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                                Resident Training Program

    Barnes-Jewish Hospital | Siteman Cancer Center
      Washington University School of Medicine
                         RADIATION ONCOLOGY
                                                                            Resident Training Program

Dennis Hallahan, MD
Department of Radiation Oncology

Washington       University    Medical                 The practice of Radiation Oncology will reach the highest
Center is a 1700 bed complex that
                                                       quality when it is based on sound clinical skills, fundamental
includes Barnes-Jewish Hospital
(north    and     south     campuses),                 concepts of cancer biology and radiation physics, and a
St. Louis Children’s Hospital,                         thorough knowledge of the principles of cancer pathology. Our
Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology,                   residency program includes theoretical and practical work in
The Center for Advanced Medicine,
the Alvin J. Siteman Cancer Center                     each of these areas. To stress the multidisciplinary nature of
and Washington University School of                    cancer therapy, residents work closely with our staff, physicians
Medicine. The Medical Center is                        in the Siteman Cancer Center and members of other
across the street from beautiful
                                                       departments within the Washington University School of
Forest Park (site of the 1904 Olympic
Games and World’s Fair) in the                         Medicine, fostering an environment of understanding for the
fashionable Central West End                           indications and limitations of each therapeutic modality or
neighborhood of St. Louis
                                                       combination of modalities. The objective of the program is to
                                                       train highly competent, strongly   motivated and academically
                                                       oriented radiation oncologists.

                                   DEPARTMENT OF RADIATION ONCOLOGY
                                         Barnes-Jewish Hospital | Siteman Cancer Center
                                           Washington University School of Medicine
                                                              Our Residency Program

      David Mansur, MD
      Residency Program Director

Eligibility                                 Application                                     In general, the first two years of
   The residency program is open to            Applications for the clinical residency    the residency program are
United States citizens or foreign-born      program are accepted through the              devoted to clinical radiation
residents holding a valid visa for          Electronic     Residency       Application    oncology.      Residents become
training or residence in the United         System (ERAS). Completed appli-               familiar with patient evaluation,
States. Applicants must be graduates        cations should be submitted by October        treatment       planning         and
from an accredited medical school           30. The review process begins in early        techniques, and other clinical
and must have passed FLEX or                November after the Dean’s letters are         aspects of radiation therapy.
National Board examinations to              available. Candidates will be invited for     Residents     gradually     assume
become eligible for medical licensure       interviews in late November or early          greater responsibility as their fund
in the State of Missouri. All foreign       December. The interviews take place           of knowledge increases. Clinical
applicants with J-1 visas, except           in late December through January. We          rotations are designed in 8 week
graduates of Canadian medical               do participate in the National Residency      blocks where the resident is
schools, must have passed the               Match Program (NRMP)                          responsible to an attending faculty
FMGEMS (formerly VQE) qualifying                                                          member concentrating on one or
examination, have a valid ECFMG             Postgraduate Year 2 and 3                     two disease sites.
certificate and plan to return to           (First and Second Year)
academic programs in their countries.          The     Department   of   Radiation
                                            Oncology residency program starts with
                                            the Postgraduate Year 2. Postgraduate
                                            Year 1, the internship year, must be
                                            completed in an ACGME accredited
                                            medicine, surgery, family practice,
                                            obstetrics/ gynecology, or transitional
                                            year internship.

                                    DEPARTMENT OF RADIATION ONCOLOGY
                                         Barnes-Jewish Hospital | Siteman Cancer Center
                                           Washington University School of Medicine

                                                              Our Residency Program

                                            Our Residency

Radiation Oncology
Attending Physicians

  Postgraduate Year 4                           Holman Pathway                          Postgraduate Year 5
  (Third Year)                                     The Department encourages            (Fourth Year)
     All residents are expected to              qualified individuals to consider          Residents continue with a
  complete a 12 month research block.           residency training in the American      final year of clinical service and
  A program of laboratory or clinical           Board of Radiology Holman               assume greater responsibility
  research in cancer biology, physics or        Research Pathway. The decision          for patient management and
  computer applications can be pursued          to pursue this research oriented        decision making.
  depending on individual interests.            training will be made jointly by the
  This research time is conducted under         resident and the Department during
  the supervision of a medical school           the first year of residency training.
  senior investigator after a review of
  the proposed project by the Residency
  Director and Chairman. The Depart-
  ment’s    cancer    biology    division
  includes 27,000 square feet of lab
  space located a few blocks from the
  medical center within the Forest Park
  building. In addition, the Department
  has almost 10,000 square feet of
  space devoted to medical physics
  research. Alternatively, residents may
  pursue their research interests in any
  other department within the Medical

                                  DEPARTMENT OF RADIATION ONCOLOGY
                                       Barnes-Jewish Hospital | Siteman Cancer Center
                                         Washington University School of Medicine

                                                                    Resident Education

Clinical Rotation
                                                facility that covers 54,000 square feet       There is an active prostate
   The majority of the resident’s time
                                                and includes 6 linear accelerators, 2         interstitial seed implant service.
will be spent in the clinic taking care of
                                                TomoTherapy units, 2 CT simulators,           Additionally, HDR is often used to
                                                1      conventional    simulator,   and       treat     patients    with   breast,
   The resident will become well
                                                dedicated suites for brachytherapy,           sarcoma,       and     endobronchial
versed in all aspects of patient care
                                                Gamma Knife radio-surgery, magnetic           tumors. There is a busy thyroid
from      initial   consultation      and
                                                resonance imaging, and hyperthermia.          cancer service, and residents
multidisciplinary decision making,
                                                The department continues to expand            become well trained in the use of
through simulation and treatment
                                                and we look forward to opening the S.         radioactive iodine in treating this
planning, to weekly on treatment
                                                Lee Kling Center for Proton Therapy           disease. The radiosurgery service
management, to short-term and long-
                                                which will be located across the street.      continues to expand; over 250
term follow-up care. Therefore,
                                                        The Department continues its          patients are treated by Gamma
experience in each of these areas is
                                                role as a leader in state of the art          Knife radiosurgery every year.
provided in the clinical rotations. Over
                                                treatment with the routine use of             Other modalities include total body
the past three decades, Mallinckrodt
                                                intensity modulated radiation therapy         irradiation, radioactive eye plaque
Institute has helped to define the
                                                (IMRT) for curative patients. MRI             irradiation for intraocular tumors
standard of care for clinical radiation
                                                fusion, and PET or PET/CT are                 and endo-cavitary rectal radiation
therapy. This legacy continues in the
                                                routinely used in treatment planning.         therapy for early stage rectal
newly constructed clinical facility
                                                Extensive experience in high-dose             cancers. All patients from the
housed within the lower level of the
                                                rate brachytherapy is gained on the           adjoining St. Louis Children’s
Center for Advanced Medicine, on the
                                                gynecology service.                           Hospital who require radiation
north end of the Medical Center.
Nearly 3,000 new patients are seen,                                                           therapy receive treatment within
and 45,000 external beam treatments                                                           the Department, resulting in a
are delivered annually in a single                                                            busy pediatric service.

                                      DEPARTMENT OF RADIATION ONCOLOGY
                                             Barnes-Jewish Hospital | Siteman Cancer Center
                                               Washington University School of Medicine

                                                                  Resident Education

                    Resident Education

Lectures and Conferences                    laboratory exercises supplements the            Socioeconomic and Ethical
   In addition to seeing and treating       didactic lectures. This lecture series          Issues
patients, residents participate in a        is offered each year in the fall                   A series of lectures is held in
wide range of educational lectures          semester.       PGY-2 and PGY-4                 alternate years surveying diverse
and conferences.                            residents attend.                               topics, including death and dying,
                                                                                            medical ethics, radiation oncology
Cancer Biology                              Experimental            Design     and          facility design, private practice
   This lecture series deals with basic     Statistics                                      experiences, physician-insurer rela-
principles of cellular and radiation           A series of lectures is held in              tions, and medical economics.
biology, cancer chemotherapy and            alternate years to familiarize the staff
immunology. The material is covered         and residents with the basic principles         Intramural Conferences
in two courses in the second half of        of experimental design, data analysis,          Patient Management
the academic year. The relevance of         and statistical validity testing.               Conference
these concepts to the clinical practice        Some lectures are devoted to                    This conference occurs on
of radiation therapy is emphasized.         describing the foundations of com-              Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
PGY2 residents attend.                      puter design, data processing, and              One resident presents a case from
                                            application of this technology to               their clinical rotation to the faculty
Radiation Physics                           radiation oncology’s clinical operation,        and fellow residents. The discourse
   A lecture series is presented on the     patient information systems, data               includes a review of work up,
physics of radiation therapy and its        processing and analysis.                        staging, prognostic factors and all
application    to    clinical  radiation                                                    treatment      options    based    on
therapy,      dosimetry,      treatment                                                     pertinent literature. While decision
planning, brachytherapy, and radiation                                                      making and rationale are empha-
protection. A series of                                                                     sized, detailed technical aspects of
                                                                                            the radiotherapeutic management
                                                                                            may also be reviewed.

                                      DEPARTMENT OF RADIATION ONCOLOGY
                                           Barnes-Jewish Hospital | Siteman Cancer Center
                                             Washington University School of Medicine

           Resident Physicians 2011- 2012                             Resident Education

                       CENTER FOR ADVANCED MEDICINE

Radiation Oncology                                                                         Physics and Treatment Planning
Academic Update                                                                               A resident, advised by a faculty
                                            gathers for critical review of patients
   A formal didactic is delivered every                                                    medical physicist, covers important
                                            currently under treatment. Residents
Friday morning by a faculty member.                                                        physics topics. This year’s topics
                                            briefly describe cases being treated
Occasionally visiting professors will                                                      include    proton     therapy, intra-
                                            on their clinical services. The chart is
give a talk during this time. This is a                                                    operative radiation, brachytherapy,
                                            checked for completeness and the
highly regarded series, often attended                                                     and total body irradiation.
                                            treatment plan, including isodose
by community radiation oncologists
                                            distribution and dose-volume histo-
from around the region.                                                                    Conclusion
                                            grams, are reviewed. Simulation films
                                            and treatment ports are reviewed.                 In summary, the broad range of
Clinical Resident                                                                          clinical experience and the abundant
Education Course                                                                           research opportunities within one of
                                            Journal Club
   Once a week a lecture or tutorial is                                                    the elite medical schools in the
                                               The monthly journal club meets
given by either clinical faculty                                                           nation combine to create a superior
                                            informally over lunch to discuss 3 to 4
members or residents with a faculty                                                        radiation oncology residency at
                                            related current journal articles.
member advisor.     These sessions                                                         Washington University. The faculty
range from pure didactic lectures on                                                       and staff are proud of the Depart-
                                            Morbidity and Mortality
specific disease to interactive dis-                                                       ment’s heritage, look enthusiastically
                                                A resident, guided by a faculty
cussion of practical and technical                                                         towards the future, and consider the
                                            advisor, leads a discussion on the
issues encountered in patient man-                                                         training of highly skilled residents
                                            biological basis, predictive factors,
agement scenarios.                                                                         integral to the Department’s con-
                                            and management of radiation induced
                                            late complications.                            tinued success.
Current Case Review
  Once a week the Department

                                    DEPARTMENT OF RADIATION ONCOLOGY
                                          Barnes-Jewish Hospital | Siteman Cancer Center
                                            Washington University School of Medicine

                                                                   Additional Information

Employer                                      Computer Services                              Child Care
  As a resident in the Radiation                PCs and software are available for              The hospital sponsored Child
Oncology Training Program, you will           residents’ use. The Bernard Becker             Development Center is open from 6
be an employee of Barnes-Jewish               Medical Library provides training for          a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday,
Hospital and will be expected to              word processing, data analysis and             with extended evening care available
comply with all policies, rules, and          collection.                                    until 8 p.m. Programs are available
regulations of the hospital.                                                                 year round for infants through
                                              Exercise Centers                               kindergarten age children. Summer
                                                 On the medical school campus, the           camp is available for school age
Libraries                                     Irene Walter Johnson Institute offers a        children.
   Washington University’s Bernard            complete exercise center for a small
Becker Medical Library is one of the          fee to faculty, staff, and students. An        Uniforms
oldest and largest medical libraries in       indoor track, rowing machines,                   Residents receive four white lab-
the Midwest. Located on the medical           stationary cycles, treadmills, free            coats each year.
campus, just east of Barnes-Jewish            weights, Nautilus machines, and
Hospital south, the eighth level medical      aerobic     exercise      classes    are       Parking
library is easily accessible. The library     available.                                       Designated parking facilities are
houses 208,000 volumes, including                                                            available in the immediate vicinity of
2,000 separate journal subscriptions.                                                        the Medical Center at no charge, as
                                                                                             provided by Barnes-Jewish Hospital.

                                      DEPARTMENT OF RADIATION ONCOLOGY
                                            Barnes-Jewish Hospital | Siteman Cancer Center
                                              Washington University School of Medicine

                                                                Additional Information

     Additional Information

Diversity Programs                          to promote an academic environment            basis of race, color, age, religion,
Washington University School of             that extols personal differences and          sex, sexual orientation, national
Medicine strongly believes its              affirms the benefits of multicult-            origin, veteran status, or disability.
continued success and preeminence           uralism – an active process that              Present Department of Defense
depends on creating and maintaining         stresses an understanding and                 policy governing ROTC and
a culturally competent and diverse          acceptance of cultures, beliefs, and          AFROTC programs discriminate on
academic workplace. In 1996, the            practices distinct from one’s own.            the basis of sexual orientation;
Medical School demonstrated its                Washington       University encour-        such discrimination is inconsistent
commitment to cultural diversity by         ages and gives full consideration to          with     Washington      University’s
creating the Office of Diversity            all applicants for admission, financial       policy. Inquiries about compliance
Programs.      The current mission          aid, and employment.                          should be addressed to the
reflects the promotion of cultural              The University and Barnes-                University’s Vice Chancellor for
diversity, not only within the student      Jewish Hospital do not discriminate           Human Resources, Washington
body, but also within the entire            in access to, treatment, or employ-           University, Campus Box 1184, One
academic workforce, as a means of           ment in its programs and activities on        Brookings Drive, St. Louis, MO
enhancing        the       educational      the                                           63130- 4899; 314-935-5949.
environment at the School of
Medicine. Goals set forth by the
Office of Diversity Programs reflects
the Medical School’s efforts

                                   DEPARTMENT OF RADIATION ONCOLOGY
                                         Barnes-Jewish Hospital | Siteman Cancer Center
                                           Washington University School of Medicine

                                                               Living in St. Louis

Living in St. Louis                        Urban      renewal     is   evident           Beyond the Gateway Arch
     Ranking sixth in the nation as        downtown along the Washington
headquarters for Fortune 500               Avenue loft district. Metrolink, St.          Performing Arts
companies, St. Louis is ranked by          Louis’ light rail system, has 37                  The       renowned        Powell
Fortune magazine as the nation’s           stations servicing the metro St.              Symphony Hall is home to the
third best place to live and work.         Louis area, with service to                   Grammy Award-winning           Saint
St. Louis ranks second in                  Lambert- St. Louis International              Louis      Symphony        Orchestra
Entrepreneur magazine’s listing of         Airport. A Metrolink station is               which celebrated its 125th season in
the top places in the United States        conveniently located on the                   2004. Hear a diverse range of
for small businesses and made Inc.         Washington University Medical                 musical artists in the acoustically
magazine’s top-ten list for areas for      Center Campus.                                perfect Sheldon Concert Hall. The
growing firms. Yet among major                If suburban living is your style,          rich St. Louis traditions of jazz,
metropolitan areas, St. Louis has          there are numerous communities                blues, and rock & roll are
the fourth-lowest cost of living. The      within easy commuting distance of             preserved in lounges, clubs and
city offers various communities of         the Medical Center. There are                 venues downtown and in the
single-family homes, apartments,           115 public school districts in the            neighborhoods of midtown, Soulard
lofts, and condominiums. Many              St. Louis region. The average                 and University City. Jazz lovers
parts of St. Louis reflect their           ACT score for St. Louis area                  have a place all their own at Grand
immigrant backgrounds with Italian,        schools is 21.8, higher than the              Center’s Jazz at the Bistro.
German and Irish neighborhoods             national average of 21.0.        St.              Built in 1927 as part of the
still prominent. A growing Asian           Louis boasts 12 universities and              William Fox Circuit of Theaters, the
population is present in the city’s        four- year colleges and eight two-            Fabulous Fox Theatre in St. Louis
south side along South Grand               year institutions as well as many             hosts the official touring companies
Avenue.                                    professional schools.                         and casts of broadway productions
                                                                                         as well

                                   DEPARTMENT OF RADIATION ONCOLOGY
                                        Barnes-Jewish Hospital | Siteman Cancer Center
                                          Washington University School of Medicine

                                                                 Living in St. Louis

                           Living in St. Louis

as        popular,         well-known        1866, the Missouri Historical                 Dining
entertainers.      Live theatre is           Society sponsors the Missouri                      The city’s many distinct
available     at    the     acclaimed        History Museum that provides                  neighborhoods, immigrants, and
Repertory Theatre of St. Louis               information on the St. Louis region           innovative chefs combine to offer
and the 470-seat Grandel Theatre,            and its diverse community. The                the entire culinary spectrum in
home of the St. Louis Black                  newly relocated Contemporary                  settings ranging from formal
Repertory Company.           For live        Art Museum St. Louis displays                 elegance to side-walk cafés.
theatre in the open air, visit the           several exhibitions each year
nation’s oldest and largest outdoor          featuring local, national and                 Spectator Sports
theatre – the Municipal Opera of St.         international artists.                           The Major League Baseball
Louis in Forest Park.                           Children of all ages will enjoy            Cardinals,     National     Football
   Dance St. Louis is dedicated to           the region’s many family oriented             League Rams, and National
bringing the entire spectrum of              attractions. The Magic House –                Hockey League Blues provide live
dance to the region.           Touring       St. Louis Children’s Museum is                sports entertainment all year. Each
productions can be seen at a                 the third most visited children’s             of their respective venues is
variety of St. Louis theatres.               museum in the country. The St.                located downtown and is easily
                                             Louis Science Center is the                   accessed from metropolitan St.
Visual Arts and Museums                      eighth most visited science center            Louis by the Metrolink light rail
    There are many excellent                 in the world. And the renowned                system.
museums and galleries in St. Louis,          and still admission free St. Louis
including the nationally acclaimed           Zoo is rated the nation’s best by
St. Louis Art Museum. If you                 the Zagat Survey.
prefer your art to be a bit irreverent,
visit the whimsical City Museum.
Founded in

                                      DEPARTMENT OF RADIATION ONCOLOGY
                                          Barnes-Jewish Hospital | Siteman Cancer Center
                                            Washington University School of Medicine

                                                                  Living in St. Louis

                         Living in St. Louis

Additional spectator sports include the
St. Louis Steamers (Major Indoor
Soccer League), horse racing at
Fairmount Park, two minor league
baseball teams, and Indy car,
NASCAR, and NHRA drag racing at
Gateway International Raceway.

Other Attractions
   Covering 80 acres in the heart of
St.     Louis,    the    world-renowned
Missouri Botanical Garden is a
cultural institution, historic landmark,
and research center.             Outdoor         Often referred to as the crown-            skating rink, 30 athletic fields, 20
enthusiasts will also enjoy a                 jewel of St. Louis, Forest Park is            lakes and ponds, and 7.5 miles of
seemingly endless network of hiking           across the street from the medical            trails for walking and bicycling.
and biking trails throughout the              center campus. The 1371-acre                     For additional information on St.
region.                                       park (which is 60 percent larger              Louis, visit these websites: St.
    While usually not thought of as           than New York’s Central Park)                 Louis Convention & Visitors
traditional wine country, Eastern             contains the St. Louis Zoo, the St.           Commission or the St. Louis
Missouri is home to many vineyards            Louis Art Museum, the Missouri                Regional Chamber and Growth
and wineries. Several of these are            History Museum, the MUNY, the                 Association.
within a short drive from the St. Louis       Science Center, the Jewel Box
metropolitan area and can be a nice           Flower conservatory, 2 golf
weekend diversion.                            courses, hand-ball courts, and an

                                    DEPARTMENT OF RADIATION ONCOLOGY
                                           Barnes-Jewish Hospital | Siteman Cancer Center
                                             Washington University School of Medicine

                                                      2011 – 2012 Faculty

 Clinical Section
   Dennis E. Hallahan, MD, Chairman         Jerry J. Jaboin, MD , PhD       Julie K. Schwarz, MD , PhD
   Jeff M. Michalski, MD, MBA               David B. Mansur, MD             Joseph R. Simpson, MD, PhD
   Jeffrey D. Bradley, MD                   Robert J. Myerson, MD, PhD      Marie E. Taylor, MD

   Hiram A. Gay, MD                         Parag J. Parikh, BSE, MD        Wade L. Thorstad, MD
   Perry W. Grigsby, MD, MBA                Clifford G. Robinson, MD        Imran Zoberi, MD

 Physics Section
   Eric E. Klein, PhD, Co-Director       S. Murty Goddu, PhD               Kevin Moore, PhD
   Sasa Mutic, PhD, Co-Director          Yanle Hu, PhD                     Dharanipathy Rangaraj, PhD
   Charles Bloch, PhD                    Enrique Izaguirre, PhD            Susan Richardson, PhD
   Walter R. Bosch, DSc                  Rojano Kashani, PhD               Lakshmi Santanam, PhD
   R. Scott Brame, PhD                   Harold H. Li, PhD                 William L. Straube, MS
   Robert E. Drzymala, PhD               Hua Li, PhD                       H. Omar Wooten, PhD
   Jacqueline Esthappan, PhD             John W. Matthews, DSc             Deshan Yang, PhD
   Jose Garcia-Ramirez, MS
 Division of Bioinformatics and Outcomes Research
   R. Scott Brame, PhD, Interim Director

 Radiation and Cancer Biology Division
   David Curiel, MD, PhD, Director            Susana Gonzalo, PhD           Hideyo Ugai, PhD
   Buck Rogers, PhD, Associate Director       Jerry J. Jaboin, MD, PhD      Xiaowei Wang, PhD
                                              Sergey Kaliberov, PhD         Heping Yan, PhD
   Igor Dmitriev, PhD
                                              Girdhar Sharma, PhD           Qin Yang, MD, PhD
   Andrei Laszlo, PhD                         Dinesh Thotala, PhD           Junran Zhang, MD, PhD

                          Barnes-Jewish Hospital | Siteman Cancer Center
                            Washington University School of Medicine

                                               2011 – 2012 Stipends
                                       Interdepartmental Conferences

2011 – 2012 Stipends

PGY2            $50,147
PGY3            $52,406
PGY4            $54,766
PGY5            $57,230

There is a resident allotment of $2,500 per year.

Residents have 15 days of paid vacation per year and 5 paid meeting days per
year for presentations.

Interdepartmental Conferences
Weekly Conferences
       • Colorectal Surgical Case Management
       • Radiation Oncology / GYN Tumor Conference
       • Joint Radiation Oncology / ENT Conference
       • Multidisciplinary Tumor Conference
       • Breast Cancer Multidisciplinary Conference
       • Pediatric Tumor Board
       • Pediatric Neuro-Oncology Conference
       • Thoracic Oncology Conference
       • Neuro-Oncology / Gamma Knife Conference
       • Skull Base Conference
       • Pediatric Solid Tumor Conference
       • Musculoskeletal Tumor Conference
       • Lymphoma Conference

Monthly Conferences
       • Marilyn Fixman Clinical Cancer Conference

                   Barnes-Jewish Hospital | Siteman Cancer Center
                     Washington University School of Medicine