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					                                                                              POSITIONS OPEN                                                   POSITIONS OPEN
                                                                   The Department of Biochemistry, Duke University                       _~p         UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA
                                                               Medical Center, invites applications for the position of                                FACULTY OF DENTISTRY
                                                               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR (tenure track). The per-
                                                                son will be expected to establish a strong independent
                                                                research program and to teach both medical and graduate                ASSISTANT/ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR
                                                                students. The field of interest is open. Send resume,               Applications are invited for a tenure-track position at
 SCIENCE publishes each Friday, except the last Friday          summary of research interest, and three letters of refer-        the rank of ASSISTANT OR ASSOCIATE PRO-
 of the year, and is mailed on issue date. Personnel           ence to: Dr. Robert L. Hill, Duke University Medical              FESSOR beginning 1 July 1990 in the Department of
 advertising is accepted only with the understanding that       Center, Durham, NC 27710. Duke University is an
 the advertiser does not discriminate among applicants          Equal Opportunity/Afirmative Action Employer. The closing        Oral Biology, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Mani-
 on the basis of race, sex, religion, age, color, national
                                                               date for receipt of applications is 15 April 1990.                toba. The department is responsible for teaching basic
 origin, handicap, or sexual preference. SCIENCE re-                                                                             biological sciences, together with related areas in dentis-
 serves the right, in its discretion, to decline to publish                                                                      try, to undergraduate, graduate, and dental hygiene
 advertisements submiKted to it.                                   ASSISTANT PROFESSOR. Temporary position,
                                                                possibly renewable, beginning August 1990, for geneti-           students. Oral biology has active M.Sc. and Ph.D. pro-
         LINE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS                         cist capable of teaching microbiology and introductory           grams and members of the department conduct research
 DEADLINE: Thursday, 10 a.m., 2 weeks prior to issue            biology at a mid-sized Catholic liberal arts college with        into connective tissues, mechcsms of cell secretion,
 date.   Advertising is accepted only in writing.               six biology faculty. Ph.D. required. Experience in under-        endocrine function, salivary physiology, microbial ecolo-
 POUCIES: All classified ads will be edited and typeset         graduate teaching desirable. Send resume, complete with          gy and metabolism, and cranio-facial morphometry. Ap-
 according to SCIENCE style guidelines. NO ABBREVIA-            transcripts and three letters of reference, by 1 March           plicants should be trained in biochemistry and/or cell
 TIONS. Any deadline for applications stated in ad must                                                                          biology. The successful applicant will be expected to
 be at least 2 weeks after date of issue in which ad             1990 to: Gerald J. Koppes, Director of Human Re-
 appears.                                                       sources, Loras College, Dubuque, IA 52004-0170.                  teach components of integrated courses in oral biology
 CLASSIFICATION: SCIENCE publishes line classified              An Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.                and to pursue an active research program in her/his area
 ads under the following headings: Positlons Open,                                                                               of expertise. Salary and academic rank commensurate
 Employment Agencies, Fellowships, Situations                                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                               with qualifications and experience. Applicants should
 Wanted, Courses and Training, Meetings, Announce-                       OF TOXICOLOGICAL SCIENCES                               have a Ph.D. degree.
 ments, and Markietplace. Advertisers should specify                                                                                Both women and men are encouraged to apply. In accordance
 classification desired: however, SCIENCE reserves the             The Division of Toxicological Sciences of the Depart-
 right to decline classification requests which it believes    ment of Environmental Health Sciences, The Johns                  with Canadian immigration laws, priority will be given to
 may be misleading to readers.                                 Hopkins University (JHU) School of Hygiene and Pub-               Canadian citizens or permanent residents.
 RATE: $41 per line, $410 minimum, per week. One line          lic Health, is seeking to fill tenure-track positions at the         Applicants should submit their curriculum vitae and an
 equals 52 characters and spaces; centered headings            ASSISTANT PROFESSOR level in the areas of envi-                   outline of their research goals, and arrange for three
 equal 32 characters and spaces per line. No charge for        ronmental biochemical/molecular toxicology, neurotoxi-            letters of reference to be sent to: Dr. G. H. Bowden,
 use of blind box number. No agency commission for ads                                                                           Professor and Head, Department of Oral Biology,
 less than 40 lines. No cash discount. Prepayment re-          cology, and immunotoxicology. Candidates should have
 quired for all foreign ads. Purchase orders required for      a background in toxicology and/or pharmacology and at             Faculty of Dentistry, University of Manitoba, 780
 all other advertising.                                        least 2 years of postdoctoral experience. The successful          Bannatyne Avenue, Winipeg, Manitoba, Canada,
    To ESTIMATE ad cost, structure ad copy on a 52-            candidates will be expected to develop a vigorous, grant-         R3E OW2. Deadline for applications is 1 April 1990.
 character line; include any desired heading on 32-
 character lines. Each line of heading, one line of white      supported research program using modern cellular, bio-
 space between heading and body of ad, and all partial         chemical, and molecular approaches to studies on the                  EAST TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY
 lines (including centered reply information, if desired)      mechanisms of toxicity and to participate in the teaching
 are counted as full lines. Multiply total number of lines x                                                                        ASSISTANT PROFESSOR in Department of Mi-
 $41 = approximate cost of ad, per week. (This is an           activities of the division. It is desirable that the research     crobiology for Ph.D. molecular biologist. Research expe-
 approximate cost ONLY. Allow for variation between            interests and activities of the candidates complement             rience and applications in regulation of gene expression
 estimated lines and actual typeset lines and resulting        those of others within the division which include: hepa-          required. Department strengths: cytokines, regulation of
 final cost. Purchase orders must allow for some degree        totoxicity, hepatocarcinogenesis, cancer chemopreven-
 of flexibility and/or adjustment. SCIENCE cannot provide                                                                        cell function, regulation of viral genes, and microbial
 proofs of typeset ads.)                                       tion, free radical-mediated toxicity in lung and bone             pathogenesis. Applicants must apply molecular biology
 BOXES AND LOGOS: Any 1-column line classified ad
                                                               marrow, mechanisms of ototoxicity, neural receptor sig-           techniques to one or more of these areas, must establish/
 can be boxed and/or published with logo. No extra             nal transduction, toxicant effects on lymphokine produc-          maintain independent and collaborative research pro-
 production charge for use of box or logo. For boxed ads,      tion, and immune function assessment. Other areas of              grams, and teach medical and graduate students. Non-
 one line equals 48 characters and spaces; two addition-       toxicology would also be considered. Send curriculum              tenure-track position. Competitive salary, start-up funds,
 al lines will be added to cost of ad to allow for top and     vitae, the names of three references, and a brief summary         location in geographically desirable area. Send curricu-
 bottom box rules. Logos are billed according to number        of current research activity and future research plans to:
 of lines needed to accommodate logo.                                                                                            lum vitae, statement of research interests, and three
                                                               James D. Yager, Director, Division of Toxicological               reference letters to: Dwight W. Lambe, Jr., Ph.D.,
 SITUATIONS WANTED ADS: As a service to AAAS                   Sciences, JHU School of Hygiene and Public Health,
 members in good standing, SCIENCE offers free place-                                                                            Chairman, Department of Microbiology, James H.
 ment of Situations Wanted ads for individuals seeking         615 North Wolfe Street, Bainmore, MD 21205. The                   Quillen College of Medicine, East Tennessee State
 full-time or part-time employment. A blind box may be         Johns Hopkins University is an Equal Opportunity/Afirmative       University (ETSU), Box 19,870A, Johnson City, TN
 used. Ads must be submitted in writing with text of 20        Action Employer.                                                  37614. ETSU is an Equal Opportunity/Afffinnative Action
 words or less, not including address or box number, and
 are limited to two insertions per member in each calen-               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR POSITION                              Employer.
 dar year. Please enclose SCIENCE mailing label includ-                DIVISION OF CHILD PSYCHIATRY
 ing AAAS membership number when submitting ad.                                                                                                ASSISTANT, ASSOCIATE,
 CANCELLATIONS: Deadline for cancellations is 10                   The Division of Child Psychiatry and Child Develop-                          OR FULL PROFESSOR
 a.m. Tuesday, 10 days prior to issue date.                    ment, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences                           PHYSICIAN-SCIENTIST
 Address ad copy or requests for information to:               at Stanford University School of Medicine, seeks a child                  IN CARDIOVASCULAR RESEARCH
               SCIENCE Classified Advertising                  psychiatrist to participate in its research, clinical, and
                 1333 H Street, NW, Room 940                   teaching programs in pervasive developmental disorders.              Research position is open on the staff of the Depart-
                    Washington, DC 20005                       We are especially interested in expanding our emphasis            ment of Vascular Cell Biology and Atherosclerosis Re-
                Telephone: 202-326-6555                        on molecular neurobiology; in particular, how genes               search for an M.D. or M.D./Ph.D. interested in some
                   FAX: 20248240816                            regulate the development and function of the central              aspect of lipoprotein metabolism, pathophysiology of
     MARKETPLACE AND DISPLAY PERSONNEL                         nervous system (CNS). We have an active and estab-                atherosclerosis, diabetes, peripheral vascular diseases, or
                   ADVERTISEMENTS                              lished program in molecular neurobiology of CNS recep-            thrombosis/hemostasis. The successful applicant will be
 For rates, deadlines, and other information about frac-       tors and enzymes and a strong collaborative effort in             expected to establish an independent research program
 tional display ads (1/6 page and larger) and all Market-      molecular genetics in severe developmental disorders.             and form collaborative ties with both basic researchers in
 place listings of available products and services, con-       We seek a child psychiatrist with experience in molecular         the research institute and full-time physicians in such
 tact:                                                         biology to interact with existing academic programs and           clinical departments as endocrinology, pathology, hema-
               Scherago Assocate, Inc.                         to develop research and clinic aprograms in autism and            tology, cardiology, cardiac surgery, or vascular diseases.
                    1515 Broadway                              related developmental disorders. The position requires            The extent of involvement with patient care is negotiable.
                  New York, NY 10036                           an M.D. and Board eligibility/certification in child psy-         The available position offers a stimulating and supportive
               Telephone: 212-730-1050                                                                                           environment for career growth, competitive salary, excel-
                   FAX: 212-382-3725                           chiatry. Candidates should have an advanced or equiva-
                                                               lent training/experience in molecular biology, molecular          lent fringe benefits, new laboratory facilities, and sub-
          RESPONSES TO EMPLOYMENT ADS                          neurobiology, or molecular genetics, and have a demon-            stantial funds for relocating or establishing a research
 Applicants should read Positions Open ads carefully in        strated interest in and commitment to research, teaching,         effort.
 order to submit all required material when responding,        and clinical service in pervasive developmental disorders.           The Cleveland Clinic Foundation employs over 700
 and should especially check for any stated deadline for                                                                         full-time physicians with diverse expertise. The research
 receipt of applications.                                      This is a tenure-track position at Stanford University at
                                                               the assistant professor level. Stanford University is committed   institute consists of nine departments with more than
 SCIENCE encourages applicants for positions to investi-        to increasing representation of women and members of minority    150 biomedical scientists including pre- and postdoctoral
 gate employment laws, nondiscrimination policies, visa                                                                          trainees. Applications accepted immediately. Send curric-
 requirements, and cultural differences in the country         groups on its faculty and particularly encourages applications
 advertising for employees.                                    from such candidates. Applicants should forward curriculum        ulum vitae, statement of research interests, and names of
 To reply to a blind box ad, address correspondence to:        vitae and the names of three referees within 4 weeks of           at least three references to: Paul E. DiCorleto, Ph.D.,
                                                               the date of publication of this advertisement to: Dr.             Department of Vascular Cell Biology and Atheroscle-
                    Box (give number)                                                                                            rosis Research, FF4, Cleveland Clinic Research Insti-
             SCIENCE Classified Advertising                    Roland Ciaranello, Chairman of the Search Commit-
              1333 H Street, NW, Room 940                      tee, c/o Departnent of Psychiatry and Behavioral                  tute, 9500 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44195.
                  Washington, DC 20005                          Sciences, Stanford Medical Center, Stanford, CA                     The Cleveland Clinic Foundation is an Equal Opportunity
                                                               94305-1028.                                                       Employer.

2 FEBRUARY 1990                                                                                                                                     PERSONNEL PLACEMENT                 587
              POSITIONS OPEN                                                   POSITIONS OPEN                                                 POSITIONS OPEN
   ASSISTANT PROFESSOR. Candidates must have                                   ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                 ASSISTANT/ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR. The
at least 2 years ofpostdoctoral training using neurophysi-                     BIOLOGY DEPARTMENT                               Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at
ological techniques to study central monoamine systems                            WILLIAMS COLLEGE                              The Medical College of Pennsylvania (MCP), Philadel-
in whole brain, slice, and cell culture preparations.                                                                           phia, is recruiting for three tenure-track positions to
Expertise in pharmacology, biophysics, and the tech-                Tenure-track position beginning July 1990 for a             work with a multidisciplinary cancer research group. The
niques of patch clamping, electrochemical identification,        broadly trained BIOLOGIST with strong interests in             successful candidate is expected to have or to develop an
and anatomical tracing desirable. The candidate would            both teaching and research. Development of a research          independent research program and to collaborate with
be expected to work in a collaborative setting where basic       program capable of obtaining extramural funding and            other members of the group. Candidates must have an
neuroscience findings are integrated with behavior, both         involving undergraduate students is expected. Normally,        M.D. or a Ph.D. degree. Preference will be given to
normal and abnormal. Submit curriculum vitae, descrip-           faculty members teach one course and two laboratory sec-       individuals whose research involves the molecular basis
tion of future research program, and three letters of            tions each semester. Ability to teach in one or more of the    of tumor genes and gene products, growth factors and
reference by 15 March 1990 to: Benjamin S. Bunney,               following areas is desired: molecular endocrinology, com-      receptors, or tumor cell interactions with the host matrix.
M.D., Department of Psychiatry, Yale School of                   parative physiology, immunology, cellular physiology.          Salary and rank are competitive and commensurate with
Medicine, 25 Park Street, Room 619, New Haven,                      Ph.D. required, postdoctoral experience desirable.          rank and experience. Candidates should submit curricu-
CT 06519. Yale University is an Equal Opportunity/Afir-          Please send curriculum vitae, statement of teaching and        lum vitae and summary of research interests to:
mative Action Emnployer atnd applications from women atnd        research interests, and three letters of reference by 15
                                                                 February 1990 to: Chairman, Search Committee, De-                             Barbara F. Atkinson, M.D.
minority group members are specifically invited.                                                                                                Professor and Chairman
                                                                 partment of Biology, Williams College, Williams-
   YALE UNIVERSITY/PETROLOGY. The Depart-                        town, MA 01267.                                                 Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
ment of Geology and Geophysics invites applications for             An Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. Wil-                  Medical College of Pennsylvania
an ASSISTANT PROFESSOR position in the area of                   liams College especially welcomes applicationsfrom women and                      3300 Henry Avenue
metamorphic/igneous petrology. We are particularly in-           minority candidates.                                                            Philadelphia, PA 19129
terested in field-based studies of regional-scale processes.                                                                      Three letters of recommendation should be sent direct-
Research areas may include, but are not restricted to, the             ASSISTANT/ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                            ly by the referees to the above address. MCP is an
evolution of orogenic belts, fluid and heat flow during                      MEDICAL MICROBIOLOGY                               Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.
orogenesis, physico-chemical and kinetic constraints on            The St. Louis College of Pharmacy invites applications
the history and evolution of metamorphic and igneous             for a full-time (9-month), tenure-track position in micro-
                                                                                                                                   AQUATIC ECOLOGIST, ASSISTANT OR AS-
rocks, and the chronology of orogenic events. The                                                                               SOCIATE PROFESSOR. A tenure-track research po-
                                                                 biology starting fall of 1990. Applicants should possess a     sition (70% research, 20% teaching, 10% service) is
appointment will complement existing programs in sta-            Ph.D. in microbiology with special interest in medical
ble isotopic geochemistry, kinetics of geochemical reac-                                                                        available at the University of Oklahoma Biological Sta-
                                                                 microbiology. Responsibilities include teaching courses        tion, with academic appointment in the Department of
tions, tectonics of convergent margins, and processes of         in microbiology and immunology for pharmacy students
granitic magmatism.                                                                                                             Zoology. The successful candidate will be expected to
                                                                 and a survey course for nursing students. Send curricu-        establish a strong research program in residence at the
   Applicants should submit a letter of application, cur-        lum vitae, graduate transcripts, and names, addresses,
riculum vitae, publications, and the names and addresses         and telephone numbers of three references by 1 March           biological station, to complement ongoing faculty re-
of at least three references to: Dr. Barry Saltzman,                                                                            search in biology/ecology of reservoir and/or stream
                                                                 1990 to: Dr. R. J. Cooper, Director, Division of               organisms. Completed Ph.D. is required. Postdoctoral
Chairman, Department of Geology and Geophysics,                  Biological Sciences, St. Louis College of Pharmacy,
Yale University, P.O. Box 6666, New Haven, CT                                                                                   research experience, quality publications, strong quanti-
                                                                 4588 Parkview Place, St. Louis, MO 63110. An Equal             tative and computer skills, and demonstrated ability to
06520. Completed applications must be received by 1              Opportunity Employer.
April 1990.                                                                                                                     attract research funding are desirable. Forward curricu-
   Yale University is atn Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action    Lewis and Clark College invites applications for 1-year       lum vitae, reprints, description of research interests, and
                                                               sabbatical replacement position for a biochemist at the          four letters of recommendation to: Dr. Loren G. Hill,
Employer.                                                                                                                       Director, University of Oklahoma Biological Station,
                                                               level of VISITING ASSISTANT PROFESSOR to                         Kingston, OK 73439. Screening of applicants will
       ASSISTANT/ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                           begin September 1990. A Ph.D. and commitment to                  begin 20 February 1990 and continue until the position
                   ION TRANSPORT                               teaching and under raduate research are essential. Suc-          is filled. The University of Oklahoma is an Affirmative
   The Hospital for Sick Children Research Institute           cessful teaching and research experience are preferred.          Action/Equal Opportunity Employer. Qualified women, mi-
wishes to hire an individual with research interests in ion Teaching responsibilities include the two-termbiochem-              norities, and disabled persons are encouraged to apply.
transport. Preference will be given to applicants with an coursesequence, including ACS-approved department is
                                                                       for nonmajors. Our
                                                                                              laboratories, and a science
interest in epithelial cells and/or electrophysiologic exper- well equipped with modem biochemical instrumentation                                      BIOLOGY
tise. Applicants should submit curriculum vitae, a brief and a 300-MHz NMR.                                                        ASSISTANT PROFESSOR, microbiology. Appli-
statement of their research interests, and names of three         All applicants should send a letter of
references to: Dr. Hugh O'Brodovich, Director, Res- curriculum vitae, (unofficial) undergraduate application,                   cations are invited for a tenure-track position in the
piratory Research, Hospital for Sick Children, 555 ate transcripts, and letters from three referencesgradu-
                                                                                                                and             Department of Biology beginning in fall of 1990. The
University Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5G March 1990 to: Professor James Duncan, Chair,by
                                                                                                                           1    candidate should have a Ph.D. in microbiology or related
                                                                                                                        De-     area, be familiar with latest bio-instrumentation, have a
1X8. Deadline: 15 March 1990.                                  partment of Chemistry, Lewis and Clark College,                  strong commitment to undergraduate teaching, and have
                                                               Portland, OR
    The University of Chicago, Department ofAnthropol- nity Employer. 97219. Affirmative Action/Equal Opportu-                  a desire to develop a research program with undergradu-
 ogyv, invites applications for a potential appointment to                                                                      ates. Teaching responsibilities include a course in micro-
 physical anthropology. Specialty is open, though prefer-                                                                       biology and one in instrumentation, involvement in the
                                                                                  CELL BIOLOGIST                                introductory biology program, and possible involvement
 ence will be given to individuals whose research interests                      YALE UNIVERSITY
 complement those already present within the depart-                                                                            in human anatomy lab.
                                                                             SCHOOL OF MEDICINE                                    Applicants should submit a letter of application, cur-
 ment. Persons at an advanced ASSISTANT PROFES-                                                                                 riculum vitae, description of research interests, tran-
 SOR OR ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR level are espe-                       The Department of Cell Biology, Yale University
 cially encouraged to apply. Individuals with active pro- School of Medicine, is accepting applications for tenure-             scripts, and three letters of reference by 30 March 1990
 grams will be viewed most favorably. Send curriculum track positions at the ASSISTANT, ASSOCIATE                               to: Martha A. Farver-Apgar, Director of Personnel,
vitae and addresses of references by 1 June 1990 to: AND PROFESSORIAL levels with a flexible starting                           Elizabethtown College, One Alpha Drive, Elizabeth-
 Chair, Department of Anthropology, University of date. The department's new laboratory facilities will                         town, PA 17022. Afirmative Action/Equal Opportunity
 Chicago, 1126 East 59th Street, Chicago, IL 60637. enable us to expand and complement our existing strong                      Employer.
 Equal Opportuniity/Affirmative Action Employer.               research base. Candidates with an interest in develop-
                                                                                                                                   BIOLOGY TEACHING POSMIION. The Bio-
                                                               mental biology; regulation ofcell growth and differentia-
          ASSOCIATE SCIENCE ADVISER                            tion; interactions between the extracellular matrix, mem-        logical Sciences Interdepartmental Program and the De-
                                                                                                                                partment of Microbiology at North Carolina State Uni-
    A Washington, D.C.-based national trade organiza- branes, and cytoskeleton; organelle biogenesis and traf-
                                                               ficking; and image analysis at the light and electron            versity (NCSU) invite applications for a 9-month, ten-
tion seeks a versatile biologist or chemist with a back-                     levels are encouraged to apply. It is antici-      ure-track position at the ASSISTANT PROFESSOR
ground in the medical sciences and at least 3 years of microscopicsuccessful candidates will establish indepen-
                                                               pated that                                                       level. Principal duties will involve lecturing to large
experience beyond the completion of a doctorate. The dent, externally funded research programs. The depart-                     classes, student advising, and other assigned teaching
ideal candidate also will possess (or be willing to acquire)                              of cell biology and histology to      duties in multisection introductory biology courses and
good skills with computers, data evaluation, information ment requires teachingsupervision o our graduate stu-                  microbiology classes as appropriate. Requirements in-
                                                               medical students
management, statistics, and verbal communication. The dents. Candidates and hold the Ph.D. or M.D. degrees                      clude a Ph.D. in microbiology, a broad background in
work presents a significant opportunity for someone who and have at least 2must of postdoctoral experience.
                                                                                     years                                      the biological sciences, and demonstrated effectiveness in
wants to obtain experience and credentials in regulatory                                                                        communicating with large classes. The person selected
toxicology and epidemiology, to make a transition from ofApplicantsand teaching interests, and vitae, statement
                                                                              should submit curriculum
                                                                                                            names of three      will be expected to develop a productive research pro-
academia to the private sector, or to change career                                                                             gram in microbiology. Send curriculum vitae, statement
direction from laboratory research to analysis. The salary references to:                                                       of research goals, statement of teaching experience and
can be as high as the mid-$50,000's with excellent fringe                 Dr. James D. Jamieson, Chairman                       potential to work in the described program, undergradu-
benefits. Send a brief cover letter, curriculum vitae, list of               Department of Cell Biology                         ate and graduate transcripts, and three letters of recom-
publications, and names of four references (with tele-                   Yale tfniversity School of Medicine                    mendation before 28 February 1990 to: Dr. Charles F.
phone numbers and addresses) to: Denise F. DcMan,                                    333 Cedar Street                           Lytle, Coordinator, Biological Sciences Interdepart-
President, Bench International Search, Inc., 116                            New Haven, CT 06510-0082                            mental Program, Box 7611, NCSU, Raleigh, NC
North Robertson Boulevard, Suite 503, Los Angeles,                Yale University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action    27695-7611. NCSU is an Afirmative Action/Equal Op-
CA 90048.                                                      Employer.                                                        portunity Employer.

588                                                                                                                                                              SCIENCE, VOL. 247
               POSITIONS OPEN
                                                                                         NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE
                                                                                         DEPARTMENT OF PHYSIOLOGY
              COLLEGE OF MEDICINE                                                        Applications are invited for teaching appointments in the
   Applications are invited for openings to be filled at the
                                                                                         Department of Physiology.
ASSISTANT, ASSOCIATE, or FULL PROFES-                          Candidates should have a PhD or equivalent degree and have at least two years of postdoctoral experience in
SOR level. Applicants should have a strong record of           one of the following areas:
research accomplishment utilizing molecular biology, cell
biology, protein chemistry, or electrophysiology. While        (a) aspects of cellular and molecular physiology related to the regulation of cell growth and differentiation;
we are particularly interested in individuals studying         (b) mechanism of action of hormones and hormone antagonists
mechanisms of signal transduction, stiucture and func-         The appointee will be expected to develop an independent research programme in his own area of interest
tion of membrane proteins, and regulation of gene              and be able to teach at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
expression, quality ofresearch and ability to complement
existing strengths in molecular endocrinology, mem-            Gross annual emoluments range as follows:
brane biology, and cellular neurophysiology are of pri-                        Lecturer                  S$50,390              -       64,200
mary importance. Substantial start-up funds for equip-                         Senior Lecturer           S$58,680              -      100,310
ment, personnel support, and supplies are available.                           Associate Professor       S$88,650              -      122,870
Excellent opportunities exist for participation in estab-                                         (US$1.00 = S$1.94 approximately)
lished thematic interdisciplinary programs. Rank and
salary will be based on academic and research record.          The commencing salary will depend on the candidate's qualifications, experience and the level of
Minimum requirements include Ph.D. or M.D. degree              appointment offered. In addition, appointees with a basic medical degree and an approved higher academic/
and 2 years of relevant postdoctoral training. Applicants      professional qualification may opt to retain consultation fees up to 60% of their annual gross salary or to
should send curriculum vitae, a statement of research          receive a fixed annual allowances as follows:
interests and plans, representative publications, and                                     Lecturer                     S$6,000/9,000
names and addresses of at least three references. Screen-                                 Senior Lecturer              S$15,000
ing will begin 1 March 1990.
                    Dr. Kevin Campbell
                                                                                          Associate Professor          S$2 1,000
Chairman, Cellular and Molecufar Physiology Search             Leave and medical benefits will be provided. Depending on the type of contract offered, other benefits may
       Department of Physiologv and Biophysics                 include: provident fund benefits or an end-of-contract gratuity, a settling-in allowance of S$1,000 or
           Howard Hughes Macal Institute                       S$2,000, subsidised housing at nominal rentals ranging from S$100 to S$216 p.m., education allowance
     The University of Iowa College of Medicine                for up to three children subject to a maximum of S$10,000 per annum per child, passage assistance and
                   Iowa City, IA 52 2                          baggage allowance for the transportation of personal effects to Singapore.
   T'he Utniversity of Iowa is an Equal Opportunity/Afirma-    Applications forms and further information on terms and conditions of service may be obtained from:
tive Action Employer. Women and minorities are encouraged to
apply.                                                                        The Director                         The Director
                                                                              Personnel Department                 North America Office
  THE     UNIVERSITY       OF THE WEST INDIES                                 National University of Singapore     National University of Singapore
            ST. AUGUSTINE, TRINIDAD                                           10 Kent Ridge Crescent               55 East 59th Street
   Applications are invited for the following vacancies:                      Singapore 0511                       New York, N.Y. 10022, U.S.A.
   ZOOLOGY: (i) CHAIR, all major disciplines will be                                                               Tel: (212) 751-0331
considered; (ii) SENIOR LECTURER/LECTURER,                     Enquiries may also be sent through BITNET to PERSDEPT @ NUSVM, or through Telefax: (65) 7783948
ER in physical chemistry with expertise in spectroscopy.
   Annual salary ranges: chair, TT$91,788 to 111,372;
 senior lecturer, TT$69,180 to 86,352; lecturer,
TT$54,708 to 77,604. Pensions, passages, housing al-
 lowances, study and travel grant, etc. Send applications
 naming three referees and detailing qualifications and
 experience as soon as possible to: Registrar, The Uni-
versity of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad,
West Indies. Further particulars sent to all applicants.
   The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia,
invites applications for the CHAIR IN ANATOMY                        SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals, a worldwide leader in pharmaceutical
which wif be made available by the retirement of Profes-             research, is seeking a scientist to conduct basic and applied research programs
sor G. S. Molyneux. Applicants must have an outstand-                directed at understanding:
ing record of research in a relevant field of anatomy such           * mechanisms of metabolism of novel therapeutic agents, in vitro
as cell biology, neurobiology, embryology and reproduc-              * the effects of novel therapeutic agents on cytochrome P450 and other drug
tive anatomy, functional anatomy, and comparative anat-                 metabolizing enzymes.
omy. This should be supported by a distinguished record
of teaching at the undergraduate and postgraduate level.             The position offers substantial opportunity for collaboration with other scientists
The appointee will be expected to carry out research and             involved in the discovery and development of novel therapeutic agents. As part
to provide leadership in the scholarly activities of the             of multi-disciplinary project teams, the scientist will be expected to provide the
department, particularly in the promotion of high stan-              drug metabolism perspective to fellow research scientists. Since the scientist will
dards and encouragement of research and postgraduate                 assume a high degree of project related responsibility, the position will also draw
studies. The appointee will be offered the opportunity to            heavily upon individual scientific initiative, independence and innovation.
assume headshsp of the department with a frst term of                Excellent interpersonal and communication skills are critical. Publication and
office on commencement of duty, thereafter according to              presentation of research findings are strongly encouraged.
the administrative rules of the university. The depart-              All positions require a Ph.D. in Biological or Chemical Sciences and a working
ment maintains a wide ranse of interactions with other               knowledge of state of the approaches to in vitro drug metabolism studies.
departrnents in the biological and health sciences and               Additional experimental experience with purified isozymes of cytochrome P450
contributes to undergraduate and postgraduate teaching               is preferred. Experience in bioanalytical methods development including HPLC
in the Faculties of Science, Medicine, Dentistry, and                and GC and in analysis of drugs and their metabolites in biologic fluids is required.
Veterinary Science. For fiuther information, please con-
tact: Professor C. J. Hawkins, Pro-Vice-Chanccllor                   Based in a state of the art research facility in suburban Philadelphia near Valley
(Biological Sciences), telephone: 07-377-2384. The                   Forge, PA, SmithKline Beecham provides a stimulating, collegial atmosphere with
salary or a professor is A$65,837 per annum. Super-                  extensive scientific resources available to each scientist. We offer an attractive
annuation, access to special studies programs, and as-               compensation/benefits/relocation package. For confidential review, please
sistance with relocation costs are provided. Application             forward your CV to Liz McKendry, L-113, SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals,
forms and firther details may be obtained from:                      P.O. Box 1539, King of Prussia, PA 19406-0939. We are an Equal Opportunity
Appointments (37430), Association of Common-                         Employer, M/F/H/V.
wealth Universities, 36 Gordon Square, London
WClH OPF, England. Please forward an original plus
copies of application and r6sume to: The Director,
Personnl Services, The University of Queensland, St.
Lucia 4067, Australia, by 2 March 1990. Reference
No. 58789. Equal Opportunity in Employment is univer-
sity policy.

2 FEBRUARY        I990
                POSITIONS OPEN                                                    POSITIONS OPEN                                                         POSITIONS OPEN
       DEAN OF SCHOOL OF GRADUATE                                    CELL CULTURE TECHNICAL CORE DIREC-                                       JOHN BARDEEN ENDOWED CHAIR IN
             STUDIES AND ASSOCIATE                                TOR. Ph.D. to supervise a cell culture core facility at the                       ELECTRICAL AND COMPUTER
       VICE PRESIDENT FOR RESEARCH                                University of Pennsylvania. Candidates should have at                              ENGINEERING AND PHYSICS
           WRIGHT STATE UNIVERSITY                                least 5 years of experience with cell culture including                            COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING
   As the chief executive officer of the School of Graduate       growth of a variety of cell lines, quality control of media                          UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS
Studies, the dean develops and maintains quality gradu-           and sera, and mycoplasma testing, as well as experience in                              URBANA-CHAMPAIGN
ate education and related outreach programs for Wright            directing laboratory personnel and ordering of supplies.                   The College of Engineering at the University of
State University, a metropolitan university with over             Knowledge of computers and business administration                      Illinois is seeking nominations and applications for the
17,000 students including more than 3,400 graduate and            would be advantageous. Send resume to: Dr. Roger                        John Bardeen Endowed Chair in Electrical and Comput-
professional students, master's degrees in most disci-            Kennett, University of Pennsylvania, 475 Clinical                       er Engineering and Physics sponsored by the SONY
plines, and 4 doctoral degrees. The dean shares responsi-         Research Building, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6145.                         Corporation.
bility of appropriate standards for existing graduate-level       Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.
                                                                                                                                             The successful applicant must be a distinguished scien-
programs, including new and continuing accreditation.                               ECOTOXICOLOGIST                                       tist who has attained international recognition and who
The dean also facilitates graduate student recruitment,                                                                                   has also demonstrated a commitment to excellence in
graduate admissions and records, and graduate fellow-                Exxon Biomedical Sciences, Inc., has an immediate                    teaching.
ship programs. The dean, who reports to the vice                  opening for a qualified individual specializing in ecotoxi-                The funds for the endowed chair will provide funding
president for academic affairs, represents the university to      cology and environmental hazard assessment. The suc-                    for advanced research in the many fields of electrical and
the Ohio Board of Regents regarding all graduate studies          cessful candidate will have a Ph.D. in ecotoxicology or in              computer engineering and physics, and also cover facili-
and research programs. As associate vice president for            an environmentally related field with 0 to 2 years of                   ties and specialized course development, experiment ac-
research, the dean represents the university to external          postdoctoral experience. Experience in or a knowledge of                quisition, and compensation for staff and assistants.
constituencies on matters regarding research and eco-             the application of both effects and fate data to real world                The candidate seected as the holder of the chair shall
nomic development of the metropolitan area. Wright                concerns as well as knowledge of regulatory requirements                receive a joint appointment to the Department of Electri-
State now ranks third among state universities in Ohio            (TSCA/PMN) would be desired.                                            cal and Computer Engineering and the Department of
with over $12 million in external funding for research               Exxon Biomedical Sciences, Inc., performs both con-                  Physics, and will hold the chair for the length of his or
and sponsored programs. The dean initiates and reviews            sulting and laboratory toxicology for affiliates around the             her tenure at the University of Illinois. The salary is
all policies related to the School of Graduate Studies,           world. Its resources include state-of-the-art aquatic toxi-             negotiable. Proposed starting date is August 1990.
including the policies and compliance/assurances issues           cology, environmental chemistry, and mammalian toxi-                       Nominations or applications and requests for further
of the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, and             cology laboratories. The candidate will perform as a                    information should be directed to:
leads and works closely with Graduate and Research                study monitor and internal consulting toxicologist. Cli-                            Professor Jiri Jonas, Chairperson
Councils in the area of policv development. Qualifica-            ent interactions are an important aspect of our work;
                                                                  thus, we are also seeking an individual who has excellent                      Search Committee for the Bardeen Chair
tions include an earned doctorate; teaching, research, and                                                                                                   University of Illinois
service accomplishments commensurate with a tenured               communication skills. Please forward resume to:
                                                                                                                                                            108 Noyes Laboratory
faculty appointment at the rank of professor; a proven                        Christine Ramos, Human Resources                                          505 South Mathews Avenue
record of scholarly activity; extensive experience in gar-                       Exxon Biomedical Sciences, Inc.                                              Urbana, IL 61801
nering external research support; a commitment to re-                               CN 2350, Mettlers Road                                                Telephone: 217-333-0710
search and graduate education; evidence of strong mana-                        East Millstone, NJ 08875-2350
gerial skills; ability to negotiate with government agen-                    Equial Opportntity Emnployer, M/F/H/V.
                                                                                                                                             Applicants should submit curriculum vitae, with a list
cies, businesses, and industry; interest in applications of                                                                               of publications. Nominations and applications should be
research through technology transfer; and strong inter-              ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE. Huxley College                                received by 15 April 1990 in order to receive full
personal skills to deal effectively with diverse groups.          of Environmental Studies, Western Washington Univer-                    consideration.
Screening begins on 1 March 1990, for position avail able         sity (WWU), will fill two tenure-track positions in                        The University of Illinois is atn Afirtnative Actiotn/Equial
1 Julv 1990, and continues until position is filled. Salary       environmental science, with special emphasis on Pacific                 Opportunity Emnployer.
negotiable. Include a statement expressing candidate's            Northwest watershed studies. Ph.D. required; rank
philosophy of graduate education and research, a resume,          open. Position (i): half-time administrative duties as                                          DIRECTOR
and the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of five           director, Institute of Watershed Studies; half-time teach-                    CANCER RESEARCH LABORATORY
references. Search Committee will request letters of              ing duties. Position (ii): full-time teaching position.                    Mount Sinai Medical Center, Miami Beach, Florida,
reference. Send nominations and applications to: Dr.              Persons with specializations in terrestrial or aquatic                  Department of Surgery, is seeking a Ph.D. level immu-
James E. Brandeberry, Chair of Search Committee,                  ecological systems encouraged to apply. Seek effective                  nologist with a strong background in tumor immunolo-
College of Engineering and Computer Science,                      teachers and scholars with interdisciplinary orientation.               gy to direct the cancer research laboratory. Responsibil-
Wright State University, Dayton, OH 45435. Wri,ht                 Applicants for director position should have record of                  ities include monitoring reactivity to biologic response
State Unit'ersity is att Equal Opportntiity/Affirnative Actiott   successful administration. Send letter of application;                  modifiers as well as developing murine tumor models for
Etmployer.                                                        curriculum vitae; copies of representative publications;                these modifiers. Candidates should have a Ph.D. in
                                                                  and names and telephone numbers of three references to:                 immunology with at least 4 years of experience. Salary is
                                                                  John Miles, Dean, Huxley College, Western Wash-                         negotiable. Curriculum vitae and three letters of refer-
       @t)            WRIGHT STATE UNIVERSITY                     ington University, Bellingham, WA 98225. Appli-                         ence should be submitted to: Marc K. Wallack, M.D.,
                           DAYTON, OHIO 45435                     cants should specify which position sought. Review of
                                                                  applications commences 2 March 1990, and will contin-                   Chairman, Department of General Surgery, Mount
                                                                  ue until positions are filled, fall of 1990. WWU, through
                                                                                                                                          Sinai Medical Center, 4300 Alton Road, Miami
                 DEPUTY DIRECTOR                                  Affirnative Actiotn goals, seeks catndidates to atugment diversity of   Beach, FL 33140. Ant Equial Emnploymetit Opportunity/
          OCEAN DRILLING PROGRAM                                  the faculty in teachitig atid scholarship. Wometn atid mitnorities      Affirnative Actiotn Emnployer.
             TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY                                 are encouraged to apply. WWU is atn Affirnative Actiont/Equial             FACULTY POSITION. Biologist, Ph.D. Teaching
   The Ocean Drilling Program at Texas A&M Universi-              Opportunity Emnployer.                                                  responsibilities include introductory biology, cell biolo-
tv invites applications for the position of deputy director.                                                                              gy, and microbiology in a 4-year, Christian, liberal arts
Applicants should have an earned doctorate, preferably                        ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMIST
                                                                                                                                          college in the Presbyterian tradition. Send curriculum
in the field of marine geology and geophysics. In addi-              Exxon Biomedical Sciences, Inc., has an immnediate                   vitae and statement of teaching and research interests to:
tioil to distinguished research accomplishments, includ-          opening for a qualified individual specializing in environ-             Dr. Gregory D. Jordan, Acting Dean of the Faculty,
ing seagoing experience on research vessels, the success-         mental chemistrv. The successful candidate will have a                  King College, Bristol, TN 37620. Kitig College is an
ful applicant should possess exceptional qualities of             Ph.D. in environmental chemistry or a related field, and                Equial Opportunity Employer.
leadership and interpersonal skills, as well as extensive          1 to 3 years of practical experience in analytical method
experience in scientific management.                              and protocol development for analysis of environmental                                 FACULTY POSITIONS
   The position requires interaction with senior level            samples in water, soil/sediment, and fish tissues. In                       CELL AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGISTS
scientists and engineers from the world's principal earth         addition, the applicant should have a knowledge of EPA                    The Department of Surgery at the University of
and ocean science institutions and government agencies,           methodologies for conducting effluent toxicity identifica-              Connecticut Health Center is seeking applications for
embassv personnel, and U.S. funding agencies in the               tion and reduction evaluations and standard methods for                 two RESEARCH or tenure-track ASSISTANT PRO-
conduct of a major international earth science program.           contaminant analysis.                                                   FESSOR positions. One will be filled by a cell biologist
   The position will also present the opportunity for                The successful candidate will act as a consultant to our             with cell culture experience and an interest in cell-cell
strong interaction at the departmental level within one of        ecotoxicologists and to our affiliates on matters pertain-              communication and membrane-cytoskeleton interaction.
the departments (Geology, Geophysics, or Oceanogra-               ing to the assessment of environmental hazards associat-                The second position is for a molecular biologist with
phy) of the College of Geosciences at Texas A&M                   ed with products, effluents, hazardous wastes, etc. by                  interest in gene expression, molecular biology of signal
Uniiversity.                                                      providing analytical expertise to the design and interpre-              transduction, and transfection techniques. Positions in-
  Letters of application should include a resumn with             tation of these programs. Client interactions are an                    clude laboratory space and start-up funds for initial years
three references and be forwarded to:                             important aspect of our work, and thus, we are seeking
                                                                  an individual who has excellent communication skills.                   of program. Successful candidates will be expected to
                Supervisor of Personnel                                                                                                   establish independent, externally funded research pro-
                Ocean Drilling Program                            Please forward resume to:
                Texas A&M University
                                                                                                                                          grams. Curriculum vitae and three letters of recommen-
                                                                              Christine Ramos, Human Resources                            dation should be sent to: Ttacy K. McIntosh, Ph.D.,
                 1000 Discovery Drive                                          Exxon Biomedical Sciences, Inc.                            Department of Surgery, University of Connecticut
              College Station, TX 77843                                            Mettlers Road, CN 2350                                 Health Center, Farmington, CT 06032. The University
   Texas A&M University is atn Equial Opportutnity/Affirna-                    East Millstone, NJ 08875-2350                              of Connecticut is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity
titve Actiotn Employer.                                                      Equial Opportntity Employer M/F/H/V.                         Employer, M/W/H.

590                                                                                                                                                                          SCIENCE, VOL. 247
                FACULTY POSITIONS                                               ASSOCIATE RESEARCH
             CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY                                                   SCIENTIST
   The Department of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics and             Cellular Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
the Division of Clinical Pharmacology at the Medical University of South          Bristol-Myers Squibb, world headquarters for phar-
Carolina seek to fill up to seven positions at the assistant or associate         maceutical research and development in Wallingford,
professor level over the next two years. Applicants should have a Ph.D.           Connecticut, is a state-of-the-art facility created for the
and/or M.D. degree, successful postdoctoral experiences and the enthu-            encouragement of professional achievement and inter-
siasm and energy to develop independent research careers in an
environment where collegiality and collaboration are important traditions.        disciplinary cooperation.
We are looking for scientists and scientists/physicians who plan to apply         An excellent opportunity exists for an individual with
their interests and capabilities in molecular genetics, protein chemistry,        an MS/BS in biochemistry, cell biology, molecular
receptors, channels, signal transduction mechanisms or cell biology to            biology or related area with 2 to 5 years experience in
problems in basic and clinical pharmacology. We offer an environment              molecular biology, biochemical, immunological and
rich in senior level scientific and clinical experience, start up funds,          tissue culture techniques, including some/all of the
laboratory space, a record of highly successful and continuing extramu-           following: DNA and RNA isolation and characteriza-
ral research funding and an array of important resources which include:
both inpatient and outpatient NIH supported clinical research units (1000         tion, chromatography, protein electrophoresis,
hypertensive patients); extensive analytical capabilities (e.g., 400 MHz          fluorometry, ELISA and RIA. Position involves the
NMR, triple quadrupole and new NSF-supported high mass, high                      study of peptide and protein growth factors, their
performance tandem mass spectrometers); and access to hybridoma,                  receptors and signal transduction mechanisms in both
cell culture, synthetic organic chemistry, image analysis, and peptide            tumor cells and lymphocytes.
and DNA sequencing and synthesizing facilities. We are committed to a
broad spectrum of undergraduate teaching and predoctoral and post-                Bristol-Myers Squibb offers sustained growth, highly
doctoral training, with an excellent track record in the local environment        competitive salaries, extensive benefits and career sup-
of teaching and student research awards. Send curriculum vitae, re-               port. Our countryside location is convenient to Con-
prints, list of references and a summary of career goals to:                      necticut cultural centers, New York and New England.
                Harry S. Margollus, M.D., Ph.D., Chairman                         To apply, please send resume to: BRISTOL-MYERS
   Department of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics                       SQUIBB COMPANY, Pharmaceutical Research &
                                    or                                            Development Division, Attn: MH299, P.O. Box 5101,
             Perry V. Halushka, M.D., Ph.D., Director                             5 Research Parkway, Wallingford, CI 06492-7661.
                Division of Clinical Pharmacology                                 An Equal Opportunity Employer MIFIH/V.
               Medical University of South Carolina
                        171 Ashley Avenue
                Charleston, South Carolina 29425
          An Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.
                                                                                 *z Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
                                                                                  "Stronger Than Ever In Global Health Care"

                                                                                        SENIOR CHEMIST
        POSITIONS FOR STAFF FELLOWS                                                        EXPOSURE
               (TENURE TRACK)
        AND POST-DOCTORAL FELLOWS                                                         ASSESSMENT
                                                                             Midwest Research Institute (MRIJ is a well-established contract research
1. TRANSGENIC MICE - Studies involving the genes of                          organization with an outstanding reputation in the field of chemistry.
   HSV, HIV, EBV, receptors, and hormones; patho-                            We are expanding our exposure assessment capability at our
   genesis of viral infections and endocrine diseases.                       headquarter laboratories in Kansas City, Missouri, and are seeking a
                                                                             Senior Chemist with a broad technical base and a Ph.D. in Analytical
                                                                             or Physical Biochemistry, or equivalent. We are looking for leadership
II.   POLYREACTIVE ANTIBODIES/CD5+ B CELLS -                                 qualities coupled with solid technical expertise in exposure
      Mechanism of polyreactivity; production and                            assessment/human monitoring.
      characterization of human monoclonal antibodies;                       The successful candidate will contribute to the development and
                                                                             direction of exposureassessment research programs. Emphasiswill be
      biology of CD5+ B lymphocytes.                                         on human exposure to environmertally significant contaminants, and
                                                                             on topics such as indoor air, consumer products, hazardous materials,
111. AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES Cloning, expression and
                                         -                                   and the use of experimental results to develop and validate models.
     characterization of autoantigens involved in insulin-                   Research efforts may range from the establishmentof exposure/dose
                                                                             relationships to the development of methods for quantifying exposure
     dependent diabetes mellitus, lupus erythematosus,                       by specific routes, especially dermal exposure. We are seeking an
     rheumatoid arthritis, and Graves' disease.                              exposure assessment expert to interact with clients and a
                                                                             multidisciplinary staff. This position will also prepare and review
                                                                             reports and proposals.
Positions available immediately. Experience in
                                                                             MRI offers a competitive compensation, benefits, and relocation
molecular biology desirable. Growing program with                            package, in addition to a convenient location in an attractive
opportunity for Staff Fellows to have technical and/or                       metropolitan setting. For immediate consideration, send resume to
post-doctoral support. Salary commensurate with                              GD Ratcliff, at:
experience (range $25,000 to $50,000 per year). Send                                                             MIDWEST RESEARCH
Curriculum Vitae and names of references to Dr. Lois                                                             INSTITUTE
Salzman, Deputy Director, Intramural Research                                    RI@
                                                                                  M                              ~~~~~425 Wblker Blvd. 64110
Program, National Institute of Dental Research, National                                                         Kansa Cty, Missouri
                                                                                                       _816} 753-7600
Institutes of Health, 9000 Rockville Pike, Building 30,
                                                                             For more information see our recruiter at the Pittsburgh Conference
Room 121, Bethesda, MD 20892.                                                in New York City, March 5-8, 1990.
            NIH IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER                                         An Equal Opportunity Employer MIFIHIV
               POSITIONS OPEN                                                   POSITIONS OPEN                                                    POSITIONS OPEN
   BIOLOGY FACULTY. Colby-Sawyer College, a                          FACULTY POSMON. A 12-month, tenure-track                              MICROBIOLOGY/IMMUNOLOGY
small independent four year college located in the beauti-        appointment requiring research and teaching expertise is                        FACULTY POSMONS
ful Dartmouth-Lake Sunapee area of New Hampshire, is              open to individuals holding a Ph.D. in toxicology,
seeking a faculty member whose primary responsibility             pharmacology, or related discipline. Candidates with a             Applications are invited for two full-time, tenure-track
will be in cell biology and genetics. Expertise in develop-       D.V.M. degree and expertise in cellular and/or molecular        faculty positions at the ASSISTANT OR ASSO-
mental biology and anatomy and physiology is desirable.           level studies are desirable. Send curriculum vitae and a        CIATE PROFESSOR level in the Department of
Near completion of an advanced degree is required, as is          statement of research interests to: Dr. E. M. Bailey,           Microbiology and Immunology at the University of
the demonstrated ability to teach elfectively. Position is        Department of Veterinary Physiology and Pharma-                 Colorado School of Medicine:
open August of 1990. Please send a letter of application,         cology, Texas A&M University, Coflege Station, TX                  MOLECULAR/CELLULARIMMUNOLOGIST:
resume, and names of five references to: Director of              77843-4466. Texas A&M University is an Afirmative               Applicants should have training, interests, and skills in
Human Resources, Colby-Sawyer College, New Lon-                   Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.                              the use of current molecular and cellular techniques for
don, NH 03257.                                                                                                                    studying the function and/or development of the im-
                 Equal Opportunity Employer.                         FACULTY POSITION: TRANSPLANTATION,                           mune system.
                                                                  BIOLOGY, AND IMMUNOLOGY. Permanent track                           MOLECULAR MICROBIOLOGIST: Applicants
     UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA                               position for persons with Ph.D. and/or M.D. degrees.            should have training, interests, and skills in molecular
       DEPARTMENT OF ORAL BIOLOGY                                 Involves conducting an independent research program             approaches to the study of bacterial pathogenesis.
                    BIOMATERIALS                                  on some aspect of transplantation, biology (such as                Successful applicants will be expected to initiate and
   Applications are invited for a position at the level of        physiology), and/or immunology with a focus toward              maintain an active, independent research program; par-
either ASSISTANT OR ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                           transplantation. Candidate expected to be competent in          ticipate in the teaching of microbiology or immunology
in the area of biomaterials. A tenure-track position will         basic immunology, to conduct an independent research            to medical students; and become an active member in an
be available on 1 January 1991, and is subject to final           program, and be willing to participate with clinicians          established graduate training program. Laboratory space
budgetary approval. Salary will be commensurate with              involved in a large multi-organ transplantation program         and start-up funds will be provided by the department.
experience. Applicants must have a Ph.D. and the ability          (liver, renal, pancreas, heart, lung, bone marrow). Will        Candidates with a commitment to excellence in research
to teach courses in dental materials. The ideal individual        receive academic appointment commensurate with his/             and teaching are encouraged to send curriculun vitae, a
would have an excellent research record and the ability to        her qualifications. Start-up funds for establishment of the     statement of research and teaching interests, and the
attract grant support. The opportunity exists for an              laboratory are available. Send curriculum vitae, a descrip-     names of three references by 1 June 1990 to: Lewis I.
honorary appointment in either the Faculty of Science or          tion of research interests, and names of three references       Pizer, Ph.D., Professor and Chairman, Department
Engineering. Applications should be received by 31 May            to: Dr. Keith Kelly, Chairman, Departnent of Sur-               of Microbiology/Immunology, Box B-175, Universi-
1990. Applicants should send curriculum vitae, a sum-             gery, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN 55905. An Equal                ty of Colorado Health Sciences Center (UCHSC),
mary of research nterests, and the names and addresses            Opportunity/Afirmative Action Institution.                      Denver, CO 80262.
of three references to: Dr. D. M. Brunette, Department                 TENURE-TRACK FACULTY POSITION                                 UCHSC is an Equal Opportunity/Afirmative Action Em-
of Oral Biology, Faculty of Dentistry, The University
of British Columbia, 2199 Wesbrook Mall, Vancou-                              ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY                                ployer.   Women and minorities   are   encouraged to apply.
ver, BC, Canada V6T 1Z7. In accordance with Canadian                 The new School of Public Policy at the Georgia                   FACULTY POSITION: MOLECULAR VIROL-
immigration requirements, preference will be given to Canadian    Institute of Technology announces an anticipated posi-          OGY. The Division of Molecular Virology at Baylor
citizens and permanent residents of Canada. The University of     tion in environmental policy, beginning September
 British Columbia is committed to the federal government's        1990. Rank is open.                                             College of Medicine invites applications for a tenure-
Employment Equity program and encourages applications from                                                                        track position at the ASSISTANT OR ASSOCIATE
                                                                     The school is searching for specialists in the analysis      PROFESSOR level. An innovative scientist is sought
all qualified individuals.                                        and evaluation of environmental policies at the state,          with research interest in replication or pathogenesis of
         FACULTY OPENING IN PHYSICS                               regional, national, or international levels. Specific areas     viral infections; appropriate topics include the molecular
                  (NUCLEAR PHYSICS)                               of concentration may include environmental regulatory           biology of replication, chronic or persistent infections,
           UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA                               policy, contingent valuation/survey research, impact            and antivirals. Applicants should have a Ph.D. or
                       AT BERKELEY                                analysis, environmental decision-making, or resource            M.D./Ph.D. with at least 2 years of postdoctoral experi-
                                                                  analysis in a substantive policy area. We would be              ence in molecular virology. The successful applicant is
   The Department of Physics at the University of Cali-           especially interested in applicants with expertise in multi-    expected to establish an independent research program
fornia, Berkeley, and the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory            media effects of technological developments. Candidates         and to participate in graduate training. This appointment
(LBL) expect to make a joint appointment in nuclear               with strong skills in quantitative and qualitative research     offers an excellent opportunity to join an expanding
physics at the ASSISTANT, the tenured ASSOCIATE,                  methodologies will be given special attention.                  academic department with newly renovated laboratories
or the FULL PROFESSOR level, effective 1 July 1990;                  The Ph.D. or equivalent degree is required at the time       and well-equipped support facilities. Current faculty
candidates in either theoretical or experimental nuclear          of appointment. Send applications, curriculum vitae, and        research activities focus on the molecular basis of viral
physics are encouraged to apply. The appointee will               three letters of reference to: Dr. Thomas N. Debo,              replication, viral and cellular oncogenes, viral pathogene-
teach in the Physics Department and have research                 Chair, Environmental Policy Search Committee, City              sis, and modern approaches to viral vaccines. Send
facilities in the Nuclear Science Division at LBL. Sum-           Planning Program, Georgia Institute of Technology,              curriculum vitae, names and addresses of at least three
mer research salary will be provided by LBL.                     Atlanta, GA 303320155. Closing date is 15 April                  references, a statement of current research activities, and
   Applicants should send curriculum vitae, bibliography,         1990.                                                           a description of future plans by 1 April 1990, to: Dr.
statement of research interests, and list of references to:          Georgia Tech is a unit of the University System of Georgia   Janet S. Butel, Head, Division of Molecular Virology,
Professor P. Buford Price, Chairman, Department of                and an Equal Opportunity/Afirmative Action Employer.            Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas 77030.
Physics, University of California, Berkeley, CA                   Women and minorities are especially encouraged to apply.        An Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.
94720, before 10 March 1990. The University of Califor-
nia is an Equal Opportunity/Afirmative Action Employer.                         COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY                                          PHYSICS FACULTY POSITIONS
                                                                         DEPARTMENT OF BIOCHEMISTRY
   The Department of Pathobiology, College of Veteri-                      AND MOLECULAR BIOPHYSICS                                  The Smith College Physics Department invites appli-
nary Medicine, University of Tennessee, has a tenure-                                                                             cation for two positions available in the fall 1990. The
track FACULTY POSITION available for an EX-                         The department is embarking on a program of hiring            first is a tenure-track position in experimental physics at
PERIMENTAL PATHOLOGIST. The successful                           new FACULTY MEMBERS and intends to fill tenured                  the ASSOCIATE OR ASSISTANT PROFESSOR
candidate will be expected to emphasize the development          and tenure-track positions.                                      level. The candidate should have a Ph.D., an interest in
of a strong independent and collaborative research pro-             Applications are invited from candidates with the             teaching, and research interests amenable to collabora-
gram in the area of cellular and molecular pathobiotogy          Ph.D. degree or its equivalent and appropriate postdoc-          tion with undergraduates. Preference will be given to
and the pathogenesis of disease. Abundant collaborative          toral for positions in biochemistry and molecular bio-           persons with an established experimental program.
research opportunities are available. The successful candi-      physics. In the area of biochemistry we are seeking              Funds are available to start or extend a research project.
date will also be expected to assist in the department's         candidates with research interests in several disciplines        The second position is a 1-year appointment at the rank
professional and graduate teaching programs as well as           including: developmental biology, neurobiology, and              of entry-level ASSISTANT PROFESSOR. Qualifica-
graduste research training. Time commitments to resi-            regulation of gene expression in both eukaryotes and             tions are the same, except that the applicant need not be
dency training and departmental service responsibilities         prokaryotes. We are particularly interested in persons           an experimentalist. Women and minorities are encouraged to
are expected to be minimal. D.V.M., Ph.D., or equiva-            whose research in these areas focuses on nucleic acid-           apply. Located in western Massachusetts, Smnith College
lent degrees with appropriate research training and expe-        protein interactions. In molecular biophysics, the areas of      is a leader in the education of women and has an
rience are essential.                                            particular interest are three-dimensional structural analy-      outstanding record in the number of professional women
   Academic rank and salary will be commensurate with            sis, protein folding, and RNA conformation.                      physicists who are alumnae. The Five College Consor-
background and experieince, but we particularly encour-             Preference will be given to candidates with a strong          tium, comprised of Smith, Amherst, Mt. Holyoke, and
age application from junior candidates. Applications will        record of research accomplishments. Interested candi-            Hampshire Colleges and the University of Massachu-
be reviewed beginning 15 March 1990. Informal inquir-            dates should submit curriculum vitae, bibliography, re-          setts, provides a rich intellectual and cultural life for
ies are invited. Applicants should send curriculum vitae,        prints, and summary of current research and fiure                faculty and students as well as additional collegial oppor-
three or more letters of reference, and a statement of           research goals as wehl as three letters of reference. The        tunities in teaching and research. Curriculum vitae, state-
research and career goals to: Dr. Erby Wilkinson,                department is especially interested in women and minority        ment of teaching and research interests and experience,
Chairman of Search Committee, Departnent of                      candidates. All applications should be addressed to:             and three letters of reference should be sent to: Profes-
Pathobiology, College of Veterinary Medicine, P.O.               Chairman, Department of Biochemistry and Molecu-                 sor Bruce Hawkins, Chair, Department of Physics,
Box 1071, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN                 lar Biophysics, Columbia University, Health Sciences,            Clark Science Center, Smith College, Northampton,
37901-1071. Telephone: 615-546-9230. The Univer-                 630 West 168th Street, New York, NY 10032.                       MA 01063. Preference will be given to applications
sity of Tennessee is an Equal Opportunity/Afirmative Action/        Columbia University is an Equal Opportunity/Afirmative        received before 15 February 1990. Smith College is an
Title IX/Section 504 Employer.                                   Action Employer.                                                 Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Institution.

592                                                                                                                                                                      SCIENCE, VOL. 247
               POSITIONS OPEN                                                                                                                                         .l
   FACULTY POSITION in the Biology Division of
the California Institute of Technology (Caltech).
   Caltech seeks a new faculty member in the Biology
Division with research interests in biotechnology and its
application to current biological problems. Research
programs might include the development and applica-
tion of new theoretical treatments, techniques, or instru-
                                                                  Postdoctoral Researchers
                                                                 Genentech, Inc., a leader in the field of biotechnology, has several Postdoctoral
ments to the study of macromolecules, chromosomes,
genomic structure, genetic information, or genome evo-           opportunities for research and taining available in the areas of:
lution. The appointment may be at the ASSISTANT,
pending on experience. The appointment will initially be          * Cell Genetics                                  * Developmental Biology
for 4 years and will be either tenure track or tenured,
depending on experience. Send curriculum vitae and names
                                                                  * Molecular Biology                              * Cardiovascular Biology
and addresses of three references to: Barbara Wold,
Chair, Biotechnology Search Committee, Biology Divi-
                                                                  * Protein Chemistry                              * Immunobiology
sion, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA
91125. Caltech is an Equal Opportunity Employer and              We expect Genentech postdoctoral fellows to conduct independent research in
welcomes applications from minorities and women.                 the areas of our scientific interests, publish in the leading scientific journals,
                FACULTY POSITIONS                                attend and present their work at scientific conferences and maintain close
         MEMORIAL SLOAN-KETTERING                                ties with the academic community.
                  CANCER CENTER
                       PROGRAM                                   Genentech, Inc. offers an attractive salary and benefits package coupled with
   The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center invites            the opportunity to make a significant contribution to our organization. For
applications for several tenure-track junior and senior
faculty positions in the Cell Biology and Genetics Pro-          consideraton, please send your resume to: Genentech, Inc., Attn: Yvonne
gram. This research program is one of four in the
institute, and is expanding in the areas of cell cycle
                                                                 Davino, Dept. PD, 460 Point San Bruno Blvd., South San Francisco, CA
control, differentiation, cell structure, intercellular recog-   94080. We actively support and promote affirmative action and equal em-
nition, and morphogenesis. The Cell Biology and Genet-           ployment opportunity. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.
ics Program is located in a new research building which
also houses advanced facilities for protein and nucleic
acid microchemistry, transgenic mice, and automated
mammalian cell micromanipulation. The members of the
Cell Biology and Genetics Program faculty are affiliated
with the Cell Biology Graduate Program at Cornell
University Medical College. The positions offered are                                           Genenech,In&
highly competitive with regard to start-up funds, labora-
tory space, salary, and housing.
                                                                                                 Geneneh Ina
   Eligible candidates should have a doctoral degree,
postdoctoral experience, and demonstrate potential and
ability to develop an independent, imaginative research
program. Formal applications are invited from junior as
well as established investigators. Applications should
include curriculum vitae, a list of publications, a summa-
ry of research activities and research plan, and three
letters of recommendation. Applications should be ad-
dressed to: Dr. Joan Massague, c/o Christine Brohme,
Box #135, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center,
1275 York Avenue, New York, NY 10021.
        Equal Opportunity/Afirmnative Action Employer.            Join A Well Respected Industry Leader.
           UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA                               The Medical Research Division of American Cyanamid Company is recognized internationally
             COLLEGE OF PHARMACY                                 as a leader in the research and development of therapeutic compounds. The MolecularNeurobiology
 FACULTY POSITION IN PHARMACEUTICS                               Group of the CNS Research Department has research projects focusing on the areas of CNS
   Applications are invited from persons holding a Ph.D.         Degenerative Diseases, and Voltage and Ligand Gated Ion Channels. Our current expansion re-
in pharmaceutics/biopharmaceutics or other relevant dis-         quires three Research Scientists (with at least two years' postdoctoral work) and three Postdoc-
ciplines, or M.D. with research experience, for a 12-            toral Scientists with the following qualifications:
month, tenure-track position at the ASSISTANT PRO-               RESEARCH SCIENTIST having strong molecular and cellular biology backgrounds to work with
FESSOR level. A professional degree in pharmacy is not           a team applying molecular techniques to the study of Alzheimer's Disease and other dementias.
a specific requirement. Preference will be given to indi-        Respond to department MV.
viduals with research interests broadly in the area of drug
delivery systems. The individual selected will be expected       RESEARCH SCIENTIST with a strong background in at least two areas including molecular biology,
to develop an active independent research program                biochemistry or electrophysiology to work with a team applying protein biochemistry, molecular
which attracts extramural funding, and to supervise the          biology and electrophysiological techniques to clone, express and study various K+ channels.
research activities and contribute to the instruction of         Respond to department RZ.
students in the graduate and undergraduate programs of
the college. Postdoctoral experience is desirable. The           RESEARCH SCIENTIST with a strongbackground in molecular biology, biochemical pharmnacology
position is available 1 July 1990.                               and/or electrophysiology to work with a team on our ongoing efforts to clone, express and study
   Applicants should send, by 30 April 1990, curriculum          various subtypes of the GabaA receptor/benzodiazepine/ Cl- channel complex. Respond to depart-
vitae, a statement of research interests, and the names and      ment MA.
addresses of three persons who can provide letters of
reference to:                                                    POSTDOCTORAL SCIENTISTS (3) with strong background in moleculargenetics/biology and
               David J. W. Grant, D.Phil.                        biochemistry to work in ourAlzheimer's Disease program. Part of this program focuses on transcrip-
             Department of Pharmaceutics                         tional regulation and post-translational processing of the amyloid gene [see e.g., PNAS 86:7606
                  College of Pharmacy                            (1989)1. Respond to department SJ.
                University of Minnesota                          Lederle is located in Rockland County on a 580 acre campus-like setting only 25 miles north of
       308 Harvard Street, S.E., 9-105 HSUF                      New York City. Starting salaries are very competitive and include comprehensive benefits. For
                Minneapolis, MN 55455                            consideration, send resume/c.v. with appropriate department code and the names and telephone
               Telephone: 612-624-3956                           numbers of 3 references, to: Professional Employment Representative, Medical Research Divi-
  Applicants with less than 5 years of experience since          sion, Lederle Laboratories, Pearl River, NY 10965. An Equal Opportunity Employer M/F.
the award of the doctoral degree are required to submit
transcripts of collegiate academic record.
   The University of Minnesota is an Equal Opportunity
Educator and Employer and specifically invites and encourages
applicationsfrom women and minorities.
2 FEBRUARY        1990
               POSITIONS OPEN                                                   POSITIONS OPEN                                                POSITIONS OPEN
                 FACULTY POSITIONS                                                 FACULTY OPENING                              HUMAN ENVIRONMENTAL PHYSIOLOGIST
         LABORATORY OF TOXICOLOGY                                       IN EXPERIMENTAL SPACE PHYSICS                             A faculty position is open at the ASSISTANT OR
  HARVARD SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH                                           UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA                            ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR level for candidates with
                                                                                       AT BERKELEY                              a solid publication record and experience working with
   The Laboratory of Toxicology is searching for junior
faculty members at either the ASSISTANT PROFES-                      The Physics Department of the University of Califor-       human subjects. Opportunities are available to develop a
SOR OR ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR rank. Success-                         nia at Berkeley expects to make an appointment at the         strong research program in environmental physiology in
ful candidates will be expected to establish outstanding          ASSISTANT, the tenured ASSOCIATE, or the FULL                 collaboration with the Divisions of Pulmonary Medicine,
independent research programs and to participate in               PROFESSOR level, effective 1 July 1991. If it is              Occupational Health, and Physiology. Please send curric-
graduate student teaching and the training of postdoc-            desirable for the successful appointee to begin research at   ulum vitae and statement of present and future research
toral fellows. Candidates s-hould have research interests in      Berkeley prior to the appointment date, means to arrange      plans to: Dr. Wayne Mitzner, Division of Physiolo
the molecular, genetic, or cellular mechanisms of toxicity,       an interim research appointment at the Space Sciences         Department of Environmental Health Sciences, the
and complement the existing faculty whose activities              Laboratory will be explored.                                  Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and
focus on the molecular mechanisms of mutagenesis,                    Please send curriculum vitae, bibliography, statement      Public Health, 615 North Wolfe Street, Baltimore,
DNA repair genes, receptor-mediated toxicity, chemical            of research interests, and list of references to: Professor   MD 21205. Telephone: 301-955-3612. FAX: 301-
carcmogenesis and tumor promotion, cell cycle regula-             P. Buford Price, Chairman, Physics Department,                955-0299. TheJohns Hopkins University is an Affirmative
tion, and physiological and genetic responses to oxidative        University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720, before          Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.
stress and other DNA-damaging agents. Excellent start-            10 March 1990. The University of Califonia is an Equal
uFTand support funds are available from the Laboratory
                                                                  Opportunity/Afirmative Action Employer.                                 MICROBIOLOGIST/VIROLOGIST
                                                                     IMMUNOLOGIST, FACULTY POSITION. A                                  AND MICROBIAL PHYSIOLOGIST
   Send currnculum vitae, a statement of research interests
and future plans, up to four representative reprints, and         full-time, tenure-track position in the Pathology Depart-        The Department of Biological Sciences of State Uni-
the names of three evaluators to:                                 ment at the rank of ASSISTANT OR ASSOCIATE                    versity of New York (SUNY) Plattsburgh invites applica-
           Associate Professor Leona Samson                       PROFESSOR. M.D. or Ph.D. with demonstrated lead-              tions for two tenure-track ASSISTANT PROFESSOR
                 Laboratory of Toxicology                         ership in teaching and research. Position includes Partici-   positions beginning fall of 1990. MICROBIOLO-
            Harvard School of Public Health                       pation in educational programs in department an hospi-        GIST/VIROLOGIST (Box A): Ph.D. with broad back-
                  665 Huntington Avenue                           tal service responsibility in immunopathology labora-          round in microbiology, expertise in virology, molecular
                    Boston, MA 02115                              tory. Successful candidate should be able to transfer         biology, medical micro iology. MICROBIA PHYSI-
                                                                  research activities and funding to Medical College of         OLOGIST (Box B): Ph.D. with broad background in
   Harvard University is committed to increasing representation   Georgia. Send curriculum vitae and references to: C.          microbiology, expertise in microbial ecology, toxicology,
of women and minority members among its faculty and particu-      Robert Baisden, Chief, Section of Clinical Pathology,         and/or plant microbe interactions. Underrepresented minor-
larly encourages applications from such candidates.               Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, GA 30912.                ity scientists are highly encouraged to apply. SUNY Platts-
                                                                  Equal Opportunity Employer, M/F. Females and minorities are   burgh is located on Lake Champlain with easy access to
   The Duke University School of Forestry and Environ-            encouraged to apply.                                          Montreal and Burlington, Vermont. Closing dates for
mental Studies invites applications for the following                                                                           applications is 1 March 1990 or until positions are filled.
Everglades research management positions:                                          IMMUNOLOGISTS                                Applicants should send resume to appropriate box num-
                 FIELD SITE MANAGER                                  The Veterinary Infectious Disease Organization             ber noted above, three letters of recommendation, and
   This full-time research management position begins 1           (VIDO) at the University of Saskatchewan is expanding         summary of proposed research to: Chair, Search Com-
March 1990. Candidates shoufd have an M.S. or Ph.D.               its immunology group and therefore has a number of            mittee, c/o Office of Personnel/Affirmative Action,
with experience preferred in directing wetlands research.         positions vacant. These positions will be filled at various   SUNY Plattsburgh, Box 1649-246, Plattsburgh, NY
Person will work from West Palm Beach, Florida, labora-           levels ranging from postdoctoral fellow to research scien-    12901. SUNY Plattsburgh is an Equal Opportunity/Affirma-
tory. Manager will be responsible for day-to-day project          tists commensurate with qualifications and experience.        tive Aaion Employer.
oversight and monitoring of water q,uality, so, and               The selected applicant should be able to demonstrate a
hydrology research. Opportunities exist for individual            strong background in areas such as molecular immunolo-          MOLECULAR BIOLOGY OF HEMATOPOI-
research.                                                         gy, cellular immunology, vaccine development, or cellu-       ETIC CELL DIFFERENTILATION. POSTDOC-
            ASSISTANT FIELD MANAGER                               lar biology as they relate to the study of immune             TORAL research on the isolation and characterization
                                                                  mechanisms of protection and pathogenesis of respira-         of genes expressed during the differentiation and loss of
   This full-time position begins 1 March 1990. Candi-            tory and enteric diseases and mastitis.
dates should have a B.S. or M.S. in ecology or related               The applicants will be part of a team of immunologists,
                                                                                                                                tumorigenicity of leukemic cells. Experience in cDNA
field. Person will work from West Palm Beach, Florida,            molecular biologists, and veterinarians investigating
                                                                                                                                cloning/subtractive screening/sequencing useful. Start
laboratory. Assistant will be responsible for day-to-day                                                                        within 9 months. Please send curriculum vitae to: Dr.
monitoring of water quality, soils, and hydrology re-             mechanisms of pathogenesis of viruses and bacteria as         Ruth Craig, Department of Physiology, Johns Hop-
search.                                                           well as enhancing immunity and resistance to infections.      kins Univcrsity School of Medicine, Baltimorc,
                                                                  Applicants should have a degree in microbiology, veteri-      21205.
           PREDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIPS                                nary medicine, or immunology, together with a Ph.D. in
   These are two fully funded positions, one available            immunology. A strong interest in the application of              MOLECULAR BIOLOGIST AND BIOTECH-
immediately and one in June 1990, in wetlands ecology.            modem immunologica and molecular biological tech-
                                                                                                                                NOLOGIST. The National Research Council (NRC) is
Candidates should have an M.S. in ecology or related              niques to the solutions of problems related to elucidation
field. The students will participate in Everades research         and control of infectious diseases of animals is essential.   seeking a SENIOR STAFF OFFICER for its Board on
specifically nitrogen and phosphorus cycling and cattail          Inquiries and applications should be directed to:             Biology. Will develop and manage projects in basic and
competition.                                                         Dr. L. A. Babiuk, Associate Director (Research)
                                                                                                                                applied biology and science policy. Requires a Ph.D. or
    Duke University offers highly competitive salaries and                                      or
                                                                                                                                equivalent in molecular biology, biological sciences, bio-
 benefits. Please send curriculum vitae and at least three                 Dr. Manuel Campos, Program Manager                   technology or a related field and at least 4 years of
letters of recommendation to: Dr. Curtis J. Richard-                                    (Immunology)                            government, industrial, or academic research and/or ad-
 son, Director, Wetland Centcr, School of Forestry                                                                              ministrative experience. Science policy experience and
                                                                                              VIDO                              working knowledge of federal government highly desir-
and Environmental Studies, Duke University, Dur-                                     124 Veterinary Road                        able. Demonstrated effective commnunication skills, re-
ham, NC 27706. Applications from minorities and women                  Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada S7N OWO                  port preparation skills, project and budget management,
 are encouraged.
                                                                     MAGNETOENCEPHALOGRAPHY (MEG)                               and committee interacnons required. We offer a salary
    Duke University is an Equal Opportunity/Afirmative Ac-                                                                      commensurate with experience and an exceptional bene-
tion   Employer.                                                                    NEUROSCIENTIST                              fits package. Please send resume in confidence to:
           GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEER                                    Albuquerque Veterans Affairs Medical Center                 NRC:/Board on Biology, HA 258 (OZ), 2101 Consti-
                                                                  (VAMC), University of New Mexico School of Medicine           tution Avenue, N.W., Washington, DC 20418. Equal
   Manage hazardous waste projects which typically in-            (UNM), and Los Alamos National Laboratories                   Opportunity Employer.
clude preparation of work plan, quality assurance project         (LANL) are seeking a neuroscientist to become a re-
plan, sampling and analysis plan, remedial investigation,         search scientist for the VAMC/LANL/UNM Center for                       MOLECULAR IMMUNOLOGY
and feasibility study. Assist other projects in such areas as     Magnetoencephalography. The facility at VAMC in-
landfill design and construction and geotechnical aspects         cudes a seven-channel magnetometer in a magnetically             Applications are sought for a tenure-track appoint-
of hazardous waste projects. Use computer programs and            shielded room for human studies and a four-channel            ment as ASSISTANT PROFESSOR in the Division of
existing software and computer techniques such as Finite          high-resolution microSQUID system for animal studies.         Transplantation, Departmentshouldof Surgery, at The Ohio
Element and other numerical analysis methods in solving           Applicant must have a Ph.D. or M.D. with expertise in         State University. Applicants           have intensive post-
geotechnical engineering and groundwater problems. As             some area of neuroscience, including clinical neurophysi-     doctoral experience   in a wide range of molecular biology
needed, work on hazardous waste sites including Level B           ology. Applicant must be willing to work with a team to       techniques. Theyteam expect to work with interdisci-
sites using self-contained breathing apparatus. Requires          exp ore clinical and scientific applications of MEG. Salary   plinary researchcurrentto apply these molecular biology
an M.S. in civil engineenng with a major in geotechnical          dependent upon applicant's experience. University of          techniques to              problems in experimental and
                                                                                                                                clinical transplantation. Prior experience in transplanta-
engineering and 2½ years of direct experience in the job          New Mexico academic title possible. Send resume and
being offered and as described. Salary offered: $38,000           names of three references to: Douglas Rose, M.D.,             tion or immunology not necessary. Salary negotiable
per year; 40 hours per week, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to          Medical Director, MEG Center, or Yoshio Okada,                depending on experience. Send curriculum vitae and
                                                                                                                                statement of research and career goals by 1 March 1990
Friday. Send resume to: Illinois Department of Em-                Ph.D., Scientific Director, MEG Center, Albuquer-
ployment Securty, 401 South State Street, 3 South,                que VA Medical Center, 2100 Ridgecrest Drive, S.E.,           to: Charles G. Orosz, Ph.D., The Ohio State Univer-
Chicago, IL 60605, Attention: Connie M. Evans,                    Albuquerque, NM 87108. An Ajirmative Acion/Equal              sity College of Medicine, Room 265, Means Hall,
Ref. #V-IL-9868-E. An employer-paid ad.                           Opportunity Employer.                                         1655 Upham Drive, Columbus, OH 43210.

S94                                                                                                                                                              SCIENCE, VOL. 247
              POSITIONS OPEN                                                   POSITIONS OPEN
  MOLECULAR/CELL BIOLOGIST. Birning-                                              NEUROPATHOLOGIST
ham-Southern College seeks to fill a 1-year sabbatical
replacement position beginning 25 August 1990. Bir-                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR, tenure-track position                      POSITION
mmgham-Southern College is a small, private liberal arts         available 1 July 1991. Board certification or eliglibility in   Applications are invited for a postdoc-
college with a student enrollment of 1935. Teaching              anatomic pathology and neuropathology is required. The
                                                                 position includes diagnostic, teaching, and research re-        toral position in the Department of
responsibilities will include genetics, cell biology, intro-     sponsibilities. Send curriculum vitae and names of three        Immunology to study mechanisms of
ductory biology for nonmajors, and a course in the               references to: Pierluigi Gambetti, M.D., Division of
applicant's fieldaor related area. Ph.D. preferred. Individ-                                                                     antigen processing and presentation.
uals who will complete their Ph.D. byl September 1990            Neuropathology, Institute of Pathology, Case West-              This position will provide an excellent
will be considered. Send curriculum vitae, transcripts of        ern Rcserve University, 2085 Adelbert Road, Cleve-              opportunity for interdisciplinary
undergraduate and graduate education, and three etters           land, OH 44106.
                                                                                                                                 research involving the departments of
of recommcndation to: Dr. Irvin Penfield, Box A-1,                        PLANT COMMUNITY ECOLOGIST                              molecular cell biology and biophysics.
Birmingham-Southern College, Birmin , AL                             The Department of Botany, University of Georgia,            A suitable candidate should have a
35254. Applications accepted through 1 Apr 1990.                 invites applications and nominations for a tenure-track
Equal Opportunity Employer.                                      position beginning as early as September 1990. The              strong background in immunology
                                                                 appointment will probably be made at the ASSISTANT              and/or biochemistry, cell biology,
   PESTICIDE OR ENVIRONMENTAL BIO-                                                                                               molecular biology. The postdoctoral
CHEMIST/ENTOMOLOGIST. The Department of                          PROFESSOR level, but appropriately alificd appli-
Entomology, Washington State University (WSU), in-               cants can be considered at the ASSOCIATE PROFES-                appointment will be for two years.
vites applications and nominations for a research, tenure-       SOR level. Candidates are expected to conduct indepen-          Candidates may have one or two years
track, assistant/associate entomologist position located at      dent research in community ecology and to teach appro-          previous postdoctoral experience.
Puyallup, Washington. Conduct research on the behav-             priate courses in ecology. Applicants should submit
ior of insecticides and other pesticides in agroecosystems       curriculum vitae, statements of research and teaching           Merck Sharp & Dohme Research
of western Washington (additional information available          interests, and reprints, and arrange for four letters of        Laboratories is located in Rahway,
upon request). Ph.D. required in a biological science.           reference to be sent directly to: Dr. Robert Wyatt,
Candidates should have experience or an active interest in       Department of Botany, University of Georgia, Ath-               New Jersey approximately 25 miles
practical entomology and systems ecology. Applications           ens, GA 30602 by 15 March 1990.                                 from New York City. Our salaries, ben-
accepted through 31 March 1990. Send two copies of                     An Equal Opportunity/Afirmative Action Employer.          efits and growth potential are excellent.
your entire application including: letter of application,            POSTDOCTORAL POSION. Molecular mecha-                       Interested individuals should send their
statement of professional goals and research plan, curric-       nisms of mcmbrane fusion: liposomes, viruscs, intra- and        resume and the names of three refer-
ulum vitae induding reprints of fivc relevant publica-           intcrcellular. Expericncc in physical biochemistry and cell
tions, descriptions of research expericnce, and a list                                                                           ences to Ms. Susan F. Glinka, P.O.
including phone numbers of five referees to: John J.             biology preferred. Scnd curriculum vitae, relevant re-          Box 2000, Merck & Co., Rahway,
Brown, Chair, Search Committee, Department of                    pints, and threc letters of recommendation to: Dr. Joe          NJ 07065. An equal opportunity
Entomology, Washington State University, Pullman,                Bentz, Dcpartment of Bioscience, Drexel University,
WA 99164-6432. WSU is an Equal Opportunity/Afirma-               32nd and Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia, PA 19104.              employer in/f/v/h.
tive Action Employer. Protected group members are encouraged     Equal Opportunity/Afirmative Action Employer.
to apply.                                                            POSTDOCTORAL POSMIION. Available to study
                                                                  enzyme regulation and amino acid metabolism. Expen-
   PROFESSOR OF MEDICINAI/BIOLOGICAL                             cnce in protein purification/characterization, HPLC,
CHEMISTRY AND CHAIRMAN OF PHARMA-                                 protein phosphorylation, and/or post-translational pro-
CEUTICS (DRUG DELIVERY). An individual with                       tein modification desirable. Send curriculum vitae, state-
major prior academic or equivalent experience commen-             ment of research interest, and three letters of recommen-
suratc with appointment at the professor level in the             dation to: Dr. Ralph Paxton, Dcpartment of Physiolo-
Dcpartment of Medicinal and Biological Chemistry is               gy and Pharmacology, Collge of Veterinary Medi-
sought by the University of Toledo, Collee of Pharma-             one, Auburn University, AL 36849. Aubunm University
cy. An individual with interests in drug design and in the        is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer. Minor-
chemistry of novel, preferably modern, biotcchnological-          ities and women are encouraged to apply.
ly derived drug-delivery systems is desired. Some addi-
tional leadership skills are preferred, as there is an                POSTDOCTORAL POSMONS. Two positions                        RESEARCH ASSOCIATE
opportunity to help lead the activities of the newly              available: (i) effects of ACIH and other factors on            The Mineral Metabolism Section, National Institute
established Center for Drug Design and Development                human adrenal steroidogenesis and LDL processing; (ii)         of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases,
and, secondly, to establish a new department, under               human liver lipoprotein production. Research experience        National Institutes of Health, seeks an outstanding
which additional growth is expected. Examination of               with some ofthe following required: RIA, cell culture,         candidate (M.D. and/or Ph.D.) with at least 4 years
applicants began 1 February 1990, but applications will           Western/Northern blot, and chromatography. Ph.D. or
be accepted after that date and the position will remain          equivalent. Send curriculum vitae, research interests, and     post-doctoral experience to participate in studies
                                                                  names of three references to: C. Richard Parker, Jr.,          on cell biology of signal transduction by v-ERB-A
open until it is filled by a successful applicant. Send letter                                                                   related receptors. This is a position in an
of interest, curriculum vitae, and names of three refer-          Ph.D., Department of Obstetrics and Gynecolog,v                innovative group with interests in basic and clinical
ences to: Dr. Richard A. Hudson, Chairman, Depart-                University of Alabama at Birngham (UAB), UAi                   research. Applicant should have broad familiarity
ment of Medicinal and Biological Chemistry, The                   Station, Birmingh AL 35294. UAB is an Equal                    with normal and abnormal human medical
University of Toledo, Collegc of Pharmacy, Toledo                 Opportunity Employer.
OH 43606. The University of Toledo is an Affirmative
                                                                                                                                 physiology. Preference will be given to a
                                                                     POSTDOCTORAL POSMONS. Available to                          candidate with hands-on experience with
Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.                               conduct research on RFLP analysis of ccreal crops.              eukaryotic tissue culture, radioligand assays of
                                                                 Applicants should have experience with standard molecu-         steroids and cyclic nucleotides, immunocytology,
                                                                 lar biology techniques including doning and DNA se-             video microscopy, computerized image-processing
                                                                 quencing. Candidates with a Ph.D. in molecular biology,         (preferably UNIX-based systems), HPLC
                                                                 genetics, or plant breeding are encouraged to agply.            separation, and molecular biology. Should be
   Somatogen is a rapidly growing biotechnology com-             Please send resume to: Sybi Paul, Deawrtment of Crop            experienced with use of microcomputer and
pany invohred in the development of recombinant hemo-            and Soil Environmental Scienecs Virginia Polytech-              mainframe computer system, including
globin-based blood substitute products. We are located           nic Institute and State University (VPI&SU), Blacks-            applications for statistics and graphics. The
dose to both the University of Colorado-Boulder and              burg, VA 24061. Telephonc: 703-231-6300.                        candidate should have experience in directing
the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center in              VPI&SU is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action              other post-doctoral scientists and in formulating
Denver.                                                           Employer.                                                      and carrying out original research, proven by a
   PROTEIN CHEMIST. This position requires a                          POSTDOCTORAL OPPORTUNITIES. In the                         substantial record of original publications in
Ph.D. and at least 2 years of postdoctoral experience.            Los Angeles Area to join a multidisciplinary research          critically reviewed jourrals. Starting salary is
Preference will be given to candidates who have a strong          team in the development of a liposome-encapsulated             $41,500 or may be negotiable commensurate with
background in organic chemistry as well as in protein             hemoglobin (LEH) product to be used as a blood                 qualifications and background. Interested persons
structure and function.                                            rep,lacement fluid. One position, available immediately at    should send their curriculum vitae, several
  MOLECULAR BIOLOGIST. This position re-                                  00 per year is for a Ph.D. with a background in        reprints, statement of goals, and names of three
quires a Ph.D. and at least 2 years of postdoctoral                LIPID BIOCHEMISTRY who will be involved with                  references to:
experience in the field of yeast molecular biology or             the formulation and testing of the LEH product. A
genetics. Preference will be given to candidates with             second postdoctoral slot will be for a Ph.D. in SYN-           Dr. Stephen Marx                      '06   /L /q5
experience in the expression of heterologous proteins in          THETIC MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY to be in-                           Bldg. 10, Room 9C101                 Q
yeast.                                                            volved in analog development of pharmaccutical agents          National Institutes of Health
   Please send curriculum vitae, and the names of three            capable of modulating ule oxygen bind propertles of           9000 Rockville Pike
references by 15 March 1990 to:                                    hemoglobin. Send curriculum vitae and three names or          Bethesda, MD 20892                    9PEtV
          Personnel Director, Departmcnt S                         letters of references to: Dr. Thomas G. Burke, City of
                   Somatogen, Inc.                                Hope National Medical Centcr, Duarte, CA 91010.                For further information telephone Dr. Marx at
         350 Interlocken Parkway, Suite 100                       Tcelphonc: 818-359-8111, ext. 4501. City of Hope is            (301) 496-5052.
                Broomfield, CO 80021                             an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.
                                                                                                                                  NIH IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER
2 FEBRUARY        I990
              POSITIONS OPEN                                                 POSITIONS OPEN                                                  POSITIONS OPEN
          POSTDOCTORAL ASSOCIATE                                  POSTDOCTORAL POSMONS. One to study                                     POSTDOCTORAL POSITION
   A challenging postdoctoral position is available to         cellular/molecular biology of nerve regeneration and one         MOLECULAR EVOLUTIONARY GENETICS
study the molecular biology and regulation of gene             to study mechanismns of synaptic plasticities (presynaptic        Available to examine aspects of gene and genome
expression in yeast [Progr. Nudeic Acid Res. Mol. Biol. 37,    inhibition, long-term potentiation) via intracellular pene-     evolution in microorganisms and eukaryotes. Please send
284 (1989)]. We seek a motivated individual who can            trations of identified nerve terminals. Send curriculum         curriculum vitae to: Howard Ochiman, Department of
work independently. Experience with cloning, sequenc-          vitae and three letters of reference to: Dr. George D.          Gcnetics, Box 8232, Washington University School
ing, DNA footprinting, mutagenesis, PCR, and protein           Bittner, Professor of Zoology, The University of                of Medicine, St. Louis, MO 63110. Tclephone: 314-
chemistry is desirable. Ph.D. in biochemistry or molecu-       Texas, Austin, TX 78712. Telephone: 512-471-5454.               362-2728. Equal Opportunity/Afirmative Action Employer,
lar biology required. The position is available immediate-     FAX: 512-471-9651. An Equal Opportunity/Affirmative             M/F/H/V.
ly and salary is determined by NIH guidelines. Send            Action Employer.
curriculum vitae, a statement of research experience, a                   POSTDOCTORAL POSMONS                                   POSTDOCTORAL POSITION. Wanted: one re-
bibliography, and names, addresses, and telephone num-                                                                         cent Ph.D. with research experience in molecular phylo-
bers of three references to: Dr. Julius Marmur or Dr.             One position will be in the area of bacterial chemotaxis     genetic techniques, and one with experience in teratology
Paul Sollitti, Albert Einstein Collegc of Medicine,            and motility. Another position will be in the area of           or exercise physiology. Funded for 2 years. Begin May
Department of Biochemistry, 1300 Morris Park Avc-              regulation of expression of flagella and chemotaxis genes.      1990. For details, write: Postdoc, Department ofZool-
nue, Bronx, NY 10461. Telephone: 212-430-3024 or               Experience in biochemistry and/or molecular genetics is         ogy, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT 84602.
212430-2080. Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Em-          desirable. One position is available in spring 1990 and
ployer.                                                        the second position will be available in fall 1990. Send
                                                               curriculum vitae and names of three references to: Dr.                   SYLVESTER COMPREHENSIVE
            MOLECULAR BIOLOGIST/                               Philip Matsumura, Laboratory of Molecular Biolog,                                CANCER CENTER
                  PROTEIN CHEMIST                              University of Illinois at Chicago, P.O. Box 4348,                            UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI
           CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF                             m/c-067, Chicago IL 60680. An Equal Opportunity                              SCHOOL OF MEDICINE
                     TECHNOLOGY                                Employer.                                                                 POSTDOCTORAL ASSOCIATE
   POSTDOCTORAL POSITION in protein engin-                                                                                       Position available for a postdoctoral associate with a
eering/protein chemistry. Design of novd protein cata-            POSTDOCTORAL. A position is available to work                Ph.D. degree in biochemistry or biochemical pharmacol-
lrsts. Experience in protein characterization and Ph.D. in     on the pathogenesis of human papillomaviruses (HPV)             ogy. Individual should have experience in enzyme assays,
chemistry or biochemistry preferred. Send curriculum           in cervical cancer; in particular, to investigate the role of   tssue culture, nucleosides, biochemistry, HPLC, and
vitae and names of three references to: Dr. F. Arnold,         HPV genes in the immortalization and inhibition of              other bioanalytical techniques. Send curriculum vitae
Chemistry and Chemical Engneer', 210,41, Cali-                 differentiation of human epithelial cells. Skills in tissue     with names of three references to: Susan Martin, Assist-
fornia Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA 91125.            culture, DNA doning, site-directed mutagenesis, or              ant Director for Administration, Sylvester Compre-
Caltech ia an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.   RNA analysis would be an advantage. Please send curric-         hensive Cancer Center, University of Miami, P.O.
Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.                  ulum vitae and names of three references to: Dr. Dennis         Box (016960) (R-71), Miami, FL 33101. Affirmative
                                                               J. McCance, Departmnent of Microbiology and Immu-               Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.
   POSTDOCTORAL POSMONS IN CELLU-                              nology, University of Rochester, 601 Elmwood Ave-
LAR AND MOLECULAR NUTRMON. Two posi-                           nue, Box 672, Rochester, NY 14642. The University of
                                                               Rochester is an Affirmative Acion/Equal Opportunity                POSTDOCTORAL POSMIION. We have a posi-
tions are available to study the regulation of folate and      Employer.                                                       tion open in the Division of Urology, University of
one carbon metabolism. Projects include cloning, expres-                                                                       Pennsylvania School of Medicine. The successful candi-
sion, and site-directed mutagenesis of genes tor folate-          POSTDOCTORAL POSMON. To study the mo-                        date will study the molecular properties and pharmacolo-
dependent enxzymes; studies on the mecfianism of cataly-       lecular biology of plant mitochondria substrate trans-          gy of potassium and calcium channel modulators in
sis and substrate binding of folate enzymes; and studies       porters. Experience in the determination or modeling of         vascular and non-vascular smooth muscles. Experience
on the regulation of folate and antifolate metabolism in       protein structures, membrane biochemistry, and/or mo-           with tracer flux measurement technicues is required.
cultured mammalian cells. Ph.D. degree or equivalent in        lecular biology desired. Available for 3 years with a salary    Although this is an academic position within the Univer-
biochemistry, nutrition, or related field, and experience      to $25,000 per year plus benefits. Send curriculum vitae        sity ofPennsylvania, the research will be conducted in the
in recombinant DNA, protein chemistry, enzymology,             and three references to: Dr. David J. Oliver, Depart-           laboratory of a nearby pharmaceutical company. The
and/or tissue culture techniques advantageous.                 ment of Biochemistry, University of Idaho, Moscow,              salary range for this unique academic-pharmaccutical
   Send curriculum vitae and names and addresses of            ID 83843.                                                       postdoctoral position is $25,000 to $34,000. Funds are
three references to: Dr. Barry Shane, Department of                                                                            available for relocation. All interested individuals should
Nutritional Sciences, University of California, 329               POSTDOCTORAL POSMON, PHYCOLOGY.                              send their r6sume and the names and addresses of three
Morgan Hall, Berkdey, CA 94720. Telephone: 415-                Available 1 July 1990, for 1 year, renewable for a second       references to: Dr. Robert M. Levin, Director of Basic
642-0750. An Affinnative Action/Equal Opportunity              year. Applicants should have a strong background in             Research, Division of Urology, University of Penn-
Employer.                                                      phycology with emphasis in aquatic ecology/water quali-         sylvania Hospital, 3006 Ravdin Courtyard, 3400
                                                               ty or cell biology/physiology. Experience in laboratory         Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104.
  University of California, Irvine (UCI), POSTDOC-             culture of micro- and macroalgae desired. Review of
TORAL POSITIONS are available immediately to                   applications will begin 1 March 1990 and continue at 7-
study the molecular biology of the epidermal growth                                                                               POSTDOCTORAL POSITION in plant physiolo-
factor receptor in pancreatic cancer and signal transduc-      day intervals until appointment is made. Send curriculum        gy to study the joint effects of air pollutants and c imatic
tion mechanisms triggered by cytokines. Candidates             vitae, statement of research interests, and three references    stresses on photosynthesis and other physiological pro-
must have recently obtained a Ph.D. or equivalent and          to: Milton R. Sommerfeld, Department of Botany,                 cesses. Qualifications include Ph.D. in plant physiology
should have a strong background in molecular biology,          Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ 85287-1601.                 or related field and experience relevant to the research
gene doning, and/or signal transduction. Please send           Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.                  topic. Position is available now for a rninimum of 2 years.
curriculum vitae and names and addresses of three refer-                   POSTDOCTORAL POSITION                               Salary negotiable, commensurate with experience. Send
ences to: Dr. Murray Korc, Departments of Medicine                                                                             curriculumn vitae and names of three references to: Dr. D.
and Biochemistry, C-240, Med Sci I, University of                 Available July 1990 for an NIH-funded study on gene          C. MacLean, Boyce Thompson Institute, Tower
California, Irvine, CA 92717. UCI is an Equal Opportu-         regulation durng sea urchin development. Applicants             Road, Ithaca, NY 14853. Boyce Thompson Institute is an
nity/Afirmative Action Employer.                               with Ph.D. shourd have experience in molecular biology          Afirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.
                                                               and preferably in embryology as well. Salary is commen-
    NEUROBEHAVIORAL POSTDOCTORAL                               surate with experience. Send curriculum vitae and names            POSTDOCTORAL POSITION. Available imme-
                       POSMONS                                 of three references to: Dr. Francesco Ramirez, Box              diately, to study molecular regulation of liver collagen
   The positions are available for an interdisciplinary        1128A, Department of Molecular Biology, The                     and cytokine gene expression utilizing in vivo models
neuropsychobiological research training program. The           Mount Sinai Medical Center, One Gustavc L. Levy                 and liver cell isolation and culture techniques. Experience
program objectives are to facilitate the development of        Place, New York, NY 10029-6574. An Equal Opportu-               in cell and/or molecular biology desirable. Send curricu-
                                                               nity Employer.                                                  lum vitae and names of three references to: Dr. Bernard
mvestigators who are familiar with the integrated con-                                                                         H. Davis, Department ofMedicine, Box 400, Univer-
cepts of neuropsychobiology as well as their individual                   POSTDOCTORAL POSITION                                sity of Chicago Medical Center, 5841 South Mary-
anatomical, biochemical, physiological, or clinical re-                                                                        land Avenue, Chicago, IL 60637. Telephone: 312-
search specialties. Rapidly developing technological areas        Position available for an individual with a Ph.D. and        702-1467.
that relate to the nervous system are periodically incorpo-    experience in molecular biology. The successful applicant
rated into the program; for example, molecular genetics,       wllbe engaged in research on the biochemical and
neuropsychoimmunology, CNS virology (including                 molecular mechanisms by which angiotensin peptides                POSTDOCTORAL POSITION IN MOLECU-
AIDS), and in vivo metabolic imaging. In addition to the       and other hormonal and pharmacological stimuli medi-            LAR BIOLOGY. Available immediately to study the
intensive research experience in one or more laboratory        ate cardiac muscle cell growth. There will also be the          expression of genes controlling mevalonate metabolism
disciplines, the conceptual basis of neurosciences as it       opportunity to engage in research defining the role of a        in rat liver. Experience in standard molecular biology
relates to an understanding of the normal and maladapt-        localized intracardiac renin-angiotensin system in medi-        techniques required. Send curriculum vitae and names of
ive development of human neurobiology and behavior is          ating cardiac muscle cell growth, with an emphasis on the       three references by 1 March 1990 to: Dr. R. Kennedy
emphasized in seminars.                                        reguation of the precursor genes for this system. Com-          Keller, University of South Florida Collcge of Medi-
    or a catalog of opprnties and application forms,           petitive salary and fringe benefits are available. Please       cine, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular
contact: Dr. Everett W. Ellinwood, Duke University             send curriculum vitae and three names or letters of             Biology, 12901 Bruce B. Downs Boulevard, MDC
Medical Center, Box 3870, Durham, NC 27710.                    reference to: Dr. Kenneth M. Baker, Weis Center for             Box 7, Tampa, FL 33612-4799. The University of
Duke University is an Equal Opportunity/Afirmative Action      Research, Geisinger Clinic, Danville, PA 17822. Equal           South Florida is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity
Employer.                                                      Opportunity Employer.                                           Employer.

596                                                                                                                                                              SCIENCE,     VOL. 247

              FACULTY POSITION                                                   (A
               ASSOCIATE DEAN                                                                   RESEARCH SCIENTIST
        FOR STUDENTS AND INSTRUCTION                                                                 AMMALLIN
The University of Florida, College of Veterinary Medicine invites applica-
tions and nominations for a tenure/tenure track position with full-time                         EXPRESSION SYSTEMS
administrative activity as an Associate Dean. Letters of application
should include a curriculum vitae outlining academic training, teaching                         Amgen is a recognized leader in the discovery and devel-
and administrative experience and present professional activities. Also                         opment of human pharmaceutical and diagnostic prod-
requested is a list of publications, a statement of professional goals and
the names of three or more persons who can provide letters of reference.                        ucts through applied biotechnology. Our continued
Salary will be commensurate with training, experience and academic                              growth has created an immediate need for a Research
rank of the successful applicant.                                                               Scientist in our diagnostics group in Boulder, Colorado.
The mission of the College is to provide excellent teaching, research,
service and extension programs based on current and future strengths of                         Candidates for this position must have a Ph.D. in an
its faculty and staff. The College has identified a series of areas,                            appropriate discipline and greater than 2 years' experi-
including creation of a more flexible curriculum, through a strategic
planning process, that it intends to spend considerable time implement-                         ence in cloning and expression of proteins in mammalian
ing in the immediate future. The successful applicant will be expected to                       expression systems, development of mammalian expres-
play a key role in catalyzing those efforts. In addition to addressing                          sion vectors, and host cell culturing and development. A
potential changes in the professional curriculum, the College will also
emphasize expansion of graduate and post-professional programs. As                              strong background in cell biology is highly desirable.
one of six colleges in the University's Health Sciences Center, for
collaborative programs in many aspects of biomedical research. The                              Amgen offers an excellent compensation and benefits
College's affiliation with the University's Institute for Food and Agricultur-                  package as well as the unique opportunity to contribute to
al Sciences also places it in a strong position for the full development of
food animal, wildlife, equine, zoological, aquatic animal and related                           significant research programs on the leading edge of
programs. The College's semi tropical location also provides unique                             biotechnology. If you have the necessary skills and
opportunities for it to develop strong programs in tropical medicine.                           qualifications and would like to be a part of a company that
Qualifications for the position include a DVM degree with advanced                              places a high priority on its human resources, please send
degrees (MS and/or Ph.D) or a Ph.D in higher education administration                           a resume or C.V., in confidence, to:
or similar field. Candidates with either terminal degree must have had
educational and managerial experience in a veterinary college or other
health related professional colleges.                                                           AMGEN BOULDER, INC.
Other qualifications include demonstrated administrative skills, a com-                         Personnel Dept.
mitment to excellence in professional education and a teaching meth-                            2045 32nd Street
ods. Applicatnts or nominees should be eligible for appointment to the
rank of Associate Professor or Full Professor. A detailed position                              Boulder
description is available upon request. Application deadline is March 15,                        CO 80301
1990. Position VM-8908. Dr. Ronald Gronwall, Search Committee,
Chairperson, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Florida, Box                         Equal
J-125, JHMHSC, Gainesville, FL 32610-0125. The University of Florida                            Opportunity
is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.                                            Employer

                    BUILDING A                                                        PELTIDE CHEMIST
                     NEW LAB?                                                                     m               offmann-La Roche, one of the world's fore-
                                                                                                                  most pharmaceutical companies, is seeking
                                                                                                                  a Senior Scientist-Peptide Chemist to con-
 LET THE SCIENCE FREE PRODUCT                                                                     tribute to our efforts to ensure a healthier tomorrow.
                                                                                                       You will be responsible for peptide synthesis using
 INFORMATION SERVICE PUT YOU IN                                                                   classical and solid phase technologies; and purification in-
                                                                                                  cluding HPLC and characterization of biologically relevant
 TOUCH WITH THE VENDORS WHOSE                                                                     peptides. Qualifications include a PhD in Organic,
                                                                                                  Bioorganic or Medicinal Chemistry (or a related field); 1-2
 PRODUCTS YOU WILL NEED.                                                                          years of postdoctoral experience preferred. A thorough
                                                                                                  knowledge of both solution and solid phase synthesis of
                                                                                                  peptides, and experience in the purification and
                                                                                                  characterization of peptides are essential. Experience with
 SIMPLY WRITE US A LETTER STATING                                                                 structure-activity relationships and a working knowledge of
                                                                                                  conformational aspects of peptides are required to assist in
 THE SPECIFICS ABOUT YOUR PROPOSED                                                                the design of biologically active peptides. Knowledge of
                                                                                                  peptide mimetics is highly desirable.
  LAB AND WE WILL DO THE REST.                                                                              We offer a comprehensive compensation package
                                                                                                  including an extremely generous benefits program. For
                                                                                                  consideration, please send your resume with present salary
                                                                                                  (those without this information wil not be acknowledged),
 WRITE TO:                                                                                        to: Mrs. Eleanor M. Malone, Senior Professional Staffing
                                                                                                  Specialist, Department AF, Hoffmann-La Roche Inc.,
                                                                                                  Nutley, New Jersey 07110. We are an equal opportunity
              SCIENCE MAGAZINE                                                                    employer
              NEW LAB SERVICE DEPT.
              1515 BROADWAY                                                                                   Q    Hoffmann-La Roche
              NEW YORK, N.Y. 10036
                                                                                       Working Today For A Healthier Tomorrow
              POSITIONS OPEN                                                  POSITIONS OPEN                                                POSITIONS OPEN
   Advanced POSTDOCTORAL POSMIION for an                           POSTDOCTORAL POSMIION. A position is                          POSTDOCTORAI'RESEARCH ASSOCIATE
individual with interests in integrating contemporary           available for a recent Ph.D. or M.D. to investigate the                      IN GENE EXPRESSION
biophysics with current techniques in molecular biology/        role of retinoids in the immune response to bacterial            The named position is available immediately or by the
protein expression for the microbial polymerization of          antigens. In vivo and in vitro systems will be used to        fail to study muscle gene expression in Drosophila. We are
biologically relevant repeating peptide sequences.              investigate regulation of antibody production and natu-       studying promoter and splicing function of contractile
Recombinant DNA techniques have been utilized to                ral killer cell function. Expenence in basic or clinical      protein genes in transgenic flies and protein binding
construct a synthetic elastin polypentamer gene suitable        immunology, cellular and molecular biology, or nutri-         studies in in vitro cell-free systems. Applicants must have
for expression in prokaryotic systems designed for high         tional biochemistry is required. Salary begins at $22,000     a Ph.D. and experience in recombinant DNA methods is
yield production. Please have resume and references sent        per year, depending on experience. Please send curricu-       desirable. Starting salary is competitive. Send curriculum
to: Dr. Dan W. Urry, Director, Laboratory of Molec-             lum vitae, a letter d7escribing experience and professional   vitae and names of threc references to: Dr. Robert V.
ular Biophysics, The University of Alabama at Bir-              goals, and names of three referees to: Dr. A. Catharine       Storti, Deprtment of Biochemistry, University of
mingham, P.O. Box 300/Umversity Station, Bir-                   Ross, Professor of Biochemistry, Deprtment of                 Illinois Colege of Medicine, 1853 West Polk Street,
mingham, AL 35294. Telephone: 205-934-4177 or -                 Physiology and Biochetry, Medical Coilege of                  Chicago, IL 60612. The University of Illinos is an Affinna-
4178. An Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.         Pennsylvania, 3300 Henry Avenue, Philadelphia, PA             tive Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.
                                                                19129. An Equal Opportunity Employer.
                                                                                                                                 POSTDOCTORAL AND GRADUATE RE-
                                                                  CARNEGIE MELLON. POSTDOCTORAL RE-                           SEARCH POSITIONS IN THEORETICAL BIOL-
                                                                SEARCH appointment to work on chemical engineer-              OGY. To work on problems in population genetics
                                                                ing issues related to chemical weapon conventions.            involving the evolution of cooperation, recombination,
                                                                Should have a solid base in chemistry and understanding       and mating systems, available 1 May 1990 or after.
                                                                in the design of chemical plants. Involves strong interac-    Postdoctoral salary range: $17,000 to $25,000, depend-
                                                                tions with the chemical industry and the negotiation          ing on experience, plus fringe benefit package. Graduate
        CENTER FOR INSECT SCIENCE                               process towards a chemical weapon convention. Send            student salary range (half-time, fiscal year): $9,923 to
         THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA                              resume to: Benoit Morl, Engineerinc and Public                $11,071. Send curriculum vitae, statement of research
                                                                Policy, Camegie Melion University, Pittsburg, PA              interests, and three letters of reference by 16 March 1990
                POSTDOCTORAL AND                                15213.                                                        to: Dr. Richard Michod, Department of Ecology and
        GRADUATE STUDENT POSMONS                                                                                              Evolutionary Biology, University of Arizona, Tucson,
   The Center for Insect Science is a multi-campus inter-              UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA                             AZ 85721.
disciplinary research program funded by the National                       POSTDOCTORAL POSITION/                                The University of Arizona is an Equal Opportunity!
Science Foundation (Biological Centers Award), the                             RESEARCH SCIENTIST                             Afirmative Acion Employer.
MacArthur Foundation (Vector Biology) and the Du-                  The Department of Dermatology is offering an out-
Pont and Monsanto Corporations. Participants include                                                                             POSTDOCTORALIRESEARCH ASSOCIATE
over 50 research laboratories in the Departments of             standing opportunity to investigate the immunomodula-            Position available immediately in retroviral research
Biochemistry, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Ento-           tory effects of novel antineoplastic therapies. The Univer-   group (multiyear NIH funded). Training in molecular
mology, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Neurobiology,           sity of Pennsylvania is a leading center m the use of new     biology desired. Candidate will participate in ongoing
Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Veterinary Sciences at the         immunotherapies in the treatment of autoimmune dis-           studies aimed at the detection and characterization of
University of Arizona in Tucson, the Carl Hayden Bee            ease and cancer. Collaboration with other major universi-
                                                                ty centers is currently ongoing. Studies would focus on       known and unknown retroviruses. Faculty position pos-
Research Center in Tucson, and the Zoology Depart-              the correction of abnormal immunoregulation and the           sible. Salary commensurate with level of experience.
ment at Arizona State University in Tempe.                      induction of heightened antitumor immunity produced           Forward letters of interest including complete curricu-
   In addition to a stipend, postdoctoraf and graudate                                                                        lum vitae to: Bernard J. Poiesz, M.D., Head, Division
students receive funds to support research and are expect-      by these therapies. Previous experience in cellular immu-     of Hcmatology/Oncology, Department of Medicine,
ed to develop independent, collaborative projects. We are       nology, immunochemistry, and Northern blotting neces-         750 East Adams Street, Syracuse, NY 13210. An
especially interested in projects involving molecular and       sary. Substantial interaction with senior scientists in       Afirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer. Applica-
physiological studies of msect vectors of parasites. Poten-     molecular biology, immunodermatology, and photobiol-
                                                                ogy possible.                                                 tions will be accepted until the position is filled.
tial applicants should contact: Dr. Henry Hagedorn,
Director, Center for Insect Science, 430 Forbes                    Salary negotiable and duration of appointment flexi-          RESEARCH ASSOCIATE POSITION, PENN-
Building, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ 85721.              ble. Reply to:                                                SYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY: Position avail-
The deadline for applications is 1 March 1990. Applica-                            Alain H. Rook, M.D.                        able to study pituitary cell structure and function; prolac-
tions from women and minority groups are encouraged. The                      Department of Dermatology                       tin and estrogen involvement in immune modulation.
University ofArizona is an Affirmative Acion/Equal Opportu-           Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania              Candidate must have experience in ELISA, intracellular
nity Employer.                                                                      2 Maloney Building                        and cell surface immunofluorescence, bioassays, lympho-
                                                                                 36th and Spruce Streets                      kine receptor assays, and gel electrophorosis. Ph.D. in
   POSTDOCTORAL POSMON. Available July of                                        Philadelphia, PA 19104                       immunology and knowledge of endocrinology required.
1990 to study (i) in vivo, pulmonary deposition/clear-             The University of Pennsylvania is an Equal Opportuni-      A minimum of 1 year of postdoctoral experience re-
ance of inhaled particles and (ii) in vitro particle dissolu-                                                                 quired. Salary range: $22,000 to $26,000 per year.
tion in lung lavage cells. Candidates should have experi-       ty/Affirmative Action Employer.                               Standard university benefits package. To apply, send
ence in at feast two of the following areas: the produc-                                                                      curriculum vitae and names of three references by 9
tion/characterization of aerosols, in vitro techniq,ues for         U.S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE                            March 1990 to: Dr. W. C. Hymer, 401 Althouse,
determinig solubility of particles in cells, and m vivo             AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE                             Molecualar and Cell Biology, The Pennsylvania State
particle inhalatio techniques to measure deposition/clear-                            (USDA/ARS)                              University, University Park PA 16802. An Affirmative
ance of aerosols. Experience in use of radioisotopes               POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                            Action/Equal Opportunity Employer. Women and minorities
desired. Doctoral or equivalent degree in any associated        position is available immediately to study the mecha-         are encouraged to apply.
field will be considerecf. To apply, send curriculum vitae      nisms and regulation of nitrogen transport and metabo-
and three references by 1 Aprnl 1990 to: Dr. William D.         lism in developing maize kernels. Approaches include             PHARMACOLOGY RESEARCH ASSOCIATE.
Bennett, Center for Environmental Medicine and                  enzymology, immunology, 14C and "5N (liquid and solid         Conduct research to identify and characterize the neuro-
Lung Biology, CB #7310, Medical Research Build-                 NMR) incorporation, and in vitro kernel and endosperm         nal binding sites for potent toxins, such as botulinum
ingC, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC             tissue culture. Candidates must have received a Ph.D.         toxin and tetanus toxin. Ph.D. in pharmacology or M.D.
27599. Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.           within the past 3 years in plant physiology/biochemistry      plus 5 years of expenrence in receptor pharmacology.
   POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE.                             or related areas. Starting salary is $29,891 (GS-11) per      mxperence/research in: molecular pharmacology or blo-
A position is available immediately to study the regula-        year and 3 years of funding is available. Send a resume,      logical chemistry; handling toxins, isotopes, cells in
tion of phospholipid metabolism and its relationship to         marked 9N034, and the names of three references to:           culture and microorganisms; radiolabelling toxins and
signal transduction and the cell cycle. Candidates with a       Michael J. Muhitch, Seed Biosynthesis Research                binding experiments; receptor isolation and characteriza-
Ph.D. degree should submit their curriculum vitae, re-          Unit, USDA/ARS, Northern Rcgional Research Ccn-               tion. History of scholarly publications. $32,000 per year;
prints, and names of three references to: Dr. Charles 0.        ter, 1815 North University Street, Peoria, IL 61604.          40 hours per week. Apply to: Dr. Lance Simpson,
Rock, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, 332                Telephone: 309-6854011 (ext. 368). The Agricultural           Thomas Jefferson University (JAH), 1020 Locust
North Lauderdale, Memphis, TN 38101. An Equal                   Research Service is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity   Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107.
Opportunity/Afirmative-Action Employer.                         Employer.                                                              RESEARCH SCIENTIST/GENETIC
  RESEARCH ASSOCIATE OR ASSISTANT RE-                                                                                               ENGINEERING OF FLOWER COLOR
SEARCH SCIENTIST to aid in landscape level spatial                POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                DNA Plant Technologies, Inc., is the world's largest
simulation modeling of coastal systms7Skils and experi-                           GENE EXPRESSION                             independent agribiotech company. Position is available
ence in ecological modeling, remote sensing, and GIS are           Position available to study the elements controlling       for a Ph.D. molecular biologist in our floriculture re-
desired along with the abdity to work in an interdisci-         globin gene activity at the molecular level using expres-     search program.
plinary group. Minimum requirement is a Ph.D. Salary is         sion vectors. Candidates must have Ph.D. with experi-            The objective of this exciting program includes the
commensurate with qualifications. Send a resume and             ence in recombinant DNA technolopy. Salary to                 manipulation of flower colors and other traits of impor-
names of three references by 28 February 1990 to: Dr.           $30,000. Send resume to: Dr. R. F. Rieder, Depart-            tance to the flower industry. Please send resume with
Robert Costanza, Chesapeake Biological Laboratory               ment of Medicine, State University of New York                three re&frences to: DNA Plant Technologies, Inc.,
University of Mrland (UM), Solomons, MD                         Health Science Center At Brooklyn, 450 Clarkson               Richard Jorgensen, Ph.D., Director of Floriculture
20688-0038. Telephone: 301-3264281. UM is an                    Avenue, Box #20, Brooklyn, NY 11203. Equal Oppor-             Research, 6701 San Pablo Avenue, Oakland, CA
Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.                  tunity/Affirmative Action Employer. DMC #CR0284.              94608-1239. An Equal Opportunity Employer.

598                                                                                                                                                             SCIENCE, VOL. 247
        College of Computer, Mathematical,
              and Physical Sciences                                                   CLINICAL RESEARCH
                 COLLEGE PARK                                                        PHARMACOK[NETICIST
     Applications and nominations are invited for the position of Dean of the     Genentech, Inc., a leader in the field of biotechnology, has an
College of Computer, Mathematical, and Physical Sciences at the University        immediate opening for a scientist in the Pharmacokinetic
of Maryland, College Park campus. The Dean provides both academic and             Secdon of our Safety Evaluation Division. This individual will
administrative leadership for the College and reports directly to the Vice
Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Provost.                                      interactwith scientific personnel fiom all depaments of the
     The College consists of the departments of Computer Science, Geology,        Company and will partidpate in the development of dinical
Mathematics, Meteorology, and Physics and Astronomy, as well as the               pharmakinetic strtgies and clinical study activities.
Applied Mathematics Program, the Center for Automation Research, the
Chemical Physics Program, the Institute for Physical Science and Technolo-        We require a Ph.D. in Pharnaceutics, Pharmacoldnetics or
gy, the Institute for Advanced Computer Studies, and the Laboratory for
Plasma Research. The College employs 472 faculty members and approxi-
                                                                                  Pharmcologcl Sciens with 2-4 years' preclinical and clinical
mately 800 support personnel. Presently about 2300 undergraduate students         ADME industrial eperience or a Pharm.D. with 3-5 years
and 800 graduate students are enrolled in degree programs within the              of clinical pamaokinetic experience and publications.
College. In 1988-89, researchers in the College were awarded approximately        Clinical pharmacokinetic fellowship and maaromolecule ADME
$34 million in external grants and contracts. The state-supported budget was
about $28 million.                                                                exrence preferrei
     A candidate should have an earned doctorate, be eligible for appointment
in a department of the College at the rank of Professor with tenure, have
                                                                                  Genentech, Inc. offers an excellent salary and benefits packag
successful experience as a teacher and a distinguished record of scholarly        coupled with the opportunity to make a sigificnt contribution
research, and have demonstrated leadership ability and management skills.         to our orgnizatn. For consideration, please send your C.V. to
    Applications should include a curriculum vitae and the names and              Human Reurces DepartnentJM, Genentech, Inc., 460 Point
addresses of at least four references. For best consideration, all applications   San Bruno BML, South San Francisco, CA 94080. We actively
should be submitted before March 1, 1990 to:
                                                                                  support and promote affimadtve action and equal employment
                              Patrick F. Cunniff                                  opportunity. Women and minorities are encourged to apply.
                  Office of Graduate Studie & Research
                             2125 Lee Building
                           University of Maryland
                       College Park, Maryland 20742                                                         (C              OW
The University of Maryland is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employ-
er. Women and minority candidates are encouraged to apply.

                                                                                              FACULTY POSITIONS IN
                                                                                            DISEASES RESEARCH
   DNX is an advanced biotechnology company whose main focus is the
                                                                                              MAYO CLINIC SCOTTSDALE
   use of transgenics to develop enhanced biological systems for drug
                                                                                                 MAYO FOUNDATION
   discovery, safety testing, and livestock improvement. DNX has                  Faculty positions are open for career investigators (M.D., Ph.D.,
   attained a position of leadership in the transgenics industry, enjoying        or comparable    degree) in musculoskeletal diseases research at
   close ties to academic and government laboratories as well as                  Mayo Clinic Scottsdale. Candidates must be U.S. citizens or per-
   business partnerships with world leaders in the pharmaceutical and             manent residents, and should have advanced training and expe-
                                                                                  rience in basic sciences related to biology of bone, cartilage, mus-
   livestock industries.                                                          cle, or connective tissues. Pertinent research areas might include
    MOLECULAR BIOLOGY - PRINCETON, NEW JERSEY                                     membrane function, G-proteins, protein kinases and
                                                                                  phosphorylation, peptide control of gene expression, or control
   An opening is available in our new Molecular Biology Center in                 of cellular differentiation.
   Princeton, New Jersey for an expert in the physiological and genetic
   aspects of spermatogenesis. Applicants for this position should hold           Laboratories are under construction at Mayo Clinic Scottsdale,
                                                                                  and a long-term program of planned research development is
   the Ph.D. degree and have a record of relevant independent research.           underway. Available in support of the research effort will be ample
   Experience in molecular genetics and gene expression would be                  modern research space and equipment, start-up and continu-
   beneficial. In addition, positions are available for MS/BS level               ing support, and the entire research, educational, and clinical
   scientists with experience in recombinant DNA technology and                   resources of the Mayo Clinic, Mayo Medical School, Mayo Grad-
                                                                                  uate School, and the Graduate School of Medicine.
   molecular genetics. Applicants should send a curriculum vitae,
   description of research accomplishments and the names, addresses               Qualified candidates should submit detailed curriculum vitae,
   and telephone numbers of three references to: J. Eugene LeClerc,               bibliographies, and names of three references to:
   Ph.D., DNX, 303B College Road East, Princeton, NJ 08540.                       Hunter Heath Ill, M.D.
                                                                                  Director for Research
               ANIMAL BIOLOGY - ATHENS, OHIO                                      Mayo Clinic Scottsdale
   In our Animal Biology Research Center in Athens, Ohio, there are               13400 E. Shea Blvd.
   openings for BS/MS level scientists experienced in mammalian gene              Scottsdale, AZ 85259
   transfer and microinjection technology. Please send a curriculum               (Telephone 602-391-8004 or
   vitae and the names, addresses and telephone numbers of three                  507-285-6515)
   references to: Carl Pinkert, Ph.D., DNX, One President Street,
   Athens, OH 45701.
              POSITIONS OPEN                                                POSITIONS OPEN                                                   POSITIONS OPEN
             RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                 RESEARCH SCIENTIST. To perform scientific                         RESEARCH ASSISTANT, full-time, to operate and
   The Department of Biochemistry announces the avail-       research, design, implement, oversee, and direct experi-         maintain an Applied Biosystem 475 Protein Sequencer,
ability of a research associate position in the area of      ments to develop high-performance liquid chromatogra-            431 Peptide Synthesizer, and Beckman System Gold
metaloprotein structure and function. Previous experi-       phy (HPLC), enzyme-linked enzyme immunoassays                    Amino Acid Analyzer. B.S./M.S. required with experi-
ence in one of the following areas is desirable: purifica-   (EIAs), or radioimmunoassay (RIA) as suitable alterna-           ence in protein sequencing, peptide synthesis, and/or
tion and/or characterization of membrane-bound en-           tives to replace bioassay procedures used for stability          amino acid analysis preferred. Send letter of interest,
zymes, mitochondrial electron transport proteins, bio-       indicating potency predication of salmon calcitonin-             curriculum vitae, and three letters of references to: Dr.
physical techniques (especially epr). Interested individ-    formulated products. Ph.D. in chemistry plus 1 year as           Russel Meints, Center for Gene Research and Bio-
uals should send a complete resume, together with the        associate research chemist required. Previous experience         technology, Oregon State University (OSU), Corval-
names of three people who are willing to provide refer-      must include 1 year of hands-on experience performing            lis, OR 97331-2906. Telephone: 503-737-3413. Ap-
ences for the applicant.                                     chemical research utilizing HPLC (reverse phase, size-           plication closing date is 1 March 1990. Starting date is 1
   All information should be sent immediately to: G.         exclusion, ion exchange afnity column), immunoassays             April 1990. OSU is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportuni-
Palmer, Biochemistry Department, Rice University,            (antibody production, purification, analyte modification         ty Employer and complies with Seaion 504 ofthe Rehabilitation
P.O. Box 1892, Houston, TX 77251. Rice University is         and conjugation, development of rapid flow injection             Act of 1973. OSU has a policy ofbeing responsive to the needs
an Equal Opportunity Employer.                               sandwich and competitive enzyme immunoassays, radio-             of dual-career couples.
                                                             immunoassays), ion-selective electrodes, and develop-
   RESEARCH ASSOCIATE. Position available for                ment of flow-through polymeric membrane ion selective                SENIOR PRINCIPAL BIOMEDICAL ENGI-
studies in developmental neuroendocrinology. Ph.D. in        electrodes. Forty hours per week, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.,        NEER. Coordinate renal therapy research focusing on
physiology, pharmacology, molecular biology, or related      Monday to Friday; $35,700 per year. Please send re-              the conception, construction, and clinical testing of
discipline required. Experience including cei culture and    sumes to: L. Stewart, Manager of Personnel, Depart-              working prototypes which demonstrate the feasibility of
radioimmunoassay preferred. Competitive salary. Please       ment 90R-JIJIN, Rorer Central Research, 640 Al-                  monitoring blood pressure and blood volume during
send resume and names of references to: Research             lendale Drive, King of Prussia, PA 19406. Equal                  hemodialysis procedure in order to prevent symptomatic
Associate Position, c/o Dr. L. Cuttler, Rainbow Ba-          Opportunity Employer.                                            hypotension; assume responsibility for on-line monitor-
bies and Childrens Hospital, Room 790, Case West-                                                                             ing and signal processing of mammalian cardiovascular
ern Reserve University, 2101 Adelbert Road, Cleve-                          VASCULAR RESEARCH                                 responses including blood pressure, blood velocity, and
land, OH 44106.                                                 Akron City Hospital is recruiting an independent              blood density; direct, design, and fabrication of electrical
                                                             investigator with expertise in the cell and molecular            circuits and prototypes; prepare reports on cardiovascu-
   RESEARCH ASSOCIATE, 40 hours per week, 8                  biology of vascular cells. Successful applicants would be        lar monitoring, control, and expert systems. Eight years
a.m. to 5 p.m., $36,000 per year. Must have a Ph.D. in       expected to establish an independent research program in         of college, Ph.D. in electrical engineering; must have
physics. Will perform research on the development of         their field of specific interest as well as collaborative ties   M.S. degree in biomedical engineering; graduate level
optical monitoring schemes in fabrication of submicro-       with existing Faboratories involved in diverse aspects of        coursework must include at least one course in each of
meter holographic structures for use in integrated cir-      vascular research. Candidates should have a Ph.D. or             the following areas: artificial intelligence and robotics;
cuits. Will perform research on the characterization of      M.D. with appropriate postdoctoral experience. Physi-            fizzy sets/expert systems; adaptive and nonlinear con-
metal films deposited on integrated circuits. Also will      cian-scientists are encouraged to apply.                         trol; human physiological systems. Graduate level re-
perform research on the development of a new alignment          Akron City Hospital is a major teaching hospital for          search work must include research in area of cardiovascu-
scheme based on the technique of multiple-holographic        the Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine           lar monitoring, control, and expert systems. Forty hours
exposure. Must have 2 years of experience in the job         (NEOUCOM) with a strong commitment to clinical and               per week; 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.; $47,500 per year.
offered. Submit r6sumes to: New Mexico Department            applied biomedical research. A competitive salary and                Send resumes to: Illinois Job Service, 401 South
of Labor, 501 Mountain Road, N.E., Albuquerque,              fringe benefit package is available. Academic appoint-           State Street, 3 South, Chicago, IL 60605. Attention:
NM 87102. CC#1001. Job Order #276215f.                       ments may be availa6le through NEOUCOM, the Uni-                 Mary Millea. Reference #99'81-M. An employer-paid ad.
   RESEARCH ASSOCIATE IN POLYMER RHE-                        versity of Akron, and/or Kent State University. Send
OLOGY. Responsible for: (i) examining structural-            curriculum vitae, statement of research interests, salary/                        FELLOWSHIPS
property relationships in thermoplastic elastomers (TPE)     equipment/space requirements, and the names of at least
and liquid crystalline polymers (LCP); (ii) evaluating the   three references to: Steven P. Schmidt, Ph.D., Vascular             POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIPS for M.D.'s
processing window of TPEs and LCPs; (iii) designing          Research Laboratory, Akron City Hospital, 525 East               or Ph.D.'s to study the molecular genetics and pathogen-
new molecular structure of TPEs; and (iv) testing me-        Market Street, Akron, OH 44309.                                  esis of neurodegenerative disorders, especially Alz
chanical properties of TPEs and LCPs. Requirements:             Akron City Hospital is an Affirmative Action/Equal Oppor-     heimer's disease. Preference given to individuals with
Ph.D. in polymer science or chemical engineering and 2       tunity Employer.                                                 background in molecular biology or protein chemistry.
years of experience in job offered or as a research                                                                           U.S. citizenship not required. Reply with curriculum
associate or assistant in polymer science. Must have            SILVICULTURE POSITION: Department of For-                     vitae and names of references to: Drs. E. A. Schon or J.
demonstrated knowledge in chemical structure and rhe-        estry and Natural Resources, Purdue Umversity. AS-               Herbert, Department of Neurology, College of Physi-
ology and mechanical properties of TPEs and LCPs;            SISTANT PROFESSOR, tenure-track. Twelve-month                    cians of Columbia Univcrsity, 630 West 168th Street,
demonstrated ability in designing new molecular struc-       appointment divided between research (70%) and teach-            New York, NY 10032. Columbia University is an Equal
ture of TPEs; demonstrated expertise in polymer pro-         ing (30%). Research activities directed toward quantita-         Opportunity Employer.
cessing; demonstrated expertise in operating infrared        tive analysis of natural and human-induced environmen-
spectrometer, gel permeation chromatograph, tensile          tal, particularly climatic change on forest productivity                  STAFF FELLOW POSTDOCTORAL
machine and rheometer, and differential scanning calo-       and biodiversity. Teaching actsvities include teaching an                        POSITIONS AVAILABLE
rimeter. Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; $25,000         undergraduate silviculture course and developing and                    IN BEHAVIORAL PHARMACOLOGY
per year. Send two r6sumes to: MASS DET, Special             teaching a graduate silviculture course. Applicant must             The NIDA Addiction Research Center is the intramu-
                                                             have a Ph.D. degree in forestry, forest ecology, silvicul-
Street, Boston, MA 02114, Buildinp, Job Order
Programs Unit, CF Hurley                    19 Staniford                                                                      ral research program of the National Institute on Drug
                                 Attention:                  ture, or a closely related field and have extensive graduate     Abuse. Staff felowship positions are available in the
#00199.                                                      training in silviculture. Applications accepted through 30       Preclinical Pharmacology Branch that involve research in
                                                             April 1990 or until a satisfactory candidate is identified.      the behavioral pharmacology of drugs of abuse. Current
   RESEARCH ASSOCIATE IN POLYMER SCI-                        For fur-ther information contact: Dr. Phillip E. Pope,           research projects are directed at, but are not limited to,
ENCE. Responsible for: (i) investing and developing          Chair, Search Committee, Department of Forestry
thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) as binders for ammuni-                                                                        stimulants, opioids, and benzodiazepines. Duties include
                                                             and Natural Resources, urd University, West                      conducting experiments, supervising technical staff, and
tion and propellants; (ii) designing new molecular struc-    Lafayette, IN 47907. Telephone: 317-494-3590. Pur-
ture of TPEs; (iii) synthesis of TPEs and liquid crystal-                                                                     writing manuscripts and reports. A Ph.D. is required,
                                                             due University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action        preferably in pharmacology or the experimental analysis
line polymers (LCPs); (iv) testing liquid crystal proper-    Employer.
ties of LCPs; and (v) examining structural-property                                                                           of behavior. Candidates should be able to contribute
relationship in TPEs and LCPs. Requirements: B.Sc. in           SUPERVISORY METEOROLOGIST OR SU-                              intellectually to a broad-based program of research in the
polymer science or chemical engineering and 6 years of       PERVISORY PHYSICAL SCIENTIST, GM-14.                             behavioral pharmacology of drugs of abuse. Experience
experience in job offered or 6 years of experience as a      Salary: $50,342. Department of Commnerce, Air Re-                with intravenous drug self-administration and/or drug
researcher or professor of polymer science. Must have:       sources Laboratory, Atmospheric Sciences Modeling Di-            discrimination procedures, computers, and primates is
demonstrated knowledge in organic synthesis, polymer-        vision, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. Objec-           desirable but not essential. Salary ranges from $24,000
ization, and copolymerization; demonstrated knowledge        tive is to initiate, supervise, and conduct research in air      to $43,345 depending on experience. The NIDA Addic-
in chemical structure and property of TPEs and LCPs;         quality modeling to attain and define a detailed under-          tion Research Center is an Equal Opportunity Employer and
demonstrated expertise inorganic synthesis and polymer-      standing of the atmospheric and chemical processes               specifically invites and encourages applications from women,
ization; demonstrate expertise in separation and purifica-   affecting the structure of the planetary boundary layer          minorities, and the handicapped.
tion of monomers and polymers; demonstrate ability in        and the dispersion of air pollutants on all spatial and             If interested, please send a copy of your curriculum
operating infrared spectrometer, thin-layer chromato-        temporal scales. Represents the government at scientific         vitae to either:
graph, nuclear megnatic resonance, gel permeation chro-      meetings and seminars as an expert in the field of air                           Jonathan L. Katz, Ph.D. or
matograph, vavoup pressure osmometer, differential           pollution modeling. A college degree in meteorology or                             Steven R. Goldberg, Ph.D.
scanning calorimeter, and thermogravimetric analyzer;        physical science is required plus three years of profession-                 NIDA Addiction Research Center
demonstrated expertise in polymer science as evidenced       al experience of which 1 year is equivalent to the GS-13                      Preclinical Pharmacology Branch
by published research. Forty hours per week, 9 a.m. to 5     level in federal service. Related semester hours and                                     P.O. Box 5180
p.m. $25,000 per year. Send two resumes only to:             professional experience may be subsituted for full college                           Baltimore, MD 21224
MASS DET, Special Programs Unit, CF Hurley                   degree. U.S. citizenship is required. For information,              The Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Mental Health Adminis-
Building, 19 Staniford Street, Boston, MA 02114,             cal: Ms. Beedie, telephone: 804 441-6548. The De-                tration is an Equal Opportunity Employer. ADAMHA is
Attention: Job Order #00213.                                 partment of Commerce is an Equal Opportunity Employer.           smoke-free.
600                                                                                                                                                             SCIENCE,      VOL. 247
                 FELLOWSHIPS                                                   FELLOWSHIPS                                                   FELLOWSHIPS
        POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIPS                                  POSTDOCTORAL FELLOW. Position available                                   RESEARCH FELLOW
     IN THE DEPARTMENT OF ANATOMY                              for an NIH-funded project to elucidate functions of the
               AND NEUROBIOLOGY                                steroid hormone 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D in new tar-             A research fellow position starting June 1990 is avail-
    UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, IRVINE                           gets. Tissues/cells emphasized are heart, testis, and lung.   able for 1 to 2 years in the field ofvascular physiology
                                                               Prior experience in biochemical endocrinology, tissue         and applied laser technology. Supervised independent
   Several positions for research in individual laboratories   culture, and/or intracellular calcium homeostasis would       laboratory research availabe for M.D. or Ph.D. level
in the department are available for candidates who have        be helpful. Send curriculum vitae and three letters of        experience. Salary range: $27,934 to $41,912. Applica-
demonstrated research promise at the predoctoral or            recommendation to: Marian R. Walters, Ph.D., De-              tions must be received no later than 30 April 1990.
postdoctoral level. The emphasis of research in the            partment of Physiology, Tulane Medical School, New              Please forward resume, cover letter, and references to:
department is in the neurosciences with special expertise      Orlcans, LA 70112.                                                    Associate Director, Human Resources
in neuromorphology, sensory physiology, and molecular                                                                            Charlotte Memorial Hospital Medical Center
neurobiology. The faculty of the department and their             POSTDOCTORAL FELLOW. Research regula-                                          P.O. Box 32861
research interests are:                                        tion of gene expression, specific focus on mammalian                           Charlotte, NC 28232
   Dr. Robert Blanks: Eye movement control, physiolo-          ribosomal DNA genes; sequencing) subcloning, muta-                        Equal Opportunity Employer, MIF.
gy of upper airway.                                            genesis, and in vitro transcription. Ph.D. (or completion
   Dr. James Fallon: Chemical neuroanatomy, transmit-          of all requirements for Ph.D. except defense of thesis) in            POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIPS
ters, and growth factors.                                      molecular biology or biochemistry. Six months of re-             The Science Alliance Center of Excellence invites
   Dr. Christine Gall: Limbic/olfactory anatomy, neuro-        search experience in sequencing, subcloning, mutagene-        applications for two postdoctoral positions available in
peptides, neurochemical plasticity.                            sis, and in vitro transcription; 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.;      the following areas: Chronic Virus Infection of the
   Dr. Roland Giolli: Visuomotor system.                       $22,000 per year. Job Order Number: 4244902. Send             Gastroenteric Tract-D. A. Brian, coronavirus; L. N. D.
   Dr. Stewart Hendry: Primate visual system.                  resumes to: Job Center, 941 West Arch Street, P.O.            Potgieter, flavivirus; N. K. Clapp, marmoset research;
   Dr. Paul Isackson: Molecular neurobiology.                  Box 548, Shamokin, PA 17872-0548.                             Molecular Biology of Pathogenic Fungi-J. M. Becker,
   Dr. Edward Jones: Sensory-motor anatomy and                                                                               pheromones and transport; W. S. Riggsby, dimorphism
physiology.                                                             POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIPS                             and epidemiology; R. N. Moore, immunobiology; Mo-
   Dr. Glenn Kageyama: Oxidative metabolic develop-                     IN NEW DRUG DEVELOPMENT                              lecular Evolutionary Genetics-G. F. McCracken, DNA
ment and plastcity.                                                                                                          variation in natural populations; potential collaboration
   Dr. Leonard Kitzes: Auditory system anatomy and                Pfizer Pharmaceuticals is offering fellowships in the      with C. R. B. Boake, A. C. Echternacht, D. A. Etnier, J.
 physiology.                                                   areas of microbiology, infectious diseases, pharmacology,
   Dr. Sandra Loughlin: Monamines, peptides, and               pharmacokinetics, and toxicology, to provide training         L. Gittleman, S. E. Riechert; Phytoplankton Ecology-
growth factors and their receptors.                            and management experience in the clinical and nonclini-       W. 0. Smith; Immunobiology of Viral Infections-B. T.
   Dr. Diane O'Dowd: Function and regulation of ion            cal development of anti-allergic, cardiovascular, CNS/        Rouse, herpesvirus; S. Kennel, antiviral immunity; Pro-
channels in Drosophila.                                        analgesic, and anti-infective drugs. Two awards will be       tein Engineering-D. M. Roberts, calcium regulatory
   Dr. Charles Ribak: Epilepsy, neurotransmitters, and         given annually. Applicants must have a Ph.D., M.D., or        proteins; E. Howell, dihydrofolate reductase; Metal Bio-
circuits.                                                      Pharm.D., and no more than 1 year of non-industry             chemistry-J. G. Joshi, ferritin; J. C. Churchich, pyri-
   Dr. Richard Robertson: Thalamocortical develop-             postdoctoral experience as of 1 July 1990. The applica-       doxal phosphate kinase; S. Georghiou, stopped-flow
ment.                                                          tion deadline is 1 May 1990. For further information and      fluorometry; W. R. Farkas, metal toxicity; K. B. Jacob-
                                                                                                                             son, metal toxicity. Interested individuals should write
   Dr. Malcolm Semple: Auditory processing.                    application materials contact:                                for an application acket by 15 March 1990. Positions
   Dr. Martin Smith: Cellular and molecular aspects of            Fellowship Program in New Drug Development                 are availa6le immeiately at a starting salary of $25,000
synaptogenesis.                                                     Department of Clinical and Scientific Affairs            per annum with the possibility of renewal. Write to:
   Dr. John Swett: Spinal cord and peripheral nervous                           Pfizer Pharmaceuticals                       Science Alliance Postdoctoral Fellowship, Biology
system.                                                                          235 East 42nd Street                        Consortium, M303 Walters Life Science Building,
   Dr. Yasuhiro Torigoe: Peripheral nervous system and                           New York, NY 10017                          The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN 37996.
oculomotor control.                                                      Attention: Evan A. Stringer, Ph.D.                   The University of Tennessee is an Equal Opportunity/Af-
   Applications or inquiries for additional information                       Telephone: 212-573-7984                        firnative Action/Title IX/Section 504 Employer.
should be sent to:
       Dr. Edward Jones, Professor and Chairman
      Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology
             University of California, Irvine
                Med Surge II, Room 364
                     Irvine, CA 92717
     An Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.
                                                                                 POSTDOCIORAL FELLOWSHIPS IN
STAFF FELLOW. Position available now to investi-
                                                                               PRE-CUNICAL ANTI-CANCER RESEARCH
gate genetic variation and molecular mechanisms con-
trolling expression of genes involved in serotoninergic
                                                                                Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology
neurotransmission. Salary range: $24,000 to $52,825,                           The Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology of Bristol-Myers
depending upon qualifications and experience. Appli-
cants should have a Ph.D. or M.D. and training in                              Squibb Pharmaceutical Research and Development Division, currently
molecular biology, recombinant DNA technology, or                              has positions available for postdoctoral fellows to study the regulatory
neurobiology. Send curriculum vitae and three references                       elements for growth factor gene expression or the mechanisms and
or letters of reference to: Dr. David Goldman, Section                         regulation of DNA replication. Qualified candidates will join an inter-
on Genetic Studies, Laboratory on Clinical Studies,                            disciplinary group working on growth factor gene regulation, autocrine
National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
(NIAAA), Building 10, Room 3C103, 9000 Rock-                                   growth factor production and the mechanisms of gene amplification
vile Pike, Bethesda, MD 20892.                                                 and drug resistance in human colon carcinoma cell lines.
         NIAAA is an Equal Opportunity Employer.                               A Ph.D. in a relevant biological discipline and a strong background in
          POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIP                                              cellular and molecular biology or protein chemistry are required. Can-
RENAL CELL PHYSIOLOGY/BIOCHEMISTRY                                             didates should demonstrate independent research skills and creativity
   Several postdoctoral positions are available in a multi-                    as well as the ability to work well in a collaborative environment. The
disciplinary hypertension program project, "Vasoactive                         appointments are or one year with an option for renewal at a highly
Hormones: Receptor and Signaling Mechanisms,"                                  competitive salary. The department maintains numerous academic col-
which indudes the Departments ofMedicine, Physiology
and Biophysics, Pharmacology, Genetics, and Environ-                           laborations in our efforts toward basic anti-cancer research and novel
mental Health Sciences. Primary focus is on cell culture                       drug discovery; publication in peer reviewed scientific journals is
of primary and transformed renal epithelial cells, regula-                     strongly encouraged.
tion of transport in cell monolayers, and biochemistry of
intracellular signaling pathways. The positions provide                        Please send resume to: BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB COMPANY,
training opportunities m cell culture, transformation of                       Pharmaceutical Research and Development Division, Attn: MH177,
cells, epitheial electrolyte transport, biochemistry of P-                     P.O. Box 5101, 5 Research Parkway, Wallingford, Cr 06492-7661. An
450 enzymes, molecular biology, and video- and com-
puter-enhanced light microscopy. Interested persons                            Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/H/V.
should send curriculum vitae and two letters of recom-
mendation to: Ulrich Hopfer, M.D., Ph.D., Depart-
ment of Physiology and Biophysics, Case Western
Reserve University (CWRU) School of Medicine,
2119 Abington Road, Cleveland, OH 44106. Tele-                                ffi Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
phone: 216-368-2878. CWRU is an Equal Opportunity
Employer.                                                                                "Stronger Than Ever In Global Health Care"
                                                                                 FELLOWSHIPS                                          COURSES AND TRAINING
                                                                  ONCOLOGY RESEARCH FELLOWSHIP                                   MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CARO-
     BIOINFORMATICS, INTEGRATION                                         MEDICAL AND RADIATION                                 LINA (MUSC) offers programs leading to Ph.D. and
                                                                           ONCOLOGY RESEARCH                                   M.D./Ph.D. degrees in each of the basic biomedical
    OF ORGANISMIC AND MOLECULAR                                            STARTING 1 JULY 1990                                sciences (anatomy, biochemistry, microbiology/immuno-
                                                                                                                               logy, pathology, pharmacology, physiology), biometry,
                                                                 CLINICAL AND LABORATORY RESEARCH
    DATA BASES, AND USE OF EXPERT                             FELLOWS required to work in a multidisciplinary                  pharmaceutical sciences, and molecular and cellular biol-
                                                                                                                               ogy/medicine; $9000 assistantships available to qualified
                                                              cancer center. Potential areas for clinical study include
         SYSTEMS IN BIOLOGY                                   pain and symptom control, clinical pharmacology, clini-          students. Contact: College of Graduate Studies,
                                                              cal trials in breast cancer, molecular monitoring of             MUSC, 171 Ashley Avenue, Charleston, SC 29425.
            July 9-11, 1990                                   lymphomas,   immunotherapy,      gynecologic   malignancies,            CAREER CHANGE OPPORTUNITY
                                                              and other aspects    of clinical epidemiology     related   to
     GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY,                                 cancer. Laboratory  research in  the areas of immunology,          This unique program offers the candidate with an
                                                              radiobiology, or molecular biology can be undertaken. A          earned doctorate in the sciences the opportunity to
       FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA, USA                                 2-year commitment would be preferred, particularly in            obtain the Doctor of Optometry (O.D.) degree in two
     (Located 15 miles from Washington, DC)                   the laboratory area, but 1-year posts will be considered.        calendar years. Employment opportunities exist in pri-
                                                              Please apply with curriculum vitae and three letters of          vate practice, industry, education, and research. Contact:
                                                              reference to:                                                    Dr. D. Chauncey, Program Director, Accelerated
    The meeting will consist of invited                                      Dr. Kathleen I. Pritchard                         Program, The New Engand College of Optometry,
                                                                                                                               Room S, 424 Beacon Street, Boston, MA 02115.
    papers, poster sessions, and work-                                 Head, Division of Medical Oncology
                                                                                          or                                      RESEARCH PROGRAMS FOR POSTGRADU-
    shops to advance understanding,                                           Dr. Alon J. Dembo                                ATES, FACULTY, AND STUDENTS AT DE-
    foster communication, and explore                                Head, Division of Radiation Oncology                      PARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SER-
    the organization of a society dealing                          Toronto-Bayview ReFional Cancer Centre                      VICES laboratories including the Agency for Toxic
                                                                            2075 Bayview Avenue                                Substances and Disease Registry (Atlanta), Center for
    with those fields of research that                               Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4N 3M5                          Devices and Radiological Health (Rockville, Maryland),
    have come to be summarized in the                                                                                          and National Center for Toxicological Research (near
                                                                        SITUATIONS WANTED                                      Little Rock). U.S. citizenship or PRA status required. For
    term BIOMATRIX. Some travel sup-                                                                                           information (please indicate postgraduate, faculty, and/
    port will be available for presenters.                       CHEMIST, Ph.D. Solid credentials, 19 years. Seeks             or student program), contact: Research Participation
                                                              moonlighting job in New York City/southern Connecti-             Programs/DHHS, Attention: M. Mayton, Science/
    For information write to:                                 cut area. Salary requirements very reasonable. Tele-             Engineering Education Division, Oak Ridge Associ-
                                                                                                                               ated Universities, Box 117, Oak Ridge, TN 37831-
                                                              phone: 919-929-3229.                                             0117. Telephone: 615-576-3190.
        Professor Harold Morowitz                                GEOLOGIST, Ph.D. Six years of experience, radio-
        207 East Building                                     active waste; training in mechanics of detachment faults.                       TRAINING PROGRAM
                                                              Seeks entry-level hydrogeologist or mid-level geologist                         IN CANCER BIOLOGY
        George Mason University                                                                                                         AT WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY
                                                              position. Box 6, SCIENCE.
        Fairfax, VA 22030, USA                                                                                                               SCHOOL OF MEDICINE
                                                                 INFORMATION SCIENCE. Ph.D., medicinal                                        ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI
        hmorewtz@gmuvax.bitnet. (NW4679)M                     chemistry. Background in spectroscopy, chromatogra-                 Postdoctoral positions are available in a training pro-
                                                              phy, synthesis, biochemistry. Library and teaching expe-         gram covering diverse cellular and molecular aspects of
                                                               ience. Familiar with on-line services. Carl P. Bergstrom,       cell biology. The program is eclectic and geared to those
                                                              P.O. Box 417365, Chicago, IL 60641-7365.                         with an M.D. or Ph.D. in biological sciences. Trainees
                                                                                                                               are expected to spend 2 to 3 years in the laboratory.
                                                                 NEUROSCIENTIST seeks career change. Ph.D.,                       The different laboratories are conducting research in
                                                              M.S.; neurophysiology, 19 years. Skiliful writer, teacher,       oncogenes, cellular immunology, growth factors, cyto-
       ELEANOR ROOSEVELT                                      speaker to technical, legal, lay audiences. Interpersonal
                                                              adroitness. Box 3, SCIENCE.
                                                                                                                               kines, molecular biology, T cell differentiation, gene
                                                                                                                               regulation, antigen processing and presentation, kinases
                                                                                                                               and phosphatases and their role         cell growth, and
                                                                 SEMI-RETIRED CHEMICAL ENGINEER.                               receptor-mediated endocytosis.
                                                              Seeks teaching post, or responsible charge of statistical           The training faculty includes: Dr. Paul M. Allen, Dr.
                                                              QC, model simulation, productivity enhancement, prof-            Jacques Baenziger, Dr. Thomas Braciale, Dr. Thomas
      1990 SOMATIC CELL AND                                   itability analysis. P.O. Box 16925, San Diego, CA
                                                              92116.                                                           Deuel, Dr. Stanley Korsmeyer, Dr. Dennis Loh, Dr.
       MOLECULAR GENETICS                                                                                                      Jeffrey Milbrandt, Dr. Robert Schreiber, Dr. Philip
                                                                                                                               Stahl, Dr. Matthew Thomas, and Dr. Emil R. Unanue.
     LABORATORY WORKSHOP                                             COURSES AND TRAINING                                         For information, please directly contact any member
                                                                                                                               of the training faculty or Mrs. Charlotte Hanson,
    The Eleanor Roosevelt Institute will again offer a                                                                         Washington niversity School of Medicine, Depart-
    Somatic Cell and Molecular Genetics Workshop,                The Basic Science Departments (Cell Biology and
    July 15-30, 1990. This NCI sponsored labora-              Neuroanatomy, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Pathology,             ment ofPathology, St. Louis, MO 63110. Telephone:
                                                                                                                               314-362-7440. Washington University is an Equal Oppor-
    tory course provides a combined somatic cell              Pharmacology, Physiology), Medical School, University            tunity Employer. We are particularly interested in minority
    and molecular biology workshop experience.                of Minnesota, periodically have openings for POST-
    The course has been designed to provide a                 DOCTORAL TRAINING.
    "hands-on" introduction to the methodology and               For information about possible openings in these
    concepts of current molecular biology proce-              programs, write, specifying department of interest, to:                              MARKETPLACE
    dures for scientists who need to exploit these                   University of Minnesota Medical School
    techniques for their continuing research pro-                                  Box 293 UMHC
    grams. The content of this workshop also pro-
    vides the basic techniques needed for research-                           420 Delaware Street, S.E.
    ers interested in initiating genome mapping stud-                         Minneapolis, MN 55455
    ies. Included in the curriculum are: somatic cell                        Attention: James C. Nelson
    hybridization and mutant isolation, yeast molec-             The University of Minnesota is an Equal Opportunity
    ular biology, isolation and analysis of DNA and           Educator and Employer and specifically invites and encourages             S10.00 a base for the rirst 15 bases, $7.50 for
    RNA, preparation and in vitro translation of              applicationsfrom women and minorities.                                     each additional base. No additional charges.
    polyadenylated mRNA, DNA-mediated gene                                                                                                       Research Genetics
     transfer, PCR, pulse-field gel electrophoresis,             Ph.D. TRAINING PROGRAM IN MOLECU-
     DNA sequencing, Western, Northern, and                   LAR AND CELLULAR PHARMACOLOGY. Areas
     Southern analyses, one and two-dimensional               of research training include: Structure and function of
     gel electrophoresis, and the preparation and             membrane receptor and transporter proteins; platelet and             Circle No. 70 on Readers' Service Card
     screening of cDNA and genomic libraries. Princi-         vascular thromboxane and prostagiandin receptors; the
     pal investigators whose research interests focus         tissue kallikrein-kinin system; hormonal and tissue con-
     on malignancy are particularly invited to apply.
     No registration fees are charged and a per diem          trol of gene expression; mechanisms of arterial pressure
     stipend is provided. Interested individuals should       control; vascular endothelium; molecular toxicology;
     request an application form by postcard from:            drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics. Graduate stu-                  Custom Sequencing Primers in 26 hours
                                                              dent stipends/fellowships up to $15,000 per year. Con-              Redundancies. Methylphosphonates. Phosphorothioates. 5'-Phosphorylation.
     Lawrence A. Beck, Ph.D., Program Director,               tact: Dr. George E. Lindenmayer, Department of                                HPLC or Gel purification * High Quality & Low Prices
     Somatic Cell and Molecular Genetics Work-
     shop, Eleanor Roosevelt Institute, 1899 Gay-             Pharmacology and Experimcntal Therapeutics, Medi-                   *149247-8766 The Midland Certified Reagent Co.
     lord Street, Denver, CO 80206.                           cal University of South Carolina, 171 Ashley Avenue,
                                                              Charleston, SC 29425. An Equal Opportunity/Afirmative                                 Cuff
                                                                                                                                  FA 1_ 6428 31AW thet Midland,TX790
       Completed applications must be received by             Action Employer.
               April 1, 1990. U.S. citizens or
                 Green Card holders only.
L                                                         i                                                                                                               SCIENCE, VOL. 247
]   OUCH

.kons M
    xs                  ISIMPLIFIES complex microscopy CALCULATESItotal magnifica-
                        and photo protocols with user       tion and prints it on the film.
                        defined software management.
                                                            |DETECTS the DX code from the
     er   e
                        IRESOLVES images called "the        film cassette and automatically
                        best in microscopy today" with a    sets the film speed.
                        choice of over 130 CF lenses
                        including new 1.4 N.A. 60x and       AUTOMATESI control of
                        lOOx oil plan apochromats.          brightness, motorized nose-
                        IPRODUCES the brightest low         piece, focus, stage movement,
                        light image in the shortest         photo light path selection and
                        exposure time.                      condensor aperture.
                        ICONCENTRATESI essential             DOCUMENTS hard copy of all
                        controls in a single "ergo-control  functions via desk-top printer.
                        center" so your eyes never leave
                        the specimen.                       ISTORES I data and automated
                                                            functions for up to 3 attached
                        ISWITCHESI effortlessly             cameras independently for a
                        between transmitted or              total of 18 separate data print
                        reflected light techniques includ- files.
                        ing: brightfield, darkfield, DIC,
                        pol, fluorescence, rectified, phase COMMUNICATES] with a host
                        contrast, interferometry,           computer for remote control
                        Hoffman Modulation Contrast® and quantitative applications.
                        and VRM illuminator.
                                                            IRESPONDSIto computer
                        IDISPLAYS I key camera and          commands via RS 232 protocols.
                        microscope data on a clear,
                        bright LCD screen.                  You'vejust begun to touch on
                        IIMPRINTS exposure time, film the total system advantages of
                        speed, frame number, bracket        the Nikon Microphot-FXA.
                        exposure adjust, lux intensity,     Discover more. Contact Nikon
                        auto-scale, photo magnification Inc., Instrument Group, 623
                        or user defined ID file name/       Stewart Avenue, Garden City,
                        number on the film.                 NY 11530.516-222-0200.

                                                 Extending Man 's Vision

              Circle No. 122 on Readers' Service Card
  "He should
   have used the
        With the new $1,995 EC91 0 Densitometer, you
     can scan, integrate, and display electrophoresis
     results on your lab PC. Immediately!
        No cutting, no hand measurng. Programs accept
     intact gel slabs, columns,
     cellulose acetate, chromatography
     strips, and other support media.
     Autoradiograms, TLC plates, and
     electrophoregrams - do any or all!
        Bone up on computer-aided gel
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     Sequence courtesy of U.S. Biochemical Corp. using
     SequenaseTM and an E-C Power Supply

Circle No. 1 17 on Readers' Service Card