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Are you in a New York state of mind



                 Are you
              in a New York
              state of mind?
                        page 8
JULY 2008

            JUNO President    Welcome to the      Positive recent    Center for
In this     becomes Wharton   city that never     updates from       Continuing
issue       alumni   page 3   sleeps     page 4   USCIS     page 6   Education page 10
2        E D ITO R’ S                    letter                  JUN
                                                                 JU N O C O N N E C T I O N J U LY 2 0 0 8

                                   New York: Be a P of It

                         Ahh, New York. It’s true when they say, there’s nothing quite
                         like it. The city that never sleeps always has something to offer,
                         no matter what your fancy may be. World-class restaurants,
                         Broadway, shopping~ you name it and New York’s got it.
                                Known as the financial capital of the world, with London as
    its only rival, the whole city of New York can practically be considered a landmark.
    From the world-renowned 5th Avenue, to beautiful Central Park and dazzling                                      Publisher
                                                                                                                    JUNO Healthcare Staffing System, Inc.
    Times Square, virtually every inch of this small island is infamous.
           The phenomenon that is NYC just cannot be explained or reasoned. In order                                Editor in chief
    to understand it, you have to become a part of it, to live it and experience it for                             Charmaine Teodoro
    yourself and in doing so, you surrender part of your individuality. But in order
                                                                                                                    Graphic Designers
    not to lose yourself completely, you have to accept that there is no such thing as
                                                                                                                    Roberta Gonzalez
    “conquering” NYC.                                                                                               DC Santa Maria
           And while conquering NYC may be a near impossibility, taking advantage of
    all it has to offer is not (pg 5). In this issue, we pay tribute to the Big Apple and                           Contributors
                                                                                                                    Valjun Apuzen
    do our best to give you an idea of what exactly makes this city so remarkable (pg
                                                                                                                    Andrew Maciak, D.C.
    4). For those healthcare professionals who’ve never been, we hope that this issue                               Pamela Tanjuatco
    will entice you (pg 8-9), so you can see and experience for yourself what all the
    hype is about.                                                                                                  HOW TO CONTACT US
                                                                                                                    JUMP CREATIVES
           And as a New Yorker myself, trust me, I think you’ll fall in love.
                                                                                                                    91-31 Queens Boulevard, Suite 508
                                                                                                                    Elmhurst, New York 11373
         Editor                                                                                                     Tel: (718) 396-7325   Fax:(718) 396-7328

        contents                                                                                                    Editorial email

        NEWS   brief                                                  NURSES   first                                 MISSION STATEMENT
    3    JUNO President becomes Wharton alumni                   10 Center for Continuing Education                 JUNO Connection provides essential guide and
         DR Teodoro finishes 5-week intensive Advance                  JUNO believes Continuing Education for        information on working and living in the United
         Management Program at the Wharton School of                  healthcare professionals should be a          States as a JUNO healthcare professional.
         the University of Pennsylvania and becomes                   priority. Find out the latest classes being
         Wharton alumni.                                              offered in the New York area.                 PUBLIC INFORMATION

         NURSES   first                                                 COMMUNITY      first                          Distribution

    4   Welcome to the city that never sleeps                    11    FGG’s philosophy of community
                                                                                                                    JUNO Connection is published monthly
                                                                                                                    by JUNO Healthcare Staffing System, Inc.,
        Underneath all the chaos and the rush is order an              development
                                                                                                                    with address at 91-31 Queens Blvd., Suite 509
        balance where everything just falls into place and
                                                                                                                    Elmhurst, NY 11373. Periodical’s postage
        everyone just fits comfortably in this city that never           THERAPY    talk                             paid at Flushing, NY.
                                                                 12    Highblood pressure and
                                                                       chiropractor care                            Subscription
    5   Summer events in NYC and surrounding areas
                                                                                                                    JUNO Connection is made available
        Check out all the fun activities and events, from free
        concerts, outdoor bars, and fun walks and trips to
        take in and around NYC.
                                                                       departments                                  free of charge to subscribers worldwide.
                                                                                                                    To request a copy, email us at
                                                                       EMPLOYEES       first
        EMPLOYEES      first
    6   Positive recent updates from USCIS
                                                                 13    Welcome to JUNO Healthcare                   Every precaution is taken to ensure accurate repro-
                                                                       Congrats to NCLEX Passers                    duction of manuscripts, artwork and photographs.
        Atty. Villamor gives the latest news on EADs and               Nurse quote of the month
        I-140 Petitions. Read on to find out.                                                                        However, the publisher does not accept responsibil-
                                                                       Birthday Celebrants                          ity for the correctness of the information produced
                                                                                                                    herein. Send your contributions to the Editor. Article
         FEATURE    story                                              REVIEW    corner                             submissions must be double-spaced and may be
    8   Are you in a New York state of mind?                     14    Sample general NCLEX quiz                    mailed to JUNO Healthcare Staffing System Inc,
        There are more than 100 hospitals and 250 long                 Wordfind                                      91-31 Queens Blvd., Suite 509, Elmhurst, NY
        term care facilities spread throughout the five                                                              11373, or emailed to junoconnection@junohealth-
        boroughs of New York. Read on to find out why                                                       We welcome news reports, feature
        New York is considered the “World’s Second
                                                                       HUMOR     side                               stories and other relevant publishable materials.
        Home.”                                                   15    Nurse humor                                  The management reserves the right to edit submit-
                                                                       Pinoy humor                                  ted pieces for space and content considerations.
                                        JUN O CO N N E C T I O N J U LY 2 0 0 8                 N EWS       brief               3

JUNO President becomes
Wharton alumni
By C. Teodoro                                 Having undergone the rigors             textbooks, as well as the first to
                                        of such a program rightfully entitles         establish a center for entrepreneurship
We congratulate our President, DR       students alumni status. Therefore, as         and the first and longest-running
Teodoro, on his graduating from The     a member of the Class of WAM ‘08, DR          executive education programs.
Wharton School of the University of     Teodoro is now a member of Wharton                  In February 2008, DR Teodoro
Pennsylvania last July 3, 2008. DR      alumni, becoming a part of the legacy         will return to Harvard for the second
Teodoro, along with 51 executives       of the first collegiate business school        year of the 3-year Owner/President
representing over 30 countries,         established in 1881. Wharton was also         Management Program, and will graduate
underwent a grueling 5-week intensive   the first in the world to publish business     as an alumni in March of 2009.
Advanced     Management      Program
designed to further enhance, improve
and build upon business skills. This
advanced executive program consists
of case studies, lectures, sharing,
rowing and team-building, amongst
others.   AMP courses range from
Financial Strategies and Strategic
Management to Global Economic
Trends and Capital Markets, with the
students divided up into 8 learning
groups for a more focused and
personalized setting.                                                    Learning Group, Team Dolphins

                                              Wharton Advanced Management ‘08
4            NUR SES               first                  NO
                                                      JU N O C O N N E C T I O N J U LY 2 0 0 8

    Welcome to the city
    that never sleeps
    By P. Tanjuatco                               York has many neighborhoods that cater          reside. Rent a single speed beater
                                                  to the diverse needs of its residents. If       bike and feel one with the numerous
    Picture this: You wake up one Saturday        you want to do some celebrity stargazing,       messengers that weave through the
    morning in New York City and decide           then hang around the West Village, Soho         busy streets of Manhattan wearing their
    today would be a good day to head             and Nolita neighborhoods, where you will        ubiquitous messenger bags. If you go
    down to Canal Street and treat yourself       most likely see them shopping or buying         further south you will find yourself in
    to savory old fashioned dim sum. After        their daily fix of Grande Soy Latte’s. You       the Financial District where Wall Street,
    a hearty meal in Chinatown, you decide        can also take a stroll along Fifth Avenue       the New York Stock Exchange and the
    to take a stroll along Canal and walk up      in Midtown Manhattan and ogle at the            infamous bull are all located. Of course
    Mulberry Street. And as you take in the       beautiful shop windows of designer              the New York experience would never be
    sights of Chinatown, you quickly notice       fashion brands. If you continue uptown          complete without a trip to Times Square.
    that the scenery slowly morphs from           along Fifth Avenue, you will stumble            Get hypnotized by the bright lights of
    Chinese wet markets and restaurants           into Central Park. Here you can visit the       Times Square or catch a Broadway
    to Italian bakeshops, bistros and gelato      Central Park Zoo, rent a boat and merrily       show; both will definitely leave you
    stations. It takes a while before you         row around the lake, or just breathe in the     mesmerized.

    recognize that you’ve crossed over from       fresh air and enjoy all the beauty the park            As you can see, New York has
    the eastern influences of China to the         has to offer. If you still need a shot of art   something for everybody. For many
    western world of Italy. You’re in Little      and culture, you can visit the Metropolitan     visitors and new residents, the idea of
    Italy…and still in New York City! This is     Museum of Art which houses, among               walking through the fast-paced streets
    the genius of New York. Underneath            others, Vincent Van Gogh’s Irises and           of New York is initially a daunting
    all the chaos and the rush is order and       his famous self-portraits. The MOMA,            thought. But if you keep yourself open
    balance where everything just falls into      or the Museum of Modern Art, is also in         to the pleasant and sometimes explosive
    place and everyone just fits comfortably       midtown. Here you will find the works of         surprises this city has to offer, you will
    in this city that never sleeps. It is the     renowned modern artists like Salvador           find that it is truly the world’s second
    melting pot of global cultures. It is where   Dali and Andy Warhol.                           home. And as you become comfortable
    Yin meets Yang, where East meets West,              If you are looking for a more             with the New York way of life, you will
    where left brain meets right brain.           bohemian feel, head downtown and                come to agree with ‘Old Blue Eyes when
          Having said all that, you are sure to   explore the lower East side and Alphabet        he sings, “If I can make it there, I’ll make
    find many interesting and fun activities to    City, where the movers and shakers of           it anywhere.” So it’s up to you…New
    do while you are here on assignment. New      the underground arts and music scene            York, NY?
                                                   JUN O CO N N E C T I O N J U LY 2 0 0 8            NURSES                first                5

Summer events
in New York City
THEATRE                                            (212-414-5994). Subway: A, C, E to 14          com). Travel: 2 to 5 East Tremont Ave.
      1. L egal l y Blo n d e , P a l a c e        St; L to Eighth Ave.                           West Farms Sq. or Bx 11 express bus to
Theatre, 1564 Broadway at 47th St.                                                                Bronx River entrance.
(212-307-4100). $45-$250. Wed 2,                   EATING OUT                                           2. New York Aquarium, Surf Ave.
8pm; Thu, Fri 8pm; Sat 2, 8pm; Sun 2,7                   1. Burger Shot Beer, One-buck            at W 8th St. Coney Island, Brooklyn (718-
pm. 2 hrs. 30 mins.                                sliders, two –buck shots and $3 beers.         265-3474, Subway: F,
      2. Hairspray, Neil Simon Theatre,            738 Tenth Ave. between 50th and 51st           Q, to W 8th St. - NY Aquarium. Mon-Fri
                    250 W 52nd St.                 St. (212-315-0123). Subway: C, E to 50th       10 am-6pm; Sat, Sun 10 am-7pm. $12,
                    between Broadway               St. Dinner Average burger:                     senior $10, children 2-12 $9 children
                    and Eighth Ave.                      2 . C l e m e n t e ’s M a r y l a n d   under free.
                    (212-307-4100).                Crabhouse, have a seat on the deck                   3. Sex and City Hotspots On
                    $2 0 - $ 2 0 4 . Tu e          overlooking Sheepshead Bay, and enjoy                                Location Tours,
                    7pm; Wed 2, 8pm;               Clemente’s Venice Marina, 3939 Emmons                                meet at the Pulitzer
                    Sun 3pm. 2 hrs. 35             Ave. at Knapp St., Sheepshead Bay,                                   Fount ai n , Fifth
                    mins.                          then take B4 bus to Knapp St. Mon-Thu,                               Ave. at 5 8t h St.
                          3.Grease,                Sun noon-11pm, Fri, St. noon-midnight.                               (
                    Brooks Atkinson                Average main course: 32.                                             Subway: N, R, W to
                    Theatre, 256 W47th                   3. Le Cirque, Recent changes                                   Fifth Ave. - 59th St.
St. between Broadway and Eighth Ave.                                      at Sirio Maccioni’s                           Mon-Fri 11am, 3pm
(212-307-4100). $71.50-$301.50. Tue                                       Haute dining                                  Sat, Sun 10, 11am,
7pm; Wed 2pm; Thu, Fri 8pm; Sat 2,                                        palace- from                                  3pm; $42.
8pm; Sun 2,7pm.                                                           addition of a casual                                4. More in
      4. Chicago, Ambassador                                              bar menu to a new       America, New York Botanical Garden,
Theatre, 219 W 49th St. between                                           executive chef. 151     Bronx River Pkwy. at Fordham Rd. Bronx
Broadway and Eighth Ave. (212-239-                                        E 58th St. between      (718-817-8700, Travel: B, D to
6200). $59.50-$201.50. Tue 8pm; Wed                                       Lexington and Third     Bedford Park Blvd. or 4 to Bedford Park
2, 8pm; Thu, Fri 8pm; Sat 2, 8pm; Sun                                     Ave. (212- 644-         Blvd.
7pm. 2hrs. 30 mins.                                                       0202). Subway: N,
                                                                          R, W to Lexington       CONCERTS
CLUBS                                              Ave.-59th St. Mon-Fri 11:45am-2:30pm,                1. Miley Cyrus, T.V. Star and pop
      1 . S u n s e t , T h u r s d a y s P. D .   5:30-11pm; Sat 5:30-11pm. Average                                    music sensation,
O’Hurley’s at Pier 84. 6-11pm. Free                main course: $49                                                     Known to millions
      2. S k ool , M a c y G ra y H i ro                 4. M&G Soul Food Diner, It’s                                   as “Hannnah
Ballroom at the Maritime Hotel. 10pm,              comforting to know than when you’re                                  Montana”, the teen
                                                   jonesing for a late-night short stack,                               singer is riding high
VENUES                                             M&G has you covered. 383 W 125th St.                                 on her hit “See You
     1. Tavern on the Green, Central               at Morningside Ave. (212-864-7326).                                  Again”. Friday, July
                     Park West at 67th             Subway: A, C, B,D, to 125th St. Daily 8:30                           25, 7:00 a.m. 2008
                     St.(212-873-3200).            am-11:30 pm. Average main course: 49.                                NBC Today show.
                     Subway 1 to                   Cash Only.                                                                  2.    Natasha
                     66th St.- Lincoln                   5. Terrace in the Sky, This glass-                             Bedingfield, Friday
                     Center.                       walled stunner attracts the Columbia           July 18, 7:00 a.m. 2008 NBC Today show
                           2.El Morocco            cognoscenti with impeccable service.           free summer concert.
                     Nightclub, 3534               400 W 119th St. between Morningside                  3. GMA Concert, Bryant Park-
                     Broadway at 145th             Dr. and Amsterdam Ave. (212-666-9490).         Chaka Khan Friday, July 4, 7:00am-
                     St. (212-939-                 Subway: 1 to 116th Columbia Univ. Tue-         9:00am Upper Terrace. Free
                     0909). Subway: A,             Fri noon-2:30pm, 11am-3pm. Average                   4. Ashlee Simpson, Monday, July
                     B,C,D,1 to 145th. St.         main course: $34.                              4, 7:00 am 2008 NBC Today show free
     3. Don Hill’s, 511 Greenwich St.                                                             summer concert.
at Spring St. (212-777-1390). Subway:              AROUND TOWN                                          5. Jill Scott, Wyclef Jean, Tuesday,
C, E to Spring St; 1 to Hudson St.                      1. Madagascar! The African Island         August 12, 2008. From 7:30 pm to 10:00
     4. Highland Ballroom, 431 W                   comes to the Bronx. Bronx River Pkwy. to       pm. Central for Central Park Summer
16th St. between Ninth and Tenth Ave.              Fordham Rd. (718-367-1010, bronxzoo.           stage. Free.
6 EMPLOYEES                      first               NO
                                                  JU N O C O N N E C T I O N J U LY 2 0 0 8

  Positive recent updates
  from USCIS
  By C. Villamor

        1. Employment Authorization Documents (EAD) now Valid for 2 years
        Beginning on June 30, 2008 USCIS is issuing Employment Authorization Documents (EAD) valid for two years. This
  new two-year EAD is available to those who have filed their Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or
  Adjust Status, but are unable to become an LPR because an immigrant visa number is not currently available.
        RN’s and other Schedule A and EB-3 workers with pending I-485 applications greatly benefit from this provision
  because visas are unavailable for their category. They are, therefore, eligible to get the 2-year EAD and save on precious time,
  effort, and money because they don’t have to renew their EADs yearly.

        2. Premium Process for Certain Form I-140 Petitions is Reinstated.
        Beginning June 16, 2008, USCIS reinstated premium processing for a certain group of I-140 petitions filed on behalf
  of non-immigrants who are nearing the end of their sixth year in H-1B status. To avail of premium processing, the H-1B
  holder: must have an H-1B status expiring with 60 days; must not be eligible for a one-year H-1B extension (meaning no
  labor certification or I-140 petition pending for over 1 year); and can only be eligible for an extension of his or her H-1B status
  based on an approved I-140 petition.
        RN’s, PT’s, OT’s and other healthcare professionals who are nearing the end of their 6- year H-1B status greatly benefit
  from this provision. Premium processing allows them to get a speedy approval of their I-140, which in turn will allow them to
  extend their H-1B for another 3 years, beyond the normal 6 year limit.

       JUNO HEALTHCARE will continue to monitor the situation and will update you with any new information.

       Atty. Carmen T. Villamor is an active member of the State Bar of California. She specializes in immigration law; she
  is admitted to practice before US Immigration Courts, the U.S. Central District Court, and California state courts; and she
  represents clients all over the U.S. and outside the U.S. Her office is located at 4929 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 691, Los Angeles,
  CA 90010. You may contact her by email at or by phone at (323)939-8200.

                                                                                   91-31 Queens Boulevard, Suite 509, Elmhurst, New York 11373
                                                                                   T: 718.396.7325    F: 718.396.7328
                                                                                   E:      W:

Listed below are the requirements in connection with your application for employment. Please bring the original copy of these
documents for validation purposes. It is understood that the completion / satisfaction of these requirements will be considered
as one of the factors in our hiring decision.

   Resume                                                          JUNO Health Examination Report or a valid Medical
                                                                   Statement within 12 months (Physical Statement, PPD,
   New York License                                                Chest X-ray (if PPD is positive), Titer or Record of
   Copy of any U.S. Government issued ID
   (U.S. Passport / Green Card / Driver’s                          Malpractice Insurance
   License or State ID)
                                                                   2 colored pictures (1 x 1 and passport size)
   Adult CPR Training / ACLS / BCLS
                                                      Pick YOUR

                                                      The Choice is yours!
                                                                Choose your work schedule                                       Choose your rates
                                                                Choose your benefits                                            Earn bonuses
                                                        With the Juno Healthcare “Pick your Package” plan,
                                                        our recruiters work hard to create a package that's
                                                        right for you. Whether it's setting up a shift schedule
                                                        that fits your family needs, or having perks like housing
                                                        and transportation, or getting bonuses that you value
                                                        most, we can customize a benefits package that will
                                                        suit your unique needs. Just give us a call, tell us
                                                                                                                                                                                   Accredited by
                                                        what’s important to you and we'll take care of the                                                                          The Joint
                                                        rest...because at JUNO Healthcare Staffing, we always                                                                      Commission
                                                        put you first.

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                                                                                                               Los Angeles, CA 90010                                                Suite 1820, Phoenix, AZ 85012
8            NURSES            first               NO        NE
                                               JU N O C O N N E C T I O N J U LY 2 0 0 8

    Are you in a New York state of mind?
    By P. Tanjuatco                         assignment destination, read on and            nurses. Nurses that are leaving their
                                            learn how to be in a New York state of         jobs are not being replaced. While
    New York City boasts of the Statue      mind in no time!                               this figure is a dismal reality, there
    of Liberty (although New Jersey                There are more than 100                 is an opportunity for RNs who want
    would argue), world-class museums,      hospitals and 250 long-term care               to work in New York. The growing
    numerous parks and culturally diverse   facilities spread throughout the five           vacancy rate could mean better pay
    neighborhoods. There is something       boroughs of New York. There are                rates and better benefits for nurses
    for everyone in this city that it       also numerous ambulatory centers               whose specialties are in high demand.
    proudly claims to be the “World’s       and adult day care centers scattered           So why not savor the sights, sounds
    Second Home.” New York caters to        around New York. All these types of            and tastes of New York while earning
    the interests of anyone regardless      facilities have vast vacancies and are         higher pay rates?
    of age, gender, race or profession,     in need of RNs, LPNs and other allied               If you are an out of state
    including healthcare professionals      health professionals either for a long         licensed nurse interested in coming
    like you! RNs, LPNs and allied health   term or temporary basis. As of 2007,           to New York, you must first apply
    professionals will find that they too    the statewide vacancy rate for RNs is          for reciprocity. For US citizens and
    can take a lucrative bite from this     8.8% and growing. This means that the          residents who received their nursing
    big apple. So if you are considering    rate of influx of nurses is considerably        degree in the U.S., your first step is
    on making New York your next travel     slower than the rate of outgoing
                                           JUN O CO N N E C T I O N J U LY 2 0 0 8         NURSES             first               9

to go to the New York State Education      on Graduates of Foreign Nursing             as part of your New York licensure
Department (NYSED), particularly           Schools. You will have to undergo their     application. For more information
to the Office of Professions (OP), a        Credentials Evaluation Service for New      about the CGFNS, visit their website
branch of the NYSED. The OP will           York State for analysis. This process       at
verify your licensure in the other state   usually takes from 6 to 8 weeks after             While the process to apply for
and do other evaluations. For more         receipt of all required documentation       licensure in New York State seems
information, visit the OP Nursing          and fees. After this evaluation, you will   complicated and daunting, it is
website at        have to apply for licensure in New York     actually easy if you already have all
nurseforms.htm.                            State. On the other hand, if you are        your required documentation in order.
      If you are a healthcare              already an internationally-educated,        Many of the steps in the process can be
professional educated outside of the       licensed healthcare practitioner, you       done online and the clear instructions
United States and wish to pursue           must have your credentials verified          are published in the various websites
licensure or academic admission            by the CGFNS Credential Verification         to guide you through every step of the
within the United States, you must first    Service for New York State. They will       process. Just keep in mind that these
go to the CGFNS or the Commission          collect and verify the authenticity of      are necessary steps that will lead you
                                           your license and credentials. Once          to a fulfilling career in the Big Apple,
                                           this is verified, your credentials will      and bring you closer to a New York
                                           be forwarded to the New York State          state of mind.
                                           Education Department for evaluation
10            NURSES                first               NO        NE
                                                     JU N O C O N N E C T I O N J U LY 2 0 0 8

     Center for Continuing Education
     Reprinted with permission from www.         education opportunities range from the          and pharmacotherapy have resulted in                        clinical to the alternative, from caring for    continuous changes in drug therapies.
                                                 others to self-care and protection.             This NYSNA contact hour approved
     Continuum Health Partners is the                  Some of the sample courses they           program will focus on information to
     umbrella organization for 5 top ranked      offer are:                                      help nurses remain current on the latest
     NYC hospitals, Beth Israel Medical                                                          drug therapies for adults and provide
     Center, St. Luke’s Hospital, Roosevelt      Spanish for Healthcare                          strategies for preventing medication
     Hospital, Long Island College Hospital            Designed to provide the healthcare        errors.
     and the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary.      professional with basic, selective skills,            Dates: Not scheduled yet.
           It also supports 2 nursing schools,   this 7 week course will enable you to
     Beth Israel’s Phillips School of Nursing    communicate with your patients or               ST. Luke’s Kidney Transplant Prog.
     and The Long Island College Hospital        clients in Spanish. Common medical                   RENAL TRANSPLANT: ISSUES
     School of Nursing; the Doc’s Medical        terminology, vocabulary and idiomatic           AND ETHICS Guiding your patients
     Groups and the Center for Health and        expressions will be included.                   through the process.
     Healing.                                          Dates: 7 sessions. May 29, June 5,             Price: Free
           The hospitals are full-service        12, 19, 26, July 3, 10                               Dates: Not Scheduled yet.
     teaching centers for medical schools and
     the two nursing schools. In conjunction     AIDS in the 21st Century                        The S.T.A.B.L.E. Program
     with our philosophy as a teaching                  Care and treatment of AIDS and HIV             STABLE program is developed for
     and research institution, Continuing        has changed dramatically with increased         child health care providers to organize
     Education for our nurses and other health   hope for a longer and more productive           care during the post-resuscitation / pre-
     care professionals is a top priority.       life. This NYSNA contact hour approved          transport stabilization period. Morning
           The      Center   for    Continuing   workshop will provide information about         coffee, texts are included.
     Education is an approved provider by the    the newest medication protocols and the               Dates: Not scheduled yet.
     NYSNA for RN contact hours. Traditional     latest research in monitoring, compliance
     and complementary programs are              and care.                                             Feel free to browse the site and
     offered to meet the educational needs of           Date: Not scheduled yet.                 register for courses. We encourage
     nurses at the bedside and in leadership                                                     your feedback and requests. For more
     roles. In partnership with the Beatrice     Pharmacology                                    information, visit website at http://www.
     Renfield Center for Nurses, continuing           Update Advances in technology     
                                            JUN O CO N N E C T I O N J U LY 2 0 0 8   COMMUNITY                  first              11

FGG’s philosophy
of community development
By V. Apuzen

Foundation for God’s Glory is a
response to the desperate conditions
that face the poorest of the poor in the
       The First Quarter 2008 Philippine
Social Weather Survey found that 50%
of families in the Philippines (estimated
9 million) consider themselves as
“mahirap” or poor. The survey also
indicated that Filipino families have
been lowering their living standards
(i.e., belt-tightening) for the past 20
years. In 1986, a family living in urban
Metro Manila considered itself poor if it
had a monthly income of P2,500 ($60).
Today, because of inflation, a Metro
Manila family is poor when its monthly
income is P10,000 ($250).
       Within the poor of Metro Manila is
the poorest of the poor who live on less
than $1 a day. These are the 5.4 million
who live in the slums. Each slum has
its own character and its own brand         philosophy.      We recognize that in        provide the thrusts of evangelism,
of misery. FGG has already worked in        addition to food and livelihood, people      discipleship, spiritual accountability,
four, including: Payatas, Quezon City;      also need to have a true relationship        and relationships by which disciples
San Rafael, Rizal; Smokey Mountain,         with Jesus Christ as well. It is essential   grow in their walk with God.
Tondo, Manila; and Bocaue Relocation        that the good news of Jesus Christ                 This is the reason FGG has
Site, Bulacan. Some malnourished            is proclaimed, and that individuals          worked alongside several churches in
children in these communities were          place their faith in Christ for salvation.   carrying out its community development
served meals, and received free medical     This is why evangelism and Christian         program. FGG has already partnered
and dental services while their parents     discipleship is very much a part of our      with the International Baptist Church of
attended livelihood trainings.              philosophy.                                  Payatas and Tondo, the World Christian
       FGG acknowledges that the                  The Gospel, rightly understood,        Fellowship, and the Awesome God
desperate conditions of the poverty-        is holistic. It responds to people as        Christian Church. These local churches
stricken could not be alleviated with       whole people and not single out just         have reaped the fruits of seeing the
just their physical needs met from day      spiritual or just physical, but rather the   poorest of the poor come to Christ and
to day. Therefore, FGG goes beyond          needs of the person as a whole. FGG’s        become a part of their congregations.
providing physical sustenance by also       community development philosophy             FGG continues to look for other local
offering the life-transforming power of     begins with people transformed by the        churches who will take action towards
the Gospel of Christ. Our Lord Jesus        love of God, who then respond to God’s       the development of their communities.
said that the essence of Christianity       call to share the Gospel with others               It is the responsibility of the
could be summed up in two inseparable       through community development.               church to evangelize, disciple and
commandments: Love God, and love                  We believe that nothing other than     nurture people in the Kingdom. Yet,
thy neighbor (Matthew 22:37-39). FGG        the community of God’s people, the           from the command of our Lord Jesus,
is concerned with reconciling people to     local church, is capable of affirming the     it is also the responsibility of the
God and bringing them into a church         dignity of the poor and enabling them to     church to love their neighbor and their
fellowship where they can be discipled      meet their own needs. It is practically      neighborhood. To this end, FGG will
in their faith.                             impossible to do effective holistic          continue to encourage local churches
       Evangelism is very much a part       ministry apart from the local church. A      to be lovers of their community and
of FGG’s community development              nurturing community of faith can best        neighborhoods.
12          THERAPY               talk                NO
                                                   JU N O C O N N E C T I O N J U LY 2 0 0 8

     High blood pressure
     and chiropractor care
                       By Dr. Andrew            13 on their diastolic pressures. The           that chiropractic treatment may be
                       Maciak                   authors of this study suggested that the       effective in reducing blood pressure
                                                reductions in blood pressure obtained          by causing reflex reduction in the
                       Many patients            in these patients was the result of            secretion of the hormone aldosterone.
                       u n d e r g o i n g      improvements in nerve function in the          While the research on the treatment
                       chiropractic             area of the spine which was treated. In        of hypertension with chiropractic
                       treatment         for    another study of the mechanism behind          manipulation has been limited, it has all
                       conditions such as       blood pressure changes associated              suggested a definite positive effect on
                       neck or back pain        with chiropractic treatment, the levels        this disorder. Patients with hypertension
     notice a reduction in their high blood     of the hormone aldosterone were                should receive medical evaluation and
     pressure over time. While chiropractic     measured before an after treatment             monitoring. However, many will find that
     treatment may not be the basic form        in a group of hypertensive patients.           chiropractic evaluation will suggest that
     of treatment for most patients with this   Aldosterone causes kidneys to retain           perhaps some of the problem is being
     condition, it may be another treatment     more sodium, which in turn causes the          caused by the spine and that chiropractic
     option, and it is receiving interest       retention of fluid, and thus increases          treatment may be beneficial. While all
     from researchers. In a small study of      blood pressure. Over a ten period of           health problems are not as simple as a
     patients with high blood pressure,         chiropractic treatments, aldosterone           pinched nerve in the spine, alteration of
     those receiving chiropractic treatment     levels decreased consistently in those         the function of the nervous system by
     had an average reductions of about         who received treatment, but not in those       a spinal joint problem can have definite
     15 on their systolic pressures and         who did not. The researchers concluded         effects on a variety of disorders.
                            JUN O CO N N E C T I O N J U LY 2 0 0 8   EMPLOYEES                   first         13

Welcome to JUNO Healthcare                                              REQUIREMENTS CHECKLIST
                                                                        FOR RN & PT APPLICANTS
                                                                        • Updated resume
                Natalie Byrd
                                                                        • Diploma from your country of origin
               Erica Cintron
            Gwendolen Draughn                                           • Transcript of records

              Deborah Fields                                            • Birth certificate, yours and dependents’

             Lorie Kowalkowski                                            marriage certificate (if applicable)

                                                                        • 3 copies of 2 x 2 ID pictures

                                                                        • Board certificate and board license
      Nurse quote of the month:
                                                                          (PRC ID)
  “Let whoever is in charge keep this simple
                                                                        • Passport / US visa (if applicable)
 question in her head -(not, how can I always
                                                                        • TOEFL / IBT or TSE / IELTS results
        do this right thing myself, but)
     how can I provide for the right thing                              • Employment and training certificates

             to be always done?”                                        • NCLEX result or CFGNS certificate

            Florence Nightingale                                          for RNs or NPTE result for PTs

                Happy Birthday! July celebrants
               9                               19                            26
               Lourdes C.                      Arsenia P.                    DR T.
                                                                             Dulca B.
               10                              22
               Arifa A.                        Lampel L.                     30
                                                                             Melescent Z.
               13                              24
               Cecilia J.                      Angelo A.
                                               Carmen C.
               16                              Faith Severita R.
               Aldin F.
14          R E V IE W           corner              JUN
                                                     JU N O C O N N E C T I O N J U LY 2 0 0 8

     NCLEX quiz for RNs

     Sample NCLEX practice exam
     1. A 28 year old male has been found        3. A parent calls the pediatric clinic          5. A nurse has just started her rounds
     wandering around in a confused              and is frantic about the bottle of              delivering medication. A new patient
     pattern. The male is sweaty and pale.       cleaning fluid her child drank 20                on her rounds is a 4 year-old boy
     Which of the following tests is most        minutes. Which of the following is              who is non-verbal. This child does
     likely to be performed first?                the most important instruction the              not have on any identification. What
           A: Blood sugar check                  nurse can give the parent?                      should the nurse do?
           B: CT scan                                 A: This too shall pass.                          A: Contact the provider
           C: Blood cultures                          B: Take the child immediately                    B: Ask the child to write their
           D: Arterial blood gases                       to the ER                                        name on paper.
     2. A mother is inquiring about her               C: Contact the Poison Control                    C: Ask a co-worker about the
     child’s ability to potty train. Which               Center quickly                                   identification of the child.
     of the following factors is the most             D: Give the child syrup of ipecac                D: Ask the father who is in
     important aspect of toilet training?        4. A nurse is administering a shot                       the room the child’s name.
           A: The age of the child               of Vitamin K to a 30 day-old infant.
           B: The child ability to understand    Which of the following target areas is
              instruction.                       the most appropriate?                             ANSWERS
           C:The overall mental and                   A: Gluteus maximus                                          C   3.
              physical abilities of the child.        B: Gluteus minimus                            D   5.        C   2.
           D: Frequent attempts with                  C: Vastus lateralis                           C   4.        A   1.
              positivereinforcement.                  D: Vastus medialis

      JUNO Wordfind

                                                 N   A V I      T CNU         J   NOC
     1. Aberrometer                              O   R E T      I N I T       I   S WM           are focused at the inner back of the eye
     A device that can identify common           I   E E S      DAR E         L   CS S           (retina) where images are processed.
     and more obscure vision errors by           Z   I MT       CD E H        O   VO I           fovea A depression in the retina that
     measuring the way light waves travel        A   LMA        E E T Y       U   AU T           contains only cones (not rods), and that
     through the eye’s optical system.                                                           provides acute eyesight.
                                                 L   A E B      TMP P         L   I C A
                                                 A   C T U      S F OE        I   E BM
     2. Astigmatism                                                                              8. Glaucoma
     Condition in which the cornea’s
                                                 H   ORH        I H I R       S   T HG           Disease characterized by elevated
     curvature is asymmetrical (the eye is       C   F O V      E ADO         R   U E I          intraocular pressure, which causes
     shaped like a football or egg instead       X   I P A      H T UP        T   E A T          optic nerve damage and subsequent
     of a baseball); light rays are focused      U   B I O      A S E I       U   CB S           peripheral vision loss.
     at two points on the retina rather          G   L A U      C OMA         E   A I A
     than one, resulting in blurred vision.                                                      9. Hyperopia
     Additional symptoms include distorted       they become infected.                           Also called farsightedness. Condition in
     vision, eyestrain, shadows on letters,                                                      which the length of the eye is too short,
     squinting and double vision.                5. Conjunctiva                                  causing light rays to focus behind the
                                                 Mucous membrane that lines the visible          retina rather than on it, resulting in
     3. Bifocal                                  part of the eye and the inner surface of        blurred near vision.
     Lens with one segment for near vision       the eyelid.
     and one segment for far vision. The                                                         10. Retinitis
     term can apply to both eyeglass lenses      6. Diopter                                      Inflammation of the retina. Symptoms
     and contact lenses.                         Unit which measures the refractive              include blurred vision, metamorphopsia,
                                                 (light-bending) power of a lens; eyecare        floaters and vision loss.
     4. Chalazion                                practitioners use it in eyeglass and
     A small bump on the eyelid caused           contact lens prescriptions.                     11. Sclera
     by an obstructed meibomian gland.                                                           The outer coat of the eyeball that
     Additional symptoms include light           7. Emmetropia                                   forms the visible white of the eye and
     sensitivity, tearing and eyelid swelling.   The condition of an eye with normal             surrounds the optic nerve at the back
     Chalazia are usually not painful unless     vision, meaning that light rays correctly       of the eyeball.
                                            JUN O CO N N E C T I O N J U LY 2 0 0 8       HUMOR              side             15

Nursing humor                                  Pinoy humor
Cleaner Polishes                               Isang Anghel                              Class…What Is???
Off Patients                                   May isang maitim na babae ang
                                               nakasalubong ng isang matandang
                                                                                         Teacher: Ang pag-aaralan natin
This is a true story from the newspaper                                                  bukas ay tungkol sa katapatan,kaya
The Cape Times (South Africa): “For            nagugutom, sa kabutihang palad            basahin ninyo ang chapter 12 ng
several months, our nurses have                ay mayron siyang dalang tinapay.          inyong aklat.
been baffled to find a patient dead in           Binigyan nya ito ng tinapay ang           Students: Yes mam!
the same bed every Friday morning”             matanda at ito’y biglang nagbago ng
a spokeswoman for the Pelonomi                 anyo sya’y naging diwata.                 Kinabukasan.
Hospital (Free State, South Africa)
                                                     “Sa        iyong    kabutihang
told     reporters. “There     was    no
                                               palad ay bibigyan kita ng isang           Teacher: Binasa ba ninyo ang chapter
apparent cause for any of the deaths,
and extensive checks on the air                kahilingan...........”                    12 ng inyong aklat?
conditioning system, and a search for                Sumagot ang maitim na babae         Students: (sabaysabay) Yes mam!
possible bacterial infection, failed to        “Gusto kong magkapakpak........”          Teacher: Yan ang sinasabi ko sa
reveal any clues.” “However, further                 Binigay nga ng diwata ang           inyo dapat talaga maturuan kayo ng
inquiries have now revealed the cause          kayang kahilingan.                        pagiging matapat. Para sa inyong
of these deaths... “It seems that every              “Kung ganon po ba ay anghel         kaalaman walang chapter 12 ang
Friday morning a cleaning lady would           na ko...”                                 inyong aklat!
enter the ward, remove the plug that                 Sabi ng diwata, “Ambisyosa ka,
powered the patient’s life support             paniki ka!”                               Teacher: John do you know Jose
system, plug her floor polisher into
the vacant socket, then go about her                              •••                    Rizal?
business. When she had finished her                                                       John: No mam!
chores, she would plug the life support        Si Inday, bigatin                         Teacher: Ikaw Pat?
machine back in and leave, unaware             San Pedro: Inday, bakit ka namatay?       Pat: No mam!
that the patient was now dead. She             Inday: Damn that envious boss of          Teacher: Hindi niyo ba talaga kilala si
could not, after all, hear the screams         mine! If it wasn’t for her, that bullet   Jose Rizal?
and eventual death rattle over the             would not have damaged the blood          Alvin: Mam baka sa kabilang section
whirring of her polisher”. “We are sorry,      vessels in my brain which caused          siya!
and have sent a strong letter to the
                                               severe hemorrhage and brought me
cleaner in question. Further, the Free
                                               in the state of hypovolemic shock!        Teacher: Galing tayo kay Adam at
State Health and Welfare Department
                                               Unfortunately, those incompetent          Eve.
is arranging for an electrician to fit an
extra socket, so there should be no            doctors were not able to help me, so      Student: Hindi mam! ang sabi ng
repetition of this incident. The inquiry       I had to face the wrath of Death.         tatay ko galing daw tayo sa unggoy.
is now closed.” (Cape Times) The               San Pedro: Ibalik si Inday sa earth!      Teacher: Tumahimik ka dyan! We are
headline of the newspaper story was,           Hindi ko siya kaya!                       not talking about your family.
“Cleaner Polishes Off Patients” Author
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while Earning
high rates.
Travel nursing can help broaden your personal experiences and increase your profes-
sional marketability at the same time. As a JUNO Travel Nurse, you can enhance your
skillset and gain valuable work experience at top facilities, have the opportunity to
visit numerous destinations in the US while earning high rates. You can do this
anytime you like, as often as you like. Imagine being able to sunbathe on a California
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year without losing any income. The power is in your hands. With more choices, you
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Be a JUNO Travel Nurse.
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