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 Before the Interview  During the Interview  After the Interview


Research -- Be able to ask ???
 Research -- Be able to ask intelligent ??
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Library books Newspaper articles Talk to people who work for the company Visit their internet site Check Human Resource Department for press kit about company history The more information you know, the better you can showcase yourself!!!

Rehearsal Time
 Interview with a friend  Practice typical questions using a mirror and tape recorder  Create a 30-second “commercial” that highlights your unique talents and skills

Telephone Skills
 Speak clearly  Say it with a SMILE  Repeat time and location of the interview Remember -- You make your first impression on the telephone!!!!!

Dress For Success
 Be conservative in dress  Dress one step above what employees are wearing  Shower and shave  Use cologne and perfume sparingly  Avoid extra jewelry

 Do arrive on time -- Make a trial run before  Do act enthusiastic  Do have a positive attitude  Do be aware of current events

• Don’t be late • Don’t chew gum • Don’t give one-word, yes or no, answers • Don’t appear desperate • Don’t make yourself comfortable in their office until you have been invited to do so


It’s Showtime

Body Language
 Good Posture

Sit up straight, Sit on the edge of chair, Avoid crossing legs and arms

 Inviting Gestures
 

Firm handshake Nod your head -- indicates you are listening Indicates confidence Standard English, not slang Not only what you say, but how you say it

 Eye Contact

 Speak Clearly
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Typical Questions
 Tell me about yourself.  What are your strengths?  What are your weaknesses?  What are some of your goals?  Do you like working with others or on your own?

???Honesty is the best policy???

Typical Tough Questions???
 What qualities do you have that offset your lack of experience?  Are you going to move to a better job as soon as you gain experience here?  If you are faced with a deadline you can’t meet, what will you do?

Stay Calm, Don’t be Defensive, Focus on your Skills

Employee Questions
 Whom would I be working with most closely?  How many people have held this job in the last 10 years? Where did they go?  What advancement do you see for me in five years if I have proven myself?

Questions to Avoid
 Salary

Research other companies, give a range

 Vacations  Benefits  Sick leave

Final Comments
 Thank the interviewer for the interview  Decide a convenient time you can call on the hiring status

After an Interview

Following Up

Evaluate the Interview
 Did you speak clearly?  Did you forget important information?  Will you accept of reject the job offer?

Thank You Letter
 Reinforce your skills and abilities  Insert added information you may have forgotten  Restate your continued interest in the company Remember to call back at appointed time!!!!!

Accepting the Job Offer
 Ask for a day to think about the job offer  List pro and cons before you accept the job  Ask for a formal offer letter for your files  Send and keep a copy of your acceptance letter

Rejecting the Job Offer
 You are offered the job, but the salary is too low. Negotiate your salary  The job isn’t what you expected.
Be tactful in your response…

Rejection of a Job
 Consider it a learning experience  Ask why you weren’t hired
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Do you need more training? How can you improve in your interview?

Feedback will help you in future interviews


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