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									                                                              Robert A. Iger, CEO
                                                              The Walt Disney Company
                                                              500 South Buena Vista Street
                                                              Burbank, CA 91521

                              Email: robert.a.iger@disney.com, robert.iger@disney.com

Dear Mr. Iger,

I am writing to voice my concern over persistent problems in Disney’s supply chain. In
May, China Labor Watch reported that a 17 year old boy was mutilated by an unsafe
machine while working at Yiuwah, a Disney-audited supplier factory with many serious
labor problems. After questions over whether Disney would abandon the factory, Disney
released a response at the end of July that outlined a number of commitments to improve
labor violations. CLW conducted a follow-up report in September, five months after the
original investigation, which outlines the following persisting violations:

   -   Underage workers remain in the factory.
   -   Safety training is still inadequate. Managers give a brief talk and pass out
       materials, which workers often throw away, and workers have trouble taking this
       training seriously.
   -   Overtime wages still fail to meet minimum wage standards. Overtime wages
       are paid at the same rate of $0.71/hour as in the first investigation, falling short of
       wage requirements of $0.96/hour for regular overtime, $1.29/hour for weekend
       overtime and $1.93/hour for holiday overtime.
   -   Workers are still unable to purchase social insurance. The factory only insures
       a limited number of workers, and uninsured workers are told to wait for older
       workers to retire. Some workers have already waited two years.

In addition to these violations at Yiuwah factory, Disney has yet to address the larger,
systemic issues that allowed these violations to go unnoticed in the first place. Disney’s
auditing system consistently fails to detect problems, and it is no doubt once more
responsible for poor follow-up on Yiuwah. When will Disney reform this failed
auditing system and take responsibility for its suppliers before a major tragedy occurs
again? More importantly, when will Disney begin paying more for goods so that the
factories that produce them will not cut costs at the expense of vulnerable workers?

Disney must follow up its work at Yiuwah and begin addressing larger systemic issues. I
endorse the concrete corrective steps outlined by China Labor Watch to resolve
remaining violations at Yiuwah, and expect Disney to make good on its word to
implement a plan of action to end these abuses once and for all. Thank you.


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