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Multi-Site Group

                         The Multi-Site Group maximizes the knowledge and skills developed from its work with
                         major national and global clients; the Multi-Site Group concentrates on large, multi-site
                         programs capitalizing on the benefits realized from managing a group of projects as one
                         Focusing on program management and utilizing its base of project/construction managers
                         across the United States, along with its support team in its Chicago headquarters, the
                         Multi-Site Group is able to provide strong process improvement expertise, knowledge and
                         experience in leveraging best practices and scale of program, a clear technology strategy
                         for real-time reporting and a logistics solution, which provides just-in-time delivery of
                         products and equipment.
David MacDonald          In addition to program/construction services provided, the Multi-Site Group also provides
General Manager          specialized services including site surveys/scoping, leverage procurement/strategic
Lend Lease, Inc.         sourcing, re-imaging/branding, prototype analysis, zoning and development, and its
One North Wacker Drive   specialized purchasing tool, shop4equipment providing added value to its clients; the
Suite 850                group has over 65 national agreements for building products and equipment suppliers, as
Chicago, IL 60606        well as an extensive network of pre-qualified general contractors and architect/engineer
T +1 312 245 1000        consultants.
F +1 312 245 1379
email                    Project Case Studies
                         ECOtality North America — Charging Stations
                         Airport Plazas
                         Quiznos Brand Refresh Program
                         Elevation Burger
                         Baja Fresh, La Salsa Fresh Mexican Grill and Canyon Burger
                         BP Solar Commercial Installation of Photovoltaic Panels
                         Ronald McDonald House Canister Program
                         BP Westlake Campus
                         McDonald’s LEED Store
ECOtality North America — Charging Stations
Various Locations

Client                                    ECOtality North America (formerly eTec),       ECOtality North America, a leader in the
ECOtality North America (formerly eTec)   as the lead applicant and project manager,     research, development and testing of
                                          will facilitate the largest deployment of      advanced transportation and energy
                                          electric vehicles (EV) and charge              systems has been involved with every
                                          infrastructure in U.S. history. The overall    electric vehicle initiative in North America
Completion                                project is valued at approximately $230        since the 1990s. ECOtality North America
2011                                      million with $114.8 million funded by the      manufactures fast-charge systems for
                                          U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to             airport ground support equipment, material
Assignment                                ‘accelerate the development and                handling equipment, transit vehicles and
Program Management                        production of various electric drive vehicle   light duty passenger cars. ECOtality North
                                          systems to substantially reduce petroleum      America ( offers
                                          consumption’.                                  the Blink brand of smart charging station
                                                                                         for on-road applications that are designed
                                          Bovis Lend Lease, as a strategic partner to
                                                                                         for commercial, residential and fast charge
                                          ECOtality North America, contributed to
                                                                                         applications. ECOtality North America is a
                                          and supported the ECOtality proposal to
                                                                                         subsidiary of ECOtality, Inc. (NASDAQ:
                                          the U.S. Department of Energy for
                                                                                         ECTY), a leader in clean electric
                                          transportation electrification and will
                                                                                         transportation and storage technologies.
                                          support the construction and installation of
                                          electric vehicle infrastructure for the
                                          program, which intends to deploy
                                          approximately 5,700 Nissan LEAF EVs
                                          and 2,600 Chevrolet Volts, as well as up to
                                          15,000 charging stations at residential,
                                          public and commercial locations of major
                                          population areas in Arizona, California,
                                          Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Washington
                                          and the District of Columbia.
                                          ECOtality’s EV partners on the proposal,
                                          Nissan North America and General Motors
                                          are scheduled to launch the Leaf and Volt,
                                          as the first mass-market electric vehicles
                                          in December 2010. The program calls for
                                          the installation of approximately 8,300
                                          charge systems in residential locations,
                                          7,700 charge systems in commercial and
                                          public locations, as well as 350 Level 3 DC
                                          fast-charge ports. The chargers deployed
                                          in the program will meet all applicable
                                          standards and will be compatible with
                                          plug-in vehicles of all major automotive
Airport Plazas

Airport Plazas
Construction Management

                          Bovis Lend Lease is managing the Airport
                          Plazas nation-wide rollout of its next
                          generation airport retail program, the
                          construction of stand-alone facilities
                          involving both energy (fuel) and restaurant
                          retailers at major airports across the
                          United States.
                          Each project will include fueling facilities
                          for gasoline, diesel and CNG fuels, car
                          washes, convenience stores, branded
                          restaurants and a food court area;
                          additional retailers may include dry
                          cleaners, pet day care and drug stores.
                          Additional features may include solar roof
                          paneling, cell phone parking lots and
                          diesel truck rest areas.
                          Bovis Lend Lease, under a pre-
                          construction contract agreement, is
                          working with the architect/engineer,
                          finalizing the designs for the first, four
                          locations at Tulsa International,
                          Cincinnati/North Kentucky International,
                          Southwest Florida International and John
                          F. Kennedy International Airports;
                          construction is scheduled to begin later
                          this year.
Quiznos Brand Refresh Program
Various, United States

Program Management

                         Bovis Lend Lease is managing the three-
                         month, brand refresh program involving
                         the re-imaging of 1,200 to 1,600 Quiznos
                         locations across the United States.
                         The program entails the re-branding of
                         Quiznos sites to ‘The New Quiznos’ image
                         and involves a deep cleaning, wall-
                         covering installations and updating
                         graphics at each location.
                         Bovis Lend Lease will complete the
                         renovations in fully operational facilities,
                         minimizing possible disruptions to staff and
                         The three-month, brand refresh program
                         aligns with the Quiznos marketing
                         The Bovis Lend Lease proven track record
                         for completing multiple, geographically
                         wide-spread retail projects, promptly
                         contributed to the project award.
Elevation Burger
Various Locations, United States

Elevation Franchise Ventures, LLC
Program/Construction Management

                                    Bovis Lend Lease is managing the
                                    construction of new, company-owned and
                                    franchised Elevation Burger restaurants,
                                    beginning with two locations in
                                    Washington, D.C., followed with 30 to 60
                                    locations in 2010 and 60 to 90 locations in
                                    All proposed retail locations, each
                                    approximately 2,000 square feet, are
                                    targeting LEED certification, and will
                                    include bamboo tables and flooring among
                                    the sustainable features.
                                    Elevation Burger boasts of “…quality
                                    ingredients such as organic, grass-fed,
                                    free-range beef and 100% olive oil, and a
                                    commitment to offering its guests a
                                    nutritionally superior product, putting
                                    people and product ahead of profit’
Baja Fresh, La Salsa Fresh Mexican Grill and Canyon Burger
Various Locations, United States

Baja Fresh
Construction Management/Design/Build

                                       Bovis Lend Lease is managing the
                                       construction of 30 to 60 Baja Fresh, La
                                       Salsa Fresh Mexican Grill and Canyon
                                       Burger restaurants.
                                       As a central point in the franchise
                                       development process, Bovis Lend Lease
                                       will prepare and maintain the company’s
                                       branding standards. Specifically, Bovis
                                       Lend Lease is overseeing the
                                       procurement, management and
                                       coordination of architect/engineer services,
                                       project delivery accountability, general
                                       contractor management, vendor
                                       coordination and communication
                                       Each restaurant, approximately 1,600
                                       square feet, will be designed and built in
                                       accordance with the prototype Guest
                                       Choice Design Standard depicted by Baja
BP Solar Commercial Installation of Photovoltaic Panels
Various Locations, United States

BP Solar USA, Inc.
Program Management

                                   BP, one of the world’s largest integrated       conventional facility’s electrical needs as
                                   energy companies, has looked beyond             integrated with existing electrical and
                                   traditional energy choices to help conserve     mechanical system.
                                   resources and is focusing on new, cleaner
                                                                                   Each BP Solar project ranges from three
                                   technologies, including solar.
                                                                                   to six months; the projects have a “service”
                                   BP Solar, with 30 years of experience and       scope, however, since most of the work is
                                   installations in over 160 countries including   on the facility roof, the Multi-Site Group
                                   manufacturing facilities in the United          works closely with BP Solar in
                                   States, Spain, India and Australia, is an       implementing the Bovis Lend Lease Falls
                                   integral part of BP’s Alternative Energy        Mandate including the elimination of all
                                   business with over 2,200 employees              ladders, replacing them with stair platform
                                   focused on harnessing the sun’s energy to       ladders with lockable gates.
                                   produce solar power for electricity.
                                                                                   With a continued focus on renewable
                                   The Bovis Lend Lease Multi-Site Group,          energy and sustainability, the Bovis Lend
                                   as its project manager, is managing the         Lease Multi-Site Group is positioned to
                                   installation of photovoltaic panels and         significantly contribute to a reduction to the
                                   modules on select Walmart, Sam’s Club           carbon footprint.
                                   and FedEx Freight facilities as a pilot
                                                                                   Projects include:
                                   program including universities such
                                   as Palo Verde University in Blythe, CA and          US Cold Storage, Tulare, CA
                                   Colorado State University in Pueblo, CO.            Walmart, Palm Springs, CA
                                   A typical project ranges from a 265 KW              Walmart, Beaumont, CA
                                   system to a 1 MW system in potential
                                   power output.                                       Sam’s Club, La Habra, CA
                                                                                       Sam’s Club, Glendora, CA
                                   With each solar panel producing 195
                                   watts, a Whittier site will produce 281.8           FedEx Freight, Whittier, CA
                                   KW, necessitating 1,445 solar panels to be          FedEx Freight, Fontana, CA
                                   mounted on the roof using a PV Module               Colorado State University, Pueblo, CO
                                   support system engineered for each                  Palo Verde Community College,
                                   applications and facility roof type. Typical        Blythe, CA
                                   systems supply between 10 — 40 % of a
Ronald McDonald House Canister Program
Various, United States

Ronald McDonald House Charities
Project Management

                                  Bovis Lend Lease managed the canister
                                  program involving the installation of
                                  approximately 9,000 “wall pass-thru”
                                  canisters at the drive-thru windows; the
                                  canisters are expected to become the
                                  single largest source of charitable
                                  donations leveraging an estimated 75% of
                                  the McDonald’s drive-thru business.
                                  The Ronald McDonald House Charities’
                                  (RMHC) single largest source of
                                  fundraising revenue is customer donations
                                  at collection canisters at the front counters
                                  of the restaurants; however, the vast
                                  majority of McDonald’s customers utilize
                                  the drive-thru. To gain consistent access
                                  to these customers and dramatically
                                  increase donations, McDonald’s and
                                  RMHC developed a new canister that
                                  funnels donated money through the wall to
                                  a secure box inside the restaurant.
                                  The new Wall Pass-thru or “WPT” canister
                                  is intended to be a permanent fixture in the
                                  drive-thru. The default installation is one
                                  WPT unit (per restaurant) installed directly
                                  beneath the cash booth window.
                                  The design involves offsetting interior and
                                  exterior wall cuts, enabling donated money
                                  to travel through the wall at a 45 degree
                                  angle into a lock box that is accessible
                                  inside the restaurant.
BP Westlake Campus
Houston, TX

BP Products North America
Construction/Program Management

                                  Bovis Lend Lease is managing the
                                  redevelopment of the BP America Houston
                                  Westlake Campus involving multiple
                                  projects including 20 floors of office space,
                                  a 1,875-vehicle parking garage, central
                                  heat plant, upgrading the campus
                                  infrastructure, parking, roadways and
                                  landscape, and constructing a six-story,
                                  400,000 square foot trading facility for
                                  BP’s Integrated Supply & Trading business
                                  unit; the high-tech facility is targeting a
                                  LEED-Platinum rating.
                                  All new facilities are being designed to
                                  meet LEED Gold and Platinum standards
                                  in keeping with BP's corporate
                                  sustainability initiatives.
Chicago, IL

McDonald’s Corporation
Construction Management

                          Bovis Lend Lease managed the                     Enhanced commissioning of all HVAC
                          construction of the McDonald’s at Ashland        equipment,
                          and 42nd Street, McDonald’s first United         Ultra low-flow toilets and urinals, and
                          States stand alone retail raze and rebuild
                                                                           A 96% diversion rate of construction
                          to achieve a LEED rating. It is
                                                                           and demolition waste from the landfill.
                          McDonald’s intent to use this site as a
                          “testing ground” for sustainable operations   While this project may be a testing ground
                          and design strategies. Through                for McDonald’s, it is also a sustainability
                          experience gained here, McDonald’s            awareness laboratory for the millions of
                          hopes to create a sustainable retail pilot    individual customers that will interact
                          site solution, which engages both the         within their retail establishments.
                          community and its employees through
                          education with hopes to establish a           McDonald’s has been a recognized
                          mindset of positive environmental             corporate leader in innovating sustainable
                          impacts.                                      practices within its supply chain, and its
                                                                        LEED effort is another step in its overall
                          Some of the many green building and           commitment.
                          design elements implemented at this site,
                          which participated under the Retail Pilot
                          program and was awarded 43 total points,
                              Permeable pavers at the perimeter
                              parking and driving lanes,
                              Green roof,
                              Rain gardens and a rain water
                              collection system for landscape
                              Energy efficient site lighting,
                              Extensive energy management
                              High efficiency boiler,

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