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Micro Niche Finder The Best Keyword Tool Online Today. A keyword tool evan a baby could use.

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What Is Micro Niche Finder?

Micro Niche Finder keyword research software is a keyword research tool that has promised to
deliver a death kneel to all other keyword research tools, especially the Free Keyword Generator
tools. As we speak, this niche finder is making good on its promise.

In my several years of online marketing experience, I have used different free keyword generators
and have also bought some paid ones, such as the Keyword Analyzer. However, none has
demonstrated the power, depth and functionality of the Micro Niche Finder keyword software.

Basically, all keyword research tools do one thing- return search phrases based on the "seed
search term" supplied. The difference among them is in the depth, completeness, parameter
settings and usability of the search results. People don't do keyword research just for the fun of it.
They want keyword research that is usable. They want keyword research that can show them
where the money is, and that is where this niche finder keyword software shines.

Micro Niche Finder Shows You the Money

One of the things that sets the Micro Niche Finder apart from other keyword research tools is its
rich interface. In addition to the regular matches such as phrase match and exact match, the Micro
Niche software interface has additional features that extend and expand its functionality. The Hot
Trend button and the SOC or strength of competition functions for instance are two such extended

Micro Niche Finder SOC is as simple as it gets.

The SOC as the name implies, tells you the strength of your competition. If the SOC dial is green,
it is an indication that that is a market that is open. A market that you can get in and with your
found keyword and the right approach dominate. If the dial is yellow, it means proceed, but is good
caution. If it is red, it means the competition is fierce and that is not a market you want to try to get

All that is nice and well, but how does that lead you to the money? Micro Niche Finder has another
ace up its sleeve. With a simple right click on your search phrase, the niche finder gives you a
menu of more functionalities, one of these being possible affiliate programs, including ClickBank.
With a simple click on the Clickbank link, the software transports you to the Clickbank Marketplace
with a list of possible affiliate offers that match the search phrase you want to exploit.

In my opinion, there lies the genius in this piece of keyword research tool- pulling all of these
resources together under one centralized and easily accessible place and no free keyword
generator comes close. Similar to the ClickBank feature, is the ability to check how many articles
on EzineArticles have already been published on this search phrase or term. Why should that
matter to you? In one sentence, because Google loves EzineArticles and if you are on
EzineArticles, Google will also love you. And one thing that marketers love on the net is Google's
love. Bottom line is that Micro Niche Finder allows you to do a quick research on EzineArticles to
see what is already available on your keyword phrase and how you can adapt that to your

Five Different Money Modules of The Niche Finder

Micro Niche Finder has five different money modules that you can immediately begin to exploit.
There is the:

    How to find Hot Markets module,

     How to exploit Yahoo answers
    How to approach Private Label Rights (PLR) from the supply and more
lucrative side

    How to find and exploit hot new trends
    How to make squidoo lenses that work

More Special Features- The Hot Trend Button

The hot trend button is another interesting money feature of this niche finding application. With just
a single click,  this button returns a list of 100 items that are hot on the Internet now. With
this function, you can be the first to get in a market for a hot new product and completely dominate
that market.

Ease of Use

Micro Niche Finder has a boat of feature and functionalities. With so much feature loaded into one
piece of application, one would expect a pretty cumbersome software to deal with, but that is not
so. Instead, the interface is so easy and the navigation so obvious that even without a manual, it
would still be easy to figure it out. Ease notwithstanding,  James Jones has made it even
easier with his video demonstration of this nicher finder in action.

Micro Niche Finder is loaded with other features and functionalities that can not all be mentioned
here. It is a piece of keyword research tool to watch in the coming months.  

Yes! You heard that right, you can now find Hot New Products and Markets to dominate and make
massive cash with the click of a button.
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Micro Niche Finder The Best Keyword Tool Online Today. A keyword tool evan a baby could use.

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