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Spa Services


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									                                                 Mobile Spa Girls
                                                     We bring the spa to you!
                                                           (Your name
Take a deep breath and say                             and contact info here)
                                       Ultimate Spa
The Ultimate Spa Escape is the premiere spa experience. Be pampered from head to toe.
Services include heated neckwrap, hand massage, therapeutic foot treatment, a Dead Sea Salt
treatment for the hands, facial, a rejuvenating eye treatment, and featuring our phenomenal
Instant Face Lift.
                                    Pajama Party Spa
This is so much fun! Invite your friends; wear your pajamas and spa. You and up to 10 of your
friends and family can be pampered from head to toe with as many of the services you wish
mentioned above in the Ultimate Spa. You and your friends are de-stressed, relaxed and ready
for restful sleep.

      Wedding Party Spas (Bachlorette, Bridal Shower, or just relaxing
                      with your bridal party before the wedding)
The big day is almost here. Looking for a great way to relax from all the planning? The wedding
Party Spa Escape is the premiere spa experience. Be pampered from head to toe. What a great
way to relax and get ultimate soft skin just for your special day!! You can include as many of
your friends, family and bridal party members as you wish.

                                       Theme Spas
You choose your favorite theme…Chocolate Lover’s Spa, Wine and Cheese Lover’s Spa,
Dessert Spa, Margarita Spa, Girls’ Night Out Spa, or Birthday Spa.

We help you determine your very best customized skincare, anti-aging treatments and makeup
colors while you enjoy head to toe pampering.

                                    Fundraising Spas
Need to earn cash for an Organization or School Team? A fundraising spa is designed for any
organization to earn money. The members of the organization or team each sell one of our
spas for $20. Each spa sold, $20 goes to the organization or team as a fundraiser. For example,
if the team sells 20 spas, the team will have earned $400. We will conduct the spas that have
been sold and scheduled with us. We will also donate 10% of the spa profits to the
organization at the end of the spa. This is money earned on top of each spa sold for $20.

                                      Spa @ Work
The ultimate de-stresser at work. This 30 minute spa session includes six spa treatments and
relaxation techniques that employees can use to deal with stress in the workplace.
More info available.

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