q \j) I


                         LEGION FIELD
                      BRIDGEWATER, MASS.·
                         OCTOBER 15
                        TIME 1:30 P.M.
                        PROGRAM 25C

1st Row: Larry Melcher (Chelsea), Mike Lynch (Dorchester), Joe Kublicki (Bridgewater),
         Geoffrey Fanning (Norwood), Leon Weinstein (Chelsea), Richard Copello
2nd Row: Herb Lynch (Haverhill), Paul Stella (Brockton), Carmin Guarino (Revere), Bill
         Clifford (Brockton), Ralph Robinson (Lakeville).

 1st Row: Bill Matheson (Arlington), Tom Cook (Lawrence), Leon Weinstein (Chelsea),
          Geoffrey Fanning (Norwood), Mike Lynch (Dorchester), Charles Worden
          (Newton), Richard Copello (Brock~on).
 2nd Row: Bill Clifford (Brockton), Pater ~owe (Lynch), Doug Bromley (Bridgewater),
          Ralph Robinson (Lakeville).
  FIRST ROW: Bill Matheson (Arlington), Doug Bromley (Bridgewater), Tom Cook (Lawrence). Leon Weinstein
. (Chelsea). Geoffrey Fanning (Norwood), Mike Lynch (Dorchester). Charles Worden (Newton). Peter Rowe (Lynn).
  Richard Copello (Brockton). Bill Clifford (Brockton).
  SECOND ROW: Larry Melcher (Chelsea). Herb Lynch (Haverhill). Joe Hartel (Jamaica Plain). Joe Kublicki
  (Bridgewater), James Accomando (Boston). Jon Cucinatto (Wakefield), Chris Lee (Bridgewater). Ed Carr
  (Natick). Paul Stella (Brockton). Jim Fagan (Taunton).
  THIRD ROW: Bud Fanning (Watertown), Ralph Robinson (Lakeville), Richard Gonsalves (Gloucester), Bob
  Medeiros (Revere). Frank St. Peter (Hyde Park), Brian McCabe (Charlestown), Joey Hackett (Roslindale),
  Dick Castro (Taunton), Jerry Conefrey (Brockton).
  FOURTH ROW: Tom Humphrey (Westboro); Mike Perchard (East Boston). Charles Sarkisign (Billerica).
  Dick Vintro (Taunton). Carmin Guarino (Revere), Don Cotton (Framingham). Steve Lonsdale (Abington).

                               DAVE DEEP                          JOSE PH LAZARO

                                                               Six years ago, after a long and
                                                           careful study, the administration
                                                           approved a petition from an over-
                                                           whelming majority of our stud-
                                                           ents to establish football as a
   HEAD COACH                                              major sport on this campus. In
                                                           the intervening time nothing has
 EDWARD SWENSON                                            occurred to indicate that the
                                                          petition was anything but aproper
                                                          and valuable one. It is true that
                                                          our football team over these six
                                                          years has established a poor
                                                          won-loss record.        Any other
                                Lee Harrington            outcome, however, would have
                              Academic Dean               been totally unexpected.
                         Two major problems present themselves in such an undertaking.
                     First, there is the obvious scheduling problem which results in the
                     ineVitability of over,-matching our team with already-established
                    clubs. Secondly, there is the task of developing a nucleus of players
                    who have had high school experience. It is my considered judgment,
                    and I have watched the situation closely, that this nucleus is ever
                         We felt at the outset that football would prOVide a stimulus in the
                     area of student extra-curricular activity. In this feeling we have
                     not been disappointed for in addition to prOViding an opportunity for
                     many of our undergraduate males to participate in this physically
                     demanding sport, it has provided colorful and exciting Saturday
                    afternoons for all of our students, faculty, and alumni.
 CHARLES VARNEY         It is an accepted axiom in inter-collegiate athletics that the
                    success of any team is in large measure attributable to its desire
                    for victory. In turn the desire to win on the part of the participants
                    is related to the attitude of the students and faculty of a particular
                    college. The players on our football team must be thoroughly con-
                    vinced that everybody concerned does in fact join with them in a
                    common crusade.
                        May I take this opportunity to congratulate our Head Coach,
                    Professor Edward Swenson, and his assistants for the p'atience
                    which they have shown while enduring the concomitant frustrations
                    of rearing a baby sport and may I urge our students and faculty
                    members to make a special effort during the coming football season
                    to impress upon our players a complete support of their efforts.
                    Very soon Bridgewater will begin to win its share, and I selfishly
                    hope, more than its share of football games.
                        May I also extend a cordial invitation to all the high school foot-
                    ball players, who might have an opportunity to read this· brochure
                    to apply to Bridgewater and to join with us in the pleasant and ex-
                    hilarating undertaking of planting deeply and firmly the roots of
                    football as a major sport on this campus.
                                                                    :f.QQ. n~~
PETER MAZ ZAFERRO                                                 Lee Harrington
                                                                  Academic Dean
 Adrian Rondileau        Henry F. Werner        Lee Harrington         Philip Dooley
    President             Assistant to          Academic Dean           Chairman of
                           President                                 Athletic Committee

MESSAGE FROM PRESIDENT RONDILEAU                                    September 26, 1966

    The decade ahead promises to be an exciting as well as challenging period for all
of us connected with Bridgewater State College. It is a decade in which the role of our
college as a multi-purpose institution of higher learning will be fulfilled.

    Bridgewater believes in high quality education and it believes in education of the
whole. person. A well educated person is interested in both sports and ideas - both
science and the arts, both his community and his college. He has good sense in taking
care of himself mentally, morally and physically. He is generous and cooperative in
contributing to the welfare of the members of the team and his fellow students.
He is a good student, a good professional person, a good family man or woman and a
good all round citizen.

    .Eor this reason we have already embarked on a major program to provide the ad-
ditional facilities necessary to carryon our Health and Physical Education programs.
All of us in the College Community are watching as our wide expanse of land on Great
Hill is developed for dormitories, parking accommodations, and in the years ahead for
physical education facilities.

    We take great pride in the anticipated growth of our Health and Physical Education
Department as we do in the quality and expansion of every other department of the
college. We are confident that the future will bring an even higher level of excellence.

                            BRIDGEWATER STATE COLLEGE

                            1966 VARSITY FOOTBALL ROSTER

No.            Name             Class     POSe   Age    Ht.      Wt.   Hometown
10        Robinson, Ralph       Jr.       B      20    5'9"      180   Lakeville
12        Stella, Paul           So.      B      19    5' 11"    180   Brockton
15        Bromley, Doug         Jr.       B      24    5'10"     195   Bridgewater
20        Medeiros, Robert      Fr.       B      18    6'1"      170   Revere
21        Cornell, Everett      So.       B      22    5'10"     175   Taunton
22        Cucinatto, Jon        Sr.       B      21    5'8"      170   Wakefield
23        st. Peter, Frank      Fr.       B      19    5'11"     180   Boston
32        Humphrey, Tom         Jr.       B      19    5'10"     194   Westboro
33        Clifford. Bill        Jr.       B      20    5'10"     175   Brockton
35    *, Broni    Sr.       B      20    5'8"      180   Wareham
40        Rowe, Peter           So.       B      19    5'10"     190   Lynn
42        Fagan, Jim            So.       E      19    6'2'·'    187   Taunton
44        Lynch, Herb           Fr.       B      17    5'11 "    190   Haverhill
50        Accomando, Jim        So.       C      19    5'8"      185   Boston
51        Hackett, Joey         Fr.       G      18    5' 10"    180   Roslindale
52    *   Fanning, Geoffr:ey    Sr.       C      21    6'        225   Norwood
53        Castro, Richard       Jr.       G      19    5'10"     165   Taunton
54        Thompson, Larry       Sr.       T      21    6'        200   Bridgewater
60        Carr, Ed              Fr.       G      19    5'9"      175   Natick
61        Lonsdale, Steve       Sr.       G      21    5'10"     165   Abington
62        Perchard, Mike        Fr.       G      18    5'7"      175   East Boston
63        Kublicki, Joe         So.       G      21    5'11"     215   Bridgewater
64        Weinstein, Leon       Fr.       G      18    5'11"     191   Chelsea
65        Lynch, Mike           Fr.       G      18    5'10"     210   Syracuse, N.Y.
67        Conefrey, Jerry       So.       G      19    5'10"     190   Brockton
70        Hartel, Joe           Fr.       T      20    6'        190   Jamaica Plain
71        Sarkisian, Charles    Fr.       T      20    5'8"      197   Billerica
72        Lee, Chris            Sr.       T      21    5'11 "    190   Bridgewater
73        Keaveny, Bill .       Jr.       G      21    5'8"      190   Watertown
74        Worden, Charles       Fr.       T      18    5'9"      210   Newton
76        Vintro, Richard       Jr.       G      22    5'7"      210   Taunton
77        Cook, Tom             Fr.       T      19    6'        220   Lawrence
80        Guarino, Carmin       Jr.       S      19    5'9"      169   Revere
81        Matheson, Bill        Fr.       E      18    5'11' ,   160   Arlington
82        Gonsalves, Richard    Jr.       E      21    5'10"     170   Gloucester
83        Melcher, Larry        So.       E      21    5'10"     180   Chelsea
84        Fanning, Bud          Fr.       E      18    5'9"      150   Watertown
85        McCabe, Brian         Fr.       E      19    6'1"      195   Charlestown
86        Copello, Richard F.   So.       E      22    5'10"     157   Brockton

          Witham, Tom           Trainer
      *   Co-Captains
                              MAINE MARITIME

                       1966 VARSITY FOOTBALL ROSTER

No.        Name             Class Pos.   Age   Ht.      Wt.   Hometown

10    *Adams, David         Jr.    B     20    6'       170   Westbrook
11     Mercer, Robert       Jr.    B           5'9"     150   Bucksport
12     Wilbur, Elwood       So.    B     19    6'       180   Hampton, N.H.
13    *Billings, Randall    Jr.    B     20    5'6"     172   Rockland
14     Keene, Gary          Fr.    B     18    6'       165   Bucksport
15     Powell, Dane         Fr.    B     18    6'2"     165   Dover-Foxcroft
20     Martel, Robert       Fr.    B     19    5'8"     182   Portland
21     Tine, .Albe rt       Jr.    B     20    5'9"     167   Reading, Mass.
22    *Lynch, Michael       Jr.    B     20    5'7 "    163   Newburyport, Mass.
23     Blanchette, James     So.   B     19    5'8"     162   S. Hampton, N.H.
24     Tinker, Joseph       Fr.    B     19    5'8"     168   Belgrade Lakes
30     Kroesser, Kenneth    Fr.    B     19    5'10"    190   Belfast
31     Gaydos, John         So.    B           5'9"     188   Lisbon Falls
32     Bergeron, Richard    So.    B     19    5'6"     185   Saco
33     Wolford, Elmo        Jr.    B     20    5'9"     190   Portland
34     Jacobsen, Arthur     Jr.    B           5'11 "   192   Forked River, N.J.
40    *Harris, Albert       Jr.    B     20    5'7"     155   Woodville, Mass.
41     Patasini, Lawrence    So.   B     20    5'10"    172   Fairhaven, Mass.
42     Cloutier, Peter      Fr.    B     19    6'       180   S. Portland
43     Giles, Richard       Fr.    B     19    5'10"    185   Brewer
44     MacLeod, Paul        So.    B           5'10"    155   Bangor
50     Jenkins, Geo.        Fr.    C     19    5'9"     195   Portland
51    *Hoysradt, Kirk       Jr.    C     21    6'       201   Manchester, Mass.
52     Haskell, William     So.    C     21    5'10"    206   Dexter
53     Dennison, Hazen       So.   C     19    5'9"     172   Lincoln
60     Walsh, George        So.    G           5'9"     178   Bucksport
61     Fairfield, James     Fr.    G     19    5'7 "    175   Kennebunkport
62     Sponsler, Russell    Jr.    G     22    5'9"     190   Kittery
63    *Michaud, Harold      Jr.    G     22    5'10"    194   Waterville
64     Gallant, Joseph      Fr.    G     19    5'10"    195   Bucksport
65     Richard, Paul        Fr.    G     19    6'1"     205   Waterboro
66     MacLeod, Robert      So.    G     18    6'       195   E. Weymouth, Mass.
67     Svetin, Leonard      Fr.    G     19    5'11"    170   Middleton, Mass.
68     Truman, Edward       Fr.    G     19    5'11"    160   Oxford
70    *Hunter, Peter        Sr.    T     21    5'11"    180   Waterville
71     Cousins, Bruce       Fr.    T     19    5'11"    195   Noank, Conn.
72     Carrier, Gerald      Fr.    T     19    6'1'     185   Mexico
73     Pickering, Ray       Fr.    T     19    5'10"    218   Bucksport
74     King, Dennis         Fr.    T     19    6'       200   Saugus, Mass.
75     Nason, Wayne         Fr.    T     19    6'1"     205   Saco
76    *Lindvall, Robert     Jr.    T     21    6'3"     230   Waterville
77     Theriault, David     Jr.    T     20    6'3"     204   Salem, Mass.
78     Simpson, Jerry       So.    T     19    6'3"     200   Farmington
79     Wynne, Kelley        Fr.    T     19    6'       225   Waterville
80     Keyes, Robert        So.    E     19    5'11"    172   Ipswich, Mass.
81     Peterson, Eric       So.    E     19    5'11"    157   Millinocket
83     Lary, Ernest         So.    E     19    6'1"     170   Dover- Foxcroft
84     Charleston, Norman   So.    E     19    6'       180   Westbrook
85    *Blackmore, Robert    Jr.    E     20    6'1"     185   Westbrook
86     Thibodeau, John      Fr.    E     19    6'       175   Old Town
87     McEachern, Hugh      So.    E     19    5'11"    189   Greenville J ct.
88    *Werner, Albert       Jr.    E     21    6'1 "    187   Portland

            Marcia Mitchell - Head Cheerleader
            2nd Row: Karen Mraczka, Sandy Camara
            3rd Row: Laurie Dolliver, Donna Skales, Marie Capello
            4th Row: Fran Smith, Carol Mauzello, Linda Murray, Ava Demers

    Best Wi shes in the Season

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                                                     ters of all 83 football-playing colleges in the Conference.
                                                     The ·Guide will be off the press about Sept. 1. Advance                 Compl iments of
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                                          BRISTACO BOOSTERS                                                .'

 Bill Matheson                      Douglas Fenn                          Ron Broman
 Dave Currier                       Jeff Fanning                           Rita Galateros
 Mr. David L. Cook                  Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Fanning, Sr.     Bob Gill
 Mr. Charles Fanning, Jr.           Denny Collum                           Maryann Chisholm
 Henry J. Fanning, Jr.              Paula Hixenbaugh                      Marilyn Dykeman
 Dan Morgan                         "Stately Stu"                          A Friend
 Marie Garlutt                      Room 307                              Larry's Friends
 A. C. Oien                         Barbara Shakespeare                   Sandy & Ginny
 Debby Flynn, Kathy Connor          "Uncle Dan"                           Mr.. & Mrs. Arthur Weinstein
 Dan, Jim & Ken                     Shirley Wood                          Mr. & Mrs. Ca,rl Weinsteill
 Jordan S. Fiore                    Coach & Mrs. David Deep               Nancy & Pat
 Jean Canavan                       A Friend                              Rene & Sue
 Doug Larkins                       Mike Lynch                            Theresa Ellis
 Linda A. Hall                      Another Friend                        Karen Connelly
 Bruce E. Melson                    Mrs. John J. Lynch                    Emmet Morrill
 Douglas Lay                        Carl and Kathy                        Sophomore Earth Science Majors
 Lee Ann Sullivan                   Wood 15                               Debbie
 Bonnie Harris                      Henry F. Werner                       Martha Drinkwater
 Cheryl Bromley                     Judy and Sue                          Mac, Bertrum & Tish
 Ramuta Plonys                      Carol and Jerri                       Dianne, Cheryl, Fran
 Elaine Karcher                     Donna and Linda                       A Flyer
 Yvette Tetrault                    Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Dooley             Nancy' Amaral
 R. A. David                       Henry Cormier                          Lauren Joly
 Dave Englund                      Joanna Apanowicz                       F at Men Anonymous
 Betty Zaccara & Connie Dunn       Judy Hinesly                           Albie Benbenek
 Patricia Greene & Elinor Curtin   Jim MacKay                            Stephen Michael Lonsdale
Richard Freditti                   Maureen & Ginny                       Elaine Ticchi
 Bernard Bendiksen                 Kathy & Betsy                         Joy Robbins
 Edward C. Swenson                 Nancy, Kathy, Linda & Linda M.        Corinne Donovan
 Cynthia Luszcz                    Mort & Hi                             Jim Foley
Janet LeBlanc                      Pat and JoAnn                         Woodie
Anthony DeLeo                      Kim, Jeannette, Carole,                Harry Lehmann
Patricia Capone                       and Karen                           Mary Isabel Caldwell
Andrea Knapinski                   John Dwyer                             Emanuel Maier
Jocelyn Messier                    Pam Messinger & Maggie Riordan        Regina M. Gross
Janice Caselden                    Marcia, Anne & Mary Ann                Patricia A. Phillips
Dennis M. Coyne                    Nancy Gilde                           L. B. Mish
Debby Gubin                        June, Cathy, Marie, Marilyn           Dr. Frank J. Hilferty
Jean Bertrand                      David Gleason                         Mr. & Mrs. Owen T. p. McGowan
Rita Hyland                        Cornell                               Elaine M. Rocharz
Tilly Second Floor                 Ava Demers                            Dean Lee Harrington
Susan Rodman                       Virginia Casoli & Sandy Porter        Olive Snarski
David O'Shea                       William Johnston                      Cora M. Vining
Linda Murphy                       Jack D'Angelo                         Mr. & Mrs. Thomas S. Lee
Anne Cunniff                       Mary Jane Murphy                      Robert C. J\rruda
Beverly Holman                     Michael Mcguire                       Dean V. James DiNardo
Raymond Pelletier                  Marie Copello                         John F. MacDonnell
Lois & Phyllis                     The Cook Family                       Prof. Doris E. Tebbetts
Brian Gilligan                     Pecosita                              Patricia Metevfer
David Stuart                       Three Freshmen Girls                  Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Green
Dr. & Mrs. Henry Rosen             Bernice Devine                        Mr. & Mrs. Henry Mailloux
Anonymous                          Pauline Cormier                       Henry O. Daley, Jr.
The B9nfiglioli' s                 Cris Brady                            Gertrude R. Gailfoil
Ellen Kierstedd                    Robert J. Barnett                     Vincent H. Gannon
Jeanne Macknik                     Anonymous "69"                        Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Noonan
Mercia C. Pike                     Alma Accettullo                       Charles E. Carr
Cheryl, Diane, & M. Sue            Marrilee Richards                     Doris Anderson
Dr. & Mrs. Ralph S. Bates          Tom Humphrey                          Ann O. Coakley
David Wirzburger                   Laurie L. Ahlborg                     Dr. Stanley L. Clement
Mr. & Mrs. Chester Bromley         Frances M. Cormier                    Douglas L. Reed
Mrs. Priscilla Draffone            Dr. Kenneth J. Howe                   Gloria Heaslip
Francis Smith                      Michael Mak~kian                      Mrs. William M. Joki
Chris Lee                          Murray Abramson                       Dorothy E. McGann
                                   Walter L. Mayo
                                   Dr. George A. Weygand
                                   A Friend
                                   Dean Ellen M. Shea
                                   Raymond L. Blanch.ard

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