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									Bachelor of Recreation and Sport

Faculty of Health Sciences
School of Health and Sport Science - Te Kura Whai Ora - Pütaiao Häkinakina
 Qualification                          Bachelor of Recreation and Sport
 Programme level:                       Level 7
 Length:                                Three years

 Start dates:                           February and July

 Study options:                         Full-time, Part-time options available
 The following provides a guide only    $4,698.00
 based on 2011 fees information. All
 costs quoted include GST. Fees apply
 to NZ Citizens and New Zealand         Please see overleaf for additional costs
 Permanent Residents only.

 Total no of credits:                   360
 Class times:                           Classes are scheduled between 8.00am and 5.00pm Monday - Friday
 Location:                              Taradale campus
 Programme Secretary:                   Lorraine Guillemot Phone 06 974 8000 ext 5420 email

The Bachelor of Recreation and Sport (BRS) programme is                    •	    Communication skills necessary for negotiation,
a full-time, three year programme that offers stimulating                        coaching, scientific and management level
degree studies, while providing a pathway for a                                  presentations
professional qualification in sport and recreation.
                                                                           •	    Research skills, critical thinking and problem solving
The programme enables graduates to enter employment                              skills necessary to evaluate new information, concepts
in the sport, fitness and recreation industry with a sound                       and evidence from a range of sources
knowledge of:
                                                                           •	    Professional skills which meet the needs of industry
•	   Anatomy and physiology,                                                     and society/communities, and these skills will enable
                                                                                 the graduate to continue to consolidate, apply and
•	   Exercise and sport science,
                                                                                 extend their knowledge.
•	   Sport coaching,
                                                                           You are welcome to make an appointment to discuss your
•	   Business studies,                                                     study options with our staff and to view our facilities.
•	   Research and professional practice skills.
This programme is designed to develop:
                                                                           Sport Hawke’s Bay, Pettigrew.Green Arena
•	   Technical skills related to recreation and sport science

         Enrol now
         0800 22 55 348
PROGRAMME DATES                                                 STUDY PATHWAYS/JOB OPPORTUNITIES
                        Semester One                            The Bachelor of Recreation & Sport (BRS) provides
                                                                pathways and employment possibilities across the sport
 Programme Starts           Monday, 13 February 2012            and recreation landscape. Some possibilities include:
 Term One Holidays          9 April - 20 April
                                                                Lifestyle & Health Promotion
 Term Two Starts            Monday, 23 April
                                                                •	 Consultation and exercise prescription
 Queen’s Birthday           Monday, 4 June
                                                                •	   Green Prescription Advisor
 Semester One Exams         11 June - 22 June
                                                                •	   Corporate Wellness Consultant
 Semester One Ends          Friday, 22 June
                                                                •	   Special Needs/ Populations Activity Facilitator
 Mid Year Holidays          25 June - 13 July
                                                                •	   Community health initiatives
                        Semester Two
                                                                Fitness & Conditioning
 Semester Two Starts        Monday, 16 July
                                                                •	 Business owner
 Term Three Holidays        24 September - 5 October
                                                                •	   Personal Trainer
 Term Four Starts           Monday, 8 October
                                                                •	   Strength and Conditioning Trainer
 HB Anniversary Day         Friday, 19 October
                                                                •	   Group Fitness Instructor
 Labour Day                 Monday, 22 October
                                                                •	   Massage therapy
 Semester Two Exams         12 November - 23 November
 Programme Ends             Friday, 23 November 2012            Sports Administration & Management
SUBJECT AREAS                                                   •	 Sports Co-ordinator
•	   Lifestyle and Health Promotion                             •	   Development Officer

•	   Community Recreation                                       •	   Regional Co-ordinator

•	   Exercise Science                                           •	   Player Liaison

•	   Coaching and Leadership                                    •	   Administrator

•	   Sports administration and management                       •	   Sponsor Manager

•	   Physical fitness and conditioning                          •	   Special Needs Manager

ADDITIONAL COSTS:                                               Sports Coaching & Leadership
•	   $500 approximately for textbooks
                                                                •	 Coach, Coach Educator
•	   $100 approximately for stationery
                                                                •	   Sports Co-ordinator

•	   $150 approximately for uniform (optional)
                                                                •	   Team Manager

•	   $25 for swipe card for gym access (approximately)
                                                                •	   Player Liaison

•	   Upon completion of degree and diploma studies,
                                                                •	   Player Life-Skills Coach
     academic attire required for the graduation ceremony       •	   Skills Analyst
     can be hired at the student’s expense.
                                                                Community Recreation Management
PRACTICUM, WORK EXPERIENCE                                      •	 Recreation Officer
Students work closely with a wide range of recreation and       •	   Recreation Programmer
sporting providers to complete projects, assignments, and
practicum experiences.                                          •	   Special Needs Programmer
                                                                •	   Facility management
                                                                •	   Business owner

Exercise Science & Support                                        Applicants whose first language is not
•	 Exercise Physiologist                                                   English, or who come from a country where the
                                                                           language of instruction in schools is not English,
•	    Mental Skills Analyst/Trainer
                                                                           shall provide evidence of having passed tests of
•	    Biomechanist                                                         English language competence to the approved level
•	    Team Trainer/Conditioner                                             of TOEFL (550) or IELTS (6.0 Academic).

•	    Massage Therapy                                                 2.2 Provisional Admission
•	    Research Technician                                                 Notwithstanding the above admission requirements
                                                                          an applicant who can show evidence of ability to
Through additional training students may undertake Post
                                                                          successfully achieve in the programme may be
graduate study (e.g. Masters) or alternative careers e.g.
                                                                          considered for admission, provided:
Physical Education Teaching or Sport Journalism
                                                                           2.2.1 In the opinion of the Programme Coordinator
ASSESSMENTS                                                                and Head of School the learner has a good chance
Assessments include essays, seminar presentations,                         of achieving a clearly measurable benefit from the
journaling exercises, video-taped exercises, exams and                     proposed course of study, and
practical demonstration of skills.                                         The learner will not place an unreasonable burden on
                                                                           the teaching staff and/or other learners.
                                                                           Entry to subsequent study is conditional upon
A personal interview may be part of the application
                                                                           success at the entry level.
For admission, applicants must meet one of the following
                                                                      2.3 Provisional Part-time Admission
                                                                          An applicant who does not meet the above criteria
ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS                                                    (2.1 and 2.2), may be provisionally admitted to enrol in
Subject to the EIT Council's powers to decline an                         one or more Year One courses, with Deans approval.
enrolment, an applicant is qualified to enrol in any or                   Upon successful completion of the course(s) during
all Year One courses if the Programme Coordinator or                      the period of provisional admissions the student will
Admissions Committee is satisfied that the applicant                      be deemed to have full admission.
could undertake the programme with reasonable
prospects of success. Admission criteria are as follows:              2.4 Preference Criteria
                                                                          For students who have met academic admission by
2.1    Admission by Academic Qualification                                qualification, preference will be given to students
       Applicants in this category will have evidence of the              who have achieved:
       achievement of:
                                                                           14 credits or more in an English rich subject (subject
       2.1.1 University Entrance as defined by NZQA                        included, but may not be limited to English, history,
                                                                           art history, classics, geography, economics) OR
       2.1.2 The following discretionary entry criteria will be
       considered for entry when University Entrance                       Successful completion of the EIT Diploma in
       has not been achieved. The achievement of                   Recreation and Sport
       through to and including will not automatically
       secure entry                                                   2.5 Additional Criteria
                                                                          In addition, the following requirements also apply to NCEA, level 2: at least 75 credits at level 2 in
                                                                          applicants in all admission categories.
       four subjects in one year. OR
                                                                           2.5.1 Applicants are asked to make a confidential Satisfactory completion of an approved
                                                                           declaration as to whether or not they have prior
       bridging/staircasing programme
                                                                           criminal conviction(s). They are advised at the time Completion of an overseas qualification                     of the request for information, that a prior conviction
       which is considered by the Admissions Committee to                  may not necessarily exclude them from admission.
       be the equivalent of one of the above qualifications.
                                                                           Refer to 3.1 following.

      2.5.2 Applicants must have a level of health                 For further information and enquiries about RPL and
      and abilities commensurate with achieving practice           Cross Credit please contact the School of Health, and
      competencies in the programme. Applicants are                Sport Science Secretary, Lorraine Guillemot, telephone
      required to complete a health declaration, and               (06) 974 8000, ext 5420.
      further reports may be requested with the consent of
      the applicant.                                               TRANSFERS / CROSS CREDITS
                                                                   This qualification has been approved by the New Zealand
2.6 Application Selection Process                                  Qualifications Authority.
    Applications which meet both entry and preference              This programme leads to the award of a nationally
    criteria will be accepted pending available places on          approved qualification. Similar qualifications are delivered
    a “first come first served” basis. Those applications          at a number of other tertiary institutes around New
    that do not meet one or more of the criteria will              Zealand. If you were to transfer to one of those other
    be reviewed by the Admissions Committee at a                   institutes you may be granted academic credit for some
    nominated date which will be advised via appropriate           of the papers completed successfully while studying at
    application information. Allocation of remaining               EIT Hawke’s Bay, but this is at the discretion of the other
    available places will be made at this time. Preference         institute.
    will be given to those applications deemed to have
                                                                   Please note: Fees are not transferable between institutes.
    the best combination of criteria.
ENGLISH LANGUAGE ENTRY REQUIREMENT                                 Lectures are held at EIT’s Taradale Campus and in the
Students are required to have attained an acceptable level         Pettigrew.Green Arena. Both venues offer students
of English language fluency. This may be demonstrated              industry standard facilities complemented by a subsidised
in a variety of ways, including successful study in English,       limited membership to the Pettigrew.Green Arena Gym.
approved scores on IELTS (6.0 All Bands) test, completion          Students complement their studies with access to the EIT
of accepted international equivalents, or completion of an         Sport Science Laboratory for advanced testing as well as
EIT assessment.                                                    the Clinical Arts and Technology (CAT) Centre located in
                                                                   the Faculty of Health Sciences.
You may already have some knowledge or skills that can             ACADEMIC STAFF
be recognised as part of your intended study. This may
                                                                   The Bachelor of Recreation and Sport degree educators
take a number of different forms including study while
                                                                   are highly qualified professionals with academic
at high school, study at a private training establishment,
                                                                   qualifications in their areas of expertise, which include
workplace training, other tertiary study, life experiences
                                                                   exercise science, sport coaching and business studies.
or voluntary work. If you think you may qualify, you may
                                                                   Other guest lecturers and tutors are also utilised by the
want to apply for Cross Credit or Recognition of Prior
                                                                   Faculty of Health Sciences to teach specialist topics
                                                                   within the degree programme. Students are assured of
•	   Cross Credit is based on the equivalency of courses or        receiving teaching of the highest quality. The degree
     qualifications. You would apply for Cross Credit if you       educators value their partnership with students, and aim
     have passed a very similar course at the same level.          to provide quality education in a supportive environment,
•	   Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is based on the           encouraging personal growth and professional
     assessment of your current knowledge and skills. You          development.
     would apply for RPL if you had gained the relevant
     knowledge and skills through life experiences and                       Name                             Qualification
     informal learning situations.                                  Lee-Anne Taylor              MHSc(Rehab), BPhty, BSc

                                                                    Dr Carl Paton                Ph.D, MSC, BSC, PG Cert Ed.
You will be asked to provide details of anything that you
would like considered as credit toward your intended                Diana Kirton                 BA (Psyc)
programme of study, as part of your application.                    Marcus Agnew                 MHSC, BSR

You must apply prior to enrolment. RPL and Cross Credit             John Maxted                  MA, BPhEd, DipTch
cannot be awarded for a course if you are enrolled in that                                       MS, MFT (Licensed Clinical
                                                                    Edmond Otis
course.                                                                                          Psychotherapist)

                                                                    Olivia Maclaren              MPhEd, BSc

The Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT) is offering
unlimited Year 13 Degree Study Grants to eligible Hawke's
Bay and Tairäwhiti (Gisborne) students for 2012.
•	   100% FREE tuition for Year One.
•	   50% FREE tuition for Year Two (subject to applicants
     meeting agreed standards).
•	   Charges that are the student is responsible for are:
     Students’ Association Fees, Course Related Costs,
     and fees for any extra courses over the equivalent of
     full-time study.

Applicants must:
•	 Undertake full-time degree study at EIT in February
•	   Be a 2011 Year 13 graduate from a secondary school in
     the Hawke's Bay or Gisborne regions - from Hicks Bay
     to Dannevirke.
•	   Meet the EIT Year 13 degree entry criteria to be eligible.
•	   Be a New Zealand resident.

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P = Prerequisite - courses that must be successfully completed before the next course can be taken..

                                                                                                                  No. of    NZQA    Semester
  Course No.                  Year One Compulsory Courses - Brief Description
                                                                                                                  Credits   Level    Offered
                 Anatomy and Physiology
                 This course assists students to develop an understanding of human anatomy and
 AP5.115         physiology to provide a theoretical foundation for further study in recreation, sport and          15        5        1
                 health sciences.
                 (Acceptance into BRS Programme)

                 In this course students analyse human movement based on anatomical and
 AP5.116         mechanical principles. Emphasis is given to the application of these principles to the             15        5        2
                 understanding of human movement and athletic performance.
                 (Acceptance into BRS Programme)

                 Leadership and Coaching
                 The course is designed to introduce students to theories and principles of leadership,
                 coaching, communication, motivation and group dynamics in order for them to
                 effectively lead groups of all abilities for planning and facilitating sport, recreation
 BRS5.20         and leisure activities. It serves as a foundation course for further skill development             15        5        2
                 in leadership, coaching and management, therapeutic recreation assessment,
                 interpersonal helping and group facilitation.
                 (Acceptance into BRS Programme)

                 Movement Education
                 This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of the principles
                 of skill learning and movement education in terms of how they influence individual
 BRS5.21         performance and socialisation processes. Students engage in group play experiences                 15        5        2
                 and individual skill learning exercises to integrate the concepts of movement education
                 and their relationship to recreation, health and lifestyle.
                 (Acceptance into BRS programme)

                 Principles of Physical Training
                 This course will develop the knowledge and skills underpinning the prescription of
                 exercise programmes to enhance flexibility, strength, endurance, weight control and
 BRS5.26         the cardiovascular health of human populations. Movement analysis and exercise                     15        5        2
                 prescription will be interpreted in the context of applied musculoskeletal anatomy.
                 (Acceptance into BRS Programme)

                 Physical Fitness Assessment
                 This course provides students with knowledge, skills and understanding to carry out
                 effective health and fitness assessment for the general and sporting populations. It
                 incorporates understanding of how cardio respiratory fitness, muscular strength and
 BRS5.36         endurance, body composition and flexibility contribute to health and/or reduce the                 15        5        1
                 risk of chronic disease. The focus of this course will be on providing students with the
                 necessary practical skills for assessing individuals using a variety of health and fitness
                 assessment methods.
                 (Acceptance into BRS Programme)

                 Nutrition, Activity and Health
                 This course assists students to develop an understanding of the relationships
                 between nutrition, physical activity, other lifestyle behaviours and health. Students will
                 develop skills of critical thinking in relation to food, nutrition, health information, claims
 BRS5.45         and beliefs. The course will explore meanings of health and wellness for students’                 15        5        1
                 self-empowerment, health promotion, disease prevention and appreciation of human
                 (Acceptance into BRS Programme)

                 Te Aranga Ake Recreation and Sport Landscapes
                 This course is designed to assist students to understand the breadth of the
                 recreation and sport ‘landscape’, being a place of academic inquiry as well as
                 applied professional work. It uses socio-cultural theory as a framework to examine
                 contemporary issues in sport and recreation, exposing students to the multiple
                 and sometimes contested perspectives that exist locally, nationally, and globally.
                 The course commences with an exploration of culture through acknowledging and
 BRS5.51         celebrating personal cultures before broadening its focus to an exploration of relevant            15        5        1
                 and topical sporting and recreational issues. Course activities and assessments are
                 designed to foster computer-based information literacy and academic writing skills to
                 provide opportunities for students to develop academic competence. It aims to provide
                 insights into study pathways and vocational opportunities in the sport and recreation
                 (Acceptance into BRS Programme)



                                                                                  YOU APPLY/ENROL
                                                                                    DOCUMENTATION TO
   All new and re-enrolments                                                               INCLUDE:
          now require                                                              Enrolment form (signed)
                                                                                    Course selection form
             PHOTO ID                                                                       Photo ID
                                                                                       Birth certificate/
                                                                                     Passport/ Marriage
                                                                                   certificate (if applicable)
                                                                                     CV (if not-standard)

                                                                                             You will be
                                                                                          invited to attend
                                                                                            an interview

                                                                                              You are                                              You will be
                                                                                           accepted into NO                                      encouraged to
                                                                                                                                                enrol into another
                                                                                          the programme                                            programme

                                                                                          You will receive
                                                                                            a letter of

Information contained in this publication is correct at the time of printing, but may be subject to change. While all reasonable efforts will be made to ensure
listed programmes/courses are offered and regulations are current, the Institute reserves the right to change content or method of delivery, to withdraw
any programme or course of study, or to impose limitations on enrolment, should circumstances require this. Some programmes/courses mentioned in
EIT publications are offered subject to final approval and accreditation or to efficient enrolments being received. For the latest information visit our website.

For more information phone EIT Info Line 0800 22 55 3488
                   DOCUMENTATION / FORMS

Please Note

The following documents need to be completed and returned with your application/

•	 Brief Personal Statement including brief CV/Work History

•	 Consent to Disclosure of Information


                              BACHELOR OF RECREATION AND SPORT 2012
                                               PERSONAL STATEMENT
                                                       (Handwritten please)


1.    What do you believe are your personal strengths?

2.    Why are you interested in studying the Bachelor of Recreation and Sport?

3.    As part of this programme you may have practical experiences with agencies or organisations who may require you to
      obtain a police vet of your personal information for any criminal convictions, criminal history, and details of fines and
      enforcements and/or hold a current First Aid Certificate..
      Have you ever had a criminal conviction?
      Yes         No
      Please note: A prior conviction may not necessarily exclude you from acceptance into the programme, but we may need
      to discuss it with you.
Do you have a First Aid Certificate that includes NZQA Unit Standards 6401, 6402 and 6400?
Yes           (a copy of this will need to be provided at time of application)
A First Aid Certificate is valid for two years from date of issue.
If you do not hold a current First Aid Certificate you will have an opportunity to gain this as part of the programme.



Please detach this page and hand in with your enrolment.

                                                                            BACHELOR OF RECREATION AND SPORT 2012
                                                                            CONSENT TO DISCLOSURE OF INFORMATION
                                                                                                                                              (Agency code E70351)

I,   ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

                                                    (Surname)                                                                                                                                                                           (First Names)


                                                                                                                         (Maiden or any other names used)

Sex:          ______________________________________________________________     (M/F)                         Date and place of Birth:                                             ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Nationality:                      __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Residential Address:

Suburb:                 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________           City:         __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

NZ Driver Licence number:                                                      _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Hereby consent to the disclosure by the New Zealand Police of any information they may have pursuant to this
application, to the Eastern Institute of Technology - EIT Hawke’s Bay. I understand that any record of criminal
convictions I might have will automatically be concealed if I meet the eligibility criteria stipulated in Section 7 of the
Criminal Records (Clean Slate) Act 2004.

Signed:                ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________         Date:            ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


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