spartacus by linxiaoqin


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                                    COMPREHENSION QUESTIONS

  1. Where was Spartacus born?

  2. What did Spartacus do in the opening scenes of the movie that earned him the punishment of being tied
     to a rock and starved to death?

  3. Why doesn’t Spartacus take advantage of Varinia when she is offered to him?

  4. How many sesterces did Crassus pay Lentulus Batiatus for the two gladiatorial fights?

  5. What position does Crassus give Glabrus for his wedding gift? What can he do with this position?

  6. Why do you think that Draba didn’t kill Spartacus in their gladiatorial fight?

  7. Would you have done the same? Why or why not?

  8. How do Spartacus and the other slaves break out of the training camp?

  9. Who temporarily takes over the position as Garrison in Rome while Glabrus is taking care of the slave

  10. What happens to the Garrison Glabrus when he is sent to deal with Spartacus and the slave uprising?
11. What new position does the Senate elect Crassus to? What does this new position give him power over?

12. Are the motives of Crassus based only upon his dedication to Rome or upon his own personal goals?

13. Why do you think that Senator Gracchus goes against Crassus? Do you agree with the Senator? Why?

14. What happened to the ships that were supposed to carry Spartacus and his followers away from Italy?

15. What did Crassus order as punishment for the slaves who had fought with Spartacus?

16. How many slaves were punished and where were they displayed?

17. What was the punishment of Senator Gracchus who went against Crassus?

18. Why does Crassus keep Varinia and her child alive?

19. Why did Antonius want to be the one crucified instead of Spartacus?

20. What are Crassus’ orders for Spartacus’ grave and body?
21. Why does Crassus fear Spartacus more now that he has been condemned to death?

22. What does Senator Gracchus order Lentulus Batiatus and Varinia to do?

23. What do you think happened to Senator Gracchus?

24. Why do you think the slaves looked up to Spartacus and supported him the way that they did?

25. Why do you think Crassus hated Spartacus so much?

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