died:      At the residence of her
     husband in Sampson county, N. C., on the 22d March, 1854,
     Mrs. Sarah HOBBS, wife of Abraham HOBBS, aged about 54 years.
     She was a member of the Baptist Church and leaves a husband
     and several children.
           Sat 22 Mar 1851- Died: In Freeport, Maine, on 14th of
     the present month (March), Mrs. Lydia HOLBROOK, in the 90th
     year of her age, mother of the Editor and Proprietor of the
           Thur 29 Mar 1855- Died: In Freeport, Maine, on the 21st
     inst., Mrs. Mary HOLBROOK, in the 62d year of her age.
           Sat 2 Oct 1852- Died: In Milton, Caswell county, on the
     19th ult., Thomas W. HOLDEN, father of the Editor of the
     Raleiuh Standard.

      Sat 26 June 1852- Died: In this city on Sunday, 20th
 June, 1852, Ann Augusta, wife of William W. HOLDEN, in the
 34th year of her age. She leaves a husband and four small
 children. (Raleigh Standard)
      Tues 24 Feb 1857- Died: In this town on Friday, 20th
 inst., Mrs. Elizabeth A., wife of Mr. William HOLDEN, aged 47
 years, leaving a husband and six children.
      Tues 14 Aug 1855- Died:     At Smithville on the 11th
 inst., at the residence of Major. John Walker, John Wright
 HOLMES, aged 22 years and 3 months. Funeral at 4 o'clock,
 P.M. 13th inst., from the residence of Mr. James S. Green to
 Oakdale Cemetery.
      Thur 31 Aug 1854- Died: At the residence of Robert W.
 Palmer in Chatham county on the 22nd inst., Dr. Lewis L.
 HOLMES, a native of Washington, N. C., but for the last five
 years a resident of Chatham county, aged 28 years.
      Thur 29 Oct 1857- Died: In the vicinity of Fayetteville
 on Thursday, 22d inst., Miss Mary HOLMES, aged 62 years. She
 was a member of the Presbyterian church for many years.
      Tues 20 Mar 1855- Married:       On Topsail   Sound   on
 Saturday, 17th March, by W. N. Peden, Esq., Mr. Owen HOLMES
 to Mrs. Mary M. ST. GEORGE.
      Tues 1 June 1852- Married:    In this town on the 26th
 May, by Rev. A. Paul Repiton, Mr. Purley HOLMES to Miss Sarah
      Sat 28 May 1853- Died: Departed this life on the 2d
 inst., Sallie Lovic, wife of Owen HOLMES, Esq.! aged 34 yrs.
      Thur 29 Oct 1857- Died: In Middleton, Miss. on the 4th
 inst., Mrs. Catherine HOLT, relict of Anthony L. HOLT, aged
 about 65 yrs. She was a native of New Hanover county, North
 Carolina, where she leaves a large number of friends and
      Sat 8 Oct 1853- Died:      By a letter from his son,
 Johnson J. HOOPER, we learn that A. M. HOOPER, Esq., died at
 Crawford, Russell county, Alabama, on the 25th ult. He was
 born on 7th December, 1775 at or near Wilmington, N. C. He
 was one of the best writers in our state, having written the
 biographies of Gen. Howe and Gen. Ashe.
      Sat 5 Aug 1854- Died: In Russell county, Alabama, on
 the 28th ult., Mrs. Charlotte HOOPER, relict of the late
 Archibald M. HOOPER, Esq., aged 68 years.
      Sat 10 Apr 1852- Married: At South Boston, Mass. on the
 30th ult., by Rev. J. W. Alvord, George HOOPER, Esq., of the
 firm of Chadbourn & Hooper, of this town, to Miss Sarah Jane
      Thur 12 Mar 1857- Died: In this town on the 7th inst.,
 of consumption, Mr. William L. HOOPER, son of Mr. William G.
 and Matilda A. HOOPER, late of New York City, aged twenty-two
     CLARENDON COURIER      FALL   1998   57
           Sat 22 Oct 1853- Died: At Ridgeway on Monday, October
      loth, Mary Louisa, youngest child of J. DeBernier and M.
      HOOPER, aged two years and nearly three months.
           Thur 20 Dec 1855- Married: In this county on the 13th
      inst., by Isaac M. Alderman, Esq., Mr. George HORRELL, of New
      Hanover county, to   Miss    Martha E., daughter of J. B.
      WOODCOCK, Esq.
           Sat 17 May 1856- Died: Greensboro. May 15th- On last
      Saturday, David B. HOUSTON accidentally fell into the fly
      wheel of a Steam saw mill, some three miles east of town, and
      was instantly crushed to death.      His parents, upwards of
      eighty years old, are still living.
           Sat 13 Sept 1856- Died:     At Kenansville on the 8th
      inst., Mrs. Elizabeth A. HOUSTON, aged 54 years, relict of
      the late Samuel HOUSTON, of Duplin county.
           Thur 10 Mar 1853- Married: In Tarboro on 25th February,
      1853 by John S. Dancy, Signor Don Alonzo Edgar HOWARD,
      cosmopolite and itinerant juggler,     to   Miss Sarah Susan
      Elizabeth Panza MILLS, daughter of Col. Everett MILLS. They
      were married after one hour's acquaintance.
           Thur 12 June 1851- Died: The following anouncement is
      made to the New York papers of Saturday last:      Six deaths
      from yellow fever occurred on board the barque Larrabee,
      which arrived today from Rio Janeiro. One of the deceased is
%b    Mr. H. B. HOWARD, of Wilmington, N. C.
           Sat 19 Nov 1853- Died: In this town on the 15th inst.,
      Sarah R., infant daughter of Capt. W. C. and Susan P. HOWARD,
      aged one month and twenty-seven days.
           Tues 3 Feb 1857- Died: Recently, Selena HOWELL, aged
      13 years, of Jefferson, N. C., daughter of Amos HOWELL,
      committed suicide by hanging herself in the barn.
           Tues 31 Aug 1852- Died: In this town on the 25th inst.,
      Olivia, infant daughter of Thomas J. and Martha HUDSON, aged
      nine months and six days.
           Thur 6 Mar 1856- Married: In this town on Sunday last,
      2d inst., by Rev. A. Paul Repiton, Mr. John H. HUFF to Mrs.
      Martha DAVIS.
           Sat 18 Jan 1851- Died: On Sunday, 12th inst., Charles
      Betts, only son of the late Rev. Theophilus HUGGINS, aged
      three years.
           Sat 29 Sept1855- Died:     In Onslow county, N. C. on
      Friday, 21st inst., Mrs. Cynthia HUGGINS,       wife of Owen
      HUGGINS, aged about twenty years.
           Tues 11 May 1852- Died:       At her residence in Onslow
      county on the 3d inst., Mary Moses, consort of Owen HUGGINS,
      aged 33 years.
           Thur 21 Aug 1856- Died: At her residence, in the 19th
      year of her age, Mrs. Virginia C., wife of W. F. HUGGINS,
      Esq., and daughter of the late W. S. HUMPHREY, of Onslow.
&       (To be Continued)
    CLARENDON COURIER                  FALL       1998     59
    The following was taken from a Dear Abby column dated September 23, 1998. It concerns the
    sole use of computer disk storage for your genealogical records and was taken from the Archives
    & Archivists LISTSERV. [Submitted by the editor].
                               Don't Trust Disks for Family Documents

    Dear Abby:
             There is a genuine tragedy awaiting "Wondering Mom" and anyone else who thinks that
    storing precious family information on a computer disk is the perfect high-tech solution to the
    problem of combining preservation and privacy.
             By the time her 2 %-year-old daughter is old enough to care about her grandfather's
    autobiography, no one outside a couple of computer museums will be able to retrieve it from the
    disk - if she's incredibly lucky. I've been using computers for 20 years, and I have multiple
    generations of disks gathering dust now that, for all practical purposes, are unreadable. The
    hardware changes. The software changes. Beware!
             If "Wondering Mom" wants to save that document, she should print it out now, giving
    thought to the printer and print cartridge, on 100 percent cotton or linen rag buffered paper with a
    neutral pH, and store it in a nondestructive archival folder in a dark, safe place, like a safety
    deposit vault. Abby, you should have told her to use the silly disk for a coaster (after printing the
    file). That way it would be good for something.
    Dennis Grafflin, Professor of History, Bates College, Lewiston, Maine

    Dear Professor Grafflin:
            Thank you for offering your computer expertise, and warning my readers not to blindly
    expect technology to solve their archival problems. In many instances, paper is still the way to go.

                         Share Your Libraries With Fellow ONHGS Members

    Dear ONHGS Members,

            We are trying to amass a list of genealogical holdings held by the membership. In a casual
    survey by the Computer Special Interest group it was determined that a vast amount of source
    and research information is held by individuals that could possibly be made available for research
    if one knew where to find such material.
            So, in addition to our "Interested Surname" list, we will compile a list of genealogical
    materials held by our membership and ultimately publish this list for our membership. Such
    materials held by our members would include: genealogical books, compact disks, journals
    subscribed to, family histories, genealogies, limited editions of published data, large compilations,
    and so on. The member submitting could list (or not list) the materials of their choice thus
    maintaining personal control over privacy and access. The member may also state any restrictions
    related to all or specific items listed.
            The input sheet on the following page, accompanied by a sample input, will be used to
    submit the data for compilation (make extra copies of the input sheet if your entries are expected
&   to exceed thirteen). Any restrictions may be noted in the right hand margin.
                                              ONHGS Reference and DataBase Holdings by Members Input Sheet                                                           -

       The below holdings are held by:              Gerald McKenzie,                                                   who may be contacted at: 309 Lanxlowne Rd, (910) 799-8068

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Page 1 of 1

Author: Rene Jette                       Title: Didionnaire Genealogique des Familles du                                                                     Subject: Lists all known families in Quebec from 1600 to
                                                ..............................................................................................................        ..................................................................................................................
Format:Book, 1176 pgs                           Quebec, des origines a 1730                                                                                           1730, maniagedbirthlbapt'ddeaths

      e for a CD-ROM database:

Author: Brodehund Software               Title:Birth Records: United StatedEurope!........................... Subject:An index of compiled birth records contained in
                                               ....................................................................................900-1880 .................................................................................................................
Format: CD-Rom #17                                                                                                                          other CD's. Lists date, place and CD number. -

Author: ACGS, Manchester, NH             ~itle:the     American-Canadian Genealogist from
                                              ..............................................................................................................                                                                                 !.
                                                                                                                                                                                   ~ . i . ~ e ~ ! . . ~ ~ e ~ . ~ ~ ~ . . ~ ~ . ~ e s t ~ a......~ i ~ e . $ : . a ~ ! d . . ~
Format: Quarterly Journal                     Fall 1989, Issue 42 to present. Quarterly issues. -                                                                                  rench-Canadian descendants.

Author: Ransom Family Assoc.             Title: Ransom Genealogy                                                                                           ~ubject:?he descendants of Samuel Ransom (1737) and
                                                .............................................................................................................      ................................................................................................................
Format: Loose Leaf Notebook                                                                                                                                        Esther Laurence (1 739) of Ipmich, England

Author: Gerald W. McKenzie               Tiie:yhe Genealogy and Family History of William
                                               .......................................................................................................... ~ubject:?he decendancy and ancestry of William
Format: Book, 330 pgs                         Alexandre McKenzie of Riviere du Loup, 1995                                                                        blexandre McKenzie, author's great grandfather.

Author:Alexander MacKenzie               Title: History of the MacKenzies with Genealogies of Subject: Extensive genealogies of most of the MacKenzie
                                                 ............................................................................................................. .............................................................................................................
Format: Book, 648 pgs                           the Principal Families, 1894 edition                                                                           families from the 15th to late 19th centuries.
CLARENDON COURIER                  FALL       1998     62

                         News From the New Hanover Public Library

         The Courier editor (who lives another life as the Local History and Genealogy Librarian)
apologizes for the lateness of this quarterly. As mentioned in the last Courier I have been busy
with the publication of Bill Reaves' massive work, "Strength Through Struggle "-- The
Chronological and Historical Record of the African-American Communi~ Wilmington, North
Carolina, 1865-1950. The book was presented on September 19, when the library hosted a dinner
celebration at Thalian Hall Ballroom. Bill, the guest of honor, made a grand appearance despite
his hospitalization (the doctor gave him a pass to attend the event) and about 200 friends and
history lovers had a grand time. The book (600 pages with 264 photographs) has had a warm
reception in the community. It chronicles the social life, churches, schools, community affairs,
political affairs, military affairs and businesses of the local citizenry, as well as 100 pages of
biographical sketches of local citizens. The family historian in Bill insisted on including the many
lists of names contained in the book which help the genealogist learn more about his family and
their participation in local events. When asked why he became so interested in African-American
history and genealogy, Bill replied, "I'm interested in everyone's history!" The remarkable number
of family files that he has contributed to the library's local history room are testament to his
passion. The genealogical community cannot thank him enough for his life's work which he shares
with anyone who asks. He is home from the hospital and feeling good enough to continue to add
to his family files.
         "Strength Through Struggle " can be purchased at any library branch for $20.00 and
through the mail for $30.00. The price includes tax, shipping and handling.

                               New From the Files of Bill Reaves

       The following family files have been added to the Bill Reaves Collection: Calder;
Campbell; Charles; Crumpler; Dozier; Erambert; Hankins; Hinton; Josenhaus; Johnson (parts 1
through 6); Kershaw; McLendon; O'Shields; Stedman; and Stone.
       African-American family files include: Atkinson; Arnold; Allen; Alston; Anderson;
Armstrong; Andrews; Avant; Artis; Austin; Albritton; Ashe; and Atkins.
       If you want a copy of one of these files send a request with a self-addressed-stamped
envelope to North Carolina Room, New Hanover County Public Library, 201 Chestnut Street,
Wilmington, NC 28401. The library staff will inform you of the number of pages and the cost of
sending the file (15 cents per page plus postage). You can also call us at (910) 341-4394 or
contact us by email at btetterton@co.new-han0ver.nc.u~ or jsheppard@co.new-hanover.nc.us.

                               ONHGS Welcomes New Members

Wanda G. Kye & Family - Wilmington, NC          Louise E. Tucker - Charlotte, NC
James F. Eacho - Rockville, MD                  Cynthia D. Gersony - NY, NY
                 Charles Michael Formy-Duval Family - Lake Waccamaw, NC
    CLARENDON COURIER                 FALL          1998    63

                    New Books                              Confederate ancestor(s). There is also an
                                                           alphabetical cross index listing of
             Anders, Andres, Andress, Andrews,             Confederate soldiers, his company and
    Anderson Family of Southeastern North                  regiment, as well as the name(s) of UDC
    Carolina, was recently published by William            members who joined the organization
    E. Oakley. John Anders settled in                      through the soldiers service record.
    southeastern North Carolina in the early                       The hard bound book is 626 pages in
    1700s and his descendants have lived in ten            length. Copies may be purchased for $40.00
    southeastern counties with one branch                  (add $4.00 shipping & handling). Make
    moving to Alabama. The book is 540 pages               checks payable to NC Division Treasurer and
    in length and includes over 1300 descendants           mail to Mrs. C. Knox Council, 314 Country
    of John Anders and over 2000 Anders'                   Club Drive, Jacksonville, NC 28546.
    spouses and children of females whose
    maiden name is Anders. Each family is listed                  Cape May, NJ Connections
    chronologically and on separate pages with
    all references annotated and expanded upon                     Many families leR Cape May New
    as necessary.                                          Jersey in the 1700s and settled in
             It took Mr. Oakley more than 15               southeastern North Carolina. If you are
    years to complete his findings. Paper back             looking for the following families you may
    editions can be purchased for $35.00 or a              want to search the early NJ records:
b   hard bound edition for $60.00 (prices include          Ebenezer Swain (before 1729); Jonathan
    postage and handling). To place an order call          Swain (before 1729); Hope Willetts (before
    910-762-7983 or by mail at 514 Wayne                   1748); Joseph Hewett (1755); Henry
    Drive, Wilmington, NC 28403 or e-mail                  Leonard (1755); Benjamin Holden (1755);
    OAKLEYW@AOL.COM. Bill can also be                      Ludlam Family (1755); Hand Family
    found most days at the public library                  (1755); Townsend Family (1755); James
    researching his new book.                              Jacocks (before 1732); Eldredge family
            ONHGS member Mrs. C. Knox                              The above information was provided
    Council has recently completed and had                 by Carl Swain, P.O. Box 547, Claxton, GA
    published for the NC Division United                   304 17-0547, Mr. Swain has also generously
    Daughters of the Confederacy, a book                   given the public library two books relating to
    entitled North Carolina Roster, I89 7- 1997,           records of Cape MayILower Cape Fear
    United Daughters of the Confederacy and                families: Colonial Families of Cape May,
    their Confederate Ancestors of the War                 New Jersey and Documents Relating to the
    Between the States. The book covers 100                Colonial History of the State of New Jersey,
    years of history which has been compiled               Vol. XXII.
    from members application papers from every                            Exchange Rates
    UDC chapter since being organized in 1897.

                                                           If you need to transfer you US dollars to
    There are approximately 60,000 names in                overseas currency for research,
    this book with an alphabetical listing of all          subscriptions, etc., you can call Ruesch
L   members of the UDC from 1897 through                   ~nternational- 1-800-424-2923. For a small
    1997 along with her chapter number and her             fee they will perform the exchange.
CLARENDON COURIER                        FALL         1998     64

           ONHGS PROGRAMS                                    5-98. Seek origins and extended family data on
                                                             CORBETT brothers George B., born ca. 1790, and
                                                             James, born ca. 1793. George wed Sophie SUTTON
November 10, 1998-- Kevin Cherry, local                      in Bladen Co., NC; served in the War of 1812. James
history and genealogy librarian at the Rowan                 resided in New Hanover Co., NC. The brothers
County Public Library will speak on                          migrated ca. 1832 to Stewart and Lowndes Cos., GA.
German migration into North Carolina.                        Charles R. CORBETT, 2811 Elizabeth Ct.,
Kevin's library has one of the best                          Tallahassee, FL 32303; tel. (850) 562-8051; e-mail:
collections of German related materials in
the state.                                                   6-98. Seek origins and extended families of George
                                                             MYERS, from Hudson, NY, to W i h g t o n , NC, ca.
December-- The ONHGS Board has decided                       1840, with wife Rebecca Jane McGEE (from NJ?).
to cancel the normal Christmas Party due to                  Son of Cornelius MYERS and Emma (CAPP, who
                                                             wed 1815 in Hartford, CT?) Georges's brothers
low attendance during the past two years and                 Cornelius and Charles Dominick also to Wilmington;
the overwhelming number of commitments                       Charles wed into the DeRosset family. Gertrude B.
that most of us have.                                        MYERS HOPKINS, 763 Burg Westra Way,
                                                             Abingdon, MD
January 12,1999-- Harlan Greene of the
                                                             7-98. Seek origins and extended family of Hezekiah
Charleston Public Library will speak on                      DOANE, born 1712, Truro, MA, and wife Thankful,
Charleston, South Carolina records and                       daughter of Jeremiah and Hannah (YOUNG)
research institutions.                                       BICKFORD, who wed 1731 in MA; to New Hanover
                                                             Co., NC, by 1752, where Hezekiah bought Duplin
February 9, 1999-- Judy Ward will give a                     Co. Land from Robert KNOWLES (a cousin?).
                                                             Lynne C. KEASLING, 870 Yankee Way S.W.,
slide presentation on the Daughters of the                   Corydon, IN 47112-5317; e-mail:
American Revolution and their lovely                         tlkeas@theremc.com.
headquarters in Washington, D.C.
                                                             8-98. Seek whereabouts, current owner of CROOM
March, April and May will be announced                       family Bible, in October 1972 in possession of
                                                             Nathan P. Xanthos andlhis mother Anne Jane
later. Mark your calendars, the ONHGS                        CROOM XANTHOS TUTTLE, at 1903 Market
always meets on the second Tuesday of each                   Street., Wilmington, NC 28401. She may have died
month at 7:00 pm in the New Hanover                          in February 1977. John H. Croom, III,13
Public Library large meeting room. The                       Windwalk Lane, Savannah, GA 31411-2222; e-
Computer Interest Group always meets one                     mail: crooiii@aol.com.
hour before the general meeting in the small                 9-98. Were C.S.A. Pvt. Andrew J. McINTYRE, 38th
meeting room.                                                N.C.T., and Capt. Andrew McINTYRE, physician,
                                                             4th N.C. Calvary, descendants of Andrew
                     Queries                                 McINTYRE, Kenansville, NC, merchant, and wife
                                                             Sara Julia (JAMES), of 1830s New Hanover Co, NC,
4-98. Seek origins, siblings, and 1st wife of Lewis          who went to Holmes Co., MS? J.A.L. Miller, Jr.,
ATWELL, born ca. 1805 in NC (1 830 in New                    2810-K Carriage Dr., Winston-Salem, NC 27106-
Hanover Co.; 1840 in Early Co., GA), died 1860               5328.
Henry Co., AL; wed 2nd Mary Jane VANN 1838 in
Terrell Co., GA. Emma PARKER, 2713 Hargrove
Dr., Ocean Springs, MS 39564.
CLARENDON COURIER                   FALL        1998     65

                        NEW HANOVER COUNTY DEED BOOK "D"

[Many of New Hanover County's earliest records were destroyed by courthouse fires. What was left of
the county's first two deed books, A and B, was combined to form book AB. This book was abstracted
many years ago by Mae Blake Graves. Deed Book C was published in the Courier from 1993 to 1996.
This series of abstracts from Deed Book D began in the Summer 1997 issue of the Courier. New
Hanover County was formed in 1729 from Craven County. Bladen and Onslow counties were formed
fiom New Hanover in 1734, Duplin County in 1750, Brunswick County in 1764, part of New Hanover
was annexed to Sampson County in 1795, and Pender County, last but not least, broke away from New
Hanover in 1875. The following abstract of Deed Book D, which covers many early records from the
above counties, was compiled by Ida Brooks Kellam in 1939 and 1940.1

Page 132. 1754. Will of Thomas Moore, late           Maultsby's Point, for discharging my debts.
of New York, now in Wilmington. Exectr.              (3) to wife Mary Paris Moore % of all my
Cosmos Farguharsen, Doctor of Phisics- "to           estate, she to have use of my plantation Orton.
remit moneys to New York to be disposed of           (4) rest of estate real and personal to son
there as my former will in the hands of Mr.          Roger Moore. Exrs: wife and her father, John
Assop and Caugle there directs. Wit: Caleb           Davis, Senr., George Moore, Esqr. Wit:
Mason, Syrnon Payne, Richard Hartley.                Armand DeRosett, M.D., Thomas Bell, John
Page 133. Nob. 1, 1754. Richard Eagles,
Gent. Of New Hanover Co. To William                  Page 135. Sept. 1, 1746. Armand DeRossett
McKenzie of Wilmington, merchant, because            of Wilmington, Doctor of Physick to Lewis J.
of moving, lot no. 17. Wit: Cosmos                   DeRosset, 300 acres at back of Mr. Thomas
Farguharson, John McKenzie.                          Jones' land. Wit: M. DeRossett, Moses John
Page 133. May 5, 1755. George MacKenzie
of Coves in the Isle of Withe, merchant, to          Page 136. "Archibald Douglass, Capt. in the
Isaac Greene and Elizabeth his wife, a lot on        Honorable the Earl of Homes Regiment of
north side of Market Street.                         Foot" now quartered at Belfast Ireland,
                                                     because of moving, appoints Honorable James
Page 134. May 8, 1755. Ann Wright, widow             Innes, James Murray and John Sampson of
of John Wright, decsd. to John MacKenzie             Cape Fear, NC, his attorneys in North
of Charlestown, SC, merchant, a lot on Eagles        Carolina. Oct. 15, 1754.
Island opposite Market Street.
                                                     Page 137. Will of William Lewis of New
Page 134. Will of William Moore, dated               Hanover County dated April 8, 1751, Proved
November 18, 1754. (1) to Mr. John                   February 1755. (1) to daughter Mary Pidcock,
Gardnier % net proceeds and real goods sent          three cows and calves. (2) to Ruth Pidcock
him, he paying the executors 6 months after          and Mary Pidcock daughters of my daughter
my decease. (2) my house, Russelborough,             Mary Pidcock, one cow and calf each. (3) to
and all my houses in town to be sold together        John Cook son of my daughter Jane Cook,
with the Ferry House and all the lands called        one mare colt. (4) to Sarah Cook, daughter of
CLARENDON COURIER                   FALL      1998   66

Jane Cook, one mare and colt and my best          negro slaves, Will a carpenter, Toby, Cato,      b
feather bed. (5) to daughter Jane Cook, all my    Abraham, Sampson, Dick, Lucy-- Will's
other estate, real and personal. Executor- Son-   daughter Celia and his daughter Judy, Lucy
in-law James Cook. Wit: John Cook, William        and Nancy. Also Ox Cart and wheels. Also '/z
Edwards.                                          of stock and household goods. (3) to son
                                                  George Hyrne, 757 acres on west side of
Page 137. January 16, 1755. Moses John            Turkey Creek, negroes Cato, Wingaw, Diogo,
DeRossett, Gent. of New Hanover County to         Jenny, Ceasar, Jack, Hannah, Will's daughters
Robert Burleigh of same place, a water lot        Peggy, Sarah, and her daughter Sarah. Also
No. 10. Wit: John Watson, Robert McNair.          horse, cart and new wheels and 113 of stock.
                                                  (4) to son Benjamin Hyrne, 200 acres a part
Page 138. Henry and Sarah Bishop to               of Hym Ham, on side next to my "Kinsman
William Stanton, carpenter, of New Hanover        John Moore." Slaves Simeon, Young Paget,
County, 200 acres, part of Patent to Henry        Sam, London, Robin, Dinah, Sabina, and
Bishop in 1736. Deed dated November 11,           Philis. Also iron boilers and hoops to
1754. Wit: Stoakley Bishop, James Howard.         horsecart "that lays broke at Col. John
                                                  Swann's," 113 of stock. "I think it my duty to
Page. 139. November 18, 1754. John DuBoise        provide for my 3 super-anuated negroes, Old
of Wilmington, merchant, and Gabrielle            Lucy, Old Paget and Old Hager," -- each to go
Margaret his wife, to John Norris, merchant       to a son. (5) to son-in-law Francis Britain,
of Wilmington, a lot on north comer of Front      500 acres in South Carolina on north end of
and Market Street joining Dr. Samuel Green        an Island called Laurences Island, between       d
and John Rutherford, Esqr. Wit: Alexander         Pedee and Waccamaw Rivers-- said land
Duncan, Caleb Grainger.                           "given me by the late landgrave Thomas
                                                  Smith." (6) to son-in-law Joseph Watters,
Page 142. Feb. 1,1755. Ann Wright of New          negro named Mariah-- bequests not small to
Hanover County to John Rutherford, Esqr. a        daughters because of partiality but because
lot No. 1, on north side of Market Street         "providence hath blest them with all Fortune
"begins at Francis Veales comer and runs          near equal to mine own." Exrs.- sons Henry,
down Market Street to low Water." Wit: John       George, and Benjamin with aid of Samuel
Merrick, Alexander Duncan.                        Swann, Esqr. and Col. John Swann. Wit:
                                                  Samuel Swann, George Meares, Handle
Page 142. Will of Edward Hyrne of New             Storm.
Hanover County dated February 27, 1755,
proved May 1755. (1) after debts are paid         Page 144. January 31,1755. George Moore,
remaining estate to remain undivided under        Esqr. of Kendall in New Hanover County to
the management of "my son Henry, unless my        Samuel Green, Gent. of Wilmington, 640
three sons agree to the same and each pay         acres joining Christopher Bevins in New
parts of my debts." (2) to son Henry Hyme,        Hanover County.
420 acres where I now live, called Hym Ham,
which was given to me by Col. Maurice             Page 145. Feb. 1, 1755. George Moore, Esqr.
Moore, also 553 acres joining said tract. Also    of Kendall to Samuel Green, Gent. of
    CLARENDON COURIER                  FALL       1998   67
    Wilrnington, said above described lands, as      deeded by said William Lewis to Samuel
    property of late Roger Moore, deceased,          Lewis, "as may more fully appear on record
    "bequeathed unto his two sons, the said          as a good perfect and absolute Estate of
    George Moore and William Moore, Esqr.,           Inheritance in Fee Simple" and by said
    since deceased," equal rest and residue of       Samuel Lewis to said Silas Boing on
    estate.                                          November 23,1754. Wit: John Lewis, Samuel
                                                     Lewis, Jr.
    Page 146. June 1, 1754. Moses John
    DeRossett, Gent. of New Hanover County to        Page 150. May 10, 1754. Honorable John
    David Brown of same County, part of two          Rutherford, Esqr. of Wilmington Joshua
    lots formerly belonging to William Birnie,       Toomer, Tavern Keeper of Wilmington, Lot
    deceased and since his death taken on            No. 7 joining William Farris, Esqr., Thomas
    execution by John Davis, Junr. Esqr. Sheriff     Finney, Hugh Purdy and Alexander McKay.
    of New Hanover County at suit of George an       Wit: Marmaduke Jones.
    Eleanor Merrick of same county. Said lots on
    comer of Market and Second Streets, joining      Page 150. March 22, 1755. Joseph Davis,
    William Dry, Esqr. and Mr. Green. Wit:           Edward Trafford and Joseph Bird, all of
    Joshua Toomer and Maurice Moore.                 Liverpool "in the County of Lancaster,"
                                                     merchants, appointed Ralph Taylor,
    Page 147. September 12, 1754. Mrs. Ann           merchant, Laurance Denhurst, mariner, and
C   Walker, Executrix of Will of Robert Walker,      Thomas Langford, mariner, all of Liverpool,
    late of Wilmington, to Lewis Henry               attorneys jointly to collect debts due them in
    DeRossett, Esqr. a lot in Wilmington on          Cape Fear, North Carolina.
    Front and Second streets, bounded on South
    by lot formerly belonging to Joshua              Page 151. John Chalkhill of Town of
    Grainger, deceased, on North by lot formerly     Brunswick in North Carolina for "two Bills of
    belonging to Robert Halton, deceased and         Exchange endorsed by William Dry, Esqr. of
    later by Francis Davis, deceased. Wit: Jo.       said town, to said William Dry, a slave.
    Blake, John Henesy, William Walker.              January 1, 1755. Wit: George Logan.

    Page 148. February 22, 1754. Jonathan Evans      Page 152. May 21, 1754. Caleb Grainger,
    of New Hanover County to Thomas Mulford          Esqr. of New Hanover County and Mary his
    of Pennsylvania, mariner, a Plantation of 640    wife to John Burgwyn, merchant, and Martin
    acres in New Hanover County which was            Moreland of same place, lot on Market
    granted David Evans in March 1736 and            Street.
    deeded by said David Evans to Jonathan
    Evans. Wit: James Wright, James Padgett.         [To be continued.]

    Page 149. Samuel Lewis of New Hanover            The editor thanks Helen Moore Sammons,
    County to Silas Boing, a tract of land in New    Bill Reaves, Van Stilley, Gerry McKenzie,
    Hanover County which was granted to              Carole Weiss and Elizabeth Turner for
    William Lewis on 2Ydof November 1735 and         contributing to this issue of the Courier.
CLARENDON COURIER                 FALL       1998    68

                                      SONS O F LIBERTY
         We hear, that in Conference of a Letter lately addressed to the SONS OF LIBERTY in
North Carolina, under cover to Col. James Moore, a Meeting had been appointed, and held on
2nd last Month, where a number of Gentlemen from the several Southern Counties in that
Province were chosen as a Committee to meet at Wilmington on this Day, to consult upon such
measures, as may appear most eligible, for evincing their Patriotism and Loyalty in the present
critical situation ofAffairs: Which Committee are, Col. Thomas Lloyd, Cornelius Harnett,
Frederic Gregg, William Campbell, Esqrs.; Messrs. John Robeson and William Wilkinson, for
the Town of Wilmington,---George Moore, Frederic Jones, Esqrs; Col. James Moore; Messrs.
Samuel Ashe, and James Moran, for New Hanover County.--- Richard Quince, Sen. and
Richard Quince, Jun., Esqrs. and Mr. John Wilkinson, for the Town of Bnmswick.--- John and
William Davis, Esqrs. Messrs. Samuel Waters, Thomas Davis, and Samuel Neale, for
Brunswick County.-- Messrs. John and George Gibbs, and John Grainge, Jun. for Bladen
County.--- Col James Sampson and Felix Kenan, Esqr. for Duplin County.--- William Cray,
Henry Roads, and Richard Ward Esqrs. for Onslow County.--- And Walter Gibson, Farquhar
Campbell, and Robert Rowan, Esqrs. for Cumberland County.
        From the South Carolina Gazette, July 5 , 1770. [Submitted by Elizabeth Turner]

Old New Hanover Genealogical Society
P.O. BOX 2536
WILMINGTON, NC 28402--2536                                                       XONPROFlT
                                                                               U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                             WILMINGTON, NC
"Address Service Requested"                                                   PERMIT NO. 218
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     New England Historical Register
               Journal on CD-ROMs                                                         not available
By Michael Whaley, acid free paper, taped and stapled,
indexed, maps.
    Richlands Township, Vol. VI, 82 pp.    (D-8)       514.00
    Richlands Township, Vol. VII, 77 pp.   (D-9)       314.00
    Richlands Township, Vol. VIII, 75 pp. (D-10)       $14.00
    Richlands Township, Vol. IX, 77 pp.    [D-11)      514.00
    Richlands Township, Vol. X, 74 pp.     (D-12)      $14.00
    Southwest Township, Vol. XI, 75 pp.    (D-13)      $14.00
    Richlands Township, Vol. XII, 76 pp.   (D-14)      $14.00
    Confederate Veterans Cemetery Records, Vol. I
                                           ID-15)      810.00

by Delmas D Haskett, 1996, acid free paper, taped and
stapled, indexed, maps.
    Columbus County, North Carolina Voter Registration,
    1902, 1904, 1906, 1908, 222 pp. iJ-1)           529.00
     Cumberland County, North Carolina Vote Registration,
     1902, 1904, 1906, i908, 232 pp. (L-1)           530.00
    Robeson County, North Carolina Voter Registration,
    1302, 1904, 1906, 1908, 312 pp.  (K-1)          $40.00

                        COMING SOON!
     Brunswick County, North Carolina, Minutes of the Court
of Pleas b Quarter Sessions, Vol. 111, by John W. Butler,
June 1996.

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